[2006] The Star Magazine, September 1, 2006; Volume 3, Issue 9


[2006] The Star Magazine, September 1, 2006; Volume 3, Issue 9


Politics, education, and social conversation over LGBTQ+ topics


The Star Magazine’s first issue began February of 2005. Before this issue was Ozarks Pride (2004) and The Ozark Star (2004). Follows is The Metro Star (2008).

This magazine discusses topics of AIDs, education, politics, local and national civil rights of the LGBT community, and advice for relationships and places to visit.

This collection is PDF searchable. Physical copies are also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


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Star Media, Ltd


September 01, 2006


C.D. Ward
Greg Steele
Josh Aterovis
Douglas Glenn
John Patrick
Michael Dee
Kay Massey
Paul Wortman
Carlotta Carlisle
Victor Gorin
Greg Gatewood
Libby Post
Andrew Collins
Donald Pile
Ray Williams
Michael Hinzman
Jack Fertig
Liz Highleyman
Ronald Blake


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4 the STAR
Acting Straight! The way gay men
have a tendency to worship the heterosexual
image. In white culture, it's the
whole Abercrombie model obsession. In
the African-American culture, thev call
them homothugs. ·
Social Change Calling:
"Part of what you do as a member of
a community is rake care of others,"
Carey, 39, told me."
A retrospective ofLGBT History. Last
month "August 25, 1984 (22 years ago
this week): Author Truman Capote dies
in Los Angeles.
Gay Travelers "East Coast or Wesr
Coast?" & "West Hollywood"
Out of Town "Houston, Texas"
DEAR UNCLE: I caught my boyfriend at
a local park with another man. I had my
suspensions, and followed him to find him
doing a trick in the bathroom. I was so
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By Greg Steele
TULSA, 0 K__Memoriai Day weekend 2006 Matt Brumley and
Michael Oaks traveled to Barnstable, Massachusetts from Tulsa
and were legally married as a same sex couple under the laws of the
state of Massachusetts. Of course we all know same sex mariiage
is banned in the state of Oklahoma. In last months (August 2006)
issue of the STAR we reported on Matt and Michaels marriage and
their quest to transfer an automobile title from Matt to Michael.
The state iaw allows married couples to transfer or add a spouse to a
title without paying excise tax. In this case the tax was $244.
TI1e couple decided to take the Tax Commission to task and
presented their legal marriage license to a tag agency at 17th and
Harvard. The agency employee told them the State of Oklahoma
did not recognize gay marriage and they would have to pay the excise
tax. A friend then advise them to try another agency. An agency
employee at 91st and Sheridan checked with the tax commission
and the titled was issued. The couple was determined by the tax
commission w be family and the excise tax was waived.
As the STAR went w press last month Michael and Matt were anxiously
waiting for the original tide to arrive in the mail. Hoping the
state had not disailowed the family exemption. The next day Mact
called and told us rhey had received the certificate of tide from the
Oklahoma Tax Commission.
The foll.owing is the tax Jaw regarding exemptions. Article 710:60-7 -
2. HExcise tax is levied on e--,.:ery transfer of legal O'\vnership unless
a specific tax exemption applies. ()nly transfers made "'V?ithout
consideration bet\Veen husband and wife or parent and child or vice
versa, are exempt. A Fam.ily i\ffidavit (Forn-1 794) tnust be included
\vith the other supporting documentation and is to be attached to
the nde document."
:i\.fatt and ~vfichael did fiie the 1\Jfida">J,.-it and presented a copy
of their n!farriage I..icense as a supporting document.
( 1
Gold Castle
"At Centu,y 21 Gold Castle our
BEST properties are our PEOPLE'
4301 NW 63rd, Suite 100
lahoma City, OK 73116
Proudly serving ]Ulsa & ()I(.C1s (;t,B'l'"' co1nmunities since '198
the STAR 5
"Acting Straight"
I recently watched rhe first season of the hit Logo series Noah's
Arc on DVD. Whiie I doubt there are any Emmy nominations in
the show's near future, it's really sweet and entertaining. I coum
myself among its fans now. One of che things that most impressed
me was the way it didn't shy away from tackling tough subjects
with unflinching honesty. One of the mpics raised was the way gay
men have a tendency to worship the heterosexual image. In whire
culture, it's the whole Abercrombie model obsession. In the AfricanAmerican
culture, they cali them homothugs.
That got me thinking about how ofi:en
I used to date a guy who could easily have been described as straight
acting. By his nature, he was very masculine: liked guns and cars,
played in a death-metai band, and always dressed in a sloppy-casual
style that was as far from the typical "gay styie" as you co~id get.
He had a sweet, sensitive side, but he viewed it as more of a weakness
than anything. On more than one occasion, I heard him make
extremely homophobic remarks. It alwavs bothered me, but I was
still struggling with finding my own ide"utity at the time, so I never
made an issue of it.
After we broke up, I remember him telling me about a time when
he was om with a group of his straight friends, none of whom knew
he was gay, and they started assaulting a couple of obviously oay • . t,.
guys. He couidn't understand why I found the situation so disturbing.
Eventua!iy, I came to realize that he was extremely self-hating.
Going into the military and having to crawl even deeper into the
closet certainly didn't help. Today, he's dating a woman even though
he's rold me he still considers himself gay. He's taking acting straight
to a whole new level.
I think a big part of his issue is chat he'!i never fit societv's idea of
what it means to be gay. He could never be somebody's.girlfriend.
Of course, you and I know thac not every gay man has to fit the
stereotype, but his fear was that if people knew he was gay, they
would assume he did. He was always afraid people would judge him
as someching he wasn't.
Obviousiv, we can't biame all his issues on societv. He's responsible
for his ov:;n actions, and the general pubiic is ch~nging as quickly
as it can. These things take time. However, the gay community has
to share in the blame. We've accepted the idea that rhere's a specific
code of conduce that makes one gay or straight.
So many gay people are caughr up in negative image ideas. Some
feel they have to act a certain way in order
I hear someone gay use the expression
"straight-acting" co describe another gay
man. The more I thought about it, the
more offensive it became. I'm sure I've
been guilty of using it in ,he past, but
more recently, I've come to realize iust how
damaging th~ term can be both ~vithin
and outside the LGBT community.
By continuing to
embrace phrases like
to be gay -- you have to worship lvfadonna,
call all your guy friends "girlfriend," and
sleep around as much as possibie. Hey, if
that's who vou reallv are,then great! You stra· -acting, we're be you. 'Th~ proble1~ is, I've seen so manv
young gay guys just coming out embrace
these rraits simply because they've been led
to believe that's what being gay means.
How does one even act straight? Is there
., • ' i - ....
pe, -,,_,,,uating the idea
that there is a proper
way to act gay. On the flip side, I've also seen many gay
guvs who are so busv trving to emulate
he~erosexuals rhat tl~ey ;tart rn resem ,heir
one prescnoect way to oe necerosexuai;
And why wouid a gay person eve,1 wane ro
act straight' Possibly because the flip side of acting sc:·aighc w·ouid be
acting gay.
Ask your average foe on the street v,hat it means to act crav and
you~re likely to ge~ a laundry list of gay stereotypes: !irn; ~rist, lispJ
obsession with appearance1 Aan1boyant. and efferninate. rnavbc v:ith
r H • in , . ,.. ,. , ,. ... ., , _,
a rev.r you goj gins thro\vn 1n tor good 1neasure. lJo I know any
gay peoph: who fit rhat description" Sure. But l knov, even more
w1' 10 d on) L 111 1e trutuh ,1 s th, ere are as n1any ,;,rays re act gay as tn' cre arc
to act straight. It's the stereotypes rhat scare son1e people, though.
more flamboyant brothers. I hate ro hear a
gay man say something iike, ·'I can't stand £Jamey guys:' That's just
as homophobic as Fred Phelps picketing a gay funeral with a "God
Hates Fags .. sign.
Again} I want to stress that jf you~re naturally inclined to be fi~n1i~
ain::: or, masculine, then rur; ,.~ith i(! I don't believe there's anything
rnore treeing than accepting \Vho you reaHy are. I have a close friend
v,;ho foughc for years against his desire to be a drag queen. 'X'hen -r>/ve
first n1et him, he ... vas struggling to tone do\vn his fiarnboyant nature
for the sake of his straight friends. C)ver the course of the. last fi~\\'
years, he stopped trying to be something he V/asn't and
c::nntinued next page
6 Advertising in the STAR is just good business cents
Heart to Heart
simoly allowed the real him to shine
thr~ugh. Today, he's happier than ever, and
he didn't lose a single friend in the process.
In fact, all his friends have been 100 percent
The idea that there is only one way to be gay
is extremely damaging, not just for those
of us already free from the closet, but for
those who haven't come out as well. Here's
the catch-22: The more non-stereotypical
gay people who come out, the more the
stereotypes will be debunked, but the very
ones V:I{o need to come out in order to do
this mav be afraid to come out because they
don't fe~l they fit the stereotypes.
By continuing to embrace phrases like
straight-acting, we're perpetuating the idea
that there is a proper way to act gay. The
truth is you can't act gay or straight. The
words only describe what gender you're
attracted to, and how do you act as if you're
attracted to the opposite sex?
So let's get rid of the mindset that there is
a particular way to be gay or straight. If we
want society to accept us as we are, we have
to accept each other first. We have to realize
thar v:e come in ail shapes and sizes, colors
and creeds. We range from magnificently
masculine to fabulously feminine, and
everything in-between: There is no one way
to "act gay," so let's celebrate all of the many
colors that make up our rainbow flag. We
need to stop acting like anything, and just
be who we -are.
