[1996] Tulsa Family News, January 15-February 14, 1996; Volume 3, Issue 2


[1996] Tulsa Family News, January 15-February 14, 1996; Volume 3, Issue 2


Politics, education, and social conversation toward Tulsa’s Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual communities.


Tulsa Family News was a monthly newspaper; No. 1 issued December 1993-January 1994. The final issue available was published in September 0f 2001 (Volume 8, Issue 9).

The newspaper brings up important, evolving topics of marriage, Pride, TOHR, HIV/AIDs, events, advice, and politics all at the local and national level.

This document is available in searchable PDF attached. It is also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


Tulsa Family News




Tom Neal


January 15-February 14, 1996


James Christjohn
Phyl Boler-Schmit
Barry Hensley
Pat Morehead
LD Jamett


Tom Neal/Tulsa Family News


Tulsa Family News, December 15, 1995-January 14, 1996; Volume 3, Issue 1


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United States Oklahoma Tulsa
United Stated of America (50 states)


Serving Tulsa’s Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Communities - Our Families of the Heart
National News
Oregon Murder ¯
......STSOCuKsTOpNe, Ccaltif..A-Triprpeedsotffebdy an i
anonymous caller, authorities in Stockton,
about 70 miles east of San Francisco, ~
January 15 - February 14, 1996, Vohlme 3, Issue 2
,have arrested-Robert. James- Acremant in.’--
connection.with the killingiearlier in De- :
.cember oftwoprominent lestiiaii activists "
Run for Your Lives:
¯ OK House is In Session
¯ Legislators S.eekTo
"Endorse Bias In
i Adopti,on, Foster
Gare & Education
¯ ~,In what is becoming a regular legisla- ~n Medford, Oregon. Authorities have : ¯
confirmed that the man also confessed to :, ti~e kick in the pants forOklahoma Lesbith
.-~, t.:v. ~ ^r n _ :......~.__._ ¯ This drawing representing a gun target ¯ ans, Gay men and Bisexuals the Okla e earll,,.4 aadlng u,t a m,~, ,. LalllUllfl,H . _ . ¯ - .. , , - ,~-o--_~.t.....:t.:,:,. ,,__, ~_............ was left 3ee story below for details ¯ -homa House of Representatives is ised
. ’ see Ore on a e:12 .... - ’ ~ /. . :~ .to address at least two resolutions which
" ¯ -. " "~ ~ ~’~
~’~ .....
Younn Men Admit,. ..u .r-Hara sm,nt- ’.......H.ou.se.Re.so.lut.ion.s 1.04.5&.1046,i.n_tro.- ~ ¯ - -": " ~ OUCgO resp~uvely o\’ Ul~ Kepresema- Murder-of Gay Man ! H.,aLnoscoanl communiDileaaad es.orsn, ,k,’,ellb,-, :"z"v..-. l,on:°" su° ,dB oe, e°na°u"f ,readree""mckeaannd, ,’oneesx o-f
" HOUSTON - Authorities say Daniel C. : awoke to find "hate -.~.messages at theii~: ." press the position of the House of Repre-
Bean, 19, and Rodney H. Gauthier, 21, : home. Recently, theyf0und an.anti-Gay :- sentadves "regarding certain lifestyles"
two half-brothers who say they’re members
of a net-Nazi organization, have
admitted viciously attacking twogaymen,
one ofwhomdied ofmultiple stabwounds.
Frank Mangione, ’46, Was pronounced dead
on amval at a local hospital, and Kenneth
Stern, a friend who had been with
see Murder, page 3
Ge,o. rgia: Fed.eral-
Rultng on Marr,age
ATL’-XNTA - The U.S. Court of Appeals
in Adanta has ordered Georgia Attoruey
General Michael Bowers to explain in
court why his withdrawal of a 1991 job
offer to Robin Shahar after she had a
religious marriage ceremony with her
lover does not violate Shahar’ s free speech
rights under the U.S. Constitution. The
ruling could force the .state’s, attorney
general into a difficult court fight since it
would require him to establish a"compelling
governmental interest’: in changing
his mind about the job offer. Bowers"
office had argued that hiring Shahar after
the commitment cerelnonv would complicate
enforcement of the state’s antisodolny
laws and could be construed as an
endorsement of same-sex marriages. The
attorney general’s office said it was "’disappointed"
in die 3-judge panel’s ruling
and would ask for a review, either by ftfll
appeals court or the US Supreme Court.
Calif. GOP Tries-To"
Ban Gay Marriages
Thursday, Jannary 4, Califorlfia
Assemblymelnber Pete Knight unveiled
amendments to his bill, AB 1982, to prevent
Califonfia from recogmzing samesex
marriages.!egally pedbnned in other
states. Knight’s bill isiu reaction to the
expected legalization of stone-sex marriages
in Hawaii in the next two )’ears.
Knight’s bill has the backing of the
Assembly Republican caucus, and ,’dread)"
has 29 Republican co-sponsors. Kafight’s
stated reasoning follows: traditional marriages
are for procreation. S,’une-gender
couples can’ t "produce offspriug together,
[so] they must view marriage as just a
reservoir of economic perks." galight did
see CA-GOP. page 10
¯ (concentriccircles) with themessage,"tar-
¯ get practice-fags’: and on the reverse, ¯ vulgar drawings and comments.
¯ Kirby, fonner TOHR president, stated
¯ that this harassment is especially trou- ¯ bling since their address is not pul~lished.
¯ He added that the hate crimes unit of the
Tuls.a police depart, did send officers to
¯ investigate, even though under
¯ Oklahoma’s hate crimes law, attacks on the basis of sextml orientation are not
cov.ered. Kirby noted that these nughtjust
See Target, page 10
message marked on a. car window. Two : and regarding "celebration of a LeSbian
days later, tbeyfoundacrudedrawingon° .~ and Gay history month in the public
their porch. On one side therewas a target ._: schools". Both are simple resolutions and
: therefore would not have the force ot’lass"
¯ ACLU Continues to
Challenge Sex Law
The American Civil Liberties Union
: (ACLU) ofOklahoma recently received a
¯ setback to its challenge of Oklahoma’s
¯ "’sodom)"’ law.. Oklahoma City attoruey,
¯ Mark Hendricksen, with Marquette l_’ni-
¯ versitvprofeSsoroflaw Shirley \Vie_,aand
¯ with assistance from ~he Gay & Lesbian
Rights Project of the national’office of the
ACLU are preparing a petition to the
U~fited States S.up.reme Court for a review
of the late 1995decision of the Oklal~olna
Court of Criminal Appeals.
The circumstances ~f the -case follow! a
citizeu was approached by a undercover
OKCpolice officer. After extended flirtation
by the police officer who emphasized
see ACLU. page 10
Project-Open Mind
,Parents, Fanfilies and Friends~of Lesbiaus
and Gays, (PFL,~G), both the national
and local orgamzations ,are contilming
their Project Open Miud cmnpaign to reduce
hate langtmge and violence directed
toward Lesbians, Gay men, Bisexuals mad
those perceived to be. PFI.=~G National
,’umomiced that the law finn of Hogan &
tlartson LI.P will assist PFLAG at no
.charge (pro bond) in First Amendment
tssues raised by the threat of lawsuits
against PFL&G i’r0mthe Christian Broadcasting
Network (CBN).
Project Open Mind began with television
connnercials that featured anti-Gay
see PFLAG. page
House resolution 1045 declares that
¯"- "’homosexuality, lesbianism or bisexnal-
: ity’" should not be taught as "’natural
: lifestyles" in public schools, and that Les-
¯ bians, Gay men or Bisexuals should not
] adopt or’be foster parents and would
~. specify that the stone classes of citizens
] should not have "any special status under
¯ the law".
: ~ Resolution 1046 states the position of
: the House condemmng the National Edu-
~ cation Association’s (NEA) "call for "’the
¯ acceptance and tolerance of homosexual
behavior" and for "’celebrations of a Lesbian
and Gay History Month to ac"knmvledge
the contributions of lesbians, gays
¯ and bi sexuals, all ofwhich is inconsistent
with traditional values of this state...’"
Traditionall.v le~slation of this sort have
been filed by one or another of the OK
House’s Radical-Right members, typi-
"cally, Bill Graves ofOKC. \\’hat concerns
many longtime politi"cal observers is that
these have been filed by Democrats. Laurie
Phillips, co-chair of the Tulsa County
Democrat Party stated that tlfis "’flies in
the face of the principles of the Democrat
Party, not only the local, state & national
platforms but violates the constitution and
bylaws of the state Democrat part3".
tale observer suggested that the introduction
ofthese resolution might be a way
for the Democratic leadership to kee~
these issues under their control. The idea
is that a milder, non-binding resolution
would let legislators take an anti-Gay
lX?.sition for their ultra-conservative consutuents
at home but would allow those
Representatives to avoid a vote on an
actnal anti-Gay bill. However,.attoruev
Bill Hiulde rio’ted that even as a resolu’-
tion. Lesbians, Gay men mid Bisexnals
could be affected if agency heads chose to
reflect the views of the House in their
policies. Dept. of Hunwaa Senices (DHS)
officials said at this time, the agency does
not discriminate on the basis of sexual
orientation mid DHS staff knew of some
adoptions by Lesbian or Gay citizens.
DHS stall" stated their duly cdnceru was
with the quality of the hol~e for the chilsee
R.1045. page 10
¯ HIV Bias Lawsuit
Names Cafe Owner
¯ The Tulsa Federal Court will soou hear
.an HIViAIDS discriminatiou lawsuit
¯ which could be the first in the nallon
under the A~nericans with Disabi lilies Act
" (ADA). Local"society" "cafe owner, Tcrr3
_’~ ~T~urner; who mvns Capistrano inq "ticw "
¯ ’ Square andThe French Hen in sonth’l;ulsfi,
;.’ iS ~li¢ged to have ~’iolated the federal nou-
¯ discrimination law in what former cur
¯ ployee, Paul Saladin, claims was a wrong.....
¯ ful firing, Saladin had beeu emplo.vcd at
." The French Hen for over 8 years.
: Background
¯ Saladin’s spouse, FxtGandin, tested
i positive for HIV :’anti.bodies in=1987. In-/
¯ late 1992, Gaudin becanle ill and was
¯ ..diagnosed with AIDSin early 1 ~93. I)ur-
¯ mg this time, Saladin supported the finn-
¯ ilv and was Gaudin’s prilnary carcgivcr.
¯ A’lso during this time, Saladin becmnc a
¯ voluuteer with an HI\" AIDS hospice and
became a certified HI\" AII)S educator.
¯ Both Gaudin’s !llV status, illness and
¯ Saladin’s vohmteer work wcrc known to
most French Ileu employees and Saladin’..~
manager, Jemlifer \Vallacc. On occasion.
¯ French Hell CtlSlOlners who kllcw of
Saladin’s circumstances, would ask hiul
¯ about his spouse. \\.hilt he appears to
have been discreet about the subject.
Saladin did not hide his vohmtcer work or
his relationship with Gaudin.
History of this Case
In respouse to ,’m inqtury from l)r. &
; .Mrs. Spohr of Tulsa (according to pnblic
doculnents on file with the court), Saladin
¯ did uot mention either HIV or AII)S but
¯ did refer to Gandm’s T-cell count. On ¯
Sept. 17, 1993, the manager at that time,
¯ Je~mifer Wallace instructed Saladin not
¯ to discuss Gaudin’s HIV AIDS condition
¯ while waiting on tables, and further m-
Ibnned him that she hoped owner Terry
¯ Turuer did uot find out. According t~
¯ documents sublnitted to the court, Saladin
¯ agreed but objected and sought guidance
see ADA. page 3
Tulsa Prime Timers
¯ Raises $1000 For
Community Center
¯ Tulsa Area Prilne Tilners (’I’AVI’)
: hosted a holiday party and silent auction
¯ in December. With food prepared with ¯
TAPT’s gourmet group and items donated
by TAPT’s members, the event raised
¯ S 1000 for creation of a Tulsa Couununitv
; Ceuter which lnembers of the group prt;-
¯ seuted to TOHR president, Dcbi Statues.
Prime Tizners, which is ,’dread\" one of
¯ the fastest growing social orgam’zations,
¯ has expanded its membership to include
Gay mid Bisexual men over the age of 21.
Formerly, membershipwas 40 and alx)vc.
