[2006] The Star Magazine, November 1, 2006; Volume 3, Issue 11


[2006] The Star Magazine, November 1, 2006; Volume 3, Issue 11


Politics, education, and social conversation over LGBTQ+ topics


The Star Magazine’s first issue began February of 2005. Before this issue was Ozarks Pride (2004) and The Ozark Star (2004). Follows is The Metro Star (2008).

This magazine discusses topics of AIDs, education, politics, local and national civil rights of the LGBT community, and advice for relationships and places to visit.

This collection is PDF searchable. Physical copies are also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


Star Media, Ltd




Star Media, Ltd


November 01. 2006


C.D. Ward
Greg Steele
Josh Aterovis
Douglas Glenn
John Patrick
Michael Dee
Kay Massey
Paul Wortman
Carlotta Carlisle
Victor Gorin
Greg Gatewood
Libby Post
Andrew Collins
Donald Pile
Ray Williams
Michael Hinzman
Jack Fertig
Liz Highleyman


The Star Magazine, October 1, 2006; Volume 3, Issue 10

The Star Magazine, December 1, 2006; Volume 3, Issue 12


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of Star hicd!,1. Lrd. All m:Hrr!~tl (<) copyrigh~ 2006 chc ()zarb
Designed Hith Pride, Printed in Oklahoma, l'SA
N THE COVER Jud Shepard, Mother of Matthew
'·If vou don't vote, you can't bitch.'
TI1a~'s what my son: Matthew, used to
sav. Afrer he t~1rned 18, one of the first
th.ings he did when he moved to :! ntw
location was register to vore.
New! Lots of news from the Arkansas
GLBT Community.
First Openly GLBT Srnte Official.
FALL Diversity Weekend, EUREKA!
A rctrosoectivc ofLGBT Historv. \'v'ho
was Da,phne du Maurier? .
G ay '1r. rave1I ers "(a'a nta I·'c , N1' vI, "
Out of Town "Cosu Rica··
Can you n.:aliy get an STD ju~t h\ _:.:,1·. -
ing ~on1eonc head?
Can rou re::l]y a,;k th:'t quc,u,,n \\·itl1
~t head?
3,000 Walk For Aids ....
Judy Shepard Speaks ..
OUT in Arkansas ...
Past Out. .....
Tulsa GLBT Center Ne"Ns
Ciao Tra,;e!. ..
Lesb;an Notiors.
Oklahoma·s Adoption i __ ;:iv 1
Star S:::ene.
Uncle Mikey
inspiring Fitness
In the la~t i:-isuc chc article on the
Rvan 'X'hitl· lkndit Shih\,\\<: inadn:
ncntl-.- :bn! the· 11:lill': Bn·,11:
\\!hit,. :\11 "hvio,,,, rrnr 1 ha1 v:c

Gold Castle
"At Centwy 21 Gold Castle our
BEST propei1ies are our PEOPLE'
4301 NW 63rd, Suite 100
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
.c21 goldcastle.com
(iay !lle/1 and le<·/,fc:ns (:ice many special tax
,·ifuutions. ,1·hcrher single nr as u,upies.
Let us help!
(918) 7 6
Phew;by Joe KirK
3,000 Walk for Awareness and
Funds at AIDS Walk of
Oklahoma Ci , Proceeds
Total $50,000
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK_.\n unprecedented .\000 peop;c
wa!k<:d on Sunday, Ocwber !sr fil!· a hcald1icr Oklahoma in the
2006 AIDS \X'alk of Okkhc;•na Cir-. Parricip:rnt, from greater
()klahon1a C:iry and hcyonJ \valkc<.f ro raise ;nvarcnc:-:s a1~d funds
for d1e treatment and pn:n:ntion of j,-jj\,'i AiDS. '.'rocceJs toulcd
S"i0,000, which included spomorsi1ip, and doi::u;on\ b!·ought rn
the AIDS Walk. ·111(: fdDS \X'aik of Okbhoma City will c!isrribure
these funds in the (o;-m of grants on \X'orld AIDS Day, December
1st, t(> qualifrin;2. local HIV/ A! I )S non-prnfit organizations. To
download a gram ap;)!icati'ln, go to \\Ww.aidswalkokc.org.
Funds arc still criticallr n-:cdcd and 0;1 he :1,adc ,ml inc ::t www.
aidswalkokc.org. For more inforna,ion en donarins w the AIDS
Walk of Oklahoma Ci,y, pica,-: comact Board Prcs'dcnr Linda Larason
at ,HJ'i/5~0-•i83"i.
Startling statistics-
- 1iAOIJ Oldaho1:1an, a:c rnrrunlr living ·.vi:h HIV/,.;I:)S. his
:rn:nbc:r doc, IhH inckdc incli·:iduaL ,die ;,re inkucd bm ,:n;:\\'.ll'<.'.
of their inb:.:tion.
- I":- ,o 2-,-vc;:r .,\\, rn,1kv up the larg,··,! numk·•· o,· ! I I\' in(ccc inn,
in (he \\'<Hid.

