[1997] Tulsa Family News, March 15-April 14, 1997; Volume 4, Issue 4


[1997] Tulsa Family News, March 15-April 14, 1997; Volume 4, Issue 4


Politics, education, and social conversation toward Tulsa’s Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual communities.


Tulsa Family News was a monthly newspaper; No. 1 issued December 1993-January 1994. The final issue available was published in September 0f 2001 (Volume 8, Issue 9).

The newspaper brings up important, evolving topics of marriage, Pride, TOHR, HIV/AIDs, events, advice, and politics all at the local and national level.

This document is available in searchable PDF attached. It is also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


Tulsa Family News




Tom Neal


March 15-April 14, 1997


Mac Guru
James Christjohn
Lance Brittain
Dr. Mike Gorman
Barry Hensley
Jean-Pierre Legrandbouche
Kerry Lewis
Stephen Scott
The Associated Press


Tom Neal/Tulsa Family News


Tulsa Family News, February 15-March 14, 1997


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United States Oklahoma Tulsa
United States of America (50 states)


Serving Tulsa’s Lesbian,.-Gay,
Bisexual.& Trans :Communities
¯ ’. ¯ ,. " . ¯ -:-Coburn ;Re,ntrod" .u] c. e’’’s i¯ ,G. -.. ,",.C...h~a.’,m...D." ..i.,roY n’. ¯ ,.
. IV ,Preyentlon Act , :TulSan toAttend ’91~iayGames
:~.i ~ ~WAS_,,HJN,GT_O,N- T~m ~burn,MDand Member of Congress. ~i- ~ Why is CliffBaile~mll~q~abont a sports evet~
, I_.or urdanoma s 2rid Distr~,ct has introduced again his "HIV. ~.~ i that’salmostayearandon,~.~Mfoff~andthousands
: ,rre.v.enti~o.n Act" which claims that it~ would, "refocus public ;:= of miles and dollars a.a~? Anyway, i’m’t the
." ~ea~th ettorts on H.IV p.r.ev~n.tiOn" by holding federal funds." stereotype that GaY, i~,pledon’t"do’~~: rts9
’- hostagefr0mstatestaatfailtoobe the. ro sedr ui~em . . . ....
, . .. po .
¯ . . y p po _eq entsof ~, What Bmley s.talgi~tg about are the 1998 Ga
~o the act, Ifpassed, it would:require partner-notification of indi= :i Games to be held in’~sterdam, The Netherlan~Ys
~ viduals testing positive for HIV antibodies,- would allow the..: in August of that~.:What h~:~ants to iet people
;i-.asvsiactii!m,asntosf. sperxiouraltaos.saanuyltsctoonrveiqcutiiorne,H, wIVoutledstianllgoowf-thheeiarltahllecgaerde ;¯ iknntoerwesitsedth. Aatththl~esI~~gs~’~e~d;ernn,ttshaavree~.0opbeen=Otolyamllpwiahnos naorer
- : prowaers to ~e,st pati.entsforHIV ..as a conditio~ for any invasive ~ are there preliininaly~ trials to qualify. Allthat is
¯ . surgery, woma require insurers wtm t~Vtoin~orhl those Whom _’ = ~’" ~.... takes is a willinghess
to participate
Reintroduce Jobs Non-Discrimination Act
WASHINGTON (AP) - The memory of an excellent
high school teacher has led Rep. Christopher Shays to
take up the cause - controversial in Congress - of
banning job. discrimination against homosexuals. "Fhe
thought that he could haveb~en denied an opportunity
to teach atmy schooljustmademerealize how strongly
I felt about this bill,, said shays,.a moderate COnnecticut
Republican.who will-be a prime sponsor of the.
Employment Non-DiseriminationAct. ’~I wouldnr tbea
member of Congress-today if it hadn’t been for this
teacher," Shays sai&
The bilF s b~ckers say the,supp0rt ofRepublicans like
Shays and Sen. Alfonse D Amato of New Yorkmay
make the difference this year., see ENDA, page 3
’: they test to knOW test results:,..Tl~.e bill.also has tw.o non-binding.
: resolutions that states should crimin~alize the intentional "transmission
ofHIV and that Strict confidentiality
." in conjunction with this act:
: However, Oklahoma state health officials and local HIV edu:
¯ - cation and prevention specialist note that most 0fthese condi-
:. ons are already reqmred~by state law here andmthemajority of
States...Tl].ey point that mandatory partner notificationcanonly be:
done wxththe cooperation of the individualwho has been tested
: and that individual.can refuse to name-his/her partners.
: Furthermore the testing ofindividuals who have been accused
:. of sexual assault cannot establish see Coburn, page 13
~: ’ Cliff Bailey, Worm Bronze
: MedalWinner,Heavyweight
¯ Judo catagoryatthe2994
", GayGames heMinNew York.
¯ US Anti-Gay Violence Rising
¯ NEWYORK (AP)-Hate crimes against h0mosexuals rose by 6
i percent across the nation, with more than 2,500 incidents re-
. ported. And while New.York City was racking.up a solid 39 resemb!,e.s those given olympic Winners bears the
¯ percent decrease in crime over the past three years, bias crimes motto, to do one’s bestiS .the ultimate g0al of
: based on sexual orientation dipped here by only 2 percent. ¯ human achievement?’ . ~ ~: see Games, page 10
¯ The figures were released by the New York City Gay &
NattonallyacclaimedTulsaartist, P.S.Gordonisjoined " I.~.sbian Anti-Violence Project and the National Coalition of
by artpatron, Jacqueline Zink, before his painting, A : Anti-Violence Programs. Their report was based on data gath- i mw UVlO i-,rogram
Pdver Runs Through It, Too. The watercolor was com- : eredbylocalgroupsthat~ackcrimesagainstLesbians,Gaymen,.."- mLssioned to be Tulsa’s Centennial image. Posters are ¯ Bisexuals and Transgendered persons . . Includes-Gay
¯ ¯ S
available - a limited number of them signed by the " Rep.CharlesSchumer, D-N.Y.;sponsoroffederallaWincreas_ .. TULSALDVIS,Tulsa’sDomestieViolenceInterartist.
lnfo: 596-1898. Photo:Tulsa Family News "- ing penalties for hate crime, called the decline inNew Yo~kgood " vention’Services has developed a pilot program,
ENDA |" news
but added "all New Yorkers deserve to be safer." In : DiV~(Domesti.c_Violenc~.~ .F,mergencyResponse.
: Washington, Attorney General Janet Reno issueda statement ¯ Team...~royid~services:tot~ffdiVidualSind0mes_
........ ¯ : o ~.sa.ying that proseruting hatecrime :had a toppriority and p~0in: ¯ tic vi"olence situation whOardhbt i~ow benefitting
Modetat~R0oubliean Representative. to :t~s~ng to°’~vo"rk to imp¯rove th" e ab.il.it.y.of the federal government "¯ fromDVIS services~.This teamhpproaehwill alioff
o respond. ’ - " - .......... . victims ofdomestievi01ence to.receive face t0face : " i ArOund the eounti% 2;529 ise~-b’ia~ iineidedisi~erexepr~tM~ - support: on a- 24 hour, ~seven~tlayI "a W~ek6a~is]
compared to 2,395 in 1995~ NewYorkcontinued to have themost . I-Ii]l~rest Hospifal mid ~ Tuls~ 24 krur:social;se~-
: - 575 in 1996, down from 625 in 1995..Christine Quiun, execu- : vice agency havejoined.DVIS in tMseffort. When
:. tive director of the New York group, saidthe national statisti,,es ¯ victims need medical attention, DIVERT nurses
were disturbing not only forthe o~,erali incr~e,.but also for ’a ¯ and volunteers ~will m~etthem at-Hillcrest~ For
." severeiticrcase in the intensity ofthe violence. She said bats and. " those2who need--nonkmedical ~sistance, they will
:"- cclhuobise~hfaodrhsuormpoaspsheodb:re0sc~k"sMaunrddbeorsttdleeesraesa~s’~e.d’th, efNroom. 12w9ienap1o9n9s5otof :: beDmVe~ISaihtah~ea.~l2w4ahyosumr*ffadg~e.n.ictsy.ma- ny 0fits services
¯ 2!last year, but !2 ofthe deaths were marked by a such a high ¯ .available t0-men as :.well as owomenlbut with. this
: level of b~utality that they b,ould i~e called "overkill," the report : eff0rt,DVISise~piiciflyr~.a~hing outtoperdomin
¯ said. ¯ ame gender domestic mtuations, and generally to
:~ cityCouncilman ~om Duane s~higher over:~ numbers i"the IAbian a~d.~ay,com-m.mty: DVIS s~f:are
¯ may well reflect better reporting, ’but it’s still a tip of the .’ ab!e tohelp in.. w.0man-to-.woman, as.wall as man-
: oiceberg,!~ because manyf~trgeLs 0fsexbihs remain .q~et father .. "t,0-,m.~:violgnve~ Al.sg,_the DiVERT.program will
! ithan face embarrassment and. ~ ’-. i-.Se¢Cr(t~e,lpage 10 : :requirea . , .._~ see.DVt& page 13
and the wherewithal
to get there.
All. that~said,
Bailey actually is a
Bronze medal winner
in ~the heavy-
,wei’ght .J.udo.,com-
Games that
W.ere held in New
York City in conjunction
with the
25th anniversary
~elebrations of the
Stonewali Riots.
The medal which
M,arriage- Update := Gay-Military Harassment !-Comiing :soo.n!
i-C,o,ntinuing, - .D!efeinse.: :StO , e., a:Cffmmunidad,His-
’ ’ ~ : " ...... :.: , CU,UC.-Understandtng
., : ~sue,, ~ficy~ evolv~ into aMac~ave~ System’ wh~e : "~’5-~1~11 ~111, W I1.1~~ 1~ :-see¯ooon,p" a
Wash. St.-Gov. Vetos AntizMarriage Bill
OLYMPIA,Wash..(AP) ~Washingt0nGov: GaryLocke
has vetoeda ban on same-SeX marriages, d.alling the bill
discriminatory, divisive and unnecessary. Legislative
leaders said they will put the issue before the vot~rs~ "I
oppose any measure ~,at. would diyide, disrespect or
dimiiiish:our humanity; the Democratic governor said
Friday, echoing a.theme from his inaugttral address a
few weeks ago:!n ia veto message ~o the Republ!,~c£ancontrolled,
state .Legislature; Locke added .. ’Our
overarching principle, should, be tO promote .civility, :. . ~o~ng to, .SDLN, ~n,1996~:~.e.arm.ed f~orce~.~ .r_eL~,atedly.
mutual r,e,s~t~d:unity~ Thih legislation fails .to:me~t . ~exeuse41 vmlations Ofcment l~iw inohiding witchhunt:s; aeiZi~r~
this~test ~ ....... " ~-:-" .... : of personal diades, andthr~atedingservicemembers~withprj~on.
¯- - " :Ne~exico L~isiature" " ’ : unless-they ac~tiaedbthers as:gay ~all in mi effdrt.to taiget hnd
o_.2N?_3t~_,.[.Lm".~a’L.r;-7~._oI,,=27_-~Y_ ......; "°’- : if.err~t0utgayme-n--andw0m0iwh°!serve°ureountry.:?Ti~’eresult : ~I~ALTH;NPWS no io,uivii i-t!~nt$ . -. is .tlia.ggay dischgrges have~ s0~:.~~ to a five-year ~gh a( a;cost "- ..
0°~n:eTqf!fe~sr.~daLyAto~b)a-an~soamuse-e~peaXnmeia.arrpiapgreOsvaenddaSmheelaVseudrea ¯: e" xc1e,:eDdOinDg d$i2s5chmairl~lieodn8i5n01-9t>9e6d)0|e~,’~der ,,Don, tA~k’;(1~3~-m"-’iT,~u "" ¢OMMUNIW.e~L[NDAR.
proposal sought by Gay crvflnghts fidvocates to ban : D0n.t. Pursue m fiscal .year 1996"-" a five-yeai¯high, and the ¯
’di,’serimination based on s~ximl 0rientation..The Con- ¯ highest rate of discharge since 1987 - ....
sumer and Pubhc Affairs .....see yows,page 12 . -. ,~. SLDN-docum~nt~.€~ 443 ~p¢cific see Colren, paget3 ;: M)NDSPAVE. , . ~ - . . P. ~4
