[1993-1996] NGLTF - Media Releases


[1993-1996] NGLTF - Media Releases


Various media/press releases from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

- NGLTF Applauds Congressional Passage of Church Arson Prevention Act; Permanently Reauthorizes Hate Crime Statistics Act

- Barney Frank to Analyze Presidential Election at Ninth Annual Creating Change Conference; Writer/Artist/Activist June Jordan to Deliver First Annual Vito Russo Lecture on Art & Politics

- The Marriage Debate by John D'Emilio

- Attorney General Reno Responds to Task Force Inquiry; Assures NGLTF That Anti-Lesbian Bias is Being Considered in Slayings of Women in Shenandoah National Park

- 1996 State Marriage Legislation; Real Discrimination, Real Rights and Responsibilities

- NGLTF Urges Attorney General Reno to Intervene in Wake of Murders on Appalachian Trail; Asks Confirmation that Possible Anti-Lesbian Bias is Explored by Investigators





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