[1999] Kathy Nelson's Legal Seminar


[1999] Kathy Nelson's Legal Seminar


Legal Seminar by Kathy Nelson announcement.


Three documents regarding the April 22, 1999 seminar by Kathy Nelson, Executive Coordinator, AIDS Legal Resource Project.

Document 1: Seminar announcement with time, date and location.

Document 2: A letter to Tom Neal from Kerry R. Lewis inviting Tom and others to a seminar on legal issues affecting persons with HIV/AIDS lead by Kathy Nelson.

Document 3: The envelope containing the letter addressed to Tom Neal from OLGLA.


April 1999


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Executive Coordinator
AIDS Legal Resources Project
April 22, 1999
7:00 pm
38th and Peoria
(The Pride Center)

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P.O. Box 3352
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74101
(918) 583-7750

VIA U.S. Mail
Tom Neal, Publisher/Editor
Tulsa Family News
POB 4140
Tulsa, OK 74159-0140

Re: Know Your Legal Rights Seminar

Dear Tom:
The Tulsa Oklahomans for Human Rights and the Oklahoma Lesbian and Gay Lawyers Association would like to invite you and any other interested people to attend a seminar on legal issues affecting persons with HIV/AIDS. The seminar will be led by Kathy Nelson on Thursday, February 18, 1999, at 7:30 p.m. at the Tulsa Gay Community
Services Center (formerly the Pride Center) at 38th and Peoria. Ms. Nelson will give an overview of some of the legal issues faced by persons with HIV/AIDS and the pro bono assistance provided by the AIDS Legal Resource Project.
Ms. Nelson is the Executive Coordinator for the AIDS Legal Resource Project. She graduated from Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma City University School of Law. She has had a private practice in the areas of oil and gas law, family law, estate planning and probate law. Ms. Nelson is also a board member of CarePoint, Inc., a non-profit consortium of AIDS resources and education which coordinates health care and support services for those with HIV/AIDS.
The AIDS Legal Resource Project was created three years ago to empower people with HIV/AIDS with the knowledge and assistance needed to maintain control over their lives. The Project offers effective and free legal assistance to those who qualify by connecting them to one of the more than 150 private attorneys statewide.
Attorneys on the Project's Panel offer help in several critical areas. If you have been denied social security benefits, an attorney can help collect the necessary documentation for the Administrative Hearing. In fact, having an attorney present at the Hearing increases the chance of being awarded benefits by more than 50%. The AIDS Legal Resource Project also gives advice regarding other state and federal entitlement programs.

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The Project also assists clients who have been unfairly denied health, life or disability insurance. Information is available on how to keep and extend insurance coverage after work is no longer possible.
If you are fired from a job, denied housing or equal access to health care
because of your HIV status, an attorney can file a Complaint with the appropriate authorities. If necessary, the representation will continue through the various stages of the process, including litigation and settlement negotiations. When HIV/AIDS is directly involved, adoption and other family law matters can be handled by an attorney with expertise in that area. Finally, the Project can help end harassment by creditors.
To learn how you can make take more control over these and other related issues, attend the seminar at the Tulsa Gay Community Services Center. For more information, please call (918) 743-4297.


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Post Office Box 3352
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74101

Tom Neal
Tulsa Family News
Post Office Box 4140
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74159-0140



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