918.583. 1248
P()B 414(/
Tulsa, Oklahoma
74159-o 14o
TulsaNews~ aol.com
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It’s that time again When we have to deal with
politics whether or not we want to do so. On
[:cbruary 6th, there.~e city council.primary races
which aren" t particularlyinteresting AND tl~ere are
ol v charter changes which may not be that interestiug
either but which ARE important. The one that
I would urge each of us to vote ~n lavor of is a
ch,’mgc to the charter which would allow an employee
of a business which holds a franchise with
thc city to hold public office. The prohibition dates
from early days of statehood and no longer has a
usc. I tow~\er~ the impact of it remmning could be
to force City Councillor Joe \Villiams off the city
council. Joc" s district is mostly north Tulsa mad vo{~
all might ask why. if you don’t live in that district.
.you should care’? Fi~rst. Joe V,’illian~s has been a
good rcprcsentative for his district and seems to
this observer to be one of the few of our councillors
who has both brains and integrity. Furthermore,
-Joc is sensitive to issues of m,.ti-Gay discrimination
and is thc oulv member of city govermnent to say
he would support a non-discrimination ordinanc~
"that included sexual orientation. Right now, oulv
one friend o~r city council can’t do much but it’~
better than no fri~nds.Let’s help Joe stay in:office.
Also. Rob Hill is ntiufing for School Board Dist.
;6. Rob brings intelligence, compassion mad experi-
~cnce to this race m~d deserves our support. If you’re
~in hi( district, please:vote for him on Feb." 13. If
!youre. not in Iris district mad c,’m spare some cash
:for cmnpm_ou expenses, please help. If yOU can’t
¯sparc the c~ish, c0nsidcr giving some ti,fie.: If yon
:wm,t to help.please contact.tiffs paper for-inf’.
I ~ch 0f ns cam makc a difference, just by voting.
:.Plcasc do. - Tom Neal, publisher
Taking Heart
b\" Pat .\ lorehead
To begin thisyear,my companion and I started
in the hot mb with a,botfle .of champagne we’ve
.carted around since the mid eighties awaiting a
"’special" occasion, Due to his career he is usually
unavailable at the holidays, so this was the first
time in several years that we’ve actually shared the
New Year together. \Ve started with a very good
dimmer at the Bistro of Brookside, though it was a
little noisy and a little too dear from my v~ewpoint.
\Ve dined late and then returned home and settled
into the hot tub. \Ve enjoyed the relaxing comfort
mad then adjourned inside for some more relaxing
activ,ties. All in all it was a nice start to a new year.
I got to sit in on a rehearsal for "The Lion in
\\’inter" being presented by Broken Arrow Community
Playhouse; call 258-0077 for details. I want
bYShblT{, ~ob~rtb ....................
( Warn#}g : Not [or thehumor-imp)aired!)
It h~ long been my contention that ~ough we
may shoe orgmfi~ti~ns, a couple of b~s, and the
stone colors of the rNnbow, the rdNity is that, wNle
gay men ~dlesbi~s ~e of the stone "ilk", they ~e
NOT of the stone planet. For ex~ples:
Lesbians usuNly m~y slightly"before" the first
date. Gay men marry only after e.rtensive interviewing
~nd denial. "
Lesbians have sex inunediately ~ter meeting
the other woman’s mumNs, cNl&en, relatives,
reviewing ~1 her b~ks, and inte~ogatlng her current
and ~1 her exes. G~v men have sex immediately
a~er just about attythhtg. Sometimes before.
though not as much as they used
I.esbians use love to get io sex. With g<v men, the
vtce is versa.
~en lesbians buy a house, they rehab. And
refi~rbish Gay men. ~n the other han~. redecorate.
~sbi~s~easily fix~~ling refrigerator. Gay
men can e~ih’ fill it~om the cheese atzd importe~
mushroont sebtton of the dell
Lesbians ~e more likely to be vegetal. Gay
men will eat almost anything.
It took lesbi~s to rediscover Hush ~ppies. It
took gay men w redesign tltem in Easter egg colors.
Lesbians process. Endlessly. Gay men rationally
debateram~caaons andconsbqueitces. Forslightly
Lesbi~ ~e politi~ly co~ect to everyone. Gay
men are politically correct to everyone [hey knout.
I_esbians don’t eat tNngs that used to ha~:e faces.
Gay men categorically reject tofit ~ pointless
wa~@aper p~te with calories.
~sbians envv M~tha Stew~t’s Co~ecticut
house. GaY men’channel her.
~sbi~ fix si~ le~s ~emselves, Gay men call
plumbers. Cute ones.
~sbi~s pay intemN pen~ for haph~d eye
contact, btlhe rightpar& circumstances, ga~ men’s
heads have been known to r~’olve a fidl 3~0"
Polifi~ly co~ect or not, lesbi~s look at Play-
~y Mag~ine. Gay men just read the articles.
To a lesbi~, cNntz is your p~tner buying yo~
bir~day present at a y~d s~e. To a g~v man, its a
fabulous ~rnishing opportuni&,
Two lesbi~s ~ght refer to ~ch o~er ~ "my
wife." Two gay men wouldn ’t.
~sbi~s ~ve off-road veNcles ~d~ymaps
that refold~emselves. Gay Men eventually stop at
service station and ~kfor directions. But only if
th~ real~7 have to go.
~sbi~s bring ~e chars, ~e newsletter, NI the
:to recormnend llii~~ ibroduCtion. I was ¢ery ira: .’ "flyers, theminut~s~ and’the- Coffee pot. Gay men
pressed even though I saw it at an early point in the : bring chkckbo~ks.~
rehearsal schedule. But I was particularly taken ¯ Lesbians have potlucks with dishes made from
with.the.the Richard.and Phillip scene. The.Direst .." l.en~ils .or chocolate. Or both. Gay. men have intitorhastakentherelati0nshipbetweenthesecharac-
." mat~ litti~ ~ti~tn~rs)~o~, i~vb fv~th:lio~emadepate. To
ters and..:,~d~; i!t:!.~!~.~~ .that it.is ahomosexual~ : start~ ’ . "
relations~ij’i~)i! i ~i i:::il" ~..i.~i,.... ..... ’.... - z . "~ LesbianS love camp. ~o.do gay men.
. Now, I h~g~;trrlid~ihat:the inclinations of the : Lesbians cook out by tliepond. Gay men cook in,
two feilo~’ii~i~" N~iiard and,:Phillip are, but : then sit out bythe pooL " " "
bet~een them the mana e a ~erv conv~nono Lesbian Cou le
¯ ’" "~Y~ i g .~ " " ~ ." ’ " p s hyphenate their last names.
see Play, page 3 ". Gay men arm wrestle each other to the ground and
¯. use the winner’s name.
Lesbians go to the gym to get fit. Gay men go to
the gym to get theirjeans to fit.
¯ Lesbians think of New Year’s Eve as an oppor-
¯ tunity to get reacquainted with steps 10, 11, and 12.
see Vegan, page 3
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¯ Sparky’s, Hwy. 62 East 501-253-6001
¯ The Woods, 50 Wall St. 501-253-8281
on how to handle inquiries about the issue.
Saladin worked several more days
until Wallace informed Turner about the
situation. Saladin was then suspended for
30 days, although he claims he had complied
with Wallace’s directive and The
French Hen does not dispute this. During
the time of the suspension, he retrieved
his liquor license from The French Hen so
that he could continue to work at temporary
jobs. Also, during this time, Saladin
attempted to speak with Turner to address
¯ any misunderstanding.
On Oct. 15th, Saladin called to arrange
to return to work by the 22rid and was told
that Turner had directed her to replace
Saladin. Up to this time and afterwards,
Turner refused to take his calls. According
to Saladin’s documents, when once he
succeeded in getting Turner on the phone,
Turner stated he had nothing to say and
hung up. During this time, several other
employees left or were terminated and
positions became available, but Saladin
was not offered his position back. He filed
with the Oklahoma Employment Security
Commission (OESC), with the Equal
Employment Opportunity Commission
(EEOC), and sought legal representation.
In late Nov, Saladin was informed that
he’d been denied uuemployment compensation
because Turner claimed that
Saladin had quit. To the OESC, Wallace
on behalf ofTurner claimed that there trad
been repeated customer complaints about
Saladin’s conduct ,and that Saladin had
been suspended for nffsconduct and insubordination
and that Saladin had volun:
taril y quit and Saladin had threatened to
sue. Wallace and Turner repeated these
allegations at a telephone hearing on Dec.
16th with the OESC.
On Dec. 17th, Turner called Ed Gaudin
at his and Saladin’s home asking questions
about Gaudin’ s health and physician
and allegedly calling Saladin a liar.
Gaudin, who was already seriously ill,
appears to have been so upset by the
conversation that when Saladin came
home, he found Gaudin emotionally devastated
and vomiting.
In Jan. of 1994, after Saladin had obtained
legal representation and the EEOC
found sufficient reason to direct Turner to
respond to Saladin’s complaint, Turner
through his attorneys offered Saladin his
job back without conditions. Saladin’s
attorneys accuse Turner of making the
offer in bad faith in order to limit Turner’s
liability for back wages while obviously
Turner et al claim good faith. However,
Saladin expressed a willingness and desire
to return to work from Oct. 15 at least
until Turner’s call to Gandin in Dec. Turner
did not communicate an offer to restore
Saladin’s job until January after Turner
had retained legal counsel.
Since January of 1994, this case has
seen a flurry of legalese documents as
attorneys from each side cite cases to
bolster their side. A trial date has been set
several times but delayed. It is expected to
go to trial February.
Other Information
Late in 1987. after Gaudin tested positive
for ttIV antibodies, a fact which
Saladin shared with several co-workers at
The French Hen, Turner directed that
Saladin be suspended without pay until
Saladin produced a medical repor~ proving
that Saladin was HIV negative. After
being tested. Saladiu subnffl ted a report to
see ADA. page 8
Photos, JD Jamett, 621-5597
Worship Servide 10:30 am
Sheridan Center, Suite H
21st & Sheridan
Public Accountant
Lesbians & Gays face many, special tax situations
whether single or as couples.
We are proud to serve our communities
with sensitive & timely information.
747-5466, POB 14011, Tulsa 74159
Mangione when they met the 2 young
men at a local bar, had been beaten. S tern’s
condition was not serious however. Police
said Bean and Gauthier told them
they had attacked Mangione and Stern
after one of the men had touched one of
the young men while the 4 were taking a
drive earlier in the evening. The young
men also told officers they belonged to a
group called the German Peace Corps,
which human rights activists say is a California-
based neo-Nazi orgamzation affiliated
with the KKK. Several witnesses
told authorities that the 2 young men had
bragged earlier that they were "going’to
get a fag" that night, and later boasted that
they had "cut up this fag real bad."
Gay men see it as a chance to blow their
horns off..
Lesbians truly believe that communes
work. Gay men really think they can be
Lesbians turn everyone within hugging
range into "family.’" Gay men have a
tendency to run around i~i PACs.
It is, ~onsidering everything, amazing
that we still talk to each other. Fortnnately,
we are all smart enongh to have
figure out that what is truly unnaturai on
tiffs looney-tune plauet is marrying outside
your own species. ~ 1996 Shelly
All rights reserved. Shelly Roberts is a
uationally syndicated colun~fist, spe,~er,
and author of Roberts’ Rules of Lesbi,’m
Living (5 96) Spinsters htk
seduction scene xvith a very sensual kiss.
The actors deserve credit, and the theater
deserves credit for not diluting the homosexual
content~ Here is a chance as a
co~u~ty forus to snpport a mmustrcana
effort w~ch represents us without apology
or emb~assment.
I was saddened at the passiug of Mike
Syn~, former Congressm~ lrom l)i strict
Two. I have contributed to and worked on
Mike’s beh~f in ~e pasl. tie was a good
guy, honest ~d decent, a truc public scrv~
t in ~e very best sense. There is no
comping ~e ~u~ities Mike represented
with the likes of a Cobum, or I ~gcnt or
I~ofe. And I ~z not refemng to political
So for me ’96 is off to an uneven start.
But I intend to t~e heart from the bad as
well ~ the good. I will t~e heart in tl~
ex~ple of Mike Syn~ ~d not be afrmd
to go out ~d fight the good fight. I will
t~e he~t in these two unkuown local
actors and their associates who ~cn’t
~r~d to tac~e a Bible belt tahoo. Aud
I’m going to t~e he~t in the eighteenth
ye~ of a loving and sh~ug relationship
with my lover compmfion.
~ch gives me a re~ly silly idea. l’d
like to he~ from you, the readers, about
what gives you he~t, and helps you make
your way through the world. Maybe you
have so~e key that someone m our commusty
ueeds io hear or would m~c them
feel less isolated. Send you responses to
the editor or E-mail tbcm ~o
TulsaNews ~2 aol.com, and hc can l’or~vard
them on to me. XXtacn I get a good one 1"11
use it in fl~e cohmm. If yon want thcln to
be anonymous, that’s I’iqac.
