[2008] The Star Magazine, February 1, 2008; Volume 5, Issue 2


[2008] The Star Magazine, February 1, 2008; Volume 5, Issue 2


Politics, education, and social conversation over LGBTQ+ topics


The Star Magazine’s first issue began February of 2005. Before this issue was Ozarks Pride (2004) and The Ozark Star (2004). Follows is The Metro Star (2008).

This magazine discusses topics of AIDs, education, politics, local and national civil rights of the LGBT community, and advice for relationships and places to visit.

This collection is PDF searchable. Physical copies are also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


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Star Media, Ltd


February 01, 2008


Charles Ward
Victor Gorin
Greg Steele
Paul Wortman
James Nimmo
Joey D.
Victor Gorin
Romeo san Vicente
Andrew Collins
Donald Pile
Ronald Blake
Ray Williams
Jack Fertig
Liz Highleyman
Devre Jackson


The Star Magazine, January 1, 2008; Volume 5 Issue 1

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Southwestern Missouri
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Southeastern Kansas
Eastern Oklahoma
The United States of America (50 states)


Let us promote your business in a
UNIQUE & D~VERSE market. Cal~
2 the STAR www.ozarksstar.com
By Victor Gorin
Photo: ~ctor Gorin registering Thomas Bishop to vote in OKC
Ifyou are registered as a Republican or Democrat in Oklahoma,
soon it will be time to cast your vote to select your party favorite for
our next president. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. and
your polling place is on your voter card. You may vote early from 8
a.m. unti! 6 p.m. Friday February 1 and Monday February 4, and
from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. Saturday February 2. Call your local election
board for your early voting site.
Ifyou have lost your voter card, you may still vote if you are registered,
and this you can find out by calling your local election board,
who can also provide your polling place. In Oklahoma County that
number is 713-1515, Tulsa County 596 5787.
Although they appear on the Democratic ballot, 2 candidates have
dropped from the race, Bill Richardson and Christopher Dodd. On
the Republican ballot, Tom Tancredo appears on the ballot even
though he has dropped from the race.
Independent voters cannot vote for a presidential candidate in this
Oklahoma election. However, you may have school board races that
you can vote for, so be sure to check that out. Vote February 5 and
make our voice heard.
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 3
The origin and history ofSaint
A Night in the Palace ofVersailles, Barony
of all Oklahoma crowns 1st Czar
& Czarina.
Dennis R. Neill Equality Center presents
art by Jessica Newman.
NEW: Deep Inside Hollywood, reports
on new projects for Paul Rudd and
Nathan Lane.
Through his dedication and courage,
black gay anti-apartheid activist Simon
Tseko Nkoli played a key role in the
fight for GLBT liberation and human
rights for people with HIV/AIDS.
Devre Jackson reviews Cabernet Sauvignon.
Gay Travelers: Oklahoma City
Out of Town: Savannah, GA
Dining In or OUT
Introspection can lead you to better
understand yourself and ultimately to
achieve greater happiness.
ON THE COVER: Czar I Philtip Parker & Czarina I Kris Cherri Kohl
4 the STAR www.ozarksstar.com
Valentine’s Day started in the time of the Roman
Empire. In ancient Rome, February 14th was a holiday
to honour Juno. Juno was the Queen of the Roman
Gods and Goddesses. The Romans also knew her as
the Goddess of women and marriage. The following day,
February 15th, began the Feast of Lupercalia.The lives
of young boys and girls were strictly separate. However,
one of the customs of the
young people was name
On the eve of the festival
of Lupercalia the names of
Roman girls were written on
slips of paper and placed
into jars. Each young man
would draw a girl’s name
from the jar and would then
be partners for the duration
of the festival with the girl
whom he chose.
Sometimes the pairing
of the children lasted an
entire year, and often, they
would fall in love and would
later marry. Under the
rule of Emperor Claudius
II Rome was involved in
many bloody and unpopular
campaigns. Claudius the
Cruel’was having a difficult time getting soldiers to join
his military leagues. He believed that the reason was
that Roman men did not want to leave their loves or
families. As a result, Claudius cancelled all marriages
and engagements in Rome.
The good Saint Valentine (photo above) was a priest at
Rome in the days of Claudius I1. He and Saint Marius
aided the Christian martyrs and secretly married couples,
and for this kind deed Saint Valentine was apprehended
and dragged before the Prefect of Rome, who
condemned him to be beaten to death with clubs and
to have his head cut off. He suffered martyrdom on the
14th day of February, around the year 270. At that time it
was the custom in Rome, a very ancient custom indeed,
to celebrate in the month of February the Lupercalia,
feasts in honour of a heathen god. On these occasions,
amidst a variety of pagan ceremonies, the names of
young women were placed in a box, from which they
were drawn by the men as chance directed.The pastors
of the early Christian Church in Rome endeavoured to
do away with the pagan element in these feasts by substituting
the names of saints for those of maidens. And
as the Lupercalia began about the middle of February,
the pastors appear to have chosen Saint Valentine’s Day
for the celebration of this new feast.
So it seems that the custom of young men choosing
maidens for valentines, or saints as patrons for the com-
~year, arose in this way. ..... ~,
JoNin Gay & Lesbian
Center To Ho d
VNentines Fundraiser
JOPLIN, MO (P/R) __ In support of equal civil marriage for
gays and lesbians and "Freedom To Marry Week", the Joplin Gay
and Lesbian Center invites the GLBT community to a Valentines
reception and dance February 14th, 2008 7:00 pm to 1:30 am. The
event will be held at Groove Lounge, 2331 East 7th Street in Joplin.
Dance to the music of the house DJ, enjoy a Wedding Cake and
cash bar.
A $5.00 donation per person at the door will go to support the Joplin
Gay and Lesbian Center. For more information contact Director
Lee McDaniel 417-622-7821 or email gaylesbiancenter@gmail.com
Website www.mYspace.com/gaylesbiancenter
Recognized by Keller Williams
,- For outstanding achievement 2005 and 2006
Chuck Breckenridge
REALIOr~ V/hether buying or selling I’ll work hardforyou.
the STAR 5
Acceptance o£GAYS
In addition to loosing weight is he
getting a homo-friendly face-lift?
OKLAHO/vlA CITY, OK __ Oklahoma
City Mayor Cornett proclaims an official
day for Ellen DeGeneres’s birthday and this
is coming from a man who previously never
meet a gay man or woman he liked. Well, I
have a bridge in Brooklyn, too.
\Vhen it’s Cornett’s political agenda being
advanced then he’s comfortable ~vith appearing
on the famous lesbian Ellen DeGeneres’s
TV show as he did on January !7th.
Could his self-serving appearance also have
anything to do with the National Conference
of Mayors having their 2010 annual
meeting in OKC?
Is he trying to get a homo-friendly face-lift
as well as lose weight in order to make himself
more attractive for re-election? Did his
failed attempt at running for Congress show
him the error of his ways or just point him
to another snake-oil strategy?
Now, in order to show that Mayor Cornett
is exercising all his Christian sincerity of
turning the other cheek, will he propose a
human rights commission with legal force
that can be approved by the City Council
so that cases of gay/lesbian harassment and
discrimination can be handled with respect
and the intention of making life better for
all of OKC’s taxpaying citizens?
I’m not a Christian and I’ve turned both
of my cheeks, upper and lower, for the last
time to self-serving politicians who use gay
people for their own ends and then dispose
of them like a fast food clam shell.
Just How Vulgar W- ll
a Desperate Candidate
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK __ Not wanting
to get too explicit about basic human sexual
techniques, I can’t help notice that so much
of human disagreement at a low level of
public conversation comes down to either
analogous or physical illustrations of body
penetration in a sexual context.
We’ve seen with Mike Huckabee, a man
who wants to lead one of the most powerful
countries in the world, that he’s willing
to stoop to a tow level of vernacular public
language in order to attract the flat-earth
variety of voter who believes in a geo-centric
6,000 year-old earth. His remarks about
putting a flag pole where the sun doesn’t
shine regarding the South Carolina Confederate
flag controversy is one example.
