[2010] Metro Star Magazine, March 1, 2010; Volume 7, Issue 3


[2010] Metro Star Magazine, March 1, 2010; Volume 7, Issue 3


Politics, education, and social conversation over LGBTQ+ topics


The Metro Star’s first issue began in August of 2008. Before this issue was Ozarks Pride (2004), The Ozark’s Star (2004), and The Star (2005).

This magazine discusses topics of AIDs, education, politics, local and national civil rights of the LGBT community, and advice for relationships and places to visit.

This collection is PDF searchable. Physical copies are also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


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March 01, 2010


James Nimmo
Victor Gorin
Rex Wockner
Michael W. Sasser
Robin Dorner-Townsend
Judy Gabbard
Romeo San Vincente
Andrew Collins
Jack Fertig
Lisa Keen
Steven Petrow
Keith Orr
Chris Azzopardi
Victor Gorin
Judy G.


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VOLUME 7 ISSUE 3 Twi~er.com/MetroStarNews e MetroStarNews.com
U,S, Census being Conducted for 2010 Same Sex Marriages and
There is a particular need and focus
on the LGBT community and the
census. This community is one of
those that has been undercounted.
Many don’t feel a connection to
the government and how it affects their
lives. An inaccurate count could negatively
affect their lives and community fro7 the next
ten years or longer."
Emmet Morris, Partnership Coordinator U.S.
Census Regional OfFice, Kansas City, Missouri
By Victor Gorin
Contributing writer
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK __ For the last
220 years the U.S. Census Bureau has been
counting the people of the United States of
America, recording numbers that reflect many
great changes. When the first census was
taken in 1790, it was administered by the late
our 3rd president. At the time it showed
the population of the United States to be
3,929,326 people, ofwhich 697,681
Emmett Morris, U.S, Census Partnership
Coordinator with Fran Dozz ofChurch ofthe
Open Arms in OKC. Gorin photo
were African American slaves ,who counted as
3/5 of a person for purposes 0f taxation and
representation. New York City, then as now,
was our largest municipality, but 0nly had
around 33,000 people.
Over two centuries later our 2000 census
showed a population of 281,421,906 people,
and 16% of those counted received a "long
form" with over 100 questions, going into far
more depth including inquiries about home
ownership, finances, relationships and other
data. Then as now there were no inquiries as
to sexual orientation, but for the first time it
did provide a way for gay and lesbian couples
to be counted. Asking the sex of the residents
of a household with the corresponding
relationship, among the options listed for
the first time was "unmarried partner."
If two persons of same sex at the same
address answered with that option, it would
statistically record a same sex couple. At that
time legal same sex marriage did not exist.
~is has changed since then as same sex
marriages became legal in 7 countries, the
first being the Netherlands in 200!, followed
by Belgium, Sweden; South Africa, Norwa~
Canada and Spain. It became legal in the US
~nfive St~t~s, the first being ,M~achusetts in
004,followed by Vermont~ Ne~v Hampshire,
COnnectiCut, and I6wa; plus marriages that
took place in California ~lufing a brief period
MARCH 1, 2010
cann0wbec0 d!
it was legal there during 2008. As dais is
the first census since same sex marriages
have gained legal status, this is the first
time that same sex couples will be counted
as married partners if they indicate that
is their relationship.
But for the GLBT community as well as
all Americans, the census affects far more
than that. Numbers from the census impact
almost every aspect of our lives, which
makes it imperative that there is an accurate
count of all the people in our country and
where they are. It affects over 170 Federal
allocations of money to states and localities,
including money for transportation,
healthcare including HIV grants, education
induding money for school lunch and
breakfast programs, Medicaid assistance,
money for housing and nutrition assistance,
grants for drug education and treatment,
Head Start and child care programs, crime
prevention assistance and much more. Data
~rom the census also determines how you are
represented politic~11); affecting government
operations from the Federal level all the way
to local School districts.
........Continued See CENSUS Page-4
Gay vet: military is ready for openly gay servicemen
By Michael W. Sasser
Contributing writer
Photo: Navy Lt. Everett "Earl"Morrow
While President Barack Obama’s call for
the end of the military’s ’Don’t Ask, Don’t
Tell’ (DADT) policy is stalled in bureaucratic
neutral, one recent NaW veteran tells Metro-
Star that he believes servicemen are ready for
out comrades.
"Once the decision is made (to end
DADT), I think the transition will be quick,"
said former NaW Lt. Everett "Earl" Morrow.
"Troops don’t get enough credit. They will
be supportive of it. I’m not saying that there
won’t still be homophobes. There are still
racists and sexists out there."
However, Morrow said, his experience
taught him something about servicemen.
"I was surprised that more people than
not said they didn’t care ifsomeone serving
with them was gay," Morrow said.
Morrow, who granted his first interview as
an out veteran on the subject to Metro-Star,
said that he has plenty of experience on which
to base his experience. He had a successful
NaW career for five years, leaving active duty
in April 2008 in part because of
the DADT policy. The
to repeal the
policy recently
prompted his
to speak out on
the subject.
........Continued See DADT Page-9
State Senator Russell Introduces a Bill restricting
Oklahoma cooperation with Federal prosecution of
Hate Crimes
By Victor Gorin
Contributing writer
had promised to do earlier, State Senator
Steven Russell (Republican District 45) has
introduced legislation ( SB 2165) that among
its provisions would greatly limit Oklahoma
state, county and !ocal law enforcement
from providing evidence or assistance to
Federal authorities prosecuting hate crimes. It
proposes that "law enforcement agencies shall
deny access to law enforcement records to any
Federal agency when such request is made
relating to a case handled and completed
by a law enforcement agency of this state,
and the purpose is to attempt to investigate
or prosecute the individual or individuals
pursuant to 18- U.C.S. Section 245 (the
Federal Hate crimes law with protections
added in 2009 for sexual orientation, gender,
gender identity and disability- Matthew
Shepard-James Byrd act). Exceptions are
basic information that is available for public
inspection and records of those convicted
pursuant to Section 850 Tide 21 of
Oklahoma Statutes, which are Oklahoma’s
Hate Crimes laws which do not cover sexual
orientation or gender identity.
What this entails is that if an Oklahoman
was victimized by a hate crime, and Federal
authorities deemed the case to be under
their jurisdiction, loca! authorities could
not provide data beyond the most basic
information available to the public, witness
statements, physical/forensic or other any
other type of evidence or assistance. This
would prohibit providing as evidence to
Federal authorities a bloody baseball bat or
gun used in that type of crime to assist in
their prosecution of that hate crime. Since
crimes committed due to a victim’s sexual
orientation/gender identity are not Hate
Crimes under Oldahoma state law, and this
restriction ~votfld make Federal prosecution of
this type of crime in Oldahoma very difficult
if not impossible, this would greatly impede
Hate Crimes protection for the GLBT
community in Oklahoma.
Senator Russell has stated, "Oklahoma
has tough good laws that include hate
crimes laws. Any murder or brutal assault is
hateful. That is the problem with singling ,,
out something more with this Federallaw.
However A1 McAffrey, Oklahoma’s only
openly gay legislator, (Democrat-District
88) has a different opinion, considering
this legislation a publicity stunt stating,
" Preventing crimes against Oklahomans
because ofwho they are is in no way an attack
on free speech. This is nothing but emp,ty
rhetoric used to scare and mislead folks.
D ion School District
retains gay-friendly book
By Michael W. Sasser
TULSA, OK__ ~adter a flurry of
controversy in January, the Union Public
School District ofTulsa County has retained
a gay-friendly book available to students.
