[2008] The Star Magazine, July 1, 2008; Volume 5, Issue 7


[2008] The Star Magazine, July 1, 2008; Volume 5, Issue 7


Politics, education, and social conversation over LGBTQ+ topics


The Star Magazine’s first issue began February of 2005. Before this issue was Ozarks Pride (2004) and The Ozark Star (2004). Follows is The Metro Star (2008).

This magazine discusses topics of AIDs, education, politics, local and national civil rights of the LGBT community, and advice for relationships and places to visit.

This collection is PDF searchable. Physical copies are also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


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July 01, 2008


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The Star Magazine, June 1, 2008; Volume 5, Issue 6

Metro Star. August 1, 2008; Volume 5, Issue 8


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The United States of America (50 states)


By Joey De
A new "
for Pride
By Joey De
Ifyou have lived in Tulsa for more
than twenty minutes, you knmv that
there is an impenetrable force-field
separating the city. Most Tulsans call it
Forty-First Street.
Photo: Equality Festival at Tulsa’s New Centennial Park
Sometimes change can be difficult,
however, despite months of complaints
and apocalyptic predictions about the
many "firsts" at Tulsa Pride 2008, it seems
that the only people who had difficulties
were the protesters. For the first time in
the celebration’s history, the protesters
were present for only a minimal time
during the Pride Parade and completely
absent from the Diversity picnic.
"2008 was a },ear of dramatic change,"
says Nate Black, one of the event’s cochairs.
"However thanks to the dedication
of a strong group of volunteers, all the
changes to this year’s events were possible.
It would not have been possible without
each and every person who helped."
Black especially credited his co-chairs
Kristi Freeman and Toby Jenkins with
making the pieces fit together. "Kristi has
an incredible ability to assess and foresee
needs and coordinate logistics. The fact
that everything worked smoothly to host
thousands of people at our events xvas a
testament to her abilities."
"The fact that ~hlsa Pride is able
to remain free to the public is proof of
Toby’s dedication to these events, which
on the low end cost over $30,000. Under
his leadership, we were able to, for the
first time, secure the majority of our
sponsorships long before the events even
took place," says Black.
.......... Continued page-5
Enter the Downtown Plaza Hotel, on
7th & Boulder, who for the first time in
recent memory provided Tulsa Pride an
official "host" hotel.
Staying at a hotel room for your own
city’s Pride ,nay seem a little excessive, but
for a South-Tulsan, it made perfect sense.
Having a place downtown to call "home"
for the weekend saved time and even
money on the celebration’s two largest
Anyone who has ever been to a Pride
observance knows that three things are
true. It will be hot. You will be sweaty.
You xvill be drinking. All three of those
can combine to impede a "proper" Pride
celebration, but with the convenience of
the Downtown Plaza Hotel’s location,
neither was an issue.
Through taking advantage of the
special Pride Rate offered by the hotel, it
was effortless to enjoy the day (or early
evenings) festivities,
..........Continued page-5

1-800o535oAIDS (2437)
Ok ahoraa s H~VIST~
2 the STAR ww~v.ozarksstar.com
Dear Editor:
I thought I would add something to the political cartoon in the
June 2008 Star.
Presently I live in Oklahoma City, and much to my surprise have
done so for the last 14 years. Originally from Boston I make an annual
trip home each Christmas to see family and friends and make
a quick pilgrimage to the haunts I was familiar with before leaving
Boston in the mid 80’s. This pilgrimage consists ofwalking the city
to see what is still around that I was familiar with, and perhaps who
is still around that I can remember.
On my most recent trip I was a little saddened to see many places
that meant a lot to me are no longer around, or have been so renovated
for so different a use that they are unrecognizable. As is my
custom, on this outing I stopped in at every gay bar I could remember,
or find, and had drinks and conversations with the bartenders.
Most of the old bars are gone, as are the people.
Politics begins in the bars in Boston, and gay politics was no
exception. The civil rights fought for and won began with many
bar patrons and owners, and in the process of getting what they
were after, the bar owners found that with acceptance came a lesser
need for the safety of an exclusively gay bar with the occasional
straight patron. In conjunction with this the price of living in the
city has made any gay ghetto prohibitive, making it necessary for
what vcould have been the denizens of such an area to move into the
suburbs for affordable housing with the side effect of showing the
majority of the state that Gay people were pretty normal, and not
the screaming stereotypes that isolation seemed to promote. Gay
people were seen as responsible people and not the party animals
who spent most of their lives going to bars to dance the night away
and returning home each night with a different sex partner. They
turned out to be people so normal that marriage did not seem to be
such an improbable thing.
The ultimate goal of gay gights is equality, and that means normalcy
for most. Just as straights have their outlets out of the mainstream,
so do gay people. But both do have their mainstreams. The gay bars
still around are nostalgia for us older gentlemen who want some of
the past preserved for our visits back, or who may feel more comfortable
in one because life had not been all that kind to us, with
just a bit of the specialty shop aura to them. Most have become very
mixed, while some have become the corner bar, the lodge for men
and women of like minds to talk freely among their own, but doing
it willingly as opposed to necessarily.
The lesser the need for exclusively gay bars, the more success can be
claimed by the gay community.
Joe Quigley
Oklahoma City
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 3
4 the STAR www.ozarksstar.com
TULSA PRIDE continued
According to estimates provided by the
Tulsa Police Department, this year’s Pride
Parade and Block Party have become the
largest events of their kind in Downtown
Tulsa. Police estimate that there were a
combined 18,000 people between the two
Many parade-goers were excited about
the new evening-format, celebrating with
glow sticks and sparklers. Some of the
floats even stepped into the spirit embracing
christmas lights and disco balls. Most
route walkers were simply excited over the
fact that they no longer had the sun beating
down on them and that the trek was much
Following the parade, the block party
centered around the Equality Center came
into its own, maintaining a crowd until the
scheduled end at midnight. Following the
event, most of the area bars reported record
capacity crowds as the party continued
through the evening.
The following weekend at Centennial
Park, the only thing to be missed was the
heat and mud at the former location. For
many pride-goers, this event was the first
time they had visited the new Tulsa centerpiece.
Most fell in love with its picturesque
setting and more importantly abundant
According to TPD estimates, 12,000
people visited the Diversity Picnic, which
according to organizers was represented by
a steady flow of people through out the day.
The forty-plus booths at this year’s picnic
xvere the most diverse in memory, representing
non-profit service organizations such as
HOPE Testing Clinic, Fortune 500 companies
such as Best Buy and the traditional
array of Rainbow Retailers.
Picnickers enjoyed the live entertainment
that took the stage off and on through
out the day, while kids entertained themselves
on the inflatable games and climbing
wall. Okay, the kids weren’t the only ones
enjoying the inflatable games. The handsdown
hit of the picnic was the water slide
that both kids and adults rode repeatedly.
While the three major pride attractions
could be considered a successful spl!t, many
attendees expressed a desire for the events
to be recombined onto one weekend. A
common complaint: "I didn’t know what
weekend to tell my friends to come. They
couldn’t take off work both weekends or
afford the gas to come twice."
