[2008] The Star Magazine, March 1, 2008; Volume 5, Issue 3


[2008] The Star Magazine, March 1, 2008; Volume 5, Issue 3


Politics, education, and social conversation over LGBTQ+ topics


The Star Magazine’s first issue began February of 2005. Before this issue was Ozarks Pride (2004) and The Ozark Star (2004). Follows is The Metro Star (2008).

This magazine discusses topics of AIDs, education, politics, local and national civil rights of the LGBT community, and advice for relationships and places to visit.

This collection is PDF searchable. Physical copies are also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


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March 01, 2008


Greg Steele
James Nimmo
Joey D.
Victor Gorin
Romeo San Vicente
Andrew Collins
Donald Pile
Ronald Blake
Ray Williams
Jack Fertig
Liz Highleyman
Devre Jackson
Chaz Ward
Victor Gorin
Judy G.


The Star Magazine, February 1, 2008; Volume 5, Issue 2

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The United States of America (50 states)


2 the STAR wwvv.ozarksstar.com
By Victor Gorin
Photo: Nate Borofiky, Doris Muramatsu,Blue Door owner Greg
Johnson, & Ty Greenstein
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK __ The Valentine’s Day crowd at the Blue
Door was trttly treated by the extraordinary innovation and harmonies
of Girlyman, a gay band of 3 musicians, Nate Borofsky, Doris
Muramatsu and Ty Greenstein, who wowed the house with their
awesome harmonies & creative style. As Nate put it, their music
has been influenced by "the Indigo Girls, Simon & Garfunkel, the
Mamas and Papas, and Bach." Their style, if it could be labeled, is
a blend of folk, pop and bluegrass best described by Ty as "alt folk"
The full house audience consisted mostly of the Blue Door’s regular
folk & innovative music fans, but also featured many "Blue Door
virgins", and they were not disappointed.
This trio, which has previously graced Oklahoma, once opened for
the Indigo Girls here in 2004, and was ready to please a capacity
crowd even though they admitted they didn’t know what to expect.
Masterminded by their soundperson/tour manager Heather "Turtle"
Brooks, they blend their talents and insight in a way that has to be
heard to be believed. So far they have recorded 3 CD’s, the latest
entitled "Joyful Signs."
As for their clever name, it was not inspired by the famous California
Governor Schwarzenegger who in fact made that "girlyman"
expression famous 2 years after the band was formed, although they
do welcome the publicity. As Muramutsu puts it, "It’s playful and
fun. The name Girlyman puts that all out there and lets us play with
it." That they did, and they’ll win over even more new fans xvhen
they play Oklahoma again.
www.ozarksstar.corn the STAR 3
Art Show by Shawn Wilson.and Merry
Schepers. Michael Buble’ in OKC;
"It is the ideal portrayal ofAmerica,"
says Jed Resnick, who plays Mark in
the touring production.
Deep Inside Hollywood, reports on new
projects for Madonna and Ian Ziering.
GLBT History, Past Out looks at the
life ofFTM pioneer Lou Sullivan.
Devre Jackson reviews Australian Shiraz
Bayou Crawfish Etouffee a feature at
Pascal’s Manale, New Orleans
~C~AO "~’R~VS~.
Gay Travelers: Entertainers
Out of Town: Chelsea, Manhattan
Pascal’s Manale, New Orleans
lvlen from all over the world converge
on Palm Springs for spring break.
Surprise performances happening all
weekend long!
Introspection can lead you to better
understand yourself and ultimately to
achieve greater happiness.
4 the STAR www.ozarksstar.com
LGBT Votes Sway Towards
Hi11 Clinton
LOS ANGELES, CA __Not only is the
Democratic presidential primary ticket a historic
celebration of diversity, but exit polls
from Super Tuesday celebrated history as
well. Polling orga,xizations from around the
country asked three questions never before
found on exit poll surveys: Did voters pick
a xvoman? Did voters pick a black man? Did
voters identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or
transgender? We are part of histor):
Resoundingly, voters answered two of the
three questions similarly, picking Hillary
Clinton as their candidate and identifying
as LGBT. In California, of the gay voters
(4% of total), 63% voted for Clinton,
29% for Obama and 1% stayed around
for E&vards. In New York, 7% of voters
identified as LGBT, and out of them 59%
voted for Clinton, 36% for Obama and 3%
for Edwards.
In a recent survey conducted by Community Marketing,
Inc. (CMI), a leading LGBTmarket research compan);
**tore than 90percent ofgays and lesbians vote in U.S.
presidential elections, compared to 64percent ofstraight
citizens. Queerfolk are twice as likely as s~,’aightfolk to
vote in midterm elections.
Farrell to be best man £or
brother’s gay wedding
DUBLIN, IRELAND __ Hollywood star
Colin Farrell is preparing for his next big
role - best man at his brother’s gay wedding.
The actor will stand beside his sibling
Eamonn when he marries long-term partner
Steven Mannion in Provincetown, Massachusetts
this spring.
Farrell is dose to his brother and helped
chose Mannion’s diamond and sapphire
engagement ring, when Eamonn proposed
last year.
A family friend tells the National Enquirer:
"Colin is a firm believer in gay rights and he
is proud of his brother.
"He took Eamonn shopping for rings and
intends to pick up the tab for the wedding."
It was announced during the Sundance Film
Festival that the Edward Norton/Colin
Farrell cop drama "Pride and Glory" has
been pushed back till 2009, even though
it has been complete since last November.
Farrell commented on this during the press
junket for "In Bruges," trying to convince
everyone that the delay has nothing to do
with the quality of the movie. [via HollywoodElsewhere]
All Gore Endorses Gay
Marriage Photo by: David Gabber
"I think that gay men and women ought to
have the same rights as heterosexual men
and women, to make contracts, to have
hospital visiting rights, to join together in
marriage," Gore said. ’~d I don’t understand
why it is considered by some people
to be a threat to heterosexual marriage to
allow it by gays and lesbians. Shouldn’t we
be promoting that kind of faithfulness and
loyalty to one’s partner regardless of sexual
Gore hinted that he would come around to
support same-sex marriage as early as 2006,
when speaking to a group of gay-rights
activists, but his latest comments represent
Gore’s first formal endorsement of equal
marriage rights.
Recognized by Keller Williams
gor out~anding achievement 2005 and 2006
Chuck Breckenridge
REALTOi~ WbetherbuyingorsellingI’llworkhardfbryou,
W~NW.ozarksstar.corn the STAR
6 the STAR
of Tulsa
Can Larry Craig
be Found Guilty in
the Court o£Public
OKI~AHOMA CITY, OK __ On the facts
as argued by the ACLU in a friend of the
court filing, and outlined in this story from
~wccw.Bloomberg.com ( http://tinyurl.
com/2b7hew ), to me it looks as if the wily
and cunning coyote, Larry Craig, will get
off again, pardon the pun, by thumbing his
nose at the decency he pretends to legislate
from the floor of the United States Senate.