By a 3-1 vote, the District Board of
Education decided that "Buster’s Sugartime"
would remain on the shelf. The book, by
author Marc Brown, is a simplified version of
a 2005 episode of the PBS series "Postcards
from Buster." It is ostensibly about Buster
the Rabbit’s exploration of how maple syrup
is made in Vermont. However, the bulk of
this particular episode revolves around Buster
hanging out with the children of a same-sex
couple. Despite only a pair of Very gentle
allusions to same-sex parents, the content did
prompt many stations to pull the episode.
Last year, some parents argued that
the book was inappropriate and took their
complaint to the district’s Materials Review
Committee. That committee backed the
book’s presence by a 6-1 margin. At least one
set of parents appealed the decision to the
Board of Education, which then confirmed
the decision with the January 3-1 vote.
Oklahomans for Equality (OkEq)
President Toby Jenkins said that he wasn’t
surprised by the decision.
"When I first heard about it, I didn’t
know what would happen,’~ Jenkins said. !~But
I wasn’t surprised by the decision because this
is one of the more progressive school districts.
They have a non-discrimination policy and a
strong Gay-Straight Alliance."
Old~q board members include a couple of
out Union District employees, Jenkins said.
"I knew what the background of the
school board was," he said. "Still you can
never be too sure. Boards often cave to
Jenkins praised Union for a positive
experience interacting on the issue and
for even setting up an emait contact for
community advocates to express their
"They were very good to work with,"
Jenkins said.
According to Jenkins, stirring the
controversy were some advocates who
apparently went so far as to express dismay
at the bigotry and homophobia expressed by
some school parents.
"In no way was that something that
we did and no statement from us cast any
dispersion on parents," Jenkins said. He
suspected that some advocates got carried
away in their emails to the dedicated address
with the District.
The more virulent commentary prompted
a comlnent from a Union District official
defending parents. Its theme was that
complaining parents were protesting because
gay marriage is "illegal" in Oklahoma - a
position Jenkins said is unfortunate and not
"Gay marriage is not legally recognized in
Oldahoma, it is not illegal," Jenkins said. "If
a couple marries outside Oklahoma and then
comes home, no one comes to arrest them.
It’s just that the state doesn’t recognize the
Still, Jenkins was pleased with the
outcome and with the District’s handling of
the mattm:
"I don’t lmow if there will be another
appeal but for now it seems resolved," Jenkins
said. "Now is a quiet time, but before long
it will be something else. There is always
something else."
The Union Public School Board did not
reply to an email seeking comment.
Group Forming
new social/activist group has formed at
OSU-OKC called Diverse Partners, Family,
& Friends. Organized by Kyle Moore, the
group plans to focus on educational goals and
equality for GLBT students at the university.
As it is a student group recognized by the
university, only enrolled students can vote,
but meetings are open to everyone interested.
They will meet every Tuesday at 6:15 PM in
the Conference Room North on campus. For
more information contact Kyle Moore at 405-
uptcv * CiVil Ricjhts *Criminal
’ment o Family Law * Liticjation
N.W. Street
city, OK 7SlOS
To Haiti with love meeting was called February 15 to determine Sooner State Sofi ball nights. Contact HSR at: 405-521-
ifOGLPC had a future and if so, was the 9696, herland@herlandsisters.org or
community ready to make it happen, herlandsist~rs.0rg.
Presided by co-chair Jeanne Flanigan, International Women’s Day (IWD) is a
that meeting was held at Church of the global day celebrating the economic, political
Open Arms, attended by around 15 people, and social achievements ofwomen past,
some of~vhom were longtime activists and present and future. ~e IXWD ~vebsite lists
some newcomers. Ms. Flanigan agreed to events worldwide celebrated on or around
continue serving as co-chai~; and Secretary March 8 each year. For more information
Victor Gorin also agreed to continue in that about IXYgD: ww~c.internationalw0mensday.
position. Co-chair Paul Thompson resigned com.
his position, Enough interest was shown
for another meeting which would be at the
regular time, the second Monday of March
which would be the 8th at 7 p.m. ~at.
meeting will happen at the usual place, the
Neighborhood Alliance Building located at
1236 N.W. 36th Street of Oklahoma City.
A benefit to supply HIV
reeds for Haidans
By Robin Dorner
Contributing Writer
O~OMACITY, OK On January
!2 a magnitude 7.1 earthquake shook Port au
Prince, Haiti. The earthquake left hundreds
of thousands dead, millions were homeless
and left without food, water or resources.
Many of trs thought, "What can I do to
help?" XTge sent money, food, water, medical
supplies and many of our own citizens went
to help in rescue efforts. As the cleanup
continues, there is still much needed help.
"When the earthquake first hit Haiti, I
asked Robin [Dr. Robin Meyers, Mayflower
Church pastor] ifwe could do a Haitian
benefit concert at Mayflower," said Rev. Loyce
Newton Edwards, an associate at Mayflower
who has a Masters Degree in Divinity. "Dr.
Maria Lupe, another Mayflmver member and
I had a shared vision for this event because of
the devastation in Haiti."
Edwards is committed to helping HIV
+ people stay alive and she lost a sister to
the disease in 1999. On the UCC (United
Church of Christ) national level she serves
in three areas related to HIV/AIDS: UCAN.
Inc., UCAN Inc. Leadership Team, Wider
Church Ministries Board of Directors HIV
AIDS Ministries.
Haiti has the highest HtV/AIDS rate
in the western world. Tl~e UCC Common
Global Ministries has a longstanding
~dationship xvith a communion of 6.000
chucches in Haiti. The UCC Haitian Relief
Fund had raised over $650,000 for Haiti
relief ofwhich 100% of the proceeds go ro
our partners in Haiti.
By design, this event falls on the first
day of"The National Week of Prayer for
the Healing ofAIDS" for ~vhich UCC is a
co-sponsor. That week starts Sunday March
7th, which is the day of the benefit. "To
Haiti with love" wil! include one great hour
of sharing, filled with music, poetry, and
inspirational spealdng. At the end of the
benefit donations ~vill be accepted for Haitian
relief efforts for HIV medications.
Please make plans to attend this great
event on Sunday; March 7th at Mayflower
UCC Church located at 3901 NW
63rd Street in Oklahoma City. For more
information or to make a donation, please
contact Rev. Loyce Edwards at 405-642-0124
or email her at loycee@sbcglobal.net.
O ahoma Gay and
Lesbian Political Caucus
Holds Re-organizational
a turning point for the Oklahoma Gay and
Lesbian Politica! Caucus, an organization first
incorporated in 1985 that ~vorked to register
and educate voters of the GLBT community,
and also to educate elected officials about
issues of the community as well. During
recent years OGLPC had faced difficulty due
_to lack of partic_ipation, and a special
Democracy for America
to Host Grassroots
Training in Tulsa
Locals to participate in voter contact,
fundraising, organizing and messaging
of local activists, campaign staffers and
candidates wil! receive hands-on training at
an upcoming Campaign Academy hosted
by Democracy for America. The two-day
interactive worlcshop will be held March
13-14 at the Tulsa County Democratic Party
headquarters 907 S. Detroit Ave, Tulsa, OK.
Experienced campaign professionals will
lead sessions in voter contact, fundraising,
communications, online organizing and
much more to empower progressive activists
with ~he skills to win electiofis in November
and beyond. Attendees will also have a chance
ro meet with localprogressive Candidates and
learn about job andvolunreer opportunities
in their area.
"Our Campaign Academy trainings
empower citizens with the tools to change
their communities," said DFA Training
Director Matt Blizek.
The DFA Campaign Academy aims to
focus, network andtrain grassr0ots activists
in the skills and strategies to take back our
country, manage successful campaigns or run
for office themselves. Since 2004, DFA has
held more than 100 trainings throughout the
For more information visit: www.