Black reacts to such criticism openly.
"There were a lot of changes this year. Some
things went very well; some things didn’t go
as well as we had hoped. We are going to
take what we learned, listen to the feed back
we receive and then will make the appropriate
changes for next year."
As for now, Black and the rest of the
Tulsa Pride Committee are happy to place
Tulsa Pride 2008 in the history books as a
success, with a rejuvenated event positioned
to grow in the years to come.
then quickly retreat to air-conditioning
and a cold shower. This was especially useful
following the parade and block party,
just before visiting the bar,s. Adding to the
convenience was the hotel s on-call shuttle.
With less then a ten minute wait each time
it was needed, the shuttle allowed guests to
leave their cars and avoid parking headaches,
expensive gas and more importantly, DUIs.
The hotel is currently undergoing a
complete restoration, with every room being
completely renovated to sport an almost
TUqnspired blue and gold color scheme.
Furnished with antique-style pieces, the
rooms of the Downtown Plaza Hotel are
uncluttered, yet comfortable and quaint.
Pride guests noticed a little construction
"dust" in the form of the occasional minor
malfunction and missing carpet outside the
elevator, however found their problems fixed
quickly and courteously with a simple call
to the front desk.
Perhaps the most enjoyed aspect of
Downtown Plaza Lobby
the Downtown Plaza Hotel by some pride
guests was their retreat to the New York
City-eque second story outdoor pool.
Tucked quietly between the rooftops of
dmvntown Tulsa, the pool was quiet, clean,
and theperfect place to prepare for, or
recover from the festivities.
Staying at the Downtown Plaza Hotel
gives celebrating Tulsa Pride a new feel. For
those from Tulsa, it creates an enjoyable
mini-vacation, while those who travel enjoy
its close proximity to the Pride events and
Downtown night life. Either way, whether
from in or out of town, it always feels good
to stay where "family" is welcome.
w~,~N.ozarksstar.com the STAR 5
of Tulsa
The Phantom Standard
Joey De
For Marni Raab, playing the role of
Christine in the legendary musical "The
Phantom of the Opera," is the fulfillment of
a long time dream. "I started ~vith this show
as an understudy in 2001," recalls Raab,
~vho has played the role for the past seven
years internationally. "I was then promoted
to performing two shmvs a week, and then
when on tour six."
Although it may seem odd to plan alternating
actresses to play a role, Raab explains
it as "just good business sense." "The show
is long and Christine is onstage for almost
all of it," says Raab, who notes that there
is only one scene in the almost three hour
show in which her character doesn’t appear.
"The people they hire to play Christine
are ingdnues," says Raab, who continues
"They put big, heavy costumes on them,
and then thrmv them around. I wind up
falling and running then falling again, a
lot. It’s just better to schedule somebody as
a second principal then to never kno~ving
when your lead will be out."
"The Phantom of the Opera," is Andrew
Lloyd Webbers’ hit musical about Raab’s
character, Christine, and her admirer/kidnapper,
~ll~e Phantom. "He’s a maniac, a
monster, disfigured and he’s a murderer,"
describes Raab, "but he is also a poet, an
architect and a brilliant composer."
Christine on the other hand, is a young
lady on the verge of adulthood, says Raab.
"She was been raised by her violinist father,
educated and probably traveled the world,
which was rare then." Raab explains that her
character is lonely and looking for a way in
life when the brilliant, yet creepy Phantom
enters her life as a mentor. Unfortunately,
Christine’s’ childhood acquaintance Raoul
re-enters her life at the same time, completing
a love triangle that entangles the three.
"She must choose between the passionate
genius who has a horrible disfigurement and
has been led down the wrong path, and the
nice guy."
When asked how the show has endured,
Raab believes that "The Phantom," offers
something for everyone to react to. "I have
done the show across Canada, the US and
Asia, and every audience reacts differently.
There are lavish sets, pyrotechnics and
elaborate costumes. It’s ornate, it’s majestic
and at the heart it’s a love story."
Helping to ensure the quality of "The
Phantom" experience, Raab says that every
production of the show must meet the highest
standards. "Audiences demand a certain
standard," says Raab," but the producers
insist on it. If you xvant to produce the
show, you must have the seal of approval
from Andrew Lloyd Webber, Hal Prince and
al! of the people associated with the original.
This way the show you see (in Tulsa) is the
same as what people in New York and on
the West End are seeing."
Raab says that there is also a standard
the performers in the show must live up to.
"It is humbling and an honor to be in this
show, and I know I have big shoes to fill. It
has been around for so long, audiences feel
a sense of ownership in it, making it even
more important to see it done right. You
(the performers) have a responsibility to
keep the show in shape and do it justice."
According to Raab, the performers have
help from standard’s directors, who guide
their performances to prevent serious character
"We dodt have the luxury of’finding’
our characters," the actress explains. "It takes
a different skill set to step into a role that
has been established and place our marks on
it as artists."
If you have not yet experienced "The
Phantom," the show will be at the Tulsa
PAC through July 13. Visit www.myticketoffice.
corn for ticketing information.
Quotable Quotes
Scientists at the Karolinska Institute studied
brain scans of 90 gay and straight men and
women, and found that the size of the two
symmetrical halves of the brains of gay men
more closely resembled those of straight
women than they did straight men, while
the brains of homosexual women were
asymmetrical like those of straight men.
6 the STAR www.ozarksstar.com
Open Daily = High Noon
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 7
17 West 7th Street (corner 7~ & Boulder Ave)
Tulsa, Ok 74119
R~tions: 918~5~98 e 800~5,5101
8 the STAR www.ozarksstar.com
JULY 2008 the STAR 9
Oklahoma City Museum
o£Art Presents
Roman Art £rom the
Final U.S. venue for rare ancient works from
the Louvre’s esteemed collection
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK __ The Otdahoma
City Museum ofArt wil! be the final
North American venue for Roman Art from
the Louvre, June 19 through October 12,
2008. Tile seventeen-~veek exhibition, so
large it will occupy the Museum’s ground
floor special exhibition gallery and the eight
second floor galleries of the Museum, will
feature 184 works, some weighing more
than 6,000 pounds. An unprecedented
exhibition of ancient masterworks, drawn
from the Louvre’s unparalleled collection, it
provides a rare and historic opportunity for
Oklahoma audiences to view these magnificent
works, many of which have not been
seen by the public in decades and most of
which have never traveled to the United
States. Furthermore, many of the objects in
the exhibition have recently been restored,
bringing to light their original beauty and
strength of expression.
"The Louvre, thanks to Napoleon’s megalomaniac
interest in the glories ofAncient
Rome, has one of the finest collections of
Roman art outside of Italy," said Hardy
George, Ph.D., chief curator at the Oklahoma
City Museum ofArt. "The exhibition
of sculpture, jewelry, mosaics, and frescos
will be scrupulously arranged in a thematic
manner that will certainly be visually and
aesthetically pleasing as well as historically
The exhibition examines the manifestations
of Roman public and private life through
an exploration of several themes, including
religion, urbanism, war, imperial expansion,
funerary practices, intellectual life, and
family. Roman Art from the Louvre shows
the full range of Roman artistry and taste,
juxtaposing "official" art with more modest,
private works.
