[1996] Tulsa Family News, June 15-July 14, 1996; Volume 3, Issue 7


[1996] Tulsa Family News, June 15-July 14, 1996; Volume 3, Issue 7


Politics, education, and social conversation toward Tulsa’s Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual communities.


Tulsa Family News was a monthly newspaper; No. 1 issued December 1993-January 1994. The final issue available was published in September 0f 2001 (Volume 8, Issue 9).

The newspaper brings up important, evolving topics of marriage, Pride, TOHR, HIV/AIDs, events, advice, and politics all at the local and national level.

This document is available in searchable PDF attached. It is also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


Tulsa Family News




Tom Neal


June 15-July 14, 1996


James Christjohn
Phyl Boler-Schmidt
Barry Hensley
Jean Pierre
Leanne Gross
Pat Moehead
JD Jamett


Tom Neal/Tulsa Family News


Tulsa Family News, May 15-June 14, 1996; Volume 3, Issue 6


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United States Oklahoma Tulsa
United States of America (50 states)


Serving Tulsa’s Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual & Trans Communities
Our Families of the Heart
CoUrt Kills Amendment 2
Tulsa Leaders Respond
WASHINGTON - In a ruling that brought a collective
sigh of relief from U.S. rights activists, the Supreme
Court has ruled that Colorado’s anti-gay Amendment 2
is unconstitutional. Justice Anthony Kennedy said in
the court’s 6-3 majority ruling that theColorado ballot
measure was "inexplicable by anything except ill will
toward homosexuals." The ruling found that Amendment
2 identifies people by the singletrait of their sexual
orientation and denies them protection across the board
"in a law unprecedented in American jurisprudence."
The Court’s ruling invalidates the 1992 Colorado referendum
that was narrowlyapproved by 53 percent of the
voters and would have blocked anti-bia~dneasures in
Denver, Boulder, Aspen and anywhere else in the state
that adopted suchmeasures. The high court’s majority
opinion found that Amendment 2 violates the
Constitution’s guarantees of equal protection under the
law, ruling that it illegally bars homosexuals from
see CO, page 10
Federal Anti-Marriage Bill
Moves Thru Congress
WASHINGTON - The far-right’s proposed congressional
measure,known as the "Defense of Marriage
Act" (DOMA), easily won approval of a House sub,
committee by a largely party-line 8-4 vote, and is
expected to reach thefloor of the House of Representafives
for a vote by early July. The Senate companion
measure should be reaching the floor of the upper
chamber at about the same time, Senate leaders said.
qqae measure, which would define marriage as the union
of a man and a woman, effectively excluding same-sex
marriages at the federal levd, has left rights activists at
loose ends since it was introduced in Congress earlier in
May, quickly, winning endorsements from the Republican
leadership and the promise of President Clinton’s
signature if it passed Congress.
Clinton supporter David Mixner fumed on CBSsee
Federal, page 10
More States Pass Anti-
Marriage Laws
SPRINGFJELD, Ill. -~ Illinois .Gov.:Jim Edgar signed a
measure barring the state from recognizing same,sex
marriages, whether legally performed in other states or
not, making the state that first repealed its sodomy
statu_tes: over. 3 ~ decades ago ~- the 1.0th, U.S, state to
prohibitrecognition ofsame-sex marriages. Meanwhile,
in Michigan and Pennsylvania, similar anti-marriage
measures won approval in their respective legislatures.
The bills in each of the 2 states need only to have
differences in the language of their upper and lower
chambers worked out before being sent to their governors
for approval. North Carolina’s lawmakers, intheir
effort to prohibit recognition of same-sex marriages that
might be legally performed in other states, have been
trying to quickly work around legal limits on the types
of measures they can consider in a shortened special
see States; page 10
PFLAG activists, Bill & Cathy Hinlde, and Nancy & Joe
McDonald flank Dallas Gay & Lesbian AllianCe Pres.
Cece Cox, her spouse, Lisa Means, & Tom Neal at ajoint
meetingof PFLAG, TOHR & Rainbow Business Guild.
: Tulsa PFLAG Mom Testifies
’Against Anti-Marriage Bill ¯
Nancy McDonald, founder of Tulsa Parents, Familes
¯ and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) with husband
¯ Joe, and first vice president of the national board of
.. PFLAG, testified against the so-called "Defense of Mar-
¯ nage Act" before the Constitution Subcommittee of the
¯ Judicial Committee of the US House of Representatives
¯ on May 15. TFN is honored to summarize or to reprint
~ portions of that testimony.
¯ McDonald identified herself as a mother and longtime
¯ educator and volunteer speaking in defense of marriage.
¯ In particular, McDonald identified the benefits of civil
¯ marriage and noted how those benefits are denied to same
: sex couples. McDonald said she wished she were testify-
" ing in favor of a bill that would grant equal marriage rights
: "see Congress, page 8
¯ HIV Bias Lawsuit Won
Paul Saladin has won his wrongful termination lawsuit
¯¯ against his former employeer, Terry Turner, owner ofThe
French Hen. Saladin had filed his case under the federal
~ Americans with Disabilities Act which prohibit discrimi-
: nation on the basis of HIV!AIDS as well as other disabili-
¯ ties. ¯
The case is noteworthy because it is one of the first to
: address discriminationbased on an association with some-
: one who is disabled. Saladin was fired from his job as a
: waiter when one customer allegedly complained to man-
. agement after he heard another customer ask Saladin
: about his late partner who was seriously ill with AIDS
¯ related infections.
Saladin received modest damages of partial back pay
see Case, page 8
"Promise Keepers" Boot
¯ Radical Extremist Enyart
¯ "Christian" syndicated television talk show host, Bob ¯
Enyart, appears to have been disinvited from the Promise .
¯ Keepers "Christian men’s" rally planned for June 15th at ¯
¯ TU’s Skelly Stadium. Lesbian/Gay activists, pro-choice ¯
¯ activists and moderate ~d progressive religious leaders -.:
had objected to Enyart s participation because of his :
¯ documented remarks calling for the execution of "homo: ¯
¯ sexua¯ ls" and "abortlonlo~,,o~’.,~.we.u as.m.e do.sin.g.and./the.¯
¯¯ , phys~cal~ destruction of homosexual churches, clubs and :
other establishments, as well as abortion diuics. Enyart "
¯ has acknowledged those remarks as accurately reflecting ."
: his values in an interview with the Denver Post.
¯ The Rev. Russell Bennett of Fellowship Congrega- ¯ tional Church said that the Task Force for Rdigious "
¯ Freedom and Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry were involved
¯ in persuading key Promise Keeper supporters to call for " ¯
Enyart’s removal. Allegedly, Rev. Pearson called the
~ national office of Promise Keepers to ask them to:
; organizers to remove Enyart. According to The
¯ World, local organizers would not comment on the pro- ¯ ¯
gram change, see Enyart; page 10
American Airlines, Pepsi,
¯i AMnilhleeruSspeornBsuosrcPhr,idCeoPoircsn, i&c
Organizers of this year’s Pride Picnic have annoUnced
the confirmation of American Airlines as lead sponsor of
Tulsa: United in Pride, the 1996 Pride Picnic which is at
Owen Park, 560 No. Maybelle at Edison Road on Saturday,
June 15 .from noon. to 5pm. American Airlines,
Tulsa’s largest employer, is donating two air travd tickets
which picnic attendees can be eligible to win. Other major
sponsors include Anheuser-Busch, Coors, Miller Brewmg
Co. and Pepsi-Cola. Picnic orgamzers emphasized
their thanks for the support of dub owners and entertainers
who hosted and performed in benefit shows, in chronological
order: Bill and Brian and their friends at Lola’s,
Sensuous and John at the Tool Box, John & Steve at the
Silver Star and Kirk & Terry at Concessions with apologies
to anyone whose name’s been left out¯ This event just
see Picnic. page 8
Tulsa Library Nixes Gay
Exhibits for Two Years
While the Tulsa City County Library commission and
Library administrators deny that complaints about an
April Lesbian and Gay themed exhibit by Parents, Families
and Friends of Lesbians and Gays motivated them ,the
commissioners changed the Library’s exhibit rides at a
May 21st meeting so that a similar topic cannot be displayed
for two years. Formerly library rules prevented the
same organization from exhibiting more than once in 18
months. Under the new regulations, the same topic cannot
be addressed more than once in 2-krnonths.
Because of this change, Tulsa OklahomanS for Human
Rights (TOHR)is now being denied penmssion to mounl
an exhibit that-was scheduled for August. Library administrators
say that the TOHR exhibit plans were never
definite but were tentative. However, TOHR representatives
claim that:they understood the date to be firufly
settled with any question of ch_anging the date not arising
until after controversy about the PFLAG exhibit started.
TOHR’s spokesperson expressed sympathy for the harassment
the Library had experienced and understood the
LibraD¯’s desire to change its rules but regretted that
Library administrators had not chosen to honor their prior
commitment to TOHR.
TOHR is currently seeking an alternate site for the
exhibit, Love Makes A Family, a photo-documentary of
Lesbian and Gay families with accompanying interviews
of the couples and their children.
-ffiahoma Parade ;
¯ Follies Review’96 + MCC’s
?That’s Entertainment?. +
State.HIV/AIDS Confere.nce
+ IAM Ice Cream Soc,al +
Shanti’s Water.Garden Tour
see page 9
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Publisher/Editor, Tom Neal
Assistant Editor, James Christjohn
Phyl Boler-Schmidt
Barry Hensley
Leanne Gross & Pat Morehead
Staff Phot(x3rapher, JD Jamett
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bY Phyl Bole’r-Sdhmidt " " i. ¯ i i.°
"Th~Godit~s ovhr! The~AmendmentTwO battlemC°l°riad°
that fight. And, though it began in one state, the effects rippled
acrFoosrsmoeu,rtghreebaattntlaetiboeng.an oneMay evem.ngm. 1991. Iwas living
on the western slope of Colorado, minding my own business,
enjoyin my life and my vcork. Tha.t .evening: ,,the voters of
Denvergre’ected an ordinance proposexl by a soc)auy-co,n,se,rvative
erou~ called Citizens for Sensible Rights that wou!a nave
" remgved sexual orientation from the wording of the city s equal
protectionlaw. After their defeat, CSRandits statewidesupporters
vowed to take the issue to the state level where, they thought,
babydom in the gay rights movement before the Amendment
Two vote. I’i,’e gone from an often timid addressee of lesbigay
cinosnicdeernansdtooustoTmwehoonisenwoht oinctahne lbeeasctoaufnrateidd toonsttoankdntoowe ttohteoiesswuieths
see Weary, page 3
has been a long gaul of Often drudgery for those of us involved in
I~9 Tgdd Adams
"The religious right would like you to believe that despite their
hatemongering and anti-gay propaganda, they truly have com.-
passion and geiiuine Christian concern for the homosexual. It ~s
not a personal bias, they claim, but only because of divine
Biblical proclamation that they are compelled to preach this socalled
threat to family values.
Consider then, the disproportionate lack of attention given to
¯ the far more pervasive trend toward unmarried heterosexual
~ couples cohabitating. Isn’t this what the Bibli~ calls fornication,
and isn’t this a sexual sin of equal magnitude as homosexuality?