Allen Dohm aged 48, passed away at OU
Medical Center January 7 due to massive
organ failure caused by a heart infection and
damage to an aortic valve. He was a well
known entertainer in Oklahoma City, best
known in his drag persona as Danae Daniels.
Performing in regular shows and benefits
at Tramps, PhoenLx Rising, & the Hilt, his
wild wit and outrageous humor wowed his
audiences, showing he was truly special.
Oklahoma Tobacco
Free help
Opens their 2010 Season
By Victor Gorin
Oklahoma’s Sooner State Softball Association
is opening up for their biggest season ever.
During 2009 3 of their teams represented
Oklahoma at the NAGAAA ( North
American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance)
g[orld Series held that year in Milwaukee,
with the Oklahoma Chaos team achieving
the best results with a 7th place finish. Now
comprised of 12 teams, the League is working
on recruiting players, coaches, sponsorships
and other support. Based on their growth
last year, they feel they can look forward even
better times ahead.
Now into their 7th season, the league was
formed in order to provide those interested
in the GLBT community a place for
camaraderie and to play ball! Recreational
players are welcomed as well as serious
On Friday March 19 Angles will host
a Recruitment Party for the League at 9
p.m. This event is a great chance for those
interested to learn about the league, have
a few drinks, get to know some of the
players and learn what it’s all about. Past
and current players are encouraged to wear
their team shirts/jerseys, and there will be an
informaional booth for learning more and
signing up.
For more information contact
Recruitment Director Chad Previch at
Herland Celebrates
International Women’s
__Herland Sisters Resources will celebrate
International \Women’s Day with an "All
That Jazz Party" on Saturday March 6th at
The Boom Club and Restaurant, 2218 NW
39 th Street. The Jazz Party is a fund-raiser
for Herland bookstore, their lending library
and events for women, in cooperation with
Cimarron Alliance Foundation. The party will
feature music by the Dynamics, a local jazz
band, playing standards and original music.
This is a come-and-go event, beginning
at 6 PM with drinks, hors d’oeuvres by
Chef Suzie Lopez, and music until 9pm.
Guests will be asked for a donation at the
door, encouraged to wear gay attire, and
will be offered wonderful art work to buy
at the silent auction. The auction includes a
beautifully framed poster signed by the artist
Native American Dana Tiger, art glass, and
jewelry along with gift certificates from local
Herland Sister Resources (HSR) is a
non-profit organization, and one of the few
U.S. women’s bookstores/lending libraries in
operation for over 20 years. The bookstore
is located at 2312 N\V 39th St., and is open
from 1-5 PM each Saturday. HSR also
sponsors Spring and Fall Retreats at state
parks, monthly supper clubs, a poetry group,
the Annual Pride Picnic and game
Ron Harwood &
Cathy Hill Seeking
International Leather
By Victor Gorin
Contributing writer
Cathy Hill and Ron Harwood. Gorin photo
OKJ_At-IOMA CITY, OK It was a hot
Friday night at Angles February 12 when a
fundraiser was held to send two of our major
tideholders of the leather community ro
international competition.
Ron Harwood, our current Oldahoma
Mr.Leather, who also holds the title ofTulsa
Mr. Leather 2009, will be competing in
Chicago for the International Mr Leather title
May 28-Junel.
Ms. Cathy Hill, who currently holds the
title of South Central Leather Woman 2009 is
seeking the title of International Ms. Leather,
and that competition will be held in San
Francisco on April 15-18.
The next upcoming leather contest in
Oklahoma will determine our new Tulsa
Mr.Leather, and that event will take place on
Saturday, March 20 at Tulsa’s Club Maverick’s
at 8 p.m. ~is will follow a meet and greet to
be held the preceding Friday night, March 19,
at t the Tulsa Eagle.
Tulsa Metro SoRball
League’s Spring 2010
Season Starting
TULSA, OK (PR) __ Tulsa Metro Softball
League (TMSL) will hold their spring clinics
March 14-20 at Hicks Park, 3443 S. Mingo
Rd, Tulsa. They may only have one spring
clinic. The spring clinics are for new players
looking for a team and returning players who
want to change teams. Team Coaches ,vill be
present to scout the local talent and to recruit.
For more information visit:
~<,.metrostarnews.com M{~TI~OSTAR 3
I Low Change
Looks Like, but M1 I
Can See Are Two Faces.
Constitutional Rights Are Not a
Raffle Ticket Prize
by James Nimmo
OKI~HOMA CITY, OK __ In this
article from the Salt Lake City Tribune,
http://tinyurl.com/ygpfl~6u we’re told that
support for LGBTs has "shot up" over the
past year following passage of a bias ban
approved by the Salt Lake City Council that
includes sexual orientation/gender iden’tity in
housing and employment.
How- many time, have I heard that
legislatures and courts must not get too far
ahead of the "will of the people" or there will
be some ill-described chicken-little type of
reaction among the voters, respect for the la~v
and morn and apple pie will diminish and
Gee-sus himself will come to earth and....
well, you get the drift.
AaCter reading the article I’m again
reminded that so many people, such as
toe-the-line Mormons, can change their
opinions merely because their leaders in
effect tell them to, either directly through the
legislative process or by leading xvith their
own behavioral change.
If this SLC Tribune poll is close to
accurate in its description, just how accurate
is the dreadful prediction that if United States
Supreme Court rules in fa~vor of same-gender
marriage on appeal of the currently litigated
California Prop 8 trial~ ,~x~erica ~vill fall into
total oblivion with Joe Six-Pack hubbies
divorcing their long suffering wives to run
offfor a gay fling with Ted Haggard, and
Sally Soccer rooms running off to pal around
with Ellen Degeneres for free samples of
Cover Girl make-up? Just how far in front
of public opinion does the Supreme Court
need to be ifa majority of Mormons in Utah,
which led the fight with Roman Catholics
against Prop 8 in California in 2008, can
increase by a range of 10% to 45% their
approval and acceptance of gay/lesbian civil
rights in their own state?
By the way, the recognition ofmy
civil rights is inherent with my birth as
an American citizen and in no way needs
approval from anyone, let alone those who
believe in golden tablets from the sky, magic
underwear, and ancestral baptism. The denial
of my civil rights because I’m gay is what’s
wrong, not my desire to have the same social,
financial, and legal benefits which I’m paying
for with my taxes. No one’s Constitutional
civil rights should be held up as the prize for a
rafl]e ticket in the lottery of public opinion.
What I’m coming around to is this: If
America had a national spokesperson who
led using the force of law as well as his own
example and not just by mere words of fierce
advocacy, and who had led by his presence
in Maine in its recent vote on same-gender
marriage, or even farther back, to the
California vote in November 2009 on Prop
8--both votes having a devastating setback
on civil rights fiar gay/lesbian taxpayers--can’t
you imagine that successful votes would
have reinforced the legislative and judicial
decisions that were already in place at the
time, decisions that fully recognized our
rig!~ts of citizenship?
What if that person was the president of
the United States, one who prides himself
on his commitment to changing the tone of
government in Washington?
I know what change-I-can-believe-in
looks like, but all I can see are two faces.
Oklahoma Man Sues Tax
Commission Over "IM
Gay" License Plate
Oklahoma taxpayer Keith Kimmel has filed
a civil lawsuit in Oklahoma County
District Court against the Oklahoma Tax
Commission, continuing a battle for freedom
of speech on vanity license plates. The suit
seeks to have part of the Commission’s rules
regarding the issuance of personalized license
plates declared unconstitutional.
Keith Kimmel, who filed the suit
through his attorney provided the following
statement: "The Oklahoma Tax Commission
is continuing to subject Oklahomans to a
subjective decision making process in issuing
personalized vanity license plates. Under our
state Constitution, all Oldahomans enjoy
the right to freedom of speech and an equal
opportunity to express their viewpoints.
