[1997] Tulsa Family News, February 15-March 14, 1997; Volume 4, Issue 3


[1997] Tulsa Family News, February 15-March 14, 1997; Volume 4, Issue 3


Politics, education, and social conversation toward Tulsa’s Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual communities.


Tulsa Family News was a monthly newspaper; No. 1 issued December 1993-January 1994. The final issue available was published in September 0f 2001 (Volume 8, Issue 9).

The newspaper brings up important, evolving topics of marriage, Pride, TOHR, HIV/AIDs, events, advice, and politics all at the local and national level.

This document is available in searchable PDF attached. It is also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


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February 15-March 14, 1997


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Tulsa Family News, January 15-February 14, 1997; Volume 4, Issue 2


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United States Oklahoma Tulsa
United States of America (50 states)


Feb. 15 - March 14, 1997, v. 4, no. 3
Serving Tulsa’s Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual & Trans Communities
Marriage Update
i OKCongressm.an Denies
Attack Gays Speech
WASHINGTON - The Human Right~’ ~pai~ (HRC), the
: nation’s largest Lesbian/Gay civil rights and political lobbying
: organization issued a statement raising concerns about possible
anti-Gay bias in the Republican response to President Clinton’s
: State of the Union address. The Republican response was given
: by Oklahoma Congressman JC Watts whose district includes
HRCExecutiveDirectOrElizabeth Birch cal]~l Upon Watts to
clarify apassage ofhis speech inwhichheseemedto bejustifying
faith-based discrimination against gay people. After calling for
an end to racial discrimination and asserting that "America must
be a place where we all.., feel a part of the American.dream," he
said: "It does not happen by trying tommrich against poor or by
using the politics of fear. It does not happen by reducing our
values to the lowest common denominator, and, friends, it does
not happen by asking Americans to accept what’; immoral and
what’s wrong in the name of tolerance." (emphasis added)
Birch said,"Iamconcerned thatCongressmanWatts may have
made a thinly veiled appeal to the very politics of fear which he
had deplored in his previous sentence... Like other faith-based
differences, sincere religious disagreements .over the issue of
see Watts, page 2
’.Moving. Toward
:1 clus=veness : :Unitarians Walkthe Talk
~LSA - For Darryl Matkins and his partner of
more than 12 years, the Rev. Chester McCall,
." ;fOrmerly San Francisco Bay Area residents, Tulsa
Norman and south-central/south-west Oklahoma. The concerns ¯ 4ias been a big adjustment - not just in terms of
ofHRCwereechoedbysomemembersoftheTulsaLesbianand : .Jc~einganopenlys~e-genddrcouplebutevenmore
Gay community as wall..... .’.-.ib terms of.the-city s morebv~rtracis~il~ "
¯ : McCall began as an interim pastor with The
¯ Unitarian Church of the Restoration at 1314 No.
Greenwood last Septemb,.er. MCCall, who was ordained
in 1979in the
United Church of
Christ (UCC) before
becoming part of the
(UU) tradition,
notes that he came
into the denomination
in response to
the efforts of the
UU’s actively to recruit
people of color
into. the traditionally
¯ The Rev: Chester McCallof "White" denomina¯
tion. And as an
the Church of the Restora- ¯ tion & his partner of 12 o. penlyBisexualman
¯ years, Mr. Darryl Matkins. ~n a longterm relationship
with another
: Bisexual man, McCall also helps the UU’s work
: toward their goal of an inclusive church where
¯ Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgendered persons are
: welcome both as members and in the ministry.
: Cht~rch of the Restoration is unusual in Tulsa for
: being oneof a handful of congregations in the city
that are purposefully interracial. Even its name is
symbolic of the role it hopes to play in trying to
: bridge the racial and other differences that have
~.~. R~rur_’6~ ~6-nsdrtiumi ~aihyHinkle ofPFLA~ andKathy Bird ¯ since the !.921 *Race .Riot". It ~is an extension
¯." Of RAIN along with Melani~ Spector (not ~hown) spoke about ". church; Which means it’s supported both by its
¯ homophobia at the Feb. AIDS Coalition meet.ing..Photo: TFN "- congregation and with assistance fromthede~Omi~
: AiDSCoalitionHolds
i Homophobia Panel!..
TULSA - The AIDS Coalitioh~0iTulsa presented aprogram on "
-Homophobia at its,Feb~monthly meeting. Mdanie Spector :.
oftheOklahoma Srate. Dept. 0fHealth suggested ,theprogram.and. ¯
brought a Video, GayLife & Culture Wars, featured interviews ."
with Lesbians and Gay men, and parents in Oregon during the :
anti-Gay referenda there. The Coalition first.watched the video. ¯
Afterwards apanel presentedadditional information. BobHulscy ¯
¯ of the HIV Resource Consortium spoke about what it was like to "
see Panel, page 12 :
NatiOnal BiaCkOrganization
ChallengesChristian Coalition
: nation. McCall was askedby the former andfound’"
ihneg p~aosidtodr.~ovfftfhnet.Cth6ui.rbceh~op~f tshtoerR, etsotowrahtiicohnwMhCetChaelrl
respbntled, "ate youcrazy?!"’ Butnot long after, he
found himselfon a plane to Tulsa and was asked to
serve as pastor for a year. This period meets his
denominational requirement for a year of supervised-.
service--tO h .coh~r-~gafion~--and helps-the
Church 0f the R~esto~ation ihrough the period of
adjustment after seeing its founding pastor move
on. McCall’s advisors are the Rev. John Wolfe of
All Soulsand the Rev. Jim Issacs of Tahlequah.
And .~hile it se~ms to McCall that his congregation
has~adjnsted fairy ,well to.havinga nomheterosee
Talk ,.page 12
Comilng Soon!
: shanti,s--Mar li Gras, IAM
: Membership-Drive, Pride
i Ce.nter Video ~ghts, PFLAG
: Spaghetti-. Dinner with OKC
! Metro ChOrus +7’ TresPasses"
.o . . s_ee Soon,.page 3
H.~E~.LTH NEWS ~,..
P. 2
P. 4
P. 6
P. 8
¯ WASHINGTON ~- The leaders of a national Black lesbian and
: Gay organization today responded cautiously to dements ofa
¯ recentlyly announced plan by the right-wing political/religions
: group, The Christian Coalition and called on the group to take
¯ honest, constructive steps to heal the wounds of division that it
: has fostered. Keith Boykin, Executive Director of the National
¯ Black Lesbian and Gay Leadership Forum, said the recent
¯ announcement of the Christian Coalition’s Samaritan.Project is
: only a "first step" in reconciling the religious right’s.history of
¯¯ indifference toward blacks, the poor and the.inner ¢ities~ ,The
Samaritan Project includes an 8-point planf0r strong f~amilies,
¯ safe neighborhoods, charitable giving, racial justice, hndrevital-
: izi~g the church. Despite the plan’s positive rhetoric,~Boykin
P. 11
P. 1.2
P: 13
Hawaii May Add.Marriage
Ban to Constitution?
HONOLULU (AP) - The state Senate Judiciary Committee
has approved two bills aimed at resolving the
same-sex marriage issue, following the same approach
taken by the House recently.
One calls for a state constitutional amendment to ban
same-sexmarriages. Theother, activated o.nly ifHawaii’s
voters ratify the amendment, would give same-sex
couples many of the same rights and responsibilities of
married Couples, but going much further than provided
in the House measure.
What we have attempted to do is to.craft a constitutional
amendment that will accomplish the objective of
limiting marriage to couples of the opposite sex while
preserving what we know to be our citizens" commit-
~ncn~. to. ~aimess~ tolerances.ands! equality,~,~said~Sen,-
amended House bills now go t..0...:~he Senate floor for
likely approval before going:~0n to a House-Senate
conf~rehce committee tO resoI~e differences.
The committee action came following a five-hour
hearing at which opponents"and supporters of samegender
marriages reiterated the argumetits.that have
marked the debate since a 1993 state Supreme Court
decision. Thehigh court said the equal protection clause
of Hawaii’s Constitution requi~ed that same~sex marriages~
belicensedu~l~s~ti~ sia~e ~uld show acompelling
state interest not tolicense them. "
Debi Hartmann, chair of the Hawaii’s Future Today
group formed to oppose same-sex marriages, told the
committee that since marriage is a public policy issue,
it should be decided in the Legislature.
Attorney Dan Foley, who represents three same-sex
couples who sued the state after being denied marriage
licenses in 1991, denounced the proposed constitutional
amendment. The Legislature is preparing to send
voters an amendment "to deny rights to citizens of this
state...despite overwhelming and undisputed evidence
that same-sex marriages would benefit families and
children in this state," Foley said.
Underthe SenateJudiciary Committee’s action,alaw
extending many of the rights and responsibilities now
given married couples to same-gender couples world
go into effect only if Hawaii’s voters approved the
constitutional amendmentbatming same-sex marriages
in the 1998 general election.
Committee co-chairman Matt Matsunaga said. the
rights package for same-sex couples were those "we
believe that virtually any fair minded citizen would
agree should reasonably be extended to others."
Democratic members Robert Bunda and Norman
Sakamoto voted against both bills while other four
Democrats voting for them, including Sen. Wayne
Metcalf, who was sworn into the Senate two hours
earlier as a successor to Big.Island Sen. Richard
Matsuura, who resigned due to illness.
Matsunaga said the bill allowing same-sex couples to
regist~ as :."reciproca! .beneficiar~’.es". with the. state
Departm’~ent,of Health~.ngludes a "
cautioned that the black.community and the gay community still
have much reason to be skeptical.Jesus warned us, Beware of
false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but -ENTERTAINMENT/ARTS
inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shallknow them bytheir COMMUNITY CALENDAR
fruits. (Matthew 7:15-16) ~
Boykin said that the Black Lesbian and Gay LeaderShip Forum GA’Y HISTORY
wonld be closely watching the frnits of the Christian Coalition to
¯see that,their.d~edslmatch their words.: Heals0 kunounced,two,,-: RESTAURANT REVIE~W~LASSlR~DS
. . see Black, ~age 3!: :
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Pdblicadon. Of h name ofphbto d~s not indicate.that person s sexum onentauon.
"Coa~spon’d~nc~ i~ a~tihaed to be for 13ublieation Unless otherwise h6t6d; must be
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editionat distributioti,points. ~dditional eopies~ar~ available by calling 588-1248/
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¯ *Ttdsa Comedy Club, 6906 S. Lewis 481-0558
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¯ " TulSa Organizations, Churches, & Universities
: .... 749-i563": AIDSWalk Tul~s~ POB 1071,74101-I071 ~ 579-9593
: sexual ofieutation are not a valid reason
¯ for unfair discnmmatton~
° : Repeated calls to Watts’ DC Office by
TUlSii FatallyNews produced a clarification
ofWatts’ comments. PamPryor,press
! secretary and headof Watts"DC office
, . no.ted.that she Was With the Congressman
: When he was asked by a reporter ff the
¯ remarks,".., what’s immoral and what’s
wrong.. ?’ referred to Gay and Lesbian
citizens. " ~
Pryor related that the_Congressman
Statdtthat-he hadinmiiMisgues like late.
term abortions,and even Ebonies, and fitd
not intend the remark to beunderstood as
referring to Gay and Lesbian taxpay,e~,~...
FurtherWatts added, that inhis,,of~ce, if
you can play, you get auniform -imp,!ying
that Congressman Watts does not diss
criminate in his office. However; Watts"
office has been asked to sign HRC:s nondiscrimination
pledge edlmpaign and has
declined to do so. TheHRCnon-discriminationpledgecampaignbeganinresponse
to comments by then-Oklahoma Representative
Jim Inhofe (now US Senator)
thathe would refuse to hire Gay employ-
¯ ees in his office.
¯ Pryor also noted that Congressman
¯ Watts- is an ordained-Southern Baptist
: minister and could be~ expected to hold
.- view in line with those of that Protestant
: Christian denomination. However, Pryor
¯ vetoed- a measure banning ~ame sex marriage.--The bill:. --:
¯ applied not only to same-sex mamages,- but also to-
: heterosexual, couples living together.
dress the expressed concern by some that o~r state might : Communities in Colorado can acknowledg~ domestic i
becomeamarriagemillforsame-sex coup!es,"Matsunaga : partnerships. In Boulder; 53 couples,including four hetsaid.