Just in case you’ve been living under a rock
since late last summer, Senator Larry Craig
of Idaho, now in his last session of Congress
since he’s promised to resign, but will
change his mind if enough people beg him
to stay was charged with disruptive behavior
in the Minneapolis airport when observed
by an undercover policeman engaging in
what the cop says was sexual solicitation.
¯here is a 1970 precedent in Minnesota
that private solicitation of sexual activity in
a private place can not be found illegal, as
spying by police in a public restroom is an
unreasonable search and therefore unconstitutional.
The Court has yet to rule on Craig’s appeal
of his guilty plea to the charge. Craig has
since stated that his guilty plea was entered
into in haste and without legal advice as
he wanted to keep the charge out of public
Craig’s peculiar pantomime with his hands
and feet, though laughable, is not illegal
which is a good thing for him since his
coitus ~vas interrupted by a too-eager cop
wanting to score another statistic.
Though there was no exposure of body
parts or verbal utterances, it’s clear to me
that Craig was after an airport quickie, and
whether or not his appeal is accepted or rejected
his action in the restroom stall refutes
his claim that he isn’t gay. - ..
Don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing wro9sg~
with being gay but there is something wrong
with using your Senate vote to de~rive honest
men and women their equality under
the law even as they work to contribute to a
decent American society.
Ifyou listened to the taped interview of the
Idaho Senator and the cop you must have
noticed that Craig certainly had his battle
hardened defense at ful! bore, strengthened
as if he had done a few practice runs before.
Just how self-assured would YOU be in this
situation if you were claiming innocence of
the charges and the sign language described?
However, in the public court of reasonable
opinion, I think Larry Craig would be
found guilty with forethought and conspiracy
of multiple counts to commit hypocrisy.
Unfortunately, this crime is not punished by
any jail sentence or fine.
Craig’s punishment will have to be the
resignation of his office and a return to, can
I say, private life as a civilian where he will
no doubt write a book describing the pain
he’s endured from the slings and arrows of
outrageous fortune and his hounding from
office by the Puritans of public decency, the
very constituency he claimed to represent?
~mosexuality is Neither
~ness nor Sin
~ Friday March 7,
urday March 8
ersity of Central
Oklahoma, Edmond
Register online at
www.PFLAGOKC.org or call
Church of the Open Arms
(405) 525 9555
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 7
Proudly serving ~Asa & OKC’s GLBT communities since 1982
8 the STAR www.ozarksstar.com
621 E. 4th S~reet Tulsa, OK 74120
i%n-Sal 3-gpm through March 29
TULSA, OK__ The Dennis R. Neill Equality
Center art gallery will host its monthly
First Thursday meet-the-artist reception
from 6-9pm, Thursday, March 6, 2008, for
the opening of it’s March exhibit "Now and
Zen", featuring local artists Shawn Wilson
and Merry Schepers.
Shawn Wilson has been a professional artist
for 25 years. A native Oklahoman, she moved
to New York at 18 years old and within a
short time was regularly selling her pen and
-ink drawings to New Yorker magazine. She
studied sculpture at New York’s famed Art
Students’ League, and over the years has
shown sculpture in galleries in New York, San
Francisco and Atlanta. Shawn also paints-oil
on canvas-and most notably, ’sumi-~’, 0apanese
inkbrush painting). She studied this ancient
art form with one of the few bona fide
masters here in the U.S., Koho Yamamoto of
NYC. Sumi-6 suits Shawn’s artistic abilities to
a ’t’, as her work in all mediums concentrates
on the essence of the subject rather than the
..................Continued page 27
Crooner Comes
ByJoey De
~~e’s blonde, he’s beautiful and his new style of
classic crooning will be coming to the stage of the Oklahoma
City Ford Center Mar. 4.
Michael Bubld, the international
superstar who has earned himself a
place in music history with such hits
as "Feelin’ Good," is coming to Oklahoma
City as part of his third major
US concert tour. All of the shows
on the first leg of his 2007-2008
tour sold out in record time. Buble’
brings an irrepressible spirit, engaging
humor, and confident charisma
to the concert stage, and will perform
hits from his current CD "Call me
Irresistible and many other classics.
Bubl& new CD, which he calls "my
remark on the state of love," contains
feeling that ,vill surprise and delight
fans and impress those new to his
music. "Irresponsible" contains more
of Bubl& buoyant, modern interpretations
and songs by such greats as
Leonard Cohen, Eric Clapton and
Cy Coleman.
Michael won his first Grammy Award
this year. The Grammy is for Best
Traditional Pop Vocal Album for
"Call Me Irresponsible", which
shot to #1, topping the charts
around the world. The album
included the #1 hit single
"Everything", and was the
fastest trip to #1 in three
years on Billboard’s Adult
Contemporary chart.
To purchase concert tickets
go to www.ticketmaster.
corn or visit the Ford
Center box office.
Visit www.
michaelbuble.com for
concert schedule.
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 9
By Joey De
what can be said about "f~nt" that hasfft
(and sometimes infamous) rock-opera that
changed Br6adway forever ,,,ill be closing its doors on the great ~q~ite
Way in Jtm~ but before it dora, the national tour will be making several
stops in th~ Midwest.
"Rent" is the story, of a colorful collectiot~ of frien& in Manhattan’s East
End around the tiim end of the eighties. Surrounded by" povert.>; the onset
of the MDS epi&mic and the rise of corporate commercialism, this group
of artists defies the norm and redefines the boundaries oflove.
" says Jed Resnick, who plays Mark in
promise ofAmerica is a country of tolerance
just doesn’t l~appen in rea! life, there is so much hatred
utopian and unreal
~ bom~daries."
’°Rent" are persona!. "This show was the first
shame and
that Resnick says he connected with privately as a
him want
was a major
998, the summer
when I first
characters rand connected.
It became a dream
m be in the sho~; and
people joked with me
in High School about it
because I’m so close to
According to the performer,
taking on the
role of the show’s filmmaking
n~xrator was not
too much of a srxetch.
"Mark and Jed are both
slightly neurotic, Jewish
N ew Yorkers." he laughs.