918.583.1248~. ~ublishe~r.+’ ~ditoi: Tom Neai -- " issued o~ ~r beforeth~]5th of each month, the.entir~b0n~ents of this publieati0n
, fa~: 583.4615 ~:£ Entertaifimeht Writer +Mac G,uru:. are protected by’US e0pyright.~6.~byTu_l~.a.Family News and may not be .:. Editor s note:-ttiis.letter was received
’~ a~ao " James Chfistjohn " " " . ’ " -reproduCed either.in WhOle br in l~irt without written permission from the pul31isher~. ? : fr0~n TOHRin response to ?a Tulsa ,World
~-~a~l~’~sa7N4~w5s9~>~,~a~nr!l~iee~rman/ ’~mehe~t~dl~e~~!~1e:~wt0~e~~tn°~
’: ebdyiOtok~laiahloenmdao’rss2inndgD"HisItrViPctrUevSeCnotinognrAecsts"-
@aol 6om " ’ " - ,. - " ’ "g i .~ ~ " . p perry: .. i.i y ¯ ! ., i . " :- .man Tom Coburn, Rep.-Muskogee. The
website" htto’//users Legrandbouche, Kerry ,~wis ".. ,_ - should be §entt~:the ~ddress above. Eaeh-read~ris~nfitled.toonefr~ecop~0feach "~ March 15 editorial suggested that~the
. a~l.co~/T~Newsi Stephen Scott, The As~o~iat,ed Press edition a~dlsti’ibu~ion points. Addi~ibnal e0pie~ ~-e avaiiable by iealling 5~’3-i24&. 1. Gay community" had iJtocked a sound.
’ " ’ - ~ " " " ~..... " " " " ..... " medical approach’to H1V/A1DSpolicy.
~"-" ence in’VancoUver,last summer about the astounding improve- ¯ " ¯ - ¯ . ¯
] ments in health that new combination drug therapies werepro-
’ ] yoking in:many people withAIDS, The scientific reports were so. ~ " WouldYouplease schedule an appoint=
¯ ~ poweffulinpartbecausetheycomplementedwhatmany.ofus ~ menttom~etffithseveralrepresentatives
.......~ :~::~-~roei~ere~petiene-~gdi~’_ec.tliy;0rb~observafion:manypeop!e:-~ :of.the~ -I~.sbian, and: ~ay~x)mmunlty as
By Dr. John D’E~nilio, Direktdr, NGLTFPolicy Insitute : - ~" :-~" ~ with~II-)S~w~rre+,nj0~gl;ematl~ablei.mi~roveniqntsifftiea]th?~ ;~,~ ~0bn: ks :you ai’~:~al~l~g? ~.~Wewoifldlil~e to
’ From’ the beginning,-the- AIDS epidemic has been ~hort bn: !;: ~6..ca.~,~ itis_~m~,~a~ if. the. d.ead;~.e_re re~gtO. !ife; .’:i~ : ~? ~S~us~ die.~lii0ri~ ~.~.u,:,.all Wi0te i~ ~pi
good tldi’~gs.-Fot mbst of theist ~ixteen yeats, We’have hadto - : ¯ ,~Then, just. last-m0nth, .th( Centers for Disease Con~o:l .and : ipo~t o~,Toni Coburn S’ HIV Pl;eVention
content., ourselves with d,evdopment~ th~[ held~"promise." For : Prevention reported .that, for the fir,st time s.ince th.e eplde~.mic..
ili~tJan~;id~nfifying il~,~ HIV?vi~ ba,ck.i~ l~983:Wks h firstsmal! . began, the. number of deaths from AIDS declined dunng the first. ~. ’ Unfor.mately, you ap.I~ar to have.aes~
e~ff ~.o~vard 6ffecf!~6 th~rai~i~e~:Or a etfre: D~vdQpin’g o~test that ¯ half of 1996, by 12% from the first six months of 1995.. Mean: ...cel~ted Mr. Cobu}n’s highly inaceurat.e
;d~e~ted ailtibo~e~,S~i_nin_-g~ the.~prgt0c~!s f-or .drgg testing : while~ New York c~i.ty, one of the.epicenters of the epidemic, has : a~d shamelessly grands~t~d~ng claims
and a~proval,,winningpas~age-ofthe Ryan.WhiteC~eAct: each ~. xx~Jlected statistics .for all, of 1.996,. and reports a .significantly ¯ about how HtV and AIDSare handed in
one of these achievements was impoi~ant and worthwhile as a mgi’e, dramatic declinein the number of deaths.... the US. The reality is that.the-majority of
step tow.ard the big goal, the end.-of.AIDS - which~ _uaforiamately, ,..There’s, no .denying that these developmems representvery .’- stal~es, especiallyours,dotreatHIV/AIDS
remained as elusi4e as.,e~er, . . " hopeful news. BUt they distnrb as muchas they encourage me ~ justlikeany othercommunicabledisease,
¯ With so fe~ encouragin~ signs for ~0 long oi~ ti€e )~II~S front, ¯ because, of.the way.they h~ave been presentedin the press, and ¯ and have for.years..we are surprised thai
the headlines .of the lkst year h.ave natur~ly been w.elcome. First, becauseofthe:inferencesthat.manymightreadint0them. From ," you. wonldac~ept.ana!legatiOnastru¢just
there was.thenews pouring C!utoftheintemafional AII~,S conferv ¯ many. place.s,;it s~ems...., :. . -. . : becauseaMemberofCongress claimedit
] [-. ,i 1 : WasSO. ar.e,yo.uas u.m!ng,th,t ause
. ~ ? Cobum s ~.~ physician,, all. that he says
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: kidianHealthCa~e, iTNAAPP :?, ~. "~- 582-7225 ’
" NAMES PROJECT; 4154 S. Harvard, Ste.’H-1
, It. is .es.pe~i~ly unfortunate that you
would perpetuate the myth, that somehow
"the.Gay €ommunity"~ has~ so much "political
dout~’ that we somehow have been
able to force the profoundly prejudiced
establishment of our co,u,,~,itry to abandon
"soundme~lical practices to r~placethem
with "political correctness". The uncriti~
cat.acceptance of this sort of historically
- and medically inaccurate notion winds up
being just Gay-bashing, not only by
Cobumbutalsoby youattheTulsaWorld.
The facts do not support you or him.
You merely hounda community that is
¯. already vilified and attacked. Ironically,it
¯ was the. "Gay community that, almost
¯ single-handedly in the early years, responded
heroically to the challenge of
HIV/AIDS. !t. was this community that
radically, altered its behavior and helped
to change .our entire~health care delivery
: *,Our,H0use, 111~4 S. Qtmker :- - -
:, ’PFLAG , POB 52800, 74152
.: *Harmed Parenthood, 1007 S, Peoria
¯ *The’Pride Center,-1307 E: 38,- 2rid flobr i-
:’. Prime~-Timets, P.O: Box 521’18, 74152
." ¯ "*R~AS.N., Rdgibnal AIDS In(effaith NetWork
¯"- Rainbow Business Guild, POB 4106, 74-159
!-: *Red Rock ’Menlal Center, 302 S. Cheyenne g108
,-*S-t: .Aidml!,s Episi~opai Chlir~h,,4,045 N. Cincinnati
~’_" Sti Jerom~ s Catholic Chin-oh; 384.1 S’.-Pe0ria;
Interfaith AIDS Ministries- 438-2437, 800-284~2437 system in order to respond to’HIV/AIDS.
*MCC Of Greater Tulsa,!623 N: Maplew.oOd i~ 838-i1715 .And this community did so in the face of
*HIV Resource Ctr., 4154 s.’Harvard, Ste. H~I ~ 749-~194 ~" massive indifference on the part of all
-" 311~ ’- levels of American government and soci-
~55-5658 " ety who.did not care about a disease that
NOW~ Nat’l. Org for Women, POB 14068; 74I59 ~"-’~960 ] merely ~ll.ed :the already marginalized.
. ~’~i~t~y-. :- :-In:Tulsa, our org_anization has.run one
lacb~ Aninml ~linic,’2732"-E.’ 15th -"’ -~’-" -" ,: " 7t2-2750"-"
Ken’s:Flt~,~i:~, "1635 ~..’13’"- :’ "~" " " :" 599-8070 : TulsaOkla. for Human Rights, ,PO.B 2687~,’74][01 743~29~
Kelly Ki~by;-C~A,-:POB -~401,,1; 7.4159- ,:’ ~ ~:" 72~7-54~6: : T.U~I~S.A.-TulsaUnifoi’m/Leather Seeke-rs Assoc. B38-1-Z22
Imn~l~y Agency-~ 1104S; Victoi- ~- i- .! -:-i.."-~- ¯592-1800. !: ~*Ztilsa Cit~Hall,’Cfif~te’rid VesiilSule, crround Floor-
Lea~.A3an.~id~J~mber~ Redlt0r ~;~soclate 1" ~- : " 671-2010 : .*Tuls~C0im~nuifity.,~01!ege-Campuses ~ " ’ "- . " "
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¯ receive aecuraminformation:
: . The Board of Dir~ors . .....
: The Pride Center/TOHR/HOPE.
Participants in the National Organizationfor Women’s ~.
Valentine’s Same-Sex Marriage Forum included Bill. :
Hinkle, attorney & a number of Tulsa clergy, including ~ "~
pastor of Fellowship Congregational Church, Russell
Bennett, Rabbi Heidi Barron, Patty Hipsher of NOW.., ;.
The bill was also introduce~ in the past two CongreSses.."
"We have a solid chance," said Winnie.Stachelberg, "
legislative director of the Washington-based Human ."
Rights Campaign, one of the largest gay civil rights
advocacy groups. .
Republicans in the majority, so the argument goes, will "
be more open to the bill if the pitch comes from within :
their own caucus. Shays, in particular, is dose to the ¯
House GOP leadership. Chances for passage are "better, -"
but it’s going to be a difficult debate," Shays said. ’Tmin "
this for the long-term and the ultimate success.... I can’t
say that it will pass this year." ¯
The bill would bar employers from using sexualorien: :
tation as a basis for hiring, firing, promotion or compen= "
sation. Exemptions would be madefor voluntary and ¯
religious organizations, and businesses employing fewer "
than 15 workers. "
Rep. Barney Frank,D=MasS. , who is gayand the bill’.s .""
othermainHouse sponsor, is among thosehoping Shays’ ¯
role will make a difference. "Chris is dose to (Speaker
Newt) Gingrich. If he’s a cosponsor, I guess one test of :
that frill be if we are able to get the bill moved and voted
on," Frank said.
No one expects an easy ride, especially not in.the "
House, where conservative GOP leaders have tighter "
control on proceedings than the Senate. Last year, House ¯
leaders didn’tallow a vote on the bill. For a controv~sial "
measure, "You should have a groundswell of support,"
said Rich Tafel, executive director of Log CabinRepub- ¯
licans, the nation’s major gay Reoublican group. "The ¯
trick on the House side is getting that groundswell of
support among Republicans." . "
In the Senate, there are already 47 confirmed votes and
another five likely supporters; said Stachelberg. However,
60 votes would be needed to keepthe bill aliveif an
opponent threatens afilibuster. Last September, the¯Sen- "
ate defeated the bill, but by just one vote. Republicans
allowed a vote after Sen..Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., ¯
threatened to try ~and attach the bill to another de.fining :
marriage in federal law as alegal unionbetween Oneman
and one woman~ which passedeasily.- . . .. - .
Supporters point out that’64 senators, including some ¯
conservative Republicans,- ban job discrimination based
on sexual orientation in their own offices. At the end of
the- 104th Congress, 241 of 435 House members had
similar policies.
Opponents, meanwhile, are readying their case. The
bills are tobe introduced this spring. "If you are a good
employee, and you are minding your Own business, you
will notbe fired," said Kristi Hatmick of the Family
Research Council, .which plans to lobby against the
legislation. Hamdck Said the bill isn’t needed because
Americans already have-remedies available for unjust
firingS; indudinglawsuits and appealsto the Equal Employment
Opportanity Commission= It’will inject sexual
issues into the workplace, she added, ’-’There is no way to