The instance of Huckabee’s rallying mantras
is a perfect example that he, suffused with
the self-reflecting love of his self-constructed
Jay-sus, is not immune, rather he uses it
ki~owingly to inflame his redneck followers
to greater heights of cooperation in their
own submission to the destructive force of
Yes, human power can operate at the lowest
level of human respect for those ,vho
disagree with us and the fastest way to connect
with many people is to graphically use
the example of rape towards the perceived
enemy. A frustrated Vice-president Dick
Cheney used the same tactic in referring to
Senator Patrick Leahy with a vulgar act of
self-stimulation in the Senate chamber.
Just as violent rape ofwomen by men is
described as an attempt at power, with nothing
to do with lust, so is the use of sexual
penetration by antagonists used to inculcate
their ideas of power and superiority at the
basest level of human society.
A thinking voter should reject such a candidate
6 the STAR ~wv.ozarksstar.com
Our Suites
WV~N.ozarksstar.com the STAR 7
ince 1982
Ms. Kris Kohl in the "Painted Ladies" Show
Friday, February’ 15th & 29th, @lOpm.
Cover charge $5.00 single,
$8.00 per Couple.
Mention this ad and receive 1 FREE drink coupon per room.
t 7 West 7th Street
8 the STAR
& Boulder Ave) ® Tulsa, Ok 74119 e plazatulsa.€om
TULSA, OK __ Playing dress up may
be child’s play, but for the Royal Green
Country Barony ofAll of Oklahoma, it is a
welcomed break to hours of hard work.
A member of the International Imperial
Court System, the RGCBAO is a philanthropic
organization with a government
system and titles inspired by Victorian
alty. In an Adornment Ceremony
at the Holiday Inn Select in Tulsa
on Jan. 12, the RGCBAO crowned
their first Czar and Czarina, Phillip
Parker and Kris Cherri Kohl
A non-partisan organization, the
Royal Green Country Barony of
All Oklahoma seeks to further the
mission of the International Court
System by uniting not only the gay
community, but the entire community
of Oklahoma, gay and straight,
regardless of ethnicity or other
discriminating factors. ~he barony
works to raise funds for charitable
causes and work for equality within
the realm it covers.
To begin the evening, Nicole the
Great, Queen Mother of the Americas,
welcomed Oklahoma into the
international family and described
what they had "gotten themselves
"You see all this (pageantry) and
wonder about it, remember it’s all
in camp. We may call each other
Barons and Baronesses, but we are
all equals," began the matriarch,
who explained the organization’s pre-
Stonewall San Francisco founding. She described
the court system as one of the oldest
and largest organizations in GLBT history.
"When a gay man, Jose, declared that he
wanted to be called an ’Empress’ after being
crowned the queen of the Tavern Guild’s
drag ball, he didn’t know what he started at
the time."
Through out the course of the evening,
many other individuals who contributed to
the founding of the RGCBAO were recognized,
as well as those who have assumed
leadership positions in the organization.
This included the Privy Counsel (Board of
Directors) comprised of Deb Starnes, Jim
Ray, Scot Brown, Marc Acuff, and
Photo Above: Czar IPhillip Parker & Czarina I
Kris Cherri Kohl
Lynn Whitley. Additionally was the Crown
Grand Marquis Roger Francis and Crown
Grand Marquesa Dominique La Rue. Also
acclaimed as a key founder was Christian
Cherri O’Donely Vaughn LaFleur Dior.
Entertainment for the evening was provided
by entertainers from across Oklahoma and
beyond, q-his included the cast of "Twisted
Theatre," Tim Conroy, Catia Lee Love, Empress
The Lovely Suzanne, Empress Syren
Vaughn, Empress Victoria Weston, Matthew
Heath Fitzgerald, Tabitha Taylor, Rebbeca
Tucker and Leonard Jenkins.
Through all the dresses and crowns, the
evening assumed a sense of decorum, but
through the words of those on stage, it
maintained a level of fun and frivolity that
turned it into a true celebration. By the end
of the evening, the Royal Green Country
Barony of Oklahoma had demonstrated
that they knew how to have a good time,
but had made it clear they were ready to
begin the hard work of providing leadership
to and creating unity among the citizens of
their relm.
w~v.ozarksstar.com the STAR 9
By Donald Pile and Pray Williams
" Surrounded by Insanity"
by Robert A. Hofmann
We have just read a new book, "Surrounded
by Insanity" by Robert A. Hofmann and it
is one of those books that once you begin
reading it, you won’t want to put it down
until you have completely finished. It is
absolutely hilarious! It is a biographical
story of the author’s experiences thru his
life with his early childhood and growing
up with friends and family. Robert grew
up in New Jersey and what a wild and crazy
and wonderful life he has had. Between his
family and his friends, he guides the reader
thru many exciting episodes of his life. It
is wickedly bitchy and hilarious! Everyone
in Robert’s life so far is a participant in this
wonderfully funny and provocative story
of his life. It begins with his birth and goes
thru two years ago when he was staying at
the wonderful Grand Resort in Ft. Lauderdale
when Hurricane Wilma hit in 2006
leaving everybody without power for several
q-his is a "must read" for gay men all over
the country. You will laugh at nearly every
page! Robert knows exacdy what his
readers want to hear and he writes in such
a great way. He writes openly what many
of us say behind our backs. One
of our favorite parts of the book
is when he talks about "prespeaking",
as in, "Dinner. That is where
we should go" and "Glad for you!
That is what I am." Days after
reading this, we are still catching
ourselves "prespeaking". Hopefully
we and our friends will get
tired of it eventually but it is fun
for a while.
We don’t know if his family and
friends are still speaking to him or
not but they should be happy that
he loves them so much that he can
be so open and flank about them.
He would indeed be a good friend
of have. Hopefully we will get to
meet him sometime in the near
future. He left some extra copies
of his book at the Grand Resort
for guests to read and everyone
can’t wait to get their hands on
his book. We promise that you
will laugh your head off:page after
page after page.
"Surrounded by Insanity" is
published by Publish America and
may be purchased through all major
bookstores (if they don’t have
it in stock, they’ll order it for you)
or from www.amazon.com or www.publishamerica.
com. We didn’t ~vant the book
to end but thankfully, Robert is already in
the process of coming out with his second
book. As Robert says, " I live in fabulous,
flaming, freakin" New Jersey. Woo-hoo. I
am an attorney by day, writer by evening,
superhero in the bedroom." Just keep up
the great writing Robert!
By Greg Steele
TULSA, OK __ Hot bodies and great talent
will be the main course at Club Majestic
Friday February 15th at 9pro. The show
will feature an all male contest with guest
entertainment from across the country. The
feature entertainer will be Rasean Montrese
Mr. Continental Nationals 2007 and hosted
by Danielle Hunter Miss Continental Elite
Nationals 2007.
In addition to the contestant line up an
impressive array of talent will be on stage to
make your Friday Night at Club Majestic
an evening to remember. Mr. Oklahoma
2007 Sevion Simpson, Mr. 2006 Nationals
Simba Hall, Miss Oklahoma Continental
2007 Adrianna and introducing Mr. 2005
Nationals Tony DeSario.
Club Majestic is located at 124 N. Boston
in the Brady Arts District.
2-he latest on Britney Spears is that she is in
training to become a high profile lesbian,
being coached by famous lesbian convert
Ellen DeGeneres. DeGeneres told the
website www.thespoof.com "Britney is
making great progress. I have every confidence
she will make an excellent lesbian in
10 the STAR www.ozarksstar,com
essica Newman art
e hibit at Dennis R.
Neill Equality Center
(TULSA, OK (P/R) __ "~e Dennis R.
Neill Equality Center art gallery will host
its monthly First Tnursday meet-the-artist
reception from 6-9pm, "lhursday,
February 7, 2008, for the opening of it’s
February exhibit, featuring oil paintings
and fine drawings by artist Jessica Newman.