Quotable Quotes
'Tm not even aware that I'm famous until people
remind me. I wake up every single day and I have
my life, and it's pretty normal. I drhie myself to
work. I don't get driven rn w-ork; I don't have a
chef that makes me breakfast in the morning. I
don't think that I'm fu.mous until I come hen::
and it's like, 'Oh, that's right.' Even then, this is
my job.''
Ellen DeGen.cres to The Advocate:,
Photo by Victor Gorin; Left to right Jennifer Seal Democrat running for State House
District 85, Al McAffery, Linda Gray Murphy and Krith Smith.
Oklahoma to get first
openly gay legislator
Third "red state" to
elect its first openly gay
lawmaker this year.
by Denis Dison
Washington DC - Al McAffrey is poised
to become the first openly gay member of
the Oklahoma state legislature after winning
his Democratic primary Tuesday night to
represent District 88 in the Oklahoma Srare
House. He faces no Republican opposirion
in the general election in November.
]he win in Oklahoma comes on the heels of
significant milestones for rhe LGBT community
in red states this year, including the
election of Patricia Todd to the state house
in Alabama, and the election of Karhy Webb
to the state house in Arkansas. Both Victory
Fund-endorsed candidates won their
Democratic primaries and are unopposed in
. ,. ..... . d 'b ... rhe general election. 1odd an Web w11!
becon1e their states' first-ever openly gay
elected officials.
''Ars ... .vin is more proof that what fair-tninded
Americans car~ about most are issues that
directly affect their lives/' said Chuck
Wolfe, President and CEO of the Gay &
Lesbian Victory Fund. "2006 is shaping up
to be a breakthrough year for the Victory
Fund. Smart, qualified LGBT candidates,
backed by our national network of donors,
are proving that we can add voices for equality
everywhere," Wolfe added.
McAffrey, 58, is a member of the Choctaw
Nation, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, a formec
policeman, a father and a grandfather. He
was endorsed by the Gay & Lesbian Victory
Fund, which helped raise thousands of dollars
to fund his campaign. Victory endorsee
Jim Roth, an incumbent who sits on the
Oklahoma Counrv Commission, was unopposed
in his prim~ry race. Rhonda Rudd:a
Victory candidate seeking the Democratic
nomination to represent Discrict 46 in the
Oklahoma State Senate, lost her race to a
Democratic Party insider.
The Gav & Lesbian Victory Fund provides
strategi~, technical and fin~cial support w
openly LGBT candidates and officials. It's
the only narional organization soldy committed
to increasing the number of openiy
LGBT public officiais at federal, state and
local levels of government. Victory is the
nation's largest LGBT political action committee.
In 15 years, Victory has helped the
number of openly LGBT officials in the
U.S. grow from 49 to more than 300. For
more information, visit w"'..vw.victoryfund.
theSTAR 7
8 theSTAR
FOR us and ABOUT us!
Con,e 1J1t•Y, shop and p,ay In HISTORIC
~ureka Springs, Ark•n••s, Voted one or
Find them something truly
UNZQUE1'or the holidays!
PLUS ••••
dance•, concen,,, and
ot:her pride •n,antal

by Libby Post
Social Change lling
A poker player. A mom. A dedicated LGBT activist. A top-notch
not-for-profit executive. ·
These are just a few of the ways you can describe Rea Carey, the
deputy executive director at the National Gay and Lesbian Task
From Carey's peispective, how she defines herself is quite clear.
"Part of what you do as a member of a community is take care of
others," Carey, 39, told me. "In many ways, I can't imagine whar
else I'd be doing other than work that somehow makes change."
Creating change - while also the name of the Task Force's annual
confab of LGBT activists - is Carey's calling. It is what fuels her
commitment to LGBT issues and the work she does at the Task
It all started at home in Denver, Colo. She was influenced earlv
on by her politically active parents and the politicos who would
find their way into her living room - people like Pat Schroeder and
Gary Hart, who, at the time, Carey thought, were about 20 years
old. "They were actually older. They were young Democrats getting
elected," she said. "It lefc an imprint on me that people can get
elected and do good for their community."
Coming out at 16, at the very beginning of the HIV/ AIDS epidemic,
jump-started Carey's activism.
"I was affecred by HIV in a very personal way - a numbei of my
friends were getting infected. But politically and intellectually, I was
impacted by the broader group of thinkers who were writing for
Gay Community Ne~ (GCN) and Outlook," said Carey. Published
out of Boston, GCN was one of the country's first gay papers
and was national in iis scope. Outlook was a quarterly journal that
began publishing shortly after the 1987 March on Washington for
Lesbian and Gay Rights. While neither is still around, they are both
heralded in LGBT journalism circles for their ground-breaking
Not finding a "definabie community" in l 980s Denver, Carey
went to college where she was guaranteed one - Smith College in
Northampton, Mass. Northampton has, in the oast, been calied
Lesbianville in various mainstr;am media. '
After graduation, Carey ended up in the nation's caoitaL "I had
frie~ds i? D.C. I 'Nas j;st going ~o sray a few years. '1 ended up never
10 the STAR
After 17 years of working with a host of advocacy and not-for-profit
organizations - with a brief hiatus to get a Master's in public administration
from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government - Carev
found herself as a consultant for ~he Task Force. - ,
"I have always loved rhe Task Force. I just love the values, the work,
and the longevity. I was consulting with them, Matt [Foreman,
the group's executive director] came on board, and I truly enjoyed
working with him," she explained. "After a whiie, we both agreed it
would be great if I came on as deputy executive director."
That happened in February of 2004, and Carey couldn't be happier.
She and Foreman work hand-in-hand running the Task Force. "He's
a New Yorker, but we're both from the West," she said. "We work
in partnership - Matt is the more public face, but I really enjoy the
internally focused and strategic work."
Carey has overseen some tremendous growth at the Task Force in
her two-year tenure. "If what we wanted to do was heip create political
power for the community from the ground up, we needed two
new program departments," she explained. In addition to rhe Policy
Institute, which serves as an LGBT think tank, and the Organizing
and Training department, the Task Force's two new departments are
Public Policy & Government Affuirs and Movement Building.
The public policy department is not just about monitoring legislation,
but about getting federal resources and funds flowing to locai
LGBT organizations, she explained. Along with that work, the
movement building initiative brings the Task Force's expertise to the
local level.
"\Xle've always been focused on the grassroots, and now we're able to
provide resources and give attention to the state and local organizations
and ro the infrastructure of the movement." To start, the Task
Force is working with five statewide groups in Maryland, Michigan,
Missouri, Washington, and Kentucky. "Over time, we'll hone the
model to benefit other srare organizations."
Carey may seem to be married to her work, but in reality she's in a
committed relationship with Margaret Conway, a DOB Worldwide
executive who creates advocacy campaigns. They met at a lesbian
poker game 12 years ago, have been together for six, and are raising
a daughter.
'Tm both proud and lucky to have been at the right place at the
right time to be able to participate in one of this country's key social
justice movements," she said. "The ability to actually live the values
that I grew up with, that I got from my parents and my community,
is what I certainly hope we pass along to our daughter.'
If her daughter is anything like her, I'm sure Carey has a budding
activist on her hands.
Mica Barnes Headlines
1st Summer
Diversi Pride in
Eureka Springs,
By Carlotta Carlisle
Photo: Mica Barnes by Nancy Wood
EUREKA SPRlNGS, AR_The first Eureka
Springs Summer Diversity Weekend was
held August 3rd-5th. With ;;he Summer
event, Eureka Springs now boast four diversity
weekends a year. The Valentines Dance
in February, Spring and Fall Diversity celebrations
are heid in April and November.
Diversity Pride Events produced Micah
Barnes from Toronto, Canada, vocalisdrecording
artist/composer, for a concert at
the historic Auditorium. And made the
Diversity Bears happy with comic Bobaloo,
from Los _Angeles. Other v,rcekend activities
included n1en's and women1s pool parties,
Yards & 13.rds of:{ard Sales:- the first annual
City-Wide Silent Auction, Diversity Camp
()ut, an lJgliest Dresser c:ontest Golden
()ldie.s and other dances, and other events
geared tov1ard the gibt con1munity and their
straight ailies.
Bowling Association is pleased to announce
that Oklahoma Citv will be the host citv for
the International Gay Bowling Organi~tion's
(IGBO) 2007 Mid-Year Tournament
and Convention. The event will be held
November 7-12, 2007.
Members of the OKClassic Bowling Association
committee traveled to Calgary,
Alberta, Canada in November of 2005 to
presem its bid to host this annual event.
The committee hosted a well-received
hospitality suite on Timrsday night. Early
Friday afternoon, the commirtee presented
a singing slideshow bid presentation to the
governing board ofIGBO. The presentation
was greeted with rousing applause
and an immediate vote to accept the bid as
IGBO is the world's largest GLBT sports
organization with over 170 member leagues
and over 60 member tournaments. OKClassic
has hosted one ofIGBO's largest
and most-respected tournaments for over 16
years and has donated over $100,000 to local
charities in the process. Oklahoma City
hosted IGBO's 1994 Annual Tournament
and Convention.
The com!nittee has begun the extensh·e
preparations required to host this event. I:
is expected that 600-800 people from all
over the world will attend this even:. in
addition to the bowling events, the committee
will host 4 days of IGBO i:msiness
meetings, many hospitaiit} and social eYents,
and a display of panels of ~he AIDS quilt.