ensure that an employer isnot discriminating on the basis
of sex behavior’without talking to .everyone about their
sex life,’Hamrick Said.. ..
Proponents. counter ? that; most Americans _think it’s
unfair to firesomeone beca_Use the,y’ re gay. Thetrouble is
that most Americans also-.think it .s illegal, even though’
only nine-states;induding Co.nnecticut,;prohibit it, they
said. That misperce~tion, Said Frank, has been exploited
by opponents who insist homosexuals are demanding
special rights. "The leader~s,:of anti-,g,ay people try to
l;erPetuate this false.noti0n,~ he said.. ’They unde.r~iand
that defending againstsome_t_hi.".ng called,a special right is
e~ier~d.~fe~ding:ag~aSi;~ ~ht.:,Ot .to be fired..’;
xmsa ~ay L~ mocrats are..orgamzang .tQ~ncrease pari
di, iif o in :JO part evedts- na .t~ ~r~bve-.Lesbiafi
ira.d:Ghyi(pte~n~ti0n.:Tb~etihVd~l K~!ly:Kirby
at 7~9:5216~6 3~-Tim :Gillean ~t 254-~i~".,
: A~,e y0ff Gay, .,& Proud? Then get’im,ol~,ed in the
, planning for Jun~ ~ almualLG.~T Pride events. Th.ese
¯ .’. rangefrom an Interfaith Worship,Service, The First (they
¯ - think) Ever Tul.sa Pride:lOIarc~,,~q~he Pride Picnic,~d the
Statewide. Pride Parade in Okl.ah.oma City..T.o’~et in,
volved, call 743-GAYS (4"297).-
Thehighly regarded Texas ,..Lesbian Confer’ence will be
The Marriage Forum attracted a diverse’and capacity ¯ held on May 16-18 in Houston. To get info.-on this event:
crowd withPFLAG andNOWwell represented, and also ".- CelebratingOur Visibilityg A Decade ofLesbian Empow.,
a large contingent ofmembers, ofARAI. Anti-Racist Ae: :~. : erment, writei: TLC; P.0B.66012, noi ston, TX 77266.
tion, a gronp dedicated to ¯challenging neo-Nazi valueS, ..~ : ~ PFLAG,iTulsa ~ha~te.r wil! focus on Tulsa.Gay &
and topromott:ngracialandsexualorientationequality: 7: ,Lesbian History a[:its’Apfi!.14th meeti~n,g, at 7:30 at
- : FdlowshipC0ngregafi0~chilrch.~Alsodon t forget their
violations where suspected gay servicemembers were
asked, pursued and harassed.
3. Women were disproportionately, targeted, accounting
for 29% of gay discharges, despite making "up only
13% of theactive force. In the Army, women accounted
for 41% of gay discharges, .three times their presence in
the service. Women are often accused as gay after rebuffing
men’ s sexual advances or reporting-sexual abuse,
regardless of their actual orientation.
4. DOD continues to criminally prosecute
servicemembers for allegations of gay, but not straight,
consensual relationships, contrary to regulations requir-.
ing even-handed treatment in the criminal system.
SLDN concluded.that-many military members con,
tinue to ask, pursue and harass servicemembers indirect
violation of "Don’ t Ask,Donr t Tell, Don’ t Pursue." The
violations resulted from alack ofleadership, training and
recourse to stopillegal investigations. Some commanders,
Criminal invesligator~ and inquiry officers blatantly
disregarded the clear limits on gay inve.stigations. Others
simply didnotknow any better, as the services have failed
to implement ade~tuate,ongo!~g.~aining inl the field.
Lastly, those accused ~ under ’~D0U t .Ask. Don’t Tell,
Don’ t Pursue" have no recourse.to Stop improper investigati0ns
before it is too late.
In response to these SDLN concerns, secretary.
Defense William Cohen has announced thathe will seek
an immediate end to Pentagon.violations..;’I will do
everything I can to see that [violations of the policy],is
stopped," Secretary Cohen hckn0wledged that violation~s
are ~ccurring and tha( dire~¢( ~luesdoning of military
personnel about their Sexual Orientation i.s against th~
:..law: ,We are going to.enf0rce, the policy," he said.
Here are selectedcomrnunity events scheduled for the
¯ Spa.ghetti Dinner .on March.22 at All, Soul’s at 6:30.
¯ Reservations are r,equired- so call: 749-4901. The dinner
¯ features a performance-by the highly regarded OKC
Metro Mens Cilorus.
these glimmers ofhope are diciting the view that the end"
of AIDS is in sight.
Whilenothing would make me happier, such a contusion
is as dangerous as it is wrongheaded and unwar-
¯ ranted. Think aboutit: Whilethe press.makes much ado
about the first yearly decline in thenumber of deaths from
: AIDS, the figure for 1996is likely¯to be as high as the total
." casdoad was in 1986! Try. to remember how crazy we all
.’. Were-ten years ago! crazed with rage and grief-and
¯ frustration; crazed enough tolaunch a militant direct ¯
action campaign via ACT UP; crazed enough to plan a
-" nationwide march on Washington that dre.w,three,quar-
¯ ters of amillion people. A "dedine"in deaths to 40,000 ¯
/yearis animprovement;it does not spell the end toAIDS.
"’- While new drug. therapies are h.aving extraordinary
-." life:enhancing effects on some peoplewith AIDS, there
¯ are many others for whom the new drug .therapies don’t
¯ .work. We also don’t yet know how long their.effective-
" ’hess willlast; whether the virus will develop resistance to
¯ :the drugs; or whether other-strains of the .virus will
¯ continue to spread despite these medical,adv...anees,,., ¯
These therapies are developing, mo_reo.v.er,jn, a.po~li.ti-
: : cal cont.ext in w~ch. govomm,ent is Tel~n.desslyoslashing
: taxes and expenditures, and’a’sfci’allconfe.x’t in which
: !arge numbers of American~ lack healthinsurance..Who
will pa~¢.for’ these therapies ? What Will hap.13e~i to PWAs
who lack the resourc~.s,.to obtain .expensive.treatments?
¯ .Drug therapieh that fforkfoi some is/~ g96,d’thing, but ~t, -
¯ - .too, does not spell the end-to AIDS: - -
" What do articles~d headline~i speculating abOut th~
¯ fanciful end of AIDS accomplish other_" than to whittle
.away at tlle edges of the AI~DS mov,dmem? Such claims
:i ;make it more difficultto~rai~6 m~ndy,~tr, re~nfit vQI,unL
next couple of months. - ~ - .. - . _ ." .teers,-topersuadetegislators to up their commitment, and
Sida en la Communidad Hispana~~n; dialogo grat~s, :; .to spread convincingly a preveniirn message. In..0ther
AIDS in the I-fispanic C~omm-,tmity, a free. dialogue is~ ." words, even the hypothesis ifiat th6 epidemi~ is +nding
plann’ed for viernes, 28.de marzo, Friday, March 28 at ¯ can serve to make the end more’ distant...." ~ .
3pm at Fellowship Congregational Church, iglesLas, .’~ I don’t want ~to Sound like.a~, b.ld.curmudgeon. Idon~.t
Unidas de ChristO,2900 So..Harvard, Pa~ocinado pot : w.ant to pour water on.the hopefulness that some.good
RegionalInter-feDeLucha ContraElSIDAvLaCoalicion .~ newsengenders. B~tw~needt0beve~yclearlaboutwliat
¯ Multicultural de SIDA, .sponsored by ~e RAIN, the ." the end of AIDS would.reall~ lo_0k?like:mo m0~e deaths
Regional interfaith.Network.and the Multicultural AIDS :: from AIDS, and a pieventi0n" e.ffoa ithat’ leads tO an
¯ Coalition. Se le pide la communidad hispana ~ue. se ¯ absence of new ini,.ec.tions.....
¯ involucre~Qualquierpersona~ntet:es~.as~abienvenda. ".~ .Wearenotthereyet, andwewiiL~nlygettherethrough
: The Hispanic communityjs.en.couraged to be involved. " theimplementation ofpolioes thatr’eatuire..politicalcour-
: AI,I_ interested, person are welcome, Pars mayor. : . age: nebxlle-ex~hafige; prevention "~c,3mpaagns ~tha~.speak
¯ informacion, llame ul 749-4195 (ingles) 0 628-0620 ¯ ." ~ frankly about sexual behavior;a-level offunding that will
(espano!). - . ¯ .... - ....
The. BLG_TA,, .tile .Bisexua!, :Lesbian, Gay,
Tra~.sgende~red.Allihnb,9.a(the U,m~,ersity Of Tulsa ~ill
have an alcohol & smoke-free dance, JamaicaMe Crazy,
open to the publi9 (fSgup) a.t;th~ PrideCenter, 1307 E.
r accelerate medical breaktlirdughs; .and a n~tional corn-
" mitment to health care-access for evfryone..The pi-o~us
.intoning of phrases lik~ ’~he end of AIDS?.won’t get ~us
¯ there. Political~ mob.iliza.tio.n ~and. moral courage will.
¯ Dr. JohnD’Emilio.isa noted histo~ian.andaitthok. His
38th on Sat. March 29.$2 suggfsted donation. " .- "...works gnclude Making, 7~ro’u,ble).Essays Og:Gay t-~story,
Th~BLGTAalso wiIl ~resentTU’ s annual LGBT Fi!m .’. Politics and the University (Routledge, 1~992)~ Sexual
Fest to be held .fn ~camiaus April 18"-20 with short and :. -Politics, Sexual Communit’~e~t The A/[aMng .ofa Homofeaturelength
video~ andfilm tO beShdwnFriday evening~ .. sexual Minority in the United States, 1940:~970 (Univerall
Sat. and Sun. ISo_ok for a seheduleinthe next issue of : ,sity ofChicago P(bss, 198"3.). Heis.currdnt’iy wb’rking on
TFN. _ " -. : abiographyoftheiateBayardRksani:the. G@manivho
The Community Unitarian Unix;ersalist Congregation, ¯ . helpedDr~ Martin Luther King org&nize-th~ 1,963 l~larch
Tulsa’s only officially welcomiffg Unithrian congregar :. on Washingtonfor; Ci.vil Ri’gl~ts. . o :.. i ~. "i;
tion will begin a five week series_’cl~sSes in Understand-..:.- . TheNational Gay widLesbian T~,kFokcb is the Oldest
ing Gay IsSues. The series Which:is part "of’ ’th~ UU .: national gay and lesbian group ~and,is~a.progrdssive
program for becoming a Welco’ming Congregation will ¯ organization.that has supporie~ g~aJs~adt~;organ~zihg
begin. April 2at Co,unity of H.ope. Inf0: 749-0595,, andbio~ered in t~ati~,nal adyo~a~.y.Mnc,d197J..~ :.. ~ ’
Ma.in,_eG_ay.Righ- t’. ;B.; i.l...l, . " .:.-...1..-a..w..s.m...to..v.e..r.th.er.ttl.e... ..-’-.,.-,..-.... ’
¯ "I think what we’ve proved is that a Marine who Has.a.Chance.¯
AUGUSTA, Maine~A-P)- Expressing optimismo~er the
prospects for passage of a bill ~o extend legal protections
,against discrimination to, holfiosexuals, a Portland law:
maker sponsoring~ legislation said Friday,’,’the time
has, come" for gay fights.in Maine. :’Frauldy, I~ wish
passage.of this bill we~not, necessarybut,.sa,dly, that is
not the case," Republican Sen. Joel Abromson said in a "
prepared statement..’’We needto send a,strongmessagel "-
that it is no longer permissible tO allow~discriminatioh
.against gays .and lesbians when,they fill but,ajob appli- :
cation, wish to buyahouse-ofrent an apartment, want to :,
-cat in a public restaurant or apply for credit," Abromsoti ".’:
said. .- -, -~, ’..-.--~,,,. ~., , .-,,, -- ¯ 0rderedliimplaced.ba~konacfivedhty~Elzie’slawyer,
