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Support Mural Repainting.pdf
A poster from Neff Brewing advertising a fundraiser for the repainting of the Lynn Riggs Theater mural. The poster states that 5% of all taproom sales during the event will to be donated to the Equality Center.

Lynn Riggs Article in TOHR Reporter Sept-Oct 2006.pdf
TOHR Reporter article about the life and works of Lynn Riggs from the September - October 2006 issue, pages 6 and 12.

LGBT People of Oklahoma.pdf
An informational document about notable individuals within Oklahoma's queer history, 5 pages. The document discusses the lives of Phyllis Ann Lyon, Anita Bryant, Bruce Alonzo Goff, James Fugate, and Rollie Lynn Riggs.

Lynn Riggs, Oklahoma's premier playwright, wrote most of his 25 full-length plays about his home state - stories of the people he knew in this childhood as they struggled to create new lives in a changing culture . Son of a part-Cherokee mother and…
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