Previous testimony in the administrative
proceedings held on this matter have
shown that the Commission is sdectively
granting and denying applications based
on Commission employees’ own personal
prejudices and viewpoints. The Constitution
requires that state rules are ;¢iewpoint neutral,
with an objective standard that puts the
taxpayer on notice ofwhat is legal and what
is not. This suit is intended to put an end
to the Tax Commissions unconsntunonal
practice of subjecting taxpayers to the whim
of individual employees."
The case is Keith Kimmel v State
of Oklahoma, ex rel, Oklahoma Tax
Commission, Oklahoma County Case No.
Federal law requires that the count
include all U.S citizens, all legal residential
noncitizens, long term visitors, and illegal
aliens. There are many groups that have
been undercounted in the past, including
African Americans, Native A~mericans,
Latinos, the poor, and the GLBT community.
Discrimination and prejudice against people
in these communities have made many feel
bitterness and distrust of government in
general, causing them to avoid cooperation
with the census either out of anger and/or
Although we can be reasonably certain
that there have always been GLBT people in
America, there is little recorded history about
them until the 20th century, and considering
the legal status of the GLBT community until
the late 20th century, this would hardly be
surprising. Sodomy laws, which prohibited
same sex activity, were in affect in all 50
states until 1962 (when Illinois was the first
state to repeal their state sodomy statute),
and some, including Oklahoma’s, were in
effect until 2003 when the U.S. Supreme
Court invalidated these statutes (Lawrence
vs. Texas). Currently there is still no Federal
protection for the GLBT community against
job and housing discrimination, nor is there
in 29 states even today, including Oldahoma.
There was no Federal Hate Crimes law until
late 2009. Understandably there are many in
the GLBT community who feel, like others
in similarly challenged groups, resentment
and!or fear of government which could cause
them to avoid participation in the census.
In order to ensure an accurate count,
legislati.on has made the process safe for all
to participate. Information obtained by the
Census Bureau is confidential by Federal
law (Title 13 U.S. Code). Any employee
that divulges confidential information
outside the agency could face up to 5 years
imprisonment and be fined up to $250,000.
Census information about an individual
cannot be used in a court of lave, nor is that
information subject to disclosure under the
Freedom of Information Act. No individual,
private business or government authority
can obtain personally identifiable data from
the Census Bureau, including the ~]hite
House, Internal Revenue Service, U.S.
Citizenship and Immigration Services, the
military, welfare agencies, CIA or the FBI.
The rule even supersedes the Patriot Act. Yet
despite these protections there is still fear and
mistrust that impedes cooperation and causes
~ndercounting. The bureau realizes that
these protections wofft serve their intended
purpose of ensuring an accurate count unless
people know about and understand them.
Therefore, combined with these safeguards is
a massive educational effort, and the GLBT
community is now included among those
groups they want to reach out to.~
X~orldng with this effort is Emmett
Morris, a Partnership Coordinator with the
Census Bureau worldng in the Kansas City
Regional Office that oversees Oklahoma. He
met with the Metro Star to inform the GLBT
community about the 2010 census and its
importance, and also to gather ideas about
hmv to work with the Oklahoma GLBT
community to ensure an accurate count. As
he put it, "We want the GLBT community
to know that the census is really about them,
as it is with everyone. It’s about their future,
and ,ve live with everyday tangible aspects of
our lives that come about because of census
numbers including roads, jobs, bridges,
companies locating here and more. It’s not
a bunch of numbers that live in abstract
in Washington D.C. in some computer.
These numbers actually come back to serve
community needs, prosperity and our quality
of life."
In mid March 90% of U.S. households
will receive a U.S. Census form to fill
out. This will be preceded by a postcard
letting the, residents know in advance. ~xe
questionnaires will sent out by address and
not to individuals by name. The form has
only 10 questions, is easy to fill out and can
be returned by mail with the provided postage
paid envelope. If there is no response it wilt ’
be followed by a second form, and if there is
still no response a census worker will attempt
to get the information in person. In
the interest of an accurate count at the lowest
possible cost, recipients are encouraged to
fill out the form and mail it back as soon as
The Census Bureau will be worldng with
various communities in this effort, setting up
centers to help people with the forms, answer
concerns they may have, and gathering
information. Bi or multi lingual people will
especially be needed, as they are planning
to provide assistance in 59 languages. They
will need workers to staff these centers,
along with field workers to do follow up
inquiries door to door and to count people
in unconventional housing, including the
homeless. In this effort they will attempt
to hire personnel from their respective
communities, realizing that people who have
familiarity with a certain community, group
or ethnicity can do a better job reaching out
to those who need to be counted. Currently
the U.S. Census Bureau has 5 Oklahoma
offices, located in Oklahoma City, Tuls~l,
Tahlequah, Enid and Lm~on. They are many
job openings, so ifyou are interested in what
could be a quite interesting endeavor that
could lead to other opportunitieS,~please call
toll free 866- 860-2010. It’s a chance that
comes once every 10 years.
"First t sday" Art
Opening and Exhibit of
New and Original Works
by Robb Conover
TULSA, OK (PR) __ ~ne March
Oklahomans for Equality (Old,q) showcase
and exhibit of local artists at the Dennis R.
Neill Equality Center (621 E. 4th Street in
Downtown Tulsa), will feature a new and
unusual "Progressive Display" of works by
artist Robb Conover; the show begins with
a reception on Thursday, March 4th from
6-9pro and continues throughout the month
of March.
The March exhibit at the Dennis R.
Neill Equality Center Gallery will feature a
catalogue ofworks by Robb Conover which
will create a progression of art from one
side of the gallery to the other. This is an
exciting acrylics on canvas display; it is unlike
anything that has been in the Gallery before
and promises to be an unusual and visually
stimulating presentation. Robb lived in Tulsa
in the 1970’S and 80’s; He currently resides in
Dallas and is represented io several galleries
there. Please join us to visit with Robb at
the Opening Night Reception on Thursday,
March 4, from 6to ,9pm. Refreshments
will be served. Robb s art will be on display
through March 20 t 0.
4 ~ttET~:~,OSTAR March 2010
Gays arrested at NYC marriage license bureau
Four members ofa newACT UP-like group known as Queer Rising were arrested in Manhattan On
Feb. 12 after chaining then~elves to the entrance ofthe New York Ci{y Marriage Bureau. Photo by
Jamie McGonnigal, www. TalkAboutEquality.org
NEWYORK, NY__ Four members of
a new ACT UPdike group known as Queer
Rising were arrested in Manhattan on Feb."12
after chaining themselves to the entrance of
the New York City Marriage Biireau.
Alan Bounville, Jake Goodman, Justin
Elzie and Gabriel Yuri Bollag sought equal
marriage rights for same-sex couples.
Dozens of gay marriage supporters
cheered them on.
Twenty same-sex couples went inside and
tried to obtain marriage licenses. ~ey were
A gay naan and a lesbian then presented
themselves as a faux couple, asked for a
license and were given one.
"New York City is home to the Stonewall
Riots and in that tradition we are here to say
that equality doesn’t arrive through the
ballot box," said Queer Rising spokesperson
Spring Super.
"~e bankrupt strategy of putting all
efforts into electing so-called friendly officials
has failed," Super said. "We must shift to
building a grassroots, national movement
that demands full equality by any means
New York state recognizes same-sex
marriages from other jurisdictions but does
no~ allow them itse!£
Same-sex marriage is lega! in Connecticut,
Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and
Vermont. It also is legal in Belgium, Canada,
the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa,
Spain and Sweden -- and in Argentina’s Tierra
del Fuego province. It will become legal in
"Washington, D.C., in March and in Portugal
later this year.