Tl s Tl
Because every one deserves a chance
Placing retired racing Greyhounds into loving homes throughout
Oklahoma, NW Arkansas, SW Missouri and North Central Texas
,r' fo1111/Greyhound riur)"t· , S. ~ ,lon
\· ~11· ·✓ 0q
Foster - Adopt - Support - Teach
401 N. FbrkSlreet-Serrrde, a< 74868-(405) 303-
Visit our website or contact us for more information
Jessica Lantagne
Nikki Ortman
Vice President
Paul Oratowski
405-205-79 35
jessica@fasthound.org Nikki@fasthound.org paul@fasthound.org
w, Do It Dlffsrsnt In Eunk1 Springs, Ark1n1s1/
'Show 'n Shin&'
in DIVERSITY WEEKEND the Nov 3.5, 200a
71Jt go1I of the 011w An11u11 Dlver,ity Arts & Crafts Fest/vii Is to lr.1pirc1,
111pport 1ad promote 1rt tll1t SPECIFICALLY REFLECTS tht $8nsibiiitl,s
ind uptritnce, of G1ys, Lesbl1nt; Binxuaf,, Tr,ns & lntersu and
their 1triight friends and famlliu. We wish to 1mcour1gt artl1ts of ALL
1ex111I orient,tions and ger.dtr Identities to pruent their perspective of
of our 11111/tl-cult11ra!, rac/11 and ethnic div,rsity, through their art. As
th/1 fettlv,1 gmw, over the years, w11 hope to m,ke evall,bie ,rt, & cr,fts
th1t wt/I ,peak to and about our community ind to educ.ts and celebr,te
th• t!11t dl'lt11it, of our live,i Gai!ttifl li'ld/or thou /;, need of exhibit
1p1ct, ple,,e s,nd ,n em1fl to info@dlver,ltypriduom {EXH!Bff in the
subject line} or caii 479-253,2555 ASAP!
health outreach prevention education, Inc.
1-800-535-AIDS (2437)
Oklahoma's HIV/STD Hotline
H.O.P.E. Test
Meris outreti
In Tulsa at {91
the STAR 9
Oklahoma Greyhound
Ad tion Group
Expands Service To Arkansas,
Missouri & Texas.
SEi\!I?'-~OLE, OK_ Fasthound Greyhound
Adoption is pleased to announce their
expanded service area. In addition to piacing
Retired Racing Greyhounds throughout
Oklahoma our service area now includes
North·,vcsr Arkansas, Southwest Missouri
and North Cemra! Texas.
Severai years ago when my liic partner Ed
befriended a coworker we met her Greyhound
Dance who was s0.vcet, gentle, calm
and affect'.onate. When ~e decided rhar
a Greyhound ":'a~ right for_ us, Dance';
mom suggestea tnat we might want to put
through CHJr application for adoption under
{)nly one of our narncs as the president of
the group ,;vas unlikely to approve the application
if \VC put it under both our natnes.
i"-~aturally \1.:-e
and adopted our
group ln .\ustin~ ,.r~{.
\Xie then dtcidt'd to start our (A\"T1
': 1<""• 11R1'
a service \\~here the everyone
10 the STAR
Photo: "Monty", is adoprable.
adopt one of these wonderful, loving canine
companions as a family unit without prejudice.
We have had great success in Oklahoma
and want to bring this same service
to our neighbors in Arkansas, Missouri and
The Fasthound board members Jessica
Lantagne, Nikki Ortman and myself Paui
Oratowski have more than 15 years combined
experience in the foster and adoption
placement of retired Racing Greyhounds.
Visit our website at www.fasthound.org w
see our available greyhounds and learn more
abom us and our adoption process.
by Victor Gorin
OKIAHOt,1A CITY, OK_In keeping with
their longtime stand of support of equalitv
for GLBT people, the delegates of the
National Svnod of the United Church of
Christ Cor~ference in 2005 voted to pass
a resolution .stating that the UCC Church
supports marriag~ e9ua!ity induding same
sex n1arriage, and advocates for governnH~nts
to do so as well.
While this policy Ivas widely supported
through uc:c:~ it did generarc son1c controversyl
and \vhen the Kansas/Oklahoma
Regional Conference vvas held in \X/ichira
the follov..ring September a stnaH rural
l}(=C C~hurch from Litdc l\.iver, Kansas
introduced a resolution that the
i(a11sas/()klahonia ,.,...,,,.~,,._
the national poiicy of tJ(~(~ approving
sarnc- sex ma.rriagc. -]11is had been tabled f0r
further consideraric~n, but v1ouid l)e voted
on at th.e
Meanwhile rhe controversv imensified,
and the Little River UCC,sent ietters to all
the Kansas and Oklahoma l:CC churches,
urging them to withhold money from the
national lJCC as a form of economic pressure
to make them change their policy. In
response to this, affirming churches in Okiaho~
a and Kansas made special fundraising
efforrs ro not only maintain their level of
support for the national UCC, but actually
to increase rheir offering. In Oklahoma
City a joint fundraiser concert involving
UCC's Church of the Open Arms, Cathedral
of Hope and Mayflower Congregational
Church raised over $8000, and together
with the other affirming churches of Oklahoma
and Kansas over $18,000 of additional
money was brough.: ro the Kansas/
Oklahoma UCC Conference as a show of
suppon for the national UCC stand. When
the vote was called at the Regional Conference
as to whether they would support the
national policy of UCC, it was affirmed by a
vote over 75% in favor.
UCC has an impressive history of supporting
GLBT equaiity, and was the first mainstream
congregarion to ordain an openly
gay minister, Bill Johnson, in 1972. He was
present at rhe 2006 Kansas/Oklahoma UCC
Conference as a srrong show of his support.
.A.s pastor of the Church of rhe Open Arms
UCC of Okiahoma City Kathy McCallie
commented,"UCC has a long history of being
in rhe forefront of the gay righrs movement
which includes marriage equality, and
UCC also advocates change for marriage
equality from government as wdl, so this
was an affirming event for this region."
* Spirit of Christ MCC
Joplin Celebrate's
Ninth Anniversary.
JOPU~-.i, MO~"As we cdebme our Ninth
Anniversarl in a ciP..- v,rhcre we were told
nine years ;go that ;,ve could not and would
not survive, yet nine years later here we are."
Said Pastor Urie.
~pirit of Christ i\1CC serves the greater
Joplin; lv·f() area and surrounding com~
r ~ • • cl' ,1 r> ~ i'..1 r· 1nun1ucs sprea 1ng rne \J00d 1"lews or Jesus
(:hrist not only in vvord but in service,
taHcing the talk and ,valking the waik. Over
the la;t nine years Spirit of C::hrist fv!CC has
no~"l{l been rhe longest surviving (;JL/B/
'J/S organization in JopHn .