Newman, born in California in 1985, has
been a resident ofTulsa since the age of
10. Jessica started drawing at a very young
age, and really became involved in art during
high school, when she took her first art
class in the ninth grade. ~his is where she
was introduced to a variety of art supplies,
and began experimenting with different media.
Since graduating high school in 2003,
she has continued studying art in college,
and plans on graduating as an art major.
Jessica has always been fascinated by the
human body, which is the theme of most of
her work. She currently works with pencil,
watercolors, and oil paints, but charcoal
is her medium of choice. Her art has been
shown at the Mayfest Youth Gallery, as well
as at the Blue Dome Arts Festival.
The exhibit will remain up through the
month of February, and can be viewed
Monday thru Saturday from 3-gpm. The
Dennis R. Neill Equality Center is
located at 621 E. 4th St., in downtown
Tulsa. More info can be found on the web
at okeq.org.
This monthly event is hosted by Oklahoman’s
for Equality (OkEq). OkEq seeks
equal rightsfor Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual &
Transgender (LGBT) individuals and
families through advocacy, education, programs,
alliances, and the operation of
the Dennis R. Neill Equality Cente~
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 11
De~ Inside ;~otlywoo4 rqo~ on n~wprojectsfor PaulRuddand
Nathan ~ane.
Nathan Lane Casts Swing Vote
Hds acting up a storm on Broa&vay right now with Laurie Met~f
in the new D~vid Mamet play, November, but stage fixture Nathan
Mewill be back on the big screen this new year, too, with a role
in the ensemble comedy Swing ~v~te. Starring Kevin Cosmer ~ a
low-achieving, apolitic~l American citizen, tl~ movie concerns a
presidentia! election that hinges entirely on Cosmer’s not-entirelywelMnformed
vote and the n~tional ch~os that results from it. L~ne
will co-star, along with Definis Hopper, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer,
George Lopez, Mare Winningham, *~Vi!lie Nelson, and politiCal
comment~)or A~ianna Hut~ngton ~s herse!£ Already wrapp~[, the
film - if audiences vote for it v~ith their ticket dollars - could find
itselfincieasing poll turnoutsSBut not likely,
Paul Rudd
You, Man
~rotagonists express-
- signal the beginning
t ofheterosexual male intimacy?
movie, I love
by Judd Apatow
(v¢hose willingness to "go
in films like The Obiect of
" " well documented), the
he considers close enough to fill.
as the poor
spring, here’s
t Larry: Like
ransamerican Love
ready for Transamerican Love
a 36-year-old
~ with an
Girl). Addams will
~ of men competing to date her
formerly male body. Contrast
About Miriam, on which
told about Miriam’s transgender
a bold step for the reality televicomic
Alec Mapa wilt host the show
by gay cable channel Logo. The
in 2008.
12 the STAR www.ozarksstar, corn
Choosing America’s Prom Q een
For further evidence that pop culture is now dominated by entertainment
designed for the High School Musical demographic, !ook
no further than Americas Pro Queen. ABC Family has given the
go-ahead for the new series that will pit a group of high school-aged
young women against each other in the quest to be the fairest prom
queen of them all. The contestants will reside in a mansion and
compete in challenges that will show if they’ve got what it takes to
wear a tiara in public and vcave at less popular people; then they’ll
stay or go based on viewer votes. But Romeo has one complaint: in
an era when young men are routinely making the news after being
voted prom queen at their school, why no boys allowed?
Lesbian Musician Julie Schurr to
Perform in Eureka Springs,
Fayetteville and New Orleans.
Romeo San Vicente - while in high school, mindyou - wa~" very popular
with his share ofpmm kings. He can be reached care ofthis publication
or at DeepInsideHollywood@qsyndicate.com.
Regional MCC CMr&es Perform
An Act ©fKin&ess In Tulsa
JOPLIN, MO G/R) __ MCC United in Tulsa, OK was visited by
Diva’s xvith Chain Saws as members of MCC of the Living Springs,
Eureka Sprh~gs, AR and Spirit of Christ MCC; Joplin, MO arrived
Saturday morning the 12th of January ready to work.
MCC United has been dealing with damage on their property since
an early, December ice storm devastated the area. There were still
damaged trees that needed to be reduced to manageable size and
trees that were potentially dangerous if not removed. Together
with members of MCC United and their Pastor, Rev Carolyn Mobley
the three churches xvere able to make short work of the remaining
damage control and clean-up.
Spirit of Christ MCC literally closed their doors and moved their
worship to a program Rev Steve ca~s: "Faith in Action." "We
are an oddity in MCC Churches in that we xvorship on Saturday
mornings. As it is, we are ~knoxvn to replace worsNp with taking on
Acts of Random Kindness to show what we believe is primary for
us. As Christ served all people in need.., so should xve." Rev. Urie
also pastors MCC of the Living Spring in Eureka Springs, AR and
when he shared the needs he immediately received e-mails saying
xve are going with you."
We were totally blessed inasmuch as we had four chain saxvs in
action, limbs fal~ng and people picking up the grounds with no
injuries and everyone home safely. The group was blessed with a
xvonderful lunch provided by MCC United and a musical Thank
You provided in song by Rev. Carolyn.
Across Regional boundaries and State Lines xve can all work together
serving God by serving each other.
EUREKA SPRINGS, AR __ Growing up, Julie Schurr never heard
music that might have made life a little bit easier for a lesbian girl
being raised in the strictly-proscribed constraints of a religiously
conservative community and home. In fact, she wasn’t supposed
to be listening to music at all. She wasn’t supposed to know what a
lesbian was. Let alone BE one.
An original creation, Julie Schurr’s fusion of musical styling and
technique is all her own: Indierockbitchfolk. She’s been showcasing
it to her fans in St. Imuis and Detroit, winning loyal converts. Now
that she’s finished her degree & produced a full-length album, she
just can’t imagine any other career path. So it’s a good thing that
album sales are steadily rising and venues keep opening their doors.
Julie will be out on tour and finishing up her 2nd album, which is
planned for release in early 2008.
Julie Schurr has headlined Pride and Coming Out day celebrations
around the country and has been featured on Curvemag.com and in
the Advocate. Her two hour performance will include acoustic music
from her current album as well as her unique style of audience
participation and comedy. Show tour locations listed below.
Eureka Springs, Arkansas Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Feb 9 2008 10:00P Feb 15 2008 8:00P
Lumberyard Bar and Grille Hound Dog’s - Time TBA
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Feb 10 2008 8:30P
Common Grounds
New Orleans, Louisiana
Feb 16 2008 9:30P
Station 8801
More information on Julie can be found online at: www.julieschurr.
corn or www.myspace.com/julieschurr.
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 13
by Liz Highleyraan
Past Out, which 100"ks at the life of South
l frican gay activist Simon Nk01i,
W-ho was Simon Nko li ?
Soweto student uprising in the summer
of 1976, he joined the Congress of South
African Students (COSAS), the ~AaCrican
National Congress (ANC), and the United
Democratic Front (UDF). Fellow COSAS
members debated removing him from his
position of regional secretary when his
sexual orientation became known, but a
large majority ultimately voted in his favor.
Long a~vare of his same-sex attractions,
Nkoli began his first serious relationship at
age 19, with a white bus driver. After Nkoli
revealed this to his mother, she sent him to
a series of local healers, a Christian priest,
and finally a psychologist, who turned out
to be gay himself and advised the lovers to
live together - even if Nkoli had to pose as
his partner’s servant to evade racial segregation
stance led the International Lesbian and
Gay Association (ILGA) to suspend GASA
for its failure to condemn apartheid, and the
latter group soon collapsed.
After his release, Nkoli co-founded the Gay
and Lesbian Organization of the \vgitwatersrand
- the country’s first genuinely
integrated GLBT organization - and later
the National Coalition for Gay and Lesbian
Equality (now the Lesbian and Gay Equality
Project). "I am black and I am gay," he
proclaimed at the first South African Pride
march in 1990. "I cannot separate the
two parts ofme into secondary or primary
struggle. They will be all one struggle."