¯ Just by the sheer numbers of people engaged in fornication
¯ compared to those of homosexuality, one would think the former
¯ to be a far greater threat to those sacred fata!!y, value.s.A,ft,er ~1,
their Dresumably heterosexual children woum seenungiy De ~ar
¯ more’susceptible to being recruited into this lifestyle rather than
into homosexuality. Yet we don’t see nearly the kind of passion
exerted on this proportionately mammoth threat to,fancily v,alue.s
as we see directed towards gay and lesbian peopte. ~o why ~s
¯ there such a wide disparity of attention? The answer is twofold,
¯ and both are very basic to human nature: greed and ignorance.
The first reason is greed. The fact is homosexuality is very
¯ controversial and thus stirs emotions. Marketing 101 will tell you
the easiest way to pry money out of a pocket is to exploit
see Values, page 3
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I never canremember those old sayings
very well but there is this one that goes
like this: may youlive in interesting times
- and I never could remember if that was
supposed tO be a blessing or a curse.
Wall, here we are at Pride 1996. We
certainly are living in interesting times.
Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Triinsgendered issues
are being discussed more than they
l~ave been at’any other time in the last two
thousand or so years.
And though our losses (to AIDS, to
breast cancer, to the institutionalized violence
and self hatred our society fosters)
have been beyond imagination, and it is
easy to feel that we are under attack each
~ime we turn, we are winning some.
Colorado 2- do I need to say more?The
highest court in the nation, and the source
of both despair and hope for American
minorities, finally has recognized us as
Even here in Tulsa, we are making
some progress. Although we are still
marginalized by many of Tul.sa leaders, a
few are recognizing our existence, our
contributions to this city and our emerging
political impact.
And though we are poisoned by too
many of the pathologies that growing up
minrrity in America engenders, and although
we are often unneces sarily cruel to
each other, Tulsa is rich in remarkable
individuals who dedicate hours of their
time to building community ~mdresources.
These folks are too many to name them
all. The3’ vary from those whom you recognize
quickly, the McDonalds and
Kirbys, to those who work a little more
behind the scenes, the Newmans, S tames,
Petersons and Gilleans to those who are
rarely recognized but whose contributions
are also critical.
These people, their work and our
progress, although slow, all are things for
whichwe can be thankful. So take aminute
to celebrate, to honor those who’ve gone
before, to recognizehow things are better.
I have and will. Tulsa’ s sure a better place
for us thanit was 20 or even 10 years ago.
- Tom Neal
Rev. Nancy J. Horvath M. Div., Pastor
9:15 am Christian Education
ll:00am Worship Service
6:30 pm Midweek Service
7:30 pm Choir Practice
7:30 pm Codependency
Support Group
5451-E S. Mingo ¯ Tulsa, OK ¯ 7414~
(918) 622-1441
Noon - 5:00 pm
Opening Ceremony, lpm
¯ Blessing by the Rev. Leslie Penrose
¯ Welcome by TOHR president Debbie Starnes
¯ Performances by local entertainers, including Miss Gay Tulsa &
Miss Tulsa USofA, Tulsa Family Chorale & The Banned from
Throughout the afternoon,
¯ DJ will provide music throughout the day
¯ Booths with vendors, community organization info., crafts, etc.
¯ Food for modest cost
¯ Free beverages provided by Anheuser-Busch, Coors, Miller &
¯ Volleyball & tennis court available
¯ Kids’ playground
¯ Security provided all day by Tulsa Park officers
¯ Closing ceremony, with benediction by RF Renfro &
Freedom Balloon Extravaganza!
Be a, part of the Pride~Picnic! - To volunteer, just show up Saturday
Edison St.
-’ ,~
"~ To Sand Springs, 1-412
Directions: From Tulsa, take
Keystone Expressway West
towards Sand Springs. Exit
Gilcrease Rd. turn right (North)
on Gilcrease Road to Edison St,
and turn right (East} on Edison,
go about 1/2 mile. Owen Park Is
on the right. Parking is on the
Southeast corner of the park.
near Roosevelt School.
the most ardent anti-gay zealots. Wars
will do that for you. Survival skills are
something we either gain in a hurry, or we
die at the hands of the enemy, sometimes
literally, often figuratively.
Of course, there are always battle scars
too, and I watch myself, as well as others
who have fought this one in the trenches,
acting most times like we suffer from the
more modem adaptation of World War
II’s shell shock. Post-traumatic stress disorder
runs rampant among civil rights
activists of any persuasion.
On May 20th, nearly five years exactly
to the day after the Denver vote, I was
catching up on some paperwork at my
computer when the news came in via the
Interact about the U.S. Supreme Court’s
6-3 decision declaring Amendment Two
unconstitutional. There was no jubilant
fist thrust into the air. There was no inyour-
face queer political nose-rubbing of
the opposition. I just sat th6re, staring at
the two-hne news alert for over 30 minutes,
occasional quiet tears of mostly relief
I believe it is important to remember
that although the Supreme Court decision
reflects a changed attitude on the part of
the federal judiciary as it regards the humamty
of lesbigay people, nothing has
really changed legally. No tights have
been gained. It remains okay to discriminate
against us as a people in most of the
country, & the fight for equality remains
one we will need to address one person at
a time. \Vhat has happened is imperceptible
to people on the outside of our movement.
We are a more confident people,
more sure than ever before of our beliefs
and our worth. We are more aware politically;
we -know how to build coalitions, to
raise funds, to seek out and solidify our
bases of support, and we -know how to get
the job done. We also have learned the
tree value found in each other because we
had to learn with whom we could be safe
and on whom we could count when or if
we needed someone.
A~nendment Two was a right of passage
for lesbigay people in Colorado. mad
the tipple effects have forged growth in
the movemeut throughout the land. Let us
not waste that ~owth and the opportunity
it presents to truly change our ~vorld. Our
time has come, and our movement is coming
of age, but let us not forget that we
gain nothing in the wav of respect if we
are not respectful of others. If we are
going to ever have that kinder, gentler
nation George Bush at least talked about.
I believe it must start with us.
emotions: lust,:enwy.., fear, hate! Therefore,
dt is pr0fi~ble for the religious right
to keep homosexuality controversial. Itis
their greatest fund-raising tool. Even the
most cursory glance at their fund-raising
literature wil! reveal classic propaganda
techniques; dehumanize the subject to
remove any compassion people might feel,
and present only the most extreme behavior
as examples of that"lifestyle", behavior
which, incidentally, many homosexuals
themselves would find distasteful.
These techniques are nothing new. They
are the same methods used by the Nazis to
persecute the Jews.
The second reason is pure and simple
ignorance. They fall to understand that
we have exactly the same range of human
emotions and feel exactly the same feelings
they do; love, lust, guilt, jealousy,
anger, compassion; just in a slightly different
context, homosexuality is a normal,
natural and healthy way of life for a
certain percentage of the population. But
because those feelings are foreign to them,
the religious right assumes our lives to be
wicked, perverted and disgusting. They
fall to see that falling in love is truly a
universal emotion with many varieties.
So don’t be misled. The attention giveu
to homosexuality has nothing to do with
family values, if it did, more preachers
would be concerned about the results of
their hate speech: abandoned and abused
children, gay teen suicide, substmace
abuse. All of these are far more serious
fmnily issues which deserve far lnore
bo,eft.th,g Tul.~a Area AIDSAgenctes
Warren Place Doubletree Hotel
Dh~ner, Cash Bar and Performance
Remaining seats are limited. Call today!
OR BY PHONE: ~84-2000
Canada Rights Bill
OTI’AWA - Largdy considered a formality,
Canada’s Senate has followed the
May 9 lead of Parliament’s House of
Commons and approved federal legislation
outlawing bias based on sexual orientation.
The bill now only requires the
assent of the governor general, representing
Queen Elizabeth II as Canada’s titular
head of state, to become part of
theCanadian Human Rights Act.
Michigan School
DETROIT-In a d~iay that angered:many,
the Allen Park School Board decided not
to decide yet on whether gay and lesbian
students - or even students who are just
believed to be homosexual - should be
protected under the district’s anti-harassment
policies. The mother of a 14-yearold
student at Allen Park High School
asked the trustees in May to include antiharassment
policies that prohibit gay and
lesbian students from being attacked or
harassed on school grounds by other students.
But the school board decided it
wanted to take "more time to study the
issue" beforemaking a decision. Raymond
Salliotte, an attorney representing the student
and his family, told the board members
they should be ashamed of themgelves
for even having to take this long to
decide on such a basic issue.
School Gay CI.ui
GLENDALE, Calif. - The Glendale
school board averted the potentially explosive
issue of gay and lesbian dubs at
schools by rejecting a plan that would
have required permission of parents for
their high-school age,students to join any
such campus clubs. Instead, the board
opted for a compromise proposal that
would inform parents of all the dubs
authorized to meet at schools in the district
so they could be aware of what groups
there are at various schools. But parents
would not have to give permission for
their children in school to join any of the
Clinton ’Advocate’
LOS ANGELES - In an interview in the
Los Angeles gay news magazine The
Advocate, President Clinton reiterated his
view that marriage is an institution between
a man and a woman, as a far-right
bill in Congress declares, and says he is
proud of his record of working to end
discrimination agmnst homosexuals in
theU.S, and of the large number of gay
men and lesbians hehas named to posts in
his administration.But in the interview,
Clinton says ofthe controversy that erupted
early in his term over ending the military
ban, "There are some things I think I
should have done differently." He says he
now believes he should have first worked
with congressional and Pentagon leaders
to build a broader consensus on the issue,
saying that possibly moving in "incremental
steps" might have been a better
way to approach ending the ban. The
President, however, sidesteps questions
in the interview about whether he would,
if re-elected, renew any efforts to end the
current restrictions against homosexuals
in the armed forces.
Oregon Initiative
Called Off
PORTLAND, Ore. - Lon Mabon, head of
the anti-gay OregonCitizens Alliance,
announced at a press conference that the
organization will discontinue gathering
signatures to put a new ballot measure
before state voters this year in an effort to
block civil rights protections for homosexuals.
Oregon rights activists said the
OCA move wasn’t surprising in the wake
of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in May
declaring that Colorado’s Amendment 2,
which the OCA had used as-a model, was
School Board
Victory in N.H.
MERRIMACK, NH - Two years of contentious
tumult over an anti-gay policy
may have come to at least a temporary end
with the stunning 2-1 victory ofRosemarie
Rung for a seat on the school board. The
race registered the largest voter turnout in
the town’s history and Rung’s election
now means, that religious-right candidates
whohad forced the anti-gay policy through
the board no longer hold a majority. Rung
vowed dunng the race to work to repeal
the anti-gay Policy 6540, which prohibits
school employees from "’encouraging or
supporung homosexuality as a positive
lifestyle alternative." Ginny Cadarette,
who also ran for the vacant seat won by
Rung, had said she supported the anti-gay
school policy. "This election proves that
the citizens of Merrimack have the moral
courage to reject the politics of fear and
divisiveness," Rung said after the election
win. "What the Radical Religious
Right failed to realize when it moved into
Merrimack advocating its agenda, from
creationism to Pol,icy 6540, is that we
truly believe in freedom of speech, and
equal protection of the laws."
