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Letter to OK Legislatures on same gender cu Feb 2004.doc
Letter from Dennis R. Neill to Oklahoma Legislatures on Same-Gender Civil Unions. The letter is addressed to Oklahoma State Senator Penny Williams.

June 15, 2010 letter to City Councilors on non-discrimination ordinance.docx
Letter written by Dennis Neill to Bill Christiansen, City Councilor, District 8.

June 13, 2003 Remarks at Gala.doc
Dennis Neill Remarks at 2003 Gala

An incomplete copy of Dennis Neill's comments on the Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2003, Dennis Neill attended the Gill Foundation's Outgiving Program. At the meeting Gill explained the use of a donor fund, the Colorado Gay & Lesbian Fund, to bring awareness to LGBTQ giving and ensure non-profits have appropriateā€¦

Welcoming Ambassador Hormel, need to include TOHR in your giving of time and money.

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