[2010] Letter to City Councilors on Non-Discrimination Ordinance


[2010] Letter to City Councilors on Non-Discrimination Ordinance


2010 Dennis Neill Letter to City Councilor Bill Christiansen on Non-Discrimination Ordinance


Letter written by Dennis Neill to Bill Christiansen, City Councilor, District 8, regarding the city's non-discrimination ordinance.


Dennis Neill


June 15, 2010


Dennis Neill

3019 S. Boston Ct.

Tulsa, OK  74114

918.808.1010                     dneill@cox.net





June 15, 2010


Mr. Bill Christiansen

City Councilor, District 8

One Technology Center

175 E. 2nd Street

Tulsa, OK  74103


Dear Councilor Christiansen:


I understand that the City Council’s June 17, 2010 agenda will include a discussion of including sexual orientation in the city’s non-discrimination ordinance.  I hope you will do the right thing for the City and its citizens and vote to accept the recommendation from the Tulsa Human Rights Commission. 


This inclusive step has been analyzed and discussed within the City since 1978 and was first recommended by the Tulsa Human Rights Commission in 1995.  It is time for the City of Tulsa to make this affirmative and positive step and join hundreds of sister cities in moving diversity forward.  By doing so, it will be a momentous day and one I can cherish as a resident of the City since 1977.


Thank you for your favorable consideration.





Dennis Neill



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