Thebill would amendstate lawto specify that sexual - - Christopher Sipes,~said-the honorabl~ dise.h.arge after 15
orientation"couldnotbeusedlojustifydiscriminationiti. : ,years Of s~r¢ice’ispaft-of lgst’rhonth’s setdement of the
the areas of employment, housing, public accomrnoda- " lawsuit.~ - - ° " "- ’ - ’ ~ ~’ " ’ ~ " ’ ’
itions and credit. Currently, statel~w 0ffersanti~diserimi- . i ’. ~ "
¯ ’ happens to be gay can servejust as walt as aMarine who’ s
¯ straight with no detriment to morale.or lack of mission i operation,", said Sgt. Justin C:. Elzie, a medicall ~upply
¯ clerk at Camp-Leje.ug¢ in..Jaeksonville, ,Elzie, 34, had
alreadybeen.accepte~into an early retirement program
¯- when lie d~clared on ABC’ s’SWodd News Tonight" that
¯ he is gay. His announcement’cameon Jan. 29, 1993, the:
same day that President Clinton agreed to _the policy on
~ay~sin~the mi:li.,tary.,,- ,-~ /: :. ’ i.. i,~ . .
That Febiamry~ th~ M~.Corps placed Elzie on
standb~ ieserve’ and tried to deny him e~ly retirement
and discltarge him’ without~benefiis. He suedthe military
f~ September f993,’and a month -later, :a federal judge
¯ learning of his own brother’s homosexuality. Sister
~" Jeannine Gramickchanged.her lffer s course afterleam-
¯ ing ofthe anguish Roman Catholic college students felt
¯ at being gay.. ¯
Gumbletonand Gramick are among 620 activistsand
: church leaders m.eedng in Pittsburgh this.weekend to
: ’discuss how the Catholic Churchi’which still teaches that
¯ homosexual activity is sinful, can help reach out to gays
:..and lesbians.Hosted by the New Ways Ministry, the 2 1-
¯ 2-day symposium aims- to broaden the role Of homo-
~ sexual ~l~r~ber~i inan institution they.see as. opening
¯ slowly to them. ’Too often thechurchhas beena follower
and.not’a le~der;7 said Grami~k, a nun Who directs the
¯ Lesbian-Gay Ministry for her order, the School Sisters of
: Notre Dame. "I think we have a responsibility now,at the
¯ end of the 20th century, to educate people about aecep- ¯
tance of.minorities and of people who are different from
: ~ themainstieam,"~,~he said. - " - , :
~ ~Butmany in the church opposetheNew Ways Ministry
¯ anditsattemptstoopenuptohomosexuals.In November,
-t~f!on protectiom in those ate,as iii.eases invoiying race,
colot,.religiqn, Sex_;ageLan~estry Or n,ati,6~ Origin and
ph~hical ~’~ mental &s~ibility. Abr0mson S bfli exempts
reli~0us groups. . : " :" : "’i,
? ’ "’I haveey~confid¢iig~ihlS bill wi i pass ,Senate,-
Abr0msonSaid. "I tookspecial ~are to exempt religions
9rganizatiomfrom this proposal to remove those conceres-
from this debate. ~Iy.propbsal "has suppbrt from
Govem0r’King and 7I amh0Pefd that we can~marshal
enoughVotesin the House fo~ passageas well.’ Among
theco-sponsors of the legislati~n.firJ ~he chairmen of the
:P=nn ~’~.~l~/~’~rl-tllrt~.~l||_~ : Bishop-JamesH0ffma~,oVermledapri~t’sdeeisionto
~’ " ?""’" "’~ "~"~ .’~.-"~L.,""’~’"’I’~ "~’"’"" ¯ play host tothe group s meeting in Toledo, Ohio. The ¯ ...- fe r- lwll I hetht_q/Rw .... mmtst yf0fmdanaltermalavevenue=anEpiscopalchurch.
¯ " .;i~.~;~;-..~..;.. ~ ~- ¯., : . . " . ’ , ¯ "We vealwaysfoundaProtestantehurchnearbythatwas
¯ . tLAKt<a~~,u KtJ (at) -t.ray c~vu-nghts anvocates vowen ¯ hoenitahl~ .nit acenmmodatino "saidFrankDeBemardo
¯ Tuesday to, place a-bill to bar discrtmmatton agamst . theministrv’s exeeufivedireetor
homosexuals before the LeglSlatureby fall, "We remain . Th..... t nP,~cl tc~ mav~ thi~ mP~Bno whleh started ¯ one of the last groups against which public displays of ~ , ¯ ¯ --. ¯ " - , : Friday. It. s being held at a downtown Pittsburgh hotel.
¯ bigotry--are permitted," Larry Gross, chairman of the ¯ Gumbletonandanotherbishopareattendingthemeeting, ¯ Pli~ladelphia Lesbian and GayTask Force, told a news " the first lime such high-rauldng church officials have .~ conference at the state Capitol. -" shown up. The organization, which is based in Mount
Juo.a.ci.ar.y.~.o.m.m.t.tte.e.m..at.w¯m"’ revi,e.w.1~.~.en..~u.sa.n : . The. ta_sk.f.o.rc.e. rel..ea.sed.a.sta.te.wid.e .sur.vey.o.f h.om.o-.¯ Rainier, Mmaryvland, was started in 1977.
.- - , ,- ....... , .......-......sexuais mat moacaten mscrnmnauon agmnst mere m ¯ "olerance of homosexuals in the church has ~aduall’" ¯ . .tanploym~at,-uot~mg auu puuuu ata.~,,,,,,tmauuu to-- .-. ¯
N.~ilfle~ CoLspomors inclhde five Democrats and five . .... . , . . lmprov_ed in the past two,:deca.des, m.embers saia. llle
,~-.,~ ..7........ ,. .., .., ~, . - -.... : creased shghfly since a snmlarsurvey in 1992, .while " Rdv Rodne~ DeMartinl head of the National Catholic
-KepUOllCails~WlmlOurlromme~enateanOSlXIromme . , ................. . , , ¯ . . Y . . , . . ¯ - .~. , ¯. .¯ .,. ¯ ’ ’ . ¯ ¯ VlOienceoecnneosngnuy.Aoout3,taJotmopleresponoen ¯ .rr,o xr2.....t- ~...~t...~ ....t..~, ,g. ""win- aeee~
~ "’ ’"’~’aso "om"’’oe~ore me"’Jua~t"c~" ~uommmee’"’is a’’. tsoumre.ve;.y.... the omtoo.em.tron.uce.ntm.sla.uwo.ma.oan-. :. tance0f’-Aa~Xs andleIsbiaDns ~to’therSimvnaei0gf . Asa
.... "’~’~" g" " ar~-’ ....... ’ The ¯ ~ d~scr~mmatton on.the basisol.sexual orientation under . _ ’est in Santa Rosa California, DeMartini has hel
¯, einzen!muauvetooan same-sexmamagemMame, tn ; .t._ n......t..^_:_ ~rurnan n^t^.:^_^ ~^. ¯ pn _ , ........ p~.
¯ proposal w~ Sl~im0red byC0ncemed Maine Families. -. -- ’ - . .......: build an 6utreach program for .vic i . ot tlae 9sease.m
-"Thelnit~ad~d."whidh ffould~o’befoie~tatevotersunl~ss : "-..~ ¯ - " ’- . ~ - _. " ’ " ~,~ .. five Western states. He sm’dhe encounteredhttle resls-
-" that .... onsof~thesameseXm~i ~ t contractmama e -" " " ’ ’ _ ’ 2. " " ¯ . -- he dis uteri the suggeslaon tlmt the vaucan ano semor
¯ !.t.atsowouldrequrreth~state.to~f,us,e.to, r,ec0gmzesu~.h. NOt 0C l|bate..
’ marriages ~-fonmid in 10th~rstages. - ’¯ "~ ~NN ~M~RO~. Midh’ (NP~ - Ga~, eler~, have iLmored o s~erers. ’~nere s a 10rig msmry m me ¢~urcn o~ re-
:’, ’, B0~h~o~,~ bf ~e Legi.s!ff~ture approY,.ed.., a g~ty-rights-..’, rem iii i a~a~;, but ~-~ave :. s.p0me t.? .h_~ ~tas~op.he,’.’:.D,e,M~arti_ni_said. "It’snot
.... ~oill,for’tlie*fits’i fim¢:iri’ 1993~., but. it,wi~.~’€~(~ b,y then-’-~ ’: ~qoideJd’~caridal Wlfild remaining strong in their faith, : ttmtwe.tlon tknow how-to, dottasI. tsutDeBemarOosays,
.... G0V"JohirR" McKernan King has said he would sign it. ¯ aceordin~ to a study cited in~i miblished renort Saturday- ¯ many in the church remain reluctant to accept gaysana
~ In 1995,1~al~e Votersrejeeted’aballotqt|~laontorestnct- ; .A study; of 26male and .nine female pastors in the ¯ lesbians, feanng that theY are sexual monsters. "There s
. gay right. _~Tl~.dm.e,~e ~mtt.afed -.by Con(’cem.ed Mam.e ¯. Evangeli’cal Lutheran ChurCh m America found that all . still a lot offear, he.s~d.
, Families was mm~edba~k,’53 pej:~eht to’4.7 l~reent. -’, ::l~ad-been-sdxi~ly’-a&ivd -mid 2!’ lived-in long-term : = . . ’ ’ .. ., ..,~ .
’" "ie~|a~ar~~av’ -[~OOKS2 ’ :. fallinginlove;fr0m:l~dviffg’.sex~froinbeingparents, from ¯ ~x~v~ ra~ ;^m: ^’i..,. ~,~-.o" ~.m oimilar to tha’
" ~^T’#I i~tAi~a t’~h,~.~,~;,~,-~t,,r~a~l~,oxxt,~la;,~"l~,, " loving me Lutueran ,..nuren, ~rom going to selmnary,, : v~toeA-two-.vearsaoo hv G0v Gary Johnson beoan
-.-aman wi-tthhis,amaar.omadanothermanand~thetwo~nen. : ~’.~.3,v~ ,~.... Y. ~Y$3 :, ,. -,~Ly~ - ~. :’. ~ " ; the attom~ygeneral, pr0s~ci~tors, pofice and religious
,..- ¯ ¯ .... : .... . .... -, . o - .... smay: -we touno mat mese ~3"p¢opie au were respon- ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
d f0 " None of them have be~n lnvolved in sexualscandals or ¯ Finance Committee before it would reach the House
~,,,Le~sbian&GayF’.agni~lie.swi~Childr_e~endo.wedl.astyear y ~’a.~2.~.~ . ~o¯,.k L .g....=. ..... : flogr..The measure .would.allow a judge .to ma.pos~e a
, ay Ltty Louncu memoer ~ttna ~00aowu~ws~ ann her.,..... _. ..... , ..... _ , . ...._ ..,~ ,. . ¯ a,gg~ ¯ , . ~j,tay ,~ g
....., , ~ . ¯ ’ .. ’comerence on ~ceugion anct gay .ngms. lne iour-ctay ¯ .......¯ ..... ¯ ¯ , - ¯ ¯
¯ ,, ,parmer, R..~laelle,Mile~,,Tho,boQk~ ~e part of,0 project, :_ ~ conferehcb att~ifded b" ’300’tier-" ~d’lh~’-ersous fro- " mfliete,~!.~ ..because of a wclam s race, religion, color, g.en-
<lesigned to incmase,miderstanding of differe_nt:kinds .of : .~O den’oihi~afion~ andS0 ~at~s ’~nds S~a~l~
m. : der;seximl orientation, disability or other such factor.
.o fa.mi.lies.,an.d’./di~.pe.Jm.yt.h8a.nd.ste.r~o.ty.pes.,"a.ce.ord.in.gto.,;....... . .......... :¯ ¯ . . ¯ ~, ~, - Y" "; ~When "Jolingon vetoed the bill ’,in .1~995, lie Said ~all
", ’fll.¢-schoolsvste!n’s.er~tnt’aolglicatio~ ....... ~.’ : Mo~t:o.t ~15.3 L.uthera9, 91er.gy tm~d’.r~.veatea me~r ." crimes arehate crimes - apqsifionhehas reiterate41 since
, ’..Thepmjectamotmtstopromotanghomosexuall:’ty, sa,-id-,...S.,ex.d;~al on.e. nt~a.l.a.o.n- .t.o..s.o. m: .e-~member-s.~. o;.t t-h.ei.r c.on.gr.eg.a-.¯ the¯ n. .The.bd¯ I, s sponsor, R¯ep. R. Da.v.l,~l- Ped. e~ rson, D-
...... " . " ; uons, an "lnOlcanon tnat la sons also are Willing tO , - ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ " " " -. state-Sen.oHaroldHochs_tatter,~g~Mose~s Lak¢~vho sup........- ,... ,..., ..~ . ,~ ~,~.,. > ..., ..: ¯ Gallup.-disputed that posllaon m testimony before the
., .por.tsabi.lltob.ardis.cusslon,of. h.omosexuali¯ ty_asanorm~, o . ov~e.r,t.o.,o.K-~ch~u,.r~c,h .la.w..,.sag s.a.lo.. ..t’a.ru,_cm_a.rly, r.,m..s.,can ¯ comini.tteeSatur" day.There"lsadi"fferencebetween pai"nt-
7 " ¯ " " : - - " ¯ - - " -: ,, ¯ " ¯ WOrK In smaller cnurcnes-wnerewe all Know eaen.omer ¯ ¯ .. ¯ ¯ ¯
.....or aceeptable lrfestylelnth.¢:~ublic-schools~-.Itots ve~,...- ..~ ........... .,.~.¯ ~., -............ ~ ¯ ~nggrafi’in.. on a fence .and paint|n,g a swasaka on. a
¯ .,very0subtle,:.,Hoehstatte~satdtFfiday...~_ff~hes,ubfletylsthe ¯. athnedLcuatrheearabnocuatmea_cuhsmotihneisr,terswaihdot3imr~Rate~v,i.,Jzo,eldmthReoUll~~.vfsdorn:,,..(.¯~y~nggogu.e,,: Ped.er.sonsal~d, an.dajudg_~0ug.h"t.,to have the
~poison in. this:w.ho!e:thing~ :Itlis ~the,.k~ndof’thing thes,e, ¯ ........ v ~ g m -’. ~" "option of imposing a stiffer sentence fbr’thetatter.