S. Africa Gay
Rights Protections
CAPE TOWN, South Africa - With the
new, first-ever constitutional protections
barfing bias based on sexual orientation,
: the South African Parliament wasted no
¯ ti~ne putting theory into practice. On May
14 the lawmakers approved military poli-
¯ cies prohibiting discrimination against
¯ women, gays and lesbians in the nation’s
¯ armed forces. The next day a memo from
: the leaders of both houses of Parliament
¯ outlined the travd~related benefits the
¯ partners of Members of Parliament are
: entitled to.identical to those of the spouses
¯ of married MPs.
Anti-Gay, Anti-HIV
Defense Bill Again
WASHINGTON - The House has approved
a $267-billion Defense Department
spending measure that President
Clinton has already said he would veto if
it’s not changed by the Senate because of
the many social issues that conservative
Republicans have tacked on to it. The
measure includes amendments that would
discard the current "don’t ask,don’t tell"
maned forces provision and institute an
outright ban on homosexuals in the military.
It also iududes the on-again, offagain
amendment forcing the Pentagon to
discharge any military personnel who test
positive for HIV. The Senate version of
the defense measure calls for the same
spending level,but doesn’t contain the
coutroversial amendments House Republicans
added to the bill. The measure also
iucludes a ban on the sale of sextmlly
explici! magazines,such as Playboy and
Penthouse, at military bases as well as a
prohibition against U.S. military hospitals
outside the country performing
abortions,except in eases ofrape, incest or
if the mother’s life is at risk.
Carolina Anti-Gay
Measure Repealed
SPARTANBURG, S.C. - Faced with the
prospect of having the Olympic torch
relay re-routed around the county and
finding the men’s U.S.A.Gymnastic team
pulling their training site, the Spartanburg
county council has decided not to keep an
mati-gay resolution it approved on Monday,
Mav 13. The resolution, similar to
ones passed by two Georgia county comnussions
inn, has no actual legal effect but
states that homosexuality is "incompatible
withcommunity standards."The comnussioners
decided earlier in May to pass
the resolution as a show of their support
[’or Cobb County, Ga., which has been
excluded as a site for Olympic Game
events because of the resolution. Butwhen
the Spartanburg council was confronted
by the American men’s gymnasts team
~;ith moving their training site elsewhere
over the anti-gay measure and statements
by the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic
Games that it might re-route the torch
run around Spartanburg County, the
county council voted 4-1 to repeal the
While Spartanburg was busy repealing
its anti-gay resolution, the Greenville
County council approved by a 9-3 vote an
identical measure. The Olympic torch is
slated to pass through Greenville on June
26, but a spokesperson for the Atlanta
Committee for the Olympic Games said
the group is unsure what - if anything - it
may do about the approved resolution,
which calls homosexuality contrary to
"community standards" in the county. At
least one ACOG member, however, was
quoted in news reports as saying that the
organizing committee "couldn’t function
as a civil rights watchdog for the nation."
Commitment Fair
Called Off
DETROIT, Mich. -A planned Gay Commitment
Fair that had been slated forMay
19 in the Detroit suburb of Holly where
gay couples could peruse exhibits by riofists,
photographers, jewelers and other
marriage-rdated goods and services was
cancded after the organizer of the event
received hundreds ofoffensive and threatening
telephones calls, the Detroit Free
Press reports. According to the paper,
Jeffrey Maxwell, the pastor at the C.alvary
United Methodist Church in Holly read a
news article about the planned private
event to his parishioners, including the
phone number to contact the promoter of
the fair. The organizer of the event, who
asked the paper not to identify him, called
off the event at the last minute after being
.swamped with menacing calls threatenmg
to disrupt and picket the fair as well as
at least 2 death threats. Maxwell said he
didn’t believe anyone from his church
made any of the calls.
Proposal to Extend
Partner Benefits
SANFRANCISCO-Gay SupervisorTom
Ammiano has proposed legislation that
would require most contractors working
on city financed projects to extend the
samedomestic partnerbenefits to its workers
that it offers to the spouses of its
married employees. Many of the city’s
large corporations already offer partners
benefits, but mo~t smaller firms do not,
and the city controller’s office estimates
that there are between 8,000 and 10,000
companies doing business with the city
that could be affected by the proposed
measure. The proposed ordinance would
exemptfirms located wheredomestic partner
programs aren’t in place, unless the
company has a division office in the city
as well. In those cases, only workers in the
San Francisco offices would be covered.
Business leaders here have not so far
expressed any strong objections to the
Ammiano measure, although the city’s
Chamber of Commerce says it wasn’t
consulted about.it beforehand. The mea--
sure wouldbe the first ofits kind inthe US.
Ect,n x
Traci Huntsman
3225 S. Yale
Tulsa, OK 74135
4649 South Peoria
Comer of
48th & Peoria
9:30 - 5, Mon. - Fri.
Hewlett-Packard to
Extend Benefits i
PALO ALTO, Calif. - The Hewlett-
Packard Company, a leading manufacturer
of computers and computer peripheral
equipment, has announced it will be
adding health care benefits for the domestic
partners of its unmarried ~...~
the U.S., probably by nexty~~
Platt, chairman and CEO of the firm, said
in making the announcement,"The extension
of health-benefits coverage to domestic
parmers continues HP’s ongoing
efforts to create an inclusive environ-
~nent. We’re also enhancing our competitiveness
as a great place to work so we can
attract and retain top talent." Details ofthe
program were not released, but the company
said the benefits would apply to both
same- and opposite-sex unmarried employees,
and would extend to the couples’
children as well. The firm employs some
108,300 workers.
Challenge to UK
Age of Consent Law
LONDON - Euan Sutherland, a 19-yearold
gay student, has been given the goahead
by the European Commission on
Human Rights to challenge the British
age of consent laws before the Court of
Human Rights in Strasbourg if Parliament
doesn’t change the law.4n 1994,
Parliament lowered the age of.consent for
homosexual sex from 21 to 18, but the age
of consent for heterosexual sex in Britain
1S only 16. And Suthedand petitioned
government courts without luck to equalize
the ages for all sexual activity, arguing
that it was discriminatory. "It’s normal
for a 19-year-old bloke to be going out
with a 17-year-old girl," Sutherland said.
"’If I was doing that [with another male] it
would be illegal. Both of us would be
breaking the law. There are jail penalties."
Sutherland’s legal challenge is expected
to bejoined by another gay youth,
Chi’is Morris, 16, shortly.
Lipstick Lesbians
NEW YORK - The women? s beauty and
fashion magazine, Allure,includes excerpts
from the soon-to-be-publishedbook
by Lindsy Van Gelder and Pamda Robin
Brandt, The Girls Next Door: Into the
Heart of Lesbian America.. The excerpt,
entitled in the magazine "Some Lesbians
Are Glamour Babes; Others Aren’t," lot-ks
at similarities and differences between
lesbians and straight women in makeup,
body consciousness and similar beauty
issues in alighthearted manner. Only problem
is, although excerpts from forthcoming
books are generally a sdling point for
~nainstreamraagakiii~’s,’Allui-d s~in~ ~6’
have neglected mentioning the excerpt on
its cover. Ah, well. Probablyjust a"typo.’"
Permanent Hair Removal
Carol Anwar, RE, CPE
Lic. By Okla. St. Med. Bd.
Near71st & Lewis Call for info,
or an appt. with free consultation,
Survey: World’s
Full of Surprises
LONDON-Itwas "goodnews-badnews"
for the citizens of the new Russia as LondonInternational
Group, one ofthe world’s
largest condom manufacturers, released
the results of its 3rd annual international
survey of sexual behavior. According to
the LIG survey, Russians are the 2nd most
sexually active people in the world, led
only by Americans. "Our survey will explode
a lot of myths about sex," said Pauli
Jakobsson of LIG. The study reports that
based on surveys of 10,000 people in 15
nations,Americans have sex 135 times a
year, trailed dosdy by the homy ex-comrades
who succumb to Western bourgeois
thrills 133 times annually. The former
Soviets also trailed the Americans in their
self-centered view of sex, with 61.% of
U.S. citizens interviewed saying theirown
satisfaction was most important in sex.
Some 42% of Russians said their own
gratification was paramount, placing them
next behind Americans. Thailand came in
at the bottom of the list in terms of frequency
of sex,averagingjust 64 times per
year. Of a list of notable personalities
those interviewed thought were
sexiest,Australian actor Mel Gibson
topped the lisL while U.S. President Bill
Clinton fell about midway and Russian
Prime Minister Boris Yeltsin camein next
to last, the unsexy honor of which fell to
Poland’s Lech Walesa. Poles (presumably
none of them eying Mr. Walesa)
turned up as the most safe-sex conscious
in the survey, with a full 13% of Polish
respondents claiming they routinely carry
condoms in their underwear, leading the
Italians in their claims of having condoms
on hand. Canadians, somewhat surprisingly,
came in as the most hostile to the
idea of safer sex, while the Russians did
little better, ranking 12 out of the 15
countries. Canadians, however, also
ranked 1st as the world’s most sensitive
bed partners, with 51% saying satisfying
their sexual partner was their top priority
in bed. Another surprise the survey reports
is that women respondents turned
out to be more sexually selfish than men,
with 31% .saying their own sati fraction
was most ~mportant in the sack, while
25% of men said their own gratification
was primo in bed.
Hawaii Dems Make
Pro-Gay Moves
HONOLULU-While many of the state’s
la~vmakers grappled muchof the past year
with the issue of same-sex marriage resuiting
from what isexpected to be a state
court victory for gays and lesbians, the
stale Democratic.party made its position
dear during its May 24-26 convention.
The party’s central committee adopted a
resolution opposing any future interfer-
ence by the state legislature or efforts to
change Hawaii’s liberalstate Constitution
in the court battle. The Dems then went on
to oust Linda Rosehill from the key post
as its national committeewoman in favor
to Amy Agbayani. Rosehill has been very
active in efforts to block the possible
legalization of same-sex marriages in
thestate; Agbayani represented theACLU
m testimony opposing legislative efforts.
to block same-sex marriag~in the sta~e.
Martin Rice, an openly gay Democratic
Party activist, was also elected to a position
as one of the committee’s 3 vicechairs
as an executive board member.
Episcopal Church:
Gay Clergy OK
WILMINGTON, Del. - A court of the
Episcopal Church has ruled that it is not
against church doctrine for a bishop to
ordain sexually active homosexuals to the
priesthood, thereby ending the possibility
of a heresy trial against Bishop Walter
Righter, 72, the retired Bishop of Iowa,
for ordaining Barry Stopfel, who is gay,
as a church deacon in 1990. The 9 presiding
bishops had been considering the issue
of whether Bishop Righter should
face heresy charges for the ordination for
10 weeks. Their decision was announced
from the steps of the net-gothic Cathedral
of St. John by Delaware Bishop Cabell
Tennis and included little in the way of
comment or clarification except that there
~vas "no such written constraint" in church
law agaanst such ordinations.The formal
armouncement noted that the ruling was
not "’an opinion on the morality of samegender
relationships." And while Bishop
Righter’s trial may be over, the issue itself
may be far from settled, some church
observers say. The Rt. Rev Andrew
Fairfield, the l~ishop of North Dakota mad
the onl y dissenting member of the court,
said the nmnerous biblical condemnations
of homosexuality, as well as Christian
tradition and church teachings, hold
that"the bottom line is. homosexuality of
any kind is prohibited." Some conservatives
predicted there would be a schism if
the church’s general convention, which
will meet in Philadelphia next year, doesn’t
prohibit the ordination of sexually active
Dr. George Carey, the Archbishop of
Canterbury, urged Episcopalians not to
over-react or act impatiently as the church
struggles with its position on ordaining
gay priests ~n a sermon commemoraung
the 100th anniversary of the Los Angeles
Episcopal Diocese. Carey warned Episcopalians
against "walking away from
one another" over the issue and said we
¯ must learn to get along with each other
despite differences. "We need to learn a
uew langnage .- alangu.age of.ac.ceptance
and love of one another," Carey said in his
sermon at the Cathedral Center of St. Paul
in Los Angeles. "’I don’t mean by this we
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have to agree or accept the political correctness
of our day. There will ",always be
questions that have to be left hanging
while we wait for fuller answers. What we
must not do is walk away from one an-
, other." Aside from the heresy trial in
¯ Delaware earlier this year, Carey has come
¯¯ ¯ under pressure from conservative Anglican
clergy in Britain who have insisted
that he condemn the previous Archbishop
.of Canterbury, Lord Robert Runcie, who
xt was recently revealed had ordained
¯ priests he knew were gay.