The House measure would give same-sex couples . erosexual couples, have registered with the domestic "
registered with the state rights for hospital visits and.to " ,p,armership registery there. But that registery provides ¯
make health decisions for each other, joint property ¯ nolegal rights andr~ponsibilities’~ .as ffascoe~sbiilldid. ¯
rights, inheritance rights and the right to sue for wrongful "- Mary Celeste, an attorney, said she and .her parmer "
death. The Senatemeasure includes thoserights andadds : raised three children during their 12 years together. She ¯
several key economic measures, including state retire.- ~ said all committed .couple~s should have .,Mol .the legal. ~
ment benefits, state tax benefits and workers €ompensa-’ ~ ~ s.thnding 0f bet.er0sexua[ married ~c.buples~ ~~ai~. ntt- i
fion benefits. Excluded were areas that- might create : ’ noyel. This_is:somethi_"ng .we.und~ts~d~ We khow ~w.hat ~ i.
federal or interstate conflicts, such as social security,
government housing.programs, resident military benefits
and state Social service programs.
NM Women Seek Marriage License
SANTAiCE (AP) -Two women who applied foralicense.
to marry each other say their action was basedin part on.
principle. "I don’t understand why we should be treated
differently than any other committed couple," said Patti
Levey, 37, who showed up at the SantaFe County clerk’s
office Tuesday with Beth Saltzman, 34, to apply for a
marriage license.
The clerk’s office mined down their application, saying
the attomey general needs to issue an opinion on the
legality of same sex marriage in New Mexico. After
County Clerk Rebecca Bustamante rejected the application,
Ms. Saltzman said she and Ms. Leveyl had been
discriminated against.
Aside from a reference to bride and groom, and male
and female applicant on themarriagelicense application, ~ benefits to employees with domestic partners, many Of tRaaklephfoRureasdp,eBciofyickisnt"eepnsc,to0uaracgheiedvReeScodci’salos.ragnidmeiczoatnioomn tioc
nothing in New Mexicolaw specifies a married couple whom are homosexual.~Companies and employees alike ¯ justice. First, he asked that Ralph Reed meet with memmust
be aman anda woman. Kay Roybal,spokeswoman " say the policy improves morale and can- sharpen the bers of the black lesbian.and gay ’community to,discuss
for Attorney General Tom Udall, said state attorneys ¯ recruiting edge. But nobody forced the decisions. NowI " how we can overcome the barriers,that have excluded our
would have to research case law on the subject, the City of San Francisco has told United Airlines ithad ¯
State Sen. Leonard Lee Rawson, R-Las Cruces, said " toobeyanordinancereqniringcompaniesdoingbusines~ cooperation, Second, hecalledfortheChrisdanCoalition
he’s concerned that if New Mexico doesn’t take a stand ,- with the city to offer spousal be~xefits tO their workers’ :. itnoceluxdpaenSdotchiaelSJcuosptiecoeffoitrs a"lRl apceioapl lJeu,sitniccel’us’dcinamg pleasibginantos
on sam.e sex marriage, the courts ~’will nile liberally and ¯ unmarried and same-sex partners.- ¯ and gays¯ ~The Christian Coalition should support the a¯ ccept gay marriages." Rawson expects a bill to be ............ ~ ......... - - .- ~, . . . .... ~vlary Jo nottanu, a umtea s oKeswoman, sale that xa
.introduced ~.n th.e 1997 s.eSSlO.n ~at w..ould .r..e~o~gmze a_ ." UnitedofferedbenefitsinSan~Pr~cisco, itwouldhavet6 ; Employment Non Discrimination Act, which outlaws
heter¯osexu. al umon as. the only legally vahd " term ot : offer them worldwide. Unitedhadno estimate of What .: etimonp,!,oBymoyeknitnsdaiisdc..rTimlfiirnda,,tBiogny.Mbans~ed.al~o.dn~tsheex~u9arlumorcieanlltesdmamage
m New Mextco. - - " Such ~ompliance might cost United alread cdm lies-"-. : ,. -~ o~ - ......... . ..... ~€ P . foranendtotl},,~ChristianCoalifion.)sinflam_matoryanfi-
~ ~ ’ ¯ " " .,, . ~ with.a New Zealand. Human.Rights. Commission ruling .- gay rhetoric. If they really, want .to ~help~com..rnunities,
- Maine Gov, Supports Marriage " .- banningbenefitsthatapply,0nlytoinarriedcouples;Thiit ~ .theyfirst.n.e .. to stop the. hatefut,r,hetorie thath,as kept
gAeUstGedUtShTatAh,eMwaoiunled (nAoPt o)p~pGosoeva.cAitnizgeunsim~gaa.thivaestoSbuga?r. :i ..t.eriaflriyn,g ..la.Xn.dm~Uaitns i.Nteedw.n~.oZwehlaalnldoewrss.t9~tsn.oemminp~loatyeeaens y~in~Ne.efwi-.. ~"-. pwehooplseindciev1id9e9d4~hagaasiln.set,do~ne,,l_ogtha.edre~~.¯s‘.shaipjdF;Moraut~m.,d~y,~.,C~aa~ll,etro,
recognition of same~sex marriage in Maine, despitehis ~ Zea!andtofollowsmL . .. i " " ~ ’ : "i Resist"eampaign.Fourth,.theFornmmgedtheChrisdan
concern that the effort may be constitutionally flawed. " - .In San Francisco, United.employees say they watit ~ :.. Coalition to renounce,the.elem~n.ts ofit,sS.am_aritan Plan
King’s comments came Tuesday as Concerned Maine ".’" be able to offer benefits tb their ~ho.sen families, straight .. that will cause further econgmic, injusti~..
Families filed what it Said were 62,157 signatures with..: .ornpt, married or not2 .,It’s. about.equal_i~," says Kenf .. : The Samaritan Project bills itself as. *’a bold, and-comdecfions
officials. Ifverified, the petitions would force a ¯¯ Bloom, a flight attendatit w_ho. ha,s,.w.or.k.ed.2.2.y.ta-rs..f,o, r ..¯ passionate,~.p,lan ,t~oeombat-poy~rty .and. res,to~e hope." referendumon the same-sex marriage ban unless it wins ~United and hopes-to one oay ¯o.n.e~r.ms o. enents~to ms : However, there, s ..nothi.ng bol.d 0r.qompassionateabout
approvalin the Legislature. TheConcerned Maine Fami- : partuer~ l~dike Owiibdy. - . - - ~ " .balancing:the budget On the backs of.the, poor,", Boykin
lies proposalincludes languagedeelaringthat’!personsof : - If United we!~e to adopt,such a policy in.this coun.try,?it ¯ said. "What kind of good. S.amari.tan.wonldabandon the
would be the first major U.S.-b~ed airline to do. sol
requirement for both partners. ’q’his is intended to adthe
same sex may not contract mamage." It also.would
require the state to refuse to recognize such marriages
performed in other states.
King, moreover, volunteered that he percei~Ved "an
issue of whether a state can do something like this,’~given
constitutional language promoting state-to-state cooperation.
"Clearly this would end up in the Supreme
Court," King said. In sketching his attitude toward the
initiative, King noted that he had been a strong supporter
of so-called gay rights legislation aimed at oudawing
discrimination against homosexuals in anumber of areas.
In 1995, Concerned Maine Families spearheaded an
unsuccessful campaign to restrict gay rights in Maiite.
CO Legislature KillsDomestic Partnership-
DENVER (AP)-A bill providing legal status to couples
who live together but are not married was killed on
Wednesday by a legislative committee that acknowledged
there are problems, but said the measure was a step
too far.
"Politically for me it’s a difficult vote, morally for me
it’s a difficult vote. I’m not prepared to vote for it right
now," said Sen. Ed Perlmutter, D-Wheat Ridge. After
hearing several stories of partners losing their rights in
relationships after their loved ones died, the Senate Judiciary
Committee voted 5-3 against SB161, which extended
legal rights - such as power of attorney and
visitation rights - to domestic partners.
The bill, by Sen. Pat Pascoe, D-Denver, comes a year
: the problems are and this is the remedy," she said. Sue ¯ Co.~gratulationstoDonfshaPowell, thenewMiss Sooner
¯.. AndersonofDenv.er, toldthe’comm!tieehowherparme~’~ ~. Siate USafA~997!Sh~ islsden~he;,e ~,~th l~o~iJy~James, 1st
: family kicked her outof their house after she called ~em" "i" ~d/merSup, Eb~nY Hail, 2nd umfer:@, MCParis Grey
: to tell them their estranged-dhughter had died of leulee- . and -t~e otl~e’r fdbu~tu~ ~Omestdi~is at t’ha Silver Star¯
i mia. Anderson left wi~ just.a b~g of her clothes and. ’ ; i " " on’to c6~,’pete:’ihih~ Miss "Oklahoma
nothin,,g, elsetheyhadaceu~nnlatedi~thei~6yearrelati0n: ".~ ~ S be hd~l Feb~ 22 ~ ~3 :at "the Star.
: ship. Ultimately Iwas not inanyposiiion to do’any-’ :" I " i I
: ~thing,"shesaid."ThiskindofsituadonisnftOKandthis .’ 1 I I
: bill is a start’toward addressing these issues." ~ : ¯ ’ ’ I I
¯ "Sen. Sally Hopper, R=G01den, voted against ille bill; : " [ I [
¯ ,s,a.yingshedidn’tlikeitsimpactonheterosexualcouples. ~ -othermeasuresto-iiesi~ondtotlie~amafiiaftprpjtct.-First, ¯
We are encouraging people WhO ~e ntt married tO live .. tbe Forum willtakeup the is~ueot~ th~ religitus right in
together who -could get married, she -said.~ "We are ¯ the black cOrnmuaity at’its Tenth Anntml"National. Conmaking
this so legal and SO acceptedT~ ~ ference going on,through Sunday in Long B~a6h~Califor-
: " " " : nia.Se~on"d, the FOrum will distribute to ~hiircheS nafion-
: Airline: City’s Domeetic Partner Law " -Wide’copies of a he~¢award:winning documentm’~ film
~ Would:Have Global Effects~ ’ . ~.: ~-calJed":Al~G°d’~-sCMl~en"’:W~chyes,-Pg~ds’t° therole
¯ sAN FRANCISCO (AP)-Disney-s done it. so have ." ofthe radical-reli~tus fighf in th~blackChurch: : ¯
¯ - - In a F~brtmry 4 letter,to Christian Coalition director
¯ Levi Strauss, IBM and American Expres.s. All offer "
Several international airlines already have more.indu- ..
sive b¢.nefits. Qantas Ai~.ays,.forex~tmple, has .offered
benefits and travel passes, to i.ts Australian employeds’~ ~."
"nominated beneficiaries" for years. In Israel, a 1994: ¯
laws.nit forced E1 A1 io offer :d~mesticlp~qner henefits.i.
AndAir Canada has .fffereddomesticpartner benefits to
its !8,000 Canadian employee.s since e~ly:last year..
" This is not alightmatter foreither the:city or the airline. ¯
Uni-ted is amajor p!ayerin San Francisco; itsfacility hefe,: :
the company’s .major mainfenan,ce hub and gateway to
trans-Pacific flights, .employs about 20,000 peo.pie -= ¯
almost one-fourth of.all United dmployees worldwide. ¯
United traffic is 40 percent Of all airline business at the "
San Francisco airport. . ."
Wyoming Against Marriage
CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - A House panel moved for- ¯
ward a controversial bill that would prohibit same-sex
marriages in Wyoming. Just minutes before the House :
Labor, Health and Social Services Committee voted to
send House Bill 94 to the House floor, several speakers
spoke on the measure that some called a way to preserve
tradition and families, while others called it an embarrassment
to the "Equality State." ¯
The bill would invalidate same sex’marriages in Wyoming
and would not allow the state to.honor Such mar- -"
riages if or when they are recognized in oilier states.
role of government in helpingtheneedyT’ he asked.