The portrait busts of anonymous men,
women, and children featured in "The Roman
Citizen" reveal the styles and fashions
popular during the Roman Empire. Clothing,
hairstyles, jewelry and other accessories,
perfume bottles, and cosmetics are examined
within the greater context of the role of
women in the Roman Empire. Other topics
addressed include the art of Roman portraiture;
the Boscoreale treasure; and Hadrian’s
Villa at Tivoli and the Maritime Theater.
Roman Art from the Louvre was organized
by the American Federation ofArts and the
Musde du Louvre. The exhibition is supported
by an indemnity from the Federal
Council on the Arts and the Humanities.
American Federation ofArts: The AFA is a
nonprofit institution that organizes art exhibitions
for presentation in museums around
the ~vorld, publishes exhibition catalogues,
and develops educational materials and programs.
For more information on the AFA,
please visit www.afaweb.org.
Voter registration applications may
be submitted at any time. However, a
valid application must be received at a
motor license agency or a designated
voter registration agency, or postmarked
(if submitted by mail), more than 24
days prior to an election in order for the
applicant to participate in that election.
Deadlines for submitting valid voter registration
applications prior to the 2008
statewide elections are as follows:
Primary Hection
Friday, July 4 - Registration Deadline
Tuesday, July 29 - Election
Runoff Primary Election
Friday, August 1 - Registration Deadline
Tuesday, August 26 - Hection
General Election
Frida); October 10 - Registration
Tuesday, November 4 - Election
Changes in political affiliation may not
be made during the period from June
! through August 31, inclusive, in any
even-numbered year. The last day on
which a change in political affiliation
can be made before the closed period is
May 31; the first day on which a change
in political affiliation can be made after
the closed period is September 1.
Last day to request absentee ballot
for July 29 Primary Election
\Vednesday, July 23
Vote early at your County Hection
Board office
Friday, July 25, 8 AM - 6 PM
Saturda); July 26, 8 AM - 1 PM
Monday, July 28, 8 AiVl - 6 PM
Candidate Filing
for federal, state, legislative
and county offices
June 2 - 4
vavw.ok, gov/-elections/index.html
10 the STAR www.ozarksstar.com
Congressman Frank: WhyJohn
McCain Is \Vdrong for the LGBT
WASHINGTON, DC __ In the May
edition of the Democratic National
Committee’s LGBT newsletter, Democratic
Congressman Barney Frank makes the case
for why electing John McCain would be a
step backward for the LGBT community.
Frank, a member of Congress representing
Massachusetts since 1981, has long been an
outspoken civil rights advocate and a vocal
member of the LGBT community.
While McCain has tried to portray himself
as a "maverick" and a "moderate," Congress:
man Frank makes it clear that on LGBT
rights, like so many issues, McCain offers a
third Bush term.
~-he following are excerpts of Congressman
Frank’s article:
changes taking place in civil life ... Homosexuality
is a behavioral trait, unlike skin
"With one exception, the relevance of which
Senator McCain himself is rapidly diminishing,
John McCain’s record is completely
opposed to our efforts to combat prejudice
and gain legal equality...
"He has of course made it clear that he will
support constitutional Amendments banning
marriage at the state level, including
in his mvn state ofArizona, and he regretted
the fact that Arizona rejected such an
"In every other area, McCain has a consistent
voting record against our efforts. In
1996, the only time the Senate voted on
the Employment Nondiscrimination Act,
McCain was one of those who voted no. He
has also consistently voted against extending
hate crimes protection to gay, lesbian,
bisexual or transgender individuals...
"This apparently reflects the prejudiced
view that he expressed in 1993 when he
was helping block President Clinton’s effort
when he said on February 4th, as recorded
in the Congressional Record, "The issue of
allowing open gay lifestyles in the military is
completely different from the kind of
"In addition to strongly opposing same-sex
marriage, suggesting that he could modify
his opposition to a federal constitutional
amendment banning states like Massachusetts
from adopting same-sex marriage,
voting against ENDA, consistently opposing
hate crimes coverage for us, and being
recorded against every other effort in the
Senate to give us fair treatment, Senator
McCain also promised if he becomes
president to reduce those protections we
have been able to achieve at the Supreme
Court level. He has noted his admiration
for those justices who have consistently
voted against any efforts by GLBT people
to establish any right to legal equality, for
example ChiefJustice Rehnquist, a dissenter
in the Lawrence v. Texas case, in which the
sodomy laws against gay and lesbian people
were stricken.
"Given the alignment of Supreme Court
Justices, and their ages, it is virtually certain
that ifJohn McCain is president, he will
appoint justices who will overturn the
Lawrence decision and the leading Supreme
Court opponent of fair treatment for gay
and lesbian people, Antonin Scalia ~vill gain
alhes from McCmns appolntme ts.
Peopte living
50t c (3) b~on Profit ()rganization
Our House, Too offers a vadety of
activities for PeoPle who are HIV+ and
or living with AIDS to help combat the
social isolation that many of our
people live through each and everyday.
We provide a Toiletry and Household
Pantry for those who are HIM+
and or living with AIDS who cannot
afford to purchase these items for
themselves. We invite anyone who
would like to volunteer or provide financial
assistance to please contact
us by phone 918-585-9552 or e-mail
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 1t
~W By Donald Pile and Ray Williams
for Will & Grace in 2006, but Leslie also
is a gifted writer and playwright. He wrote
and starred in the autobiographical play,
HOTEL, which was also made into a motion
He has appeared in dozens ofTV shows
including The Fall Guy, Murphy Brown,
Newhart, Ski Patrol, Lois & Clark "The
New Adventures of Superman", Reba,
Wings, The Pretender, Dharma and Gregg,
Ellen, Caroline and the City, Sabrina, the
Teenage Witch, Nash Bridges, Ally McBeal,
Boston Public, Judging Amy, George Lopez,
Boston Legal, Ugly Betty and Hidden Palms
to name just a few.
Leslie Jordan, the wonderful talented actor,
comedian, writer and playwright has just
come out with his new book, MYTRIP
fabulously funny and interesting biography
of Leslie’s life, so far. We are fortunate that
we met Leslie a few years ago and saw his
opening performance of"Like A Dog On
Linoleum" in West Hollywood. He played
to sell out audiences every night, and now
in his new book, he brings his life to readers
throughout the nation to peruse.
What began as a smal! boy growing up
in Tennessee and thru his different trials
and tribulations he now is one of the top
actors/entertainers in the country. Leslie
has written a brutally honest story of his
life and tells about all of it, warts and all,
from his alcoholism, addiction to drugs,
street hustlers and everything in between.
The greatest thing is that he has been able
to overcome most all of his demons (he has
now been sober for over 10 years). Most
people who write biographies like to kinda
forget the bad times and only tell about
the good times. Not Leslie! He deals with
every aspect of his life and takes the readers
through everything.