Tl:e event culminate:~ :n an elaborate awa:ds
banquet on Sunday eYening.
~fhe theme for the tournan1ent and con,.
vention is "fr:erything's Going MY \X'ay''.
Host hotel for the event will be The Holiday
Inn Hotel & Suites at 63rd & Robm~on.
l{ost bo"-.vling centers ,vill be 1-ieritagc L.anes
at 122nd & Penn and 'X7indsor L,ancs at
23rd & J\1eridiarl. ·rne banquet ~rte \Vill be
1•h,;, e:-rkc R - m ... RP•'Y'li-- ttr:n 1) ~·1~ 1. ......... Jll .... 00.a.,.. .. at ..... ~ .. ._ ... ...11~.u'.~. l 3Jt\.
ivlore 1nfor1nation about the tournarncnt
Community for ,,
Peopie living
IQ('\ I \)
A ;01 r ,,J,,'1 "Nor: Prorr1t r1 .. g.0 111· "a-uion ...... V .,- ...... \ i .L' .1... -- ~ .. V-1. (t L·
Our House, Too offers a variety of
activities for people who are HIV+ and
or living with AIDS to heip combat the
social isolation that manv of our I
people live through each and everydav.
We provide a Toiletrv and House- , J
hold Pantry for those who are HlV+
and or iiving with AIDS vvho cannot
afford to purchase these items for
themseives. We invite anyone who
would like to volunteer or provide financial
assistance to please contact
us bv ohone 918-585-9552 or e.. maii / l •
harr1c:mmirt,:;,v~hon t'Drn I• • lV,, ,, f •;! ~J ""'-'. V, -..,i~ , t l,
the STAR 11
s I sit here listening to the Pet Shop Boys Go West, I contemplate
the proper way to begin this inaugural fitness column
for the STAR. It should begin with an introduction of
mvsel£ Mv name is Ron Blake and I am a personal fitness
trainer/ow~er for Blake Fitness in Phoenix, Arizona~ I have been
training individuals for ten years in Indiana, Illinois, California, and
now the Grand Canyon State. My favorite color is blue, my favorite
movie is Rear Window. and mv favorite beer is Stella Artois. OK, so
enough with the form~lities. Go to my website at www.blakefitness.
com and I'm sure I can bore you with more minutia.
Now that I have your atrention, let's get on with it. So how do I
NOW begin? The same way that I've always done it with everything
in life and especially my fitness training. le starts with levity and
fun. The key to life is to enjoy that very thing .. .life. How to do
that? Fun. Fun with moderate doses of responsibility. As a fimess
trainer, my job is to encourage you to take responsibility for your
life. Maybe not quire to the degree of your friendly neighborhood
preacher who pounds the pulpit and proclaims all homosexuals
doomed to kiss the conflagration of hell because of their evil and
irresponsible ways. i'm a kinder, gentler more compassionate kind
of fitness trainer. At least that's what they taught me whe;1 I was still
a straight boy in college. 1hen I saw the light when I ran into this
self-absorbed fitness enthusiast who converted me into a rainbow
flag-waving, Prada dressing exi:rovert and taught me that I too could
earn a free waster ifl could just convert three breeder boys to the
dark side. No more tangent ;:houghts or digressions. }bis is a fitness
column and I've got.a save you heathens from your licentiou$ and
hedonistic lifes,yies.
So as I was saying ... any fimess program you embrace shouid
iirvolve fun. Yeah, 1.-vorking out does involve hard work and dedication.
We aii know that. It shouid also be something you look forward
to and get excited about. Otherwise, why do it. Bur yes there is
hard work involved and I v,ould be remiss ifI didn't mention that.
.After all I come from a corn-fed lvfichvestern bac!r~round that is
engrained with a great -μ1ork ethic. 'Why else do you think fcllo\v
·12 the STAR
Hoosiers like David Letterman, Orville Redenbacher, Kurt Vonnegut,
and Michael Jackson would be so successful.
During my ten years of training clients and coaching high school
athietes, I have stressed one thing and that is for them to simply
enjoy the ride as each day passes. In many ways I feel like an entertainer
who tries to regale my clients with the lighter side of life.
Fitness training should be a method of escaping the harsh realities
of the daily grind. It makes a perfect opportunity to channel any
frustrations or aggressions in an appropriate manner.
I have informed my clients that they mighr not have control over
what goes ◊n in iife but that they certainly have the power to control
what goes on in their lives. This control should be used when
deciding the who and where of your workout. First who will you
workout with. Choose someone who will motivate vou, make you
laugh, and validate the quality person that you are. Choose so~eone
who is reliable, trustworthy, and goal-oriented. Choose someone
who will help you change your life for the better.
Then where will you work out? Choose someplace that has pretty
curtains, Tiffany lamps, and leather recumbent sofas. What? I'm just
being a smanass. It's not really my cup o' tea but hey if it works for
you then do it! You need to choose a piace that fits your scyle and
personality and a place that will allow you to have fun during your
workout sessions. Find that place where vou can adjust the radio to
any station and any volume: Find that place where you can take off
your shirt and walk around flexing in front of the mirrors like you
would at your favorite gay haunt on a Saturday night. Find someplace
that is relaxed and understanding.
We ail want results when we begin a fitness routine. It just doesn't
need to be approached as a dreaded task. You have the power. You
have the control. You can have fun. Two of my favorite motivational
sayings that I give to my clients are from Victor Borge and Mary
Pettibone Poole respectively: "Laughter is the shortest distance
between rwo people" and "He who laughs, lasts."
I've pia
gay ors
they sta
September 16th 2006:.,.
aid Llve'atTHE ~~ ·
riieOeBarge & Kr.i's
September 17th 2006:
(Tulsa, O!dahonia)
Sep;eniber 23rd 2006:
(MaA!ester, Oklahom
©ctobcr 6th 2006:.
(Oklalicima City)
ast Out
Liz Highleyman
Summary : Past Out is a retrospective of key moments,
personalities, and subjects in LGBT history. Each
installment brings the past to life by exploring the diversity
of the gay past and its impact on the queer present.
Who was Truman Capote?
Author Truman Capote, who popularized the genre of creative
nonfiction, was as well-known for his open homosexuaiity and his
extravagant social life as he was for his writing.
Truman Streckfus Persons was born September 30. 1924, in t,Jew
Orleans. As a young boy, he was sent to live with his mother's
relatives in rural Monroeville, Ala., while his parents divorced. He
moved to New York City at about age 10 to llve with his mother
and her new husband, Cuban businessman Joseph Capote.
'Though highly intelligem, Capote despised school and dropped out
at age 17 ro take a job as a copy boy at the New Yorker. He never attended
college, believing that "either one was or wasn't a writer, and
no combination of professors could influence the outcome."
Capote's first major published work, the short story "Miriam,"
which appeared in _lvfademoise!!e_ in 1945, won an 0. Henry
Award and led to a book contract with Random House. By chis
time, he had already adopted a flamboyant style - _New Yorker_
colleague Brendan Gill recalled him "sweeping through the corridors
of the magazine in a black opera cape, his long golden hair falling to
his shoulders" - and a penchant for social climbing.
Capote's first book, _ Other Voices, Other Rooms (1948), was
a semi-autobiographical novel about his chi!dhood in Alabama.
'Though controversia! ~or its dep:ctions of ,ape, transvestism, and
homosexuality, the boqk was a smash hit. Equally sensational was
the photograph on che book jacket, ·,vhich showed the handsome
young author reclining in a ianguorons pose with a come-hither
Capote's work rcflecrc<l a mix of Somhern whimsy and New York
Citv. so1•h:··ti,"1t:or rrc">'hg wl•a, ,..,:,,,.1bom~, Dulre, _. ,I .. -' J.:')~ ~~~ . .l »} - ,a.!. J. , ,tl .,. .._.1._~l.r . u.,. .,\.. ~
characterized as "the quintessential hon1osexual v,riting style of the
1950s and 1960s." Many people were rahn with Capote's boyish
charm, including several high~socicr;,r n1atrons v.:ho acted as benefactors
. .:In those days 'Trun1an vvas about the best con1panion you
could ,vant." recalled feUtPN author I'cnnessee \Villiams. HI-le bad
not turned n1aliciousiy birchy.'1
Capote had one of his firsr serious:
a professor of literature :-H Srnith
14 the STAR
met Jack Dunphy, a working-class writer. 'Jhe two men shared a
nonexclusive partnership for neariy 40 years, living togerhe:· in Sicily
in the l 950s, and later residing in two separate houses on the same
property in the Hamptons on Long Island.
After returning from Europe, Capote puolishec one of his bestknown
worl.-_s, Breakfast at Tiffany's (1958), ·.vhich reiated :he adventures
of free-spirited Holiy Golightly. He was not happy with the
196 i film adaptation, starring i\ucirey Hepbur:1, which toned down
the language and made the male lead heterosexual.
In 1959, Capote began work on In Coici Blood, a story about the
murder of a rural Kansas farm family. which he researched with the
help of his childhood friend, author Harper Lee. 'Though the work
- serialized in the New Yorker in 1965 and published as;; book
the following year - was hugely popular, some critics charged that
Capote became too emotionaliy involved with the alleged killers,
yet failed to adequately aid their defense because he required their
execution as a dramatic denouemem ro his tale. In Cold Biood
brought Capote even more fame and considerable fortune. To celebrate,
he hosted a Black and White Ball at New York's Plaza Hotel
in November 1966, which many considered to be the social event of
the era.