Nkoli traveled widely speaking about the
situation in his country, served as an ILGA
board member representing Africa, and
earned numerous honors for his work.
hrough his dedication and
courage, black gay antiapartheid
activist Simon
Tseko Nkoli played a key
role in the fight for GLBT
liberation and human rights
for people with HIV/AIDS
in South Africa.
Nkoli was born in Soweto in November
1957. He spent part of his childhood living
with his grandparents, tenant farmers on
a white estate, before moving to Sebokeng
township to join his mother and stepfather.
Nkoli became an anti-apartheid activist at
a young age. After multiple arrests for civil
disobedience, including participation in the
14 the STAR
In his early 20s, after coming out in an
interview with a black newspaper, Nkoli
joined the newly formed Gay Association
of South Africa (GASA), which consisted
mostly of middle-class white men. Resolutely
apolitical, the group resisted Nkoli’s
requests to hold social events at nonsegregated
venues, leading him to form the
Saturday Group, the country’s first black gay
organization, in 1984.
Around the same time, amid growing racial
discord, Nkoli stepped up his anti-apartheid
activism, helping organize a tenant rent
strike in the town of Delmas. Charged with
killing a man by throwing a rock during a
protest, Nkoli was arrested, tortured, and
imprisoned. Along with 21 other black
activist leaders, he was tried in 1986 for the
capital crimes of subversion, conspiracy, and
While in prison awaiting trial, Nkoli
revealed his homosexuality to his co-defendants
- ANC and UDF members who
would later hold high-level positions in the
post-apartheid government - and they came
to respect and support him as a gay man.
"This country wilt never protect the rights
of its gay and lesbian citizens unless we
stand up and fight - even when it makes us
unpopular with our own comrades," he later
wrote. Nkoli came out more publicly during
the trial, when he used his attendance at a
GASA meeting as an alibi to counter claims
that he had been present at a clandestine political
meeting. In 1988, the charges against
him were dropped and he was released.
During his imprisonment, Nkoli became a
cause celebre for gay rights activists around
the world, but he received minimal support
from the accomodationist GASA. This
Nkoli’s anti-apartheid activism and ties with
movement leaders proved instrumental in
winning the ANC’s support for gay rights.
In 1994, he met with Nelson Mandela,
whose election as president marked the end
of the apartheid era. As the newly integrated
country crafted its constitution, Nkoli lobbied
for sexual orientation to be included in
its anti-discrimination provisions, and also
argued for repeal of sodomy laws. In 1996,
South Africa became the first country to
include explicit constitutional protection for
GLBT people. A decade later, in fulfillment
of a court mandate based on the constitution,
the South African parliament legalized
same-sex marriage.
Yet even as the gay movement gained
strength and the apartheid regime crumbled,
the AIDS epidemic reached crisis proportions
in the 1990s, reintensifying racism and
homophobia. Having been diagnosed with
HIV himself (likely contracted in prison),
Nkoli turned his focus to AIDS activism,
co-founding groups including the Positive
African Men’s Project and the Township
AIDS Project.
As the decade wore on, Nkoli experienced
increasing bouts of ill health; he died of an
AiDS-related infection on November 30,
1998, in the company of his long-time partner,
Roderick Sharp. Though Nkoli himself
was not able to benefit from effective new
HIV drugs, his work for universal treatment
access inspired fellow gay and anti-apartheid
activist Zackie Achmat to form the Treatment
Action Campaign, which today is
widely regarded as the strongest AIDS activist
group in the world.
Appointments Reflect Strength, Diversity and Energy ofDemocratic Party
DENVER, CO (P/R) __ The Executive
Committee of the Democratic National
Committee (DNC) unanimously elected
DNC Chairman Howard Dean’s nominations
for the Chairs and members of the
2008 Democratic National Convention
Standing Committees, including a record
number of openly LGBT members. Dean’s
LGBT appointments include Dr. Marjorie
Hill of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis organization
in New York, Diego Sanchez from
AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts,
State Representative Patricia Todd ofAlabama,
and Ingrid Duran ofVirginia to serve
on the Platform Committee, along with
Claire Lucas and Evan Low of California
to the Rules Committee and Bob Rogan of
Vermont to the Credentials Committee. In
addition to appointing a record number of
LGBT standing committee members, Dean
was also the first DNC chair to appoint a
member of the transgender community to a
Convention committee.
The Standing Committees of the Convention
are responsible for reviewing Convention
business and formulating recommendations
for consideration by Convention
delegates. The Executive Committee’s vote
took place during the panel’s recent meeting
in Denver, site of the four-day Convention
in August.
"The record turnout and enthusiasm we’ve
seen for our Democratic candidates is a clear
sign that Americans trust Democrats to
bring much needed change to our country,"
said Governor Dean. "These outstanding
leaders reflect the great strength, diversity
and energy of the Democratic Party, and
I’m confident their efforts will ensure our
Convention in Denver is reflective of our
shared values and our nominee’s vision for
The elections included the Chairs and 25
Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO)
members of the three Convention Standing
Committees: Credentials, Platform
and Rules. Each committee has a total of
186 members. An additional 161 members
elected by each of the states’ and territories’
Convention delegations wil! join Governor
Dean’s appointments to the committees
later this spring.
For a full list of and biographical information
on the Chairs and PLEO members
from each Standing Committee, visit
Credentials Committee
The Credentials Committee is charged with
coordinating issues around the selection of
delegates and alternates to the Convention
and will likely meet in the summer. The
committee will issue a report that is the first
official item of business at the Convention.
Platform Committee
The Platform Committee is responsible for
drafting and recommending a proposed National
Platform for approval at the Convention.
After conducting hearings and forums
to collect testimony on issues and policies
to potentially include in the platform, the
committee is likely to meet sometime in
Rttles Committee
The Rules Committee is responsible for
proposing the Permanent Rules for the
Convention, adopting the proposed Convention
agenda and making recommendations
for permanent Convention officers
- all addressed as the second official item of
business at the Convention. The committee
will meet sometime in August, prior to the
Huckabee ir ks gay
sex to bestiality,
abortion to slavery
WASHINGTON (AFP) -- Republican
presidential hopeful and former Baptist
pastor Mike Huckabee linked gay sex to
bestiality and abortion to slavery in an interview
Thursday, explaining why, if elected, he
would try to amend the constitution.
"Marriage has ... as long as there’s been
human history, meant a man and a woman
in a relationship for life. Once we change
that definition, then where does it go from
there?" he asked in an interview with online
"Beliefnet" magazine.
"Well, I don’t think that’s a radical view, to
say we’re going to affirm marriage. I think
the radical view is to say that we’re going to
change the definition of marriage so that it
can mean two men, two women, a man and
three women, a man and a child, a man and
animal," he added.
"The Bible was not written to be amended.
The Constitution was," he said, announcing
his intention to amend the document if he
were to be elected president in November to
ban abortion and establish that life begins at
the moment of conception.
Leaving it up to individual states to outlaw
abortion within their own borders is not
enough, he said.
"That’s again the logic of the Civil War
-- that slavery could be okay in Georgia but
not okay in Massachusetts. Obviously we’d
today say, ’Well, that’s nonsense. Slavery is
wrong, period. It can’t be right somewhere
and wrong somewhere else.’ Same with
abortion," Huckabee said.
Huckabee won the Iowa Republican caucuses
earlier this month, the first contest
in the race for each party’s nomination to
run for the White House. He is in second
place behind Arizona Senator John McCain
in opinion polls for Saturday’s primaries in
South Carolina.
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 15
Brief history
Cabernet Sauvignon, like all noble wine
grape varieties, is of the species VitiS ~inifera,
and genetic studies in 1997 indicated
it is the result of a cross between Cabemet
Franc and Sauvignon Blanc.