S.F. Chronide says iud e
federal Prop 8 ca e
Vaughn Walker, the judge heariflg
the federal same-sex marriage case in San
Francisco, "is himself gay," the San Francisco
Chronicle reported Feb. 7.
The case, featuring famous lav~Ters Ted
Olson and David Boies on the gay side, seeks
to overturn Proposition 8, California’s voterpassed
constitutional ban on gay marriage,
as a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s
guarantees of due process and equal
protection under the law.
"Many gay politicians in San Francisco
and lawyers who have had dealings with
Walker say the 65-year-old jurist, appointed
to the bench by President George H.W. Bush
in 198% has never taken pains to disguise --
or advertise -- his orientation," the Chronicle
Asked by the paper if he had "any
concerns about being characterized as gay,"
Walker responded, "No comlnent."
Right after the interview was conducted,
however, another judge contacted the paper,
identified himself as ~d~lker’s friend, said
he had spoken with Walkeh and expressed
concern that "people will come to the
conclusion that (\Nralker) wants to conceal his
"He has a private life and he doesn’t
conceal it, but doesn’t think it is relevant
to his decisions in any case, and he doesfft
bring it to bear in any decisions," said the
second judge, who agreed that Walker’s
sexual orientation is "newsworthy" -- in the
same way it would be newsworthy if a Jewish
judge were hearing a case involving the Anti-
Defamation League, the Chronicle said.
A lawyer for the pro-Prop-8 side, Andy
Pugno, said his team won’t do anything with
the revelation.
"We are not going to say anything about
that," he told the Chronicle. "
The National Organization for Marriage,
however, might feel less restrained.
In a letter to supporters about the
Chronicle article, Executive Director Brian
Brown alleged: "We do lmow one really big
important fact about Judge Walker: He~
been .an amazingly biased and one-sided force
throughout this trial, far more akin to an
Wockner News Service
activist than a neutral referee. That’s no secret
at all."
The trial is expeqted to resume sometime
in March or April for closing arguments.
Gay lmaTers, activists and others who
followed the testimony have.asserted, nearly
unanimously, that the gay side won the case
in a landslide.
Walker’s ruling likely will see appeal to the
9th U.S. Circuit Court ofAppeals and then
to the U,S. Supreme Court.
If successful, the lawsuit could bring
about tlxe legalization of same-sex marriage
nationwide. If unsuccessful, it could have the
effect of stopping the movement for same-sex
marriage, which now is legal in five states,
dead in its tracks for possibly a generation.
Moves to repeal samesex
marriage in Iowa and
NH fail
Iowa legislators opposed, to same-sex
marriage vcere unable to force resolutions
out of House and Senate committeds Feb. 9
in support of a statewide vote to amend the
constitution to re-ban gay nuptials.
Nineteen senators signed a petition to get
the Senate measure out of committee, but 26
signanires were needed.
In the House of Representatives, a vote to
push the measure out of committee failed 45
to 54. "
A recent poll found that 62 percent of
Iowans don’t think the Legislature should
tackle the issue.
Same-sex marriage became legal in Iowa
in April 2009 courtesy of the state Supreme
A spokesman for the state’s main gay
rights group, One Iowa, expressed relief at
the developmeffts but warned against the g~,
side’s letting down its guard.
"Our opponents are ruthless aped will
stop at nothing to take away the freedom
to marry," said Communications Director
Justin Uebelhor. "There were four legislative
attempts to undermine the Supreme Court’s
ruling last year and we expect more political
attacks this year. We don’t want to take
anything for granted and are communicating
this message to our supporters and media on
the ground. In addition to the constitutional
amendment, a religious-exemption bill has
already been proposed and we have to be
vigilant of any attempts to chip away at the
Also on Feb. 9, a committee of the
Ne~v Hampshire House of Representatives
overwhelmingly killed t~vo bills aimed at. rebanning
same-sex marriage.
One bill called for a public vote on gay
marriage. The other would have repealed the
la~v that legalized it.
In addition to being allowed in Iowa
and New Hampshire, same-sex marriage
is legal in Connecticut, Massachusetts and
Vermont. It also is legal in Belgium, Canada,
the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa,
Spain and Sweden -- and in Argentina’s Tierra
del Fuego province. It will become legal in
Washington, D.C., in March and in Portugal
later rkis year.
www.rnetrostarnews.com g~ET~,# STAR 5
Stress Test
By Ronald Blake
Contributing V&iter
Photo: RonaM Blake, Certified Fittwss
I~zstructor ~hrough ISSA International Sports
Sciences Association
You have vowed to lose 30 pounds before
your niece’s wedding in September. Your
trainer and doctor are recommending an
exercise stress test before you lace up the
sneakers and start sweating. What’s that and
who needs one of those?
These tests can also be called graded
exercise stress tests or GXT’s. Affix whatever
title you want to this procedure but it
simply measures how your heart performs
with and without exercise. Nae American
Heart Association (AIq_A) has stated that an
individual under 40 years old can forego this
test if he or she has had a normal physical
exam, doesn’t show signs of cardiovascular
disease, and has no coronary risk factors.
The captain’s turned off the caution sign and
you’re }}ee to roam around the exercise
However ifyou are a man or women over
40 years old, have an abnormal physical exam
and/or have two or more coronalT risk factors
then it’s time to schedule that exercise stress
test. This just means your fitness flight has
been grounded until the medical tower dears
you for takeoff.
The GXT can be done in a doctor’s once,
a hospital, or a specialized hea~Ith cam facility.
Talk with your doctor and decide where this
should take place. Nae .AH~ guidelines call
for there to be professionals trained in CPR
to administer these tests. Furthermore, one of
the techs in the testing area should be advance
cardiac life support certified with a doctor iri
the building. You’re not in Haiti after the big
quake so it’s safe to assume this is all in place
when you go for your exam. It’s just nice to
know for peace of mind!
The test is usually done on a treadmill
wtaile you are hooked up to devices that’ll
give you a feeling of Pinocchio and Geppetto
attaci~ment. The test with its tracking
equipment wil! check your blood pressure,
heart rate, and the electrical activity and
rhythm of your ticker. An analysis will be
performed before any stress or exercise i~
started and an additional analysis will be
gathered as exercise is introduced. Your heart
could show signs of adequacy at rest but not
after exercise. There are maW possibilities and
the results will show this.
Tr~e nurses, doctors, and techs
administeting this exam will gradually
increa~se the speed and incline on your
treadmill to assess your cardiovascular limits.
~{Then symptoms of exhaustion and fatigue
appear the testers will cease their period of
sadistic glee and record the findings.
The findings should be discussed with
your doctor. About 15% of these results will
be false positive which indicates there is a
problem when there really isn’t a problem.
About 30% of the results will be false
negative reports which show you are OK
when you really aren’t. This is ~vhen you look
at your doctor with your best confused face
and beseech his advice. Another GXT might
be requested or other testing methods might
be called upon for further explanation of your
When in doubt always make the decision
to err on the side of safety when starting a
fitness program. That might mean taking
the GXT. Tixese tests are just as important as
buying the correct training shoes, workout
clothes, and health club membership. Join
my masochistic readers who called their
physicians to inquire about graded exercise
tests several minutes ago!
This column is brought to you by that
guy who once challenged George Bush
to a spelling bee. That orthographist who
never heard back from the \ghite House is
Ron Blake and he can be reached at wv~v.
Oklahomans for
Equality Tulsa opens
Health Clinic for the
TULSA, OK (PR)~ __ OlcEq has opened
a Health Clinic in collaboration with Dr.
Jeremiah Rutherford, M.D., PC for the
uninsured. The clinic will be held at the
Dennis R. Nell Equality Center, 621 E. 4th
Street, Tulsa, OK each ~ursday from 6 pm
to 9 pm.