Cln;tinuetl fh1ge-23
By Judy Shepard, mother of Matthew Shepard and b:erntive
Director of the Matthew Shepard Foundation
"If you don't vote, you can't bitch." That's what my son, Matthew,
used w say. After he turned 18, one of the first things he did when
he moved to a new location was register to vote. He understood that
the righr to vote was also a privilege, a responsibility and a chance
to be heard. \Y/hen Matthew was beaten to death in 1998, anti-gay
hate stole Matthew's right to vote. Today, the Matthew Shepard
Foundation and I arc asking you to vote with him in mind this
In the eight years since Matthew was murdered, l have traveled
around rhe coumry speaking to millions of people including over
a million college sttidents - about rhe importance of gay, lesbian,
bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights issues ,md hare-crimes
1e gis 1a tion. 0 ne tvu mg t.h at ha s struc.k me aga·m and aga·m 1·s tn' e 1a cr1::
of political involvement within the community. Polis suggesr that
numbers for voter registration and voter participation within the
LGBT community are shockingiy low.
The Matthew Shepard Foundation is undertaking an aggressive
''Get-Out-the-Vote" campaign this year to bring attention ro this
issue and to promore an increase in voter participation by LGBT
people and aliies. But what I really wanr to ask those in rhe community
who are not registered or v;ho have not voted recendy is: what
rhe heck are you thinking?!
At a time when the stakes have never been higher and LGBT issues
arc once again - in the fOrefront of the n1cdja and being rr1anipulated
to have a potentially negative impact on our co1nn1unity. this
lack of in'i.rolvetnenr is totally unacceptable. "~ primarily· politicai
tactic utilized throughout the nation by people •.vho oppose L(;B~r
civii rights .,Nas tapping into ho1nophobic fears and directly targeting ;~l~::~,~;;:::.~::.'til~J!~~~t:i?i~i:;;;:;:{;:;:.,
·wake up, people: ;.ve arc under arrack!
ln the current election and the elections that
sure that r:hc voice of the LGB'T' ;jnd allied
- in all of its
about the issues and t!!e candidates a:,d reach out to oar friencis and
families and l:!et them involved as well. We need to i10ld each other
accountable ~hen it coJnes to voting and, of cou;:se, we also need
to hold those who are elected accoumable. If we al!ov, ourselves and
each other to remain immobilized by apathy or pessimism, what
we are really doing is colluding wi:h those who oppose us. Friends
don't let friends not vo!e. -There is an old maxim that goes, "If you're
not part of the soiution, then you're pan of the problem." From my
perspective, if you don't vote, you become in you~ passivity a part of
the hate.
So what do you need to do to become pan: of the solution? There
are five tasks that vou can do that -.vi!l make a differe11ce: one, REGISTER
to vote; CV:,o, LEARN the issues - find out what candidates
wam to do for you-and to you; three, PASS IT ON, educare your
family, friends and business associa,es about the issues affecting rhe
LGBT community today and encourage them to use their vote;
four, actually VOTE in the election; and five, no ma.:rer who is
elected, STAY INVOLVED and hold your elected officials accountable.
You can go to our website ww-.v.MatthewShepard.org/Vote for
more information and to PLEDGE to vote this November 7 ,h.
Matthew's wallet always contained his voter registration card. He
took his responsibility seriously. I,fa,thew will neve~ vote again.
Today, I am asking you to vore for him. Use your voice. Iv1ake a difference
for this generation and the: next. * RESEARCH REFUTES ~1YTH OF
A study released today (http:/ /\w;w.i:1ternariom.lordcr.org/scandal_
response.html) refutes charges made by the religious right in
response to the Congressm:m Fo'.ey scandal that homosexuals are
significantly more inclined to moiest chiiciren than heterosexuals.
According to author Mark E. Pietrzyk, a number of conservative
religious groups have issued papers claiming that gay mc1:_ pose -
a highly disproportionate thrc,H to child:·en, citing a number or
scientific studies t<J support their claims. However, when one examines
the studies cited in these p;;pers, one finds that the religious
right has engaged in a serim:s. distor:(<m of the work~ 01: od1ers.
1he sdentis;:s ,d10 authored the studies made co suci1 clam, about
homosexuais posing a grearer threat to children, and in f3.ct in 1nany
cases argued the opposite.
!n addidon, n1anv in rhe l,(h ....:
~~;;,~,t~f ~:~i ~~:~~al~r:;,1~:l~r~!l~;~:g!~~~ ;~~~);!;1~11~'.~y crodi~;:11
traditional norn1s of sexual behavior. !-Io\vever, out
rhat the ,;slippery slopt.t is basec! on the false p•rernis<.: that
the I)rotection of children is a long-standing
part of the recently cornc un-
~ier assault as a re~u!t of the
approved of
• t • • tn aiJuit-rnu1or
the STAR 11
I i I
Arkansas Elects First Openly
GLBT State Official.
by Joe Lafountaine
was made in the May
23rd primary victory for
Kathy Webb in the race for
Arkansas State Representative
District 37 (Little Rock).
Unopposed in the general
election, Kathy will be sworn
in on January 8, 2007 as the
first openly GLBT elected
official in Arkansas.
Kathy has served as president
of the Stonewall Democratic
Club of Arkansas, as a board
member of the Arkansas
Hospitality Association
and as an active volunteer
for the Arkansas Foodbank
Network. She has also been
national secretary for the
National Organization for Women (NOW') and founding president
of the Chicago Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer
Foundation. .
Kathy received endorsements from The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,
The Stonewail Democrats, l11c Victory Fund, ACORN, SEIU,
AFL-CIO, Arkansas Realtors PAC, AR Business and Professional
Women PAC and many local civic and business ieaders. As a smallbusiness
owner (Lilly's Dim Sum, Then Some Restaurant) and
volunteer, Kathy \Y/ebb is a proven leader who works tirelessly and
effectively for the good of her community. Her experience, her commitment
to solving problems, and her passion for improving the
quality oflife for all Arkansans will serve District 37 well.