Despite his success, Capote began drinking heavily and asing drugs
in rhe late l 960s. A fixture on the television talk-show circuit, he established
himself as a catty queen spreading scandalous gossip about
old friends and benefactors. During these years. he began work on
what he hoped wouid be his Proustian magnum opus, A . nswcred
Prayers. The book was never completed, but a few inscaliments appeared
in Esquire in the mid-l 970s. His mean-spirited portrayals
of the rich and famous earned him rhe nick;;ame "the Tinv Terror,''
and he was shunned by his former high-society friencis. '
W'ith the waning of his youthful good looks, Capo:e became a
caricarure of his former self. During a falling out with Dunphy in
the 1970s, he began frequenting New York City bathhouses, picking
up working-ciass men many years his junior. Ioward the end of the
decade, however, he entered drug and alcohol rehabilitation and reconciled
with Dunphy. Adopted into Andy Warhol's circle, Capote
became a habitue at Studio 54 and revived his career by writing for
Warhoi's Interview magazine. His last collection of short stories,
Music for Chameleons (1980), was again a bestsdler.
In his final years, Capote becan-:.e increasingiy jealous and paranoid,
accusing fellow authors of appropriating his sr1ie ai;.d compiaining
bitterly aoout what he viewed as inadeqt,ate recogni,ion of his work.
He conrir.ued to drink and use drugs, his health cic,eriorated, and
he grew increasing!:,' reclusive. r-ie died of liver disease ;ma drug
intoxication on August 25, l 984.
Despite his downfali, Capote largely fulfilied his dr,~am,. "l
\.Vas not ineant to vvork in an office/' he said in a 1978 intcrviclv. ,;I
ahvays knew that I ,.vanted to be a \-vritcr and that J vlan1.ed to he
rich and fan1ous."
For further reading:
Clarke, Gerald. 1988. __ Capme: A Biography_
Davis. Deborah. 2006. Parn· of the (~enturv: 'The Fabulous
ofTruman (:apote J.nd His Biack•~an.d-\{7hitt' Ball_
Piin1pton, George. 1997 _·rrurnan In \~(!hich \!ariou~
FricndsJ I~nernies .. Acquaintance;;, and
lent (Doub!eday).
Photo: The new community center coming soon.
Sign of the Times:
A Decade of Growth at the
Tulsa GLBT Community
The sign wasn't flashv - it was vinvl. No
lights,~no neon, no iv screens .. '. just vinyl
with rhe words Gav Communitv Center
printed on it. Ti:affic,came to a cr~nching
hair. Some drivers honked in support.
Crcarive individuals voiced loud opinions
some good, some not so good. Others
took a different approach. Eviction.
A simple vinyl sign that caused the Tulsa
Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual & Transgender
(GLBT) Community Center to move 3
rimes in its firsr decade, also broughr a community
togcrher to realize a dream for rhe
second time. The fast dream had come true
ia October 1996, vvhcn Tulsa Oklahomans
for Human Rights (TOHR) opened the
original ''Pride Center'' at 38th & Peoria.
'Ihe 2nd-floor space in an unassuming
building quickly became crowded with of~
ferings for all in rhc comn1unity. Ihe ne,v
rni1lenniun1, and the fight over that vinyl
sign, brought a n1ove to 21st and Memorial,
and a ne,v nanu: the 'Ihisa Gay Comrnunit:{
Services Center. J\ sign •,1;ent up, but only
the initial~ GLBT were permine<l by the
landlord despite agreeing eariier to aliow the
vvords Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender.
n Four years of an abbreviated
still the no".v narned TUlsa
Community Center moved to an improved
space ac 5545 E 41st Street in Highland
Plaza - with plans to light up a sign. Those
pians yet again came to a halt as a third
landlord in ten years, despite rental agreements,
refused to approve even the initials
GLBT on an exterior sign.
Ihese objections were a sign of the times
that showed discrimination was still alive.
But, the unintended consequence was a
community more focused and galvanized
than ever before. The sign that caused cars
to crash also set into motion a community
determined to take a dream to the next level
- an owned Tulsa Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual &
Transgender Community Cemer with a
sign that proudly said so.
That first vinyl sign will have a permanent
home in the soon-to-open Tulsa Gay, Lesbian,
Bi-sexual & Transgender Community
Center at 621 E 4th Street in downtown
Tulsa. A new sign thac will light up the East
Village will also be a beacon to the entire
region. 'Die sign of this time will proudly
announce the GLBT & allied communitv
has fully arrived, has a permanent home ;nd
will keep a permanent presence.
A Growing Community A Big Home
1he Tulsa GLBT Community Center, 5545
E 41st Street, is filled with what the sign
(inside the window) says community. The
Community Resource Kiosk, the PRIDE
Store, the Family Room, che Commons,
Health Testing, the Nancy McDonald
Rainbow Librarv a11d the David Bohnett
CvberCenter ar~ some of communiry-orie~
ted programs inside the Center. Now
in just over 3,000 square feet, the new
downtown Center, at 18,000 square feet,
will allow growth for a!l in the community.
the over 20 TOHR programs and most
importantly - provide growth for you, your
friends & family and for all of Oklahoma
and surrounding states.
In its l 0th Anniversarv year of 2006, the
Tulsa GLBT Commu~icy Center has seen a
317% growth in traffic. The move to the 6th
largest GLBT Community Center in the nation
comes none too soon as visitor number
l 0,000 - for just this year, will soon walk
through the doors. The growing list of community
groups utilizing the: Center will soon
find an extra 15,000 squaxe feet to serve ~~~:gr~=i~;:~::1 ~~::;1~~:i~e~~:grams ar~
of the lifespan of GLBT persons and their
families. The GLBT & allied community
will enjoy bigger and better facilities available
for social events, seminars, weddings,
meetings, private events ... the list is nearly
While the Tulsa GLBT Community Center
prepares to move this Fall, the current Center
at 5545 E 41st Street remains active and
open Monday through Saturday, 3:00-9:00
PM. The David Bohnett CyberCenter, with
10 flat-screen computer stations, welcomes
over 300 people a month. HIV Testing,
Tuesdays from 6 PM to 8 PM and Saturdays
from 4 PM to 7 PM, is the only place in
the area to get a free 20-minute result HIV
test. The PRIDE Store, with the area's largest
selection of rainbow merchandise, has
the best values in town. The Tulsa GLBT
Information Line at 918.743.GAYS (4297),
your source for nightclub locations, business
information and medical, legai, counseling,
etc. referrals, has experienced a 503%
increase in calls over the past year. The social
activities through the Center also hit a high
note this Fall. Two big events, Out on the
Town & the TO HR Annual Meeting, highlight
the month of September.
Out on the Town with Dinner & DIVAS
You don't always get it this good. Start the
evening in downtown Tulsa at Tsunami
Sushi. The famed entrees and intriguing
interior of the trend-setting downtown
restaurant begins a night Out on the Town
with Dinner & DNAS on Sarurday, September
9, 2006. After dinner, rhe expected
SRO crowd will walk down the block to
enjoy rhe DIVAS 2006 concerr ar the Tuisa
Performing Arts Center (PAC).
This year's concert is produced by local talent
Rebecca Ungerman and promises ro be a
nighr to remember. 'Ihe evening will include
an a!I-srar line-up, showcasing Rebecca
Ungermann, Cindy Cain, John Sawyer, Pam
Van Dyke-Crosby, Christy Hanewinkel, .Annie
Ellicott, lvfary Cogan, Heather RichettoRumly,
Debbie Zanerhaft ,md Meredith
'~eger. Tulsa World fashion columnist
Jason Ashley \Xrighr and Fox 23 anchor
Chera Kirniko will co~host the evening ,vith
heart fi.lied humor. DIVAS 2006 benefits
H.O.P.E. (Health Outreach, Prevention and
Education) and provides necessary resou.rces
to.co~,:~~u~ the fight against HJV/i\J[)S and
other ::i 1 D's.
the STAR 15
Lesbian poised to become
Missouri's first openly gay
state Senator.
by Denis Dison
Washington DC -August 9, 2006 - Jolie Justus will likely become
the first openly gay state senator in Missouri history after winning
her Democratic primary Tuesday night. Justus will face a Republican
opponent in November, but the district is considered a safe one
for Democrats.
"In Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma and now Missouri, excellent
candidates are winning historic races. Jolie's win is a testament to
her courage, commitment and skill, but it also confirms that fairminded
voters everywhere care more about good government than
they do about whether their representatives are gay or lesbian," said
Chuck Wolfe, President and CEO of the Gay & Lesbian Victory
Fund, which raised money for Justus' campaign from its national
donor network.
Other breakthrough Victory Fund-supported candidates this year
Patricia Todd-The first openly gay elected official in Alabama history
Kathy Webb-The first openly gay elected official in Arkansas history
Al McAffrey-The first openly gay state legislator in Oklahoma
Jolie would join Victory endorsee Jeanette Mott-Oxford, who won
easiiy won her primary to retain her seat in the Missouri Srate
In other election news last night, Allen Thornell, who was vying for
a seat in the Georgia State House, narrowly lost his runoff election
for the Democratic primary.
The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund provides strategic, technical and
financial support to openly LGBT candidates and officials. It's the
only national organization solely committed to increasing the number
of openly LGBT public officials at federal, state and local levels
of government. Victory is the nation's largest LGBT poiitical aciion
committee and one of the nation's largest non-connected PACs. In
15 years, Victory has helped the number of openly LGBT officials
grow from 49 to more than 300. So far in 2006 the Victory Fund
has endorsed 64 candidates.