Most people only know of Leslie either
from the movie, Sordid Lives or from his
guest appearances on Will & Grace. He was
nominated and won the Emmy for Outstanding
Guest Actor in a Comedy Series
Yes, Leslie Jordan does have a ministry and
that ministry is to be fun, funny, exciting
and to bring happiness to the world. There
is enough grief and misery in the world as it
is. He brings a breath of fresh air wherever
he goes. It is so nice reading a real biography
where the author tells it just as it was and is
and lets the readers get to know him personally.
This should be a "must read" for all
high school students, both gay and straight.
It is an honest and compelling story of one
person’s struggle with himself and the world
around him, and he won! Leslie Jordan certainly
deserves all the awards and accolades
that he receives. MYTRIP DOWN THE
PINK CARPET is one of the funniest yet
heart-felt books that we have ever read.
Leslie Jordan is real ! and in today’s world
that is really something to say! Leslie Jordan
is not like Paul Lynde, he is not like Truman
Capote, he is not like anybody else. He is
simply himself and that is what makes him
so great. After reading this book we can understand
why his one man performances are
sell outs! We can’t wait for the sequel to this
book! We URGE all of our readers to rush
out and purchase a copy of this book. Leslie
Jordan is taking his "act" on the road again
and will be coming to a city near you with
an exciting one man performance and to
sign his book. Check out his website, www.
thelesliejordan.com for updates. "Love, light
to you, Leslie and the very best!"
Donald Pile and Ray Williarm, Award-winning Celebrity
travel columnists who writefor gaypublicationsfrom
Coast to Coast. Proud members ofthe IGLTA. You can
email them at: gaytravelers@aol.com or visit their webpage
at: http://www,hometown.aol.com/gaytravelers
12 the STAR ~vw.ozarksstar.com
Wockner News Service
Two California counties
rebel against marriage
County clerks in California’s Kern and
Butte counties have stopped performing
all marriages so as not to have to marry gay
In Kern County, where Bakersfield is
located, Clerk Ann Barnett announced her
decision after county lawyers told her she
could not marry straight couples but refuse
to marry gay couples. Officially, she said
the move stemmed from a lack ofstaffand
space to meet the anticipated demand for
But in an e-mail sent to the conservative
legal group Alliance Defense Fund and obtained
by the Bakersfield Californian newspaper,
Barnett’s office wrote: "Our question
is, now that the Supreme Court has refused
to stay its decision, will Alliance Defense
Fund defend the County Clerk if she ceases
performing all marriage ceremonies.... We
fully expect to be sued and our own counsel
is not being of help.’"
In Butte County, north of Sacramento,
County Clerk Candace Grubbs cited money
problems in announcing her decision. ~:he
county’s largest city is Chico, population
But the president of the California Association
of Clerks and Elected Officials, Contra
Costa County Clerk Steve Weir, said the
money excuse makes no sense.
He told the San Francisco Chronicle that
counties make money from selling marriage
licenses and performing weddings.
Kern and Butte counties still have to issue
marriage licenses to same-sex couples,
but counties are not required to also offer
wedding ceremonies, though most do as a
courtesy and because it brings in income.
Massachusetts governot’sdaughter
Katherine Patrick, daughter of Massachusetts
Gov. Deval Patrick, came out publicly
as a lesbian June 12 in an interview with the
Boston gay newspaper Bay Windows.
"We... wanted people to know that it’s
not only something that we accept, but it’s
something that we’re very proud of," Katherine,
18, said.
She said she came out to her parents in July
2007, just before a picnic by the pool at
their home in the Berkshires.
"It was the easiest coming out experience
that anyone could possibly have," Katherine
First lady Diane Patrick called that event "a
nonevent in the sense that there wasn’t any
"I was just happy for her that she knew who
she was and that she was comfortable with
who she was," she said.
Gov. Patrick told Bay Windows, "I think
when Katherine started to memorize all the
episodes ofThe L Word, there was some
hint that maybe she was sending us."
Big gay gro,ups: Do
marry; dont sue
Leading national gay organizations have
issued a strongly worded advisory al! but
demanding that same-sex couples who visit
California to get married not file any lawsuits
seeking recognition of their marriages
in their home states.
The document also strongly urges married
same-sex couples not to sue for federal
recognition of their marriages.
The lengthy document was issued June 10
by Lambda Legal, the American Civil Liberties
Union, the Human Rights Campaign,
the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation,
the National Center for Lesbian
Rights, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and
Defenders, Equality Federation, Freedom To
Marry, and the National Gay and Lesbian
Task Force.
"Don’t go suing right away," the groups said.
"Most lawsuits will likely set us all back."
"One thing couples shouldn’t do is just sue
the federal government or, if they are from
other states, go sue their home state or
their employer to recognize their marriage
or open up the health plan," the advisory
continued. "Pushing the federal government
before we have a critical mass of states
recognizing same-sex relationships or suing
in states where the courts aren’t ready is
likely to get us bad rulings. Bad rulings will
make it much more difficult for us to win
marriage, and will certainly make it take
much longer."
The full document can be accessed on the
ACLU’s Web site at tinyurl.com/66z8kq.
N.Y. governor sued over
gay-marriage decision
Five state lawmakers and the right-wing
legal group Alliance Defense Fund sued
New York Gov. David Paterson on June 3,
hoping to block his order that state agencies
must recognize same-sex marriages entered
into in places where they are legal.
The suit claims that only the Legislature can
redefine marriage and seeks an injunction
halting implementation of the order.
Paterson has said he merely complied with
a recent court decision that found that a
community college could not deny benefits
to the wife of a female employee -- the
couple married in Canada -- because New
York policy recognizes marriages performed
outside the state.
Same-sex marriage is allowed in Belgium,
California, Canada, Denmark, Massachusetts,
the Netherlands, South Africa and
........More U. S. News page 23
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 13
~e~LInside Hol~ood, reports on new
Reese Witherspoon and Ben Stiller Get Secretive
ifyou dofft get to know what it is.
movie proiecr, and the reason for all the hush
ator, Cameron Crowe. Crowe is known t
tong as he cm~, and this one is no exception.
Witherspoon and Ben Stiller, and it’s a romantic
bytes, the presence of
seem like the most promising. ~they mean that
as Etizabethtown. So the rum re is tentatively bright. For now,
Dan Butler to Karl Rove: I Love You
What happens when
political strategist? 7he consequences of such a strange ~
comedy from writer-director Dan Butler, _Kad Rove: I Love
as Bulldog on Frasier, Butler stars in this seifa
depressed careerist actor in 2004,
creating a one man show about President Bush’s to
goal? The win-win scenario of both swaying the
above the tide for once. The Hollywood/D.(
producer, screenwri ~er, director, and star, and audiences can
makes the tihn-festivai circuit rounds, starting tight about now.
14 the STAR
The fellewing
EarthQ~ke Zin ’05
The Phillips brothers pride th~mselves
on quality. Their efforts
with lots zing and flavor.
brands under
Chards &
must try.
Orin Swift Cedars The
It’s rare
and :
pepper and tobacco
wild berry, with some
flavors. Ahint
suggests that
Petite Sirah, Charbono and
offering is best from 2009 through 20
Ravenswood Napa Zin ’05
97% Zinfandel, 3% Carignane. Heasing
bright, ripe plum flavors with a fine tannin
structure. This xvine has a lingering finish tha’
tastes ofraspberries, doves and vanilla.