The dinic also offers free HIV testing
Tuesday through ~ursday, 6-8 pm and
Saturday, 4-7 pro.
For more information: 918-743-4297
Tramps, OKC Have a
Heart Benefit--Love at
its finest
By Victor Gorin
Designer Keith Reding with emcee l~aven Del
Ray at Have a Heart Benefit at ~’amps. Gorin
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK__ It is rare
to see a more festive expression of love than
what happens at Tramps every Valentine’s
weekend when they hold their Have a Heart
Benefit. It began over 20 years ago as a team
effort of the late Larry Crosby, then a coowner
ofTramps, and Sister Gall Addis who
was then with Catholic Charities’ Loaves and
Fishes program which provided meals for
those living with HIV.
Since then it has become a wild yet sacred
Okflal~oma City tradition. Although Larry
has passed away; his sister Camille Rohn still
is a part owner ofTramps. Ms.Rohn and the
staff ofTramps, along with many othe[s of
the community who share their time, {alent
and money, have made this event a proud
tradition in her brother’s memory.
~xis year it was special as the celebration
was held on Valentine’s Day itsel}] giving it
a special bonus, although as Camille puts it,
’This is giving back to the community, and
we look forward to it every year." This time
over $8,000 was raised, and Tony Sinclair
is already shopping for fabulous items to
auction off next year!
6 March 2010
Week three is a charm on RuPauFs Drag Race.
most recer t cor testant to a hay away talks £ood,
com try Western and the beauty
By Bebe Zahara Benet
I was surprised to learn Mystique ~vas
ecstatic over RuPaul switching out their script
with the one being used by the other team.
"For us, it got easier because the script was
easier," she explained. "I was happy. It was
actually fun." I also wanted to know what she
thought of Raven, and her sometimes very
cutting comments about Mystique and food.
"Out of everybody on the show, Raven is the
only one I have not heard from," Mystique
told me. "Haters are everywhere, but haters
make my life easier, because I work harder
just to make you hate on me even more."
Mystique stands by her decision to go
with a very modern interpretation of country
wear for her runway walk, and argues what
the other girls presented was more a Western
look. "I don’t like making fun of people," she
explained, noting that if she had gone for a
stereotypical look it may have offended her
most dedicated fans.
When I think Mystique, I think splits,
more splits, which leads to additional splits.
And then remember Mystique? She’s the one
who nails the splits! I can barely lift my leg,
and here is a big girl making it look so easy.
"My signature is my eyes and my spins," she
said. But when she really wants to shock, she
breaks out a split. Mystique must get into
the zone, because when she watched her solo
on TV last week, she didn’t even remember
she did a death drop! Now that’s a girl who
knows how to work for a crowd.
Mystique, thank you for your inspirarion,
thank you for your self-integrity and thank
you for being yourself.
~~ello all you beautiful people!
Can you believe it is week three of RuPaul’s
Drag Race already? So much is happening
- let’s get right into my conversation with
Mystique Summers Madison, the Texas
beauty who went out with a bang!
I was impressed how well Mystique did in
the third episode’s opening challenge, when
she just dove right in and swallowed down
all those mystery foods she had to eat. "I
was like, ’Oh no, it’s fried food,’" Mystique
remembered. "I hadn’t had fried food in four
months. Oh my God, I just went for it. I
was just swallowing, I wasn’t tasting." Even
though she looked like a cool cucumber,
Mystique was nervous. "It was the scariest
thing evel;" she revealed. "Zl~at was drag Fear
~at win made Mystique one of the
group leaders for the Disco "Extra Greasy"
shortening TV commercial exercise, and
I wanted to know what her strategy was
for pictdng which gifts would be on Team
Mystique. "Pandora did work editing
TV commercials, and Jessica is a dancer,"
Mystique explained. "Everybody else had
pretty makeup and were people I got along
Catch RuPaul’s Drag Race at 9 p.m. (ET/
PT) every Monday night on Logo and visit
LOGOonline.com to find out about viewing
parties in your area. Until next week, kisses
and splits!
NOTE: Ifyou missed weeks 1 &2
Metro St[zr News online will cover all
12 weeks and it will beposted on out"
website at: www. metrostarnews, corn
www.metrostarnews.corn ~t~oSTAR 7
3131 ~. Pennsylvania,Oklaho 405.525.9555
put the °°gay°°
in Christian,
A ~etropoli~n Co~uni~ Church
Chuck greckenridge
Whether buying or selling
I’ll work hard for you.
8 March 2010
"%q~en t watched the initial Senate
hearing. I was offended by what the
opposition said - that [gay servicemen]
undermine units," Morrow said. "The
policy already does that. You can’t build unit
cohesion because people cafft be honest.
There are a lot of traditions in the military, a
lot of social situations that really help create
camaraderie. People bring their wives and
girlfriends to events."
Morrow said that he believes most of the
men with whom he served would have been
able to handle his coming out if it had been
possible. It was not; and a promising career
was cut short to the Naw’s detriment.
"There were other reasons as well, but
certainly the policy was a big part of it,"
Morrow said. "I did not think there was
any way for the two parts of my life to work
Morrow grew up in a small town in
Connecticut, graduated high school and then
opted for the US Naval Academy. He was
keenly aware of his orientation from an early
age but said he had no struggle to come to
terms with it. Still he decided to head to the
Naval Academy where he effectively had little
social life for the following four years.
"It didn’t occur to me what a challenge
it would be being gay and going to the
Academy;" Morrow said.
Morrow’s social isolation continued for
the bulk of his active duty career, which
included periods ashore as well as serving
on submarines. It was during the long time
underwater that he had the opportunity to
learn about the sensibilities of those with
vchom he served.
"We had a tot of time to discuss just about
eveD~hing and the subject ofhomosexuality
came up," Morrowsaid. "It really surprised
me that most people said they really didn’t
Had he been able to serve openly, Morrow
believes it would have helped serve the cause
of understanding and acceptance. Once
people find that they lmow someone who is
gay, it is much more likely that they would
be accepting. In many cases, Morrow said,
prejudice is just a matter of unfamiliarity.
Morrow said that he was pleased to see
Navy Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman of
the Joint Chiefs of Staff, assert recendy that
servicemen were not being given the credit
for acceptance that they deserved.
Still, after years of being afraid of being
identified and even though he was offered
the exact position and assignment he most
coveted with the Nav~ he left active duty and
today works in the medical equipment field
in New York. He said that were DADT not in
effect, it was likely he would have stayed with
the NaW.
"Ultimately DADT is discrimination,"
Morrow said. "It fails to recognize that
homosexuality is the same as race and sex.
Tl~e military doesn’t recognize that. In general
if that was recognized the policy would end
tomorrow. As a consequence of that, the
military is losing good people."
Today, Morrow remains in the Reserve.
lie’s a member of SAGALA -- Service
Academy Gay & Lesbian Alumni -- and he
participated in an off-camera interview for
the documentary film "Out ofAnnapolis,"
which is expected to premiere this spring,
likely on the independent film circuit.
Morrow said that gay men aa~d women
will oneday be able to openly serve in the
military - it’s only a matter of when. He said
that the potential for the repeal ofDADT is
"as real" as it has ever been.
"~xe Chairman of the Joint Chiefs,
Secretary of Defense Gates...the highest
military officers all agree...I think it’s come a
long way," Morrow said. "Since it was passed
by Congress, it must be repealed by Congress.
I think there are currently 180-something
congressmen willing to effectively eliminate
DADT. Hopefully it will be sooner than
LGBT Lobby Day to be
hdd at state cap to1
By Robin Townsend
Contributing XX~riter
Equality Network is hosting a lobby day at
the State Capito! and you are invited, in fact,
encouraged to attend. The event is geared to
visitors telling our representatives that citizens
care about LGBT equality in Oklahoma.