News Briefs News Briefs
Recruiting Cops for
’City of Brotherly Love’
PIIILA DELPHIA - The Philadelphia
Police Department has
begun rccniitmg gay ,and lesbian
police officers through public
cmpioynieut notices in the city’s
t~vo gay newspapers The uew
effort is the rcsult of a meeting
Police Commissioner Richard
Ncal held earlier in December
with leaders of the city’s lesbian
and gay community. Police Sgt.
l:rcd Cottou said the dcpartuaenl
made a similar effort m 1989-90
bnt !he department had uo i id’ormarion
on how successfill thai
recruitment program had been.
"l’vc never Imd,’mvonc come up
to me and tell m~ their sexual
pcrsuas~ou." Cotton said. The
dcpm’tmcut doesn’t kccp any data
ou the sexual orientation of offleers,
hc added
Study: The Kids (of
Lesbian Moms) Are OK
CIlICAGO- A prolonged study
of the kids of lesbian morns th,~t
tracked the children’s developmcut
forsome two decades found
that they had no more problems
with sexual orientation or other
dcvclopmcut~d issues than the
kids oflmtcroscxtud parcuts. The
study, which was reported in tl~
American ,lournal of Orthopsychiatrv,
found one noticeable
diffcr0mc between the clfildrcn
of Icsbiau morns mad hcteroscxmd
parcuts:"th~ offspnng in
the lcsbimi f,’unihcs were more
uncouflk~rtablc udkiug with other
pcoplc about their parents than
the kids from the str~fight fanfilic~.
Anether signilic~mt di ffcrence
bctwccu the two groups was tha!
none of the kids from hctcroscxnal
fanfilics reported having
had any homosexual experience
by their mid-20s, wlfilc some
25% of those from lesbian lhmi-
News Briefs News .Briefs
lies said they had had at least one
homosexual relationslfip.
Washington State Anti-
Gay Measure May Fail
SEATTLE - To the relief of
rights activists iu the state, Washmgton
anti-gay activists
concede they probably will not
be able to get cuough siguaturcs
to put two ballot measures before
voters in 1996. Initiative
167 would bar gays and lesbians
from adoptiug clfildrcm mid hlitiative
166 would prohibit antibias
laws based ou sexual orientation
anywhere iu the state. The
head of the Citizens ..\.ltimme of
\Vaslfiugton conceded shortl\
before Chi’istnms that the group
wasn’t going to bc able to get the
uceded signatures because the
orgmfizatiou had attracted oulv
a few huudred members an~J
raised only about $5.000 for its
siguaturc-gathcring cmnpaign.
Cathy Y, lickcls, the head of the
state dmpter of the Eagle Forum.
,also told Seattle reporters
she didn’t think it was very likely
the organization would be abl~
to get thd rcqnircd signatures.
Proposed Bill to Aid
Partners Measures
SAC~\MENTO, C:dif. - C~diforuia
Assemblyman \Vallv
Kuox (D-West Hc{llywo~xt) wil’l
introduce a measure m the stale
legislatnre carl\ m 1996 that
would attthorizt~ the giant CadifonfiaPublic
Emtfloyccs & Rctiremeut
System (CAL-PERS)
to open its hc~dth iusurancc coverage
plans to thc dolncstic partners
of muuicipal mid other govcnuncnt
agcucy employees
the state. Some 80 or so C~dil’orma
cities and rcgiomd bomds
and commissions carry their
employce health ius~rancc
thi’ough CAL-PERS. But CAI,-
PERS regulations govcmiug the
state-operated health mid medi-
News Briefs News Briefs News
cal insurance plata specifically
exclude "conunon law spouses"
and "’life partners" as eli~ble
employee dependents, preventing
the cities, counties and special
districts in the CAL-PERS
prograna from offering partner
benefits to their gay or straight
workers even if they want to.
Lobbying for Educational
Anti-Bias Protections
Youth Recreation & Information
Center (LYRIC}
started off the New Year with a
political bang on Jan. 3 with a
caravan of gay, lesbian and bisexual
,voting people tothc state
Capitol in Sacrmnento to lobby
for proposed anti-discriminatio[~
protections. Tim California Educatiou
Code bans discrinfination
in the state’s schools mid educational
services based ona number
of categories, bu! does not
include sexual orientation. The
lesbigay youth groupspent the
first &a.v of the legislature’s new
3ear, Jan. 3, lobbying in support
of a measnre introduced by Assemblywoman
Sheila Kuehl (DSanta
Moifica) that would add
sexual orientation to the state
education code.
So. Dakota Anti-
Marriage Battle Again
PIERRE, S.D. - South Dakota
state Rep. Roger Hunt, whose
1995 le~slation to prohibit samesex
marriages in the state failed,
has announced plans to introduce
the bill again during die
current le~slative session. Hunt’s
1995 bill passed overwhehningly
in the state’s lower house by a
,’54-13 vote, but became stalled
m a cotmnittee in the state Senate
where it died. The proposed
legislation would make any
same-sex marriage’:null and void
from the beginning" in the state,
and is aimed at making any such
marriages that may be legal elsewhere
illegal in Soulh Dakota. It
would, for example, have the
effect of nullifyiug s,’unc-sex
nmrriages if Ha,&aii courts v~d idate
them as many cxpcci to
happeu this year.
Political Attacks Against
Gays Increasing
isstled here by People for the
American Way. says attacks
alined agaiust the political
progress of gays mid lcsbimas in
this country increased at ~dl levels.
The report, the 3rd of its kiud
the organization,has issued,
¯ .counted at least. 180 anti-gay
actions m 1995, an increase of
46 such attacks over 1994. The
survey counted anti-gay political
iuitiatives, legislative measures,
executive actions by state
governors as well as open at-
. tacks by police mid mid public
. ~!d. mc..dia figures against gay
High. School Gay Group
Stirs Controversy
school mid legal anthoritics, after
2 moaths, have agrced thcre
is litflc or nothing that can be
-done to preveut a gay- and lcs-
¯biau club being fonncd by a
group of studeuts at Salt Lake
City’s East High School. A small
group of students at the school
asked for pennissiou to start the
club in October, and their request
was passed from the
school’s priuciphl to the city’s
school superintendent, then up
to the state cducatiou office, and
finally on to the Utah attorney
gcueral’s office.
Shortly before Cl~stmas, the
attorney geueral’s office notified
district officials that both
state and federal law prolfibit
barring non-curriculum school
clubs because of content. But
activists with the Gay & 1,csbian
Utali 1)cmocrats say the head of
the state mali-gay Eagle Forum,
GayJe Ruzicka, has already indicated
she would immediately
begin lobbying the state legislatnrc
to keep the club from lbrming.
California’s Hate Crimes:
1/5 Are Anti-Gay
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - In the
firs! of .its kind in California,
state Attorney Geueral l)an
LI.mgrcl!"s office reix)rts tl!at hate
crones m the Golden Stale arc
gcucndi y couccutratcd in ci tics -
:andnearly one-fifth of them were
aimed agaiust gays and lesbians.
During the filaal six mouths of
1994, the survey of local law
enforcculent agencies found
there were 672 bias-based crimes
reported in the state. Of these,
487 (72 percent) were based on
the race or ethnic origins of the
victims, Mille 119 (18 perccut)
wcre bccause the victims were
lcsbkms or gay men - or were
believed to bc by the attackers.
Some 6-1- iucidents (orjust m~dcr
10 pcrccut) WCl’C based on the
victims" religion. The largest
number of reported Irate crimes,
243 of them, were logged in the
[x)s Augclcs metropolitan area.
The San Frmmisco Bay Area
checked in with next largcst couceutratiou,
129 bias-based crimes
iu the four-county ,area.
Transsexual Identity
Bill Proposed in Britain
LON1)ON - Among the
backbcuch bills being offered in
Bri rain’s Ilousc of Connnoiis as
private members" legislation is a
mcasure that wouldmake it easier
for traussexuals in the UK to
establish a legal idemity in keeping
with their new gender after a
sex-change operation. MP Alex
Carlilc has proposed a Gcudcr
Identity Bill which would allow
Miracleglass Neil Ray
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News Briefs News Briefs News Briefs News Briefs News Briefs News Briefs News
transsexualstherighttobegiven . dard of the district’s commu- suit. Ashby, whohasrepresented totheSupremeCourt"ifhemust, sexcouplcstocnroll. Roscnl~aum
a substitute birth certificate reflecting
their reassigned gender
after the operation is completed.
Some 8,000 people in Britain
have undergone a complete sex
change but are not allowed the
legal rights of their new sex.
such as getting married, adopting
and enjoying employment
Gay Credit Card Can’t
Use ’Rainbow’ Name
TRENTON, N.J:- A federal
court in NewJersey has enjoined
promoters of a gay-oriented
credit card from using the nanm
"Rainbow." U.S District Judge
Mary Little Parell barred the
Rainbow Card Fom~datiou from
using that trade name on the
credit card it was pro~noting in
the New York-New Jersey area
in a suit filed by the Rainbow
Foundation Inc., a Middletown,
N.J., charity that offers medical
assistance and other services to
children in the state. The Rainbow
Card had contracted with
Martina Navratilova to act as
spokeswomanfor the Visacredit
.card that wouldhave used part of
~ts card charges to benefit gay,
AIDS & breast cancer agencies.
Gay Teacher Allowed to
Stay in Michigan School
Gerry Crane, a 3 l-year-old high
school music teacher who told
students he was gay alter they
asked about anew wedding band
he was wearing, will be ,allowed
to keep tfis teaching post. The
school board in the town, about
16 miles from Grand Rapids,
said however that it wonld keep
Crane under scrutiny because of
his sexual orientauon. In a forreal
statement, the trustees said.
"The school board firmly believes
that homosexuality violates
the doufinant moral stan-
nity. Individuals who espouse
¯ homosexuality do not constitute
¯ proper role models as teachers
for students in this district."
¯ Crane had told his students he
¯ was gay after he and his companion
had gotten married dur-
¯ ing acommitmentceremouy and
.exchanged wedding bands, causing
some of his students to ask
about the wedding ring.
School Board Condemns
.... Homosexuality
NEW HAVEN, Ind.- Homo-
- sexual activity is inconsistent
¯ with community values and
should be discouragedin the East
¯ Allen County (Iudiana) schools,
¯ according to a resolution adopted
by the local school board. Ac-
cording to school, district officials,
the resolution only reflects
the board’s opinion and isn’~ a
¯ policy statement. But the
resolution’s laaaguag.e, someedu-
¯ caters say, certainly sounds like
¯ an official school policy. The ¯
resolution, wlfich was introduced
¯ in response to a statement earlier
[ tiffs year by the National Educa¯
tion Association endorsing
teacher training aronnd gay and
¯ l~’sbian student issues and rec-
¯ ognizing a national gay mad les¯
bian lfistory mouth, says in part: "’Homosexuality is contrary to
the laws of nat;are, it’s xno~:ally
¯ unacceptable to our conununity
mad we should leach our chil-
dren as such." ¯ UK Member of Parliment
¯ Loses ’Gay’ Libel Case ¯
LONDON’ - Tory MP David
Ashby wept as he f~aced the pros-
" pect offinanci,-d ruinaftcr losing
¯ a prolongcd libel actiou ag,’uust
Londou’s Sunday Times wlfich
." had reported that he is homo-
¯ scxnal. Thc jury deliberated 5
¯ hours belbrc rc[unfing its ver- ¯
dict in favor of the Tlmes in the
Northwest Leicestershire since
1983 in the ruling conservative
~ party, now faces the prospect of
~ : having to pay all legal costs that
are estimated at about $800,000.
Ashby; 55, had sued the Times
: overanarticlein the paperwhich
said he had shared a bed with a
¯ man during a holiday in Gee in
." 1993, that he had misled his wife
¯ and constituents abouthis sexual
¯ orientation, and that he had lied
:..about. h.awn,g a relat~oaship with
a32-year-old Irish physician, Dr.
Ciar~i Kilduff. The ~iewspaper
admitted during the libel trial
that its report had contained at
least one factual error, but mainrained
the accuracy of its article,
wlfich it maintained was justified
to lfiglflight what it cousiders
Ashby’s hypocrisy in advocating
heterosexual f~nilv values
while leading what the’papcr
called a "double life." Both
Ashby’s wife and his sister testified
against the Tory MP duriug
the 4-week trial. It is likely that
Ashby may face bm"akruptc’y and
the loss of his seat in the House
of Conunons as a result.
Gay Marine to
Fight Discharge
DAVENPORT. Iowa - Corporal
Kevin Blaesing says he will
fight efforts by the .MarZiue Corps
to discharge him because hc is
gay. Blaesing, who has bccn
umned "’Marine of the Month"
mad"M,-mne of the Qtuarter.’" was
denied pernfission to reeniist iu
1993 because of remarks he lind
made about homosexuality to a
USMC psychologist. Bu! earl\
in 1995 hejoined a Marine Corp’s
Reserve umt in South Carolina
without auy difficulties m~d later
spoke at a gay pride even! there.