Cabernet Sauvignon is most directly
associated with the wines of Bdrdeaux~
and especially those of its Left Ba~k,
which ncludes the top tier appellations
of St.-Estephe, Pauillac, St.-Julien; and
Margaux, among others. It makes Up the
majority portion of the blends of all of the
Grand Cru wines of the 1855 classification.
In Bordeaux, blending is comm0n With ! !e
other allowable varietals: Merlot, cabe~ et
Franc, Pettlt Verdot, and Malbec. Cabal ~et
Sauvignon is also cultivated in other ~i~i as
in France, notably LanguedocTRousillor
and has great acclaim the wodd Over. ....
California is after BOrdeaux as the wodd’s
largest grower of Cabemet Sauvignon.
This grape is found mostly in the Napa
Valley and Sonoma County. In Calif6mi~,
the area of Cabemet Sauvignon planting
doubled in the 1990s. As in Bordeaux, it
is often blended with
Franc to produce wo
ton, " ’
the lower Yakima Valley.
In late 2006, the Federation of American
Societies for Experimental Biology
published the result of studies conducted
at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine
that showed the beneficial relationship
of Cabernet Sauvignon in reducing the
dsk factors associated with Alzheimer’s
disease. The stud
trol, a compound found
reduce levels of amyloid beta
pe-t des which attack brain ce Is an.... At heady $10 a bottlel ddnks like a cab twice
p. , ,, ...... u, ~.~ the coSL Thi~ Cabernet presents itse f with a
par[ or wna[ causes Alzne~mer s. in snort nose Of bourbon-soake~ Cherries with a finish of
wewine enthusiasts can enjoy drinking to chbcotate and Cedar.
our good health.
........... Magnificen~Wine COmpany House Wine Columvar
e a ol s nc on bia ~/alley 05
Cabemet Sauvignon has a well defined
~rnrn~a In Old ~J~rld wine~ n~rficularlv Cabemet Sauvignon 54% Medot 30% Syrah
those made n Bordeaux th s s charac- 11Yo, Mabec3% Franc2~{~ ¯ Grea" ble - - f -- " "" ~ d t -eat
~ naana or~nepnce [’snar oD . tensed by a smel of blackcurrant, cedar ’
and spice. New Wodd wines of this grape Cono Sur Cab/Carmenere Chile ’06
are more often dominated by aromas of v~zw.ConoSur.com
~ oak, pepper and earth.
smell of This organic wine offers a robust, fruit- filled
m wines made in nose of raspberry & plum
most character- The palate reveals a flaVorfu nutty taste and
rm-climate examples is has a long finish.
t wine.
~ne. Cabs
~eese5 s
Dadoush Duet Napa ’04
A blend of Cabemet and Shiraz
Enticing aromas of blackberry with a coffee
bean and a finish Of nutmeg & white pepper best
descdbe this wine,
Irony Cabernet Napa ’03
This is a b0ld and complex wine, which reflects
the melding Of ~nique ~haractedstics from pdme
vineyards in Sever&l different Napa appellations.
Tobacco Cocoa and bright red berry characters
make this a red wine to ~njoy.
And as always, I say go to your favodte wine
shop, ask qdestion~ and p~rchase a bottle or
two. Share Some food & wine with friends and
check it out for yourself.
Complex aromas
hazelnut finish.
Mr. D als0 hosts wine & food events as the Wine
Enthusiasts of Tulsa,
the BTAR :~ww.ozarksstar.com

by Donald Pile and Ray
In our travels to both the East Coast and
the West Coast everyone alwa:ys asks the same
question to us. V?here ro par.ry in the Midwest?
we a!ways tell them the best two places to part?
areTuAsa and Oklahoma City. It is hard for most
people on both coast to believe, but unless you
have been there you certainly wit! not believe
that in the Bible belt ofOHahoma is this fabulous gay mecca.
month we told you about Tulsa and this month we ~2e telling you
about Oklahon~a City. We have been going to Oklahoma City to
party for over 25 veals. "Ihe HABAN~ INN Resort has been a gay
resort for over 25 years. It is the Midwest’s largest at! gay resort. A
two story complex with ov& 175 rooms, most ofwhich tS_ce one of
the two swimming pools. The rooms are spacious and vmT inexpensive.
It is a totally gay resort. Lush tropical plants and trees surround
the poo! areas. Gays fron-t all over the midwest as well as both coasts
have been going there for years, and it is busy 7 days a week, not
juston weekends. Lounge around the pool area and you are sure
~o meet that "someone specia!". They are located 2200 NW 39rh
Expressway and their toll free number is 1.800.988.2221.
Within a block
of the Habana Inn
resort you wilt find
about 4 more gay
bars c~tering to
different tastes. A
major grocery store
is just one block
away as are several
other restaurants.
A cab ride from the
akport costs less
one blo& west of
the intersection of
Penn and interstate
1-44 and is easy to
Within the resort complex they have a wonderful restaurant than $20.00. The
......i fi d HABANA INN
Gushers whmh has a great ambiance and serves dehc ous oo ,
and is reasonable priced. "Itae restaurant overlooks one of the pod
resort is located
areas so you cim enjoy the bovs frolicking in the pool as you are dining.
They also offe~ sandwich~s, soups, salads, pastas and appetizers,
add a breakfast menu is available on weekends.
There are three bars in the Habana Inn complex which are
completely different. COPA is a dance, disco and drag bar. WeeNy
they have male dancers, drag shows and comedians. FINISHLtNE Plus. there are
is a c0untrylwestern bar with plenty of countiT dancing. ~t~is is the
a lot of siOits to
place to se~ the real cowboys and cowgirls in action. THE LEDO is
see in Oklahoma
~ quiet piano bar. All the bartenders are super friendly and they all City, The Cowboy
kn~w h~w to make out of towners feel right at home. The owner of
Hail of Fame has
the bars and restaurant is to be commended for his outstanding job
,~ ! ’ !
, i,
i [ ¯ . !otsofoil
the west is
do things like this. Just a couple doors away from the Habana Inn is
ANGLES ar 21 t7 N.\V. 39th St.. Their website is: w~,~w.anglesclub.
For more ~
habanainn.com and
Also in the resort is J UNGLE RED, an adult gift shop with
magazines, videos, cards, gifts, leather, Pride items plus a lot of
decorative items for the home.
ma’s Gay
Website: ww~.ozarksstar.com
?dways remember to have fun when
ratk to everyone!
18 the STAR
by Donald Pile and Ray Williams
ger-a-way~ check i~
out the Inn at 410, w~:410.com
have the most um~sua! and exciting,
and B. ~eit rooms
The Vi!lag~
St. and you just cannot
Steve owns the Gaslight
a long
And in Palm
Metwn’s Restaurant, ~vw.inglesideinn.com
ju~st simply
pe~ection t00% of
pecial "TI~KS"
’!egance in dining.
dodt skimp on
gets around and
emails from our readers asking if
ALWAYS have a
m be one
that we have ever seen! ’gqth
Wetl as travelers all
time however. A
the closest gay"
t this
a used condom under the
....Con~ued page 23
they also seem to be
the STAR 19
Downtown Savannah) historic district is abundant withfine shops and
restaurants, including the innovative Sapphire Grill, one ofthe city’s top
eateries. (P,6oto by Andrew Collins)
After years of lagging behind nearby Charleston in popularity, historic
Savannah soared to new heights in the ’90s and remains one of
the nation’s hottest destinations. Much of the city’s renaissance had
do to with the staggering popularity ofJohn Berendt’s best-seller,
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, whose droll yet salacious
account of Savannah society propelled the city into a gay hotspot
almost overnight.
The jewel of Georgia’s lazily enchanting seacoast, Savannah was
founded in 1733 by British General James Oglethorpe, who designed
the perfect grid of streets and grassy tree-shaded squares for
which this city of 130,000 is still famous. Savannah prospered as a
silk exporter during its first century, before developing into one of
the world’s major cotton suppliers. Much of downtown consists of
elaborate brick and stucco Victorian buildings built following an
1820 fire that destroyed many of the city’s beautiful wood-frame
Colonial homes. Had General Sherman not spared Savannah during
his notorious and destructive "March to the Sea," most of these
Victorian structures would also have been burned.
