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Pride 1999 Actual Expenses and Sales as of July 10 cover.png
Expenses and Sales for Pride 1999 event "An Evening with Barney Frank" as of July 10, 1999.

Dinner discussion at All Souls Unitarian Church

1980 Fundraiser at Queen of Hearts, Tulsa/ This was OHR's first turn-about drag show, held at the Queen of Hearts in downtown Tulsa. This was the first major fundraiser for the organization. Mc'd by Jim Smith, starring Tina Turndike.

OHR and TOHR Logo History and History Highlights 1980-2006.pdf

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1996 Picnic Booth Information cover.png
Blank application to operate a booth at 1996's Pride Picnic.

Fundraiser for Tulsa Oklahomans for Human Rights

2003 festival flier cover.png
Flier advertising 2003's Pride Festival. Features list of performers set to appear and sponsors.

Welcoming Ambassador Hormel, need to include TOHR in your giving of time and money.

2006 Diversity Gala Letter Invite.pdf

2009 Review - Oklahomans for Equality

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