12 the STAR
'lbe STAR
staff wishes
you a safe
and happy
TT ! • I .-io11aay.
Fort Smith Readies For New
Night Club.
by Greg Steele
FORT SMITH, AR_Diana },filler and Leann Caugnman weil
known in the Fort Smith club scene, are anxiousi:v waiting on their
club license for the new Kiub XLR8.
Diana said in an interview, "We decided to go ahead and open Klub
XLR8 with all the regular events, performers, dances, DJ's, ·etc ...
everything but the alcohol. We are acmally classified as a "juice bar
and grill" for now, hoping shortly ro be able to classify ourselves as
a 'private club.' Ajd10ugh We are opening without alcohol, we wiil
continue ro remain a 21 and above business, due to smoking being
allowed inside.''
"Loca,ed in the old Ciub 1022 buiiding at i022 Dodson Ave.,
the faci!i;:ies have been complerelv renovated in$ide and out with
a lot of heart and soul placed int~ the building. We have plans for
several fund-raisers for different organizations/charities. dqg shows,
in-house pageants, live dj's, theme dance/parties, dance comests,
live bands, Karaoke, pool wurnamcnts, and holida;,' dinners. The
buiiding h .. s great sound, and a 32 foot projection screen that will
run during opening hours playing dance videos ,~nd graphic animations."
Said Miller.
For more information contan Diana at 479-7 82-9578 or visi~ ,he
website: wv.w.klubXLR8.com
Celebrates 1 Year Online.
LITTLE ROCK, AR_LinieRockPridc.com celebrated its one vear
anniversary Oc;:ober 14, 2006. ·
u! v,ras told by several people t.vhen I sran:ed the \Y/eb~irc that nobod.y
had been able to succeed v.1ith this idea for Dion: than ont year,10
saic! Barb Kampbc;l, founder and owner of Li:tieRockPridc.com. "I
was not a,vare ~f other efforts \Vhen I had rhc idea and ran \vith it
despite some negativity about pasr failures from others. \VC've rr1ade
it a year and are sti11 going strong!''
l,usiness in this state \Vill have
a listing in the
choicc1 ynu choose tc~ support thern fir:;t.
END NOV 3-5, 2006
Eureka Springs
EUREKA SPRINGS, AR_This Fall is going to be a little different
in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. TI1ere are some new and intriguing
During FALL Diversity Weekend will be the first 'LOL!' Diversity
Comedy Concert starring ANT and SABRINA MATTHEWS at
the historic 'AUD' IN Eureka Springs, Arkansas. One performance
only, on Saturday night Nov 4th at 7:30pm. Doors open at 6:30pm
Hyper, irreverent, and downright fabulous, ANT has steadily
climbed the comedy hill to become one of America's most successful
comedians of our time. A regular guest on The Tonight Show with
Jay Leno and 1he Tyra Banks show, ANT is the oniy comedian w
appear on all four seasons ofNBC's hit series Last Comic Standing.
Ct:rrentlv he is the host ofVH I's juggernaut Celebrity Fit Club
and stars in rhc LOGO series, "U.S. of ANT." See his hit stand-up
DVD, '~-\~T: America's Ready" and comedy CD "Follow my asi'
Sabrina Matthews ( vhoto
left) is an openly i~bian
cor:1ic who relares the
absurd in everyday life 11:
a witry anecdotal. style.
"Sabr:na's brand of comedy
is infectious, says afi:erel~
len.co1nj and she Hregularly
dra\vs out big laughs fron1
both gay and straight
audiences." Her hi!arlou~
half~hotir comedv special~
~~Con1edy Centr~l Presents
Sabrina Jvfatthe\vs'· \Vas a
hit and catch her nn the L()(;() C:f:il\Nl'-JEL. She is a star of
the 2006 hit documentary, "Laughing Matters More!" and made her
television acting debut in ''America's .!'v1ost Wanted". (Yes, reaily.)
By presenting ANT and SABRINA, Diversity Pride Events once
again hopes to both entertain and unite our community. DPE is
very excited to have drawn such taiemed and uplifting performers to
the Ozarks region. Tickets are available online at DiversityPride.com
until Sunday 10-29-06, and then only at the door one hour before
show time.
BOBALOO IS BACK! 'Early Dinner Show'
Los Angeles comic Bobaloo, originally a mid-west boy, wowed the
Diversity Bears and their friends this past Summer Diversity Weekend,
and he also fell in love with the Eureka Springs community.
So, Diversity Pride Events has brought him back to "jolly things up
around Eureka".
He ·will perform in a new 'Early Dinner Show' at the Lumberyard
on Saturday at 5pm to 6pm, but suggest you come early because
4pm diners get preferential seating for his Show! $5 cover
SHINE' A portion of the pro~eeds to benefit Children of Deployed
Service Members. The Diversitv Bikers 'Show N' Shine' will start
at 12:30 PM at Roadway Inn. Bikes will be judged in two categories,
Best in Show and Best 'Pride Dressed'. There will be a First
Place and Runner-up in each category. Then there will be the first
Diversity Bikers Charity 'Poker Run'. Entry fee is $10, pius at least
one stuffed animal.. · · ·
AAA~.nsas pplauds
ational Coming ut
Dav., '' Concert
By Teresa Qag) Goodrich
SPRINGDALE, AR_There are rwo kind of musicians in the
world, those that plav music and those that make music. \'ve had
the joy of hearing. rw'o such makers of music at the Jones Center for
Families in Springdaie Arkansas on October 1 l rh, National Coming
Our Day.