Boykin called on the religious xight to.embrace new
challenges~ .including. preven,’~t~ng 1he. Spread Of HIV/
AIDS, the leading..cause of death-forAfrican-Americans
between the ages of25and44~ ’,’! wartt to see.theChristian
Coalition fighting for Medicaid funding .and health care
for the 37 million uninsured .Americans.,’-’ he said.
The National Black Le.sbian and .Gay :l_:~adership Forum
is the only n_atignalorganization dedicated.to the
nation’s two and a half mi!lion Mrican-American Gays
and Lesbians. Establi.sh.ed in 1988,,the-Forum works to
empower Black Lesbians and.Gays by.developing their
leadership skills, increasing their .visibi.!ity~ an~d b~uilding
bridges between,their various.communities.. . .
As us~ua!, Tulsa.community ~rganizatious a, range of
activities upcoming. Shanfi Tulsa will hold iis 10th annual
Mardi Gras fundraiser on Sat: March 8. Call 749-
7898 for info.
Interfaith AIDS Ministries 0AM) ~has kicked off its
annual membership drive and its.ts due,,ues are so modest that
none of us have any excuse not to,join~ Low income is
ONE DOLLAR/year, individual.i~ $5/year and house:
hold is $10/year. They do good--w0rk and provide HIV/
AIDS education and aninfo, line. Infact, diey we.r~ doing
a highly effective 24hour .ilffo..line.for almost no.money
-.. :,.--. ~see S~dn, page lO
t ay uops Hecrulzea
’SAN FRANCISCO (AP). = A- large-scale natioftal ¯ CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP)- The Cambridge Police
consumer survey of gay menandlesbians says popu- ," Department wants gay men and women to know they ~ ~-"--,,I
lar entertainment, sport utility vehicles, computes : are .welcome to apply for jobs as police officers.
and financial planning scored high on their lists;.Of ¯ Police officials said gays will, not be given any hiring
interests:The homosexual.codmaffnity iSlargely well~ :., preference but they won’LJ~c:.discriminated against,
educated- and. affloent,with a household income ex= either. " ....
Realtor Associate
ceeding $10.0,000 for 21 percent of the market, the ~ -"A. lot of people feel-they aren’t.welcome in some Res: 582-7672
survey said. Some 22 percenthave graduate degree~ ¯ cities and towns," Frank Pasquarello, spokesman for
it-=f,~d~ and 58 percent hold management positioi]s. ~ the department; told the- Boston Herald.."We are
q’his’ study confirms the affluence and. spending :: addressing that by making sure members of the gay
patterns for which there previously has been only ~ and.lesbian community feel they are welcome. Every
aneedotalevidenee;"saidRebeecaMcPheter~s;presi- , group is welcome,~’ he said. .
dent andCEO of Simmous Market Research Bureafi ," HesaidPolice Commissioner RounieWatson met ~64~ E ~st Street ¯ Suite ~70 ~Tulsa, Oklahoma 74~4
in New York, Whieh conductedthe survey. ¯ : with gay activists, who asked for a special appeal to Off: 9~ 8-749-8374 ¯ Fax: 9~ 8-747-~ 795
Adverting-agency .Mulryan/Nash; a New- York - gays.. The departmentissued astatement last week
agency aimed’a~ gay icoustimers, eonimissioned the ~ inviting:gaydto apply: ’q’his i~ an invitation. This is
survey. The intent Was-tO index the .market: The ." notaguarantee~0fajob,"Pasquarell0said.Hesaidhe
pollsters surveyed 3,896 gay men an~women’acrogS i did not know ofany openly gay, officers in Camth~
country, then combined the results for meh~and bridge, but-added, "W~ couldcareless if sbmeone is
W.ome~ in ~ totals. Not~tirprisingl~,; "nearly" 90 9~,l~y gay, as4ong as they do their job." " - ,
p~r~eiitoftho~epbJIedsaiff~eypfefei:h’ot~ls,:re~.t~d~ .:’ q’l~el~sbian-gaycommuuityinCa~nbridgedoesn t
rants .atidotherbtl~inessesthiit~aarket’to°ga~ c0nsmfi: really see itself represented on the police departers~
Theyfilstfa¢tr travd’~p0t~ ~n~’~y-ffielidl’y~ ment," said Robb Johnson, WhO liv.es in Cambridge
"’The report showed gay- eonsnmefs,:ar.e 16yal. to andisanac~vis.t~.Wi~theFenw.ayC0mmun,i,’tyH~ealth
product brands that adverfise i,n the gaypr’ess; such~ C~at.eri "It s in¢.umbent,dn the.eity to create an
Ab~dt~.v0dkfi~~Tahqueray gin and Subaht. Some 72 enviionmemwhe.’r,e,"tfficer~ €enid come out orcornpercent
of those suryeyed’ had attended-liv~theatet ix~t¢ forlth~ exam, he said. ¯ ’ : ¯ " ’
Within-the past-year, nearly’dtuble..the 37 percentof ¯ ~ ~ " "--" ° " ’~ "~ " " " ..... " ’~ ’ "’ " "
th~U~S:populfifion~s’~i v~htte. Atld:20i~etcefit 6~gay
Teri Schutt
Specializing in
men and lesbians reported seeing at least two feature ¯ Family Homes
films in the last mpnth, more than three times the 6." , ’ i.P..artner Benefits?
pe~ce.nt 0fAme~aus in,ge~neral:- .: ~ ~: , ~ i
; SAN FRANCISCO (AP)~-.United Ai’flines moved a
No.n,Diserimi.nati0 n ! small~stepcloser.toofferingdomesticpartnerbenefits R~x, POV,LrOm, 7474746
tO employees by sending a letter to a city supervisor
:fOr .californ:ia Sch001s- " saying it was.Studying thelaw to see if compliance is
¯ possible..But the airline still has not committed to
SACRAMENTO (AP)’-: A lawmaKer who whs the : offering ~mployeesin registered::domestic,partuer- BROOKSIDE fir:~0penlygaymemberOftheC.alifomiaLe~islamre : ships the same benefits as married couples. - " . .:.
is trying again this year to ban discrimination-against Theletter,.receivedThurs~y, is thelatest develop- ghy~..andle~bia~.S-in:publidedueatioh: : " - . " merit in a stalemate between~United and-the city over JEWELRY
~ The ~bill introduce" by. As~embl~woman" Slieila " San Francisco’s new domestic partners" ordinance. Kuehl,.D-Sfin~ Moniea, wtuld prohibit bias bhsed ¯ Thenewolaw requires’ companies doingbusiness with 4649 So. Peoria.
off sexual orientation in’seho_ol employment; cturicti, " the city to offer Spousal benefits to their workers’
turn and-the treatmetit-of students On campus. : unmarried, and same-sex partners.
A similar bill failed.last year when Republicans United officials said inthe letter that"they are
controlled the AsSetnbly. But Democrats ate back in ¯ going tb-take a.full-analysis of the-:legislatiOn~ and
poWer this- year,, putting theissuein the lap,of Gov. ~; make a decision on whether they will be able to
Pete WilSon; .~.Republican who-has both. supported " implement it,Y Supervisor Leslie.-Katz said. ’¢Fhey Comer Of and opposed gay-dghts ihitiativesin his six ygarsas : have not taken a position as to .the feasibility of
chief executive: ~Wilson has taken.no position:on the ¯ compliance," she added. ¯ 48th & Peoria
bill4whieh hasn’.tyet facedits first committee testin " ¯ The_airlinehad to consider 0ffering.domestic part- 9:30 -5 pm -
¯ theAs~embl’y.. Bat:both sides" ~r~ predicting~that ,the : net benefi,ts when the =Board of-Supervisors’ Govern- Mo~dpY - Friday
governor will.comeumierinteusepressurewhenhis : ment Efficiency and Labor Committee senta $13.4
tumcomes to decide tbediatt~r: ’ ¯ million United lease~back to,the ~irports Cornmis
" ’%Ve ate ~,~ry seri0us’fibtu( the4obbying-w¢ _d.0~" : sio~-in:=Jan~uary~ .The .aiditxe~whiCh.makes up 40.
sa~dL~llefiMeCOi;miek/al~iSlati:ve-adVO~atef0iLife ~ percent-0f:the airport’s business; Wanis a ~-~e~ .... -~,,__ ~7
Lobby; a gay-rightS group ~:that~ reCenfly~ attracted ¯ lease for anew kitchen-ahd maintenance center.
more than 500yomig people tp’a Iobbying day at the : Uuited says that if if were to offer domestiepartuer ~-~7’~:7
Capi-tol..i’.q]iegayand’le~bia~communityisgoihg-to" b.enefitstoits.l.7,000,1ocalemployees, itwonldalb~
ve.~active on-thi~ bilLWe ~anmobilize’ ¢omm-u: " most surely have to offer.them to its 80,000 workers nltie,:t om allov=.the tat .:"’ " " - . ¯ : n tionwide. Sa uncisco’S dOm s :p =ers ordi MCC of Greater Tulsa
Assem~blymanSt~veBaldwin,’aLaMesaRepub~-" nancetakes eff~t.June.1; and the-~ity has shown - ,
eamwho wfl!.:help [ehd tliebpp0s.ititm, said~Wiison s ! some flexibility~ in, the ,deadline., ,On- Montlay; the. :"Whore God Up,lifts All People"
mixe~.re~x~rd o,~ g’ay’is~ues wil}imike’the lobbying al~ " Board.of S.uperyisors .g-awPacificBell;MobileSer-- " "
the~mote~intense: .The~Anahdm~.b~sed:~fadhional- .~ vices two yea~s.tO comply .with=the law>The firm is- " ’ " "
X/allies ~.talitio6 iS:prel~ariffff tO i~rim ~l’5;000:tabloid~ :: erecting cellular photie equipment on a fire station.
newspapers to ain’t ~hikehgoers’statewfdeabout th~ : ". .....- "...... - "- "’ 162:J-N.-Maplewood
bill. ’Nou’ ]l see awhole cnltural war goin~,g on when " !~.G~ -’=-- Tulsa, Oklahoma 838-1715
KuHff~: li~i~a’[li~ ~a~~isgri~i-h~ust "~ whetherltomosexuals shonld-be barred from,being " ~
gays an~d lesbiam in,the ,~chools is .!~.Tv=asive. But-
~ traineO~ as teachers la~ :sparked a rare outburst of
pr~o~,f ~s. s..¢~9~.~t:~.e .gays.:m ge~era!..a~0 yo.ung ¯ intolerance of gays. - ~-
thei.r.gfie~s~she3aidS~h~feS’.stiry~.#s.~ht.win.~ outspoken.supporterof theban, even-said that gay " : ¯ ’ ¯ . .
th~afyo_.tin~;g~ ak~’~blc~J’,ikely i~’d~01J0ut ~f s~h.0o~ men ,are. ,sick -~--both: physicallyand :mentally"- and 7..-:An Affirining. Liturgical"
ahffnioiq I~~1~. fo Idll .~,em~~d~,e~.th,an~e:h¢i~rt~i prone-to.becoming maleprostitutes.. The comments ’
~..e.~ualS’.. " i ," _° ?- -i~’:’-. ’ ~: ’ - 7......... 7 ":, added,to-a debate ,,m_."ggered this ,mon,th by thedis-elomeetina
at The ~arden
? The bill ,ffg~d:a~ld ~s~fi~l.’hri.~t~6o tg"th.<fiSt b[’ surothat ,Thailand; S 36 teachers colleges Wonldnot
t~iii~..~t~c~’ frtr~~a:i~li~ ifi,~M.o,~’p~* accept gay studentS in the belief, that homosexuals ~8~v g ~’em-ia , ~ua¢o~na
of ~M~fa.~:,7~..~"w..b~.eIev~te~i~,tle tothe’!9~! serve as poor.~ole models:f0r.youngsters,-.- ;. :. ~ss Satua-day e~enin~ at"6pm
how a~etro~edirace,~9.~, ~olO.r’;’.rdigi0n; ag_e; .di~iI~.-t.. . The de_ba~:is unusual ,for~ this Southeast ,Asian
it.y,ff_n...~,,~ and’~ofi~. ’iI.., ’7 .°.o0. ~:~ country, which js::~emarkably tol~ant..on-issues .of
~rae :~~-v.’:y~,aevfa.f~~e,sarc:o~t,ni~c,okfaf¢r~o~SotTra~r,m~s e
iS,:i ~6]~.~d thu~ i~s~e~,ye.s n.b s~al ~,ro,~i~\~ Soitcame asa-surprise when the Rajaphat Institute (9,8) 742-ezz7
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- the collective name for the teacherscolleges -
recently announced it would not admit.gay students.