There xvill be a brief training, networking,
and visiting with representatives as well as
having lunch together.
"From its inception last year, TEN (The
Equality Network) identified an annual
LGBT Lobby Day as one of its top priorities,"
said Laura Belmonte, Vice President and Co-
Founder ofTEN. "We believe a consistent
presence at the State Capitol is critical to
increasing and maintaining the visibility
ofLGBT Oklahomans and their allies, to
putting forward a proactive program for
LGBT equality, and to giving individuals
the knowledge and confidence they need to
engage their representatives effectively."
Belmonte’s personal advocacy experience
spans almost twenty years and has entailed
public speaking, creating and organizing
e-advocacy campaigns, writing op-eds, media
monitoring, and lobbying public officials
directly. She is a professional historian and
lifelong news and politics junkie - those
traits also help shape and inform my activist
"Our most important goal is to secure
passage of pro-LGBT legislation and to block
passage of bills that are detrimental to LGBT
Oldahomans," adds Bdmonte. "This will be a
continual, long-term effort. It is going to take
time and effort to move Oklahoma toward
more inclusive and just public policies for
LGBT people."
TEN would like to have people from
as many of Oklahoma’s political districts as
possible participate in LBGT Lobby Day. If
concerned citizens from any district register,
appointments will be made with those
representatives, including Rep. Sally Kern.
"In the current session, Senator Steve
Russell has introduced a bill highlighting the
inadequacies of Oklahoma’s
hate crimes law," furthers
Behnonte. "Sen. Russell’s
bill makes it impossible for
law enforcement officials to
work with federal agencies
in prosecuting hate crimes
targeting people because of
sexual orientation or gender
identity’. In essence, the
senator’s bill attempts to
lock in place Oklahoma’s
current weak hate crimes
statute and to prevent the
state from enforcing the
LGBT-inclusive federal hate
crimes law, the Matthew
Shepard and James Byrd, Jr.
Hate Crimes Prevention Act
enacted in October 2009.
Passage of this bill would have
a terrifying impact on LGBT
To register for LGBT lobby
day, please go to http://
theequalitynetwork.org. There
is no fee for the event. For
more information, contact
Laura Belmonte at lbelmonte@
theequalitynetwork.org or
918.906.2134. For more
information about TEN, see
the art*de in next month’s
Metro Star.
Deep Inside
By Romeo San Vicente
Susan Sa andon entering
PoiSed to re-enter pop-culture
consciousness as a feature ilhn, The Big Valley
is justthe right sort of remake candidate: one
that’s had time to exit public consciousness
first. It has no other cast
yet, but Romeo would
love to see a gay cowboy
subplot somewhere in
the mix. Nothing major,
just something where the
quiet "special friends" get
to live happily ever after.
Susan Sarandon Paramount Pictures Photo
Whorehouse to
reopen for business
Back in the 1960s, Barbara Stanwyck
(who may or may not have been bisexual - as
was rumored during her career - but who
was a favorite of lesbian and gay audiences
all the same) played Victoria Barkley, sturdy
matriarch ofthe wild west TV drama The
Big Valley. So it’s fitting, in a way, that Susan
Sarandom about whom no one creates
sexuality rumors because her early career
choices (The Hunger and The Rocky Horror
Picture Show) more or less cemented her
position as a queer screen icon, may be
stepping into Stanwyck’s ladylike boots~
So Nine tanked at
the box office. Oh well.
We’re now back at a
point in the moviemaking
landscape where
one failed big-budget
musical doesn’t derail the
genre’s viabilit~ which
is great news for fans of
that heightened reality
where breaking into song
and choreographed dance
moves is commonplace. Here come two
more: The Song Is You, from Dreamgirls
director Bill Condon, is about a man who
turns to music as a refuge, connecting it to
key moments in his life (or as Condon has
described it, "(falling) into his *Pod Shuffle").
In turn, the man also falls into a romance
with a singer he hasn’t even met. At the
same time, the remake ofThe Best Little,
Whorehouse in Texas is or;the horizon. No
cast yet, no release date yet, no nothing yet,
...Continued seeHOLLYWOOD page ~ 12
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From ~2.95
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@ The End Up, Tulsa
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Deep Inside Hollywood-continued from page -9
just a teasing promise. So, a biopic about the late gay artist Robert
message to people responsible: Mapplethorpe, she probably knew tl~er&l
obviously she’s not going to be clout-and cash-collecting detours along
play the lod, but there must the way. And here they are: the horror film
be a liberal infusion of Dolly Zoe, slated for 20 ! 1 a~nd Co-starring James
Parton into this
movie all the
same. Anything ~
tess wilt be
blasphemy. Now
go r~ake i~ work.
Anyone who
fbllows the man recently ejected
from a Southwest Airlines flight
for taking up too much seat
space knows that Kevin Smith
is a bear. A heterosexual one,
but }till a bear. ~d his gay
bear colleague, documentau
fihmnaker }v~alcolm Ingrain
(Small %wn Gay Bar, which
Smith producedX has enlisted
the help of Silent Bob to get
his new project offthe ground.
Smith has executive-produced
and also makes an appearance in
Bear Nation, a doc from Ingram
about the bear subculture (for
the still-uninitiated, they are that niche Van Der Beek and Freddie Prinze, Jr. (is it
market of gay" men who refuse to Shdve, xvax, set in the ’90s too?} in which Dushku play,s
or say no to seconds at the buffet} and all the a small-town waitress terrorized by... -,veil...
ways they’ve begun to make their presence
known in the larger gay" world. 7fhe film
premieres any minute now at Austin’s South
By SoUthwest Film Festival. Non-Ausdnites
will have to wait for a local lest or cable
airing, all ofwhich are highly likely to follow.
Prep now by growing that fiacial hair.
Ehza Dushkus road to Mapplethorp
something; you’ll see when it opens. And
then there’s the future mega-event ka~own as
Ghostbusters III, a project sh& been circling,
one that would pretty nmch catapult her to
the A-list, with all th’e production shingle
perEs that status tends to dole out. Hope so.
And really, what’re a few slimed ghosts on the
road to making art?
Romeo San l~cent&J~vorim thing about
Actors with ambition to produce and bea~s # thdrproximity toj}ied chicken
direct knoW that tO make d~ir dream projects and wa~s. He can be reached care ofthis
come true there are dues to be paid. So publication or at DeepInsMeHollywood@
whenDollh0use star Eliza Dust~ku announced qsyndicate.com.
her intentions to n’lake ~lhe Per~?ct Moment,
@Club 209, Tulsa
12 March 2010
by Jack Fertig March 2010
"Tweet, ScorpioV’
Mercury in Pisces sextile to Pluto in.
Capricorn offers very deep insights that
seem illogical, but go with your gut.
Your subconscious may be catching
rational connections that your conscious
- mind doesn’t see.
ARIES (March 20- Apri~ 19): Folks in
charge have a hidden agenda. Reading
between the lines isn’t necessarily
paranoiac. Confide in a close friend
to keep that in proportion. If you must
choose between loyalty and ambition,
think ahead and remember who you
TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Hints
of the future and conversations with
friends challenge some of your beliefs,
triggering inner conflicts. You like life
more certain, but accept the challenge
to be truer to yourself and more ready
for what’s coming. Resistance to
inevitable change only makes it harder.
GEM~N~ (May 21- June 20): Sharing
a confidence with your boss could
open him or her up to letting you in on
some secrets. The road to power r~eed
not pull you away from your friends,
but your goals may-challenge you to
choose or reconcile.
CANCER {June 21- July 22): Ideals
and religion should offer guideposts,
not strict instructions. The way to
effective partnership in love and work
needs some improvisational detours
from those marked paths. Independent
thought and extrapolation breathe real
value into.old faith and wisdom.