The concert, organized by the N\VA GLBT Community Center
brought Colleen Jameson down from Iowa as pan of her Midwest
1our. A cotnbination of angeiic voice, delightful acoustic guitar and
outspoken comn1entary made for a socially upiifting perfonnance.
She has also expressed a ·wish to \~isit the area again.
Northvvest Arkansas1 ovvT1, Jonathan Stiers
derful voice along ,vith truly vers:1tiie playing. ()ne concert
attendee ·\vas heard to con11ncrn: th;,n scerned as if rhc:- muslc just
came flo~Ning out of his finger$."' !-Je possesses a true fOr the
-.~·here vvas hope e:pressed for rnorc events of this type
the concert attendees,
the STAR '!3
Summan· : Past Out is a retrospective of
key mo1~ems, personalities, and subjects in
LGBT historv. Each installment brings the
past to life b}; exploring the diversity of the
gay past and irs impact on the queer present.
stander, when she was still a teenager. Her
first novei, 1he Loving Spirit, appeared in
1931; this was followed by Jamaica Inn. in
1936, which brought he, criticai acclaim
and financial success.
In rhe summer of 1932, du Maurier married
Frederick "Bov" Browning, a
rnilitarv officer 11 ·years her senior
who h;d sought her out after admiring
her work. Du Maurier was
ill-suited to the life of a traditional
military wife, howe,-er, and she
hired a nanny to care for the couple's
son and two daughters. After
several years, ,he family moved to
Cornwall, living in a l 7th-ce1:tury
mansion that served as a mociel for
Manderley, the setting of her bes:known
novel, Rebecca (1938).
Photo: Tttdith An!Urson as Afrs. Danvers and Joan Fontaine as
the sec;nd Afo. de Winter in rh~ film adaptation o_f Daphne du
Du Maurier and Browning spent
considerable time apart as he rose
to the rank of iiemenant general
and commanded the Bii,ish First
Airborne Division during Worid
Who was Daphne du Maurier?
Bisexual author Daphne du i\.faurier, best
known today through film adaptations of
her work, helped define the gotbic romance
genre of literature. \V'hile other writers of
her era were dealing wirh subjects such as
alienation, religion, Marxism, and World
War Ii, du Maurier, wrote professor Richard
Kelly, "produced 'old-fashioned' novels wid:
straightforward narratives that appealed to a
popular audience·s love of fantasy, ad·,,enture,
sexuality. and mysrery."
Du Maurier was born May 13, 1907. man
artistic family in Loncion. Her morher was
an actress. h~r father. Gerald. was a theater
manage~ and famous actor, and her grandfather,
George, was a wc!1'-known au:hor and
cartoonist for Punch magazine. Du Maurier
and her two sists:rs haci a-privileged and
permissive upbringing, educated privately
at hon1e and at schools in London and
Paris. An avid reader, she enjoyed creating
in1aginary worlds, often featuring a rnale
alter-ego she dubbed Hthc boy in the box.''
Her farnily\ hoiiday home in Cornw2.ll
;vouid later becornc the setting for n1uch of
her best worlc
short stories in his
14 the STAR
War II. 1he couple remained married
t:ntil Browning died in i 965.
Although she reportedly had a crush on a
female teacher while studying in Paris, ciu
1\1aurier's sapphic tendencies - which she
!·efcrred to as "Venetian" - came to the fore
in midlife. In the late i 9405, she became
infatuated with Ellen Doubleday, the wife
of her Americ:,n publisher, who did not
reciprocate her affections. ·'I glory in my
Ve1{ke, when I am in a Ve!lice mood, and
foro-et it when I am not,'' ciu l',1aurier wrote
in : letter to Doubleday. "'111e only chip is
the dreary knowicdgc that there can never
be Venic~ with you."
Soon thereafter, du Maur:e embarked on
a relationship with stage and film ac~re;;s ,
(~errrude L~nvrcncc, who had co-starred 1u10
h,1d -,p affair vvirh her father ·vcar::; eadier;
i~;r ;:i:tionship with La•,vren'~e continued
~:7;~~r:~; c0~~::c:~:;~\1i::;;:;::•"~~i~~~rD,,
. , b , d. t , J: >,~ :1nd r;::~:;;~ d~:~ :~: /:::t~~:~:.~·-:Hmti2G!Vc
\vord that begins \Vith 'L :,
[)u fvlaurier pioneered the
often f;aturing fi:rnale
and eictnents of the
,:_pvpJ.:: f•an:v,ri her
she is best knosvr1 ro n1odern Judicncc~;
n;frtd Hit ..... hi:.,o.:(k', .. n:r
adaptations of Jamaica Inn, Rebecca, and
her'short ,wry: "1h: Birds" (from her 1952
coEection, The Appie Tree). "foough some
critics have intcrnreted rhe relationship ber-'
teen Reoecca -the dead former wife of the
narrator's wealtl1y older husband - a1°d !:er
i~oi:sekeepe,, Mr.s. Danve,s, as lesbian, biog;-
apher Nica lrnerbach claims that Rebecca's
"gre-a trespass 1. s r:ot lo v.m g women Io ut
laughing at men.''
Over ,he course of her five-decade career, ciu
Maurier wrote more than 25 books, among
them fa~1iiv hismries and biographies (including
on; of her father). Her story about
Ganymede. the beautiful adolescent lover or the god Zeus, ,!ppears in an American
anthology of gay short fiction (In Another
Parr of the Forest, 1994). Her memoir.
Growiag Pains, published when she was 70,
chronicl~d oniv the vears ieading up to her
marriage. She decliu'eci to pen a fo!low-up,
tdling an interviewe;, "All I can s.ty is t:1at
I had a very happy macied life and have a
delightful family .. .! dor;°r iike books which
are fuil of name-dropping."