"I latched on to our
surface similarities and
then was able to discover
this~gs I didn’t realize
about b~n. Things like
his passion for art and
fl~e ~ower it has to affect
Photo: Jed Resnick
Cathedral ofHope Donates Scarves
to Wilson Schoo
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (PR) __ For the fourth year in a row
members of the Cathedral of Hope made scarves for Wilson
Elementary School; In 2004 the church "adopted" Wilson for a
number of service projects, since Wilson was their neighborhood
school and included children from homeless shelters and section
eight housing. Annual projects include collecting schoo! supplies,
donating tissues during cold season, and sewing scarves every
This year members worked over two nights creating over 60
scarves. One couple also donated gloves and hats.
On Tuesday, February 5, church members delivered the goodies
to the school. According to pastor, the Rev. Dr. Scott Jones, "The
assistant principal told us that every year the kids look forward to
the day the scarves are handed out and that they wear them every
day a~er that."
Nancy Sanders, who has helped with the project every year said,
"It’s always a lot of fun for the kids and fun for us too."
the STAR
Deep b~4de HolI)~ood, reports on n~projectsfor Madonna and
Ian Zierine~
khad to happen. Madonna
mous disdain fbr her acting
the camera. The finished product is
recently premiered at the Berli~
mttsement. It stars
the band Gogol Bordello) in a loose,
in common with Madonna’s
with her later
it a refreshing new path
uphill cred mountain to climb, but
almost a lock that distribution
reinvention will be as an aut~ur.
a!most unani-
Ian Ziering Move~ from
Stretch marks, bloated ankles,
ous. At least, that’s xvhat the makers
given the success of other
new comedy stars
as a mar
Love on tb~e Nile
(The Constant Gardener) looks like
eyeliner - a good
to be starring in a romance set
jandro ~Am~ena bar (The
will direct the film, about a slave (Oscar
in love with his mistress
at the dawn of the Christian era,
Paradise Now) co-stars as a zea!-
her statuette for The Constant
variety of roles in movies like
~nd Definitel> Maybe, and this a~s-yet-
Starts shooting this month - promises to
)..ueer Cinema" in the early
ofa small miracle when a gay indie movie
rea! theaters outside
Trevor is one of those movies.
of unknowns, about queer
the suddenly deep waters of adult life,
appreciation that the recent "new naturalist"
films of upstart directors like Andrew
getting from critics and
when the fihn gets released in May.
Ragged Blade Cor cer Oklahoma
City February 29 h
Photo by Mike W/site: Ashley Saphian, Isaac Cherry, Jerry Rabushka, ZachJett
ST LOUIS, MO (P/R) __ They are faster! louder! more blues! and
more country! Ragged Blade has made four theatrical excursions to
the IAO in Oklahoma City and now they’re on tap for a concert of
Music worth waiting for. An evening of original pop, country, blues,
and ballads by songwriter & playwright Jerry Rabushka.
You’ll hear songs from some of the plays that have come to the IAO
last year, and some newly hatched music with Rabushka’s trademark
deep emotion and beautiful harmonies. Hang out with us for co01
country songs. No Luck At Home, the bluesy and sexually charged,
Wrong Side OfTown, and Jerry’s lonely ballad Diner 4 AM.
The band: Zach Jett (vocals) has toured with Ragged Blade for over
a year and has been to the IAO for Woofl. The Road Show and Love
of Last Resort. Ashley Saphian (vocals) has performed in several RB
plays and concerts. Isaac Cherry (drums) has toured nationally as a
solo drummer and with such bands as Animal 13 on the east coast
and the Malibu Minstrels on the west. Jerry Rabushka (keyboard
and vocals) has written & produced several musicals, was nominated
for a national award for outstanding Instrumental Recording by
New York based Outmusic in 2003, and received an award from
the St. Louis Arts For Life Foundations for his original score to the
musical, The Soviet Tango.
IAO Gallery, 811 N. Broadway
Oklahoma City
8:00 EM. $5.00 cover
At that price you can bring LOTS of friends!!
For more info please visit www.raggedblade.com or www.iaogallery.
March 2008 the STAR 13
by Liz Highleyman~~
Past Out, which looks at the life 0fFTM
pioneer L0u Sullivan.
Who was Lou Sullivan ?
ouis Graydon Sullivan was
a pioneer of the transgender
movement - not just as an
organizer, but as perhaps the
first female-to-male (FTM)
transsexual to identify publicly
as a gay man.
Born in June 1951 and named Sheila Jean,
Sullivan grew up in a working-class family
in a suburb of Milwaukee, \Vgis. He was
educated at Catholic schools and took a
secretarial job at the University ofWisconsin
after graduating from high school.
Though Sullivan later recalled that he had
enjoyed "playing boys" as a child, his issues
around gender and sexuality came to the
fore when he was a teenager. "I look in
the mirror and say to myself, ’That’s you,
Sheila. That girl over there is you.’ It seems
so funny," he wrote in his diary at age 14.
Before long he started wearing men’s-style
white shirts and ties, eventually adding
men’s slacks, shoes, and hairstyle.
By the early 1970s, Sullivan self-identified
as a "heterosexual female transvestite who
was sexually attracted to gay men," and had
embarked on a long-term relationship with
an effeminate man. Sullivan was active in
the nascent gay liberation movement, which
embraced gender-bending and favored
the androgynous aesthetic of the broader
counterculture. He was involved with
Milwaukee’s first gay rights group, the Gay
People’s Union (GPU), and helped produce
its newsletter. Jumping into the controversy
over drag within the women’s movement, he
wrote "A Transvestite Answers a Feminist"
14 the STAR
for GPU News in 1973, followed a year
later by "Looking Towards Transvestite
Liberation," which was widely reprinted in
other gay and lesbian publications.
Over the next few years, Sullivan’s gender
identity shifted from transvestite to transsexual.
In 1975, he and his boyfriend moved
to San Francisco; as a parting gift, his
supportive family gave him a good suit and
an heirloom pocket watch engraved "Go
West Young Man." But even amid the city’s
queer milieu, Sullivan had difficulty finding
others like himselfi "I want to look like
what I am," he once wrote, "but don’t know
what someone like me looks like." Though
still presenting as a woman in his job as a
secretary for the Wilson Sporting Goods
company, most of the rest of the time Sullivan
fully cross-dressed and lived as a gay
man, hanging out in gay bars and enjoying
an adventurous sex life.
Sullivan sought sex-reassignment surgery in
the late 1970s, but was repeatedly denied
because he openly identified as ~y at a time
when people undergoing the procedure
were expected to adopt stereotypical heterosexual
opposite-sex gender roles. "They
were invested in taking sissy gay boys and
transforming them into straight women,
and taking tomboy women who were socially
unacceptable and changing them into
straight men," according to fellow FTM
Shadow Morton. Sullivan recalled that one
gender clinic told him he could not possibly
live as a gay man, since gay men were
primarily interested in large penises.