Opolo Mountain Zin ’05
Ifyou are one of those who believe bigger is
better, read on. Appropriately named for its
bountiful bouquet offruit as well as where
the grapes are grown, this full-bodied Zinfandd
has plenty ofripe black cherry, plum
and spice and is framed by soft tannins and
balanced acidity.
Zinfandel, Petit Sirah & Carignanel the
2006 Ner~ Mi~o (Italian for "mixed
black") is deep filackish-burgundy colored
with a nose o~ dried herbs, pepper and
leather. This deii~ious "field blend" styled
wine has flavors 6f pomegranate, black
fruits and figs with a hint
of spice, medium to full
bodied firm tannins,
a long, lush finish/
Italian food, spicy
the rig~ht now, though
critics say it
will next 5 - 7 ),ears.
This to find so if you
see it,
of the better values,
to be a vastly superior
fbr Zinfandel. This wine,
some Petite Sirak, Merlot,
and Grenache blended in/exhibits
ruby color. There is a sweet nose
of peppery black cherry and raspberry,
liqueur intermixed with spring flowers
earth. The wine is medium to full-bodied.
Wine critic Robert Parker gave this one
Mr. D also hosts wine & food events
i known in town as the Wine Enthusiasts
References include: the ABC’s of wine by James
Z A P www.zinfandel.org
Members from ever) 25 club flag
VOTE For Corporation Commissioner Jim Roth & Co.
16 t~$TAR
SSIL~’s HOT Cowboys, Let’s Rodeo!
JULY 2008
downtown Tulsa. Author Clara Nipper 0fTulga-Her new book, Femme
Noir, has received num~ro~ rave reviews and was nominated
for 2 Lambda Lite~ rds~ Her story backdrop
is in Tulsa a~ the time 6f~h~ i921 rac~ riots, about a
lesbian murder mystery featuring a hardcore black woman
named Nora who finds h~rself ii~,estigating her friend’s
murder, the STAR t 7
by Donald Pile and Ray Williams
Special praise needs to be given to Steve Nycklemoe who is the
Director of Operations. He has done an outstanding job in putting
this exhibit together. Actually it is one of the finest exhibits that we
have seen in our travels. We strongly urge all of our readers to visit
this museum.
Steve Nycklemoe & Ray \Villiams
Well, the zip code just about explains almost everything about West
Hollywood! What else can be said except that it is fun and exciting
and ? There is so much to see and do and not enough time. For
those of you who have never been there, \Hest Hollywood which is
known as "WEHO" is located between Los Angeles and Beverly
Hills and the main street is Santa Monica Blvd. which is filled with
gay flags, restaurants, bars and shops. At night time it is filled with
thousands of people partying.
The HOLLYWOOD MUSEUM is located in the historic Max
Factor building at 1660 North Highland Avenue just a few blocks
east of the Kodak Center in downtown Hollywood. They have over
10,000 showbiz treasures. When we were there, they had a special
exhibit of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia including many of the
dresses that she wore in her movies. You can see the chair where
Hizabeth Taylor sat in the movie Cleopatra, view Cary Grant’s
vintage Rolls Royce, Elvis Presley’s favorite bathrobe, Rocky’s boxing
gloves and Indiana Jones’ whip.
As you enter the beautiful Art Deco building you walk directly in to
the exquisite lobby with it’s original art deco lighting fixtures, show
cases and architectural moldings. There are displays of original Max
Factor cosmetics and ads. Browse the different make up rooms
where each has a different color mode It is truly like stepping back
into old Hollywood when it was at it’s peak. There are several floors
of exciting exhibits to see. Actually one could spend a whole day
there and not see everything. Downstairs they have the original
prison setting of Hannibal in Silence of the Lambs.
They have really worked at making this one of the finest museums
in the country. Anybody and everybody who is even remotely interested
in movies should visit this museum. Their hours are 10 AM
to 5 PM, Thursday thru Sunday. Be sure to check out their website
at: www.thehollywoodmuseum.com.
Be sure to visit at least one of the major movie studios while you are
in West Hollywood.
We attended the world premier play, BOISE USA by the extremely
talented playwright, Gene Franklin Smith and masterly directed by
Arturo Castillo. BOISE USA is a character-driven drama about gay
persecution in Boise, Idaho in the 1950’s. The writing is superb!
The casting is perfect! Every actor is sensational. The audience is
mesmerized by all of this. Hopefully it will go to Broadway in the
near future as everybody needs to experience this splendid drama.
We had the good fortune of meeting Gene Franklin Smith and he
is an incredibly talented playwright. We can only hope that he
continues writing for many years to come. It has been playing to
rave reviews. It is presently showing at the Matrix Theater at 7657
Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.
There are of course dozens and dozens of museums and galleries to
visit in greater Los Angeles. As always is the case when we travel.....
too many things to see and do, and not enough time. We did have
"lunch with Holly Woodlawff’ one afternoon. She was one of the
Andy Warhol actresses who now lives in West Hollywood and we
visited with the Countess Alexis who is one of the great Divas of all
times who was also associated with Andy Warhol in New York City
and was in several movies.
One day we visited the new Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing. This
is an incredible high-rise apartment housing project for "seasoned"
gays and lesbian on a fixed income. Complete ~vith a swimming
pool, library room, gym room and a social room this facility offers a
safe and secure place for "seasoned" gays and lesbians to live.
There are literally hundreds of restaurants in the greater Los Angles
Area. Our favorites was the ABBEY which is a huge restaurant and
bar right in downtown West HoltFwcood. The TASTE restaurant
is also a great place that we would strongly recommend. Excellent
food and service as well as ambiance at these bars. For breakfast or
lunch we enjoy the French Market restaurant.
There are dozens and dozens of bars in West Hollywood and on
weekends there are usually long lines waiting to get in. Drink
prices at most of these bars are astronomical! For our readers in the
Midwest, be ready for a shock. It is nothing to pay $10 to $15 for a
drink and we mean just for a regular bourbon and coke or screwdriver.
We are not talking call drinks either! With gas hovering
around $5.00 a gallon and drinks priced that high and with the cost
of housing, it does take lots of money to have a good time.
18 th÷$TAR ~.ozarksstar.com
The Abbey Restaurant and Bar
We stayed at the San Vicente Inn which is just 1/2 block from Santa
Monica Blvd. It is a totally gay resort that has recently been sold
and is now in the process of being completely remodeled. It is the
most convenient place to stay since you can walk almost everywhere,
and if you want to go anywhere else you catch the bus. The staffis
one of the friendliest around.
NOTE: Seepage 22for 7he Abbey’s Tn~ffte Macaroni & Cheese recipe.
Oklahomans for Equality and Breast
Impressions ofTulsa team up to raise breast
cancer awareness.