Texas Log Cabin
Sue State GOP
AUSTIN, Texas - The Log Cabin Club of
Texas, a predominately gay and lesbian
political organization, sued and won
against the state Republican Party after
the Texas GOP reneged on a contract for
a booth at its state convention and on ad
space in the convention prggram. The
LOg Cabin lawsuit,filed in Travis County
state court, charges the Texas Republicans
with violating the organization’s First
Amendment rights, bias based on sexual
orientation, and breach of contract. Lester
van Pelt III, a spokesperson for the state
Republican Party, toldreporters that Barbara
Jackson, the state GOP’s executive
director, had ma~.ethe decision to exclude
the Log Cabin Republicans because of the
party platform’s positions against homosexuality.
"Sodomy is still a crime in
Texas," van Pelt’~aid. Nonsense, say the
gay Republicans€ noting that the booth
and ad space hadhothing to do with sodomy.
"...Obviously, no one is going to
commit an illegal act in the booth."
Your P,artners
Program or Mine?
WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - In what
is believed to be the first of its kind in the
U.S., the West Hollywood city council
has unanimousl y approved a measure that
would extend full recognition ofdomestic
partners registered in other cities with
such programs while in the city. Domestic
partnership registration offers few actual
benefits anywhere in the U. S., but it could
be important in cases for example where
a visiting couple was involved in an acci,
dent. One registered partner would have
hospital visitation and treatment decision
rights in such a situation if they were
registered in another ci ty. On a more basic
level, public businesses or events offering
"’spousal"discounts in West Hollywood
already technically are required to extend
similar discounts to registered partners.
And the new recognition measure should
have the same benefit for visiting couples,
the council hopes.
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AIDS Epidemic:
15 Years of Death
WASHINGTON - This year marks the
15th anmversary since thefirst cases of
AIDS were diagnosed in the United States,
although at the time,of course, no one
knew what this strange new disease -
initially called "gay cancer" - held in store
for the nation and the world. Globally, the
World Health Organization reports there
have been 4.5 millioncases of HIV infection,
while in the U.S., there were 476,000
~tses and 295,000 deaths.
-FDA OKs Home-
Testing Kit for HIV
Administration has approved the first
home-testing kit for detecting HIV, the
virus generally believed to cause AIDS..
The kit - known as the Confide HIV
Testing Service - will be marketed initially
at pharmacies in Texas. It will also
be available through a toll-free telephone
number based in Florida. The FDA said it
approved the home-testing kit for people
who would prefer the anonymity of home
testing instead of using clinics or medical
facilities. There’s no word yet on exactly
how much the kit will cost, but it is expected
to be priced at about $40. The ~e~."
testing system will comprise 3 integrdted
components: a home blood collection kit
HIV antibody testing ata certified laboratory,
and a center that, provides test results,
counseling and referrals as needed.
The FDA noted that the U.S. Centers for
Disease Control & Prevention esumates
that 60% of Americans at risk for HIV
have never been tested for the virus. The
test xs manufactured b.v Direct Access
Diagnostics of Bridgewater, N.J., a subsidiarv
of Jolmson & Jotmson. Critics of
home’testing, however, say the "kit is [oo
expensive and that counseling services
via phone in such a situation seemed hitor-
Gel May Help Block
HIV in Women
WASHINGTON-Researchers report that
a vaginal gel containing a drug known as
PMPA has been shown to protect female
monkeys from the simian version of HIV
and may offer humans the same kind of
protection from the virus. Dr. Roberta
Black of the National Institute of Allergy
& Infectious Diseases,which sponsored
the study, said, "For women to have
woman-controlled method is very important
so they canprotect themselves." Black
said much more research is needed - ineluding
studies involving humans- to determine
whether the PMPA anti-viral gel.
could prove safe and effective protection
for women.
Clinton Signs Ryan
White CARE Act
WASHINGTON - Saying he hoped to be
the last president to have to sign a 5-year
extension of the funding program, President
Clinton signed federal legislation
reauthorizing the Ryan White CARE Act
for 5 more years of federal spending. The
measure was first passed by Congress 6
years ago and allocates federal funds to
local communities hardest hit by AIDS
forhome care, transportation.hospice car,e
and other support services for people with
AIDS/HIV. The spending measure will
authorize $738 million for AIDS-related
services in cities and towns around the
cotmtry during the 1996 fiscal year, an
increase over the 1995 level of $632 million.
The measure also includes some $52
million in funding for states to provide
new HIV/AIDS drugs for residents who
can’t afford them, and $10 million for
anew program aimed at getting pregnant
women to voluntarily seek testing and
counseling for HIV. In signing the measure,
Clinton said he hoped no furore
president would have to s~gn a similar
spending measure. "By then, let us pray
that we will have found acure for ,AIDS
and a vaccine to protect every American,"
the President said.
HIV Particle Counts
Aid Treatment
PrvI’SBURGH, Pa. - According to anew
study, doctors now have a more accurate
way of predicting how long people inected
with HIV will survive,thereby giving
physicians better guidance in how
aggressivdy to treat their patients. Dr.
John Mellors and a team of researchers at
the University" of Pittsburgh Medical Cen-
:er have confirmed the relative accuracy
of an extremely sensitive new blood test
that counts the number of HIV viral partides
instead of the current method which
relies on counting the immune system’s
CD4 T-cells. "We found very stri-kingly
that the amount of virus in the bloodstream
predicted how individuals did,"
Mdlors said. "The more virus, the worse
the individuals did, by which I mean the
shorter time to developing full-blown
AIDS and dying." The researchers analyzed
blood samples from 180 gay men
enrolled in a U.S.government study between
1983 mad 1991. They found that
49% of the men with more than 36,000
HIV particles per milliliter of blood died
within 5 years. But only 5% withjust oneninth
tha{amount of virus die.d that quickly.
"The likelihood of progression ~ncreases
directly with the level ofAIDS virus in the
blood-,:’ Mellors said. "So we have a pretty
good idea based on our study what the
expected survival of an individual would
be at a certain level of virus." Dr. Anthony
Fauci, director of the National Institutes
of Allergy &Infectious Disease says the
researchers’ findings will let doctors make
better decisions aboutwhen to begin treatments
and when "to change to possibly
more aggressive therapies. "If some individuals
have very high set points [HIV
particle counts], even though their CD4
cells are reasonably OK, you might want
to more aggressively treat those people
because you know that you can predict
they are going to do more poorly," Fauci
said. "Whereas someone who has a low
[HIV particle count], even though their
CD4 count might not be all that high, you
might want to hold off on aggressive
therapy. So really, it’s a step towards
using the steady state level of the virus
much more as a tool both in prediction and
in therapeutic decisions."
FDA OK’s HIV Tests
wASHINGTON-The U.S Food&Drug
Administration has given theOKto 2 new
HIV tests in this country. The Orasure test
appears to be as accurate as current standard
blood tests,research indicates, but
has the advantage of using saliva instead
of blood,thereby potentially reducing the
number of accidental needle-stick injuries
to heal th care workers. The FDA also
gave. approval to Hoffmann-l.aRoche’s
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Serving a Diverse Community
A’rnplicor test, which can be used to monitor
closely the exact level of HIV in the
bloodstream, making it easier for physicians
to accurately evaluate the progress
of the disease and the impact of treatments
at any given stage of the illness.
Drug Reduces CMV
RetinitJs Risk
BOSTON -A study published in the New
EnglandJournal ofMedicine reports that
AIDS patients who take the oral form o[
protease inlfibitors, but the new findings,
which have not yet been published, have
prompted the drug manufacturer to ask
the Food & Drug Administration to allow
the new information to be added to the
drug’s label.
HIV Cell Infection
Agent Isolated
WASHINGTON-Government scientists
report they have discovered a chemical
clue to.why HIV is infectious. Reporting
ganciclovirreduce the
stricken by the blinding eye disease, cytomegalovirus
(CMV) that often attacks
PWAs in the advanced stages of the illness.
Researchers at the University of
California at San Diego studied 725 men
during a 12-month program testing the
Hoffman-LaRocheversion ofgancidovir,
known as Cytovene and found that a daily
dose of the drug reduced the risk of contracting
CMV by nearly half.
risks of being’ " ’in the journal Science,researchers at the
NatiOnal Institute of Allergy and Infec-
AIDS Drugs for HIVExposed
ATLANTA - The U.S..Centers for Disease
Control &Prevention has for the first
time recommended that health care workers
who are exposed to HIVthrough accidental
needle-sticks or other medical procedures
should be givenantiviral drugs,
including AZT and 3TC, immediately
following such accidents. The agency says
studies now show without doubt the effectiveness
of theantiviral drugs in counteracting
the virus.
HIV Infection Risk
From Oral Sex?
CHICAGO - A research study published
in the journal Sciencereports that the risk
of transmission of the simian version of
HIV (known as SIV, and closely related to
HtV) through the mouth may be higher
than had been believed. The Harvard
University researcher found that 6 of the
7 rhesus monkeys thevswabbed with SIV
in the back of the thr~at became infected
with the virus,according to the report. The
researchers also found, surprisingly, that
far less of the virus - 6,000 times less - was
needed to trigger an infection than is required
to infect the monkeys rectally with
the virus. The study’s startling results are
so unlike other research and data about
oral transmission risks that many AIDS
and health workers immediately questioned
the findings. Among other things,
federal studies have only documented 15
cases of -known oral transmission and
infection of HIV-since the epidemic began.
Also, AIDS experts point out, unprote!~
ted oral sex has continued to be popular
among gaymen in the U.S. while the
infection rate among homosexuals has
steadily declined since the routes of trans=
missio~a were discovered.
Drug Combo
WASHINGTON - A 73-week study by
drug manufacturer Hoffman-LaRoche of
some 978 AIDS patients has shown that
Invirase, the brand name for the firm’s
version of the protease inhibitor
saqui.navir, in combination with the drug
ddC, reduced the rate of deaths by more
than two-thirds compared to patients taking
ddC alone. Saquinavir has been considered
the least impressive of the new
tions Diseases saythey have found a protein,
which they call "fusin," that must be
present for HIV to infect white blood
cells, the primary target of the virus. Edward
A. Berger, who headed the team that
made the discovery, said the discovery
gives scientists a "new handle on understanding"
how HIV invades cells. "Obviouslythis
is a potential target for developing
new drugs to treat HIV infection,"
Berger said. "Potentially by coming up
with a drug that blocks the receptor, you
might block the ability of HIV to replicate."