Sullivan’s frustration led him to campaign
for the removal of homosexuality as a contraindication
for sex reassignment - an effort
that finally succeeded in the late 1980s. At a
time when most gender services focused on
male-to-female transsexuals, he volunteered
as the first FTM peer counselor with San
Francisco’s Janus Information Facility (a
clearinghouse for information about transsexuality)
and wrote the earliest informational
booldet for transmen, _Information
for the Female to Male Cross-Dresser
and Transsexual_ (1980). He later authored
a biography of early 20th-century "passing
woman" Jack Bee Garland. Sullivan was a
co-founder of the Gay and Lesbian Historical
Society of Northern California (now the
GLBT Historical Society), helping to ensure
that it was inclusive of transgender lives.
In 1979, after several refusals from established
university-based gender dinics,
Sullivan found sympathetic therapists and
doctors and began taking testosterone. He
had a double mastectomy and started a
new technician job where co-workers had
never known him as a woman. He finally
underwent genital surgery in 1986, but
experienced complications and never fully
recovered; that same year, he was diagnosed
as HIV positive. "I took a certain pleasure,"
he wrote, "in informing the gender clinic
that even though their program told me I
could not live as a gay man, it looks like I’m
going to die like one."
Sullivan devoted his final years to building
the network ofFTM contacts he had
acquired over a decade into an organization,
and eventually a visible movement. In 1986,
he began holding peer-support get-togethers
for people on the male transgender spectrum,
which evolved into the present-day
FTM International - today the largest and
longest-running organization of its kind.
Yet he continued to take the time to answer
the many letters he received from transmen
around the world, hoping to dispel the sense
of isolation he had felt.
Sullivan died of an AIDS-related illness in
March 1991, after malting plans to ensure
that the organization he created would
continue. "Lou Sullivan left behind a mailing
list of about 230 names, a roll of stamps,
the model of inclusion in his support group,
and the ethic of service to a community he
hoped would someday exist," said de facto
successor Jamison Green. "Now it almost
does. In life and since his death, he has been
an inspiration for many transmen, both gay
and straight."
1) Langmeil Three Gardens Barossa Valley
’05- Shiraz, Grenache and Mourv~dre.
Smooth and round, with raspberry & plum
most prominent/lean finish.
2) Yellow Tail Reserve Shiraz ’06- Ripe and
aromatic. The past 2 vintages have scored
some high points with national wine critics/
worth checking out.
3) Yalumba Y Series Shiraz-Viognier 2006-
Spicy, but the mix of Viognier makes a presence
of lychee and peach.
4) Molly Dooker The Boxer 2006 - Ripe and
smoky. A mouthful of raspberry with white
pepper. A state allocated wine/very hard to
find bottle here in town so if ya see it, get it!
5) Marquis Phillips Sarah’s Blend 2005-
Shiraz, Cabernet and Merlot. Check out
the Roogle on the label. It’s cross between
an Eagle and a Kangaroo and signifies the
friendship between the US and Australia.
Great taste/recommended.
6) Lindemans Padthaway Reserve 2005-
Generous cherry and raspberry flavors.
From the Hunter Valley about and hour and
a half from Sydney. Also gets rave reviews.
And as always, I say go to your favorite wine
shop, ask questions and purchase a bottle
or two. Share some food & wine with friends
and check this out for yourself.
Mr. D also hosts wine & food events known
in town as the Wine Enthusiasts of Tulsa.
References include: the ABC’s of wine by
James Laube/www.WineSpectator.com
By Joey De
Photo: David Barlo,~ a,~d A,,~a,~da Ba/on CopyrightJoa*¢ Marcus 2007
TULSA, OK __ One of America’s most beloved musicals, "Annie"
is celebrating its 30th anniversary tour, and giving a whole new
generation the chance to experience this classic about never giving
up hope. The timeless tale of Little Orphan Annie is coming to the
Tulsa PAC March 4-9.
With music by Charles Strouse and book by Thomas Meeban, ’%nhie"
is again directed by lyricist Martin Charnin, who directed the
original 1977 Broadxvay production.
After xvinning seven Tony Axvards in 1977, including Best blusica!,
Book and Score the shoxv ran for 2,377 performances and is one of
the top 20 longest running shows in Broadxvay history.
With one of Broadxvay’s most memorable scores, including t~
the Hard-Knock Life" and ’"~tomorrow,""~"(~nnie,"is the feel-good
shoxv to bring a smile to any, face.
Tickets may be purchased at 596-7111, via the internet at wwxv.
MyTicketOffice.com or by visiting the PAC box oft{ce.
Get the STAR delivered
to your home or office.
12 issues only $33.95.
Send Check or Money
Order to:
5103 S. Sheridan Rd.,
Tulsa, OK 74145
the ~TA~
Seepage 29for o,’der blank.
An Italian-Creole restaurant in
New Orleans.
Bayou Crawfish Etouffee
1/4 pound butter
4 cups chopped onions
2 cups chopped green peppers
1 1/2 teaspoons fresh chopped garlic
4 cups sliced mushrooms
1 1/2 teaspoons flour
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
4 dashes Tabasco sauce
1 tablespoon garlic powder
2 cups whipping cream
1 cup half-and-half
1 3/4 cups tomato sauce
Melt butter in large heavy-duty pot. Add onions, peppers,
garlic and all seasonings. Saute, stirring occasionally until
onions are translucent (15 minutes).
Add mushrooms and saute for 5 minutes. Add flour and mix
thoroughly for 1 minute, stirring often. Add whipping cream
and half-and-half. Cook until cream thickens but does not
boil, stirring often.
Add tomato sauce and cook for 15 minutes. Add desired
meat, seafood or crawfish. Stirring often, cook until meat or
vegetables are done. The longer you let the sauce cook, the
more flavorful it becomes.
More on PASCAL’S MANALE Restaurant
see page 22
Join our gay and Imbian group aboard Carnival Cow,quest©
~ we set sail from Galvesm~ and call o~ the beaurifhi ports
in Monrego Ba); Grand Cayman and Cx~zumel. There is no
better way to celebrate Halloween than aboard a funship with
Gayribbean Cruises, We offer: Our fr~ntasdc Halloweml
Costume Part),, Nighdy Mixers and SO MUCH MORE !
Book early and save. Ask how m receive $75 shipboard cre<~t!
For information & Reservations
by Donald Pile and Ray Williams
"Countess Alexis with Ray Williams"
Frank Marino
One of the manygreat things about travel.in~ is,.besid.es me.eting
interestin,~,people and visiting beautiful places, sometimes you also get to
see FABULOUS ENTERTAINERS. The past few- )mars We were fortunate
to be able to see these entertainers in action. They ernb0dy all that is good
in a true entertainer. ...... fun, funny; sometimes elegant and they all put on
a great show.