Now thc Mariucs have bcgun
discharge proceedings against
lmn mad Blaeslug says he will
fight the discharge "~1 the way
Two Lutheran
Churches Expelled.
Lutheran Church and the First
United Lutheran Church here
officially became ex-members
of the 5.3-million member Evangelical
Lutheran Church of
America at the end of 1995 for
ordaining 2 lesbians and a gay
man as ministers in defiance of
the national church’s prohibi-
’tiofis. The 2 churches were suspended
by the ELCA in 1990
and given until the end of 1995
to rescind the ordinations of the
Revs. Ruth Frost, Phyllis Zillhart
and JeffJohnson, or be officially
expelled from the national church
A spokesperson forSt. Francis
Lutheran Church said not one
member of the congregation had
left since the controversy started
more than 5 .,,’ears ago. But ironi-
c¯ally one St. Francis Lutheran
member who attended his last
service at the church (at least
officially) on Sunday, Dec. 31,
was Bishop Robert Mattheis, the
presiding bishop of EIX2A’s Sierra
Pacific Synod of some 220
con~egations in Northern Califontia
and Nevada. A long-time
member of St. Francis, Bishop
Mattheis now must officially
leave the church’s con~egatio~:
Calififornia City OKs
Partners Registry
PALO ALTO, Calif. - OutNow,
the San Jose, Calif., gay newspaper,
reports that Pale Alto’s city
council has approved by a 6-]
vote a domestic partners registration.
The re~stranon carries
no direct benefits and requires a
fee to the city clerk’s office. The
only vote agmnst the proposM
crone from Dick Rosenbamn.
who objected that the partuers"
registry ,also allowed oppositesaid
he believed the partncrs"
registranon should be .just for
gays and lesbians.
Marriage Commission
Issues Final Report
IIONOI.UIJ.~- A llawali statc
comnfissiou has approved its finN
report of rccoum~cudations
on a 5-2 vote. calling on the
legislature to a~cpt the rcalil v
of Sallle-SeX lnarriag
courts. Few acnvists believe the
legislature will t;~c the advice
of the commissiou,appointcd b~
Gov. Bcnjmnin Cayctano, b~t
the report’s rccounncndations
add flu ther fuel to the legM bat
~ound the case. The legislature
l~t ye~ adopted a law prohibitlng
stone-sex m~agc, although
=t rcm~us unclc~ whether thai
law itself~m bc considered coustitut~
Chairman Thomas (;ill,
former mcmbcr of Cougrcss and
out-tune lieut, govcruor, said
the state had f~lcd to prove
~c in courl and had relied
the legislature to block tauntsex
m~agcs. "q’hc opposluOU
~ft.come up with a compelling
state lntcFcsI other th~ul I ~x’i~cus
18," he said, rcfcmug to an Old
Tcsumacnt vcrsc that says. ""l’hou
shalt not lic with mankind as
with womankind ""
Sparks Fly in O.S.
Senate Race in Or~on
SAI+EM, Ore. - Rcspondiug to
ch~gcs that hc is an "+extremist"+
for supporting the dUn-go3
agenda of the Oregon Citizen’s
Alliancc, Rclmbli~m t.S 5cuate
candidate Gordou Snfi th told
reporters at a news CollfcjCll~’c
that he is opposed to ga3 and
lcsbimt ttu~agcs "’bccausc +vc
should dcfcud a mamagc license"
mid thai hmdlortts who
should uot bc rcquircd t(> by law.
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Sunday ServiEye Drug Implant Method
Wins FDA Panel Approval
S ILVER SPRING, Md. - A Food & Drug
Administration advisory panel has urged
approval of an eye implant for some AIDS
pauents that it says would be twice as
good as current treatments in fighting off
possible blindness by delivering medic
ation direcdy to the eye. Cytomegalovims
(CMV) retinitis hits up to 40% of all
people with AIDS and the Chiron Corp.
"Vitrasert’" implant would deliver the
medicine ganciclovir in time-released
doses directly in the eye after being \mplanted,
making it much more effective.
the FD A advisory panel said. The full
FDA must now decide whether to accept
the panel’s recommendation or not.
USC to House AIDS Archives
LOS ANGELES - The University of
Southern California will become one of
the first sites in the country with an archive
documenting the earl) years of the battle
against AIDS. Los Angeles city officials
are granting the university a total of
$50,000 for the project alor~g with thousands
of original works com~ected with
the earliest veers of the epidemic. The
AIDS archi~:e will be housed in~,the university
library’s special collections and
will include "city documents, materials
from local actiViSt groups, and papers
from Drs. Michael Gottlieb and Joel
Weismal who published the first cases of
what later came to be known as AIDS.
30% of India’s Blood Infected
NEW DELHI - According to a stud)’ by
India’s National AIDS Control Organization,
nearly 30% of the blood provided by
the country’s blood banks is tainted with
infectious diseases, including HIV, malaria,
hepatitis and others. The government
agency responsible for the national
effort to fight the epidemic in India said
tinrdiable screening procedures risk exposing
patients receiving blood and blood
products to one or the other illnesses. The
Indian Red Cross Society said that part of
the problem stems from chronic shortages
of blood in the country with the result that
commercial blood banks often rely on
poorer professional donors 9iho sui~pl~ement
their incomes by giving blood. Such
paid donors, the society says, are often in
higher-risk groups for various infectious
diseases. The National AIDS Control
Organization now estimates that in less
than 5 years some 5 million Indians will
be infected with HI\" with 1 million fullblown
cases of AIDS in the country.
KS Linked Virus Found
in Semen of HIV+ Gay Men
LONDON" - According to a report in the
British medical journal Lancet, researchers
with the U.S. Centers for Disease
Control have found a virus strongly associated
with Kaposi’s sarcoma in the semen
of large numbers of gay men ~vith
HI\’, but not in many HIV-positive heterosexual
men. The scientists said that
64% of the infected gay men also had the
Kaposi’s Sarcoma Associated Herpesvirus
(KSHV) in semen samples: of the
non-gay men examined, less than 24%
were infected with KSHV. The research-
" ers said their findings explain why a disproportionate
number of gay men may
contract the cancer ,and suggests that
KSHV may be sexually transmitted~ The
CDC scientists say further research is
called for to try to detemfine if KSHV is
latent and then triggered by an HIV infection.
Milder Strain of Virus Inhibits
HIV NEWYORK-According to a report
in the Journal of Molecular Medicine;
researchers at the Mount Sinai Medical
Centerhave identified aless vinflent strain
of HIV that appears to slow down reproduction
of the more connnon and damaging
s train of the virus. The researchers
speculated that the weaker HIV-2 may
interfere with the more virulent HIV-I
straila at-the molecular le~el, blocking the
virus’ ability to reproducel While the finding
could l]old promise in fighting off
HIV-1 in infected individuals, scientists
warned that there is still little’known about
the detailed interaction between the 2
High HIV Levels Infect Newborns
WASHINGTON’, D.C. - According to a
study published in the Proceedings ofthe
NationalAcademy ofSciences,New York
State health department researchers report
that fairly high levels of HIV in the
blood ofwomen who are pregnant is requi
red before the virus can be passed along to
their newborns. The scientists found that
women with levels of HIV in their bloodstreams
at about 50,000 viruses per milliliter
of blood had a 75% or ~eater likelihood
of passing the vii’us onto their infants.
At lower leVds, the chances of the
womentransmitting the virus to their newborns
was significantly lower, the researchers
said. The scientists said the finding
helps explain why some HIV-positive
women~ve birth to infected infants, while
other infected mothers do not.
AIDS Drug 3TC Also Appears
Effective Against Hepatitis B
BOSTON - Two preliminary tests of a
newly approved AIDS drug, 3TC (also
kamwn as lamivudine or Epivir), published
in the New England Journal of
Medicine indicate the medicine also seems,
to suppress HBV, the hepatitis B virus, in
chronic eases. One study, led by Dr. Jules
Dienstag of Massachusetts General Hospital,
found that after a 12-week course of
3TC, about 20% of chronically infected
hepatitis B patients showed no traces of
the HBV. Interferon is the only currently
approved medication to combat chronic
h.epatitis B and has been shown to effective
in about a third of those given the
drug. But interferon must be taken for a
fairly long period ot time and has a nmnber
of very unpleasan t side effects, which
is not apparently the ease with 3TC. Further
studies will now be undertaken to
determine long-term effects of the drug in
combating hepatitis B, possibly in combination
with other drugs.
Status of AIDS Patient Given
Baboon Marrow Transplant
patient who was given baboon bone marrow
in December in an effort to rebuildhis
failing immune system, experienced some
side effects as a result of the chemotherapy
and radiation treatanent he underwent
in conjunction with the marrow transplant.
But Getty’s physician, Dr. Steven
Deeks, said the reactions where fairly
minor and not a result of the bone marrow
injections. Getty’s physicians had said
the bone marrow transplant might either
bolster the man’s rapidly failing immune
see Health Briefs, page 8
Free & Anonymous
Finger Stick Method
By & for, but not exclusive
to the Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual Communities.
Monday & Thursday evenings:
7-8:30 pm for testing, 7-9 pm for results¯
Daytime testing, Mon-Thurs by appointment.
TOHR Tulsa Oklahomans
for-Human Rights
4158 South Harvard, Suite E-2
2 doors east of the HIV Resource Consortium
Look for our banner on testing nights.
Serving Tulsan’s
Since 194 7
Major credit cards
In-store charges or
Direct insurance billing
for your convenience!
3 locations to serve you:
Physician’s Building
1.145 So. Utica
Utica Square Area
1560 East 21st, Ste. 104
The Plaza
8146-D South Lewis.
Viatication is the process through which a person
living with an terminal illness can receive a cash payment
from the face value of their insurance policy.
Generally, to be eligible for.~,.viatical settlement you
must have a documentable terminal illness, and life
insurance coverage in either an individual term, whole
life, or a group policy.
The value of.your life insurance policy xn a viatical
settlement is determined by the specifics of your policy
and yore" unique medical situation. Not every policy is
suitable for viatication, but settlement offers typically
range from 60% to 90% of a policy’s face value, depending
on the specifics of your policy and medical history.
With your written permission, we gather medical and
insurance records with which to determine your policy’s
value. Then, a settlenmt offer is presented to you. You
may always decline the offer with no obligation whatsoever.
Should you accept the offer, payment is made
directly to you. You pay nothing else on your policy, and
you owe us nothing.
Many factors influence ~vhether viaticating 3our life
insurance is the best financial alternative available for
you. Southwest Viatical can discuss all of the factors with
you and 3"our family in person, in detail and can recommend
an experienced Certified Financial Planner to assi st
you in planning the best outcome from your unique
financial s~tuation.
Today, many compames offer viatical settlements,
doing business only by" bulk advertising and 1-800 numbers.
They transfer your insurance and medical records
by mail, and do business from another state.
At Southwest Viatical, we believe you shonld be assured
of complete confidentiality aud the best possible
service by working with us in person, face-to-face. \Ve
are involved on a community level, and are responsible
directly to our local community.
By" working with \ou in person, but at the stone time
having access to nanomvide financial resources, we arc
able to deliver the best value on your policy available
toda\. And because of our established resources, wc can
deliver a settlement in less than a third the time other
companies take by mail, typically in fewer than 30 da\s.
We’ll do what it takes
to find the best solution for you.
Southwest v:" aitlca.
Home Office
Dallas, Texas
Kelly Kirby
Oklahoma Representative
POB 14011
Tulsa, OK 74159-1011
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system, or "kill him. A similar procedure
with an AIDS patient at the University of
Pittsbnrgh in 1993 failed, but doctors flare
refined the procedure as a result and are
using a specially processed part of the
baboon bone marrow to improve Gettv’s
: HIV at Chinese Universities
¯" BEIJING - Newspapers in China have
~ reported that during "’spot checks" at urn-
¯ versities, Chinese health officials fotmd
~ 10 HIV infected students at 2 colleges in
: the capital city. Health officials in the
¯ country say getting AIDS information
and e&~cat~on programs to the cotmtrv’s
: schools is "extremely urgent" and esti--
." mate that morethan 60% of those infected
¯ with HIV in the country are under the age
." of 29 years.