REGISTER NOW! Registration
Deadline for the November 7th
General Election is October 13.
1 6 the STAR www. □ ZARKSSTAR.C □ M
by Donald Pile & Ray Williams
est Hollywood (nicknamed
WEHO) is proud to be the hip and happening
center of gay and lesbian life in Los Angeles.
Since its incorporation in 1984, the City
of West Hollywood has continued to be recognized
as a leading community in gay and
lesbian rights. Visitors are assured of welcoming
restaurants and bars, interesting special
events and comfortable hotel stays. And the
zip code for West Hollywood is 90069 !
AU of West Hollywood's hotels are open and
inviting to gay and lesbian travelers. San
Vicente Inn/Resort.is an exclusive all-gay
property with private. clothing optional, tropical
.Rama.de.Plaza West Hollywood
We have stayed at the Ramada Plaza seve~
I times and it is in the center of everything.
Just park your auto there
Le Montrose Suite. Hotel,
Suite Hotel are within ce of "The
Boulevard.• Out very favorite place to stay was
tlie SECRET GARDEN Bed and Break.fast,
just a sl:H:>rt block Noi:th of Sunset Boulevard
at the foofof the Hollywood Hills. The owner,
Bilbao! is one of the nicest, most
d giving people that we have ever
':'.:.,.: .......... Continued page-19
by Donald Pile and Ray Williams
"East Coast or West Coast?"
Ir seems as though most of the gays and lesbians living in the
Midwest have a definite opinion on which coast they prefer. Borh
coasts have so much to offer. \Xie enjoy both coasts and get to both
regularly ..... Florida for January, Califrirnia for April and September
and New York and New England .,ometimc in between.
California of courn: takes up most of the West Coast except for
\'iiashingron and Oregon which has their own gay agenda and it i,
:!bsolurcly beaucifol there. All three Scares on the West coast arc cxm:
mcly gay-friendly. And there i, such a div<.:r,ity of things to do on
che West coast whether your into huscle-busrie of the big cirie, iike
San Diego, Los Angele-, and San Fran..:i,co or enjoy the quicrness
and rhe beaury of Palm l,prings as
well a, the Sunes of \'11/ashington and
Oregon. '!he weather in Southern
California i, of course always great
and even up the coast as far as San
Francisco, the winters are extremclv
mild. We have spent the Holidays in
San Francisco and it is quit<.: warm.
Further North into Washington
and Oregon it is much cooler in tht
Wint<.'.r. One of rhese davs we want
w take a three week trip driving all
the way from Scarrie. Washington
down w San Diego which is nearly
J 300 mib. One time we did drii:c
from San hanciscn to Los Angeb
which is only a 400 mile drive
and hy the time we stopped and
vi~ited even-thing it took w, "i days! hut wcli worth it. Driving i;
the ONLY W,1)" to travel if vou h:ne the time. Driving dow1, from
San rL1nci\co you first ,·isir th<: hisroric tO\V!l of !\:lont.crcy, Pchbil'
Beach, ( :~~n1h:l and do;vn diru the Ltbulous ( .a .. ;rk·, S~t!: Sin1con to
S.u1t~! Barbar~~ and then on to ;\Ldibu, Los ~\ng<..:1:>. L,iguna ~uH.1 Pn
l(l ~~!ll J )icgo .. J he :11:iior h1ghvv·a~:~· v,-hi,_h !~, jght Oil the (P<l:--! i:-,
hrc·ath-tak!nf, 'Ih,_T,__' ::EC ;0!1s t)f
tiH .. ' \V;t\
Hut ilLn -~•Jl!ll' pr:.•i,.:r r 1'.cl'>I o;r•,t \V~~r_•:h ... ·: it j,. Il::·id~i. the
liddL.- :\rLPr >-~L'\','
i\frcr leaving Florida, drive ro .S;::.v~!nn~d1, (;eorgia frH a grand tin1c as
it is ~uch ::1 historical tO\Vn and the seuing f<.>r the book and n1ovic,
.\1idnigh, In 1 he Carden Of C,iud And h·il. For rho,r s(> inclined,
then Iv!yrdc Beach, .\(1u1h c:arolina is ~~nother good pi~tcc to Yisir. Be
sure 10 visit sornc of the oid c:~\'il \\:'~1r 1nt!\cun1s \vhilc your driving
up the coasr:. \firgini~~ Beach is ahYavs fun. -r~kc ,1bnur 3 dav~ ro visit
\vashington D.C:. One of rh~ hc~c i.hing, c1bom that citr is ·chat :1lmost
cv~rnhing i:, FREE1 The mt,,eum~, arr n!leri<:,. ,1;1d hiswricai
sigl1ts arc -~lil frc--~.
"lhen hit ~ew York Ci!\". but park vour .mw in one of the
surrounding cirie, about 60 miics' ;W.'a;, at one of the parking int,
and then take the commuter train into the Cir,-. Aim of churchc,
that is close to 1hr commuter train, have gat<.:d. ixukinv lots during '- ~ 0
the wc,·k very inexpensive. New York Cit)" is NOT a place w be
driving your auto. After Yl'll !ca1-c New York City then drive thru
the scenic wonckrs of the New Engbnd State,. Everything in New
England i, extremely gay friendly and ,·er,- historical. You crn so
easily get wrapped up in American history. Either end your journev
in P-Town or Ogunquit- Maine. Both wwm arc cnn:mcly gar and
pl('.11r:,.· o( gay acconirllodation:-; arc found 1h~T,:,
So ·.vhcthcr your .w l·.ast ( :oast pcr,on ,,r" \X:nt ( :oa,t perrnn,
rake ofr thi~ )UJ11!11er and
experience ne,v adventures,
make nnv friends and come
back lO !he i\lidwcst with a
HL'\V pcr:-.pccriv<: on life. \Ve
find it tot;1)h amuini; how
many people we mecr from
the Midwest when tr,1vcling
to either coast. Sadh· to say
hur borh coasts arc ;nuch ·
more gay-friencllr tbn here
in the Midwest. ,\nd of course
several Stares on both coasr~
arc now t<l[aily smoke free.
California, Florida, Maine
and many pans of New York
have ~in ()rdinance against
s1noking in JI1)' public place
iucluding bars. And the great thins is that the bars arc more popular
no\v than the;· ever \Vere. SLClll'.-i ~1~ though p:.:oplc h:1d '.\topped
going to th.: bars for only one reason and rh~~t i:; .so tht:.\~ \von!d Jh)!
have to ()U! ~:p .,,:i1h rhe \Jl10~~ ... - in the h:1L\. ><P\V. ain:o·< Jil of the
l~:lr> ari: ! ,;Jc:-.'->\\·(: I:ccd t;:kc tl [l,_-,_-,o:i fr( 1rn hdtL ,~·n~t:-:t_;.,_
GAY TRAVELERS West Hollywood:
!twas like living in "Old Hollywood" whenever we stayed there.
However Raymond has now semi-rerired and now resides in PalmSprings.
We wish him well.
The heart of the gay and iesbian communiry is Sama Monica
Boulevard. "The Boulevard" is a pedestrian-friendly street, lined
with cafes, shops and clubs. Traveiers wiil meet friendly people and
experience an ever-present fun, party-like atmosphere.
Arriving in West Hollywood is arriving in the epicenter of the
trends that define LA. Of course, the definition of trends in the
ciry is never complete without the hot restaurant scene in hip West
Hollywood. With LA's greatest and most celebrity-frequented hotspots,
restaurants like Mortons, Ago, Lucques and Katana anchor
an impressive number of fine and casual din[ng establishments. Experience
the tastes celebrities and the rich and famous have known
for years. In 1.9 square-miles, West Hollywood opens the doors to
kitchens from ail over the world. From quick 'n' casual drive-ups,
to some of' the hippest restaurants in LA: West Hollywood's 120+
restaura:ns guarantee chat you'il never go co bed h1;ngry.
Party as the partiers do and the "real" party is always in West Hollywood.
'X'hether on weeknights and always on weekends, a steady
flow of hipsters and party people flood into the hippest, most
fun-spiriced dry around. famous hotspots like Skybar and Standard
Lounge, !1ot to mention LAs iive music scene on the Sunset Strip
welcome the night right. On Santa Ivfonica Boulevard the party gets
red-hot at legendary clubs like Rage, Mickey's and Here Lounge.
Shopping is a sport in West Hollywood and with some of the
"hautc-esr" comure and sryiish pickings in interior design and art,
you are in for a mighty fine "work-our''. From Hermes to Valentino.
Anna Sui to Halston, to the rock star garb at Maxfield and Royal
Order, this city drops the pretense and shows you ro che latest trends
you could only expect from the most stylish place in LA.
Nowhere is looking and feeling good more important than in West
Hoilywood, where Holiywood's leading men, models, actors and
stressed industry types flock to che endiess selection of health dubs
and spas for pampering and conditioning. Famous spots like Lulur,
Ole Henri;c.sen FaceiBody, and Kinara provide some of the best
known spa treatments in the world, while a:nlctic facilities iike
Equinox and Angel City Gym provide the '.ares, and greatest in
physical conditionlng. Check in a,1d cl~eck out the re'.axa:ion rhat
awaits you.