Breast Impressions "Beauty beyond Breast Cancer" Art on Display
TULSA, OK (PR) __ For the second year Breast Impressions breast
cast art will be on display at the Oklahomans for Equality Dennis
R. Nell! Equality Center gallery through the month ofJuly. Only
breast cancer survivors have been cast in plaster this year, and local
artists have turned the castings into stunning examples of each
survivor’s incredible journey through breast cancer¯ The art displayed
will be auctioned at the Breast Impressions Annual Gala for
the benefit ofTulsa Project Woman, Inc. on October 3, 2008. But
the Equality Center "Beauty beyond Breast Cancer" show allows
Oklahomans to see and experience he inspiration through each
survivor s story.
Breast Impressions is honored to display the work at the Dennis R.
Neill Equality Center gallery because of the higher risk for developing
breast cancer among lesbians and bisexual women.
Due to a variety of social stigmas statistically they have a higher risk
profile than their heterosexual counterparts. Realizing this, Tulsa
Project Woman will hold an educational seminar during the Breast
Impressions art show, to further promote breast cancer awareness
through the communit):
Opening Night of the Gallery showing will be July 3, 2008 from
5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The Dennis R. Neill Equality Center is located at
621 E. 4th Street, in downtown Tulsa. Refreshments will be provided
by Panera Bread, Godiva Chocolate, and Escargot’s. Many of
the artists and breast cancer survivor models will be in attendance to
meet those who visit. The show will continue through July until the
28th, Monday through Saturday from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tulsa Project
Woman will also host a dessert reception and private showing of
the Breast Impressions Exhibit and then a Breast Health Education
seminar on Thursday, July 17 at 7:00pm. This seminar will include
information on Breast Cancer Prevention, How to do a Self Breast
Exam and the Tulsa Project Woman.
You can contact Judi Grove, founder of Breast Impressions at 918-
691-3874 for more information about the Equality Center gallery
showing, or the upcoming Gala and Auction for the benefit ofTulsa
Project Woman.
theSTAR 19
of Town
By Andrew Collins
Nashville, Tennessee
good idea). The s~ae
By Donald Pile & Ray \vq’illiams
The Abbey Food and Bar is located at
692 North Robertson just 1/2 block south
of Santa Monica Blvd. It has been around
quite a few years and it is one of the wonderful
restaurants/bars that just keeps getting
better year after year after year. David
Cooley is the master at the art ofwork and
play. Over the past 15+ years, his creation,
The Abbey Food and Bar, has grown from a
small, West Hollywood coffeehouse to one
of the most popular hotspots in the country.
Locals, tourists and celebrities alike all flock
to The Abbey for its infamous Martinis
as well as its stunning, open-air ambiance
and truly relaxed elegance. In May 2006,
Cooley and The Abbey entered an entirely
new and exciting phase in its partnership
with the Los Angeles-based SBE, which has
fast become one of the pivotal players in the
Los Angeles nightlife and restaurant scene.
Armed with the expertise, infrastructure and
corporate reach of SBE, The Abbey is beginning
its biggest expansion to date - reproducing
the signature Abbey experience in
selected cities nationwide. While no specific
locations have been finalized for national
expansion, Cooley and SBE are exploring
locations where The Abbey’s open-air
concept would work best, including Miami’s
South Beach, Atlanta, San Francisco, Dallas,
Las Vegas and Phoenix.
So now you have the background on
the Abbey but you MUST dine and drink
there. It is where it is all happening in West
Hollywood and everyone who is anyone
goes there. Hizabeth Taylor made a rare
appearance there last month to a cheering
crowd. When we dined there, everything
was great...the service, the ambiance and
the food was spectacular! We had the finest
pork chops that we have ever had! The
mac and cheese with truffles were to die for!
There are dozens and dozens of restaurants
to dine at in West Hollywood and this is
certainly one of the finest. Check out their
exciting menu on line at their website,
22 tbeSTAR w~wv.ozarksstar.com
Ca iforni s will vote
on same-sex marriage
They’re gonna vote on whether you are a full
Anti-gay activists have succeeded in qualifying
an initiative for the Nov. 4 ballot to
amend the California Constitution to undo
the state Supreme Court’s recent ruling that
opened marriage to same-sex couples. The
ruling takes effect, and the weddings begin,
on June 16 at 5 p.m.
The activists had to submit 694,354 valid
petition signatures to qualify the initiative
for a vote. They submitted 1,120,801 and,
on June 2, Secretary of State Debra Bowen
said a spot-check of 3 percent of the signatures
found that a high enough percentage
of them ,vere valid to extrapolate that the
threshold would be met if all t. 1 million
were checked.
Tne amendment will state: "Only a marriage
between a man and a woman is valid or
recognized in California."
The latest poll on the issue, a respected
California Field Poll released May 28, found
that 51 percent of registered California voters
support same-sex marriage, 42 percent
oppose it and 7 percent have no opinion.
The poll found that 54 percent oppose
amending the state constitution to ban
same-sex marriage, 40 percent favor an
amendment and 6 percent have no opinion.
The biggest support for same-sex marriage
came from younger voters, Democrats,
liberals, nonreligious people and residents of
the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles
The strongest opposition came from older
people, Republicans, conservatives, bornagain
Christians, Protestants and residents
of the Central Valley and Southern California
counties apart from L.A. County.
Observers predict that the battle may be
won or lost in the populous Southern California
counties of Orange and San Diego.
Women (53 percent) polled more supportive
than men (48 percent) with 8 percent
of each having no opinion and the rest opposed.
A majority of respondents up to age 49
favored sane-sex marriage, while a majority
of people over age 50 opposed it.
The poll questioned 1,052 voters and had a
margin of error of 3.2 percentage points.
Obama cdebrates gay
Presidential candidate Barack Obama said
June 6 that his campaign is actively participating
in more than 60 gay pride events this
summer, as detailed at pride.barackobama.
"I am proud to join with our lesbian, gay,
bisexual and transgendered brothers and sisters
in celebrating the accomplishments, the
lives, and the families of all LGBT people
during this Pride season," Obama said in a
"It’s time to live up to our founding promise
of equality by treating all our citizens with
dignity and respect. Let’s enact federal civil
rights legislation to outlaw hate crimes and
protect workers against discrimination based
upon sexual orientation and gender identity
or expression. Let’s repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t
Tell and demonstrate that the most effective
and professional military in the world
is open to all Americans who are ready and
willing to serve our country. Let’s treat the
relationships and the families ofLGBT
Americans with full equality under the law.
"Generations ofLGBT Americans, at once
ordinary and extraordinary, have made
possible this moment in our history. With
leadership and hard work, we can fulfill the
promise of equality for all," Obama said.
Quotable Quotes
Obama told reporters "the Republicans
helped to engineer the distraction of the war
in Iraq at a time when we could have pinned
down the people who actually committed
9-11." He said Osama bin Laden is still at
large in part because of their failed strategies.
Kansas CoupJe Does
By Greg Steele
Photo: Donald Pile, Larry IVard, Riverside
County, (Palm Springs) CA County Clerk and
oj~ciating the wedding and Ray Williams.
PALM SPRINGS, CA __ Donald Pile and
Ray Williams long time friends and columnists
for The Star exchanged legal vows in
Palm Springs, CA on June 17, 2008.