THE COUNT.S, B&EXIS DEL LAGO of Paris, New York and
HollDvood. one of the most remarkable, amazing and elegant pers0nalilties
that we have,ever met in our travels. She was the most elegant drag
queen ofthe 80 s New York City, she then moved to \Vest Hollywooa and
6pened a wonderful antiques b(~utique shop. She WAS Marlene Dietrich,
afI day and every day[ Sh£ is the cla~;iest add best &essed of them all. She
*~,-~as (~nd stil! is) a r~al star when everyone else was just pretending. She
performed on stage, movies and tete~2ision. She was a bi~ hit at the famous
Pyramid Club in New York and with the Andy Wathol group. Her latest
moade, SUPERSTAR IN A HOUSEDRESS, only proves how classy,she
still iS. And always hers,d£ She believed in herself as most people don t.
MOst people either dont have the, courage to be themselve~s,o,~ are s,o unsure
about wh~ they are that they cant. As the Countess stares, It wasrft that I
was so fabulous, it is just that the others were so stupid. \Ve have never seen
her when she &dnt look hke a milhon dollars. She ALWAYS makes a grain
entrance where ever she goes. And why not? She ~s N~e Countess : Check
out http:lt~wv.youtube.com/watch?v=lG2DATQ_dlA to see a fabulous
sm,en minute fihn clip.
LYPSINKA, whose real name is John Epperson lives in New York City.
We caught his act at theAI~ Theatre in San Francisco. His production
is entitled "LYPSINKM THE BOX.ED SET" He is one of the most
intelligent performers around. He does Gisele MacKenzie, Frances Faye,
Conme Franos, Llbby Morns, Dorothy Sqmres and the 50 s musical ,con
Delores Gray. He performs all over the United States and gets standing ovations
where,)er he performs. It is remarkable the staging and entertaini~ag
this entertainer does. You will be dazed by his performance. Unlike marli,
performers he stretches the boundaries. ~e H~llDvood Reporter says
L smka ~s hke nothing you ve seen before. Theamcat art,stry that ne er
seems to slow down" The New York~mes says "I.ypsinka is a fascinating,
ftmny and disturbing spectacle." From the opening scene ro the finale this
performer never lets down the audience. He is absolute dynamite. Audiences
go back year after year to see him perform. And on top of everything
else l~}m just happens to be a very nice person. For a listing of his performances
and other information about him go to ww~:lypsinka.corn.
FRANK MARINO, who performs at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas ,
is another performer who puts on a great show. He does his "_Joan River’s’
routine and has been wowing audiences for years and years in I.as Vegas.
The straights in the audience really get into his show and why not? He
and his cast and crmv put on a class act show. He emcees the’show and
introduces the different performers who do Chef. Shirley MacLaine, Tina,
and many others. Tlaeir show is sold out almost every night. It is basically
a musicallcomedy revie~v with gorgeous gowns, feathers, glitter, etc. Frank
changes cosrurnes between every set which gives a grear dimension to the
show. When going to Las Vegas next time, be sure and catch the show. His
web site is ~x~;frankmarino.com
.............................Continued next page
18 the STAR v~w.ozarksstar.com
Community for
People ~ivin9
.A 50~. c (3) Non P~ofit O~ganization
Our House, Too offers a variety of
activities for people who are HIV+ and
or living with AIDS to help combat the
social isolation that many of our
people live through each and everyday.
We provide a Toiletry and Household
Pantry for those who are HIM+
and or living with AIDS who cannot
afford to purchase these items for
themselves. We invite anyone who
would like to volunteer or provide financial
assistanoe to please contact
us by phone 918-585-9552 or e-mail
s recently as the mid-1990s, relatively few visitors spent time
in Chelsea, the neighborhood on Manhattan’s west side between
Midtown and Greenwich Village. Today, however, Chelsea abounds
with gay bars, coo! restaurants, diverting shops, avant-garde galleries,
and an increasing number of hotels. It’s become arguably the
city’s hottest destination for gay visitors, and a wonderful neighborhood
to spend a weekend or short vacation.
This part of the city was developed in the 1830s by clergyman
Clement Clark Moore, author of"A Visit from St. Nicholas" ("~B~vas
the night before Christmas..."), whose family owned most of the
area. Well into the mid-20th century, Chelsea was a drab, lower-income
neighborhood where workers at nearby garment factories and
river docks lived in cheap boardinghouses and rickety, airless tenements.
But as gays began moving here in the ’70s and ’80s, gentrification
gradually took hold. And in recent years, the neighborhood
has developed cachet among both residents and visitors as one of the
trendiest areas in the city as well as one of the nation’s most dynamic
gay communities.
Chelsea comprises roughly the blocks between 5th Avenue and the
Hudson River, with 14th Street forming the neighborhood’s southern
boundary. Most locals consider 23rd Street to be its northern
edge, but others argue the border extends as far north as 28th or
even 32nd Street. For all practical purposes - particularly in terms
of retail, dining, and clubbing - you’ll find the most intriguing
businesses between 14th and 23rd streets. And where gay-popular
establishments are concerned, the main drag is 8th Avenue, with 7th
Avenue a close runner-up. Additionally, 9th and 10th avenues have
witnessed the tide of gentrification in recent years, particularly as
top galleries have moved into the western reaches of Chelsea.
20 the STAR
)ff~rs little in the way of attractions, unless, of
course, you count shopping as a form of sightseeing. If you wander
along West 20th through West 27th streets in the block west of 10th
Avenue, you’ll find storefront after storefront of cutting-edge art galleries
- check out www.chelseaartga~leries.com for details on upcoming
shows. Fans of dance should note two important neighborhood
institutions: the art deco Joyce Theater, which hosts high-quality
dance companies throughout the year, and the dramatic Dance Theater
Workshop, around the corner, which also presents acclaimed
concerts throughout the year. The neighborhood draws plenty of
foodies to its Chelsea Market, a bustling concourse of gourmet food
stalls in which you’ll find tantalizing Thai food, savory soups, fine
wines, heavenly baked goods, and lots more.