And for Art and Cuicure there is the 1k,ors Circle ·n1eacrc. Archirecrure
& Design i\fosetun, Coast Playhouse, Globe Playhoi:se, Lee
Strasbcrg Thea'.re Mu<cun,, MAK Center for Arr and ?-,rchirccturc
and rhe Pacific De~ign Center. And of course don·r miss rhe Getty
Museum just a frw miles \Xfes, of\X,'est Holivwcod anci the: \viesemhal
j\fu,et:m of":i)Jlernnce ,·mici; h,.:s a ;pecia] section jusr for
You Bv direct!v into lAX lnternacionai Airpon, take a shutr!~ to
West I-J:oilv,..,,C:od and vou don't ever have r~ bother with an auto.
EVERYTHI:.-~G is right there. They cio have wonderful pu6iic
transportation if you wam to venture out for the day but everything
is right there! Ir is a place that we certainly would nor wane to b·e
bur is a fantastic place to visit.
We always have a great time whenever we go there. And of course
the Movie Studios offers great tours, Beverly Hilis and the fabulous
shopping centers are a must do. It is just FUN and 1:ABULOUS!
There are simply way to many bars and restaurants for us to suggest
you try. Just walk up and down Sama Monica Boulevard and look
for yourself. There are dozens of weekly gay newspapers on the street
corners with ads for all the businesses inciuc!ing daiiy specials at bars
and restaurants.
Always have a great time when traveling, meet new and exciting
people and TALK TO EVERYONE!
For more information on traveling email Donald and Ray at gaytraveiers@
aol.com or visit their webpage ar: http:/ /www.hometown.
heaith outreach prevention education, inc.
1-800-535 IDS (2437)
Oklahoma's HIV/STD Hotline
.. Free nonjudgmental HIV testing, inciuding the 20
minute OraQuick Test.
* Free Syphiilis screening at the GLBT Community
Center on Tuesdays from 6-Bpm
H.O.P.E. Testing Clinic
Mens Outreach Program
In Tulsa at (918) 812-7045
Arkansas & Oklahoma's most read GLBT Magazine i9
America's fourth-largest city, Housron has developed into a worldclass
center of culture, dining, and style. (Photo by Andrew Collins)
by Andrew Collins
Houston, Texas
cosmopolitan city that biends Western and Southern
heritage and style, Houston has been one of America's
great boomtowns of the past decade. Its once staid, business-
oriented downtown has become a trendy district
of restaurants, dubs, shops, condos, and hip hotels, along with an
architecturally stunning baseball stadium. Other central Houston
neighborhoods, inciuding gay-popular Montrose and up-and-coming
Midtown, have also seen big changes fur the better, helping
to turn the nation's fourth-largest city into a lively and downright
stylish getaway.
Houston acts as a cultural capital bridging the South and Southwest,
with some of the best museums in the country. Cultural highlights
include the Men)! Collection, wid: wor~ by Warhol, Leger,
and Picasso in a space designed in 1987 by Renze Piano. Within
walking distance are the Menil Collection's Cy Twombly Gallery,
plus rwo independent faci!ides: the Rothko Chapel, which contains
14 large-scale Mark Rothko paintings commissioned for the chapel
and a peacefui reflecting pool and plaza; and the Byzantine Fresco
Chapel, which showcases nvo 13th-century frescoes re$cued from
,var-torn Cyprus.
Many of the city's engaging attracdons iie in the Museum District.
south of downtown, anchored by lush Hermann Park. Don't miss
the Museum of Fine Arts, with its concentration of Impressionist, as
well as Itaiian and Spanish R.enaissance, pieces. The Contc1nporary
Arts Museum hosts reputable temporary exhibitions. And the ciry·s
I:--Ioiocaust Museun1 has changing exhibits (v,1hich sometiines
touch on the persecution of gays and lesbians) as we!i as a permanent
display that includes artifacts and personal effects recovered
from a Polish concentration camp. At the northern tip of Hermann
Park iies the Houston Museum of Natural Science, one of the
nation's most-visited museums. Check out the Burke Baker Planetarium,
which has a 25,000-square-foot tropical rain forest complete
with butterflies. (No joke: Spray Calvin Klein's Obsession on your
shoulder and the butterflies won't leave you alone!)
Houston's gay scene is centered in Montrose, an artractive neighborhood
a couple of miles southwest of downtown, with a mix of
early 20th-century homes and conages and several newer pockets
of condos and apartments. At the epicenter, where Westheimer
Road crosses Montrose Boulevard, you're within walking distance of
countless gay bars and gay-friendly restaurants. As you head farther
west along \Vestheimer, you'll pass a number of antiques shops and
funky boutiques. Consider taking a break from shopping with a
meal at the homey Empire Cafe, which is set inside a converted vintage
service station and offers splendid pizzas, hearty frittatas, and
such breakfast ueats as hot polenta with honey-cream and toasted
almonds. Anorher exce!lent nearby option is Diedrich Coffeehouse,
a spacious cafe with sunny seating areas and a shaded patio.
Montrose has dozens of other great eateries. Acclaimed chef l,1onica
Pope, one of the Southwest's culinary stars, brings great cooking to
the masses at T' afia, a sleek space on the eastern edge of the neighborhood,
where you might feast on such creative, globally inspired
fare as yellowfin tuna with coconut chutney, or buffalo rib-eye steak
with a tamarind glaze. With an ebullient, festive atmosphere but a
serious menu, La Strada serves fine, upscale Italian fare at dinner,
including a signature Italian paella. R~ggles Gri!le is highly popular
with the queer community, famous for its Sunday brunches and
delicious Southwestern-meets-Mediterranean food.
Mark's is an upscale hot spot in a deconsecrated church, serving appropriately
nonconformist fare like bourbon-glazed pork tenderloin
wirh moiasses, glazed yams, and ginger-apple compote. Mo Mong,
a spare-looking haunt known for great Vietnamese food, happens
also to be a favorite spot for cocktails (especially sake martinis on
Wednesdays) among queers in the know. For stellar, upscale regional
Mexican cuisine, book a table at the hip and high-ceilinged restaurant,
Steps from the Montrose bar strip, Baba Yegas sprawls with sunny
dining rooms and shaded decks, which are constantly abuzz wirh
charter and gossip. Decent burgers, many veggie items, and other
light dishes are served. Barnaby's is a ctC\vn-home diner with a tn:s
gay following and consistently good, filling fare. And Katz's Deli
serves astonishingly large sandwiches, savory soups, and heavenly
cheesecakes in a handsome dining room that's open 'round the
\:vhile Momrose has pienty of gn:at gay-popular eateries, downtown
Houston is where a nurnber of top chefs are operating these days.
Among the neighborhood's most acclaimed din;ng options, Solero
serves delicious tap~ts in a sexy environment; and Bank (at the Hotel
IC~Ot',.~) presents the iefined~ ethereai, Asian-tinted French cuislne
of fan1ed chefJean,-Georges 'v:':}ngerichten. Berrveen do\vrno1.vn and
JY1ontrose~ the city~s lviidto·..vn neighborhood ha.s one of the hottest
20 Arkansas & Oklahoma ·s most read GLBT Magazine
real-estate markets in the country, as this once virtually deserted area
booms with new condos and town homes.
Cool restaurants are popping up, too, such as Farrago, a dapper
bistro serving creative pizzas, affordable pastas and burgers, and
wonderful weekend brunch fu.re. A more upscale but stiil moderately
priced option is Gravitas. 1his slick, beautifully designed space
is known for its terrific wine list and tantalizing American bistro
cuisine - rhe roasted Texas quail with sweet corn and applewoodsmoked
bacon is heavenly.
Houston has a tremendous number of gay bars and clubs. Here are
some of the more popular options: Extremely friendly and therefore
a great place to go if you're new in town, Brazos River Bottom
(BRB) is a good-sized country-western bar with two-stepping and
line-dancing some nights. Chances is one of the city's more lesbianoriented
hangouts, with dancing (both to pop and country-western
music) and a super-friendly, low-keyed crowd. J.R.'s - like its sister
bars in Dallas and Denver - is a quintessential stand-and-mode! bar
with attractive Southwestern-inspired decor and a fabulous patio.
Nearly next door, Blur Bar is a large new space with a packed dance
floor and a big pario. The Montrose Mining Co. draws a mix of
bears, Levi's-and-leather guys, and regular Joes into its dark and
cruisy confines. And Sourh Beach is the favorite warehouse-style
dance club in the heart of Montrose, with dancing and music into
the wee hours. Also pulsing nearly all night long, Rich's is an industrial-
looking downtown dance club.
The hip video lounge I,1eteor has extremely popular happy hours
and fun karaoke Sundays. Guava Lamp has live entertainment
some nights, great martinis, an array of video screens, and music at
decibels that allow conversation (and, of course, cruising). Regulars
at Club 1415, a !aid-back dance bar, love to mingle on the spacious
patio. A popular neighborhood bar among the city's over-35 gay
folks, Decades is also one of the friendlier hangouts in town. The
more hard-core of the city's leather bars, Ripcord is a fairly typical
such hangout, with the traditional black decor and dim lighting.
Houston's hotel scene has truly blossomed in recent years. Right
in the heart of !vfomrose, you'll find a rerrific, affordable, first-class
accommodation, the Lovett Inn, which draws a mostly gay and
lesbian crowd. 'There are 12 rooms and suites, some in the historic
main house - the former residence of a one-time Houston mayor -
and others in separate ombuildings set abour the attractive grounds
(which include a pool and hoc tub). A longtime favorite is in the
Houstonian Hotel, an opulent old-world property in the upscale
Post Oak section of the city. Om toward the ritzy Galleria Mall, the
trendy Hotel Derek is a super-sleek propeny done in bold colors
with dramatic contemporary furniture. Among dov,'lltown properties,.
the swanky Hotel ICON occupies the historic Union Nationai
Bank Building. 111e stunning rooms in this boutique property have
rhe ambience of a decadent Parisian flat, wirh vibrant red drapes,
plush bedding, and high-end toHerries. Although it's not especially
gay, the restauram·s nber-cool ':V11iskey Bar is a favorite downtown
spot for cocktails - e".\,ren if you~re not staying at the hotet consider
• ' •. I • I d ' . . . ~av1ng 1nart1.?1s 1ierer as you observe tne ramanc renaissance that 1s
downtown Houston
Houston, Texas the nations 4t.11 largest city.