The researchers cautioned, however~
that there were sdll many mysteries
about the virus that need to be answered.
Among other things, they noted that HIV
attaches itself to some types of immune
cells in the early stages of the infection
without using fusin. This means HIV
comes in variations that connect to CELl.
cells and some other molecular cofactor
or cofactors on these cells. Berger said
that potential drugs that block the fusin
receptor on cells could only do part of the
job in combating HIV.
Heat Treatment OK
for Expanded Trials
LOS ANGELES - The Indiana-based
HemoCleanse Inc. has been given approval
by the Food & Drug Administration
to expand testing of itsblood-heating
treatment of people infected with HIV.
The 2nd phase of the trials will include 2-
hour treatments at St. Elizabeth Hospital
in Lafayette, Ind., and the Harbor-UCLA
Research & Education Institute in Los
Angeles. HemoCleanse’ s treatment, similar
to kidney dialysis, involves slowly
drawing all a patient’s blood from his
body in small quantities and heating it to
108 degrees Fahrenheit before infusing it
back into his body. The ideabehind the
treatment is that HIV is sensitive to even
small increases in temperature and would
be destroyed in massive quantities by the
treatment. Sixty patients will be divided
into 2 groups during the trials. One group
will receive 2 treatments each - the first
for I hour, and the 2nd for 2 hours.The
other group will serve as a control group
and will not receive the heat treatment,
but will remain on standard HIV drug
Global AIDS Briefs
GENEVA - The World Bank has warued
in a new report that up to 2 million of
Malawi’s 11 million population will be
infected with HIV by the year 2000 and
the average life span in that so. African
nation will drop from 57 to just 33 years.
It adds that unless culturally conservative
and devoutly Christian people in 22 So.
Pacific island nations and territories alter
their views about sex education and
condom use, the AIDS epidemic yvill devastate
that region as well.
Sohoma Lane & Diana Nicolejoin Brian & Bill. with
Victoria Towers &Veronica DeVorefor a successful
Pride Picnic Benefit at Lola’s. Photos: JD Jamett
Kathryn Conover at Gayfest, Renegades
Brian & Bill ofLola’s
Package includes: two nights’ Club Level accommodations at the Sheraton New
York or Manhattan with daily continental breakfast and afternoon hors d’oeuvres,
a first row center orchestra ticket to Victor. Victoria, cast recording on compact
disc or cassette, souvenir brochure, ticket delivery to the hotel, cancellation
insurance on the theatre tickets, New York Visitors’ Information Kit and all taxes.
$424.00 per person, double occupancy only
Extra night available at $132.00 per person ~lt.
Offer Validfrom June I to August 31, 1996.
Call 341.6866
International Tours
for more information. IGTA member.
couldn’t happen without the support and
hard work of these folks.
The Picnic is organized this year by
Tulsa Oklahomans for Human Rights
(TOHR). TOHR was asked by the former
organizers, an informal association of
business owners (mosdy dub owners), to
resume organizing the event. The Picnic
continues their traditions with minor
changes. After complaints from many individuals
about conflicts with Father’s
Day, the orgamzers responded by moving
the event to Saturday. Also due to ongoing
problems with the Mohawk Park site,
the organizers unanimously approved
Owen Park as this year’s site.
The Picnic is an informal affair with
free beverages. Attendees are welcome to
bring their own food or to purchase food
at a modest cost. Any funds raised by the
Picnic (after expenses) will "aenefit the
Gax &LesbianCommunity Center Project
and the City of Tulsa Park & Recreation
Dept. A number of community organizations
will have tables with information
about their programs. Brief opening and
closing ceremonies will feature local entertainers,
including Tulsa Family Chorale,
and Oklahoma City’s The Banned, a
marching band (who’ll be sitting down).
The Rev. Leslie Penrose of Community
of Hope and RF Renfro of Bless The Lord
At All Times will give opening and dosing
blessings. Info: 743-2497.
and $2,500 for pain and suffering as well
as attomey,’s fees. Saladin said to TFN
that his goal in pursuing legal action was
not financial but rather trying to do what
was right.
He’was represented by Steve Novick,
Greg Bledsoe, and Katrina Bodenhamer
on behalf of the AIDS Legal Resource
Project. The Project is ajoint effort of the
Singer Abigail at Concessions
Oklahoma Bar Association Young Lawyers
Division, Legal AidofWestern Oklahomaand
Legal Services of Eastern Oklahoma.
¯ to Lesbian and Gay cltazens instead of
¯ testifying about a bill that would deny
¯ equal rights. "I find instead of defending
¯ marriage, I need to defend the people -
¯ gay & lesbian people - who are being
:- denied the right to marry. I do not believe
¯ we would be here today if our society did
¯ not have a deep bias against gay &lesbian
¯ people. I say that not to lay blame, but to ¯
recognize the fact that we are’really in a
civil rights discussion about gay & les-
: bian persons.’"
McDongld further gave examples of
" discrimination experienced by Gay per-
" sons or persons perceived tobe Gay using
¯ the story of one of her sons who was ¯
¯ beaten because he was perceived as Gay even though he happens not to be.
¯ McDonald adds that she perceives the
¯ country to bein a"cultural meltdown" not
because Gay people may marry but because
"we have yet to overcome our intol-
¯ erance and bigotry. Wehave yet to recog-
¯ nize the richness in the diversity of all of ¯
our citizens:"
¯ McDonald closed by questioning the
¯ need for this legislation since the Hawaii
¯ case that has prompted this response is ¯
tmlikely to be resolved for several years,
¯ and maybe not favorably to Gay citizens.
¯ She called on Representatives not to tar-
" get Lesbians and,,G,aymenfor discrimina-
." don butrather to ’foCus on the challenges
of the economy, of education, and health
¯ care that face all of us."
Making W~ld Wide WavesTM
¯ Full Service Web Site
Agape’ Christian HIV Testing
Fellowship : TOHR Clinic
Service, 10:30 am & 7 pm : Free & anonymous testing "
; H]V+ Support Group
¯ HIV Resource Consortium
1:30 pm ¯ Service, 7 pm : Community of Hope
Sheridan Center, Suite H..... 1703 E. 2rid, Info: 585-1800
21st & Sheridan, 747-2482 :
¯ ~: !- Co.Dependency ~
Bless The Lord At All ! : °~ iSup~6~t Groul~
Times Christian Center ¯ 7:30, Fa~ly of Faith MCC
¯ Prayer & Bible Study : 5451-E S. Mingo, 622-1441
7:30pm 2627-B East llth :
Call 583-7815 for info. : HIVTesting TOHRClinic :
¯ Walkintesting: 7-8:30pm : Family Of Faith.!~[CC " :
Praise & Prayer 6:30 pm
Choir Practice 7:30 pm
5451-E South Mingo.
Call 622-1441 for info.
2627b ’East 1 lth 583-7815 "
Community of Hope :
(United Methodist) ¯
Worship Service, 6 pm ,"
1703 E. 2nd, 585-1800 "
Family of Faith
Metro. Comm. Church
Adult Sunday School, 9:15
Worship Service, 11 am
5451-E South Mingo.
Info: 622-1441 .
Metro. Comm. Church -"
of Greater Tulsa ¯
Worship Service, 10:45am "
1623 N. Maplewood
Info: 838-1715 ¯
Alliance. Univ. of Tulsa
6:30 pm at Canterbury
5th & Evanston, 583~9780
Sheridan Center, Suite H ¯ using fingerstick method. ¯ 21st & Sheridan, 747-2482 4154 S. Harvard, Ste. H-1 No appointment required.." Info: Wanda @ 749-419,
..... ~" ~~ Walk in testing: 7-8:30 pm"
Bless the~Lord At All Results hours: 7-9 pm : Shanti-Tuisa, Inc.
Times Christian Center Info: 742-2927 : HIV/AIDS Support Group Sunday School, 9:45 am . _ ¯ &
Worship Service, 11 am ¯ Lambda Bowling League "
Friends & Family
Sheridan Lanes
8:45 pm
3121 S. Sheridan
: HIV/AIDS Support Group
7 pro, call for location:
Grief Group
Funeral Home
2103 E. 3rd St.
Call for time: 587-7000
Alternative Skating
8:30 - 11 pm, 241~2282
$4, Sand Springs Skate
¯ Agape’ Christian ¯ 16.Step Empowerment : St. Jerome’s Ecumenical
Fellowship : Group For Women Catholic Church
Mass, 6 pm
Garden Chapel
3841 S. Peoria
Inl~o: Father l~iek
at 742-7122-
¯ Community of Hope
(United Methodist)
i Service for Peace; 6:30 pm
: Bible Study, 7 pm
¯ 1"703 E. 2nd, 585-1800
¯ Tulsa Family Chornle
¯ Weekly practice, 9:30 pm ¯
. Lola’s 2630 E. 15th
: Support Group
: 1st & 3rd Thursdays
: 4154S. Harvard,749-4901
: Weekly social events for :
: LGBT men & women, 7 pm "
¯ Info: 646-5503
¯ Substance Abuse :
Support Group :
¯ for persons with HIV/AIDS ¯
Narcotics Anonymous
Meets weekly at I 1 pm
Confidential support for
recovering addicts.
Results hours: 7--. 9-pm- ,’. - Community of Hope
Info~ 742-292-7 1703 E. 2rid, _I0fo: 5~_5_- 1800
NAMES Project
AIDS Memorial Quilt
Sewing Bees
3rd Sat. :bf each month
Info~ 748-3111
Gay~i& Lesbian Student
_~:. Association "
TJ~-outheast Campus,
L!nfo: 631-7632
SW~4N-Single Woments
Activity Network
Call 832-2121
Tulsa Pride Picnic
Noon - 5pm. Owen Park
560 No. Maybelle at Edison
Info: 583-1248
: Support Group
¯ 2nd Monday of month, :
¯" 6:30 pm ¯
4154 S. Harvard "
; Info: 749-4901 :
TOHR Helpline " :
Daily 8-10 pm ..
For info. or to volunteer:
743-GAYS "
The Technicians, Leather
try., Info c/o 621-5597 "
: T.U.L.S~4. Tulsa Uniform "
: & Leather Seekers Assoc. "
¯ Info: 838-1222 :
Family ofFaithMCC Father’s Day Service
with Father Rick Hollingsworth
11 am, 5451-ES. Mingo, 622-1441
TCAP Advisory Council Meeting
Noon, 1430 S. Boulder
Tulsa Regional HIV Prevention
Community Planning Group Meeting
2:30 pm, 1430 S Boulder
JUNE 21 & 22
Follies Revue, Inc.
Follies ’96 Salutes the Movies!