"Homosexual teachers would affect young students
because youngsters look at their teachers and absorb
things,, said Sirote Pholpuntin, director of aBangkok
branch. "Those who wotti~r i~ach young studba,t~
should be idealistic and perfect, they should be nor-
Representatives of about a dozen activist and academic
organizations wrote a letter to the education
minister protesting that thebanviolatedhumanrights
and academic freedom. They also said it was against
the tenets ofthenational religion, Buddhism-"which
teaches people to be merciful."
Scoffed Suldaavich: "I’m not goingto allow afew
people to determine the course of national.education,
They cite human fights. That’s nonsense." His stand
earned him a sharp rebuke in a Bangkok Post editorial,
which said his comment,was silly and unealled
for and most of all, it showed an. appalling lack. of
sensitivity for someone holding the post of national
education chief."
Nevada’s Gay Legislator
CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - Freshman Assemblyman
David Parks may be the first openly gay person
in the NevadaLegislature.But Parks,whohas worked
in local government and lobbied.for more than 25
years, is no. stranger to. the legislative process: He
noted that his reception at the 1997 Legislature has
beenwarm and that his sexual orientation hasn’t been
an issue: Born in Boston and raised in New Hampshire,
Parks, D-Las Vegas, came to Nevada via the
U.S. Air-Force.
Parks spent his entiretour of duty in Nevada,
intending to leave the state when his time was up.
Like many, he said, he wound up staying. ~’I like the
desert and I don’t mind the summer heat," he said.
"And I always remember,the last night I spent inNew
Hampshire, when it was minus 17 degrees."
Parks also made his mark as an AIDS .activist. For
eight years, he recommendedpolicies as a memberof
the Governor’s Task Force on AIDS and has also
served as a trustee for Aid for AIDS of Nevada Inc.
His long record of experience gave Parks an edge
when former Assemblyman.Larry Spitler asked ~m
to run for office, o=
"At the time, I-said, ’Larry, that’s just not onmy
radar screen~’ "Parks said:’~Becanse I was openlygay
and very up front aboutmy personal life, I-just didn~’t
see myself running for office." Parks expected and
encountered some ~negative campaign tactics. His
opponent, Republican Tony Dane, admitted partial
responsibility for a mailer that included a.newspaper
reprint about a 10-year-old boy who rapedtwo other
boys. The article was wrapped around an .endorsement
of Parks by The-Bugle, l_as Vegas’ gay
newsmagazine.. -
At the time, Gov, Bob Miller blasted Dane, saying
it was some of the worst,nagativecampaigning he’d
ever seen. "(Dane) did it because he ,didn’t have a
strong r~¢ord ofhisownaccomplishments to run on,"
Parks sai& ’l’m sure there are many better placesto
be gay than. Newd~, but as diverse as Las Vegas is;
being gay isn’t that mtmh ofa problem:,~
Anmt -Gay LawChalien- . - .g.ed
ATLANTA (AP) - A-federal appeals cour~ will
consider an Alabama law Imnnlngh0mo~xual-student
groups from receiving statemoney in a dispute
being billed asan important free-speech case by civil
A three-judge panel of the 1 lth U.S~ Circuit Court
of Appeals hears arguments today on a decision that
threw out the 1992 law as~being unconstitutional and
discriminatory. Conservative critics say homosexuals
should not receive any public supportsince.Alabama
still has laws against sodomy. The state is
appealing the 1996 ruling.
"It’s important that we not use state funds to allow
the promotion of homosexuality,’" .state Sen..Bill
Armistead, R-Columhiana, said Monday.
But civil libertarians call the law an infringement
on the free-speech.rights of homosexuals: .No other
state has such alaw, said theAmericanCivil Liberties
: Union attorney who-will.argue on behalfof a gay
: .sm~dent group. ’q’here’s been aresurgence ininterest
¯ m, gay and lesbian groups on campus,es~ both in
.* colleges and high schools..We think it’s critical to
¯ hold the line .for these groups,".~sm’d Matt Coles,
: dir~ector .of the ACLU’s Lesbian, and Gay Rights
: Project....
: The st,qte ischall~nginga year-old deqi_" sio!~by U,S.
] Distxict Judge Myron.Thompson, who cal!ed-the, law
¯ unconstitutional anda,"n,3k,ed" form of discri_mina-
~ tion. The statute prohibits groups.f~om using public
: facilities or receiving..public money ,if they ’Toster"
~ and "promote" acdyities: prohibited by the state’s
¯ sodomy and sexual.misconduct laws.
¯ TheGay, Lesbian, Bisexual Alliance at the Univer-
: sity of South.Alabama, !bcated in M~)bile, sued over
¯ the law after it was denied student.activity money
: became of the statute.~ . ¯
: ~ Thompsonrul~iastyea~as then-Attorney General
: Jeff Sessions and conservative activists considered
¯ ways to block a regional conference for homosexuals
: at-the University. of Alabama. The decisioneffec-
¯ tively Mocked Sessions from citingthe state law to
i challenge the meeting,.whieh was held at the student
¯ center in Tuscaloosa.
: Armistead said abill will likely beintrodueed in the
¯ Upcoming legislative session to ban the use of public
funds byhomosexual groups."’We are sort of waiting
: on-the outcome of this (case) before we proceed," he
: said...
Mixed Review For Super
BowlAd with Transexual
NEW, YORK (AP) -.Holiday Inn Worldwide got
gripes as well ascheers Monda~ for its.Super Bowl
¯ commercial that tried to dramatize the chain’s reno-
.’- vafion program by showing a ~mssexual at a Class
: reunion.
¯ About two dozen people called corporate head-
: quarters about the commercial, said Craig Smith, a
: spokesman for theAtlanta-based hotel chain. Half of
: the callers likedit and the Other half didn’t. About 30
calls also came in. ftqm_fr.anchi~s.e¢.‘~,. ,.and-were., 5:to.- 1
!o in supportbf the ad, ~icxiording to Gm~ Sch~ihet; h_~d
: of the.hotel’s franchise.ownergroup.
: The commercial showed a woman .striding into,a
: hall, for a class reunion~ drawing a.dmi_ring glances, as
¯ anarrator notes what,i~ cost_,forher new nose, lips and
¯ cbest. Sbe,even.tually runs into an,old ~lassmate who
: insists on guessing hername.The,manshudders as he
¯ reeogm’z.es her as--Bob Johnso~ ~from the old days..
"It’s amazing the. changes -you ,can make for a-few
¯ thousand dollars," the naff_at_or, says. The hotel chain
_. is promoting its own $,1 billion renovation program.
¯ ’q’bere have been people who felt it was :a v.eTy
creative approach and funny~ andthere were thos,e,
who did h~t .like-the .creative ~treatment we took,
: Smith said: "If we offend~xl..anyone with the treat-
" m_ent_ we took,we apologize.’; But Smith also said he
i was speaking for himself, .and not necessarily the
¯ company, when.offering apologies.
: .NJ. Episcopal iDi cese
BacksGaYMarriage ::
NEWARK, NJ.’ (AP)=-.600 delegate~ _t6::th6 123rd
aimua~ ~n~ntion~f the~is.c0p.al.Di~"o~c~4.e ofNewa~
kepproveda standard li.turgy forblessing same:sex
marr‘iages. ~e deiegat~:ap-_~V~ t~ ~e~olution in
minutes, wi~~ii-tmlly no ~bate. It asks the national
governing body of the denotnination to develop’rites
- for blessing unions between, people of the Same
~nd lesbian couples. :’We ~:e discussed same-sex
: dnions sine~ 1987 in this diocese; it’s not exactly a
¯ n~w subject," said Newark Bishop John S. Spong.
It s not a big issue. It s Just one more lllustratmn of
¯ " ar~u,~bly one of the mo~stlibePal’in~ the naticm; ~ell
¯ ahead of the national church organization.
~ :~Tre~tmen~s
HONOLULU(A’P) -~Alocal:researcheris
AIDS¯ pa~ems’ ~plaints 6f ~nsmt
pMn-~d, nmbness. Since Sept~r,
phy~ ~y ~n~ck~~l~king
fog32 volutes ttrest out,~eMter--
native~ent;Sof~,.SheOdy hmme
patients2 She is conducting ~e t~t by
~mp~ng hMf ,of h~ pafi~ who get
acup~c~e, ~d ~e:-o~ .h~f who ge
~tors’have"~t~g for.~~"
five waystO,~tHIV patients.who oft~
~mplMn of~nmb~e~s,:b~ng ~d pM~
in ~eir f~L t~ga ~d ~:-:Anm~r:6f"
: Danvers, Mass:i,~ company that runs
: Fu~dkers hamburger restaurants, has
¯ re~iairM its 23~000 &mployees. tO learn:
: ab~,u~tMDS sinCe 1988 after an employee
¯ marridl a m’ah with HIV.’Co-work~ffs
¯ shunned her and customers boycotted the
: deli where she worked. The company
: sticks p~_a~a_,phlets on AIDS-and HIV in
employ~s, orientation packets ~and dis--
tributes:: them at training workshops¯
DAKA :also h~s set up an anonymous
AIDS hofline, mannedby people outside
the coml~any, that direct* callers to testing
¯ lalJ~sanffcounselors. "The more frank you
: are a~_t the disease, the less’of a~sligma
it ig, ~aid WiHimn ,H, ". Baumhauer,
DAK~’s :chairman, an&’ chief executive;
padenta4nHawaii and’ii~themainland sa]i~ : "If tl~.. C~EO says.it’s OKto talk. abo~t it,- -
theYP~efer reli.ef.fr.om.~.acu-o.unemre be-’ .~"" t"t se~n’ds"a’poweff.ul’m.essa.g ..¯ " readycause
.the- usual patn medicataons act as- : - But some busmesses~ Just aren t~
sedatives. They s~y sedatiwes make it dif-. ;- to.ta!k~aboutit. "Companies h,,ave so many
ficult tO funetion~auring’theday. ~/oth~’~things on-their :table," said Barry
AIthough °mainlar~d ~ patients :are alsb~ ’ IAWt~i~’~ spokeaman for-the :Alexan-.
trying-o~at this:’e~tem styleof’healing,, :. dria,..Va,-based Society for ~Human Re-
Kindrick saidHawaif is an ideal place to .’. ~ource" l~lanagement, a,,nafional group of
study: it .becaus~ .people .here are m~r~e : ~e~s6nnel managers.. They -haw ~rofit "
tolerant ofAsian healing practices. -,. - 1~ margins t0.wbrryabout, theyhavesexual
¯ harassment, diversity concerns., ~l~here’s AiDS~l=.clueation .n.. so muehvymg for the,rattention:. M
¯ ¯~’....’. : Barnes,. ,a New York ,~ity lawyer and
rh,= ~t/~r-knli~o.~ :- r~nner.alDS lo~b~st; saiasome compa.....