AZT Helps Cut Risks in
chances. Accidental Needle Jabs
"t’~o r~ ph~ ¯ .,,, - ¯ .......C.-based ....."s~o~,s Comrmttee :. \.V¯¢SHIN- GTO-N,-,C...ooperatingwith Britfor
Responsible Med]cifie,’lio~ .ever, has tsh and Frenc"h othoa" ls , the l_ -S - C~enters"
filed a formal complaint with the federal for Disease Control and Prevention re~.
g0venunent over the experimental bone
marrow procedure. The public interest
group charged that such cross-species
marrow injections endanger the public
health by risking the spread of dangerous
baboon infections. Susan Getty of
\Vatcrford, Conn., the mother 61"the ailing
man who was with him at the hospital
during the procednre, said people with
advanced AIDS have little to lose ~n undergoing
such medi"cal gambles. %\emttst
take greater risks." she said. "It is time to
stop tiffs horrible, horrible disease."
AIDS Awareness in France
I~OSTON-- According to the U.S. journal
Nature, a snrvcv of what they think about
l llVand ..\ID~ suggests th~ Frei~:h ,are
continuing to adjtrst their sexual behaviors
because of the ~pidemic. The report
says that condoms arc increasiugly used,
particuhtrlv anion,, those who are single
mid under ihe age ~f’30: more people are
having fewer casual sexual parmers: ,’rod
the nnmbcr of peat)It who regularly get
tested for I IIV fiffccfion continues to ~ow.
ports that atimited study of 31 health care
workers accidentally jabbed with hypodermic
needles at work had much lower
risk of HIV infection if given AZT. The
CDC reports indicated the health care
workers" risk of refection was nearly 80%
lower from taking the drag shortly after
the needle-stick accident than workers
who were not given AZT.
U.S. Blood Supply Even Safer
BOSTON" - According to a govenunent
stud) published in the New EnglandJourhal
of)ledicme, only an infinitesimally
small mnount of blo~d do~mted tbr transfusions
in the U.S. is infected with HIP.
The L.S. Centers for Disease Control &
Prevention study estimated that no more
th,’m 27 pints out of the total 12 nffllion
pints donated each year are tainted. Because
blood usedin transfusions is pooled
from several donors, bowever, health officials
said the chances of receiving con-
Uumnated blood are between 1 in 83.000
m~d 1 in 122.000. To reduce these odds
even further, the Food & Drng Adnmlis-
Tulsa Office
We provide comprehensive home health services
24 hourslday, seven days/week.
The range ofservices include:
Skilled nursing services (RN’s, LPN"s)
Home health .aides, Physical Therapy
Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy
Medical Social Services, In-home psychiatric care
Noli~eme(gency transportation, Private duty nursing
~ ~’~:::’~nd Companion sitter services.
This list is not all inclusive.
Please contact our offices with specific treatment issues.
tration had ordered blood banks in this
country to begin additional HIV testing
that it ~stimates will reduce the number of
tainted donations to no more than 17 per
year. Some public health care workers
~luestion whether the added $65 nffllion in
)early testing expenses is justified by
eliminatingjust 10 units of infected blood
per )ear.
AIDS Mortality Among Prisoners
CHICAGO - Writing in the American
Journal of Public Health, Adansi
Amankwaa with the Florida prisons department
says that a review of mortality
data from 1987-92 in the state’s prisons
indicates that AIDS was the main cause of
imnate deaths during the~ 5’ year period~
accounting for more thau 50% ofall prison
deaths in 1992. It indicated that deaths
from the disease were increasing compared
with other causes in prisons.
Turner ,and was permitted to return to
work. In a statement given to the EEOC in
Aug. 1995, Ttmier testified that he was
unsure if he would serve a customerwhom
he kiiew to have AIDS. According to
court docmnents,"he [Turner] is unaware
about the trausnfission possibilities of the
HIV virtts through casual contact in a
food establishment and states that for all
he kiiows it c,’m be mmsnfftted though
perspiration falling into food. He testifies
that he is very "concerned" about this
possibility mid’that he would try to favorably
resPond: to customer prejudice regarding
AIDS. tte states thai the subject
of AIDS mid HIV is disgusting mid objectionable
mid indicative of bad hygiene.
see ADA. page I1
Kellie J. Watts
Attorney at law
Protect You & Your Partner
Wills, Livin.g Wills, Estate Planning,
Powers of attorney
493-1959. Tulsa office. Please (’all for
appointlnent. Reasonable Rates
¯ The Tulsa Philharmonic
: presents
The 23-year old violinist
: will amaze you with his
: technique and musicality.
¯" Featuring
¯ Faganini: Violin Concerto No. 1 in D Major
¯ Hindemit~:"Symphonic Metamorphoses
¯ on Themes by Carl Maria Von Weber"
¯ /3rafims: Symphony No, 4 in E Minor ¯
¯ Sa~. Jan. 27
¯¯ 8 p.m. Tulsa PAC-. " :-~ ~ ~ T U t S A PHILHARMONIC ¯.’ C^LL 747- PHIL, FOg’ TICKETS
Cherry Street Psychotherapy
1 51 5 ~outh Lewis
Are you looking for a relaxed, amicable,
private atmosphere for therapy?
Our office provides a level of confidentiafity
and comfort that enhances the therapeutic process.
For further information call 743-4117
Leah Hunt, MSW Judy Seymour-Taylor, CADC
Della Blackburn, CADC Richard Reeder, MS
Serving a Diverse Community
Agape’ Christian
Worship Service, 10:30 am
Sheridan Center, Suite H
21st & Sheridan, 599-7688
Bless the Lord At All
Times Christian Center
Sunday Schoo!, 9:45 am
Worship Service, 11 am
2627b East 1 lth 583-7815
Community of Hope
(United Methodist)
Worship Service, 6 pm
1703 E. 2nd, 585-1800
Family of Faith
Metro. Comm. Church
Adult Sunday School, 9:15
Worship Service, 11 am
5451-E South Mingo.
Info: 622-1441
Metro. Comm. Church
of Greater Tulsa
Worship Service, 10:45ran
1623 N. Maplewood
Info: 838-1715
Alliance - Univ. of Tulsa
6:30 pm at CanterbmT
5th & Evanston, 583-9780
H]V Testing
TOHR Clinic
¯ Free & anonymous testing
using fingerstick method.
¯ No appointment required.
: Walk in testing: 7-8:30 pm
Results hours: 7-9 pm
Info: 742-2927
HIV+ Support Group
HIV Resource Consortium
1:30 pm
4154 S. Harvard, Ste. H-I
Info: Wanda @ 749-4194
Shanti-Tulsa, Inc.
HIV/AIDS Support Group
Authority OfThe Believer
Bible Study, 7 pm
MCC of Greater Tulsa
1623 N. Maplewood
lnfo: 838-1715
Bless The Lord At All
Times Christian Center
16-Step Empowerment
Group For Women
Community of Hope
1703 E. 2nd, Info: 585-1800
Support Group
7:30, Family of Faith MCC
i_Jambda Bo~vling League
Shdridan LaSnes
8:45 pm
3121 S. Sheridan
Support Group
2nd Monday of month,
6:30 pin
4154 S. Harvard
Info: 749-4901
Tool Box Technicians,
Leather org., hffo cio The
Tool Box: 584-1308
T.U.L.S.A. Tulsa Uniform:
& Leather Seekers Assoc. "
Info: 838-1222 "
The Banned, OK Gay Band
Practice weekly in OKC ¯
Info: 838-2121
,"HIViAI’DS Support Group
: 7 pm, call for location:
¯ Community of Hope
: Grief Group, 6 pm
: 1703 E. 2nd, 585-1800
¯ :.: ~,, ~ ~ . ~o. ....
¯ ~, Womens Grmef-~roup
siaonsored by
Community of Hope
6pm, Butler/Stumpff
Funeral Home
2103 E. 3rd St.
Info: 585-1800
.........& ..... Prayer&Bible Study 5451rES. Mingo, 622-1441
.....,Friends &.Family :: 7~:.30 pm 2627-B East 1 lth " " ~
Call 583-7815 for info. HIV Testing
Family Of Faith MCC
Praise & Prayer 6:30 pm
Choir Practice 7:30 pm
5451-E South Mingo.
Call 622-1441 for info.
¯ ’Community of Hope
(United Methodist)
¯ Service for Peace, 6:30 pm
¯ Bible Stud,,,’, 7 pm
1703 E. 2nd, 585-1800
¯ Tulsa Native American AIDS Prevention Project
¯ Support group
¯ for Gay & Bi Native
¯ American Men, 6 pm
at Conununitv of Hope
¯ 1703 E. 2nd
¯ 582-7225 or 584-4983
TOHR Clinic
Walk in testing: 7 - 8:30 pm
Results hours: 7 - 9 pm
Info: 742-2927
Prayer Time
MCC - Greater Tulsa, 7 pm
1623 N. Maplewood
Info: 838= 1715
Tulsa Family Chorale
Wee"kly practice, 9:30 pm
Lola’s 2630 E. 15th
Support Group
1st & 3rd Thursdays
41 54 S. Harvard, 749-’4901
Weekly socials, 7 pm
See below for schedule.
Info: 646-5503
St. Jerome’s Ecumenical
Catholic Church
,Mass, 6 pm
Garden (Thapcl
3841 S. Peoria
Info: Father Rick
at 742-7122
Narcotics Anonymous
Meets weekly at 11 pm
Confidential ~upport for
recovering addicts.
Co~unmnity of I lope
1703 E. 2nd. lnfo: 585- I
NAMES Project
AIDS Memorial Quilt
Sewing Bees
3rd Sat of each month
hffo: 748-3111
Gay & Lesbian Sttulent
TJC Southeast Canq)us,
Info: 631-7632
SWAN-Single Women’s
Activity Network
Call 832-2121
TOHR Helpline
Daily 8= 10 pm
For info. ~r to vohmtcer:
Community ofHope Orientation
2 pro, 1703 E. 2nd
Info: 585-1800
Faith & Struggle Dialogue Group
Community of Hope United Methodist
4:30 pm, 1703 E. 2nd (ongoing group)
Info: 585-1800
Community ofHope Orientation
6:30 pm, 1703 E. 2nd
Info: 585-1800
Faith & Struggle Dialogue Grm~
Community of Hope United Methodist
4:30 pm, 1703 E. 2nd (ongoing ~oup)
Info: 585-1-800
,Miss Gay Oklahoma USofA, 9 pm
Concess|ons, 33rd& Peoria
Pageant ..
Info: 744-0896 or 838-3701
Rainbow Business Gui/d, 7 pm
Uno Pizzeria,.61st & Memorial
Dinner Meeting
Info: 665-5174
Tulsa Women’s Supper Club, 6:30 pin
Full Moon Care, 1525 East 15th
Info: 584-2978
Alternatives. Informational meeting
for reactivated social orgamzauon for
men and women, also, video of
comedian Suzmme Westenhoefer, 7pm
Holiday Inn Express, 51st & Harvard,
Info: 646-5503
TMsa Oklahomansfor Human Rights
Local Police Officers Speak Out, 7 pm
Alan Chapman Activity Center
University of Tulsa ,
5th St. west of Harvard, Info: 743-4297
Alternatives, Bowling at Riverlanes, 7pm
8711S. Lewis .. ~
Info: 646-5503
Community ofHope Orientation
2 p!n, 1703 E. 2nd
hffo::585~ 1800
.Alt~r.natives, Movie Night; 7pm
Fox 4 Cinema, 51st & Harvard
Info: 646-5503
Fandly ofFaith MCC
Reclaim & Recovery Workshop:
Forgiveness, 9 am - 3 pm
5451-E S. Mingo, hffo: 622-1441
Alternatives, Dinner, 7pro
Golden Corral, 71st & Mingo
hlfo: 646-5503
Out & About With JD!
More sequins, but that’s not all that this
month’s featured establishinent has to
offer. Lola’s is "’truly a fanfilv bar" says
Bill (Lola) McCall of this wonderful pla~e
Brian & tJttt ofLola’s
thht ~ves a lot to the community. One
example they’ve supported Mr. Oklahoma
Leather~ Mr. Tulsa Leather and 1st alternate
to Mr, Oil Capital. Also, Lola’s pro:
rides ahome forTULSA FAMILY CHOIL~
LE, which is opento any Gay, Lesbian
¯ or Gay-.friendly persons and m~ets Thurs.
at 9:30:~
Bill & Brian are the owners of this cozy
establishinent that represents a little bit of
Valentine’s Day. Bill & Brian have been
to,,tethet for 15 (!) vear~ which they plan
to celebrate with a ~umiversarv showand
party .on FebruaD’ 16th. Tffey ,opened
Lola’s 2years ago. "’At Lola’s you can
find whatever liking may be: entertain:
ment, games (pool & darts), good friends
or jnst a good time."
Oh by the way, the following are happenin~
s at Lola’s for the coming month:
Feb. 16th, Bill & Brians’s Anniversary
show & party; Feb. 20th, Birthday celebration
for Desdny Ray, Miss Upper
Cherry Street, and Feb. 24th, 1st Annual
see JD, page 11
0 748-5374
L Spring Art Classes
Start February 17
Family Workshops
YPoreusncgheoroalrt ~
Action Studios
Spring Break Studios March 25-29
not, however, mandate procreative possibility
as a requirement for heterosexual
marriage certificates, a move that would
seem consistant with his stated rationale.