6 pm, Doubletree Hotel, Warren Place
$125 & $40, Info: 437-0201
Herland Sister Resources
Concert: Freefall
7 pm, 2312 NW39th, OKC 73112
AIDS Walk ’96 Planning Committee
6 pm, 1608 S. EIwood
JUN E 28-30
7th Annual Oklahoma HIV/AIDS
Conference "Sharing Our Strength"
Oklahoma Center for
Continuing Education, 1704Asp, Norman
Info: Andy Southam, 800-942-1914
That’s Entertainment? BadDrag Show
Family ofFaith MCC
8 pm, 5451-E S !~ingo, 622-1441
Community ofHope 3rdAnniversary
Meeting &Worship Service
5 &6 pm, 1703 E. 2nd, Info: 585-1800
Tulsa Oklahomansfor Human Rights
Meeting, 7 pm; Chouteau Rm,
Chapman Ctr, TU, Info: 743-4297
¯ Native American Worship Service
¯ 6 pro, Community of Hope
¯ 1703 E. 2rid, Info: 585-1800
: Interfaith AIDSMinitries
: Ice Cream SocialBenefit
: 7-10 pro, St. !vlatthew’s Episcopal
¯ 601 No. Lake Drive
¯" Sand Springs,/afro: 438-2437
JULY 20-21
4th Annual Shanti-Tulsa Water
Garden Tour
10-5 pm, Info: 749-7898
Tulsa Native American
AIDS Prevention Project
¯Support group
for Gay & Bi Native
American Men, 6 pm
at Community of Hope
1703 E. 2nd
the rumors
are true. H1 be
uve m our
nat~on s capital...
...I would to
take this chance to
thank a few people
for the .$r.eat op:
portumt es an l
Senulne care they
have Siren me.
¯ h~tions make you who you are and what
3’our life is all about. It took working for
: Tulsa Family News and Tom to get my
¯ foot out the door and have me doing all
¯ stuff that ldonow. I don’t know if any of
: you realized this, but I’ve always tried to
promote uni ty in this column as best I can.
I have seen this community
from drag
queens, cowboys,
leather folk, .Lesbians
and all the rest not having
not a thing to do
with the others; nut I
have also had the
chance to see this
change. Please folks,
don’t stop working together
to make our
community better!
Well I’m getting a
little choked up, so let
me say my goodbye,
and remember: next
time you’re out and you
see thatperson orgroup
ofpeople you think you
can’t stand, stop, smile
and say something
nice. It will make Tulsa a better
place for all of us.
tops, I almost forgot to
name my last Queen of the
Month! This person has
picked herself up, brushed
herself off, and continues to
try to make herself a better
person. That’s right, guys,
Bobbie Sue Summers.
Statewide Pride Rally & Parade
Ecumenical Worship Service, The
Banned, Metro Men’s Chorus, Sen.
Bernest Cain, Keynote Speaker:
Donna Red Wing- ’92 Advocate
Woman ofthe Year
1 pm, program begins. 3 pm, speaker
Red Wing, 4 pm, parade begins.
Memorial Park, NW35th & Classen
Blvd. Oklahoma City
Info: 743-4297 or 405-791-0202
by J.D. Jamett
Yes, the rumors are true. I’ll be leaving
Tulsa to go live in our nation’s capital
!boy, talk about out of the frying pan and
into the fire). I would
like to take this chance
to thank a few people
for the great opportunitaes
and genuine care
they have given me.
Tom Neal, for being
that OLDERfoster- big
brother (or sister) that
has always looked out
for me, and who has
been pu.shy,er.., pushing
me ~n the right direction.
Geoff & Earl,
and the rest ofthatcrazy
group that I call my
chosen family - I will
be ever indebted to you
mentally and physically.
Steve & John, please
send the Burger Sisters
for a visit. Bill & Brain, Lola
needs a star on the walk of
fame. Dennis, Larry, &
Veronica - thanks for the ear
bending and all the craziness.
Larry and Leroy, thanks for
all the support, and many others
from doctors and medical
staff to all my great friends.
If you had asked me years
ago to go out into the commu-
~,~ty and do something, any:- Bobbi Sue Summers
," thing to make it better, I
¯ would’vetolAtyou,"YOU’RECRAZY! ~ ¯
No one cares about what I think." It just ¯
," took therealization that youropinions and "
Editor’s note: JD will be
greatly missed. While hls
unique skills cannot be imitated.
Out+About will continue with a new club
reporter in our July issue.
session. Complicated legislative ntles have
slowed down movement on the bill, but
there remains very little active opposition
to the measure in the legislature itself.
While gay rights activists around the
country were celebrating the May 20 ruling
by the U.S. Supreme Court overturning
Colorado’s Amendment2, SouthCarolinaGov.
David Beasley signed in.to law. a
measure barring same-sex mamages in
the state.
To find any good news in the same-sex
marriage arena, activists had to look to
Holland where the Dutchjustice ministry
announced it will be putting together a
panel of experts to evaluate the possible
impact of legalizing gay and lesbian marriages
in the country. The Dutch Parliament
has already voted in principle to
support full equality in marriage rights for
same-sex couples, but the government
has continued to resist full marriage status
for gays and lesbians, arguing that the
international consequences for the tiny
European nation could be enormous. The
committee the justice ministry appoints
will examine nfitional and international
laws and treaties that might be affectedby
such a move. It will have a year to prepare
its report, including recommendations for
TV’s "Face the Nation" that the President’s
quick announcement that he would sign
the measure was "’an unconscionable position
for him to take." Mixner said
Clinton’s decision was doubtless political
in his efforts to keep his popularity lead
over anticipated Republican challenger
Sen. Bob Doleof Kansas in the November
election. "But this goes to the heart of
everybody’s civil liberties," Mixner said.
"It deals with property rights, insurance
rights, xmmigration rights,bereavement
rights, and to deny us equal opportur~,~ty
really makes us second class citizens.
In Seattle, councilwoman Tina
Podlodowski, who is a lesbian, resigned
as co-chair of Clinton’s Washington state
re-election campaign, but said she still
supports Clinton in the upcoming election,
an echo of the dilemma many gays
and lesbians feel over an issue that most
paid little attention to until it exploded on
the national political landscape this year.
Podlodowski told the Seattle Times, "I’m
still very supportive of the President but I
believe it’s important to show leadership
on this. This issue speaks to a broader
issue of civil rights." In an interview with
the New York Times, openly gay White
House advisor BobHattoy said the President
had been out-maneuvered by conser=
vatives on the issue and said Clinton and
his campaign advisers were more
"’homostupid" than homopho.bic, ~ayin.g
that supporting same-sex mamage now Is
"’aloser" politically. "Ijust wish the straight
white boys at the White House would
educate themselves a little more," he said.
"It’ s not that they’rehomophobic - they’re
homostupid, and they don’t know that the
buzzwords they’re using are the
buzzwords the right wing uses as terrorist
dividing tactics and that the gay &lesbian
community has a visceral reaction to."
Both the Human Rights Campaign and
the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force
have issued a number of press releases in
the past few weeks attacking DOMA and
criticizing President Clinton’s statements
that he would sign the measure, but the
Washington, D.C.-based civil rights
groups have been unable to find many
political allies willing to publicly fight
against the proposed legislation as it continues
its rapid movement through both
houses of Congress. The Human Rights
Campaign said that a Clinton endorsement
of the bill would be "’an unconscionable
capitulation-to religious political
extremists" and"demanded" thatthe President
oppose the measure.
Elizabeth Birch, head of HRC said,
"The statement by White House press
secretary Mike McCurry earlier this week
that same-sex marriagewouldweaken the
family was silly and completely, inconsistent
with the president’s prewous positions
regarding equal rights for gay men
and lesbians." Openly gay Congressman
Barney Frank (D-Mass.) called the antimarriage
bill"a tranSparent political issue
in ttie presidential campaign." Stephen
Moakarsh, a Los Angeles board member
of Lawyers for Human Rights,said, "I
think he (Clinton) has been the first president
to really include gays and lesbians at
the table. For that, I admire him greatly.
But I think in terms of the marriage issue,
it’s unfortunate that he feds compelled to
join with the GOP. My feeling is that
Clinton is trying to avoid a political fire
storm that the gays in the military issue
caused him in 1993."
seeking legal protections against discrimination
in housing, employment, health
and welfare services, education, and real
estate sales. Justice Kennedy called "implausible"
Colorado’s central argument
thatAmendment 2 simply made gay and
lesbian citizens equal with other state
reside,n,ts by denying them any "special
rights.’ The majority decision wasjoined
by Justices Kennedy, John Paul Stevens,
SandraDay O’Connor, David Sourer, Ruth
Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer. Dissenting
were Justices Scalia, William
Rehnquist and Clarence Thomas.
Representatives from serveral Tulsa organizations
held a press conference at
Community of Hope United Methodist to
recognize the importance of the Court’s
decision. Bill Hinlde representing the
ACLU of OK, Kelly Kirby, the Gay &
Lesbian Affirming Disciples ofthe Church
of Christ, Nancy MacDonald, PFLAG,
and .Tom Neal, Tulsa Oklahomans for
Human Rights spoke about the positive
impact this decision would have on the
efforts of Oklahomans to seek fair and
equal treatment from the State of Oklahoma
and the City of Tulsa.
Enyart, whose program regularly feain
the program along with First Methodist
tures anti-Gay tirades, was to participate
and First Baptist pastors, Dr. Buskirk and
Dr. Shaw, as well as evangelicals like
Carlton Pearson of Higher Dimensions
andTV personalities, Jerry Webber,Travis
Meyer and Paul Serrell.
Promise Keepers claims to be a Christian
men’s organization that seeks to help
them live more responsible lives, to help
men strengthen theirfriendships with other
men and to bridge societal, particularly
racial, divisions. Critics charge thatPromise
Keepers has close ties to radical religious
extremists, noting that one founder
former Univ. of Colorado football coach,
Bill McCartney was a key supporter of the
anti-Gay Colorado Amendment 2.
Waiting To Invest Could
JeopardizeYour Dreams!
These are just some of the multitude of
reasons people use to explain why they
haven’t started an investment plan. Investing
for the future is frequently seen as
a luxury, rather than a necessity. Something
you do after you’ve taken care of
essential livingexpenses.
Unfortunately, there is
rarely anymoneyleftover
alter doing that, so it’s
easy to procrastinate.
But do you know how
much waiting, even a few
years, can cost you? The
chart below shows the
monthly investment required
at different ages to
accumulate $1 million by
age 65, assuming hypothetical
10 percent compounded rate of
What this chart shows is the dynamic
power of compound returns. Compounding
is the process where each year you not
only earn money on you invested principal,
you also earn additional money on the
money you earned. The amount you earn
grows or "compounds" at an increasing
rate as the years go by.
By starting an investmentprogramat an
earlier age, you spread the accumulation
task over a longer period of time and
enable your money to benefit from the
~owerful force of compounding.
Incidentally, $1 million might seem
like a lot of money to you today, but in
order to generate an income of $70,000 a
year forjust 22 years of retirement, that’s
how much you’ll need to sock away (assuming
a hypothetical annual return of
7.5% and inflation rate of 3.14%).
If you’ve been putting off investing, as
yourself if it is going to be any easier
putting away almost three times as much
at age 35, than at age 25? Or, eight times
as much at age 45? Your financial priorities
will change over the years and your
income .will increase.
However, whether you’re saving for a
house at age 25 or trying to juggle
nances to pay for your children’s education
age 45, chances are it will be just as
difficult. In addition, can you afford not to
benefit from the power of compounding?
How Can I Start Investing Now?
First, accept the fact that there is never
aconvenient time to invest. The answer to
this dilemma lies in paying yourself first.