=,’ ¯ ~.~.~ ...= = ~°",~i~:’,.~, ---: ’ ~ ni~s ~imoly don twant to mention asexu-,
ATLANTA~(AP) ~ l~!.ar~King, an A,.I~ : :~ally t~an~n~itted diseaseat the conference
educator, makes llis li’¢i~g ~b~ ,valldng ~ tat;ie. ~There sill}canbe~Mot of,moral,and
into corpprate bo~09.ms~~f~l of hostile ,. ’~: :~eligi0usiybased res!~,tance4n?the work-’¯
exec~fivrs-.,with, ~eii~!.~ ::~0ssea: .~,:~a~.,,~, said Bame*~ ’ I- would not under~
’q’hey’rg-a~raid:-~O~y-:~q; " to see" ~-~standwhvvouw,otdd nee21,~o show in the
condo~. ~ey’~~~Z:~e ~o~_ng ." worl~lacetheuseofacondom,butthere ¯
to se~ ~x~p~.licit~t~ality.,,~d~g, who . noreasonthatanyoneshouldhaveamoral~
has the-y~s ~Lh~50~_.s~s~ i~~_~.~, ,~e0p ..;o-~objecfion to,simply knowinglthefacts. ~
have.~a~isi~.0.~a~9B~iBy:otv.ed..~!DS:~:~:,~ The promise, of poweffu~ .:neW" dmgs: "
as being: fil.t~iib~r"".~..anal~l~ed.~.al~:. :7 " that hal* th6 ¯pro~resg ~of the :AIDS’: virussorts~
a~g~h~:~the~.it;s~.be~.~eoL:,. ~and make .patieats -10ok: and.f~el better.
fear.qgn~k!.0.r.~..n.-ce..0., rjq: .s.t.a.l.a..c.k..o~.=i=..n....tc. .re..s.t.,,...:. nmy~"vemanagers~th~ideait~snolong,,er
AIDS educaUonts still strugghng to get a i ira issue’they should worryabout. In
foot !n. ~efl.~oo,rj0~.~~CQ..r~of~t.e..._ ;J~f~,e~,~’,c~.-[-,1997;it-doesn’t appear.to..be’asLbig’of~,a,
even though the.dis.ea~,e is ~,e ~,o: ,~ ~!ier~. ¯ problem,:’. King-said. "Compames
ofm0rethanhalfofthgnation-s WorKIorce.. ,: say, "Oh yeah, isn,t there a.eure for mat
Four years a~d, theC,dnt~s for ~sease .- now or something. Don’ttheyhave drugs
Control and Prevention’Jauncbed Busi- i -
¯ ¯ w~"’ ’ to treat ~t no ..
ness Responds.. t9 AIDS,’~ a progr.am to ¯ BellSouth Colp.4n Atlanta adopted an
make it easy for eompanies to teach their ¯ . AIDS policy in -.1989 .and has had no
employees theba~ics~fAiDSandhow to reason to go beyond that, said spokeslive
with it on the" jdb: The CDC says ;. woman Gaye Clark. The policy defines
about one in six businesses across the ¯ .AIDS, explains.how it is spread, and outcountry
have actuallystarted a pro.gram. ,: lines employeesr right to privacy. "We
didn tseetheneedformandatoryclasses,
Jeffrey A. Beal, MD
Ted Campbell, LCSW
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:that: doe~ not listus as provi~ders,
.callus .’andwe will apply,
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Dorland’s Medical Dictionary def’mes will never come in a, pill-form (no satip
health as, "’the absence of disease~an~l a ~. faction) but in the form of good, wholefeeling
of well-being." How many.o~us some foods~ vitamins~ minerals, proper
Tulsans can place ourselves on a.. con- exercise, and a goo~night’s sleep.
tinuum withkthis def’mition? Whose fault I know what you’re thinking..2"I.don’.t
is it, anyway, when we fail. to
meet the defined criteria.for
health?Is itourdoctors’ faults,.
for is itthe fault of ourmedications,
i.e., prescriptions?Or is
modem medical technology.
at fault? Or is it simply our
faults? Teclmological advances
keep us alive- satisfying
quanity of life, but sometimes
fall short of what we
needthemost.., quality oflif!!
Where did the quality of
our lives go? Remember the
old adages that Grandmaused
to tell us, "anounceofprevention
is worth apound ofcure,"
or, "an apple a day keeps the
doctoraway7’Manytimes the
most simple of solutions, is
whatwetend to overlookmost
often. Perhaps .we have become
so advanced that we are
bypassing our basic iustincts~
’Tou are (or arch’0 what y~u
eat,’: as the.old .saying
goes..:so, Tulsa, what are you
have the time and money to
devote :,tO al! of.this!" But;
hey, thisis alifelong contract,
this optimumhealth stuff, and
it .can get~expeusive. Gym
memberships,healthy choices
at the grocery s~tore, vitamin
and. mineral supplements,
eight hours of sleep every
night, etc.
Well, by golly, aren’t you
and those you love worth it?
Because, ifyou don’t take the
time and money to.stay at an
optimum health level, all-the
things you have worked for
and continue to workfor (like
retirement funds) are going to
be uSedtomakeyour doctor’s
house-payment and your
pharmaei~t’.s car payment.
Have I~jarred~ you. from your
cou~ch yet?!
exercise, and
sleep ... add
up to 100~
]~e~lth. Are
you. partieipatingln
aft tl;ree
fro~its ;n order
tod0 your fair
sl,a, e aga;nst
Okay well, .
how ....about.: These programs outlined
tWO~ ,One.~ abov~ obvitusly require a
lifestyle ofco~~hange.
Zero~ -TherehreMotof newthinkeating?~
.. - .... " ~’hng’".l~ealth;professionals
Nutrition is said toplaythegreatestrole ~’~ available :f& ~0molfatious 6nLnua’ition;
in our overall.health. Optimum-health is : fitnesS, ~idrest~ D~d’t ~inkthat yoUare
maintainedby proper nutrition (50-60%), .: going to have to hirea .Chef, :a physical
physical exercise(30-40%), and from_an .~ trainer, ora nulsseuse in0rder to ac~om
adequateamountofrest (RapidEye,~ove~ : :plish your~goa! of~beconiing "I-!ealthids.t~.
meritsleepopatterns ~ -’,Mremnsleep,,, :10~%).~ , :~-~ulsah ~f-~ili~~~-"~ ~ezabo~:&~lei~
Nutrition, physicial exercise, andsleep, i’ ti0ne21hehlthpr.tfe’ssi0nals;hbv~evei,lean
therefore,addupto 100%optmumhealth.." .be utilized in 0rd~r,to gei siai’t.~.~a~.d ~tay
Areyou participating in all threefroms :. on target! St...here s toa pgsitlvefy flew
in order to do .your fair share against .. you! Andrera~mb~t~,~quaIii~w’ill’i~rb,a~e
disease?! Okay, well, how about two? ; .the quanlty 0f y0tir’lffd.~ ’:f i(..
One? Zero? Uh-oh, so maybe we should : Dr. MichaelGo~’rnaapracticks ~n T.ulsa
shift the burden of healthcare’ s respousi- ¯ at 4775 S. "Harvard;-~itk: C, 712~5514)
bilities off of our doct0rgcsurgeons, tec~,h- ;. Heis a Board Certified Chiropractor and
nology, and medicine to ourselves, Let s-: ~Accupuncturist, hglds dB.S~ ~n Nutrition.
takeourfairshareofresponsibilityforour :. and is an active b~dybhilder. ~ "
own health care..After all, do you think .- Dr. Gormanals6 do~s fitness, nutriyou
are sick because-you haven’t taken : :tion, and supplement counseling.
Without treatment, an IHV-infected
mother in the United States faces about a
25 percent risk of passing the virus to her
child before or during birth. In poor countries,
the risk is significantly higher, perhaps
around 40 percent. Giving pregnant
womenthe drugAZTcuts this risk inhaiti
but the treatment is too expensive to be
widely used in poor countries. So doctors
are looking for ways that will be cheaper
and better than AZT. Most of the studies
now starting involve various combinations
ofdrugs thatincludeproteaseinhibitors,
the HIV-blockingmedicines thathave
revolutionized AIDS care over the past
year. One of the simplest regimens, however,
uses just two doses of a single drug,
nevirapine. The idea is to give apill to the
mother when she comes to the hospital in
labor, the other to the baby soon after
Dr. John Sullivan of the University of
Massachusetts Medical School said this
treatment would cost about $2 - Cheap
enough that ifitemational health orgamzations
could offer it eTcerywhere. "If this
is a success,.-it is ~definitely translatable
into the developing world. We are very
¯ excited aboutthis," Sullivan said. Sullivan
outlined his plans for the study Sunday at
the fourth annual Conference on
Retroviruses andOpportunisticInfections.
Thegoal is toreducemother-to-childtrammission
of the virus down to 5 percent or
6percent- abouthalf the ratenow achievable
with AZT alone.
Doctors hope to enroll 800 pregnant
women in the United States andEurope
and have resultswlthin a year."’The goal
is to do this study as ,fast as possible so we
can get an answer,’ said Sullivan. The
treatment is unlikely io do any good if the
baby catches the virus ’from the mother
while still in the womb~ However, doctors
believe about two-thirds of these infections
occur duringdelivery,when the treatment
may be able to st~p the virus from
becoming established. "What we don’t
know is whether by increasing the intern
sity of the treatment, we increase the rate
of success" over AZT alone, said Dr.
Robert T. Schooley of the University of
Colorado. "My gut feeling is this will
~ have,an effect."
by James Christjohn - i ". At Philgrook, ’q~ne Oklahoma Scene:-
ffyouneedalaugh, ThdTulsaComedy ." Printmakers of the 30~s and4Or-~’ iS’On
Club is ~eplace to go! Tim
Jones, from "Dear John", "Am¯flea Unseen:
"Evening at the Imprdv",
"Comic S~ip Live’:,a~t People & Phee",,
Showtime, appears 2/26-3/ . - - r. -
2; Basile, "a teddy-bear. . continues_~,Pn:
stuffed with high ~plo- exltlblt ..4 0.
styes" (Should I s~iy~ it?
Naw, too easy.), Wilose In partleulai’; the
credits include HBO and
Showtime, appears 3/5-9, exhlbit-ineludes
Mark Pitta, a regular on the some women ’q’onight Show", and ,Totally
Hidden’Videos’:’ is at artlsts and
the club 3/12=16.
Formusic ofaCeldcbent, artists ofcolor -
Reeltime plays the PAC 2/
28 (596-7111);andifyou’re .W]~o once were
in an operatic draaaama- almost entirely
queeny mood, Tulsa
Opera’s Vrhe rearl Fish- .~ excluded :from
exhibit through .May 11,
and it features some inter-.
esting imagery. The artists
in this exhibition are
from the northeastern part
_of Oklahoma. Through.
June 29, Philbrook celebrates
100 years of.the
visual arts in Tulsa, a historical
overview of the organizations~
that have
played important roles in
the growth of the arts in
Tulsa. And "Oklahoma
Portrait: Photographs by
Russell Lee" is also running
through.May 11.
"America Unseen:
People & Place", continues
on exhibit through
March 9. The exhibit exers"
take a dive 3] 1, 6; & 8 .......1 plores aspects of Ameri-
(596-7111)i B6th are at the" ¯ ~"the Amerlean " ’ ban pictdrial art from the
Performing Arts Centef art scene.
’20’s- ’50’s, and includes
(PAC)r 3rd & Cincinnati,
downtown¯ , -, Also, iwoula:
If you’ve spen~ "time at " - ’ ~-
local diners, and can’t get call your
e¯ nough of it there, .1..o~al
~mpresan" os, C,eI,eblityA,: ~t-’" , . .._.- ..~ .:, ,_ ,,.~.
tra’ctions, ar~bringing ’ to aicbUD|e 0t
Greaseto thePAC;3/tT-22 " - " *- ....
(596-7111). Elsewller~-m: ’~ ima~es.wlth
¯ ’ 5his cguntry"~am’ organiza7 hom0-sensual /ions ar~ waking up’to the
~ fact that.Ghys &-lLesbiims ...’. "inter~"pr’ e"ta’t"ions:"
are a prime entertainment : ~
.works by Norman Rock,
.well,~John Steuart C_ufi,y,
.Th0mas.Hart Benton~-Fxlr
ward Hopper, Walker-
.Evans, Dorothea Lang’,
Isabel Bishop, &
?Thi~ exhibivreally merits-
several viewings. Not
-:only .are there interesting
. works .by more famous
artists, there are equally
interesting works by artistswhoaremuchles~
Eilis Egan,
ChrisKe~:~nny H~yes,
8 p.m. John H.~. Williams Theatre
Tulsa Performing Arts Center
Tickets $12 Call 596-7111
.’Store ¯
:.o .’~". .... ....-7:: . -. "
¯ Open~ at Noon,.Tues-Sat. €.