slty oi~ucm an comerence.
¯ ~ormer t~epuon~ca~ .u~ Kep ~teve t_runuerson o~ ...... .. TracyFl0mn, a:schoolsystem’healthcurric.ulum-spe-" .:..~’; .-. ..... - ,~" "o ~._ !,~ ..... withJohnsonsreas~ning. Idont~anttosay stupid,
¯ : etal~st_, .d,e,med ,that7 the ,school,s were ,promoting, any...~ b.o~ ’~ "adonfiearhis’h~me~in~fc’Ee~ X~a" has aec~ ;ted~ ~" .bu,t ~t..~s oq’. it, ..Sto~ta~t~ ~alii-.. ~e~cnmes. ~e ,are
Aifestyle "Weare.jlist.acknowledgingwhatalreadyex- ~,. greg,..... ~ ~.’~... ’ 7’;." ~-" ~’~talKin~abOuf-a~-,ear..!y~mes~ttia~afis.efrorabigOtry,
..... - ....me Lora.s creauon, -,W €,are a par~ o~-me t~masuan~l.,~a~!~:7. :~ ~xim~. tenkt to be~mbr~-~iolentandinjurious; and~reo_.~uire ¯.: -- - Ga ,.Manne .Gets
.. ................. ,
’i’ aswfftandstr°ngresp°nse’~Thepr°posedlaw wouldbe
...... Y" " ""=" i roup¯Want i
another tool to combat the crimes as well as the explosive
H0nomble Discharge .: Olib
! S 0 situati~ns.’~ey’ can cause incommunities whdn they
.:t~A,~’.L~’IG~:I;N:~.’~A:POI-’AM~M~ho~°(m~hewas.: i.HelpLeS ,ans-andl Gays occur, Valdez Said. "
Cridcs of the bill said it could be difficult to determine
’~~h~onna!t"~ofi~t.elew"slohthe’same d,~yPresi""deiitClm" ton ¯ PITTSBURG~ "(AP) ’~ .~uxillary’-Bish0p Thomas what the motivation was for a crime. Rep. Jerry Lee
li0norabledi~e,h~ge~,d~r.e~t~r~m.e~efi~Stg.~ettlehis : Grma.bietond0ubled’hi~effm’tsti~ t~ch t01eranceafter
Alwin suggested that it couldme~ an en~aneexl pe~ahy
United Methodist
Community Of.Hope
"... an.inclusive community that.seeks,
¯ forrobbing someone of a.differentofaith: Heused the ¯ Peo~e ~lle~i~V¯iola?ti.-o~ns:~~v"6~uR€l: be able to seek
example .of an armed robber, who held,up,a conve- ":, ¯ redress, through the couris ffndst&te Divisio~i of Hunience
store only to n0tice that tho°derk~was wearing : madRights. " .=. .-,~’:.~, .- .,-,~ :
a Star of Da,:id. The robb~r’could get a longer sen- ¯ ¯ "Gov:George Patald said ~ffonday he;woulfflike to
-tence for. robbing a ’~le~v "~rson;’; ~klwin said. i, ~ee the state Senate takenl~’~n.’equal protection’bill.
, "_ Aspokesmah for Jolmsonsaid the governor w0uld~ : He*said that.alt[iough. Ee_;;had .not, se~n the; specific
.likely~veto thebilk -..--. - ,, :.... : -......" legislation.hewasinelinedtosignit:’,’Thegovernor’s
values andwelcomeS all people ... :
to act.,,a the living lbody OfCtfrist)by;~eeking
" 1703 East sed0n.d:.~/ree.t,,i9.i.8.-SS~;1 ~60,:
-,Sma. 9:1~ ’am-Christi~ir~ Educati0m ~ Su~.’Se’rVice 11:00 am
... NY,State, L owe ~ fion,,.the-state~.s 199t’;I~w-Against :Discrimihation, Passes-C ii Right:Law:-.., "Stats.I-] lth Be ,fit l*~Og~,~|l~ ~1"~CUo
-,. o., .tire.order signed’_ by, fomler ~Gow,-Jim ~Florio.:all
: !A,~~,N~.:N~..Yi (.AP) ’~ F~or~:fi,f~.~tr~tl.".~ye~r,,.tl~,: ~:o W0hibit ~dis~nation’:on~the basis.~f,marit~ status
;As~se.mmy~.a~!o.pt_.eP~ianq’~.e.so~m.n.~.v.~- n_.g~,ts tn, ¯ andsexdatorientati~n~Despite~at~Sh~,s~id, th~state
- t~otlttawolso’mnnatmn o.asea on sexualoriei~tation. : Division of Pensions and ]~enefits
The Democrat-ledAssembly.on Monday approved :
the measure 89-55 It was spoasored b Manhattan ¯ thet"r"p"hr~-.e.rs.,.a.nd...i.li.e~~’~i~Iiowxng year ~efused to
- tmmgc,rat ~tev.en .~~an~ers. -m .me ,R~p.u...bncan-wxt . ~rdl~hstd~ thai.~u~:. The~’~,~,~
enate, where ~t has failedfor the past fiye years to . ~ who ,r~. ~tn ,,~,~..... ~,, m,,a ¯
¯ make jt to :a vote,,fi!e ~aeast~e4s Sl~,nsbr~ by state : WfflC]i Rn~rs’rSieb,ti~d |e~d{n~
,, S,en,._,Ro.y Gqodman, ~ R,,epubl.~.egn f,rom:Manl?attan.: ;- ~tiit. G01d~c.heidnot~ th~t.dl;~Lm~,h ’at "lehst "three
. Tlieb~1.1~ddsse.x..n~!~9~e~._hag°_gto~e.!js.to~dasses :°s~dsandnumeirousmfmic.’i~al{tles,~i~ti~fi~nd protectea 1tom dis~iminadon-by fhe stage s civil . ~bng fia~e~r~iedffe~ttlb~fh~i6S~und-S~g p~rt-
5451-E South Min~o ¯ Tulsa, OK ¯ 74146 . (918) 622-144~ righ,ts law..It.w,o~d~b~ ..dis~cr~..’.m~.’.nation in. .housi.ng, : n_er.s, the increasedcost.has been_3 ~.geLcent at mo~t
1 ~ .’ ...... empl.0yme.nt;p~b!l~fic~co.m.m~ii,d~d¢.dla~c~ttiofi:~, ~.-:’,~,. "7-".’:.-:.,~.:. ~":o~,’?-~-:-7.~’,~ " :-’-. "
- Wed. S6r~ice 6:30 p~:~LWed: 7~30"p~ ~fiO~r~Pr~ctice
" To do justice, lovem~&. to walk humbly with" aur .God... Micah 6~8. ~
AI D!g ,- ( lff nd -,. lndinawr; 18 oneof anewclass of compounds called
";T J;/" ~" ~" "~x~ o. ~~, ; i._ , , ,i " ~: ". ’ protease-lnlnb~tors.:lhe.two classes ot drugs attack
L~ . .aa (at’) - ~,&tt)a cn,mty yatmeo~a nanon:. :. ~nv the £T~-~R virna in diffeJ-~nt
w~de ad campaign"after receiving complaints that .] The drug ~trials; said Dr. Anthony ~JFanci, "con2
messagessuchas’!Praver,won’t0MreAIDS.Research ~: firmtheimportanee.ofind~ding.pr0.teaseinhibitors
will",dnsulted people w.ho believe in the power of in treatment strategies for patients~..with advanced
prayer. The American’~Foundation for AIDS Re- HIV disease." Fauci is director of NllAID, thefederal
search (~mFAR) said objections to the campaign ,:- agency .thatsupported the trial.
focused on t~o of three ads’/hat ran on public buses: ¯ .Hammer said officials’ directing:the national study
"Prayerwon’tcureAIDS. Research will" and"Sexual -moved SWifdy after an independent!data and ~afety
abstinence won’ t cure AIDS. 1Leseareh will." Transit panel monitoring the trials r~ecommended ending:the
agencies in both Dallas and Fort Worth already_had testsbecause it’was clear patientstn the.three-drhg
heard objections. and canceled the ads earlier this : combinationwere getdng ~ignificaflt’befiefit.
month. ’ " ¯ : The trial had tested-1,156 HIV patients at 33
"AmFAR.seeks to educate,-not offend the public;" : different hospftals .or clinics aeroffs the nation. The
saidDr. MathildeKrimofNew.York-basedAmFAR.... pafientg had been" enrolled in the"study for up to a
"Since the complaints over two of th~_:.ads distract : year, witha median parficipafion.’bf 38 weeks. PafromourcruCial
message- thaLonly medical research, : fients were randomly iasSigned t0xeceive either all
can generate true solutious toAIDS.: we have agreed.. three drugs, orAZT, 3TC and a placebo.
todiscontinue the campaign," ske said Wednesday., ¯ The TreatmenVAction’Group, .an AIDS activist
The AmFAR campaign~ launched.Feb. 1, was due.
to run through-the spring..Th;e, other ad in the, ,cam-..:: ¯ 0drognandirzuagtltorina~l-s"acibdhtlhdeherelpsutlotsreovfotlhUetitornipizlee tcroematbminean-t
paign read: "Red ribbons won .t cureAIDS. Research _.. - for most people’with AIDS:" ’q~ai~ study is helping
.-KCBI:FM n~s di~ecto~ LiB.’Lyon Said a caller t0~" .us to rethiul~ the way we. use anti{HIV drugs," said
¯ ’ Spencer Cox~a dir(dor atTAG. "For now, the era of
the Dallas Christian radio station complained a~out ~ 0He-~dm,~,,g-treatinefits~with modestly potentanti-virals
the.ads€ and.he followed wi~ a news story..That, o~ is Over. ¯ ’ ~ - " ’ - "
generated.mOre protests, he said.. Chris~fian leaders in :. ¯ . -. ¯ -,...
the Dallas,-Fort..Worth area stressed Wednesday .thht,,
they didnt disapprove,of research to-find a cure for :, , Black Chureh , & AID
AIDS: Theyjust’felt thatprayerand sexual abstinence-..:o. BOSTON.(AP) :African-American churches have
sh,o,uldnlt be slighted.... ~....... ;, . ~ an obligation to, leada campaign against AIDS, say
¯ ::q:hat sljustaswfpeinthefa.:ceofprayingpeople, : many black ministers from the Bo~ton area. Several
saidDavid Miller~ execud-ve-.directoro[theTa!7,ant:" .- blaek cl~rgymen saidthat while some black churches
~otmtychaptero~theAmericanFamily Association’.. : in.the area have’addressed the epidemic, too many
"It’-s~almost as if~ -~they’w-ere’trying,to offend pe0ple -.". Affican~Amefican congregations ~esist dealing with
.L.. Andan.ybody~at::b.e!ieyes-inprayeri.s going robe the ,issue., "Folks hake. to ,start realizing that it is
offended." The.-vast majority.of, AIDS victims are .’~ ,cfiminal,sinful:.to be.out of.the friiy," said the Rev.
infected~.b.ecau8e ~of~ -’/immOral or :illegal behavior," .~: .Jeffrey~L. Brown,pastoroftheUnfonBapfistChurch
Miller said.-~Research is not going to.stop the AIDS ." ~-in. Cambridge:
epidemic: !t’ s’chaoge_s in. behavior,’~ he?said. ..._" He also is chairman of the Ten P.oin[ Coalition, an
- ,The in-house/marketers for Kenneth ,C.ole Produ.c- organization’ led; by ministers that cosponsored
fiOns, a shoe manufaeturer,’created the ad cfimpaign. " Sunday’s gathering, called a healing serkice, at the
Kem~ethColeJs_directorand.chairmanofthecommu-." ColumbusAvenueAMEZionChufchintheRox.bury
nications andmarkefing committeeofAmFAR. Cole,¯ ¯ section." More than 20 Mack ministers attended and
who said the first complaints w~ere from Texans, said ". apologized for wh.at they,saw as a liack of leadership
tfiead’s were fioi meant,ioddm~fordydr, but to batfle " bytheblackchurchinthefightagainstAIDS. They
indifference to the disease. He hopedthe controversy : . offered prayers.for those with AIDS or infected with
would have the’ residual, effect Of. promoting the ._ the virus that causes-it.
message, even though the ads are gone.. "Right now : ~"vVe confess that a visionhas been needed, and.we
people have ~beo.ome dangerously ,c~omplacent," he .." have failed to make it plain," said the Rev. Barbara
said. "We’ve basic~l.!y all become so desensitized ¯ Perdman of Momingstar Baptist Church in the
over time W,e ~eed to startle people, to grab their : Mattapan section. ’q~o the extent to which the black
attention." - ..... church is. supposed to serve as custodians of moral
.ThomasBnme~,directorofTaffantCounty’sAIDS : order and spiritual ,leadership, to that extent, the
Outreach Center, said°North Texas is.known to be ¯ church has to. be out front," said the Rev. Eugene
conservative, pard’.cularly, wh,e.n sexuality and reli- " Rivers of the.Azusa Christian Community Center in
gion are involved~ Bu.the di~dn.tobjec~t to pulling the. " Dorchester.
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adsi,theyoffentled~Hejllst~0esh’tW.at~ttheresearchl ..... AIDSistheieadingcause0fdeathforblacksa~ed Ra nbowi:Business Guild me’sS~ge :to ,beob~t~ex~._.’~hei)e i~ no substitute-fo~ ~ ~: 125.to 44. Most" Afrlc,~n~American churches are c~n.....