Before you can do this you need to do a
cash-flow analysis to find
wai_tln , even
a l’ew years,
can cost you?
out where your money is
-going. Warning! This
might be a frightening
process. Once the numbers
are laid out in front of
you, you’re probably going
to see several ways to
reducing your expenses.
Establishing a spending
plan is often helpful.
As part of this process,
review your accumulation
goals and determine a minimum percentage
of your income that you’ll need to
invest to meet these goals. By breaking
the taskdownintomanageable parts, you’ll
introduce discipline into your investment
program and increase your chances of
success !
It’ll take a while, but the long-term
payoff for your discipline may be sweet.
And remember, your financial consultant
will be happy to assist you with any of
the steps along the way including informlng
you about investment vehicles that
can help you meet your accumulation
goals. - Leanne Gross
Investments Required To.Become A Millionaire
Age When 25 35 45 55
Investments Begin
Monthly $158 $442 $1,316 $4,882
"People don’t plah ffMl , th yfail to’plan.
Leanne M. Gross
Retirement programs, Business
Protec-tiori Planning
Life, Health & Disability Insurance,
Investment Placing & Advisement
Mention this ad and receive
a no cost initial consultation.
A Friendly Place to Stay
96 Kings Highway, Hwy. 62 W
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
(501) 253-7311
Jerry A. Wilson, owner
MCC of the
Living Spring
...a community of friends...
Rev. Kermie Wohlenhaus
We welcome you to attend!
Services held
Sunday evenings at 7 o’clock
17 Elk Street
(at the Unitarian Church)
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
Geek to Go!
The PC Specialist. 501.253.2776
Phyl Boler-Schmidt
Systems & Software Specialist
POB 429, Eureka Springs 72632
Books, Incense,
Candles and Rainbows!
Plus lots more!
(501) 253-5445
45&1/2 Spring Street
Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632
ofEureka Springs
Recommended by
The New York Times
(501) 253-6807, Closed Wednesday
5 Center Street, Eureka Springs, AR 72632
by Phyl Boler-Schmidt
Hod boy! What a weekend we had in
Blues Festival. The annual event is one of
the most popular in the Ozarks, and the
1996 variety was no exception. Thursday
through Sunday (May 30- June 2) brought
blues lovers of all kinds to Eureka Springs,
and the talent displayed was nothing short
of magnificient.
A preview show took
place at Victoria Inn on
Thursday to kick off the
weekend. Featured performers
were Deborah
Coleman, Baby Jason &
The Spankers, and Martin
ff you have not been
fortunate enough to participate
in a BluesFest
weekend in Eureka
Springs, youhave no idea
what you are missing.
From Thursday evening
through Sunday afternoon,
every club in town
hosts both big name and
local talent. And, the
larger venues host nearly
non-stop big name performers.
You can pay one
price to get into any of the
clubs, and most folks
spend the weekend going
back and forth from the
various small clubs, occasionally
taking time out to attend a big
City Auditorium, Victoria Inn, and the
Basin" Park and Crescent Hotels hosted
some of the best blues talent on the planet
this vear. but the most-anucipated event
took"place Friday evening. Bo Diddlv
performed two concerts along with local
favorite The Cate Brothers Band
¯¯ Othernameperformers includedKenny
Neal, Raful Neal, Tab Benoit, Chubby
¯ Carrier, Jimmy Thackery, Canned Heat,
¯ Keb Mo’, Robert Lucas, mad Kelly Jo
¯ Phelps.
If you find yourself wishing you had
¯ been there, you still have time to get
tickets for the 12th Annual Eureka Springs
If.you_have not
been fortunate
enough to
partlelpate in a
weekend in
E r ka
you have no idea
what you are
missing. From.
Thursday evemng
through Sunday
afternoon, every
dub in town
hosts both
big name and
local talent.
Jazz Festival connng up
in September (19th-
22nd). Events surrounding
JazzFest take on the
samefeel as for BluesFest.
The music is just different.
To reserve tickets for
the Jazz Festival, call the
JazzFest Hotline at 501-
253 -6258.
And, there’s always
next year for BluesFest.
Both of these festivals are
major attractions in Eureka
Springs so the earlier
you reserve tickets, and
make your lodging reservations,
the more likely
you are to getexacfly what
you want. Next year’s
BluesFest dates are May
29th - June 1, and the
BluesFest BrX Office can
be reached ~ar-round at
For those ~3fyou whose
taste runs mdie toward the
fine arts er~d:of the spectrum,
the ~nspiration Point Fine Arts
Colony will be hosting Operain the Ozarks
from June 21st - July 20. Fully-staged
orchestra performances will be held at 8
PM at the Fine Arts Colony for the entire
month. Reservations and information are
available by calling 501-253-8595.
Come enjoy the music and the ambience
of Victorian Eureka Springs!
Gay owned
Romantic Suite with Jacuzzi
Private bath with each unit
3 blocks to Historic District
5 Summit, Eureka Springs
Arkansas 72632
Reservation & In~rmation
Adult Accommodation~
In Eureka Springs, Arkfinsas
Craftsman-style cottages with beautiful views
of the woods and wildlife -.Tucked on top of the
Ozark Mountains, just a few minutes walk to the
Historic Village of Eureka Springs.
Frank Green Jr., Ho~ - 50 Wall Street - Eureka Springs. Arkansas 72632
Reviewed by Barry Hensley
Tulsa City-County Library
Coming of age novels, as common as
they are, can benefit greatly from interesting
settings. Theloeale whichhelps Dream
Boy, by Jim Grimsley,
is rural North Carolina
where, yet again, two
high school age guys
slowly fall in love.
Nathan and Roy live
next door to each other
on the outskirts of a
small town. Roy, a
little older and wiser,
is a popular kid and
hangs around with a
couple of guys, Randy
and Burke, who follow
his every move, not realizing
that they.actually
idolizehim. Randy
and Burke, strictly heterosexual,
become abit
jealous whenRoy starts
inviting the shy, withdrawn
Nathan to pal
around with-them: Nathan’s hom~ life is
an uncomfdriable mix of a mentally ill,
abusive fff~her and a meek, helpless
mother, so fi~ is anxious to spend as much
time as poss~i’ble away from home, preferably
with Roy, the only person who pays
attention t0~m. Through several rocky
adventures,Roy and Nathan begin to come
to terms with their muttml attraction. Violence
interrupts their budding romance,
but they are unable to be kept apart.
~ Except for a couple of extremely vio-
¯ lent scenes, this could be a young adult
¯ novel, although adults should enjoy it
also. The writing is sim-~ihe theme
...Except for a couple
of extremely violent
scenes, tl~s could be a
young adult novel,
although adults
should enjoy it also
...Dream Boy is a
pleasant, fun read, but
it takes a back seat
when compared to
some other gay
eomlng of age novels...
of sexual attraction is
very carefully and tactfully
written. The two
maincharacters are well
written, but we don’t
fully understand the
secondary characters,
particularly Randy and
Burke. Nathan’s father
is a pathetic stereotype
of a disillusioned, surly
and cruel man, and the
mother’s character is
paper thin, spending her
time timidly between
her abusive husband
and introverted son.
Dream Bov is a pleasant,
funread, but it takes
a back seat when compared
to some other gay
coming of age novels,
particularly Common Sons, by Ronald
Donaghe, reviewed in this column last
The Tulsa City-Count" Library also
owns the first novel by Dream Boy author
Jim Grimsley, Winter birds. Please check
with your local branch library or the Readers
Services department, Central Library,
at 596-7966, for Dream Boy and other
books of interest.
by James Christjohn
Have I got CDs for you to listen to all
summer long! First off,I’ve found some
incredible gay-themed CDs. "Stage 1:
How I LoveYou"is a true find. A goldmine
of love songs from Broadway’s greatest
shows, sung as originally
written - by men,
to men. Like an intimate
cabaret show, the
songs are set to a s~mple
piano accompaniment,
and are sung beautifully
by some really talented
singers. It is a treat to
hear some of these
songs sung the way we
in the gay male community
have always
dreamed of i.hem - with
same-gender pronouns.
Tracks include selections
from Gershwin to
Webber, classic standards
to lesser.known~
gems. Highly recommended.
Available at
selected records stores,
or by mail at 800-707-
8683. Wonderful for
setting a romantic
mood, or daydreaming
of Mr. Right.
Up next is a great
MCC Cathedral of
Hope has produced
a musleal....
r.egardlng Gayissues
f~orn a
it was pretty good....
the son~_s are rather
beautiful.... [they]
range from
hilarious "
(An Old Fashioned
Lesbian Christmas)
to moving
to romantle.
original cast album of "Get Used To It!"
byTomWilson Weinberg, who also wrote
the "Ten Percent Revue". This album
wittily captures all aspects of life as a gay
man, from religion to falling in love,
gaybashing to what to call your spouse..
partner.., lover. The songs are sung by a
top notch cast of very beautiful voices.
(My, but we’re a highly talented bunch...
and creative, too! What would the straight
folk do without us?) The songs range
from hilarious ("Breaking the Penal Code
With You", about...
well, use your imagination.
It’s alove song,
for those needing further
hints. On second
thoughts, those needing
further hints probably
aren’t reading
this.) to heart-wrenching
("How We Get The
News", about the way
some of us find out
about our loved one’s
death from HIV). This
would be show I’d love
to see done (or do) here,
were the interest to
match the actual probability
of having an
audience.- Available
from Aboveground
Records, POB 2233,
Philadelphia PA,
A little closer to
home, theMCCCathedral
of Hope, Dallas,
has produced a musi-
: cal dealing with education and outreach
¯¯ regarding gay issues from a Christian
standpoint. "Coming Out, Coming Home:
A Lesbian/Gay-Positive Musical ofLove,
: Truth, & God’s Grace" (Christians are
see Notes, page 14
Bring your pet I/¥ our""~Oot~
3311 S. Peoria, Tulsa for a free treat from our bakery,
I t91s) 744.555_~:_
a free Hutra Max sample meal
1~ and a drink from our complementary
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~oomino& Bo,rdin~
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Baby Bertoia for Knoll
Sunday Services, 10:30 am & 6 pm
Wednesday Service, 7 pm
6540-H East 21 st
Furtera Home
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your famil, will be treated with dignity,
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Weoffer ourexclusive$2820 complete funeral
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Our journey through life should be done with
pride; shouldn’t our journey through death be
done with pride as well? For more informatton,
please all Russell Langley-Stumpff at 918-587-
7000 for all of your pre-need arrangements.
(insurance policies are available
with no health questions asked)
2103 East Third
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104
Supporting Tulsa’s Gay & Lesbian Community
We enjoy being Ourselves. A funeral seems ostentatious
and can cost a lot of money. A simple, dignified
cremation just seems to fit our lifestyle.