LEO (Ju~y 23 - August 22): There’s
a time and place to show off your
sexual prowess. At work that energy is
best sublimated to focus on practical
techniques to get powerful results. Go
slow and steady at exercise. Trying too
hard could get you hurt!
VIRGO (August 23 - September 22):
Identifying strongly with a sexuallydefined
community can strengthen or
limit your individuality - or do both.
Discuss this with your partner or a
Iongtime friend. Be very clear about how
your milieu affects your own creative
LIBRA (September 23 - October 22):
Service to your community does give
you deep insight; respect that it does
so for others, too! Sharing your insights
will help everyone; try to keep the
corn petitive urges entirely friendly to build
SCORPIO (October 23 - November
21): "Your wonderfu, wicked wittiness will
delight your friends, but could make big
trouble at work. Keep a journal handy or
Tweet your pals in those moments when
you can hardly suppress yourself, but it
is neither the time nor the place!
SAGITTARIUS (November 22
- December 20): Pluto in Capricorn
until 2023 means that financial worries
will be with all of us for awhile, and that
you will tend to worry way too much.
Your biggest challenge is to keep
perspective. That takes practice. Easy
does it!
CAPRICORN (December 21
-January t9): If you’re not careful you
may reveal some very personal secrets.
If you are careful you could learn a few!
Assert yourself in a mature way - being
responsible and independent- to shift
your status in your family.
AQUARIUS (January 20 - February
18): A shopping list or receipt could be
a meditative focus. Consider what you
eat, what you use, what you need, what
you don’t and how this reflects your
habits and goals. Compare the reality to
your ideals and see what you can learn
about yourself.
PISCES (February 19 - March 19):
Even if a bit pessimistic, your foresight
will be appreciated. Times are tough,
and a thoughtful assessment is much
more valuable than false optimism.
Ruthless honesty could still upset some
friendships; try to be diplomatic.
Rev Steve T. Urie
Spirit of Christ MCC
2902 E 20th Street
Joplin, MO 64804
Worship Sunday 6:00 PM
Community Meat Wednesdays at 6:00 PM
Have a God filled and BleSSed Day!
Hemsley sitcom)
38 Pointless
39 Milita~, policy
theme from a Sherman
10r~sm, e.g.
3 Lady’s title
4 iWriter Calvino
5 Audeffs adieus
6 Cabaret’s "Mein . "
7 Name that rhymes w~th dtck .
8 Sex Pistols singer Vicious
9 Take care of
10Home of the WNBA’s Lynx
11 Gay vide~ directory name
12 Da Vinci~ Lig~
i3 GUmming on tl~estage
25 Gangster niclmamed Scarface
27 Bend over and grab them
28 Home swle
30 Chop
31 Lesbos, for one
32 Slippery swimmers
33 Cheese in red
34 Petv 0fA League of~eir Own
35 %e I in IHO# (abb~0
36 Supporters of~ome drag queens
40 Bryant, but not Bear
41 Bosie, to Alfred Dougi~
47 ~ternative to HBO
49 Rods of drivers
5 ! Intercourse while surfing?
52 Keep an the ground
53 Rest atop
54 Lingo
55 Woody~dley
56 Garfeld s wNpping boy
57 Beau, barely
58 Nickelodeon ~plorer
59 Force;that ~mes you to go down
Soludon page 15
be mailed
www.metrostarnews.com ~7 oSTAR 13
Holding their First
Fundraiser of2010
Each Step Brings Hope
By Victor Gorin
Contributing writer
OKC began in 1998 with a mission to raise
money and consciousness about HIV, to help
those infected and affected, promote prevention,
and raise awareness and understanding through
education. Since then this annual event has raised
over $400,000 for various nonprofit groups
working in these areas including RMN, Other
Options, Guiding Right, and many others.
~is ?Tear the Walk has been moved up to
September 19 and the route has changed, now
beginning at the Sonic Plaza in Brickto~vn.
Although the route has changed it still is a Sunday
afternoon event with preregistration beginning at
12:30 P.M. with stepoffat 2 p.m. Likewise tables
~vill still be available for vendors and for various
groups to give out information. The Walk will also
be preceded that day by the 5K run, which will
begin on John Carter Drive and Rent Avenue,
with registration for that event beginning at 11
Participation in that race costs $20 in advance,
$25 the day of the race, and the runners are offat
12:30 p.m.
Now chaired by John Greer MDSWalk OKC
has 5 new board members, Dwayne Jones,
Scott Hines, Cindy Cabrera, Diane "Wood &
Maria Srouiji, who share a vision for the future.
This year’s theme for the ’,Walk is "Each Step
Brings Hope", and their first fundraiser will
be at Partners, March !9 at 9 p.m., featuring
entertainers John Beebe, Sonja Martinez and other
great local entertainers. It’s a chance to get this
event off:to a strong start for 2010!
For more information www.aidswalkokc.org
"Gay? I though you "1 got an upgrade.,’
were bisexual."
\ !
& by Greg Fox
lVebsite -
... WITH My
www.kylecomics.com E-Mail- KylesBnB@aol.com
bitter gid
March 2010
Suppo~ those who suppo~ us. Their ads allow us to distribute your community news FREE to you.
~BANA INN JU...D......Y......G.........P...H.....O.....T....O.......S...............................
~6~ 16~S o~ly 825~ Addifi0nal Tulsa OK
2200Oldahoma~7 39THciv,oK~P~SSWAY [w~&
v ................ 918-743-8636
597 Magnetic Road
Eurelm Springs, AR
4815 S. HARVARD, SUITE 424
Tialsa, OK~~-9-/1’~8"-7*47-5466
Certified Public Accountant
625 N.W. I3th Street
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Oklahoma City, OK
1338 E. 3RD
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Open 7days week 2pro to 2am
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
www.c21 goldcastle.com
Keller Williams Realty
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OKC, OK 405-525-9555
Service Sunday 10:45 AM
637 S. 131st East Ave
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3540 E. 31st
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Oklahoma’s HIV/STD Hotline
Oldahoma City, OK
Located inside Habana Inn
2902 E. 20TH STREET,
Joplin, MO * 479-529-8480
Service Sunday 6pm
1623 N. Maplewood, Tulsa, OK
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........ 203 N. Nogales Ave
2117 NW 39th St.
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CLUB 209
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Tulsa, OK
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Oldahoma City, OK
Tulsa, OK 74127
Oklahoma City, OK
621 E. 4th Street
Tulsa, OK 74120
Chuck Breckenridge
8o70 o 887
~XPnether buying or selling
I’ll work hard for you.
Northwest Arkansas
Center For Equality
"Linldng Together as One"
For more information:
179 Church Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72703
A~kansas~ Bxdasive
597 Magnetic Road
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
800-2!0-8401 479-244-682J_
Community for
People iving
A 501 c (3) Non Picofit Organization
Our House, Too offers a variety of
activities for people who are HIV+ and
or living with AIDS to help combat the
social isolation that many of our
people live through each and everyday.
We provide a Toiletry and Household
Pantry for those who are H1V+
and or living with AIDS who cannot
afford to purchase these itenqs for
themselves. We invite anyone who
would like to volunteer or provide financial
assistance to please contact
us by phone 918-585-9552 or e-mail
Tulsa, OK 74158
w~v.metrostarnews.com ~ETROSTAR 15
its biggest impact since Roosevelt, because the conservative
movement has been thoroughly repudiated through
"What matters, as always, is not what we can’t do,
it,s what we can and must do."
Stonewall Democrats is a recognized group o~ the
Oklahoma and national Democratic Pariy.
Working to educate voters and politicians about issues o~ the
community, we are working to make change and shape history.
T | ,2 7
We mee~ ~he I s~ Tuesday ofevery month a~ ~he

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