Knight goes on to forecast economic
doom and collapse if California "’were
forced" to recognize the relationships of
same-gender couples,including taking on
the same responsibilities for each other
thathetero-couples expect. However, economic
forecasts for Hawaii project that
same-sex marriages could add $4 billion.
to Hawaii’ s revenues over the next 5 years.
Some observers think that Knight" s bill,
if enacted, will likely cost California taxpayers
millions in legal fees as gay and
lesbian citizens challenge the. law. Current
law recognizes all mamages performed
throughout the United States. The
bill would prohibit recogmtion of legal
marriages of same-sex couples, regardless
of where they are performed.
sexual activities, the citizen suggested
that he mad the officer go to a private
location for consensual sex. After the citizen
made the offer, he was arrested for
solicitation under ma OKC ordinance.
The ACLU defense of the citizen rests
on two concerns. First is the 1 st Amendment
(free speech) issue. The OKC ordinance
appears to make it illegal to make
any offer of consenstml sex in OKC. ACLU
spokesperson, Michael Canffield noted
that this would make offers betweeu heterosexuals,
say in a drinking establishmeut,
illegal al~o but he/also noted that the
OKC police do not appear to be assigning
undercover cops to heterosexual bars.
The other basis for challenging the arrest
is a 1986 decision by the Criminal
Court that ruled that the Oklahoma "sodomy"
law which makes oral or anal sex a
felony crime was unconstitutional. The
decision held that a constitutional right to
privacy prevented the state or cities from
forbidding private, consensual sex acts
between adults. The law makes no distinction
between heterosexual or homosexual
oral or anal sex.
However, the ’86 case involved heterosexuals
and the court specified that it was
not addressing whether homosexual citizens
enjoyed the same right to privacy as
heterosexual ones. If homosexual citizens
have the same right to privacy and the
solicited activities are not themselves illegal,
then the OKC ordinance can hardly
be constitutional. This is, if it" s not illegal
to have sex, then it can hardly be illegal to
talk about it.
In a 3-1 decision, the Court of Criminal
Appeals chose not to address whether the
state can constitutio~mlly prohibit same
gender sex but said this case was only
about public solicitations mad rtfled that
OKC could prohibit such solicitations.
The appeal, according to Hendricksen,
who is ACLU-OK president, will ask the
US Supreme Court to compel the OK
Court of Criminal Appeals to decide if the
right to privacy that ~t established for
heterosexual citizens ~s also available for
homosextml citizens. "’The court [appeals]
ducked this issue and we are going to see
if we can force them to m~swer tiffs question.’"
To help the ACI.U-OK fight tiffs case.
donations may be made to 600 NW 23rd
St. OKC 731(36.
be the actions of a neighborhood adolescent
but that the theft of their family’s
peace of mind is no little thing. The
Harrison Kirbys are considering their options
to protect themselves and their children
from futher harm. Kirby did add that
they have been comforted by expression
of support from friends around the US
with whom they correspond via e-mail.
statements by Radical Right leaders, such
as CBN’s Pat Robertson and Sen. Jesse
Helms. Since the threat of lawsuits by
CBN, no television station in any of the
target cities of Washington, Tulsa, Houston
or Atlanta will air the commercials.
Mitzi Henderson, president of PFLa,G’s
board of directors, stated that PFLAG is
conunitted to "’get our message on the air
and compel CBN to stop its harassment
and censorship attempts".
Locally, the Tulsa chapter of PFLAG is
presenting a free film series at All Soul’s
U~titarian Church at 7pm, Jan. 23 & 30,
mad Feb. 6 & 13. The films, Straight From
The Heart. On Being Gay, Queer Son, and
Always .\.lb~ Kid, feature Lesbians and Gay
men and parents of Lesbians and Gay men
dealing with issues from fanfilies to religion
to AIDS. PFLAG Tulsa also is continuing
a campaign for a siguature advertisement
to run in The Tulsa World. The
ad "calls for Tulsans to stand against
tred, hate speech mad violence" against
individtmls based on their sexual orientation
mad "’to recoguize the strong link
between hate speech, teen suicide and
violent physical attacks..." Tulsa Family
News reported correctly last month that
The Tulsa Worm is on record as having a
policy banning the use of the words, Gay
or Lesbian in advertising. However, contrary
to our report, The World has not
changed its policy to allow an exception.
According to Bill Hinkle, PFLAG Tulsa
co-chair, PFLAG cannot even spell out its
name but may be forced to use a circumlocution
like, "Parents and Friends of Persons
of Differing Sexual Orientation.’"
The ad will likely, run later in January.
dren they were trying to place.
Rep. Benson stated to TFN that he was
motivated by the NEA’s resolution to
reaffirm what he views as Oklahoma’s
"traditional. family values". He said the
reason for a resolution instead of a bill
was that since a resolution lacks the power
of law, the legislators could express their
feelings without infringing any constitutional
rights which such a law would
probably do. Benson claims that he does
not want to condeum Lesbians and Gay
men for their "choice of lifestyle" & that
he expected to get wide support
OKC’s Oklahoma Gay & Lesbian Political
Caucus has begun a postcard campaign
directed at Rep. Benson. In Tulsa,
according to one source, PFLAG’s Nancy
McDonald is putting together a group of
parents mad Tulsa area legislators to meet
with Benson. Other activists have begun
to ph’m a Family Day at the Capitol, a
state-wide lobb3:ing day by Lesbian, Gay
and Bi activists, clergy mad business
people. For i~ffo, call Green Country Pride
at 838-2121 or 583-1248.
Timothy W. Daniel
Attorney at Law
Know Your Rights!
Estate Planning,
Personal Injury,
Criminal :Law, Bankruptcy
& Workers Compensation
1-800-742-9468 or.918-352-9504
128 East Broadway, Drumright, Oklahoma
Weekend and evening appointments are available.
Speakers &performers include comedian Suzanne
Westenhoefer, Col. Grethe Cammermeyer & her
partner, Diane Divelbass, & Candace Gingrich
April 7 - 14, Olivia’s Womens’ Cruises
Call 341.6866
International Tours
for more information.
Need a gift idea? Gift certificates are
availablefor air travel, cruises
& many other travel needs. IGTA member.
People don’t plan
to fail, they fail to plan.
Leanne Gross
Retirement planning
Life, health & income insurance,
& investment placing.
Mention this ad to receive
free initial consultation.
by Phil Boler-Schmidt
Winter is a special time in
Eureka Springs. With the falling
of the Autumn leaves comes a
respite from the thundering
hoardes, and locals get a chance
to renew old acquamtmlces, catch
up on family time, and spend
time with cherished friends.
Each December, we have the
Women’s Party. 1995 saw the
25th annual event, and it was
quite a sight to behold. My own
estimate was about 500 women
in attendance. Each brings some
type of finger food and a drink to
share. There is music and dancing,
talk and Sharing. A grand
time is had by all. This year was
no exception. And, as usual, a
few of the guys showed up, respectfully
of course, and sang
Christmas carols to the assembled
masses at the ballroom
high atop the Basin Park Hotel.
Now that Christmas ~s over,
the really big events are potluck
dinners. It is the Ozark way of
getting to "know people, fo~: the
first time, or to renew old friendships.
Us queer folk do the
potlucks in style. This is mv2nd
Winter in Eureka, and I’m looking
for~vard with anticipation to
the Season of the Potlucks. This
is the time to get to lmow those
people you have always ~vanted
to know but were too bits5 working
to spend any time with.
As man5 of you already kimw.
Eureka Springs is a wedding
haven. And, it is also a wonderful
spot for holy unions. Everything
imaginable is possible,
from an extravaganza to a small
ceremony just for the two of
you. And what better time than
this Winter? Resources are available
for holy unions at 253-2401.
Events upcoming in Eureka
this Winter include Jacob Adler,
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
at the University of Arkansas
giving a talk at MCC of the
Living Spring oftjanuary, 21 st at
4 PM The trpi~ will be Jewish
Influence on Jesus’ Teachings.
Joya Pope will be in town on
February 3rd, also speaking at
MCC of the Living Spring at 7
PM. Joya Pope is author of The
WorMAccording to Michael and
Upcoming Changes: Prophecy
and Pragmatism for the Late
Nineties. Admission is S 12.50 at
the door, and she also has private
channeling sessions available.
Winter is the time we sit back
and take stock, read all the good
books we didn’t have time to get
to during the rush of tourists,
begin a new study program, and
¯ get read~ for theseason wlfich is
-~’" only a c~uple of months away.
For those of you who are Eureka
locals, you know exactly
~vhat I ,’un talking about. Those
of you who ,are from out of to~vn
will just riced to visit in order to
see why wc call this place Paradise.
For more information about
Eureka Springs available on the
World Wide Web, point your
browsers to:
http: www.pimps.com~
eureka.html. See you in Eureka!
ADA cont’dfromp. 8
He compares AIDS and HIV to
leprosy....He states that hi s attitude
regarding HIV and AIDS
has remained unchanged s~nce
1987 when he suspended the
plaintiff [Saladin] because he
suspected he was HIV positive.
In the same manner that he directed
plaintiff not to discuss-the
AIDS and HIV status of ¯
plaintiff’s partner in casual conversation
with customers he
states that he would consider
asking a white waitress to not
discuss or disclosed (sic) that
fact that her spouse was black in
casual conversation."
Steve Norick, one of Paul
Saladin’s attorneys, claims the
Americans with 13isabilities Act
was violated in at least two major
ways. The ADA provide relief
from discrimination based
on acttmlly being handicapped
but also to those who may not be
handicapped but who are perceived
as being handicapped.
And it also provides protection
to those ~vho are associated with
those wh6 are handicapped.
Thus far the court has seen
sufficient merit in Saladiu et al’s
case not to accept the efforts of
Tumer’s attornevs to dismiss the
case though the court has not
seen fit to render judgment to
Saladin yet either. Now it will be
up tojudge &jury to findjustice.
JD cont’dfromp. 9
Miss Rivercity America Pageant.
If you missed Concessions celebration
of their first anmversary,
you should just hang your
headin shame! Kirk &Terry and
their staffand patrons had a great
time and look forward to a grca~
year two. Also the) say, don’t
miss Miss Gay Oklalloma t "Sofa
co/fling on Jan. 28th and even
more to come in March - mark
your calendars.
I hope that tiffs month and ucxt
you find, or cherish more. that
someone who brings you joy!
Fishing Headquarters for N.W. Arkansas
Fly Tying * Fly Fishing * Equipment & Classes
Open Year ~Round
Located 1/2 mile N. of Beaver Dam on Hwy 187
Eureka Springs, AR * 501-253-6154
Grocerles * Gas * Ice * Beer * Licenses * Lodging
Your lnnReepe~.
Lamont Richie
Steve Roberson
A Bed dt Breal~asl Inn
Individual Cottages - Jacuzzi for Two
Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632
A Friendly Place to Stay-.
96 Kings Highway, Hwy. 62 W
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
(501) 253-7311
Jerry A. Wilson. owner
MCC of the
Living Spring
,..a community of friends...
Rev. Kermie Wohlenhaus
We welcome you to attend!
Services held
Sunday evenings at 6 PSI
17 Elk Street
(at the Unitarian Church)
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
<MCCltmg Itealty, Inc. O]
"The Land SpedaEsts"
501’253-9682 (days)
OR 501-253-8969 (evenings)
Offerings include: Bed & Breakfast
in~; Victorian Homes, Hotels/Motels,
Coi~mercial Properties/Businesses,
Quiet Country Estates,-& much more.
McClung Realty, Inr; has catered to the
diverse G/L/B/TG community in Eureka
Springsfor over 20 years. Call or write
for a listing brochure. Or better yet, stop
in, and we’ll show you around.
We specialize in creative fin,ancing.
"Jim & Brent have opened the ultimate intimate local
eatery. A special, eclectic dining experience..."
Stop by our house for a taste of local flavor. Dine outside on
the patio & porch or in our three beautiful dining rooms.
Fine food at an affordable price.
Green & Yellow Night
Private Dinner Party, lstThurs, of EachJVIonth
@m - Midnight, Dine, Drink ~ Relax Among Friends
Featuring Jim & Gwendolyn’s Select Dinner Entrees
& Brent’s Superb Desserts
"With Family’ In Mind"
Gay-owned, Operated & Rainbow Proud
20% of all proceeds will go to the support of family causes
by Barry Hensley, Tulsa City-County Library
For information regarding HIV/AIDS topics, our Library is an excellent resource.