In fact, restaurants have become one of the neighborhood’s leading
draws. There are the obvious bastions of gay social life, such as Viceroy
and Food Bar for rather standard American chow, and campy
VYNL, which is known for its eclectic Asian and international
dishes, plus outstanding martinis. Gym buffs on high-protein diets
favor Better Burger, with its menu of lean, char-grilled burgers and
fresh-squeezed juices. Other hot spots include the funky Thai restaurant
Room Service, known for such ldcky creations as Thai-spicy
tuna salad and chile-rubbed salmon; and Suenos, which serves some
of the most innovative regional Mexican fare in the city - be sure to
try the duck-confit quesadillas with poached pears and ancho chileso
For weekend brunch, don’t miss East of Eighth, which turns out
first-rate contemporary American food and offers lively cabaret in
the evenings. Few spots are more popular at lunchtime than Dish, a
glorified diner of sorts, which is also known for its relaxing Saturday
and Sunday brunch. Snackers and noshers will find plenty of
toothsome options, including F&B Gudtfood for gourmet hot dogs
and European-style street food, Murray’s for some of the city’s finest
bagels, and Pinkberry, for the mysterious yogurt-esque frozen-dessert
snacks that have taken the city by storm.
On the west side of the neighborhood, you can count on the Red
Cat for a terrific meal of creative American fare, such as a fantastic
paprika-roasted cod with spicy escarole and an anchovy-almond
sauce. At cozy Tia Pol, choose from a long list of outstanding Spanish
tapas, while the much-hyped Craftsteak is your go-to for superb
cuts of beef- it’s part ofTom Colicchio’s (ofTV’s Top Chef) growing
restaurant empire.
Chelsea has become the epicenter of gay nightlife in New York
City (although it’s fair to say that the Hells Kitchen and East Village
neighborhoods provide plenty of competition). There are the
trendy spots, such as G Lounge, a sea of coiffed and smartly dressed
men hobnobbing around a central bar or relaxing in mod lounge
chairs; and the long-running Splash, a two-floor temple of chic gay
clubbing known for its go-go dancers and throbbing music. Quirky
Barracuda cultivates a mixed arty and cruisy bunch, while the bilevel
Eagle caters to the usual set of bears, leather men, and ardent porn
enthusiasts (old-fashioned blue movies play on the video screens).
Rawhide is an old-school neighborhood bar with an age-diverse
following, and the friendly Gym Sportbar has become the darling
of the post-workout crowd. Locals hangouts like View Bar and XES
can seem empty or bustling depending on the night, and a couple of
pulsing warehouse discos, Rush and Stereo, round out the scene.
Chelsea has relatively few hotel rooms compared with other key
Manhattan neighborhoods, but it’s a 10- to 20-minute walk (or
a short cab or subway ride) from the scads of hotels in Midtown.
What you will find in Chelsea, however, are several properties with
reasonable rates, most catering heavily to the gay market. A favorite
of history buffs is the raffish Hotel Chelsea, the city’s tallest building
when it was built in the 1880s. This bohemian hostelry has been the
home of all sorts of fascinating characters, from William Burroughs
to Jasper Johns to Allen Ginsberg: Just up the street, the modern
and rather basic Chelsea Savoy Hotel has a terrific location at the
corner ofWest 23rd Street and 7th Avenue, and rooms here can run
as low as $99 nightly.
Among the big chains, there’s a Four Points by Sheraton Manhattan
Chelsea on West 25th Street, and the Hampton Inn Chelsea
on West 24th Street. Both of these are clean, well-managed, and
affordable. This hip neighborhood is rapidly developing, though,
and within a few years you’ll find a number of additional hotels to
choose from. For instance, the trendy hotel brand Indigo is planning
a 122-room property for 127 West 28th Street, to open in
early 2009.
And, just a short walk east of Chelsea in a similarly vibrant area, you
might consider the uber-coolWNew York Union Square, a swank
stunner that occupies the 1911 beaux-arts Guardian Life building
and contains Todd English’s bustling Olives restaurant and Rande
Gerber’s see-and-be-seen Underbar. Or check into Ian Schrager’s
luxuriously re-imagined Gramercy Park Hotel, a glam boutique
hotel overlooking the elegant park of the same name.
Among smaller, gay-oriented properties, a reliable pick is the Chelsea
Pines Inn, which occupies a charming 1850s town house in the
heart of the neighborhood. Rooms with semiprivate bath (sink and
shower are in your room, but the toilet is shared with several other
rooms on same floor) start at $140, while rooms with private baths
begin at $175. An even better value, with rates beginning around
$130 for shared-bath units, the Chelsea Lodge is set along handsome
West 22nd Street and contains 22 cozy, clean, and pleasantly
furnished rooms. When you consider that generic, bland chain
properties in Midtown can charge well over $400 per night, these
two intimate and friendly Chelsea hideaways are a real bargain. And
you can use the money you save to dine well in the neighborhood’s
dozens of inviting eateries.
1-800-535-AIDS (2437)
Okllahoma’s H V/STD Hot ine
° F,¢ee. me~HIV testify, t~ 20
H.O.P;~. Tes~:~ng C~inic
~ens Oetreach Pr~ram
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR :)1
~ 6, 2008
ItMian’Creole restaurant in New Orleans
Fotmded in 1913, this family-run, ItaJian,Creole restaurant is
8) i New Orle~s at
baxbecued shrimp. N~is
. from the se~,ice to the decor.
oyster bar ~nd
on ~e hflf shel! and fll ~es of cocktails. We offer
Sp~cialfies and delicio~ stea~, ~
i in traddtion; ir ~
s and ~hes it out daily in ~e
~tO lmltate~
We&esday thru Friday
: thru Saturda); 5 PM to closing ~d cloSed 0h
March 2008
!’~"~ Men from all over the world converge on Palm
Springs : April 17.21, 2008. Surprise performances
happening aft weekend long!
PALM SPRINGS, CA (PR) This is the event that attracts men
from all over the world to the desert oasis of Palm Springs, CA !
Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party Spring Break happens at new date in
2008--April 17-21, with an action-packed weekend of non-stop
parties, superstar performances and the hottest men from all over
the globe.
Totally new for 2008: the sexy Boxers and Briefs Underwear Party,
happening Friday, will let it all hang out. Saturday’s main event:
White Party - Boogie Fever celebrates 30 years of dance music. Not
to mention Sunday’s Extreme T Dance, an over-the-top dance event
taking the action farther than it’s ever been before.
Weekend passes are on sale now at www.CircuitTicket.com. Express
Weekend Passes ($350 until Feb. 15) include: Absolute
priority access to all weekend events; Access to VIP lounge at the
Saturday White Party and Sunday T Dance; Official White Party
Spring Break Gift Bag and Unlimited complimentary bottled water
at White Party and T Dance.
Weekend Passes ($250 until Feb. 15) include: Express Entrance to
White Party, T Dance & Closing Party; complementary admission
to Thursday Welcome Party, plus a $25 add-on for admission to
Boxers and Briefs Underwear Party.