this c0-untry s’polificalwill’tbfamd basic biomedical - :~ ’~a~ifi,ve o-¢ne,qall~ 0nissues involvino sex ~hleh -
laughter, ,n,ot hope,n0t.comp~s~on, not prayer, not AIDS. In. general, tho~ prOmote abstinence" as the
aliyjhing, .’,.o / "~.:.’~’’ -’ i correctsexualc0fiductoutsideofmardage, andmany at Mexleall Resta.. ant
O" " C ..... b -o
" " i of them c0n’i.de!: h6mosexuality a sin.
WASHINGTON (XP~- D~ddi~:and;nfecdons Were- ; Medical.Marijuana May :
ofpatients who~were taking a.two~drugcomb~nataon. :. - edly’by .pro-marijuana monstrators, the experts
:. Dr.Sc0ttH~&0fBethlSfadDehconess .Hospi- ;" " assembled by the NatiOtml Insfitut~s of Health spoke i --
tal at Harvard Medical School~ national’ coordinator-- :.° Of intriguing hints "that marijuana smoking h~lps I
of the study, s~d all pafien.t~-’in the ’study are now : some patients with cancer, AIDS or glaucoma. But I . ’~ ~-~L; ’ " i i ~.-..~ -. ..
being given thetpportunity to switch to thethree~i :’ ~eycaufioned,thereis little hard scientifie evidence. |~. ,-, ’~g//~b~,~,,,,,.~=...,~,.=_ ¯ ~ .
drugcombinafi0nbrtooth~rexperimentalregim~,n_s. -’ F0r~tleasts0meindicati0ns(medicaluses),itlooks I-..- ¯
Hammer:s’~dd that letters had gone out’to all of~the : promising enough that there should be some new
center~"and pafientd irl the drug trials; notifying them ." controlled studies," said Dr. William T, Beaver, a
of ~dle findings "and" Offering .pafients"the chanc~: to : ’professor of pharmacology at Georgetown Univer-
~dect a new comb’in’atlon. " ¯ sity and the panel’.s chairman.
Zidovudin‘e is id’so known as AZT and lamivudine : Although afinal~€ommitte~ report is notcomplete,
isknownas3TC.~Theyareinaclassofdrugsknown ." "’the general mood was that for some indications, Gifts ’~ ~ards "~" PRIDE Morchandiso
as reverse trar~sdriptase’inhibitors. The third drug, : there is a rafionale for looking further into the thera- - -
Jeffrey A. Beal, MD
Ted-Campbell, LCSW
Specialized in HIV Care
Providing Comprehensive Prima Care
Medicine and Psychotherapeutic Services
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that does not list us as providers,
call us and we will apply..
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3 locations to serve you:
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HOW Do ¢itness, Nutrition and. : thirtyminuies ma~,~our daily will caus’e
¯ VTt~if~inS~-Create a New You? : a measurable cliange in your physf~lue,
By Dr. Michael D. Gorman :- self-esteem andlstress level.
.Gettingph~sieallyfitincreaseslthenum- ¯ - So;Doc,"jus.t where does. nutrition fit
bet of.ce~llularpowerbouses that reside in - ; into all this? Well, when youshop, Cboose
your muscles. These are called "mito-’ ;- unprocessed, foods like fresh fruits, veg-
.chondria" but they act.as miniature powerhouse.
by supplying our muscles with
ATP (Adenosine Tri@hosphate). ATP)
or muscle fuel is muse d for muscle contraction,
which of course, allows us to
move! ATP is manufactured from carbo-~
hydrates,proteins, and fats that we eat So ¯
.it get simple from here, increasing your "
musclemass by working outincreases the "
needformoremitocbondria. Theincreased ¯
number of mitoebondia increase the out- :
put (sometimes dramatically) of ATP "
which uses up more fats, carbohydrates
and proteins. And, voila, you will end up ¯
looking just like Arnold Sehwarzenegger ,
orJane Fonda. Notlikely! But that is okay "
because we can sculpt our own bodies to :
our personal perfection. By the way, in- ¯
creases our muscle mass also increases "
our BMR (basal~ metabolic rate) which
means our resting body burns more calories.
Great news, huh? And you didn’t
even have to take a pill for it!
The next process to understand is the
difference between fat burning and sugar
burning. This is really simple to understand,
also. Exercise below 50% of your.
maximum heart rate puts you in this fat.
burning range.- A good ,example is fast
walking, ff you eanspeak without gasping
and gulping for air; you are in this fat
burning range.~This exercise range is the
best for fatburning as it,allows the body’ s
tissues to utilize the available oxygen
completely for fuel. Moving up into the=
cardiovascular range moves our bodies..... RemembL~rit’sdotjt~tivtiat’yrudrb~t
into sugar burningor anaerobic glycol)L ! doing it consistently that gets results: so,
sis. Anaerobic means without oxygen
which occurs withthe increased oxygenI
demands ofhighlevel cardiovascular training.
Oxygen is shunted away from the
muscles’ powerhouses-forcing them to
make fuel without oxygen which is-very
inefficient. Your muscles then use the
simple sugars for fuel creating a lot of
lactic acid, which causes your muscles’to
"bum." Fast walking .with a friend for
¯¯ etables,-and lean meat. Choose whole
grain c~reals, breads;bagels, muffins and
¯ pastas or buy the whole grain ingredients
¯ and bake the stuff yourself. It’ s great fun ¯
and-t,~stes so-o-o much better!
¯ .While shopping, pay attention to the
labels’on particular items. Choose lower
sodium,avoid MSG, added sugars and
fats.¯ When you get home, try the rule of
"BBBGS" - broil, boil; bake, grill or
steam your food. This will bring out the
true flavors while letting some of the
natural fats and oils cook off. Avoid fast
food completely if you can. Most of them
are BAD, BAD, BAD!!! Try instead to
throw some bagels, fruit, yogurt, and your
favorite canned meat (like tuna)for lunch.
Also, drink water, water and more water.
¯ And what about those vitamins and
¯ minerals we might need? I believe every-
" one should take a good quality multi-
" vitamin an da separate multi:mineral
: supplement daily, Why? Because. vita-
"_ rains and minerals combine _with your
¯ body’s enzymes and allow these enzymes ¯
to function. Whenit comes to supplemen-
" tal nutrients, women-have some special
¯ needs. About~30+% of. women are at all
¯ times~ borderline: deficient ,for eight or
: more essential vitamins’and minerals.
." These include vitamins ~, B complex; C,
¯" atidlro~i, Calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc, and
¯ Magnesium. Women should take addi- ¯
tional-calcium and vitamin C with the
let’ s ¯exercise;. shop conscientiously, and
take our vitaminsand minerals with dedi=
caiirn. The rewards will-be a generous
expresSiOn of renewed holth and Vigor!
Dr.Miehael Gotmttn’prhctices in Tulsa
.at 4775-s. Haivard," Suitd C, 712-5514.
He is a Board Certified Chiropractor and
Accupunct.urist, holds a B.S~ in Nutrition,
and is a’" bodybuildor wh# does fitness,
natrition; a,~ ~Uppl~m,e:nt:coun~eling~
uses of marijuana. Those state laws ~also
.. prompted White House drug czar Barry
McCaffreyfo issue h.waming that doctors
who prescribe’marijuana could lose, thei~
federal authority to prescribe medici~iei
. Despite McCgfrey’.s tough stand, how-
. ever; Leslmer said the NIH would finance
medical marijuana studies, if propos.ed
researchis approvedby theagency’ s, peerreview
process.,~e said. his institutg.~s
" empowered to,issue legal¯ marijtmpa to
res_earchers, qOur policy is~ that ft. other
-: ..institutes. (at NI,H) support a study,-then
¯ ¯ we will provide the’n~h]’ijuana,’~ he Sai~l.
. Alloffing -doctors to, ~_escribe marijuanais,
popular withAm~ii.cans, favored "-
by62percent to33 percentin aCBS News
.pollI rdeased Thursday(. But legalizing
marijuana for personal.use is oppose41,, by
70 p~rcent to 26.percent-in the poll-of
1.,2"~6 adults taken Jan. 30-Feb. 1. ’~,, ¯
¯ Beav.er Saidthe scientists did nbt ~on~
siderlthe polities orlegal, problems of
¯ ..~ doingm_arijuana~ res.earch~ "You can ar-,
gue the politics ali you want, but ifi’~ou
~ don’t have.the _data-proving that~r.
juana is effective, then the political prob-
: g.t~l~~t;"fie said. Most of :the
¯ scientifidally vhlid °research associated
: with marijuana, said Beaver, has beeh
¯ with the mo~t ~aqtiye.jngredient of ~e ¯
drug, a com’pomid ~tlted delta-9 ?tetrahy:
: drocannabino!,orTHC. A synthetic THC
: i.s now sold as~the drug Marinol and is
¯i appr0v~a~f.o~ ~; treat";ent of ~anccr:~g-
: iated nan~O ahd Vomiting.and for wast-
¯. ing, the extreme weight loss associated
frith AIDSahd’some ~ancers. " ~ ,
But smoking .marij~uana presents iserious
~t~hnieal, problems .in: medieal lre,
search, said B.~v~er, Mb~stdrug trials are
b!inded,,.With 6he,group of~atients ~king
thereal~gandanothe~ tal~ng aplacebo.
Smokedma~rijuana,he s~d, i~. impossible
to disguise. Anotherprobi~m is that smok
ing marijuanaj~cludes .the~ s,amefisk to
th~¯ lungs as eigarette.smoking~ Beaver
~,s,,ai~l. Despite these, ~r0bl,e~,ms, ~§.~aidl
"th~ere ai:e pr0misin~ ar..ehs~ .that shoid~i I~e
iesearched. THC has;been found to help.
relieve nausea 6f ,ca~c~rphtienis on the-
- mothe~apy] The ~gal~o.-has been effec~
ti.ve in restoring,the appeJdtes of some
AIDS pafient~andrev~rsifi~ wasting.
6:00 PM
7:00 PM ~
00 PM
Saturday : March 29 - 6:00,PM
love-songs m ragtime-coustaatty,indu¢-~ ~ an0,,and-Bi!ly ~dupa!].
ing me.~morp,hose~s o.f: ,m~!_.. Fal~,y (wh9 ~. ~efi&’fi6us 6f ~u~h’ staildar~ hs’Makin
"tils0~ s]~ lead’v0b~l’~)fihd: Dgni~ls’ de~ .;~ W’fibopee; FmThrbdgh~With Love;-En- i.
liver a stunning version of the wonderful : joyYoursetf,~[t’,sIgt_t~
CalliopeHou.se ,following an eerie key- : all wonderful’stngsf0r:anupl~trofi]a~-~
bo~d ~md~ic~ordi6n~tntto.: OnBulgadan: .,. ti~evening..,with :that-,specia! somebne.~
Bash, which-they learoed,f,rom:,Am.eriean~, ,~ ,(Bi~y Crudup : I,LO.VE that name[ So~
fiddler Kenny Baker, theduet Of clarinet" . ~fia@l~: Ic0uld do with it in hay Writin!!
and guitar returns, invoking images 6f a : "
97202C ~.31st St. ’:
~663~5934, Daphane Cooper
Kelly Kirby CPA, PC~,
4021 South Harvai~d," Suit~ 210,-"Tulsa 74135
The Easter Celebration ~
you to-worship with ~ d~?ing: thi~Hofy Season:.
. Come,,’and hearthe Wo~td of hhe Lord and
experience the, joy ~n~I’-~jesty of Eastefl
~ ~ 7:30 pro,
~ 7:30 pro.
March 28 7:30 pm.
~o..45 ~’..
MetropoliSC0mmu~W ChUrch