Arkansas & Oklahoma's most read GLBT Magazine 21
CENTER NEWS: Out on the Town with Dinner & DIVAS begins
at 6:00 PM at Tsunami Sushi, 309 East 2nd, followed bv DIVAS
2006 at 8:00 PM at the Tulsa PAC. Please call TOHR at 918.743.
GAYS by September 6th to reserve your spot for a night Out on rhe
TOHR Annual Meeting
It's been an exciting and busy year for Tulsa Oklahomans for Human
Rights (TOHR). A building, the permanent home for the Tulsa
GLBT Community Center, has been bought, is being renovated
and will open in October. TOHR has partnered with Tulsa PFLAG
& OYP to plan and make "Diversity Celebration - Tulsa PRIDE!"
bigger and better - your input and ideas can help take it to the next
level. The Center has visited Tuisa PRIDE and OKC Pride and will
soon bring the rainbow to Southeastern Oklahoma during McPride
on September 23rd, 11 AM to 5 PM in Chadick Park in McAlesrer,
OK (log onto mcpride.org for more information). We're also implementing
a strategic plan and a marketing initiative that will change
Tulsa and Oklahoma for the better. You can help make it happen
with your support and attending the TOHRAnnual Meeting.
The TO HR Annual Meeting is Thursday, September 28, 2006 at
7:00 PM in the Tulsa GLBT Community Center, 5545 E 41st
Street. The State of the Organization, the Year in Review report
and Board of Director elections are planned, as well as celebratory
drinks and refreshments marking the last official TOHR function in
a leased location. As always, it's FREE. Join us Thursday, September
28th, 7:00 PM at the Tulsa GLBT Community Center at 5545 E
41st Street in Highland Plaza
Want the STAR delivered to your home or business?
12 issues for $26.95 will be mailed in a sealed envelope
the 1st of each month. Complete the form
below and send with a check or moneyorder to:
Ozarks STAR
5103 S. Sheridan Rd., #153
Tulsa, OK 74145
(Slngle Copies $3.00 per issue)
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Start Date:-------~
22 the STAR
Li le Rock Capi
Elects Its Boa
I Pride
For 2007
LITTLE ROCK, AR~ Link Rock Capital Pride (formerly known
as Little Rock Gay and Lesbian Pride) electeci its new Board for the
2007 fiscal year beginning July 1, 2006 anci ending june 30, 2007.
The new officers for 2006/2007 are:
President - David W Quinn
Vice Presidem - Barb Kampbe!l.
Treasurer Chad Allen
Secrerarv Toe Lafountaine
Board Me~bers-Janis Walters and Joy Evans
Little Rock Capital Pride was founded in 2005 by omgoing Board
President and Founder, John House, The success ofLirde Rock
Capital Pride has been through the hard work of the "All Volumed'
working membership, community support and its Board. \X'e iook
forward to seeing you at our 3rd Annual Little Rock Capital Pride
Celebration June 3, 2007.
The board is also pleased to announce that Capital Pride 200: will
be held June 3rd at rhe River Market Amphitheatre from 3 p.m.
- 10 p.m. Capital Pride has been heid for the past two years ar
.AJisop Park and the new venue ,'✓as selected to accommodate the
growth in attendance the evenr has enjoyed. Little Rock Capital
Pride Board President, David W. Quinn stated, "We are very excited
to host our third annual Capital Pride at the River lv1arket. We feel
the new venue will allow us-rn continue to grow the event, attract
more ~ponsors, garner more vendors and provide better entertainment.
Little Rock Capital Pride is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization
whose mission is to hosr events that honor the history and diversity
of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) individuals in
the State of Arkansas and surrounding areas and create unity within
the GLBT community and its allies by providing sociai support and
enhancing awareness of the past and present contributions of GLBT
individuals through community activities and services, induding an
annual Pride event.
* Northwest Arkansas GLBT Commu-
Center Receive's First Corporate
BENTOI'~VILLE, AR _ ·'We received a donation check from Wal
Man this week. !tis our "Fim" corporate donation. It wiil go
~t~:::'.-1\::;;~~1~:r~:,~~:~:~~~~~~::::1: ~~:,~(1~:;_munity
Tne l'1ortir'\<vest Arkansas <,.;ay} Lesbian, Bisexu~11 and 'Thtnsgendered
c:ommunit;r' (:enter is a group of like-n1inded individuals '\Vho have
come toger.her to create a nonprofit (;LBl- ,.,.,,.,""''"'"' Center of
1"Jorthwest .Arkansas. For n1ore inforn1ation go to:

Congratulations K'rli Adams
Miss Gay Oklahoma America

Salutations Kittens, a weltered Uncle corning to you straight from
the summer best describe as, hotter than a Twink painted in body
glitter wearing only a thong! Take my word for it Kictens, he was as
hot as they come, no pun intended. My goodness this heat has been
enough to drive a queen mad, not that it would be a far haul mind
you. As we sail into hopefully a cooling off period in che monrh of
September, let us see what intrigues the minds of my faithful Queers
this month, besides yours rruly.
Dearest Uncle Mikey,
I have a friend at school that i wrote to you abour. I have had this
amazing crush on him for a while, and until now thought that he
was a great guy. He aliowed me a momentary pleasure after which
he quit talking to me altogethei. I mean he made me fed just cheap
and used. Am I a slut?
Kissing and telling
Dearest Teliing,
Kitten, I got steamier details our of Clinton's memoirs. What a
let down; now I need a drink. If you are going to dish, make sure
you include the steamy details of your campus copulation. To your
question, was ic done in taste? I mean one can give twenty blowjobs,
but if done with styie, and taste, one is simply a giver, nor a
slut. TI1is is my story and I am sticking to it! Smooches- Mikey
Dearest Uncle Mikey, • ..
My partner gets mad at me when I indulge myself in satisf1ing
myself through masturbation. He feels I am taking away from our
lovemaking when I am not always in the mood. I never used to really
enjoy i:, now I enjoy doing it seYeral times a week. I even tried
on day at work b a stall, but that is a different storv. Is it a bad
thing_whe~ you are in a relationship? ,
Mambo or one
Dearest Mambo,
Ah, masrnrbadon, Americas second pasi: time event. Kitten, it is
nor a bad ace as long as you are not attempting co buy cards and
flov,-ers for Mr. Righcy. You can even incorporate this little past
rime into your lovemaking. Allow your partner to watch, whiie you
pu t ~n a steamy s>n ow rr or mI • m. ~1 am sure you w1•1 1 n,~ nct• th• ;.s qm•t e
satisfying as him. Fantasy is a ma,ior role in most n1en~s sexual
26 theSTAR
drive. Reassure him that this is not about something lacking,
simply adding to. More importantly, you skip the work story and
leave me hanging like a low rider? Have I taught you all nothing? I
swear, I am going to need a warm shower after this momh's selection.
Dear Mikey:
I am a twenty two year oid lesbian living in a community where homosexuals
are not accepted. I am unable to meet any females living
my iifestyle, leaving me very lonely, what should I do?
Sister soldier, welcome to life in the mid-west. I would suggest that
you look for the Martha jailbird's tour, which I hear is done by lesbians
Inc, but you know how rumors get started. You must surround
yourselfbv others in vour life scyle. Easier said than done-mavbe
worth the' effort- defi~ntly. Fou~ out of five lesbians currentl/livi;1g
in the Midwest agree. Mind you darling those are the same proud
members of the secret fingei society heard about in lesbian campouts
everywhere! Smooches-Uncle
Dearest Mikey,
Did you find Tiddles?
Curious kitty lover
Dearest Curious,
Kitten, you do care. Yes, I found that cranked up ungrateful kitty
hoped up on catnip, hooking up with the neighbor hood pussies. I
mean really, all I ask is a note, is that so much! Tiddles the o-reat mv . t, ;
ass, more like Tidd.Jes the Josey goosey. (Stern looks at Tiddles)
Dear uncle Mikey,
I caught my boyfriend at a local park with another man. I had my suspensions,
and followed him to find him doing a trick in the bathroom. I was
so appalled, yet froze unable to formulate words. Now, I do not know
weather I should break it off or accept his apology. W'hat do )'OU think?
Looking at loneliness'
Dearest Looking:
Indulge me fur a moment. I hope you do!1't find chis question brazen however,
could your frozen state maybe been caused by a sudden lack ofblooci
flow possibly. I mean honestly Kitten; we ail have been there. ! mea!l I am
simply looking ac causation in your search for truth. Some of my greatest
moments have been porn out of what I like to :efer to as, Dear :nches moments.
Kitten, we live what we allow ourselves to live. You and on;y you
can decide if ,his bathroom iover is ;ight fo~ vou. Personallv, I sav e~iov
the little tart while you get read:y to BBD '.bi~er better deal) his ;orry ;tali
iovin' v.rays. Safely of course, you don't \Vant to take away any critter.st not
on a leash: Smooches-Uncle , ,
Well Kittens, like a trick in the night, I n1ust make a run for it. ?\iv fi1ithful
pool boy is due shortly and I have not vet waxed. What we do to i~ok good
for our men. Until next tirne kittens remember this, Uve HtC as if y(}U a~c
the hottest trick at the bathhouse, rnake then1 V/ork for it!