Even as her fame grew, du Mamier - who in
1969 was named a Dame of the British Empire
in recognition of her iiterary achievements
- became more reclusive, ,hough she
maintained contact w:th her two sisters,
both lesbians, and their fomaie parrners. She
spent h. er fi na1 y ears 1.1 1 ,,-~-, orn~val"l a,I one. save
for her dogs. "Here was the treedom I desired,
iong sought-for, nor yet known," she
wrote in V,mishing Cornwall (1967). "Freedom
to vi,ite, ~o ,;alk, to wander, freedom
to climb :1il!s, to pull a boat, to be alone.''
She diec! :here in Apri: 1989, a month shy
of her 82nd birthday, and h::r ashes wen;'.
,,cattered c,ver ,he cliffs near h,:r home.
Forf!trther readingi
Auerbach, Nina. 1999. Daphne Du
'.vlaurkr: Hau;::cci Heiress_
1993. l)aphne du
Photo: The new community center coming soon.
My vote doesn'r count. Voting is too hard. I
work all day. I don't have rime. I don't know
anything about the candidates. I don't know
where to vote. It's out of the way. These are
ail excases - and, not to criticize anyone,
but pretty bad excuses. Why?
• In the last ciection, two Tulsa-area Gay,
Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender (GLBT)
friendly candidates both won their respecth
·e races with a margin ofless than 25
votes. Your vote cioes count - especially for
our allies hoping to make a difference.
• A.ccording to statistics, the Gay, Lesbian
and Bisexual electorate (Transgender vo,ers
are not yet measured in exit polling) constitute
as much as 9%1 of v~oters in large citiesi
nearly 4'}o in the suburbs and 2.3% in rural
.1.reas. Those numbers indicate rhe GLBT
& allied coinrnunity can be a serious force
to contend with in local, state and national
~ In Okb.bon1a~ you vote by dra,ving a Hnc.
Just con1picte the !ittle arro11.v. Paper and prn
Polis are open fron.1 7:00 ;'\}l! to 7:00 PlvL
'{ou can vot~ on rhe 'l:.vay to lVork} during
a break or afrer vvork on the
- if you do ·1.vork from 7 to
you time-off to
\\'V,.r\v. ozarksstar. com
Your vote can be the beginning of change
for the GLBT & allied community. You can
be part of that serious force to be ~eckoned
with when you make an informed vote.
How can you do that? How can you get
informed of the candidates and issues? It's
simple - just go to www.tohr.org. You and
your family and friends can log onto www.
tohr.org, go to the Advocacy Page and get
linked to the candidates and learn what they
stand for and what they might possibly do
if in office (stay calm, it's not all bad). You'll
also be able link to sites to learn where you
vote and much more ... simply log onto
www.tohr.org, get informed, and be part of
the change for GLBT equality when you
The TOHR Workout
Over 150 community volunteers, donating
5,000 hours of volunteer work, have helped
improve the new Tulsa Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual
& Transgender Community Center. Tne
TOHR Workout, aka Weekend Workdays,
with pulse-pounding drilling and calorieroasting
hammering, has certainly paid off
for volunteers, and the results are obvious at
the new Tulsa GLBT Community Center.
On Saturday and Sunday, November 4th
& 5th, beginning at 10:00 AM each day,
you have rhe opporruniry to join the masses
shaking their booties, enjoy free brunch/
lunch and drinks, and help finish the occupancy-
related renovarions for the permanent
Tulsa GLBT Community Center.
The new Tulsa Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual &
Transgender (GLBT) Communiry Cenrer
is nearing compietion of the first phase of
renovations and improvements. Located ii~
the growing East End at 621 E 4th Street in
dmvntown Tulsa, rhe new Center now ha~
an operational fire-suppression syscem and
accessibie restrooms, whiie rhe new elevawr
and chair-lift will soon be complered.
Ductwork has been reconfigured, ~Id flooring
has been removed, new walls have been
constructed and others have been taken
down thanks to the work of con1n1.unity
'\Ve'd Hke to thank AH Souls Unitarian
Church, the Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay &.
Transgender Association (BLGTA.) of the
l)niversity of'Tulsa, Ekklesia the c;ather,ing,
Sexual ()rientation f)iversity i\ssocia•tion
(SODA) of Oklahoma State Univer5i£":';l,
Sooner Srate Rodeo /tssociation
Tulsa Area Primetimers (TAPT), Tulsa Dungeon
Society (TDS), and Young Professionals
(YP) for their time and talents to help
improve the new Tulsa GLBT Community
Thank you - and we hope to see you on Saturday
and Sunday, November 4th and 5th
at the new Tulsa GLBT Community Center,
621 E 4th Stree;: for the TOHR Workout.
Your odds of winning big at a casino? Slim.
Your odds of winning the lottery? Even
Your odds of winning $10,000 with The
Great Divide? l in 1,000.
What would you do with $10,000? Take
a vacation? Pay off bills? Surprise someone
with a romantic get-a-way? Support the
community? Just imagine what $10,000
could do for you.
]be Great Divide is just that - a great divide
of $20,000 - split between the winner and
Tulsa Oklahomans for Human Righcs
(TOHR). Proceeds support the communityoriented
programs ofTOHR, including the
Tulsa GLBT Community Cemer, the Tulsa
GLBT Information Line (918.743.GAYS),
the Community Resource Kiosk ... in ail,
over 20 programs for rhe GLBT & allied
Only 1,000 tickets have been printed, so
your odds are 1 in 1,000 ... greater if
you buy 2 or more ticke,s ... and ar only
$20.00 a ticker, you can't afford to pass t:p
these odds to win S!0,000.
Simply srop by the folsa GLBT Community
Center, 5545 E 41 st Street in Highland
Plaza to purchase your tickets. ]be Ti.1lsa
GLBT CommunitY Center b oocn 3:00
PM ' ' to 9:00 PM Monday through Saturday.
For more information on 1he Grear Divide,
the 'Tlllsa GLB1 ... Cornn1unity (:enter and aH
the c:ommunity~oriented progran1s of.Tulsa
Oklahoinans for f--Iurnan Rights CTOHRL
please visit 1~vv.. r vv.tohr.org or call ~) 18.743.