Rev. Nan.~Hotwath, InteflmPastor i~23 N. Maplevco0d 838-17!5
"’""""]"T’~ T "~(’l"’l=I~f"I"l’ I"l’ 1’)’ l"~’]-T"l"l’:i"~i :"/ I1 ’i~i 1~’-I’ ...............................’ ....................... ’ ......................... I | t 1 I 1 I I I T 1 T I I I 1 ItltV1 " I I I I I I 1 ! I T t i 1 i r
Tulsa Cit~-Coum2 La~ra~
When you hear the tmique, di~scordant
sounds of the Duke Ellington
orchestra on any recordings
from the late 1930’.s on, you
can generally assume that the
piece was either written or arranged
by the man behind the
Duke, Billy Strayh0m. Author
David Hajdu has analyzed
Strayhorn’s strange and fascinating
life as an out, gay man
in Lush Life, whichis not only
most famous songs, but also
the title of this book, the first
major Strayhom biography.
Growing up in Pittsburgh,
Strayhom buried himself in
music, becoming a wizard at
putting together elaborate arrangements
for school programs.
Quiet and honest, he
simply had no romantic interest
in girls. His best friends
during his teen years, all male
and heterosexual, "general!y
thought of him as asexual,"
and the possibility ofhim being
gay was simply.n0tdiscussed.
¯ In late 1938(at age 23,
Strayhorn got to :meet ~)ne of
his idols, Ellington, and had
the opportunity to play a
couple-of songs.for the.DBke.
So bdgan a fniifful friendship
and musical partnership that
lasted almost thirty.years. The
familiar tunes, ’Take the A
Train,"- "Satin Doll" and the
haunting "Someflfing to Live
Fo~" are the morE..pop.ular
products 0ftheir’cdt~r~tion.
Only in. the past fe~ y.ears
have gay jazz musicians
started coming out of. the
closet. In many Ways, jazz has
been a closed society, f0r=the
past several decades~ hardly open to "
women, muchle~s those of a sexual often-. "
And while doing thebest,~at one can
d0.is a standard that" ~fl! ~v.ary with the.
skills of individuals, athletesl at the 1990"
Gay Gamesbroketwopdo~iworldrecords
and in. 19,94, athletes brokesevenLe~cords,
making thoseindividualscq~u~l..~~ti5~
may compete in the Olympic
In fact, the Gay Games W~re~odeled
afterthe Olympics by Dr.TomWaddell,
a formerl Olympic atttlete and w~re first
held "m San Fran~SCO, Origin~iy,
games weret0 be..~led. .th~ Gay 01ym~
pics but the Olympic Commi,t,tee st~ed t,0,
block the use of the w6rd, ’ OIy~i~ics
although the. Olyg0a~pic Committee ~had
widely allowed the use for events like the
Senior and Special OlympiCs. ¯
Since ~first:.event, flld numbers of
athletcs~i~volved have increased to a total ~ii~1 iooo parficilJant~s~in the "94 Gamesl
s’~numfier, wliiC~-’~aid to be m6re
regul,ar 01ympi~6g, i’nelu’ded :individ~ual,s
representing 44;g0dntries. The ~p0rts fep-
: tation otherAhan heterosexual~ Strayhorn
¯¯ managed t6 avoid this discrimination by
his close association with’the influential
¯ andpowe~ul Ellington~ Aheadofhis time,
Ellington ’ was never prejumany
ways~ diced against anybody he
jazz .has l~een a
closed society
tl e
de ades,
hardly open to
-much less
those o~ a
other than
managed to
avoid this
with the
i ential
and powerful
thought was really worthy:"
Ellington was "famously
egalitarian (and) accepted
Strayhorn’s homosexuality
muchas hehadlongembraced
gifted musicians regardless of
their backgrounds or idiosyncrasies."
Strayhorn "could
have pursued a career of his
own-. he had the talent to become
rich and famous- but
he’d have had to be less than
honest about his sexual orientation.
Or he could work behind
the scenes for Duke and
be open about being gay."
If Strayhorn was secure with
his homosexuality, he was
apparently notas satisfied with
other areas ofhis life. Analcoholic,
he could be-almost unbearably
charming oneminute
and cutting and backstabbing
the next. Diahatm Carroll remembers
him as "a tortured
genius. He was an unhappy
person. His genius was so
overwhelming that being in
lii,s presence was something
you could never forget."
Strayhorn died of cancer in
1967 at age 51.
_ The most intriguing aspect
of Lush Life is the inside look
at the life of.a gay man, living
a public life during a time
when, with the exception of
Cole Porter, Noel Cowardand
a ]aandfnl of others, having a
successful, out of the .closet
career was a rarity. Check for
Lush Life at your local branch
library or at the Readers Services
department at the Central
Library-(596-7966). The
library also has many Ellington/Strayhom
compact discs and cassettes.
¯ resented range from ones found tradition-
" ally in Olympic style events, Such as divin~,
wresfliI~g, and basketbal!,’t0 others
not yet sanctioned as Olympic. These
; includeaerobics, flagfootball;in-line skat-
¯ ing, bowling, and w,ome~’s wresfllng.
¯ Bailey had a photo of some Of th~ women
wr,esflers, who looked ’l~ike ~they could
givejust about any wrestle(fierce compe-
; titian, regardless of gender! VolleYball is
the.sport ~vfth the largegt humber of:par:
: ticipants,.followed by s6ftball: "
Bailey noted that the Gamds’last about
10 dayS.~m thathis part ofthe:competition
: took abdut 3, giving~him time to observe
¯ other.~yents aswell as i0 Sightsee. I)u~iag
: the opening ceremony, paxd~ipants
¯~ marched with a bannerof their state or
: corm.WJ. In New Y9ik, he marched with
¯" only two other OldahomanS. He s talking
aboUtthe Games early ~in hope that other
¯ Oklahbmans maydecide tO go. He notes
: als0 th~tmany gojust as observers orfails.
¯ " Bai1~y encourages thosewho areinteV
¯ ested.~t6 call him at 497-0486. F6r trgvel
~ plan~:,~he suggests calling Intematiomil
: T0urs~at 341:6866. ~
: Timothy W. Daniel
Attorney at Law
An Attorney who will fight
justice & Equality for
Gays & Lesbians
Domestic Partnership Planning,
Personal Injury,
Criminal Law & Bankruptcy
1-800-742:9468 or 918-352’9504
128 East Broadway, Drumright, Oklahoma
Weekend and evening appointments-are available.
Cherry Street
.,,_-_---_,~~-.:’.,,~__~~_~--. 1515 S. Lewis
¯ Certified in EMDR Treatment
¯ Certified in Hypnotherapy
¯ Traditional Psychotherapy
Leah Hunt, MSW Richard Reeder, MS
* Our Fees Are Negotiable *
Serving. a-Diverse Community
Luxury Duplex Available 5/I
2 bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage
Near 71st & Harvard
Beautiful backyard, wet bar
$775/mo. & deposit, & ! y. lease
Call 492-2828
Lesbian Heaven
Dinah Shore Weekend
Palm @rings, California
March 27- 31
Gay Games
Amsterdam .’98
Start PlanningNow!
Limited Availability
July 31 - August 8, 1998
member ~ Call 34L 6866
unsympathetic police. Only 37 percent of
the crimes compiled by the New York
group had been reported to the police,
Quiun said.
In San Francisco, Community United
Against Violence (CUAV) said 415 incidents
of iusults, harassment or violence
related to the victim’s sexual orientation
were reportedlocally to the group in 1996,
down from 426 in 1995. "Even though
we’re glad’ to see the number is slightly
decreased from what is has been, the total
number is ridiculously high," said Jennifer
Rakowsld Of CUAV.
The San Francisco area placed second
nationally behind New York City. Typical
oflocal problems, according toCUAV,
was an incident in the largely gay Casffo
district, when a man driving a :red
Volkswagen sideswiped aJeep belonging
to two women. He hit one of them with~a
steering lock. Then, CUAV said, he got
back into his car, grabbed one of tie
women by her hair and drove off, dragging
her across an intersection. ..
In another case, a man who kissed his
male lover on a bus was insulted and then
-.- assaulted - and his attacker turned out
be an off-duty bus driver in uniform’,
CUAV said.
.The number of gays who reported they
were verbally or physically attacked in
the metropolitan Detroit area because Of
their sexual orientation increased29 percent
in 1996, a gay rights group reported
Tuesday. The Triangle Foundation reports
that it received 116 cases.of anti,gay
violence last year, compared with 901, a
year earlier. "We think it means-thatmore
people are reporting incidents "because
they know we are here and are ready to
assist them," said Jeffrey Montgomery,
Triangle’s president.. " .............
In addition to New York and San Francisco~
thenumbe~r~S of sex-biag crimes and
incidentS were Los Angeles, 396; Columbus,
Ohio, 1’86; El Paso, Texas, I76; Detroit,
116; Chicago, 96; St. Louis, 44;
Phoenix, 34; Santa Barbara-Venturd; Calif.,
30, and Cleveland, 11. Tracking figures
from thestates were Minnesota, 227;
Massachusetts, 161, and Virginia, 55.
In Tulsa, individuals who bdieve they
have been victims of hate crimes are encouraged
to report them to TOHR/The
by Jean-Pierre LegrandboUche
le Marquis de Salade, TFNFQod Critic
At long last; there’s finally a decent
place at which downtowner’_s can take
their luncheon without having to join the
pricey (but excellen0 Summit Club. Lo-
¯ found the too the
¯ cayenne to be
¯ Other noteworthy dishes"~ncluded a
¯ grilled vegetable salad ($4’.95), a Samson
¯ sandwid~for $5.25 (wlfich was whatmost
¯ restaurants would call a hamburger with
cated just east of Bartlett saute&l peppers and Swiss
Square bn the pedestrian mall
of the former Fifth and Main,
is Samson & Delilah’s, the
new rendezvotis of the coat
and tie cognoscenti: Occupying
the narrow storefront of a
former~English tea room, the
restaurant isnow Starkly Clean
and modem: With a wonderful
narrow balcony overlooki,ng
the rear andone side~ of the
cafe forprime seating.
The ambiance is bustling
and remin~s~eht of ’similar
trendy bistros ~ New York
and SanFranci~eo. And,mucti
as one finds inNew York
San Francisco, the wait staff
has that haughty con~emptu.~
ousne~ ~and disdain forJtie
customers, new- and 01d. Th~
menu also echoes the latest
~0astal e~ating trends, with: ~
heavy emph~is’tn.@e~tables,
salads, ~i~d healthier ~ntrees~
but without the Unfortunate
baggage of "health-food"~ v.tgetarian_
Stops. _ "
Op ~the, ~day of .our ’visit;
ehiekefi "eordon bleu sk~dwiehe~
were the featured spe~
cial, and they seemed to be
getting a hearty review from
those diners we saw eating
them. wechose,instead, to go
with the more substantial, entrees,
and What caughtour eye
was the polenta lasagna
($4.95). Polentais afancy Italian
name for what we Southerners
call cornmeal mush, and
in this case, thin slices of
polenta substituted top andbottom
for the traditional pasta
noodle, encasing a savory,
coarsely ground, beef filling.
Cde Grill
lO Eas t Fifth
11 am- 2:pro
Friday* and
-to 9
credit cards;-
Alcohol: now
3.2 beer,--
in t~e balcony,
0n roand
cheese), a very interesting
black and white chili ($4.85),
and several fun pasta dishes
for $5.25 each, including a
primavera R0ma, spinach
fettuccine, and sauteed vege~
ble rigat0ni. The cuisine is
not limited to Italian themes,
though, as grilled vegetable
quesadiilas ($5.75)pay re-
Spect to Mexican influences
ah:d a chicken stir-fry ($5.75)
"doeshomage to the Oxient.
Desserts, all’ $2.95 each, inelude
some wonderfully sinful
’confections prepdred inhouse,
we were particularl3~
interested in thepeach bread
pudding ’with’ :hazelnut glaze
(W~gh:w0uldhavebeen even
bette~~had it" ~ot ".been
~6~vedp,ri0r~tq ~ser~ic~)
~d-~0medelicidusly tart’fresh
id~Oii.~6rbet: ~ .~ -..
~ff~Ere ~Iso favorablyimpi~
S#’.ed by ~th~e assortment of
tea 1Sags p~?ovided to hot tea
drinkers=none of that reuse
the s.ame ’61d ~ea bag ill. t~pid
wate~ tedmique often seen at
so many establishments these
days. An,~’,weallgotaChuclde
seeing ’Hd~aiian
proudl~ displayed on the beveragelist,
no doubtthehealthy
drink of .choice for all those
aspiring Samsons out there.
"~¢h~t would really improve
this enjoyable restat]rantnewcomer
’would be more relianc~~’’
6n in-’hbusebakers: and
recip~: NO’more Of the
~he~Secake by Sara Lee or
bread by Rainbow approach.
Not’thhi-they weren’t goodin