The couple drove from West Hollywood,
where they were vacationing, to Palm
Springs for the ceremony. The Star talked
with them about the historic occasion.
"We stopped by Palm Springs early this
morning and were married", Donald told
us. "Mel Haber, owner of the famous
Melwn’S Restaurant in Palm Springs was a
witness. He is a dear straight friend of ours.
The other witness was our good friend,
Stefan Hemming who owns the Liberace
Estate. We were very cool about the whole
thing until the Clerk said, "In as much as .......
Donald and Raymond have thus consented
together in marriage, by virtue of the authority
vested in me by the State of California
as a Commissioner of Civil Marriage
for the County of Riverside (Palm Springs,
CA), I now pronounce you to be united in
"It was a small wedding as we didn’t have
much time. When we walked out the front
door of the county court house, we were
crying and shouting".
After 37 years we have never been more in
love with each other. We are just sad for
the gays and lesbians in other parts of the
country who do not have the opportunity to
get married".
www.ozarksstar.corn th÷STAR 23
Photo’s by Victor G. & Judy G.
@ The Ledo, Oklahoma City
@Club Majestic, Tulsa
@ The Copa, Oklahoma City @ Bamboo Lounge, Tulsa
@ Steve’s Hideaway, Tulsa
24 @Angles, Oklahoma City @ Finishline, Oklahoma City
June 6, O~n~YoUth Center conducted the r annua
F~hi~~: ,Th~ ~h~ was hosted by 106.9 s Chase and
OK:: There were
different artists in
Pride Prade These ad es are hay ng tooooo~ ~bh fun
CaIJaway CD Romanticizes Man to Man AL
"You Ain’t Woman Enough’To Take My
Man", a gay man is telling a woman, drag
queen or possible a transvestite, that she isn’t
woman enough to take his boyfriend.
The title song "darn it, Baby, That’s Love"
highlights the collection. Clay and his partner,
Ty Lewis sing it as a duet with passion
and love. Other song selections that will get
you in the mood include "I’ve Grown Ac-
:customed To Your Face", "All ~e Man That
I Need", "Never Loved A Man Before", and
"Come In From The Rain"
In the past 20 years Callaway managed to
find love, work somewhat in the shadows of
"the industry" (as in, behind the scenes) in
Los Angeles, New York, Sweden, Dominican
Republic and all points in between,
boomeranged through Nashville and came
to live in Hilo, Hawaii. It was here that the
muse again came to him. "Hawaii is so full
of music and incredible voices that I found
my self facing this love I have to sing out
loud and once again I felt in love with the
audience, and they seemed to like me too",
Clay says.
Charlie’s, often hosted by Joan Rivers, The
Rose Tatoo, the Palomino Club and other
"interesting" places. All the while making a
living working in television production as
a production assistant and slowly moving
up that food chain. Life was good, met a
few cute guys along the way and a few hot
messes as well. It came a time in my early
20% I was taking voice lessons with Bob
Garrett and we ended up writing a couple
of songs together. On my web site, I have
included a demo of one of those songs from
over 20 years ago for a sneak peek at one
that will be resurrected for my next album. I
can’t sing that high anymore, but it’s a look
back to a day tong past."
"Then a fire in my apartment building left
me homeless and sent me back to stay with
my family in Arkansas for the summer to
regroup. In some ways I felt defeated, but
got chosen to direct the summer musical at
the community theater, the South Arkansas
Arts Center, and while in my home town,
met the love of my life, Ty. He had been
there most of his and my life, but we had
never met."
"I moved to LA at 19 to finish college at
¯ LMU, that was pretty much it for singing
and performing aside from high school chores
and the occasional opportunity to dress
up in a chicken suit. (But that’s another
story.) LA was a big eye-opener, as it would
be for anyone let alone a young gay guy
from south Arkansas. I began to write songs
and performing at lots of fun places on the
Sunset Strip and beyond. Carlos &
Gay Chicago Magazine says "On his debut
album, Callaway takes love songs many
written by men and popularized by women
then turns them on end by singing them in
his distinctive vocal style to other men. It’s
a creative approach that can make for some
rather interesting word play. "
You can purchase the CD online at: www.
By Victor Gorin
Keith Taggart congratulates State Representative
AI McAflgrey at a fundraiser for Jim Roth at the
residence of Mike McLain & Richard Ogden.
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK __ Oklahoma’s
first openly gay legislator, Al McAffrey was
re-elected to represent District 88 of central
Oklahoma City. He was first elected in
At the close of the filing period June 4
there was only one opponent, 27 year old
Dominique Block, who was running as an
Independent. His candidacy was challenged
by the McAffrey campaign on the
grounds that he had not been registered
as an Independent for 6 months prior to
the filing period, and the Oklahoma State
Election Board determined he was not
eligible. As there was no other opposition,
Al McAffrey was automatically re-elected
to of~ce.
Al welcomes this opportunity stating," It’s
a great feeling to know my constituents
have faith in me, and by their support I’ll
be able to serve them for two more years."
Quotable Quotes
The Tonight Show host, Jay Leno decided to
make an appearance in support of the recent
legalization of gay marriage by California’s
Supreme Court.
"He said that he is from Massachusetts and
that the sky did not fall in their state when
marriage equality became the law of the
land there," a rep for the event said.
26 th÷STAR www.ozarksstar.com
Task Force Action Ftmd
applauds New York
Assembly £or historic
vote on transgender
"We congratulate the leadership ofAssemblyman
Richard Gottfried, the many
transgender leaders and allies in New York,
and our partner, Empire State Pride Agenda,
for this important victory. We now call on
the leaders of the New York Senate to bring
this bill to the floor so that protections fbr
transgender people and others in New York
are not delayed another day."
Noway adopts gaymarriage
OSLO (AFP) -- Norway’s parliament on
Wednesday adopted a new marriage law
that allows homosexuals to marry and adopt
children and permits lesbians to be artificially
WASHINGTON, DC (PR) __ The National
Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund
applauds the New York Assembly’s passage
today of the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination
Act (GENDA). The bill, which
passed by a 102-33 vote, now moves to the
state Senate. The measure seeks to prohibit
discrimination on the basis of gender identity
or expression in housing, employment,
credit and public accommodations and
would add gender identity or expression to
the state’s hate crimes law.
New York extended protections on the basis
of sexual orientation in 2002 and the Task
Force has worked with the Empire State
Pride Agenda, legislators and community
activists since then to amend the law to
add gender identity or expression protections,
including by helping draft GENDA.
Among the other contributions the Task
Force made to this effort was a convening
of transgender and allied activists in 2006
at a training in Albany to provide leaders
with skills for how to build coalitions in
support of this bill, and a Power Summit
training on Long Island in December 2007
that attracted more than 100 activists who
were taught how to lobby their legislators
and build grassroots support for the bill.
If the bill passes the Senate, Gov. David
Paterson is expected to sign it and New York
would become the 13th state to explicitly
ban discrimination based on gender identity
or expression. Currently, 39 percent of the
country’s population is covered by such a
local or state law.