(·~, A, re 14.., ')'7\ -
"-.J,1 .IJ ~\ L-:, I},
the STAR 15
Hate stole my right to vote 8 years ago.
Don't waste your right to vote on November 7th.
1 6 the STAR
Pledge to Vote on Matthew's behalf at www.MatthewShepard.orgNote
, > ,I"
~ ~
!" yo,u hav
-·""' F ,, . , NOW !
,. ther~clriivihg back horn • ,. ' • '1,.,....·
flying, fly into Alb
-· drive 55•miles
sea.,level and > ••• ,. ,.,,,_
~ 1;2,oqo feeL~~ '. i ••
· .Jlotels;_ri:iotels, -a
.t· restaurants and a
· - ther 5;690 r
- . ' t :fUR0UOIS
~ ~ .. ,' . " ... _. ...
, has .:.1,0 01ff .. .., 1'lt'
.nute walk to t
former estate
,. itter Bynr:ier ( 1881-1968
obert Huritwho lived the
ii his death. if you are not
ngs of Bynner, then
ase some of hi
by Donald Pile and Ray Williams
Each morning they serYe an expanded continental breakfast in
the dining room including fresh baked pastry and bread from their
ovens. A complimentary evening social hour brings al! the guests
together for a lively chat. 'l11is B and B is extremely srraight-friendiy
and we met a lot of very interesting people during our stay. Neil and
Francine from San Jose, California were particularly "delightful" to
talk with. 1he Inn of the Turquoise Bear is located at 342 E. Buena
Vista Street. Their toll free number is: 800-396-4104. Check out
their website ac: www.rnrauoisebear.com and their email is: bluebear@
newmexico.com ·rh~ hom are ful! of knowledge on where to
dine, where to shop and where to go for short d,!y trips. With their
hospitality, this is the O:t\"LY place to stay when visiting Sama Fe.
From the moment you step into the Inn of the Turquoise Bear you
will immediately fall in lm·e with Santa Fe and rhe surrounding
area. 'Il1c Inn and the owners will mesmerize you into a worid far
away from what you are used to. You can have complete peace and
solitude, reading ,! book. photographing or chatting with the other
We have been visiting Sama Fe fr)r 25 :-:ears :md can't wait to
return each time. 'lhc gay bar scene seems to change almost yearly
there. We always ..-:njoy rhe har at the Inn of the Anasazi which is
located right on rhc Plaza. "Iherc have ;;.!ways been several iocal gays
"There arc several places that arc on the "must see" list when
visiting S:,nca Fe. rir;t there is the "Plaza" which is the downtown
area. Daring from the city's founding in 1610, rhe Plaza has always
been the social and cul rural heart of the city. Old churches dating
back ro 350 years with their architecture is;;. must see. Dozens of art
museums including t:1c newly built George O'K:._:effe Museum can
take days to ·1isit. From fin<: dining to open-air casual. the city is a
hub of creative chefs an<l innovative cuisint.
\Y/e ;tlways rake ·':_i-9· trips·· when visiting S,mra h: wnic:1 rakes
about 3 to ij bou:·.,. \\'c·s: on the: Jen,ez ;\founraii: Ti-aii where you
\Vili see rhc ruins of an ~!ncient c!vilization, Indian pueblos and the
collapsed crater of a long.-donnanr voic:u10. i'~ordnve.st to (~corgia
O'Keeffe cou!Hrv you will ~cc where she lived :he 1acrer par! of her
life. A. trip up >~onh to 'E1os ,vh~r~· you t.tkc the "high') road to gt't
there and return nn the '"in-.\·· Jp~cr,t,llc highw,!y :·en:ming to Santa
Fe. ·!he ·'high')road takc5- vou duu rhc tin,· Yiliagcs of (~hirnayo,
'Trucha.s. J.,as ·1·rarn 1t1a\ anc! Pcnasco. If vcn; onh: have one da1.,: to go , • ,' ,! ; ._
sighr-,eciag. he SURE and take' chi, uip. '!hc mnumair:s. v,,J[,::,,,
ai:d the uude ·,illagcs an: cx[r<:•ncly imcrcs;i:,g. 'ihcre arc zJ,o day
trip~ to the Fa.<.t ~1~ \VCI! a, thr.: trip South !)11 the "Ilirquoisc 'rrail.
18 the STAR
Besides operating the Inn, Robert and Ralph are extremely
busy. 1hey also own the Santa Fe Soap Company. All of their bath
products contain namra] :ngredients derived from native plants that
grow in the deserts and mountains of the American Southwest They
make wonderful holiday gifts. Check our their website at: WV;W.
Check out the )Jew Mexico website at: www.newmexico.org and
the Sama Fe website at: \VWW.santafe.org.
Always remember to have fun when traveiing, meet new peopie
and talk ro everyone!
The Inn of the Turquoise Bear, Sama Fe, New Mexico
The Inn of the Turquoise Bear, Santa Fe, New Mexico
"Good Bye (Gay) Key West, Florida"
By Donald Pile and Ray Williams
e hate to be the bearer of bad news, but gay Key \Vest
is no more. For oYer 60 years Key \'fest was one of the major gay
meccas in the United States. Thousands and thousands of gays and
lesbians trekked down to Key West every year, many of them several
times a year. 1here were dozens of gay resorts and gay B and B's.
