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52 photos from the candlelight Vigil held for Nex Benedict at Guthrie Green in Tulsa, Oklahoma on February 25, 2024. The vigil was organized by the Trans Advocacy Coalition of Oklahoma (TACO).

3 pages of a publicly available document posted to the main page of the Oklahomans for Equality website containing 8 frequently asked questions and answers from OKEq regarding the February fundraising event and organizational changes.

Support Mural Repainting.pdf
A poster from Neff Brewing advertising a fundraiser for the repainting of the Lynn Riggs Theater mural. The poster states that 5% of all taproom sales during the event will to be donated to the Equality Center.

5th Falalala Ball.pdf
2 advertisements for OkEq's 5th Annual Falalala Ball taking place at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center on December 22, 2012. A donation of either pet food, personal toiletries, or non-perishable foods is required for entry.

County Packet.pdf
A 22 page document containing one page first consisting of 1 page listing counties in Oklahoma who issued same-sex marriage licenses within the first year of same-sex marriage becoming legal, then 4 copies of five pages (20 pages total) from…

The cover of a brochure for the 2000 Humanity Unites for Human Rights Tulsa Diversity Celebration taking place June 2 - 10, 2000.

The cover of a printed guide for Tulsa Pride 2010 with the caption "Celebrating 30 Years".

A sign that reads "Vote No. Don't Legalize Discrimination". Above the slogan is the number 711 crossed out in red, referring to Oklahoma's State Question 711 that would specify marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman.

TOHR Logo.gif
An image of a graphic icon designed for usage by Tulsa Oklahomans for Human Rights (TOHR).

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