Dinner Meetln¢
week. We had a very good dinner there, iff3~i ,I:~.t~~.e n~w .ap..d~dition~,. : Beginning Jan. ] 7 :
I’m sure our restaurant critic at large . ~fo6fa~ewasimpres~!ve, a,n_,_dffy0u,haven t _ ~ ’ ’ " ¯-
(we’ve tried re.~tiiiints;;butlhe just~keeps, :!, 7s~nfii,dt~s:worth the buoks - agMn. A~.~d ~ ,. ..... ¯
,b,reaki~ng ~,~give us. ~simighff.ul~.d-,!~li!l.:~.nk. \Hans and L.uke are ~ueer, no ¯Gifts v Cards v Pride Merchandise ¯
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Community Uni~.~an Universalist Cong.rggation
Service - 1 lain, 1703 E. 2rid, 749-0595 -
Lesbian Heaven Fa~ly ofFaith l~etropoUtan Community Church
Adult Sunday School; 9:15 Service, 11 am, I~5~51:E S: Mingo, 622-1441
Dinah Shore Weekend Metropolitan Community Church of Greater Tulsa
Palm Springs, California Service, 10:45am~. 1623 North Maplewoo~, Info:-838-1715
March 27 - 31 PrimeTimers ~- ,-
Social group for~ me.n, 1st Sun/each too. 4~6pm;:Pr[de ccn,ter, 1307 E. 38th
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Amsterdam ’98 ONOAYS " -
Start Planning Now! l-nv T~ang cii.i~ Free& anon~ons te,~ng~ ~o ~ppo~nt~nt r~qnir~
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34LOt~o,o ¯ . Suppgrt Group -7 pro, Locations, call: 749-7898.
I ntornational: v. 0 Center Community Meeting, Feb. 18,~7-pm; ~1307-E. 38th; 2~id ft., 743-4297
formoreinformation._ i~,,. WEDNESDAYS . . :,~..~*.:-. ~
B! Lord At All TimesoChristian Centi~r -.-,:
i~ 545~;E South Mingq. Call,622d~4:l forinf~’-"
Reviewed by Barry Hensley
Tulsa City-County Library
One area often overlooked in the gay
commlmity is the specialsituation
of gay and lesbian African-
Americans. There is finally
l~ginning to be some
recognition of this ignored
group, and Keith Boyldn’s
new book fills an important
’One More River to Cross"
is divided into chapters on
various topics, including
"Black Homophobia," "Gay
.....R~cism," "Faith in the Lives
of Black Americans," and
"Are Blacks and Gays the
In discussing black
homophobia, Boykin reviews
how some black leaders, including
Eldridge Cleaver,
Frances Wesling and Minister
Louis Farrakhati,have associ-
In 19zt8, "The
in the Army
wouk[ create
and drive
away whites."
In fhe 1990’s
"hiding behind
the amorphous,
.pln-a.se of
ated homosexuality With the unit co~tes~on,
decline ofthe black commu- .supporters
nity. In one of the more improbable
examples~ Boyldn.1~~ne~ay ban
qsu~oAteslic+on(tarouvtehrsoiarlOWf’qr+itheer ++ +.i.+ila+,_sxl~~x.uaenSdtat....
Blackw~man:s Guide to Understandingth~
Blacknm")i "Gavs,servln~
as she claims that ~ black,
male homosexuals .~i¢o0k; openly~ woum
sew andbake andare-deter- make Otlter
mined :td be+~ betterwom~m ’ thn..an the w+m+h’ t~iey + s01dier" feel
~o+~." Many inuring top+
its are cited here, including -
homophobiain rap music mid . ,able.
instances+of black magazines~
and parade organi~r~:reject~ .... "--
ingparticipationbyblack, gay ¯ several otlter
groups; ,, In the chapter on Gay’Rat- "
ism:’ Boykinpoints to several
-----~Uonat gay terms
such as the Human Rights
Campaign and National Gay -a.na ~ay are
and LesbianT~ Force, and intere]~an~eis
astounded that, although
they claim to stand for equal- able.
ity for all, they have Very few
black employees, The media, also, is a
target: "Likeits heterosexual counterpart, .
long before other groups ,got state grants
to do the same thing.
A~A on March 6, 7, & 8, Trespasses, a
playbylocal Pro-Choice activistandcommtmity
friend, Barbara Santee is being
performed at Heller Theatre, 53288.
Wheeling at 8pm. Admission is $6, $57for
students and seniors. Trespasses is .billed
as "a deeply disturbing protrait of family
betrayal and incest" with mature themes
and language. It has been chosen to representHellerTheatre
Theatre Festival in Stillwater on
Marc~ 15. Info: 746-5065.
Tulsa’s 1st annual Spaghetti Dinner featuring
OklahomaCity’s MetroMeus Chorum
The Chorus has performed several
times to benefit PFLAG and gets rove
the white gay med~,’~ usually projects
Eurocentric images ~ beauty that transmit
messages of inferiority to blacks and
others who do not fii the white stereotype."
"Are Bliicks and Gays the
Same?" includes an interesting
quote fromTexas Senator
John Tower, commenting on
the 1964 Civil Rights Act: "(It
would...) deny to millions of
employers andemployees any
freedom to speak or to act on
thebasis oftheirreligious convictions
or their deep-rooted
preferences for associating or
not associating with certain
classifications of people."
Boykin’s comment: "rhe
complaints ring as loudly today
against homosexuals as
they did yesterday against Afriean
The same argument occurs
with the recent gays in the
military controversy, as integration
of the US Armed
Forces in the 1940’s is disenssed.
In 1948~ "1the presence~
of black soldiers in the
Army would create disharT,
mo~and driveaway wtiites.’
In the 1990 s vermon, ~iiding
-behind the amorphous, catchall
phrase of ’unit cohesion,’
supporters of the gay ban arguethatlesbians
andgays serving
OL~mly Would make other
soldiers feel uncomfortable."
Boykin cites several other instances
where the terms
"black" and "gay" are interchangeable.
The eorrelationbetween the
civil rights movement and the
" ixtstallees gay fights movemememerges
as the most intri "
where the the
chapters peak the
reader’s curiosity and interest,
they pale in comparison to
the sections on these similar
movements for equality..
Checkfor "One More River
to Cross" atyour localbranch
library or at the Readers Services depart:
ment (596-7966) at the Central Library.
: reviews. This will be at All Souls Unitar-
¯ ian Church on Sat. March 22 at 6:30 and
: reservations are mandatory! Call 749-
: 4901.
¯ Other upcoming programs of interest
~ include a conference, "Facing the HIV/
_" AIDS Crisis" seheduledforApril 18atthe
Rogers University (UCT) Conference
i Center from 8:30 - 4:30. This event is
; being organized for and by the African-
, American community to address HIV/
: AIDS within that’ community. For more
¯" informationortohelporganizeorsponsor
: the conference, call Beverly Benton at
¯ 622-6059.
¯ Also, Project Get Together (PGT) has
: an insurance continuation assistance pro-
", gramfor qualifiedindividuals riving with
¯ HIV/AIDS.TdsaCommunityAIDS Part-
¯" nership is the sponsor. Call I~T at 835-
: 2910 to see if you qualify for help with
: your insuran~ premaums.
Kelly Kirby CPA, PC
Certified Public Accountant
a professional corporation
¯ Lesbians and Gay menface many special
tax situations whether single or as couples.
¯ Call us soonfor sensitive & timely assistance.
¯ Electronic filing is available forfaster refunds.
747 -5466
Eureka Springs is perfectfor a Winter Get-away!
Complete gay-friendly resources and businesses:
lawyers, therapists, travel services
Help lines & HIV/AIDS resources. Listings broke~
bars, bookstores, dentists, doctors,
Media, Religious groups,
Index & fast access phone list.
Nationwide resources includin mail order companies, etc.
s and Provinces.
AL, AR, AZ, DE, DC, FL, GA, HI, KS, KY,,
For an application
(212) I ~ind us at A
MS, NM, NC, OK; SC TN~+~. Virgin Is. & Puerto Rico.
;elf-addressed stamped
’ 10014
Timothy W. Daniel
Attorney at Law
An Attorney who will fight for
justice-& Equality for
Gays & Lesbians
Domestic Partnership Planning,
Personal Injury,
Criminal Law &:l~ankruptcy
1-800=742.-9468 or 918~352
128 East~Broa.d~ay, Drumright, OklahOma
Weekei~di:i~i~d:~Ve~i~"g appointments are avaiiab~. ~:
Seat Of Power.
Built For LivingY
$.2 8,.8 8 8
Ignorance about HIV/AIDS still persists
almost two decades-into the known
life of the disease. This ignorance sometimes
translates into bias, stigma, and, at
times, outright discrimination from close
family and friends to complete strangers.
As a result, you have the choice to keep
your HIV status confidential.
Oklahoma law protects-this right of
confidentiality by allowing disclosure of
information regarding your HIV status
only in afew limited circumstances. Your
HIV status can belegally disclosed when:
1. yonsignawrittenauthorization which
specifically allows another to obtain this
2. a court orders the release of this
3. theState Department ofHealthdetermines
that it is necessary to to protect the
health and well-being of the general public;
4. there has been risk of exposure to
emergency medical technicians,paramedics,
fire fighters, peace officers, correctional
officers, or health care workers;
5. you are a health care worker and the
State Department of Health determines
sexual pastor, heacknowledged that there
had ,been Some controversy in the congregation
about offering him the interim position.
In fact, the issue became public
when one member wrote to The Oklahoma
Eagle, Tnlsa’s African-American
owned weekly newspaper, suggesting in
only semi-veiled terms that a only heterosexual
pastor would exert a "positive,
wholesome and.., healthy" influence on
her,grandson, and that itmight be better to
leave, the position open than to chose
McCall. McCall notes that he and Darryl
have never even seen the letter .to the
editor and that the congregation seems to
haveresolved thoseissues - at least fc
gregation might not have made an offer to
him if it were for-a longterm position,
rather than an interim one.
In addition ~to the challenges of the
congregation, there is the impact of the
racism of Tulsa. McCall grew up in the
Bay Area in East Palo Alto where there
was physical :segregation; but was surprised
inTulsa that segregation is notjust
aphysical issue, but:one deeply partofthe
cfilture. He sees~racism manifest itsdfin
the emotional and spiritual life, as.well-as
fp~isnicgallikliefethoefreth-aerceiatyt l-eatsot ttwheopTouinlstao’sf
~-. - one Black and one White,Matkius says
he wasn’t quiteso suqnised, .siace he’d
spent time in theCarolinasandhad seen a
similar culture.’Still’, they sver¢.,surprised
by some of the racist assumptions that
were made when they leased their house.
Both say that it’s difficult t3 deal witha
place that refuses even to acknowledge
that these issues exist, let a!one talk con,
struefively about them., And the~oppressiveness
oftheculture, aloag with thelack
...... of’genuine equality, explains muchof the
anger and~ hostility .of-Tulsa’s minority
Howcver~ both, Magus. and,McCall
wel.come~opportunity to live openly as
~ c,~uplemthe~ profe~ional and commuthat
disclosure of your HIV status is neeessary
to monitor your ability to comply
with universal precautions and appropriate
infection cotatrol practices.
You HIV status cannot otherwise be
disclosed by someone else. If so, a person
whonegligently,knowingly, orintentionally
discloses ,your HIV status may be
sued for damages, including, economic,
bodily or psychological harm which is
caused by the disclosure. In some cases,
punitive damages may be awarded.
Exercise your legal rights. Unless a
situation falls within one of categories
listed above, you do not have to disclose
your HIV status. Be aware of who could
directly affect your life with this information
- such as your employer or your
landlord. Tell only those people you want
to know.
Ifyou are H1Vpositive or have AIDS
and you have a legal problem you may
qualifyforfree legal assistancefrom an
attorney on the pro bono panel of the
AIDS Legal Resources Project. Call the
Project collect at (405) 524- 4611 for
more information. This column,is made
possible through the contributions ofprofessionalservices
bymembersofthe Oklahoma
Bar Association.
¯ nity fife. McCall came out~ acknowledg-
¯ ing his bisexuality almost 5 years ago and
¯ dealing with the experience of
[ homophobia is somewhat new. He says
¯ that when he was growing up, sexual
: orientationjust didn’tseem to be anissue.