For additional information or to purchase passes in advance online,
visit: www.jeffreysanker.com or vcww.circuiticket.com. For more
information, call (310) 360-6100.
The host hotel for White Party 2008 is the fabulous Wyndham Palm
Springs, the center of all the poolside action, home to nighttime
events and location of the official welcome center. For reservations,
call: (760) 322-6000. Mention WP when making reservations to
receive a special rate.
Back by popular demand: The ultimate VIP treatment lets you
experience White Party in the lap of luxury with a range of personalized
services right at your fingertips. Again in 2008, White Party
Spring Break offers a limited number of luxurious VIP packages to
make your weekend truly unforgettable. Packages include a range
of options such as premium accommodations, lavish amenities
including a personal concierge, private cabanas, security escorts and
special upgrades. All packages feature exclusive VIP bottle service at
Saturday night’s White Party and the SundayT Dance. Visit: www.
jeffreysanker.com for more details.
The STAR 23

and the
By Ronald Blake
esterday was my thirty-ninth
birthday. I chose to wake with the roosters
and run a five kilometer race to begin my
fete of this event. I ruminated on my choice
of a celebratory method be.fore, during, and
after this competition. I discovered many
reasons ~vhy I dragged my partner and our
little canine companion along with me to
this athletic spectacle.
There is not much traffic on an early Saturday
morning when you are headed to a
physical challenge. I was able to really notice
the mountains when I wasn’t beset by droves
of angry, chafed, rush-hour motorists. I
realized that the mountains were even more
majestic with their verdant hue given the
recent rains here in the desert. The rising
sun added its paintbrush to this mountain
landscape with its spangling of yellows and
oranges. A good reason to get up and run.
We drove past the Phoenix International
Raceway on our journey to the starting line.
I have lived in the Valley of the Sun for over
three years and had never seen this imposing
NASCAR edifice. It was quietly assuming
its regnant place alongside its panoply of
mountains. We also had never been to the
location of this gala running affair. It too
was nestled next to the mountains and was
a magnificent oasis in the ribald desert landscape.
I felt a contemporary thrill of a Louis
and Clark moment as I gazed upon virgin
ground. A good reason to get up and run.
There were other people at the race site
when I arrived. These people also had
running shoes and were stretching. These
people also brought friends, family members,
and their little dogs too. These people
also ran the course, sweated, and finished
completely exhausted. I wasn’t the only one
early to bed and early to rise. We shared camaraderie
and a commonality that morning.
A good reason to get up and run.
I received a T-shirt, bananas, a medal, an
olio of donated sundries, and some
friendly discourse through
out my experience. It did cost me twentyfive
dollars to participate but I am not offering
any regrets. I could just as easily have
spent that money on a well-earned hangover
but I already have plenty of those notched
in my craw! of fame. I am pleased with my
assortment of newly acquired memorabilia.
A good reason to get up and run.
There was live music after the race. It was
provided by your quintessential three men
and a lady cover band. The backdrop was
a cupola adorned, ornate clubhouse and a
lake begirded with palm trees. I would have
settled for anything at that time. I had just
felt the intrinsic satisfaction of completing
an arduous task and the extrinsic reward of a
salvo of cheers for my fait accompli. A very
good reason to get up and run.
I am thirty-nine today and I wil! be forty
next year. I have no control over the passage
of time. I will continue to enjoy my flight
through the ages and I will continue to
augment my reasoning for getting up and
running...until the flight ends.
~sis health andfitness column is brought to
you by that gvgy who noticed that sex act is
followed by sexagenarian in the dictionary.
~at connect the dots guy is Ron Blake and
he can be vivified at www.goblakefimess.
Between sumi-d, drawings, oil paintings and
sculpture, Shawn’s work has been shown and
sold in dozens of one-woman and group
showings and through commissioned work.
Merry Schepers is also a native Otdahoman
whose works in porcelain, clay and
multimedia embrace a broad stylistic spectrum
from flying porcelain vessels to
shamanic, archetypal masks to functional
stoneware. She earned her BA from
Montclair State University (N.J.) and has
worked in clay for over thirteen years.
As a member of the Alternative Outsider
artists, she participates in that group’s
annual show. She also shows in galleries in
Tulsa, Ok. and Fayetteville, AR. and
participates in Tulsa’s Blue Dome Arts
The exhibit will remain up through the
month of March, and can be viewed
Monday thru Saturday from 3-9pm. Nae
Dennis R. Neill Equality Center is
located at 621 E. 4th St., in downtown
Tulsa. More info can be found on the web
at okeq.org.
7his monthly event is hosted by Oklahoman’sfor
Equality (OkEq). OkEq seeks equal rightsfor
Lesbian, Ga); Bisexual & Tram’gender (LGBT) individuals
andfamilies through advocacy, education,
programs, alliances, and the operation ofthe Dennis
R. Neill Equali~y Center.
Oklahoma City mayor
challenges citizens to
loose 1 million pounds
OKLAHOMA CITY - With a button-popping
spread of cornbread, sausage and gravy,
chicken fried steak and pecan pie designated
as Oklahoma’s official state meal, it’s no
surprise that Oklahoma City’s mayor wants
to put the city on a diet.
Mick Cornett has challenged the city to
shed 1 million pounds as its New Year’s
A1 McAffrey To Speak
At OK County Democrats
Medallion Dinner
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK __M is the Representative
for House District 88 and will be
the Master of Ceremonies for our Medallion
The Oklahoma County Democrats Medallion
Dinner, with Jim Roth and Al McAffrey,
will be taking place on March 8, 2008
at the Regal Room (Ned’s Catering), 625
NW Grand Blvd, OKC, 73118.
Visit the website for updated information,
sponsor & ticket prices, and easy online
ticket purchasing.
Oklahoma Governor
say’s NO to National
Real ID
(PR) The federal effort to create a national
identity card, called the Real ID card, would
take us one step closer to a surveillance
society, erode our right to privacy and put
our personal information at risk.
Luckily, governors in five states, including
Oklahoma, courageously rejected this invasive
law. Now we need these governors to
stand their ground so that Congress will be
forced to repeal this horrifying program!
Real ID would force all states to connect
their DMV databases to one single interlinked
system -- facilitating government
tracking of ordinary Americans.
It would also expose our most sensitive personal
information to criminal identity theft.
Thanks to your Governor, this invasive law
-- and the dramatic tax increases required to
pay its massive price tag -- was courageously
rejected in Oklahoma. Help make sure that
no American is forced to use the costly "Big
Brother" Real ID card.
The national Real ID card will take away
our privacy and treat all Americans like
enemies of the state!