Statement by Rea Carey, Acting Executive
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action
"This is a very exciting victory for the people
ofNew York, particularly transgender
people. Legislation of this sort is not only
responsible public policy, it also shows the
nation that New York is unafraid to join the
ranks of states that value all of their citizens,
including those who are transgender or who
express their gender in ways that reflect the
broad and beautiful spectrum of humanity.
Libertarian Party selects Bob
Barr.as 2008 presidential
Former Congressman plans to take the
White House as Libertarian candidate
DENVER, CO (PR) __ The Libertarian
Party has nominated former Congressman
Bob Barr as its candidate for president for
the 2008 election.
"I’m sure we will emerge here with the
strongest ticket in the history of the Libertarian
Party," Barr stated in his victory
speech shortly after being selected as the
Party’s nominee. "I want everybody to remember
that we only have 163 days to win
this election. We cannot waste one single
More than 650 Libertarian delegates met
in Denver from May 22 tilt the 26 for the
2008 Libertarian National Convention. After
six rounds of voting Sunday afternoon,
Barr was selected as the Party’s presidential
The Libertarian Party is America’s third
largest political party, founded in 1971 as an
alternative to the two main political parties.
You can find more information on the Libertarian
Party by visiting www.LP.org. The
Libertarian Party proudly stands for smaller
government, lower taxes and more freedom.
After a heated debate, the members of
parliament adopted the text by a vote of 84
to 41.
The three centre-left coalition parties in
power and two opposition parties, the
Conservatives and the Liberals, voted largely
in favour of the law, while the Christian
Democrats and the far-right Progress Party
voted against it.
Norway thus became the sixth country in
the world to grant homosexuals the right to
marry on an equal footing with heterosexuals,
according to Norwegian television TV2.
"This decision is of an importance comparable
to universal suffrage and our law
on parity," Labour Party rapporteur Gunn
Karin Gjul said during the debate.
The most controversial part of the law is
that which gives lesbians the right to be artificially
inseminated. The sperm donor must
be identified so that the child can seek out
his or her biological father at the age of 18.
Outside the parliament, a handful of opponents
protested with posters reading "Have
fathers become superfluous?" and "Parliament
has no mandate to change the laws of
Among other things, the new legislation replaces
a so-called "partnership law" adopted
in 1993 xvhich gave Norwegian homosexuals
the right to civil unions.
Health care workers who do not want to
perform artificial inseminations on lesbians
because of their personal convictions will
not be under any obligation to carry out the
The new law is expected to enter into force
at the end of this year or eatly next year.
Homosexuality was illegal until 1972 in
Norway, a country which has since become
one of the most liberal in the world in the
~÷STAR 27
by Jack Fertig July 2008
"Nalke like a tourist, Pisces!"
With Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Eris all in mutual
aspect, efforts at wit and charm are subverted by excessive
impulses and eagerness to take offense. Still,
it’s a good time to hash out friendly disagreements or
to take up arts or crafts projects.
¯ARIES (March 20 -April 19): Before speaking up, try to remember
some bit of wisdom from a wise old woman, probably
your grandmother or a teacher from early childhood.
Her insight could smooth out the rough edges, turning your
initial ideas from disastrous to helpful.
TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): You may be overly invested
in a set goal that isn’t as realistic as it originally seemed.
We all need to revise plans now and then. Be practical, not
stubborn! Discuss it with friends, and take time alone to
reconsider priorities.
GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): You may be trying too hard to
get ahead and to organize people you see as "your team."
Stand back, think about what’s really important, and listen
carefully to your friends and their aims. Communication is
the key to cooperation.
CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Arguments that seem to
come out of nowhere are really about your hidden doubts
and fears. Expert opinions can help set your mind at ease.
Try exploring some artistic medium or musical style that
wouldn’t normally interest you.
LEO (July 23 - August 22): Your own ideas of sexual
politics could shake up your corner of the GLBT community,
which can stimulate new thinking. Discussion points that
come from the heart will go over better than battle cries that
sound like P.C. cliches.
VIRGO (August 23 - September 22): Flirtations and
sexual politics can complicate relations with bosses and
colleagues. Acknowledging sexual tension may help to
dispel it, but that doesn’t always work. Think deeply and far
ahead before trying it. Discuss any problems at your job
with friends who work elsewhere.
LIBRA (September 23 - October 22): Cooperation is usually
more productive in the long run than competition is.
Both have their place, but your eager ambitions may blind
you to better opportunities. Careful listening can turn rivals
into allies.
SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21): Sexual experimentation
is fine in principle; just be careful that you don’t
land in a bad situation. Think ahead and be cautious! Be
clear about health risks, discuss at length what you really
want, and look before you leap.
28 theSTAR
SAG~TTARIUS (November 22 - December 20): Disruptions
at home can make you cranky and argumentative.
Looking for sex to blow off steam may prove more frustrating
than helpful. Competitive games - especially those that
test communications skills (Scrabble, Charades, Pictionary)
- are probably better for releasing tension.
CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 19): Keep your focus
right in front of your nose. Accidents are just waiting to
happen; being overloaded and distracted only encourages
them! Teamwork is helpful, if you can resist the urge to get
drawn into turf battles.
AQUARIUS (January 20 - February t8): The cost of fun
can be a lot higher than expected. Be inventive (you can
manage that!), and have a great time on the cheap. Debates
over aesthetics may seem more heated than they
should be, but welcome the arguments for potential inspiration.
PISCES (February t9 - March 19): Feeling like a stranger
at home isn’t fun, but it can fuel the creative juices. Get
playful, make like a tourist, and let someone take you to
places you’d never go on your own. Take a more objective,
outsider’s stance in community politics.
IRev Steve "IF. Urie
Spirit of Christ MCC
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EXPRESSIONS Comm Fellowship
311 S Klein Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73108
3540 E. 31st
Tulsa, OK
Oklahoma’s HIWSTD Hotline
2902 E. 20TH STREET,
Joplin, MO * 479-529-8480
Service Saturday 9:30 AM
17 Hk Street
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
Worship Sundays 6pm
2015 -B S. Lakewood
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www. openarmsproject.org
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We believe that homosexuality is not a
genetic trait but a chosen lifestyle.
We oppose the portrayal of homosexual or
promiscuous behavior in a positive light in
our public schools.
We oppose the erosion of our military
readiness through openly_ practicing
homosexuals serving in the military
We oppose the promotion of homosexuality,
the elimination of laws against sodomy,
and the granting of minority protection or
special status to any person based upon
sexual preference or lifestyle choice.
If the Republican message of hate and division
doesn’t represent you, then join us and vote
Democrati’c in support of what we stand for:
I~’ol~V~ln ~o~e$~ Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair
I~ Asbe~’ry~ Oklahoma Democratic Party Vice Chair
Undu Sru~’ ~’~ Oklahoma State Democratic Party
¢~’~o g~’d~ Oklahoma State Field Director Democratic
National Commiffee, Fifth District Chair
3~ ~o~’~ Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner
A~ ~{~’e~ Oklahoma State Representative District 88
gob ~.e~o~ our friend who’s straight but not narrow
Taken from current platforms of the Republican and Democratic parties of Oklahoma.

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