There are books, videos, audio cassettes, government documents and periodical articles
full of updated information. Many branch libraries have books and other materials,
although the Central Library, at 4th and Denver in downtown Tulsa, has more detailed
information. Here are some of the items available through Central Library departments:
BUSINESS ANDTECHNOLOGY, 4th floor, phone: 596-7988 (Dewey area 616.9792)
AIDS and HIV in Perspective (by Barry Schoub)
Immune Power: The Comprehensive Healing Pro~am for HIV (b.v Jolm Kaiser)
Dictionary of AIDS Related Terminology (by Jeffrey Huber)
Rethinking AIDS (by Robert Root-Bernstein)
Everything You Need to Know When a Parent Has AIDS (by Barbara Drainlin)
AIDS and the Law of Workplace Discrimination (by Jeffrey Mello) (34417301)
READERS SERVICES, 2nd floor, phone: 596-7966 (Dewey area 362.1969)
People, Sex, HIV and AIDS (by Pierre Andre)
Everything You Need to Know About Being HIV Positive (by Amy Shire)
I’ll Not Go Quietly (by Mary Fisher)
We Are All Living With AIDS (by Earl Pike)
Women’s HIV Sourcebook (by Patricia Klosser)
Search for an AIDS Vaccine (by Christine Grady) (174.2 G)
Recovering From the Loss of a Loved One to AIDS (by K. Dounelly) (155.937)
Diary of a Lost Boy (by Harry Kondoleon) (fiction)
Labour of Love (by Doug Wilson) (fiction)
Such Times (by Christopher Coe) (fiction)
Promise of Rest (by Reynolds Price) (fiction)
CHILDREN’S, 2nd floor, phone: 596-7971
Magic Johnson (by Martin Schwabacher)
AIDS: How it \Vorks in the.~odv (by Lorna Greenberg)
Daddy and Me (by Jeanne M6ut~)uss’amy-Ashe)
David ttas AIDS (by Doris Sanford)
Know About AIDS (by Margaret Hyde)
MEDIA CENTER, 1 st floor, phone: 596-7933
Living Proof: HIV and the Pursuit of Happiness (video)
Heart of the Matter (video, HIV+ women)
HI\" Test: Who Should Take It? What Does it Show? (video)
AIDS: \Xqay We Won’t Look (audio cassette)
Let’s Talk: C. Everett Koop (audio cassette)
AIDS Quilt Songbook (compact disc)
There are also various Government Documents available in both the Reference
Department and the Business and Technology Department. Please call the Central
Library at 596-7977 or any branch library for more information.
Sunday Services 11:00 am ¯ Wednesday Services 6:30 pm, 7:30 pm
Choir Practice ¯ Thurs. 7:30 pm Codependency Support Group
To do justice, love mercy & to walk hurnbly with "our God... Micah 6:8
5451-E South Mingo Tulsa, OK 74146 . (918) 622-1441
Open Arms
Open Minds
Open Hearts
Saint Aidan’s
4045 No. Cincinnati. 425-7882
Saint John’s
4200 So. Atlanta PI.. 742-7381
501 SO. Cincinnali. 582-4128
The Episcopal Church
Welcomes You
trial here before being returned to Oregon.
Acremant, 27, was taken to flae San
Joaquin County Jail for extradition to
Oregon ou murder charges in die brntal
slayings of Rox,’ume Ellis and Michelle
Abdill. Stockton police say they were
tipped off by an anonymou~ -caller early
on the monli]~g ofDec. 13, who gave them
the license number of a rented van
Acremant was driving. Alter several hours
of patrolling area motels, police say they
located the van at a Motel 6 and discovered
that Acremant had registered the
night before tmder his own name. According
to a Stockton police spokesperson,
Acremant was not armed when he
was arrested, and he surrendered to authorities
without incident.
Ellis mid Abdill, who operated a property
management business together and
were domestic partners, were-last seen on
Dec. 4. Their bodies, bound, gagged and
blindfolded, were discovered three days
later in the back of their parked pickup
truck. According to Medford authorities,
die two women had each been shot twice
in the head in what some have described
as an "executton-style slaying."
Police are continuing to refuse to talk
abom the details of the case but did say
they had no evidence that Acremant knew
that the two women were lesbians. Although
Acremant’ s father said his son had
told him he had killed the two women in
a robbery, police say that money, wallets,
jewelry and other valuables belonging to
them had not been taken.
See related story., this page.
STOCKTON, Calif. - The Natioual Gay
& Lesbian Task Force has asked the U.S.
Justice Department to examine the killing
of Roxmme Ellis and Michelle Abdill,
lesbian activists in Medford, Ore., because
of statements made by Robert
Acremant, who is facing charges in the
case. The Task Force formally asked Attorney
General Janet Reno in a letter to
investigate whether the killings were hate
crimes because of a variety of statements
Acremant has made to television, radio
and newspaper reporters duringjail interviews.
In one interview, Acremant said he had
asked the women if they were lesbians
and said they had told him they were. "It
kind of made me sick to my stomach that
she was someone’s grandma," Acremant
was quoted as saying in an interview
published in the Oregonian shortly after
his arrest. He also said in that interview
that the fact that they were lesbians "made
it easier" to kill them.
In a letter to Reno, NGLTF Executive
Directory Melinda Paras said, gays and
lesbians around the country were "’very
much upset and disturb0xl by these murders"
and that statements by Acremant
"have heightened the alarm and concern"
that the killings were, in fact, hate crimes.
Mitsubishi Eclipse RS
s272 -MONTHLY * or
.... $15 698 <
¯ All factory eouioment Including Air.
¯ MSRP $16.976 0-down. 41 p~iyment~ of $272 99 Lint pavment $~4~, WAC This
is not ~ lease 15 ¢xnts li mile penalty after 12,000 miles i yr~
Mitsubishi- Galant
s237 Monthly*
Includes: Air conditioning, power door locks and windows, cruise control,
Am/Fro cassette, automatic and much more.
"MSRP $18.069. Sale Pdce 117.191.41 payments at $237 a month, 12,000 miles a yr. Iree, 15’ a mile penalty thereafter
or walk away. Last payment $8588. 1.75%APR. W.A.C.
by Jean-Pierre
St. Valentine’s Day is soon to be upon
us, and everyone is once again faced with
the dilemmaof selecting that special place
for a romantic dinner. Here are the three
best restaurants in Tulsa, as well as the
three most overrated. Each of the establishments
reviewed this month considers
itself to offer "fine dining," or what you
might call a"white tablecloth" restaurant.
Elegant. Dressy. Be forewarned, though,
that all of these places fall into the category
of "very expensive."
Heading up the list is Montrachet, in the
Consortium at 3509 South Peoria. This
restaurant was formerly on our list of
places to avoid, unless you liked schizophrenic
Santa Fe French cuisine courtesy
of the previous chef/owner. But, last summer,
it was taken over by new ownership,
management, and chefs from the resorts
in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has successfully
regained its place on Jean-Pierre’s
social list. With the demise lastyear of
both Karmichael’ s and the Fifteenth Street
Grill (-gotta pay those taxes!), Montrachet
is currently Tnlsa’s best restaurant.
The Montrachet style is still basically
French In concept, but displays a,.fresh
American note to the Continental style:
Beef tenderloin, rack of lamb, poussin,
fresh salmon, and other gourmet specialties
are mainstays ofthe Montrachetmenu,
which changes seasonally. But the highlight
of the meal with be the lovely montage
of flavors from experiencing all of
the courses, not just the entree.
The onion soup at this place is absolutely
the best one can get in Oklahoma. A
rich beefy and winey stock bathes tender,
caramelized onions, and is a delicious and
warming treat. Frizzled onions top the
soup as a garnish, which you may want to
request be left in the kitchen.
For a special appetizer, try the seared
foie gras. It’s presented medium rare,
stacked between layers of puff pastry, and
grilled apples. The salad of mixed greens
with Stilton cheese, walnuts, & poached
pears is excellent.
Desserts change regularly,
and all are exquisite.
None are the typical
ice cream and hea~y.,
sticky sauce on abrownie;
....all. drowned in icanned
¯ whipped topping, that one
¯ usually finds in Tulsa.
¯ Many are truly works of art, and the tastes
¯ can be heavenly. Montrachet also has a
¯ full bar and an excellent wine list. They
¯ also offer a number of interesting cordials
¯ and liqueurs. - ,
; Expect.seryice~ to .be.very well trained
and efficient. All of the waiters are very
¯ knowledgeable about the evening’s menu
¯ and the preparations of the foods, and will
¯ be happy to recommend,.the evening’s
¯ best dishes.
Bodean Seafood Restaurant has been
¯ the place to go for fresh-off-the-plane-
" daily, seafood in Tulsa for years. Located
¯ in a nondescript strip shopping center at
¯ 3323 East 51st, just east of Harvard,
¯ Bodean is filling the shoes of the late
." Louisianne,Tulsa’slegendary downtown
¯ r.estaurant. You can also buy lovely fresh
¯¯ seafood to prepare at home at Bodean’s
adjacent seafood market.
If you like New England style clam
¯ chowder, you willlove the soupat Bodean,
: probably the best Marc-Pierre has had
: outside of the East Coast. Rich and thick,
it contains big pieces of fresh dams. Limit
¯ yourself to a cup though; the bowl is big
~ enough for a meal by itself.
Check the chalkboards to see whatcame
in on the plane that day. Mussels, cockles,
: and oysters from Newfoundland and New
: Zealand are regularly on the appeuzer
¯ lists, and fishes from across the world will
: become scrumptious entrees.
The fish entrees are al-
St. Valentine’s Day is
soon to be upon
us...Here are th~ three
_. b~st restaurants in
Tulsa, as well as the
three most overrated.
ways creatively prepared
and presented, though
sometimes the creativity
can be a bit excessive.
~re recently experienced
a mahi mahi presented
with mango chumey and
a blackened monkfish
served with crawfish jambalaya. Never
mind, though, since any fish can be prepared
to order, and Jean-Pierre often orders
the wonderfully fresh seafood simply
grilled with alittle lemon butter on the
side. Expect your fish to be cooked to an
expert level of doneness, not undercooked
and not dried out, but just right.
Vvqaile most of the waiters provide the
professional service you would expect
from a quality restaurant, not all of the
staff is properly trained. You may want to
request a special waiter, once you find one
you like.
Our third choice amongst the three best
Tulsa restaurants is actually a private club
in downtownTulsa. The Summit, atop the
Bank IV Center, serves both luncheon
and dinner to Tulsa’s business and socialite
community. It might be worth your
while to get out those gold-digging shoes
and wrangle an invitation to share dinner
with aclub member. A qnick review of the
club roster reveals several ’Tanfily’" members,
so this is not an impossible task.
Honorable mention has to go to the food at
the Southern Hills Golf & Country Club,
but finagling an invitation here is much
more challenging.
The Summit features expertly traineo
staff with charming & sexy European
accents. And, this being "The Club" of
Tulsa’s elite, the staff will do everything
possible to cater to the diners" every whim
and pleasure. Of course, such service and
top quality food does not come without its
cost, but the saving grace is that the Summit
doesn’t make you pay at the endof the
meal your host just signs h check!
This is Tulsa, so beef is heavily featured
on the menu. Steaks are excellent, always
prime beef, and will be prepared exactly
to vour specifications. They also do a
lovely Dover sole. Wildgame is frequently
available. But one of the most memorable
entrees here is the fork tender, melt-inyour-
mouth, lamb tenderloin. The only
thing to avoid is the lasagna, which is
bland & insipid, a big disappointment
~ven the management’s Italian origins.
Desserts are ~ bit more mundane, but
fresh fruit with real whipped crean~ is
always available, and the signature dessert
of the club is a chocolate crunch cakc.
a very rich mousse m a pastry shell.
If you are watching your pennies, be
careful with your choices of wines ,and
liquors. The "Summit stocks all of the
ultra-premium liquors and has wines costing
100’s (note the plural) of dollars per
And now for the list of Tulsa’s three
most overrated "’fine" restaurants, at which
see Dining, page 14
1996 Miss Gay Oklahoma USofA Pageant
Sunday, January 28, 9 pm, with special guests
Maya Douglas
Miss Gay USofA 1995
Chelsea Pearl
Miss Gay USofA
At-Large 1996
Cherry Monroe
Miss Gay Oklahoma USofA
Jean-Pierre refuses to eat when he is picking
up the tab, and which Jean-Pierre will
discourage friends from visiting as well.
All of these restaurants suffer from overinflated
prices, inconsistent food quality,
and mediocre servtce (judged by a standard
of what one might expect given the
Number Three: Bravo Ristorante. Suffeting
through the attempts of the wait
stuff to sing arias and show tunes does not
make up for their inept service or the
mediocrity of the food. R.I.P. Montague" s,
the fine dining room when the Adam’s
Mark used to be the Westin.