thei~ ~ownway, but from what
Pride Center at 743-GAYS (4297). Tulsa The dish was then topped with we’ve seen of the house pr6d-
Police do notrecognizehate crimes based a sweet and rather plummy t~.aat- ": uCts,thbs~ dommercialiy preon:
sexual orientation because the Okla- tomato sauce and _freshl~ ~ .--~’-, .~: .;::~ ,~ :pareditemsjustaren’t 0npar
h0ma hat~ crimes,statut~ co~er race and gratedparmesan,.
religion but doesn t include sexual often- Our companion dected thd.
=,- . ,.~o_ - ..,,.... which fe.’a’t,ur,ed.imefiquke, ...~ A’. l*-!, ’(. :i~eHu~!e~xhibitofartdontin-
I~lal~le i-{l{~l{~le I oHr smoked chicl~dfi~bteastsli~s ~ ?~1. :; ~ 11.~1; ". :_ ’: h~s:’~t:.6 hang? on: th~"w~llL
¯ ¯ ° -" ~~ ". ’ * ", : 0veratangy, ch~se-f’flledpfl~ .... °,"’" "’~’i0:~fiandDelil~’~foodi~
IIorlor~ l~entennla| ¯ oftortellinipill0’w.s, restingOn " ".~ " ~ ’" :~ " :i~oh~to Visit this place,.but
The Maole Ridge Homeowners Asso; " a bed.of romam.e, The.sa!ad 1.og,k..ed ~.m.er- ¯ ~.e_ ~m,: ~.t is qmta mtngt~,ng; and
oi.tloh~ -"~tl~ ~V~ral hth~r e,mmnnltv " esting,’thodgh ~e did rlo/e ~i b’it 0fmiex: : Woi-tli~a look: Out companion ~aid that it
~g-~i~a~i’~n’~’~v~ll’~p~ez~se~,’en’~aomes~ : pecf.ed-~(.e~ifl~frrm~e ; bfoJa~k~0n p6fld~.k. 1On "
touron April 13 from 1-6pm. The house~ : .We alS0 ~...the I~taLi~,v~g~.e~.!Sle~sPup
e,~f kc,,~le l~idoe’~ o~,,1~ " ($1.99), touted~the chdf ~ sp_e~al ge(ret : ’ "~SO~ ~herf ~isiiing downtown Ttilsa0n
~St’=~mor"~’~-~o~de:t’:o"~’Ea*’~o~’~i~ll : r~ipe. It arri ed hot and st y, aiiOwas ¯ noOn ir r o~-i’orthose pre:tfieatre -
featur-e a w"nt’a~ge.a.u.to.m..obt"lecourtesv, the "¯ high.ly.fr.hg.ra.n..t.w..i~thanbse6fr~e~an6~and : Sdpper~(oi~F~idayah~lSamrd~y’evenings
HorselessCarr~a~eClubofTulsa Shuttles : an.unexpected spray hqme.ss While the . only)~,’make the effo~..to find iBarflett
.,m ,or.= v]oit~o,o from "-a~kin- Zt " broth was redolent with a~ explosive ¯ Squa~_~ ~ind Samson &~Delilah’s We’ll
Fti ers" t 15th & OstonSa d : melange of fresh vegetable.: lavors, we
from B~nai ~munah Synagogue at 17th ¯
and Peoriato ~ach house. The cost of the
tour is $10 and tickets are available at
Dehavens, Floral Design Studios, Ken’s
Flowers or at the parking lots orhomes on
the day of the tour. This is the only house
tour that is a sanctioned Tulsa Centennial
event thus far.A patrons party will beheld
on Sat. April 12. Info: 591-6230.
¯ Dog Needs Women-Only Home
¯ The Dalmatian ,Assistance l~eague
¯ (DAL) is looking fora home for B.abe, a ¯
heavily spotted 2 year old female, with
¯ one blue and one brown eye. Babels very
¯ sweet but may have been abused bymen
¯ in her past and the club feels an all female
household would work best for her~ She
¯ 10vegwalk~ .bfit W0uki ne~t~, a home with
: a tall fence 6r ]i:hot wire systems (i.e. this
: gift likes to get out). To adop~Babe, call
¯ Lawauna Smith. ~it "446-5546. D/~L also ¯
has 7 other Dalmaiians needing h0rh~s~.
¯ Thefee is $100 whidhindudes nenter br
¯ spaying, Shots, wormifig, and beartworm ¯
test. Call 299-7878 for more information.
<,,..,,, Monday &,Thursday evenmgs,;~7-9: pm
Daytime testing, Mon-Thurs by appointment.
South Harvar:d; Suite E~2
2 doors east, onsortium..
Look for
~;-f!-!,i~. Do you liVe in a smalttown
or rural area?
Are yoU attractedito other men?
If you’dlike to meet others,- -,
come to our rural mens discussion group
in Tulsaor in MUskogee,
~.~/ e~eryi~Other weekend.
more info., contact Bobby or ,Jeremy
712 1600 or 800"282-8165
Complete gay-friendly resources and |
lawyers, therapists,
Nationwide resources includin(
AL, AR, AZ, DE, DC, FL, GA, HI, KS, ~ ]
For an application
~lnd us at .A
You can recycle more than just~bOttles,
cans and newspapers. How about .motor
oil? Magazines? Batteries? Bring any of .the
following materials to Metropolitan Environmental
Trust (M.e.t~) depots in and around Tulsa:
Admiral & Louisville (at Bud’s)
21st & 129th (at Homeland)
18th & Yale (at.Sears)
81st & Lewis (at Wal-Mart)
51st & Union (Warehouse Mkt)
61st &Yale (at Bud’s)
Jenks 100 N. Elm
Sand Springs Hwy.97_.
& Keystone Expressway
Glenpool 144th & Fern
Bixby Eastof 151st& Mern0dal
Sapulpa Main and Taft
And these affiliatedcenters:
Owa~, 499 S. Main; Bml~n Anew, 302 N: Elm
Aluminum cans
Nos, 1 & 2 plastic bottle~
Glass bottles "
Office paper
Household and
auto battedes".
Motor oil & Antifreeze
Relationship and
Family Therapy
....g~quest~on: ~€!~z~er thepush f6r gay
: ~~r~’~ht~ ~ill:be~q~om the debate
¯ ,~smtssedthelegisIa.~nWednes,: ¯ :th~ ~efiiki~i~v’e.!The issue Of~s.~feday
as ~ust another attempt t6gay-bash. : sex marri~igdlm~ make ~,av fi
Texas law already bars~s~e-s~x~ m.ar,- : moderate byr,om.parlson%-t’o--s~d-fii’-’~i~w~’-
..riages;Ms.H.~dY,G~ciasaid~:’Wewbi~fl : makers, sai~l~nan.But,.~’~dds,"the
19ve our (amilies ~o Mv~,e the s’ame prdt~- ¯ way,we lb6~ ai if,.~.:, they,i~i~.at ~ddi the
,~ada?q,~,°,-,~a,:reu~,..:rs,.fa~m!ei,~o,~sh~ems~~d.-uBmRtt.’.ys.h~e :: oVnetrhye.ss~.dam,.ie~lseugeaslp,brecm~piss~e.".t.h..ey are based Dogays and
~na_a to aeai w~m sO.many other ~ssueslike ¯ l~sbians quidify a~ agr0up that ~ets uroviolenceandempioym:
entdi~..criminatibn, : tect-ed:~r0un Stat~?":Lockman ~kid’~av
~age i.s.a_ I6ng:i~,- far~way thing. :. i-ights’@pohents.hoL~" to make a succ~s’-
-.I.M~_I~, m25. ypars, thi,~ ~iH be:our,t~p i f~.ita~dhthe Hous~ of Representatives,
priority., : ~’7. .... . ", -7~?o . . iwSichAbr0msonsfiggests;villbethekey
Mrs. Nelson ~aid she wasre~s~n~ding to ." ~tfl,eg~ound, In the event that the mea-
,a, case idHa@aii’. Ms: HardyL~aida said, " Surdis ~naet~xl, ~Lockmansaidi~waslikel
...,L.et s.t.alk.ab.ou.t .rea.lly.p.rot.ecU.n.g t.he.¯ theopponentswouldmountarefe~unmd e
~,n,sttm.Uon Ofmarnage. ,H.oW about not ~: chall~engeknown as apeople’s veto..
miowmgpeoplewhodon .tpay child sup- . "AS~6~mson’ s billwo~ld ~v~r e~loyport
to marry?, How :’about :doing something
about ailulteryT" i ment, h0iming~ publicac6ommodafions
’ ~ "" andcredit; exempting religious organiza-
LouisianaGay GroUpFaults r : ~ons:.Co:sponsors’include the chairmen
: Ahti~Marriage Bii]~ o~ " i ofthe~udiciary~Committe¢ that,willreand
gay group on Wednesday critidzeda ¯ " ’ MontanaToO " . :
state, senator ~for f’fling a bill Lh~at would : ~A(AP)-GaycouplesinMontana
_pr_._o~,brit marriages by pe~.,ple-of the same : Will~6tSa~therigLitt0~underabill
sex.~ Louisiana already, ouly reco~dzes : givL~n’ pi~liminary approval in the House
marriage as being betweea one,man and : SgtuTdaY.. ’
one woman. So what’s the point’p’ Brian ¯ ¯ ’. House~ Bill. 323 by Rep. Willi~am-
Hartig, executive director:~f ~e’Louisi- ! BohtaskiW0iddadd saine:sex
anaElectorateofGaysandLesbians,said. : .to~ theli~st of those already proMbited
Sen. Phil, Short, has fded,a bill for the . Montatmla#-.TSe !aw ;¢~-enfly
legislative sessionset to begin M~eh 31 ; m.arri~ be.t~_.~n~y mem.bers~f~
that would amend the state constitution to :: example; i,but ’it n6where mentions’ t5€
prohibit Same-sex. ~mardages. The 5ill :
Wouldneedatwo-thirds¢.oteoftheLeg, : uidous? "’ ......... ’: "~ .... ~ .... ’.....
islature.andapprovalbythepcoplebefOre ¯ said tbebill
Short,. Vfleda similar proposal,as a reso,
lutioi~ auringthe 1996-sessign~but itdied
in the Senate. A~resolution does not
the ~weightlof ~1a¢¢, I~ut~exiLresses~g
Hartig said .Shq~ and other _lawmakers
should, wqrk~ on. more~ ,pressing iss~ues,
such ,~, crime,, teen pregnaney,.job ,cre~
atiqn,an,d,improving.e,xlueafi.on:,_-.. ~, ~
. Anti~Mar,riageBill
MAine!ieferen.dum ~drlvd ,tb,b~’sam¢~~¢k,
marriage help, promote pas’~i~ge of a’~fiai~
c/Vii right~ bi~~Withbb~m@ur¢~
ing be.fore
Conimi.it~.if is ’t~~afi~*t~~.~
civil dgh,ts ad*oca’te~’;
ence ofthemaniagebanbn thelegi:~lafive~
agenda maywork:to th~iradv.a~.~tagd: ’ * ’ "
, !’I suppose,on’theiofi¢ hadd;
said Sen, Joel.Abromsoni R-Pofdhndii.he
Chief spbnsor:-of:lhe .bill-.to °~idit ~¢X~"
orientation:to th¢list ofprotected
ri:es iw, Mai,ne~ ~humaw rights~ law.
Abromso~’ ~easo~is :~that, ~foi:otawin~ker~-
weighing theissue ofgay marriage, "th~r6~
may be som~ v~h.;o:say~
htoQm.. f~~;~,n.bgh~tts."I~bi,l~,,!w.,:i~l~~ing tO ~upl~ort.the
Vl~¢W It could h-urt~. .......’ .-’, ::."" ~ ;~-~" ;’:~ "~
Sdmeprol~nents offl~oga~ n’gh~tsm-~a]
s~, say,it
mb’fiv.’a~ed dls~.us,sibn:-al~0m.,letting ~ the i.
LegiSlature take.~p.the: dtizen i~ti~tive-:.
i~medi:aigiy ~ wi~Gt~r~f~em’ng itt~m-~
mit.te¢. Their .tlfinking-~sumed
same?sex marriage ban will be enocted,.
onewa~or~eoti~er\ ~i~e~bYlawm~rs. ¯
th.eh~felves or b~state {~ote~sat ref~en-.
Vice Chairman i_~iwrence:Lockmanof
Concerned MaineFamilies, the orga~i~a:
Things are happening
Tulslaeaantdfhorer.efsoplkehceirea.,l.~~li,yn", tA~M
i~--’;,~ " Leather Archives
Chicago soon. ~ Museum
Oklahoma’ s Pride, former Now Open Every Saturday 4 PM until Midnight
International.Mr. Leather,
Larry Everett, :r~ecently Open By Appointment For Serious Research
suffered a devastaiingfire
in his home and busin~ess~ Send for Free Brochure)
as well as siguificant i~jUties.
However, Tulsa’s 5007 N. CUIRK ~IRE[I"
leather community, has CHICAGO, iL 60640
really stepped in to help
Larry get backonhis f~t, (312) 275-1570 ~’wor~ by Rex 50’1¢(3)
with a series of
fundraising cvcots at local
clubs. For.moreinformarion,
call T.U.L.S.A.
at 838-1222. Evcots are
plann~i well into Apti!-
Lan-y really did right for
Oklahoma, let;s do our ~
part to do tight for him.
Now, can you imagine
5 nights ofleather in Chicago?
May 22-26, Memotial
Day w~kcod, International
Mr. [gather
1997 will welcome over
3000 leather men and
womco with parties, the Over]t00 persons attended last winter’s Museum opening.
world’s largest lcath~r.
m~rket, not to mcotionth~ctmtmtition " or. visit their web site .at: http://
andSd~tion0ftheneWfitlchol~Evcots : www.imrl.com. Am~-m Airlines and
will:include th~Us~;Biaek :& Blue : Avis R~ntal Cars ar~ the. official .travel
: ,While you are there, no doubt you’ll
’dndWalk.F0ri~o~ inftrmation, call.~b . want to .ch~k. out the Leather
¯"800~545-6753~n/~1:~i@mindx.com ¯ and Museum.S~ the info. above.
what it will S~e next. A bare .breasted
¯ mermaid? A Garden of Eden .tableau?
¯ Bette Davis as Baby.Jane slinging a life-
~]~U~’:~i~~e~ttr]~g~oid.tlie chain : size Joan Craw£ord rag doll a~ound?They
that k~,p,s line el~’~e’~tb’.!my, de~k and is : all get into the act. (Though, alas, these
-saying, Yho! n0!:baaaad ~vriter!" So, !~ three examples do not have musical numTo
record your FREE Personal ad Call: 1-800-546-MENN (We’ll printit here)
Pr"id, e Center oDioscoov e,r eyewear styles-found, nowhere else in Tulsa.
A Home for Tuls.a’S l~esbian;-.iGay,
Bisexual & Transge~ider~d Community
A:!~.P~ :, l;~e@, e~ ~ca~. pai_gn to,, Supt~q(ttheCenter.
......: X~e..Di~emn~.i0~_a~Community CehfeiFin~
- ~ C~¢.T~e - Won’t You g6~0o~-Yo~ Center~
The ~de Center p~6gidesa m~ting place forthe ~me
Timers;:~Ffie~6s~h~:U~ty S~i~ Orga~zafio~, S~e Haven,
T~s~s fbr-~ity, R~n~w Bu~ness G~ld, ~
~d 6t~ers; w~th new groups eye,day.
. Yo~ mem~sMp&yo~.:pledg~ ~e~ps.to keep the d~r~ o~n:
.~.nnu.al..Me.mb.ersh.~p.m.. Center:
~ _Ho~sehol~o~g~zational" "~~ $35.
~ "~Sus~i~ng’: "-< : : ,: $100
Pl~seMsb:eonsi~er.a mont~y pl~g~ to the Center
of.~$5;10; :15,:25, etc.~as you are able.
.Pleage Send ~e/us a pl~ge~kfor
$- ~ per month.
City, state, zip code:
Volunteers are needed to help finish painting as well
as to serve as,Center Sitters to help us be open on a
drop-in basis for several evenings aweek.
Please retum this form to .
’,:- the Pride Center ~’: ~
1307 East 38th, 2ndfl. Tulsa74105
918,743-4297 ’
-6837 S. MEMORIAL ° 254-1 61 1 -
1997 Montero,-Sport ES
from $181534 with air

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