Cremation Society®
of Oklahoma
2103 East Third, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104-1842
918-599-7337 or toll-free, 800-994-7337
or visit us on the Internet at
http ://www. cremation, org/oklahomaioklahoma, html
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By combining hLv,nfious s~’ling and dq~ndability, the ,-k~.x:ord EX ~dan fits as nicely into ~mur litKstyle
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and pertbm~ance t~utures-including doal airba~; and-lock brakes, side-impact protection, double wishbone
suspension and a responsive. 145-horsepower x,-FEC en~ne. And tbr your indulgent side. the
Accord EX .Sedan is loaded with creature cnmtb~, like power windows, l:X~wer door locks, a spacious.
ergonomic mtedor, a power moonroo£ air c~mdidoning, catise control and a high-|~wered stereo. ~
stop by toda’~" tbr a test-drive ~plen~" offree parking avaitablek The .-kc~.a)rd EX Sedan, ~ll[~lt~l~’tl~-~.
by Jean-Pierre, TFN Food Critic
I lost the bet. Now I have to prepare
dinner for someone who doesn’t know the
difference between fingers, a dinner fork,
a salad fork, or a wild fork. But, what is
worse in being wrong, ~s that the poor
citizens of Tulsa will continue to be deluded
about what constitutes truly fine
cuisine and what is merely flash and a
waste of money.
One year ago, we went to a highly
touted, brand-new restaurant in Utica
Square. Everyone had great expectations,
since one of Tulsa’s best known chefs,
Kim Michee, and her
partner, Julie
Woolman, were the
drivingforces behind
the venture. As we
lingered over postdessert
coffee, I
quipped that unless
Helmerich and Payne
(owner-operator of
Utic~ Square) was
looking at the Wild
Fork as a tax write-
.off, the restaurant
would be closed
within the year. And,
thus, I was goaded
into making the illfated
bet. They’re
still open.
The Wild Fork is
ofUticaSquare at the
site of the former
landmark instituuon
and tea room, The
Garden. Ourfirst visit
to the Wild Fork was
on a rainy Saturday
night, and we were
obliged to wait for
our table. But, a
crowded, bustling
restaurant is usually a good sign. We had
a bit of an uneasy feeling in dealing with
the rather abrupt and disinterested hostesses,
magnified by our limited dealings
with our waiter, so we wrote it off to the
strains of being a new restaurant on a busy
night. However, on our several subsequent
visits to the Wild Fork, including
the most recent when our party was one of
only three tables in the entire restaurant, it=
is apparent that the Wild Fork is trying for
some kind of unique merger between the
rude waiters in New York & the snooty
waiters in Paris.
The Wild Fork is open all day, and there
are different menus for breakfast, lunch,
and dinner. Regardless of the mealtime
you’ve chosen, one look at the menu and
you instantly know that this is a culinary
experience that will not come cheap.
It seems as though every review about
the Wild Fork written in a Tulsa paper
over the last year has raved about the crab
cakes. Far be it for us to break with tradition.
The crab cakes are a combination of
crab meat, corn, and the usual fillers to
hold it all together, that is deep-fried and
then presented atop a homemade mayonnaise
aioh sauce and buried underamound
of terrifyingly hot jalapefio cole slaw.
Scrape off the cole slaw and enjoy the
wonderful calories and high fat and cholesterol
content of the crab cakes. After
all, what’s a little grease and mayo (mayo
is just egg yolks and olive oil whisked
The W;ld Forl
1820 Utlea Square
7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Monday - Saturday,
do ed Sunday
Amerlean contemporary
Casual (but remember
this is Utica Square)
Very expensive
Full bar & wine llst
Non-smo]dn~ seeHon:
B li~t
¯ together with a dab of spice)?
¯¯ But the famous crab cakes illustrate
quite well what is wrong with the cuisine
at this restaurant. First of all, Chef Michee
¯ tnes to be too creative and too innovative.
¯ She takes top quality food, prepares it ¯
well, and then ruins it with a bizarre or
¯ weird sauce or accompaniment. She had
¯ the same problem when she was at
¯ Kannichael’s and at the Fifteenth Street
Grill, two of Tulsa’s be~ter restaurants
¯ which are now both out of business. Sec-
¯ ondly, the restaurant touts itself as featuring
"new American cuisine," but you’d
think the chef had
been on another
planet the last couple
of decades when it
comes to presenting
healthy, lower fat
foods and lots more
vegetables and salads.
The soups
continue the saga.
While most of
today’s celebrated
modern American
chefs in Dallas,
Santa Fe, Scottsdale,
or Los Angeles have
gone kb healthier
thicke~ng methods
for crealn soups such
as vegetable purees,
beurre mani~, white
rice puree, or a
simple roux, with
only a splash of
cream or dairy product,
Miss Michee
continues to insist
upon making cream
soups the old fashioned
way, based on
traditional b~chamel
¯ and velout~ sauces.
These can be very tasty, but they are far
too rich to eat more than a few gravy-like
¯ spoonfuls.
Same old story with the entr~es. With
the one major exception of the pork ten-
" derloin roulade, which is dry and taste¯
less, the meats and .fish are good quality
foods expertly prepared--until they are
¯ sauced. Do we really need Moroccan lem-
¯ ons (aren’t American lemons good
¯ enough?) on the free range chicken’? Hot ¯
mango salsas on the meats’? A "creative
reinvenfion" of the chicken-fried steak?
¯ Excellent, huge sea scallops ruined by
flavoring them with Pernod (a nasty lico-
rice flavored liqueur)? Strongly flavored
¯ olive and vinegar sauces ondelicate sweet-
¯ breads?
It is possible to get a decent meal in this
place, but you must be pro-active to do it.
¯ Find out what is on the menu and ask for
¯ substitutions or deletions. Anything that
¯ sounds unusual or strange should be ig-
nored. If Chef Michee is inthe kitchen,
¯ rely uponher excellent training and expe-
¯ rience to cook ameal to your exact speci- ¯
fieafions; just don’t let her play around
¯ and get creative. The problem with this
¯ technique is that Miss Michee is not al¯
ways in the kitchen, and many a lesser
cook will panic when the set recipe is
¯ changed. Also, there seems to be a com-
. munications breakdown between diner,
¯ waiter, and kitchen, because many times,
special requests end up being ignored.
Vegetables are bland, boring, overlooked
side dishes here, almost relegated to the
status of a garnish. Salads aren’t emphasized,
either. This is the one major area of
improvement needed at this restaurant.
As is the case in many fine restaurants,
the baking is delegated to a baker and not
handled by the chef herself. This i~ unfortunate,
because we have had breads held
too long in the warmer and disappointing
desserts on almost every visit. On one
visit, our cr~me brfil~e tasted almost
curdledand thdpr0pan~ torch used in lieu
of the broiler to caramelizethe ~t’op’was
unevenly applied. Another time, we had
to ask for our coffee before the end of the
dessert course just to wash down the dry
cake. No excitement or originality here.
There is a surprising little wine list with
tolerable but limited choices in the moderate
and lessexpensive categories, defi-~
nitely preferring U,S. domestic vintages.
Despite its shortcomings, theWild Fork
continues tobe a popular restaurant
. amongst the wealthier masses of Tulsa.
Either Miss Michee has a loyal following
from her previous kitchen experiments or
Tulsans arejust too parochial to know the
difference between fine, wonderful food
and overly-flashy, overly-expensive
messes. Go to the Wild Fork if you like
(and you can afford it), but don’t be sur~
prised if you find it to be just another
rehash of a couple of dead Tulsa restau-i,
wordy folk, aren’t they?) Being of Pagan/’
Wiccan religious orientation myself, I ¯
don’t normally go for Christian music (or "
anything else). But I found that I knew and "
had performed in shows with a writer/ ¯
performer listed on the album, so I bought ¯
it. I didn’t really think I’d like it, but "
thought Tom might. Upon listening to it, "
I discovered that it was pretty good. It is ¯
professionally, recorded, and the songs
are rather beautiful. Not all have to do "
with Christianity, although there are some "
.songs of that ilk - and I even liked those. ¯
And I hate gospel music. Go figur!! And,
unlike the others listed in this issue’s
column, this one includes Lesbians, which
is good. I hate doing unbalanced columns.
As with"Get Used to It!’"~ the songs range
from hilarious (,Me Old Fashioned Lesbian
Christmas) to moving to romantic.
Maybe one of our MCC’s could produce
it? Just an idea... This disc can be ordered
by calling 800-501-HOPE..
Dallas cabaret performer Perry Wood
has a new disc out. "Let Me Sing" is a
lovely album to get romantic with someone
while it plays. Mr. Wood’s bedroom
..... voi.ceCould singme to sleep anydme. And
his looks match his voice! Best of all
worlds. He sings standards such as "Bewitched",
"Embraceable You", "Night "
~:~.~.~A~dDay!;:as:~e!l as~sserkno nsongs
:of io~i "It~i~t~t~p rioteh album for those,~."
who love smooth vocals, a jazz back- "
ground, and a beautiful voice. This is his "
3rd album, and they’re all well worth
getting hold of. They can be ordered at "
214-522-3764. "
For those of a more instrumental na~ .
ture, the soundtrack to "It’s My Party" is ..
a beautiful collection of piano composi- .
tions that really communicates the film~ "
well. Available at Mediaplay. ¯
Liza’s new album, "Gendy" is a lovely .
collection of standards, including a vet- .
How To Do It
First 30 words are $10. Each additional
word is 25 cents. You may
bring additional attention to
your ad with:
Bold Headline - $1
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Send your ad & payment to POB
4140, Tulsa, OK 74159 with your
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eve. numbers (for our records only).
Ads will nmin the next issue after
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TFN reserves the right to edit or
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Attractive 30’s GM seeking similar
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Interested? Tell me about yourself.
Write to: #20
c/o TFN, POB 4140, Tulsa, OK’74159
sion of "Embraceable You+" which was
recorded by her mother long ago. The
similarities° in vocal qualities are eerie
now. She does a duet of "Chances Are"
with one of our own, Johnny Mathis, that
-is lovely, and a serviceablejob on another
duet, "Does He Love You", with Donna
Summer. Yes, it’s the Reba hit, and no,
it’s not disco. The rest are beloved standards,
delivered in a style that takes you to
a small, smoky cafe in the wee hours of
the morning. The arrangements are deceptively
simple, yet elegant, and youfeel
she’s just across the room. As she calls it,
a very romantic "make out" album.
BrokenArrow Community Playhouse’s
production of"Company" opens the 14th
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life, or a group policy.
The value of your life insurance policy in a viatical
settlement is determined by the specifics of your policy
and your unique medical situation. Not every policy is
snitable for viatication, but settlement offers typically
range from 60% to 90% of a policy’s face value, depending
on the specifics of your polic.~ and medical history.
With your written permission, we gather medical and
insurance records with which to determine your policy’s
value. Then, a settlemnt offer is presented to you. You
may always decline the offer with no obligation whatsoever.
Should you accept the offer, payment is made
directly to you. You pay nothing else on your policy, and
you owe us nothing.
Many factors influence whether viaticaung your life
Insurance is the best financial alternative available for
you. Southwest Viatical can discuss all of the factors with
you and your family in person, in detail and can recommend
an experienced Certified Financial Planner to assist
you in planning the best outcome from vour unique
financial situation.
Today, many companies offer viatical settlements,
doing business only by bulk advertising and 1-800 numbers.
They transfer your insurance and medical records
by mail, and do business from another state.
At Southwest Viatical, we believe you should be assured
of complete confidentiality and the best possible
service by working with us in person, face-to-face. We
are involved on a community level, and are responsible
directly to our local community.
By working with you in person, but at the same time
having access to nationwide financial resources, we are
able to deliver the best value on your policy available
today. And because of our established resources, we can
deliver a settlement in less than a third the time other
companies take by mail, typically in fewer than 30 days.
We’ll do what it takes
to find the best solution for you.

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