Begin your explorations of the city inside the restored 1860s rail
terminal that houses both the Savannah Visitor Information Center
and the Savannah History Museum. This complex is at the southwestern
edge of historic downtown. From here it’s a short walk
north to City Market, a three-block pedestrian mall with a handful
of gay-friendly shops and restaurants. Downtown Savannah’s shopping
scene continues to evolve from traditional to fashion-forward
- a Marc by Marc Jacobs flagship store opened here in April 2007,
and many contemporary boutiques and art galleries now line the
city’s oak-shaded streets.
Near City Market, you’ll find the gay disco, Club One, which is the
performing home ofThe Lady Chablis, who figured so prominently
in The Book, as Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is commonly
referred to by locals. Plenty of folks come to Savannah to
seek out the sites that were brought to life in this mesmerizing tale
(although it is nonfiction, The Book reads like a delicious novel).
Ofpartictflar note is the privately owned Mercer House, in which
Midnight’s central figure, antiques dealer Jim Williams, shot and
killed his young lover,
Danny Hansford, in 1981
(the question of whether
Williams fired in self-defense
or as a calculated act
of murder is debated to
this day).
Its literary fame - or
notoriety - notwithstanding,
Savannah still rivals
any Southern destination
for its bedazzled and
meticulously restored
house museums. Ifyou
have time for only one,
visit the Owens-Thomas
House, a splendid 1819
Regency mansion built by
renowned British architect
William Jay. Nearby is the
Isaiah Davenport House,
an 1815 Federal beauty. To
see a fine collection of classical
sculpture and Impressionist
painting, visit the
Telfair Mansion and Art Museum, a memorable 1818 structure in
its own right. In 2006, the museum expanded with the construction
of the striking newJepson Center for the Arts, which added more
galleries and exhibition space.
At the north end of the historic district, the city’s riverfront is lined
with a stately row of restored cotton warehouses - now containing a
slew of touristy businesses - and a cobbled lane that’s sits a full flight
of steps below the rest of the city. The best time to appreciate it and
the views of the bridge and freighters chugging along the Savannah
River is in the morning, when you’ll encounter few crowds. One
great way to explore downtown and get some advice on the local gay
scene is to take a guided walk with knowledgeable local Jonathan
Stalcup, who runs Architectural Tours of Savannah.
For dining, avoid most of the mediocre eateries by the river and
stick to one of the several local favorites, virtually all of them gayfriendly.
One of the most famous restaurants in the South, Elizabeth
on 37th specializes in subtly sublime regional cooking,
20 the STAR www.ozarksstar.com
such as sesame-almond-crusted grouper with peanut sauce; and
grilled rack of lamb with corn pudding, stewed okra, and tomatoes.
Sexy and sophisticated Sapphire Grill serves some exciting and innovative
contemporary American fare - consider the jumbo lump crab
cake ,vith lemon curd, green-zebra tomatoes, and red chard.
A bit more affordable, chic It Pasticcio presents contempora~7
Northern Italian cuisine - try the grilled gorgonzola-crusted filet
mignon with a potato-pancetta gratin. Olde Pink House is one of
those Savannah traditions that everybody should experience at least
once - fine Continental fare with regional twists, like black grouper
stuffed xvith blue crab and a Vidalia onion sauce, is served. Garibaldi’s,
in an 1870s firehouse, prepares simple but very good Italian
fare, such as pesto shrimp with angel hair pasta. For either lunch or
dinner, the trendy City Market Cafe is a dependable choice, serving
delicious wild mushroom, blue cheese, and prosciutto salad, as well
as terrific thin-crust pizzas.
It’s touristy, but fans of Food Network TV star Paula Deen won’t
want to pass up a chance to dine at her downtown Savannah restaurant,
~lhe Lady & Sons, known for its down-home Southern cuisine.
An elegant basement space with a youthful, see-and-be-seen following,
Jazz’d Tapas Bar is perfect for late-night snacking - recommended
fare include potato-leek frittata with fig chutney, and citrus-ginger-
glazed shrimp-and-scallops skewers. ~he lesbian-owned Firefly
Cafe serves affordable American fare, including plenty of fresh veggie
dishes. ~l-his dapper spot overlooks Troup Square and is especially
popular for brunch (try the Savannah eggs Benedict topped with
fresh crab meat). For post-club noshing, check out Sushi Zen, a hip
and gay-popular Asian restaurant with a convivial vibe.
~he bar staff and regulars in Savannah’s bars are friendly and forward.
Although some locals shun the touristy and cavernous Club
One, it’s one of the most impressive clubs in the Southeast, and it
can be fun when ~lhe Lady Chablis is performing. Other options
include Chuck’s, a friendly locals joint near the river that draws a
mixed bunch; and Blaine’s Back Door Bar, a casual cruise and dance
lounge that also has a dell serving pretty tasty sandwiches and pizza.
Not gay per se, Venus de Milo is a sexy and sophisticated wine bar
with a welcoming, bohemian vibe - it’s just west of City Market.
Down along the riverfront, gay-friendly Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub is
popular early in the evening for Irish music, food, and drink.
With the recent rise in gay tourism, Savannah’s grand old hotels
have become increasingly hospitable to visiting same-sex couples.
Among the city’s many classic luxury inns, the Ballastone Inn is
renowned for its gracious hospitality and over-the-top, lavish rooms.
The four-story 1838 mansion sits along one of the prettiest streets
in the city. A mid-19th-century inn with an expansive landscaped
courtyard, the Eliza Thompson House and its grand guest rooms
look much as you might imagine they did when cotton was king
of Savannah. Original heart-pine floors and period antiques impart
a romantic ambience, and yet rooms have comfortable, modern
amenities, especially the bathrooms. Rooms at the Foley House
Inn contain antiques and Oriental rugs; many overlook Chippewa
Square and have massive two-person Jacuzzis. Of affordable chain
properties, the Comfort Suites Historic District is clean, pleasantly
furnished, and a short walk from City Market.
The only GLBT-exclusive B&B in Savannah, 912 Barnard is also
one of the least expensive. This dramatic yellow turn-of-the-century
house has been handsomely restored to its original splendor,
with antiques and authentic colors that convey the ambience of the
city. A fully restored 1889 sea captain’s house that once belonged
to one of Savannah’s wealthiest merchants, the Azalea Inn is quite
gay-friendly. All rooms are configured and decorated differently;
and each has a gas fireplace; two have whirlpool tubs, and two have
For the most memorable accommodations, however, look to the
gay-friendly Mansion on Forsyth Park, which offers some of finest
digs in town. This stylish mini-resort beside verdant Forsyth Park
contains 126 rooms with smart, contemporary furnishings, plus a
top-notch spa, a cooking school, two cool bars, an art gallery, and
the highly regarded 700 Drayton Restaurant. Opened in 2005, the
hotel offers further evidence of Savannah’s gradual shift from a bastion
of Old South gentility to a beacon ofNew South panache and
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 21
Palm Beach, Florida
.[Ldocated on Worth Avenue in Palm
Beach, Florida, TA-BOO’ is a real treat!
Stretching four fabulous blocks from South
Ocean Blvd. to Cocoanut Row on Palm
Beach island, Worth Avenue is one of the
world’s most exclusive shopping districts.
q-he Avenue boasts a sumptuous mix of
more than 200 world-famous specialty
shops, posh department stores, gourmet
restaurants and art galleries. It is like the
Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. A
coat and tie (or ascot) is of course necessary
even at lunch time. TA-BOO’ has been in
business for over 60 years. It has the classic
ambiance of a private gentlemen’s club
brightened by Palm Beach’s smart set, it
atmosphere is both comfortable and busding
all at the same time. Slowly spinning
ceiling fans, tropical fishtail palms and leafy
dangling porthos vines frame a mural of
an ocean vita, complete with Miznetresque
terra-cotta rooftops in the foreground.