~ You were "in the life" but that was not a
¯ derogatory term but that as more Black
¯ Americans have become middle class,
~ homophobiaseems tobemore ofanissue.
: He has experienced oppression more in
¯ terms ofrace untilheandMatkins came to
¯ Tulsa.
: Both Matkius and McCall are commit-
~ ted to being in Tulsa 100%, hoping to
¯ provide healing and hope for the commu-
: nity to get beyond segregation and
¯ homophobia. McCall
makes it
possible for McCall to pastor to The
Church of the Restoration. In addition,
Matkins. has volunteered to head the
church’s jail ministry. McCall recalls the
image of the pastor’s spouse whois much
putupon and little appreciated buthe says
Darryl gave up "everything" in the Bay
Areato supporthim~andasks,really what
difference is. there between them and a
heterosexual couple in terms of love and
devotion? . ¯
~TheRev, Cheste~,M~.?allhasdonework
around the issues ofgriefand death and
disYisunegs.aAswnyeollnaes iwnoterrkesshtoepdsionntaolpkpinregswsiiotnh
himaboutthese issues maycallhimat The
Church ofthe Restorationat 587-1314.
live in Oregon during the period of the
anti-Gay referenda. Community activist,
Jimmy Flowers shareddetails of his confinement
in an mental institution and the
inlmmane_treatment he experienced just
for becans~e he is Gay. Kathy Hinide, copresidentofPFLAGtalked
about herGay
son and taen poa m orgamang.
Kathy Bit&with RA.!N, told her story of
being ~Me,tli6di~tpastor who was forced
6ut h6r jbb for b~ng Lesbian.
Free & Anonymous
Finger Stick Method
By &for, but not exclusive to the
Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual Communities.
Monday & Thursday evenings, 7-9 pm
Daytime testing, Mon-Thurs by appointment.
HOP HIV Outreach, Prevention & Education
formerly TOHR HIV Prevention Programs
4158 South Harvard, Suite E-2
2 doors east of the HIV Resource Consortium
Look for our banner on testing nights, .
Before you begin a romance, or move
in together...start a business together...
commit to each other over the
long term...start afriendship...4re you
sure you know what that person is really
like?Wonder ifyou’re compatible
enough to survive the years together?
Do you have enough information to
make that commitment? Want to know
someone or yourselfbetter?
Astrology, the study of life-trends
based on the planetary cycles & energies,
can help fill in the blanks, canhelp
identify the positive & challenging
areas of your relationships, allow you
to know yourself better, and give you
information on trends in your life.
These written interpretations are a
great gift for the special person in your
life, friends, family, or a couple. Each
Interpretation is fully explained &
comes with a chart, for those of you
with knowledge of or interest in astrology.
Even if you know nothing about
astrology, the interpretations explain it
all for you. Gemini Moon offers full
written reports.
How ,To Do It
First 30 words are $10. Each additional ¯
word is 25 cents. You may bring
additional attention to your ad:
Bold Headline - $1
Ad in capital letters - $1
Ad in bold capital letters - $2
Ad in box - $2 Ad reversed - $3
Tear sheet mailed - $2
Blind Post Office Box - $5
Please type or print your ad. Count the
no. of words. (A word is a group of letters
or numbers separated by a space.) Send
your ad & payment to POB 4140, Tulsa,
OK 74159 with your name, address, tel.
numbers (for us only). Ads will run in the
next issue after received. TFN reserves the
right to edit or refuse any ad. No refunds.
Volunteers Needed!
For The Pride Cente~- :~
Volunteers are needed to help with June
Pride Ev+ents and to help with minor
buildin~ repairs,~and to act as Center
Sitters.to extend the hours that the
Center i~. open. Info: .call 743-4297.
Director of HIV Program:
Testing clinic and outreach program to
high risk populations. Supervise staff of
+/- 10 and 20-25 volunteers. Needed:
grant-writing & people skills, not-forprofit
& HIV education or counsdingt
testing experience a plus. Familiarity
with other HIV care organizations
desirable. Finfincial & writing skills for
reporting to funding agencies needed.
Resume to: HOPE, attu: Deb Trevino
1307 E. 38th, Tulsa 74105
you ,live in small town
or rural area?
Are you attracted to other men?
Do you feel like you are .,,
And if you’d like to mee i-Others!ii!:
come to our rural mens o sc.usslongroup
every 2nd & 4thSaturday+ 7-gpm::::
For more info,, contact. Bobby or Jeremy
712-1600 or 800-282-8165
~by Jean-Pierre Legrandbouche
TFN Food Critic
One of our good ~friends of the
lesbyterian persuasion grew up in Rogers
County,justnortheast ofthe Tulsa metropolitan
area. Consequently, she has introduced
us to several surprising
restaurants in Claremore that
are actually worth the SlS~cial
drive over from Tulsa jttst to
eat Main StreetAmerica food.
For the last ten years, shdhas
raved about anothernight~pot
on the banks of the Verdigi’j’s
River in Catoosa, but for vail:
ous reasons over the last de:
cade, we were never able to
: menus and saw the prices being asked.
¯ This has to be one of the most expensive
: restaurants we’ve ever seen in the Tulsa
: area. Bdt, our Lesbian hOstess and tour
¯¯ guide assured us that it .wasn’t a joke -
"Molly:s has always been expensive."
She said. ’q’hat~s how they
keep out ~the riff-raff." We
weren’t aware that Catoosa
had a riff:raff problem.
Which started a long con-
.versation as we Were regaled
’ ~vith the Story ofour hostess’
previous ill:fated marriage~to
.a gentleman high schooolfootball
star:. (isnrt it terrible hfw
so.many ,straight men’s lives
Landln¢ _+
3700 Highway
66, Catoosa
11 am - Mon._
coordinate our. Schedules to Saturdays +-+
allow a’visit. WeU, finally, in- +: +~.r + :+’
0ur state of mourning forthe ~oOn -~10=pm
now-closed and lost - .Cuisine:
Montrachet, and in.our quest
fop anew romanticplace for StealS,ousi~
those Very Speciat Dates, we w~id~ chicken,
reached theirzenithonthehigh
school athletic field?):-We
th0nghrthat Was why.we were
beginning to feel. nauseated
and light:headedebufitmmed
out merely to be amomentary
case.6fcarbon imonoxide poi=
joined her at Molly’s:Land=. quail"& shrimp, soning and oxygen depfivaing.
" - " - " + : + - ’ tion-theldtctlengrill.v-entila-
Molly’sLandingislocated .~ Dress: Cas~a|, ! tion+system whs havingsome
on the nortkside of Route 66, Payment: i- +~ Soi’tofmalfuncfiOnthateaused
right on the west bank of the- r’,. ~ n ~ .. not onIy thefoods to be mes
" ~,..,a~n~ all major . ; ’ . . Verdigris River. Fortunately; " i+ "* + + r’qmte~smoked,~bu,t th+ diners
if one is looking; there a~e ,--+ credit cards+ ..... as well. The staff s initial resigns
marking thetumoffinto ° no eh~hs..:.J :,, +sponset,o that p~ob!em (+tumthelargeparkinglot:
Fromthe -. ~ ~! ~, ¯ i + ’Jng the heaters oil ~high)
exterior, Uo.lly~s ,looks like + + .ru~ +~.._r~ .+ ? )r~ (!:pr~+ed fruifless~o ~md~
great big, old log cabin-that Non-sm6ldng+"7+ :t~t~-h+"6~g
~:a3O~ were ~warted by,plastic+coyhas
had countless interesting,
random, and eclectic addi- ag ~ + e+n+"ngs~w~.n.ten.zm.g.the.0pentions.
And, that’s exactlywhat ¯ mine., rags, but t-mallyenoughextethe
building was and is. " -Co~t~:.... riot doors were opened to al,
Upon entering the facility, ’Very
" * " low,the air Ion.clear a~bit. -
one is struck by the over- expensive But;we.di-gress. All of the
whelming amount of "stuff" Rating:_ . .appetizers on the menu were
C llst $~.95. They included grilled
ofantiquearticles,junque~and-- ~ ~ .ehicken..strips,, ,smoked
posters havelongbeen a staple decorating salmoh~ baked, onion, and ~antced mushfixture
of local theme restaurants; but rooms~.but by.far the most popular~appe-
Molly’stakesthistoanextreme:Eventhe ~ tizer weaaw beingeaten was:the shrimp
ceilings are plastered with framed.post- ¯ cocktail., ~- ¯., .
ers, art reproductions, as well:.as- a few : -..All entrees came witka choiceof soup
sq.ua~re,.:~en.o~rwatt o~,+e~:.~~L~.g,~i.~o,~d., +st en+tr~,thegrilledchiekenbreast,listed
wmcnas not covereooy .s,ome ~-+’m~el +-~-:. at $16.95~ Rib,eye; filetg-mignon,+.. and t
neous and Sundry obje-~d art.: Dif++ferent ~--’mme~-~t~eaks:and the Cajun,style:m-ilie~i
styles of. cas~sO~.ngare fo.und,in V_mi2 : ronghy+w---e~.++~ced.fft $17.95. Fo~ran
ous seet~ous ofdae dining rooms; butthe ~ extra dollar,ajal~~offered.
southwest/Santa=Fe-theme,prevails:- We . l,n ,the hi,p.her;:orice ranges;. ther-~--were~
.e~.e seated at anck.etylogtable on drum , quail, aiid Shish~kebabs at,$22,95~.each,
ehatrs’made of rawhid~ anti e;edar strip~ ..+ crab:legs ,and~ the ~la~ger:.sized filet ;for
-The patrons:the, evening, :gfour visit : $24~95~:and.then.-~oOiniag~inat~$29,95 i W~re the’butterfl-y2pra.w0s¢and:the.~eombi,
nation plate~O£;eitherq~andiih-ey(.o~ ~ q~l- and. ’.p+rawnt0.h~,~of, ~the ~ meats ~are
-’ grill~Iover:mesqt~t~:nmltmtel~ea,,dly.:of
: ’,.~:,TI~+¢af0od sdeetioli du.~oi~mot~yJ~t
’." havi~’arrived~m..the+~L,,port~ our.,labl~
: cnded’.~po~m~ a11:~dif~rent: typ~s.:of
". steaks=Whcn:thvmeat,ar~i.v~I, it.was- hot
¯ an-d"stea~y~-s.tra~gh1,:of£ ;the grill ~and
: Uniformly.und~cook~d~one notch-below
~ the~ way~,~’~as,,ordered.-....~ne taste was
i og~fxaxg1e~adn~d.+.ilm~ab~~Vtvbxet~uir~ebwuatsw.tehceoduelsdinr,,etd~hfeeldp
~ over~om|ng~ the feeling,that something
+: wasmi.msing~Atth_e~eprices, w.eexpected
: better:thad,jnst, good.........
; "..,Des~ert~seleetionsi.neluded a mrtlepie,
: amuddpie, expremo (sie)’ala.mode,,and
: anapple+rasp~Ifiealamode..We tried
: the fruit pie, and it arrived fr~h from the
¯ mierowave, with thepastry suffering the
: " " ¯ " ~ seeLanding, page 14
Pride Center
unfortun~iteWilt of thenuked. Whatcould
packed with juvetile revdlers in their
:. firstadultdinlng expelience. Alas,itwon’t
i fulfdlmtheenmt pwbistshibtlheeinwleoanvdeerfulatruellyegantSenSees_Of
: tablishmentserving exquisite foods with
¯ maximum style; and will most assuredly
: leave them financially destitute. What a
: to catch our own.
drop-in basis for several evenings a week.
Please return this form to
the Pride Center
1307 East 38th, 2nd ft. Tulsa 74105
Call The 900 number to respond to ads, browse unlisted ads~ or r’ef~rieve mlessages.Onlym~$l~’.i.’9f9i-.puer.te..’ 1 8-~:-Cu~tomerSe~i~:~15;281~3 1 83
F~X FRIEND You’vegot a friend right,,
here. I’m a 42 years old, Gay male ’5 8,
1701bs. I’m into sports, music, and am very
flexible. Let’s hove same fun. (Tulsa)
SHOW ME THE .WAY I’m a masculine,
Bisexual curious guy, and I’m o little
nervous about this. I’m 21,5’7", 1951bs,
with a worked out body, Black hair, and
Brown eyes. I need you to show me the
way. (Tulsa) ~26412 ~
TULSA TIME I~ve got time on my hands.