Got a question for ljncie? Write to hin1 at unciemikey4you({paol.corn
Smooches'. lJncle }Aikey and (tired) 'fiddles too
McPride's 2nd
Annual Family Picnic
Saturday September 23rd
11 AM to 5PM Chadick Park
6th and Delware, McAlester
Organizations Resen,e your
display table now. Contact
Food and Drink vendors
Contact Elizabeth @ 918-
Marinated Pork Loin with Wild
3-4Ib pork lion
1 cup orange juice
1 cup pineapple juice
1/2 cup brown sugar
marinate pork overnight
4cups wild rice
1 cup chopped oranges/pineapples/
1 cup orange marmalade
Grill pork lion on hot grill for about 1 hour or internal
temp reaches165. In a large sauce pan cook wild rice,
after cooked and chopped fruit in a small pan heat marmaiade
over low heat. Place 1 cup of rice on plate. Slice
pork lion at a angle place about 4 slices on top of rice
and drizzle with orange marmalade. A delicious Pomegranate
Martini will go very well with this main course.
Comments or suggestions email Chef John
at: chefjohnp@cox .net
Here is a martini recipe that goes well
with pork, chicken, salads, etc ... or just
fun alone I Serve these to your guests
in fun martini glasses that are properly
chilled and you will impress them all.
Remember when entertaining to have
fun with it and your gathering will go
very well and everyone wiii have a great
time. Enjoy I
1 . Chill a martini glass with ice and water.
2. Combine al! ingredients '..Vith ice in shaker
(except 7-up) and shake well.
3. Strain into martini glass and add splash
of 7-up, garnish with a fresh lemon twist.
CELEBRATE September With A Cool Drink!
Arkansas & Oklahoma's most read GLBT Magazine 27
Q Scopes
by Jack Fertig
"Patience, Aries!"
That dreary Neptune-Saturn uμ~;u;:,ition is getting
activated again, this time by ercury in Virgo, offering
hope that the muddle and mystery will come into critical
focus. Then Mercury squares Pluto, brin · any
new ideas or rationalizations into the spotlig t to be
challenged or enshrined.
ARIES (March 20 -April 19): Pessimism is weighing on
you heavily, and friends' assurances seem to backfire. The
future is what you make of it, so take care of your health
and keep your mind on your work. Patience, love! Every
little step forward counts.
TAURUS (April 20 ~ May 20): With a sense of uncertainty
at work, you're inclined to retreat into your nest, but mere
cocooning offers little satisfaction. Creative projects at
home can make you more generaliy confident of challenges
at work - and eager for challenges in bed!
GEMINI (May 21 M June 20): Messages from Mama or
anyone back home can help resolve the problems you're
struggling with. Shutting up and listening can help, too.
Don't let ideals get in the way of reality, but let reality clarify
those ideals!
CANCER. (June 21 00 July 22): Organizing bills and accounts
and/or baiancing your checkbook will hone your
mind toward a better understanding of your priorities, both
material and otherwise. That clarity couid improve your sex
life! Still, be careful to avoid accidents and needless arguments.
LEO (July 23 * August 22): Arguments over money come
out of your rigidity and your partner's uncertainty. Even so,
financial discussions can push you to loosen up a bit and
give your baby a little more security. Gambling and investments
now are sure losses.
VIRGO (August 23 - September 22): Worrying too much
about guarding a secret can be the surest way to reveal it.
Put your mind elsewhere, especially on health matters. A
checkup now can nip something serious in the bud.
LIBRA (September 23 - October 22): Efforts to ioosen
up some of your more conservative associates are sure
to backfire. Try instead to be sensitive to and meet their
wishes, even if you take them in an entirely new direction.
SCORPIO (October 23 m November 21}: Friends - and
especially colleagues - can help you work through the longrunning
muddle at home and stress at work that feed into
each other. If their suggestions seem a bit off, use them as
a starting point for new and better ideas.
SAGITTARIUS (November 22 00 December 20): Arguments
are coming toward you and out of you more easily
than usual, and you had a head start! Accept advice from
someone whose authority you respect, and keep your rebellious
streak focused on productive battles.
CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 19): Clever suggestions
from an unlikely source can help you improve
your sex life. But they may also challenge some of your
erotic values and ideals - perhaps even open unpleasant
memories and hidden fears, and through those, untapped
AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18): To pep up your
sex life, move it to the bathroom. The shower may be the
best place to start. There are other possibilities, but once
you're near the piumbing, it's up to you and your partner!
PISCES (February 19 - March 19): Worries about your
health may drive you to a doctor, and a timely checkup is
always worthwhile. But a day at a spa with your partner
may be just as good. Any health advice from your baby is
especially valuable now, too!
Testing appointment 417-529-8480.
2902 E. 20th St.,
PO Box 4711
Joplin, Mo 64803
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Yot1r I11vited to our (~on1munitr Din11er E.,.rerv \XTed.
6prn just $4.00. No one is turned away:
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Arkansas, Bentonville/Rogers (4
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Border's Book Store- - - 2740 E. 21st- - - - - - - - - - - 918-712-9955
Border's Book Store - - - 8015 S. Yale - - - - - - - - - - 918-494-2665
Club 209 - - - - - - - 209 N. Boulder - - - - - - - - - - - - 918-584-9494
Club Majestic- - - - - 124 N. Boston - - - - - - 918-584-9494
Club Maverick- - 822 S. Sheridan - - - - - - -918-835-3301
Dreamland Bks -- - - 8807 E. Admiral Pl - - - - - - - - -918-834-1051
GLBT Comm. Ctr- - - - 5545 E. 41st- - - - - - - - - - 918-743-4297
Hideaway Lounge- - - - - 11730 E. 11th- - - - - - - - -918-437-0449
HOPE Clinic- - - - - - - 3540 E. 31st- - - - - - - - - - - 918-749-8378
Jazz's Lounge- - - - - - 426 S. Memorial - - - - - - - - - 918-836-8544
Midtown- - - - - - - - - - 319 E. 3rd- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 918-584-3112
Nite Spot - -- - - - - -3007 E. Admiral Pl - - - -- - - - - - 918-834-3007
Our House, Too - - - -203 N Nogales Ave- - - -- - - - -918-585-9552
Prisciila's - - - - - - - - -7925 E. 41st- - - - - - - - - - - - -918-627-4884
Priscilla's - - - - - - - 5634 W. Skelly - - - - - - - - - - - 918-446-6336
Priscilla's - - - - - - - 11344 E 11th - - - - -- - - - - - - -918-438-4224
Priscilla's - - - - - - - - - 2333 E. ?1st- - - - - -- - - - - - -918-499-1661
Renegades- - - - - - - - 1649 S. Main - - - - - - - - - - - 918-585-3405
Rob's Records- - -2909 S. Sheridan Rd- - - - - - - - 918-627-1505
St. Michaels Aliey- - - - - -3324-L E 31st- - - - - - - 918-7 45-9998
Sterling & Co. Salon- - -1606 E.15th St.- - - - - - - 918-742-9999
Tulsa CARES- - - - 3507 E. Admiral Pi- - - - - - - - - - 918-834-4194
Tulsa Eagle- - - - -1338 E. 3rd - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -918-592-1188
TNTs - - - - - - - - - 21i4 S. Memorial- - - - - - - - - - 918-660-0856
Yeliow-Brick-Rd- - - - - - - 2630 E. 15ih- - - - - - - - - - 918-293-0304
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contact us at 918;8J5:its&7,9aiifto4' - ®ll -'•fii 'br eiμail; 9i.a,."icsstar@sbc lobaLnet

Seeks Pff event coordinator
for annual festival and
12th page classified
91 B.B3S.78B7
11730 E. 11th - Tulsa, OK
Wed. Talent Show with
Bobby Page, 11PM
Open Tues-Sun 2pm-2am
Check out our new Patio!
gualificarions to
or mail to: 5103 S. Sheridan, #153
Tulsa, OK 74145
Get results with STAR Classifieds!
1 bed apts-remodeled
$300 Security Deposite
Metro Properties
405-627 -8087
Saturday's 5pm. Must be
available to dance Sunday's.
Compensation plus tips for
successful candidates.
Sunday Champagne Brunch
All you can eat soup and salad bar llam-2pm
Monday & Tuesday
Well Martinis $2.50 4pm-7pm
Dinner new menu items from 4pm - 11 pm
Friday & Saturday
After Hours Dining
New menu starting on September I. 2006.
Bar favorites, restaurant favorites and many
new items for vour enjoyment pleasure.
- --F'~•:';''+<~~'~ ;::- ~- ""' ~· ,,,.,., , ,.,,,, ,.,,,,,,
Mon Thur, 7pm-9pm wear your
and get your well drinks for $2.50
Sun -Thur, 7pm-2am
Fri and Sat, 4pm-2am
Rudy's Place is a non-smoking
Eariy for cocktails, late for a night cap.
Live entertainment Wed, Fri and Sat.
Wednesday Nights
with Taylor Brayns
Sign up at 9:30pm, Starts at 10pm
Saturday Nights
with Shantel Mandalay atl0pm
Friday, Sept 8 at 9:30pm
Every Thursday. Signup at 10:00 P.M.
and Show at 11:00 P.M. $50.00 First
Price and $25.00 Second Prize in CASH.

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