Down a terra-cotta pathway, the long bar is
an Avenue tradition for a variety of patrons
- from the burger and beer set to those with
an affinity for a rack of lamb and a little
Veuve Clicquot! A soothing marine
aquarium illuminates the bar’s neighboring
bistro. Their menu covers the basics, from
comfort food to top-notch cuisine. If you’re
dining for lunch, start with the sushi-quality
carpaccio of tuna or try the ever-popular
warm grilled chicken and pears salad. Dinner
is all about Maine Lobster, white Dover
sole meuniere, crispy roast mahogany duck
and linguine with lump crab. Dessert is a
MUST, partictflarly the signature "Ta-boo’
lust", a sinful concoction of coconut cream
filling and whipped cream atop a walnut
cookie crust.
\re always dine there at least once when
we are in Florida and it does just keep
getting better everytime! Owners Franklyn
DeMarco and Nancy Sharigan are regular
hosts. You never know what famous celebrities
you will be dining with. We particularly
enjoy their Swordfish.
Lunch is served from 11:30 AM to 5
PM and dinner is served from 5 PM to 10
PM weekdays and from 5 PM to 11 PM
on Friday and Saturday. Sunday Brunch is
served till 3 PM. They are located at 221
Worth Avenue and for reservations call:
(561) 835-3500.
glass. Serve.
22 the STAR www.ozarksstar.com
having a lot of financial problems as they at first were going to open
mid-summer, then in the fall and now they don’t know if they will
open or not.
We booked an accommodation and in Denver a couple of years
ago and when we got to the destination, we found that it was simply
a condo unit with two bedrooms and the guy rented out one of the
bedrooms! In South Dakota, we booked a reservation and when arriving,
the owner gave up HIS bedroom for us and then he slept on
the sofa!
Sometimes restaurants can also be a complete disaster. From
being dirty, to rude servers, to bad food and service, it can always be
interesting to say the least. But ifyou are not happy with a restaurant.....
LEAVE ! We have ~valked out of dozens of restaurants. If
there is one problem, then usually a second problem develops and
before you know it you are in a mess up to your ears, so why not
just leave before it gets worse? The worst thing we hate to hear from
a server, is "Don’t give me a hard time, I had a bad night last night".
Who cares if the server had a bad night? They are there to "SERVE
YOU" with a smile and with a professional attitude. We have at
times paged the manager and requested that another server wait on
us and we explain fully why. There are a lot of excellent servers in
restaurants but we just simply won’t accept bad service. If the food
you ordered is not good nor cooked properly, quietly and gently tell
your server the problem.
Bartenders can really be a pain in the ass sometimes. One
bartender in Seattle doesn’t like to wait on people sitting at the bar.
Rather, you have to go to his station, order and get your drinks
and then return to your bar stoo!. How crazy is that? We have had
bartenders that didn’t even know how to make a screwdriver! Most
likely they didn’t know how to make a Bourbon and 7 either! Other
bartenders are eating or smoking while trying to wait on you. We
simply tell them that ~vhen they are thru eating or thru with their
smoke break, then they can take our order. If a bartender is behind
the bar and smoking and serving us, we explain exactly why we are
not leaving a tip! Fortunately more and more states are becoming
non-smoking and that takes care of the problems. Having said this,
we have found that most bartenders are friendly, fun, wonderful and
professional and our hats off to all of them! They enjoy what they
are doing and make great tips.
Websites can often be deceiving and indeed sometimes they are! \Vhenever
possible and especially when booking accommodations, it is smart to
check around to see ifyou kmow anybody that has actually stayed there. As
far as restaurants or bars, it is easier to just walk out if there is a problem.
You pay good money and you expect your money’s worth. Most accommodations,
restaurants and bars are run very professional. Their staff is professional
and courteous and friendly. Don’t you just love it when your traveling
and everything goes smoothly? But once in a while it doesn’t and you have
a choice to make........... either accept it or do something about it. And it is
YOUR choice! Life is to short to settle on anything less than fabulous!
Always remember to have fun when traveling, meet new people and talk
to everyone!
TRAVELING IN OUR FABULOUS WORLD is written by Donald Pile and Ray
Williams, Award-winning Celebrity travel columnists who write for gay publications
from Coast to Coast. Proud members of the IGLTA. You can email them
at: gaytravelers@aol.com or visit their webpage at: http://www.hometown.aol.
At least one overnight stay by a non-resident Rank Destination
Percent who visited in the last 12 months
1 New York City, NY 16.0%
2 Las Vegas, NV 14.3%
3 San Francisco, CA 12.9%
4 Los Angeles/\Vest Hollywood, CA 11.9%
5 Ft. Lauderdale/Wilton Manors, FL 10.5%
6 Palm Springs, CA 10.1%
7 Chicago, IL 9.2%
8 San Diego, CA 8.8%
9 Washington, DC 8.6%
10 Miami/South Beach, FL (tie) 8.2%
10 Orlando, FL (tie) 8.2%
"Community Marketing’s studies are unique in the tourism industry,"
McHugh said. "Other studies try to rank gay friendliness or
popularity, but this study actually quantifies the bottom line: Where
did gay and lesbian consumers go and spend their money?"
Most-Visited International DestinationsRank Destination
Percent who visited in the last 12 months
1 London 8.4%
2 Puerto Vallarta 7.6%
3 Paris 6.2%
4 Vancouver 6.1%
5 Montreal 5.9%
6 Toronto 5.6%
7 US Virgin Islands 5.1%
8 Cancun 5.0%
9 Puerto Rico 4.8%
10 Rome 4.7%
Respondents indicated that they chose leisure destinations because
friends recommended them, they offer unique attractions, and are
known for their gay-friendliness. "Clearl),, when destinations show
gay and lesbian visitors a good time, that is the best advertising
investment they can make," said McHugh. "Word of mouth marketing
is very powerful among the gay and lesbian community. It’s
not enough to slap a rainbow on an ad and call it a day. The most
successful destinations ~vork with their tourism and hospitality partners
to earn that kind of loyalty and referral. This is accomplished
through education, training, and offering a genuinely gay-welcoming
social and political atmosphere."
Ouotab e Quotes
"Gayest Democratic convention ever?
A record 16 percent of delegates to the Democratic National
Committee’s platform committee for the Denver convention are
LGBT", says Howard Dean.
www.ozarksstar.com The STAR 23

By Ronald Blake
Exercise can make you bigger, stronger,
and faster. These are the obvious results
from a fertile regimen of physical activity.
There are other benefits from exercise that
are sure to have the neighbors stand up and
take notice.
Exercise can stimulate new growth of neurons
and even help you to keep the neurons
that you possess. Neurons are those little
things in your body that transport messages
throughout your legs, arms, torso, and head.
They are good to have around if you yearn
to communicate and learn. This comes as
good news to those of you who destroyed
countless neurons in your previous existence
as an irresponsible college student ~vith that
degree in undecided. There is hope for you
debaucherous mongrels and physical activity
is certainly one answer.
Faster reaction times can be attributed to
exercise. You will be able to hit baseballs
thrown at ninety-five miles per hour. You
will be able to dodge bullets from Tony
Soprano’s goombahs. You will be able to
more effectively bob and weave through the
one-two combination of Oscar DeLaHoya.
You might even be able to negotiate better
in traffic on the 666 Freeway on your route
to work on Mondays. Can I get an "amen"
to more effective reaction times due to running,
walking, and double-dutching?
Mental challenges become mere child’s play
in response to the dashing good looks of Mr.
Exercise. Yes, exercise has been known to
unravel the mysteries of the universe. Even
Albert Einstein was spotted riding bicycles
and frolicking along the ocean during his
sojourn on this planet. These physical exertions
were rumored to have led to his great
theories on relativity. You might just settle
for solving the complexities of a Rubik’s
cube or that set of instructions on putting
your barbecue grill together.
26 the STAR
Your memory can behold the effects of a
good physical fitness program. There is a site
in your brain called the hippo campus that
can enlarge in mass and reap the goodness
of jumping jacks and other means of physical
activities. This enlargement of the hippo
campus translates into better memory and
possibly the ability to treat Alzheimer’s patients.