"The nature of the questions LGBT human
rights defenders were asked, repeatedly
trying to link homosexuality and pedophilia,
simply shows how far our stubborn opposition
is ready to go to put obstacles before
LGBT groups on their way to recognition
as members of civil society," the International
Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA)
said in a statement.
Just two of many reasons the right wing
hates McCain.
1. Same-sex marriage. McCain refuses to
support a constitutional amendment to ban
same-sex marriage.
2. Stem-cell research. McCain would relax
restrictions on federal dollars for embryonic
stem cell research, which critics consider
tantamount to abortion.
BERLIN (AP) __ A new Berlin memorial
to the Nazis’ gay victims should be ready
within months, officials said Thursday.
The $890,000 memorial to gay victims will
be located in Berlin’s Tiergarten Park, across
from the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of
Europe, Culture Minister Bernd Neumann
said. Homosexuality was banned under the
Nazis. Tens of thousands of people, primarily
men, were arrested, and many were sent
to concentration camps.
BEIJING (AFP) Chinas Ministry of Health
is set to implement its first ever national
programme to curb the spread of HIV/
AIDS among gay men.
"The programme aims to strengthen
measures to prevent and control the deadly
disease among the homosexual community,"
the China Daily quoted Wang \greizhen, a
senior official with the ministry’s HIWAIDS
prevention department, as saying.
"By learning more about gay people, we can
better protect them against this incurable
disease. Studies are under way in several cities
to collect information on gay men, such
as their.., behavioural patterns."
The programme will also deliver special
funding and technical support to gay men,
Wang said, without giving further details.
There are over 700 thousand gay men with
HIV/AIDS in China.
www.ozarksstar.corn the STAR 27
"Be cor~servative with money, Gemini!"
As Mars enters Cancer, productive efforts are easily clouded
by moods and misunderstandings. While he opposes
Pluto, frustrations can gain exaggerated importance. You
may feel like you need an oar to propel your craft forward,
but what you may really need is a shovel to dig to the root
of existing challenges.
ARIES (March 20 -Apri~ 19): Yours is the sign of the
lone wolf, but you are now aiming for the role of head of
the household. The responsibilities and obligations really
don’t suit you. Try for the position of "elder statesperson" or
dowager instead.
TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Little domestic arguments
can explode way too easily. Are you just being stubborn?
How important are those details, anyway? Your arguments
may be more aesthetic than logical, but they should still be
explainable in a calm, friendly manner.
GEMINI (May 21 - Jun~ 20): Be very careful and conservative
with your money. Household and proper~ investments
or any renegotiation of debt should be checked out very
thoroughly. Sexual urges may take an emotional cost, challenging
you to think more about your deeper needs.
CANCER (June 21 -July 22): Acting on impulse can
transform your relationship, and probably not for the better.
Channel that energy into thinking ahead and talking about
what you want, what your partner wants, and how you can
deepen your connection.
LEO (July 23 - August 22): Worrying about your health or
work only makes problems - real or imagined - worse. Take
positive steps, and check out anything that bears watching.
Remember the difference between focus and obsession,
and stick to the task at hand.
VIRGO (August 23 - September 22): Your political aims
are coming from somewhere deep in your gut, which is fine.
But sensible strategy should come from your brilliant-butnow-
vacationing brain. Artistic, creative expressions will
give you the outlet you need.
LIBRA (September 23 - October 22): Courtesy is usually
your strongest conviction. Now other deep beliefs provoke
you to speak up against authority. Think carefully about
mouthing off to the police or your boss. If you want to raise
hell, find a public demonstration that suits your politics.
SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21): Your urge for arguments
seems to be coming out of nowhere. Try to focus
that energy toward digging into topics that interest you.
Take up a good challenge to keep your mind busy and your
mouth out of trouble!
SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 20): Your
sexual appetite is surging, but so is your deeper desire for
commitment. One is so much more easily satisfied than the
other that you might find any effort frustrating. Try seeing
the glass as half full.
CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 19): Is your partner
being too aggressive, or are you just being stubborn? You
can do something about the latter. Fights come easily, but
so does passion. You really need a struggle. Be nice, and
you could get a good one!
AQUARIUS (January 20 - February t8): Wanting too
much can be a great spur to action, but acting impulsively
on excessive desire is a sure path to accidents and illness.
Meditate, think ahead, and confide in a friend with a cooler
head before acting.
PISCES (February 19 - March 19): Acting on your playful
urges will have far-reaching ramifications. Focus those desires
responsibly and creatively. Infuriating people is not a
mark of success per se, but be bold enough to risk pissing
off the right people for the right reasons.
Rev Steve T. UrJe
Spirit of Chdst MCC
2902 E 20th Street
Joplin, MO 64804
Worship Saturdays at 10:00 AM
CommUnity Meal Wednesdays at 6:00 PM
MCC of the Living Spring
17 Elk Street
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
Worship Sundays at 6:00 PM
Have a God filled and Blessed Day!
28 the STAR www.ozarksstar.com
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Tulsa, OK
Oklahoma Cig; OK
4815 S. HARVARD, SUITE 424
Tulsa, OK * 918-747-5466
Certified Public Accountant
RENT the Musical
Tulsa PAC
Independent Broker
Oklahoma and Arkansas
2117 NW 39th St.
Oklahoma City, OK
7204 E. PINE
Tulsa, OK
Tulsa, OK
Oklaboma City, OK
Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma City, OK
Tulsa, OK
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
www.c21 goldcastle.com
Keller Williams Realty
Tulsa, OK
New and Historic Homes for Sale
and Rent For Info:
Oklahoma City, OK
Located inside Habana Inn
211 S. Garnett
Tulsa, OK 74128
203 N. Nogales Ave
Tulsa, OK 74127
3540 E. 31st
Tulsa, OK
Oklahoma’s HIV/STD Hotline
2902 E. 20TH STREE~I;
Joplin, MO * 479-529-8480
Service Saturday 9:30 AM
17 Elk Street
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
Worship Sundays 6pm
2015 -B S. Lakewood
Tulsa, OK 74112
www. openarmsproject.org
want the STAR delivered to your home or business?
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envelope the 1st of each month. Complete the form
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~he STAR
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City:. St: Zip:
Check enclosed
Money Order
Start Date:
www.ozarksstar.com 29
Keller Williams Realty
\Vihether buying or selling
I’ll work hard for you.
(ng~efiansityiq)n - growing up GAY in OK is
You can help our teens. Support
Open Arms Youth Project.
For more Info:
WWW. openarmsproject.org
30 the STAR www.ozarksstar,com


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Star Media, Ltd, “[2008] The Star Magazine, March 1, 2008; Volume 5, Issue 3,” OKEQ History Project, accessed May 21, 2024, https://history.okeq.org/items/show/249.