Would yc ~ like to spend it with me? This
Gay mak en oys reading, sports, and
music. Ac ust the volbrne, and let’s to k.
(Tulsa) ~25617
you can help nudge me out of the closet:
I’m a 19 year old Gay male, 6ft, 1501bs,
with Bro~s~ hair;’and.Blue eyes. I like :- ¯
movies, sports, and a~ything athletic. I’m
not Let "out" to Ihe wodd, but I want to try
a retotionshij~ with a guy between 18 and
25. (Tulsa) ~25579
~.OflE IN LOCUST ~,OV~ Do you know
what it’s like to be aG~ male in a small tewn like
Lecust Grove? Needless to say, I would like some
friends to ~ate to. I.am 24 ~rs dd and~woul~ ~
JUST FRIENDS it’s a good time for some good
times in Tulsa. I want to meet some new ~uys.
I’m 5’9, 1701bs. Give me a call and et’s hang
out.~(Tulsa)- ~’25403 : ........ ~ - ~
special.friendship, i’m a ~sing[e White male:in .my
early 30’s, ve~ saft, Ve~, sens~ous;*a~d very
sexual. I wouldlove to be you~r gi~friend (Tu s~)
MADAME X I’m a ~ut~ and~feminine
Tr~sve tite, dark hair, Green eyes, 5’2, 1301bs,
early 30’s. I seeka ma~ed ii~entlemah ~no is
n~uline and dominant. You must be.yery .
discreet. (Tulsa) e!7693 -
looking for someone to spend quality lirn~ with. I
prefer Block man: (Tul~) ~’i7745 -~:
TAKE IT UKE A MAN I~m a toto!l~.~hat master.
6ft, 1801bs muscular and
(Tulsa) "~1
AFTE~R,N~,N DEUGHT I’m a Bi, White rnol~,
mid 30 s, 5
I’m leaking for.ddaytime friend. (Tul~a)~
old stedenl, from Tulsa. I love movies,, sports,
and going out. I’m seeking someone clean-cut,
conservative, and discrete. I hove.yet to come
0ot, so discretion is most im~rtant.c0me
share my values, and discover togelher what
SECRET LOVER Fm a Black, Bis married.guy.
I’m looking for other Bi or Gay guys for discreet
meetings. (Tulsa) ~15722
GIVE ME A HOLLER I’m 33 yeqrsold, 5’8,
,150~bs, Brown hair. I!ike spor~, mavie~ th~
ont6bors. (Tulsa) ~r!475
I -- ’....... ~t..... TRANSYLVANIA BEAUTY I’m a While ¯ . ,., ...... TULSA LOVER I’m a 43 yegr old White male f
posa~’~anaegout.|Locus~arove| ~,/~,// ~ , .... -. ~, ~^ . ~, , ’, . nappensnex~.uu~sa| ~U I,^__ .. _._J.:._. L2.:~: _-~_.~__~.’_"
UFE IS SWEET I’m kx:~king for the man or men, and BS~ue~ eyes. I’m very beautiful. I’d like to meet WE’LL HAVE A REAL GOOD TIME ’m a activities. I’m 6~1,,~200~b~. : :~ .....’: ~.* ~ ~o
of mydreams. I’m a 19 year old, Single,~Block another Bi, or Gay,’Transgender male, 26 to ~ crossdressing, exhib t on st and want to . (Tul~) =8438
ma~e. Once I find you, your dothes, a~nd house, 30, whoi~s. gond looking, clean, kind/, and nice~ entertai"n you. I’m 50 years old,.and "6ft tall. I " ’ ~ ....
w~% ~be.dean. Dinner will always be on (Tulsa) 2sogo’ "~ " ¯ am seeking voyeurs west of Tuls~ f~r ~hom to CHUBBY HUBB~W.~ITfD
time. Dessert will bein ~b~..4,~x~m. (Muskogee)~.d.~spla.y my.ware.s (T.ulsa) " e25263"’’ °o’.4,.~,.~o~.os., m.~.a a.u.’s:.~s.ee.~an --/ ona ~.~- .: -- ,~,~,,,.,-,.,,~n~’~,~r..,u,sa ¯ " ¯ . ...., ¯ _ ~hunkybus~n~smari.(Tulsa):~~
.......~- "- Renegade,~:~l~W~m~:~’~,-~ ~uh. I~m-a - .~OLLY IL~NCHER I’ma-Bi;:Wi~ito.male; -’
MUSKOC’~| tCU~.N lf you live or work in the --- -very~ot lealhe~man.~v~beenaren~e~u~ii~-...~northotTulsa ond~fn’;,~-~:~,.d~.o,~"S . ; .. " ..../~ ,’" "
Muskogeeama, lwouldliketomeetyou, llike theMr. Oldah6m~L~th~r~:bnte~tthelast~0 w~,X k-~’m~t¯.,.~...,...~.r.’"8’ ~h.~.a.~..i~~,,-~--- :,~-’~,---~. -~..h..~.l.-.I~a~4_~y~, mustac~e, Brawnha~r
youngguysund~35,,whoaredeonas~a.nd ....years. Findout,khat’s~hbtabeutme. Coll anda ssb’e oh termteati~n~i~el’m57 ’: beord, lmmteres}edifime~ti~GO~,rme~;
healthy. Ifyouenjoylouching,.music,:mavies, .riow. (Tulsa) e2S!61. : .’. 6ft, 2001bs heallhyi0ndverysensUPa; |.,.:|am. ’:- -2~5dtore45wmhaoscaurleince’.,ofLtuinto~heacl:g~arne’"s I-fyo¯uare
ma and mare~’m a55~ ’ -. , !!r~, ~un, ~u~g~ng~:U~ aown
~rSrS~’ r.-’-’, .... " , ~.,-- THE SECRET SHARER Can you help me find open to try all thingS, Age and race are not ~ ’.. " ~ ,:-. ~ ~:?.T:~E~" ~-~ ~-~- year o~a promss~ona~, tmusKogee| /u~- . . .
__ a dominant B~ or Stra,ght guy who wants to Jmpo~ant. [lulsa} ~2~391 -: L!maybe’mere. :(T~IS6)~ @~J S031
JET SKI WITH ME I’m a very muscular, 23 year hove a discreet relotionshipe. I’m an attractive, CHICK YO" UR STRESSO"M|TER I,m~a. cut’e, ’ " ¯~. " ".. " --. old, with a flattop and Brown eyes. lliketo Bi, White mole in my 30’s, 5’2,1281bs. (Tulsa) COUNTRY BOY FOR SURE’ I ve in Bi, Whitemale, ~hat s5~3,1281bsand ¯ -~ma j,m~l~.~rs61d.Brownh~ir Bho~h~-i "
waterski, jet ski, and fish. I’m Ioo~ing forward to ~e24520 ¯ , ...... ¯ -- ...... /..../-o-
talk¯ing to all you guys¯ (Tulsa) ~25333 , ~n-my30s. lwam|omeetb|g ha~ry, mc~ch~ ~,~-~.~’,-~,,~,~.~-r~,,~,~. ’m~,~o - v--~~take charge men who need we.ek.y.str.ess.re.ie.f..’ ~ .an.d..he.a.lt.h-...’-..Io’ok..i-...~...m..e.e..f’.a..r.e°~...........
TAKl~ lT SLOW l like soft music, romantic nice to make same friends but l’m hopi~ for a (Tulsa) 205S0 . whali~storidebu!lsorwhatev,brd~e..l’m ....
evenings, and spending time wilh my fomily and lotmore, l’mafinanciallyandemotional)y~: Ioqing,.~’ing, go~e,mus, d~n.(~ul~)i .:-
friends. This Gay,White male, 38~ 5’9, 1441bs, is stable, Gay, White mc~le,.33 years old, 5’11 " Transvestite ~eeking i~ Gay, n~ale Transvestite: . ~1494S~ "" i .i - .~ - " ~" ~ .~ : HIVpositive, but healthy, and is seeking a non weighing 2101bs. I’m pr~ppywilha babyface. I
smoking friend to share with. I’m mast i~te~ted in I’m26 5’9 with Bro~nhair andBueeyes I BEHIND CLOSE DOOI~ ’ma~ want a long term relationship and don’t think VII ’ ’ . ’...... ....
other Gay,White males, between 21 and 45, who find it at the bars. I hope to meet anotherWhite can sense that you are out there. Call now. ~’~Wh~male5’7 1851~s B-~a~......
(Tulsa) ~211 ! 1 --/ ’ " ....’-’~"
are willing to go slowly, fl’ulsa) w2374g male between 25 and 40 who’s in shape and heard, ~ustache. I wo01d like to meet othei-’men
still has mast of his hair. [Tulsa) ~24870 MY FIRST EXPERIEI~CE I’m 28 years old " 26 to 45 who are int0-~a’nto~y play be~iedd~r,ed:~
Single White male, 6,1951b, Bmwnhai~,.;’-- dears’ B[u~e~llar tap’men are a Plus" You should
Hazel eyes, muscular legs. L6oking to meet not be a~aid to he aggressi.ve. (Tulsa) el ~977
IF WE TRY This attraclive, Gay, White male,
seeks companionship, and a relationship, with a
sincere, Gay, Block male, belweee 18 and 30. I’m
5’9,1651bs, with Brawn hair, and Blue eyes. You
shauld be honest, loving, caring, and drug free, as
I am. (Tulsa) ~7068
number on you. I’m a cute 24 year o1~1
Iookina For olher cute young guys
’It’s samuch fun! (Tulsa) ~2451~
AT THE QUARRY I’ll bet lhere’s a big, stocky,
Married man out there that would like to give it
to m~. hard. I’m a cute uy in my 30’s, 5’2 and
1281bs. I hope you’re a~c~inant and want to
hove a gay old time. (Tulsa) e24840
UNSUNG YOUNG Let’s keep this simple, i’m
a young guy, 18, looking for other young guys,
18 to 28, for fun and friehdship. Call soon.
[Tulsa) ~19577
someone belween the age 20 to 3~. Must be
Bisexual or Straight to.help me with my first -
experience with a man. (Tulsa) e~ ! 939
years old and I’m interested in experiencing
Gay sex with men 25 to 35. I’m .~;11, 1881bs,
Blue eyes, and real ~urious. [Tulsa) el 859~’
BLACK ON BLACK’I m’a28 year old BI~E.
male new ta the area. I’m in search Of a Block,
man who iS. masculine, ~aring,
having a good time..(Tulsa)
TO record your FREE Personal ad Call: 1-800-546:MENN (We l! printithere)
s~turday~:~a-~,~h lst 9:5 .... ..... " /
" ..~ ~ Bo0;ks i~ Art: Fi~a: Market
Coats- Food- S~fedAnim.als
:: ~..~ .~- Unique,Gift Items
~.-~ 5666East~81st Street
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- l-- -- -- -- -- -- -- l--
ack & Charlt
is ~athering informafi~~
~. ~u~e~wfll-be--,selectedat random ~tobe~nterviewed.Please_com~lete ~he
questionaire and return it ~o ~he address below by March
At what level are you wi~ing to participate?
~ Please do not contact me. .
~ I am willing to be interviewed by phone. ~ "
.~ I am willing to participate in a focus group with 6-8 other individuals.
Name (or a codename):, ,
Evening phone: "
’ or callbeeper:~
~ 31-35 " ~ 36-40
~ 46-50 . ~ 51-55 ~ 56+ " ~ ¯ "
~ Partnere6 ~ Single
Entertainment preferences
~ Entertain at home ~ Movies ~ Bars ’
~ Soci~ groups ~ ~ Church
~ Tea~: sports~ ~ Individual Sports
Have,you attended Black & White ~vents in the past? " "
HO~~ng ago?., , :~, . .~ Please mailt~ite,. P0B 14001, .Tulsa.

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Tulsa Family News, “[1997] Tulsa Family News, February 15-March 14, 1997; Volume 4, Issue 3,” OKEQ History Project, accessed May 21, 2024, https://history.okeq.org/items/show/532.