~aink of all the time you waste trying
to recall where you placed your cell phone,
keys, black socks, or W2 form from work.
Start using that wasted time on exercise that
will jump start that short-term memory
Your mood can be positively impacted
by the release of neurotrophins. These
chemicals are released when you decide to
participate in an active lifestyle. They rush
into your system and make you feel happy
and vivacious. Consider reaching for your
roller blades instead of that sleeve of Girl
Scout mints to turn that frown upside down
the next time you are grumpy. Sunshine,
lollipops, and rainbows everywhere will be
your reward.
Ifwe all reconvene in another five years, it is
quite likely that ongoing research will show
even more benefits of the brain and exercise
combination. Keep sweating to the oldies
with Richard Simmons and know that good
things will always follow. A mind is a terrible
thing to waste.
This column is brought to you by that
guy who prefers to frame a collage of one
dollar bills instead of framing that replica
of"Starry Night" from Michaels. That guy
is Ron Blake and he can be reached www.
erupts in Auso
Jesus 9 ay
SYDNEY (AFP) -- Australian church leaders
have condemned a play shortly to open
in Sydney depicting Jesus as a gay man who
is seduced by Judas, a report said Sunday.
Xhe play, named Corpus Christi, is due to
open next month as part of the city’s annual
Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Sydney’s Sun-
Herald newspaper reported.
A senior Sydney churchman called the play
"historical nonsense".
"It is deliberately, not innocently, offensive
and they’re obviously having a laugh about
it," Robert Forsyth, Anglican bishop of
South Sydney, was quoted saying.
Apart from the relations between Jesus and
Judas, the play also features Jesus conducting
a gay marriage between two apostles.
The play’s director Leigh Rowney, who
claims to be a Christian, accepted the play
would offend some Christians but said he
was keen to provoke debate about Christianity.
"I wanted this play in the hands of a Christian
person like myself to give it dignity but
still open it up to answering questions about
Christianity as a faith system," Rowney was
quoted saying.
Playwright Terrence McNally, who is gay,
received death threats when the work was
performed in the United States, the newspaper
contest dedicated to the positive portrayal
of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trangender
and queer individuals in film, celebrates it’s
10th anniversary in 2008. Entries are nmv
being accepted online and are limited to
the first 300 for 2008. Executive Director,
David Jensen, "We are excited to celebrate
our 10th anniversary and are looking at a
record number of entries this year. We are
continually amazed with the quality of talent
that comes through the door year after
year." Jensen continues, "\Ve receive entries
from around the globe and Hollywood is
taking notice in a very big way. Many of
our past winners are now hard working
has gained respect and notoriety from
Hollywood studios, agents and producers.
Entries for 2008 are being accepted online
at: www.OnelnTenScreenplayContest.com
Prizes for 2008 include cash, industry
exposure and merchandise. The 2008 One
In Ten Screenplay Contest is sponsored
by: Cherub Productions, Final Draft Inc.,
scr(i)pt magazine, www.inktip.com, www.
TopFilmFestivals.com, www.Screenplay-
Contests.com and Jungle Software.
The submission deadline for 2008 ONE IN
1, 2008. Entry forms are available
online through the contest website:
Entry forms may also be obtained through
the mail by sending a self addressed stamped
envelope to:
One In Ten Screenplay Contest
Post Office Box 540
Boulder, Colorado 80306
(303) 629-3072
E-mai!: Cherubfilm@aol.com
Community for
People living
50! c (~) Non P~ofi[ Orga~ation
Our House, Too offers a variety of
activities for people who are HtV+ and
or living with AIDS to help combat the
social isolation that many of our
people live through each and everyday.
We provide a Toiletry and Household
Pantry for those who are HIV+
and or living with AIDS who cannot
afford to purchase these items for
themselves. We invite anyone who
would like to volunteer or provide financial
assistance to please contact
us by phone 918-585-9552 or e-mail
Quotable Quotes
More than 90 percent of gays and lesbians
vote in U.S. presidential elections, compared
to 64 percent of straight citizens. Queer folk
are twice as likely as straight folk to vote in
midterm elections.
Community Marketing, Inc. (CMI), a leading
LGBT market research company.
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 27
As Mercury lines up with the Sun in Aquarius, everyone
is a bit more know-it-all and too damn clever for
his or her own good. Try to be adaptive, open-minded,
and a good listener, and you will be much smarter
- however discreetly - than the people voicing their
grand ideas.
ARIES (March 20 -April 19): Friends who seem relentless
in urging you on are actually doing you a favor. You’re
capable of more than you realize. Going it alone would
weaken you. Let them help you, and you’ll go far!
TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Question authority, but pay
attention to what those in power say. Expert advice needs
some expansion and clarification, and asking for that will
prove advantageous. Asking questions doesn’t make you
look foolish, but not asking them when you should will!
GEMINI (May 21 - Jun~ 20): You’re itching for a power
struggle. Playing it out in the bedroom can release that energy
so your uppity impulses don’t make trouble for you at
work. Or focus and harness that energy more deliberately
at work, if you can!
CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Your mouth is running way
ahead of your brain and your good sense. Try to stick to
places where a lack of inhibition and tasteful restraint can
work to your favor. Anywhere else, slow down and think
about what you’re saying.
LEO (July 23 - August 22): Your partner - in life or in the
moment - will offer some kinky new possibilities, expanding
your erotic horizons. If your sweetie is drawing a blank
in that department, start talking about tattoos and body art.
Just discussing it should stimulate the imagination.
VIRGO (August 23 - September 22): New approaches at
work can make your job more productive and enjoyable.
You have some great ideas, but don’t be so insistent on
doing things your own way. Colleagues will offer surprising
LIBRA (September 23 - October 22): A new approach
to your favorite sport or hobby can make it a lot more fun
and/or creative. Ask yourself how Morn or Granny would
approach it, whether you choose to follow that example or
take a diametrically opposite approach.
SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21): If you can manage
to have some fun with your family, you’ll be amazed
at what secrets will be revealed in the process. Stand your
ground gently in arguments, agreeing to disagree, and
even more will come out!
28 the STAR
SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 20): Insisting
that you’re right only exposes more glaringly where
you’re wrong. Try to keep an open mind, and remember
what basic principles are really important. Adapt with new
conditions and new ideas to keep up!
CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 19): Adaptability
is not only an enduring value, it is one of your sign’s best
attributes. New ideas that seem to be an affront to your
sensibilities can prove very helpful, and will eventually affirm
the values they seem to attack.
AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18): You’re getting a
birthday bolt of fabulosity in which anything could happen,
and you’ll make sure it will. Thrive on the attention, but
take a little time out to charge your batteries. Let yourself
be surprised. Really surprised.
PISCES (February 19 - March 19): Working behind the
scenes, especially in a charitable effort, will be to your
advantage. The political connections will be obvious, but
there will be more surprising benefit!!
Rev Steve T. Urie
Spirit of Christ MCC
2902 E 20th Street
Joplin, MO 64804
Worship Saturdays at 10:00 AM
Community Meal Wednesdays at 6:00 PM
MCC of the Living Spring
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Worship Sundays at 6:00 PM
Have a God filled and BleSSed Day!
17 West 7th Street
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4815 S. HARVARD, SUITE 424
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Certified Public Accountant
Independent Broker
Oklahoma and Arkansas
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3627 NW EXPRESS\grAy
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
vcww.c21 goldcastle.com
Keller Williams Realty
Tulsa, OK
New and Historic Homes for Sale
and Rent For Info:
Oklahoma City, OK
Located inside Habana Inn
Tulsa, OK
Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma City, OK
211 S. Garnett
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203 N. Nogales Ave
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3540 E. 31st
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Oklahoma’s HIV/STD Hotline
2902 E. 20TH STREET,
Joplin, MO * 479-529-8480
Service Saturday 9:30 AM
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Worship Sundays 6pro
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