Number Two: Atlantic Sea Grill. In
probably the most expensive restaurant in
Tulsa, the expectation that the food will
be cooked to a quality level consistent
with the prices is unrequited. Perhaps one
would be better off to walk a few doors
down to the cheaper and infinitely less
stuffy T.G.I. Friday’s.
NumberOne: Warren DuckClub. Aside
from being in the tone)- Doubletree Warren
Place, how this establishment manages
to be touted as one of the finer
establishments in Tulsa is totally bevond
this reviewer. On several oceasirns, ~ean-
Pierre has been served tough and overcooked
duck with dreadfully sweet fruit
sauce to mask the (lack of) "flavor of the
bird. But most disappointing is thee dessert
bar reminiscent of Harvest Buffet. Save
your money.
Well, dear readers, this is the list of
Tulsa’s besl and worst. Now, you can
decide where you want to take your special
friend on’Febrtmry 14. Any hidden
messages there’? Just be sure to call ahead
for reservations, Bon appetit!
by James Christjohn
Hello again! Time for another rousing
round of reviews! I have received complaints
from some members of the community
for using the "snap" system of
rating stuff. They claim to have patented
it. Go figure; some people are legends in
their own minds. At any rate, if anyone
out there in readerland feels they have a
more amusing rating system, please submit
it to Tulsa Family News Rating System
contest,POB 4140,TulsaOK, 74159.
I’m not sure what the prizewill be yet, but
I’ll come up with something. I am also
asking for the women in our readership to
Submit ideas of what they’d like to see
reviewed. I don’t want anyone left out.
On with the reviews, comments, and
whatever other stuff I feel might be amusing.
If you remember your first crush on
another member of the same sex, or have
forgotten, I can highly recommend "’Tom
& Huck". It is an excellent adaptation of
"Tom Sawyer", with excellent performances
by the entire cast. And the
homoerotic subtext clearly evident inTom
and Huck’s relationship ~s almost underlined
in one of several scenes where Tom
and Huck are struggling to communicate
their feelings towards one another and
you just want to yell "Go ahead! Say it!
Tell him’I love you!’"Actually,it’s pretty
much true to it’s time - I can see Huck
living in town, madTom marries Beckx’ as
a cover, and continues his relationship
with Tom. This is definitely a good
Valentine" s day flick, very romantic in its
way, and the action keeps you on the edge
of the seat. Fortunately, I restrained myself
from the yelling bit, for which mv
mece was grateful (I must credit her f~r
Friday, January 19 th
Blacklight Party
Every Wednesday Night
Drag Rodeo Roundup
hosted by
Courtney Farrell
and featuring Keliah LaMonte
Coming Sunday, March 17
Preliminary to Miss USofA
834-4234, 1565 S. Sheridan W-Sun. 7-2am
this issue’s reviews, during the holiday
trip to see fmrtily, she dragged me to all
these movies I wouldn’t have ever seen
otherwise, and was pleasantly surprised
at how good they were. I dedicate this
month’s column to her. Otherwise, I’d
just be babbling on about anything I could
think of and making up reviews of fictional
films and stuff.)
Another winner is "Jumanji", and it
takes you on a doozy of a rollercoaster
ride. It’s a fun film, and Robin Williams is
always a delight, especially in this flick
about ama~cal board game set in a deadly
jungle that sucks you in until someone
else plays the game to it’s finish and sets
you free. The scenes of the jungle and its
animals taking over an entire town is
amazing. The plot was a bit uneven, but I
found it amusing enough overall to make
up for that.
Inmusical terms, Boy George’s"Cheapness
and Beaut)"" deserves more of a
listen than it’s been getting. I am not
partial to BG or Culture Club, but I was
curious enough to give this disc a spin,
and found it surprisingly effective. It covers
every style from country to heavy
metal (mad I HATE heavy metal, but I
rather liked it here. Skip the first track, but
listen to the rest. He holds no punches, mad
does not shy away from telling it like i~ is
- no bet love songs here! There is one song
on there about AIDS that nearly hadme in
tears. The lyrics are well-written if not
well-spelled and the music is fairly well
done. (For me, the first test of a songs is
the lyrics. Are they intelligent? Do they
have meaning? If they don’t, forget it.)
Another "new" discovery, October
Project, has a new CD, "Falling Farther
In", and it is beautiful. The lyrics are
amazingly intelligent, and the music fuses
a bit of rock, pop,jazz and Celtic soul. Try
it, you’ll like it. The lead singer has a
lovely deep alto voice that is like chocolate
to listen to. If you don’t like chocolate,
insert the dream food of your choice.
(Like I said, I don’t want to leave anyone
out.) This is a CD to add to your collection,
no matter what.
And, if we’re all lucky, I’ll be able to
review "’Phantom of the Opera" for the
next issue. I know a lot of folks out there
are dusting off their opera capes and lnasks
for this one!
Don’t forget our Jan. 28th
2nd Annual Super Bowl Party
Free Draw Beer from kickoff to finish,
Chili dogs, baked beans & potato salad, $5 cover
Big Screen TV
How To Do It
First 30 words are S10. Each
additional word is 25 cents.
You may bring additional
attention to your ad with:
Bold Headline - S 1
Ad in capital letters -S1
Ad in bold capital letters - $2
Ad in box - $2
Ad reversed - $3
Tear sheet mailed - S2
Blind Post Office Box - $5
Please type or print your ad.
Count the number of words.
(A word for our purposes is a
group ofletters or numbers separated
by a space.)
Send your ad &
payment to POB
4140, Tulsa, OK
74159 with your
name, complete
address, day &
eve. numbers
(for our records
Ads will run ~n
the next issue
after they are
TFN reserves
the right to edit
or refuse any
ad. No refunds.
Lesbian Book Club
Now Fonning. Meeting
monthy to discuss
works by women authors.
For information,
call 298-5208.
HIV+ Singles Magazine
Safe & confidential. Free
copy, 36 word personal ad,
voice mail, and mail forwarding!
Local and nationwide!
All lifestyles. Gay,
HIV+ owned & operated.
Intropoz+, 564 Mission St.
Box 415, SF, CA 94105,
Call The 900 number to respond to ads, bi’owse unlisted ads, or retrieve messages. Only $1.99 per minute: 18+. C/S: 415-281-3183
varied interests, late 40’s, seeks others
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message. ~31509
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5’6", 144,
GHM/GBM preferred,
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Oklahoma NAtiVE: I’m a Native
American Indian. I’m a big guy with a
big heart. I’m 25 y/o and I’m Ikg4 a
companion and a friend. I’m a virgin.
are you the one? red heads a+ ~4701
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aggressive Leather aggressive, far
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~ 17465
State University student, T0’s, 5’9",.
150", good body, varie~ interests,
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Bi Curious Married WM~ very
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Please leave a messege.iNo need to be
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and possibly more. Please leave a
message. =13357
MONEY: GWM, 31, 5’6", seeks,
GWM’s, 25-50, into getting acquainted
instead of fantasizing abbut our looks.
We’re not all Greek God’s or are we
built like horses. Some of us are just
average. Call me. =12799
Oklahoma BI BI BLUES.~ BiCurious
M, 27, 175, 6, aliract~ve, seeks
0their attractive males, 2Q-30, who are
patii~nt and understanding. Must be
drug/disease free. Please leave a
me,sage =13020 :
GWM, 31, brown hair, hazel eyes,
’stache, 5’6", 165, seeks~
companionship of matur~ GWM, 23-
40, who are aggressive, masculine and
gentfe. Furry cowboys alplus. Call me!
Tulsa LOADED: 27, 6’, 180 iso
men 1~8~30 far some fun, give
me a.call- ~9298
WM, 41,6’ 180 blk brn, iso
slim musc 18-41 for fun and
friendship- leave a message-
ME?: new to area. not into
bars, Dave, 20 6’ 185
brn/red/hzt, goatee, eyebrow
earring, love volleyball, good music,
good food great conversation,
meditate, spiritual, give me a ca11-
Tulsa AMERICAN PRIDE: 5’9, 140,
trim physique, hairy chest, sincere and
honest person, like this in a person,
give me a call- =9464
Oklahoma City GOOD TIMES ARE
WAITING: I’m 27 y/o, 5’11, 2151b~,
athletic bbild~ I’m Ikg4 someone to
share good times with. I like dancing,
I’m alight drinker and a non smoker.":
Oklahoma City PRIME TIME: I’m a 38
y/oWMI"V. I’m a total "PC and I’m
Ikg4 men,who would like to spend same
time with me. I’m clean, drug and
disease free. e9808
Oklahoma City READY OR NOT: I’m
20 y/o, 5’6, 2! 51bs; WM. rm Ikg4 a
relationship minded man 18-30’s With a
medium to slim build. I like singing,
bowling, golf, movies and cuddling. If y.ou
are interested, please call me. e47265
5’7", well built, looking far GLM/GWM
for hot fun in the sun. Satisfaction
guarank:~l. Leave me a message and.
le~.s get together soon. =10596
GWM, 6’, brown hair, blue eyes, very
versatile, seeks new friends in the area
for fun and friendship with relationship~
~ssibilities. Let’s get together and
celebrate life. e6571
Oklahoma City SHOOT THE
BREEZE: GWM, 22, brown hair/eyes,
5’6", see~ fun and relationship
oriented GWM’s under 30.
¯ Smoker/Ught Drinker OK. Must be
disease/drug free ~11041
Tulsa GAY OR BI: AI, 32, very masc
prof’l, GBM isa Gay or bi male, masc,
race not Impt, into sparts, outdoors, if u
like Iv a message thanks! ~ 7580
Tulsa LET’S PLAY: professional, 42
WM, isa other ~Gay or bi male, 30s-
40s, in the area, let’s play! ~ 7392
BM, kinda looking far someone to love,
tired of being by myself, love to sing,
read, like to go to the movies, have fun,
love all types of music, if this interests
you give me a call- ~ 7435
BIWM, mid 40s iso BIWM 30-40, ht/wt
prop, very discreet, expect same, like
share some time, if you are interested,
give me a call, I’ll return all callse
Tulsa NEW’ TO AREA~ Mike, new to
the area, 35, BIWM, bind/blue, work
out alot, phys fit, Ikg for a sir to BI BM
35-65 to have a g0od:time with, go out
with give me a call- = -7842
Jack, GWM, 37, It. bin/bin, mustache,
very masc, sir appearing/acting, iso
friends poss. rel in the area, like all
music, dining, theater, Sitting by a
fireplace, outdoors, animals, you name
it- give me a call- ~ 7873
Oklahoma City JASON, 24, 5’10,
170, Ikg to meet Other hot guys, around
my age, if you’d like- ~7885
Malvem FANTASY FUN: Jack, 33
WM, Ikg far guys into fantasies, give
me a call let’s get together. = 8031
Oklahoma City BI OR BI
CURIOUS? 36, in the city the first wk
of the month, looking far bi or bi
curious, gdlkg, 6’1,175, 33w, give
me a call- ~ 8514
Walton MARRIED OR BI: Rodney,
married WM 25 5’5, 150, altr, Ikg for
25-35 married or bi male, far
friendship pass rel, inexperienced and
want sameane to learn with honesty
and discretion req’d- ~ 8671
Ok City gl CURIOUS WM 42,
slender build, at,r, isa a bi or gay male,
18-25 - for pass rel, write me! photo a
plus, race not impt- e 8747
Oklahoma City LET’S
Extremely Bi Curious WF,
new.to this life, 22, tall and
full figured, seeks same for
learning experiences.
Please leave a message
Oklahoma City
seeks other females for fun,
romance and more. Please
leave a message. =27256
Tulsa HEY GIRLS: athletic
attr. SWF early 30’s 5’4
1101bs brn/bm Ikg4 open
minded women for discreet hot
fun. call me! ~45795
Dallas/Ft. Worth LEZ
TALK: my name is Lisa,
I’m Ikg4 someone to have
great phone fun with. I love
talking on the phone. Im 42
~’/o and I hope you call
me. ~45492
I’m a single woman with no
kids Ikg4 a special’female
friend to love and care for. call
me. ~1614
Arkadelphia, AR STAR
GAZER: my name is Angela,
I[m a 21 y/o student interested
in trying new things, star
gazing and more. I would like
to meet a nice woman for fun
and friendship, call me!
Sponsored byTNAAPP- ’ "
V~HAT: ¯
Wee.,. e d.-R~treat for Gay/B~sexuai :Nat~ve~:
Amei~ican M.e-~ : " . .
.February 23-25, 1996
V~HERE: For More Information Call Today
582-7225, Extension 21B
m m mm mm mm mm n mm m m i mmm mm mm mm m m m i m mm mm ~

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