The wi:ole town was
either gay or extremely
gay-friendly. Drag
queens, leather guys
and gals, wanna be
cowboys and cowgiris
could walk down the
streets hanci ii~ hand
and did! 1here were
always lots gay bars
ooen till ali hours of the
n;orning. Gay artists,
writers, composers and
entertainers purchased
second homes there. It
was always just a fun
place to get away_ to,
where people could just
be themselves without
having to ever look
over their shoulder. \'•le
have been there several
times and it was aiways
a very fun and exciting
Bur, alas, the parry is over. First the
cruise ships began landing there with hundred,
and hundreds of straight families and ,heir children coming in
for the dar Souvenir shops were plentiful as well as ordinary dining
piaccs inc!udi1:g fast food restaurants, and they kepr co~1ing and
kept coming. 'Then some of rhe straight tourists decided to spend
th~ nigbt or several nights. 1l1e mega hotels saw the light rather
quickly and began buying up prof!en:y. \:vithin the past nvo or ~hree
vcars rhev have purchased over a third of the small g_ay B and B s m
l( ev \"res;. A11d rh;:,v arp buvinP' up n1ore and rnore! ....(. :ondos are be- _._.,_ ,; . ~• ~ ~ -~ ..., / . -... . ,, . 0 ' ... • ' I J
ing built where rhe,e gua:nt lmk B and B s ,.vere 10careo.
gone and gone forever: The local people, boti1 gay ~nd straight were
really eccentric and fun ~o ,,vatch. Now it is almost Eke Disneyland
with dozens and dozens of peopie lined up at the iocal \'v'endy's
downtown and people waiting in line to see the Ripley's Believe It o:
Not museum.
We realiy never thought that :bis would ever happen to Key West.
We thought rha.: it would forever be the gay mecca in the United
States, but at ieasr we wiil still have Palm Springs, Ft. Lauderdale,
San Francisco and P-town. But, beware of what is also happening in
If vou have never been to Key \X1est, we STRONGLY urge you
to o-o ,either this year or next year because it is changing so quickly 0 h I . ·1• I 1 that if vou wait too muc onger !t w1 1 on y oe a remnant o,C w h. at
it was. ·It WAS Wonderful!, Exciting!, Different! and FUN! To get
to Key West from the Midwest the easiest way is to fly directiy into
t. Laudert
iami and
Iv 30 miles
r~her Nor.:h.
.expensive in
orida, and
rive down
Key West
ich will
e spccracur.
Your cross
ver dozens
n your way
Key West
d there are
p ency of stopping places
to rake phorographs.
Now, at Kev West you will have ro put up with a iot more straight
tourists but it will still be worth the trip to taste the flavor and enjoy
the sigh~s and sounds of Key \Vest.
For questions about gay traveiing, email Donald and Ray at:
gaytravelers@aol.com or Yisir tbeir webpage at: htrp:v,,vw.hometown.
aol.com/ gayrraveiers.
the STAR 19
The hor springs at luxurious Tabacon Grand Spa & Thermal Resort are
a relaxing pl.ace ro whil.e away an afternoon. (Photo b_y Andrew Collins
November 2006
by Andre\v Collins
Verdant, moumainous, and unspeakabiy beautiful, Costa Rica
might just be the gay-friendliest nation in Latin America. In fact,
Cosra Ricans are resoluteiy cheerfui and helpful toward all visirors.
This small tropical country, which lies about 1,300 miles due south
of the Florida panhandle, makes for a diverting vacation locale - it's
close enough to the United States for a long weekend visit, but has
enough to see and do to keep travelers entertained for a couple of
weeks. Accommodations that enthusiastically welcome gays and lesbians
abound in Costa Rica's most appealing destinations, and there
are active gay scenes in the capital city of San Jose and the resort
rnwn of Quepos, which hugs the central Pacific $horeiine.
As you plan a trip here, factor in how you intend to get around
(renting a car, flying, or taking buses). and whether you're seeking
rest and relaxation, outdoorsy adventures, gay nightclubs and r::sorts,
or somt combination. Or better yet, ase the following l 0-day
itinerary of Costa Rica's must-s::'.e areas.
Spend your first couple of nights right in San lose, which is
20-miI;tlte drive fro~1 the airport, V✓here you ~an rent a car.
flica~s capital city has a handflli of attractions, plus sornc excellent
restaurant~ and lively gay nightclubs, such as La .:\vispa and La Iv1et~
ro. It~s also hornc to se .., /eral gay-oriented accom1nodations. includ~·
ing the outstanding C:oiours R.esort. 'shich is in a saf~, residcnt:ia]
neighborhood on rhe ,vest side of the
and bcautifui Sab,1na Park. 'This handsomely furnished
20 the STAR
Coionial-style prooerty has rooms in many sizes and configurations,
fro!11 cozy standards to lavish suites complete with full kitchens and
private terraces. Guests enjoy e2sy 2ccess to a pool, secluded garden
hor mb, and inviting bar and lounge where 2 foll breaHast is served
each morning. The professional staff goes out or its way to ensure
everybody's comfort anci can suggest plemy of things to see and do
around town.
O,her worthy, gay-friendly oprions in Sanjose include Hotel
Kekoldi (which also has an outpost in Quepos) and the Canyon
House, and there's a perfectly nice and handy Hampton Inn right
by the airport.
Days 3, 4, and 5: Arena!
From San Jose, it can rake anywhere from three to six hours to drive
to the Arena! region. The most scenic bm longest route entails a
zigzagging drive through the viliages of Grecia, Sarchi (known for its
many stores seliing hand-crafted furnirure), Naranjo, Zarcero, and
Ciudad Quesada. The terrain along here is alpine in places, reminiscent
of Switzerlanci, and on many days you'li drive litera!ly through
the clouds.
Anchoring rhe region is Mr. Arcnal, a live volcano that mosr nights
puts on an amazing show as its spits fiery rivers of giowing lava
down its flanks. Countless hotels, lodges, and inns line the main
road ,hat curYes beneath rhe volcano - the most luxurious lodging
is Tabacon Grand Spa & 1bermal Resort. Here you'll find beautifu!
iy decorated rooms, most of which afford views of the volcano.
And guests receive unlimited use of the hot springs, which consist
of myriad natural soaking pools, a full-service spa offering heavenly
treatments, a pool and swim-up bar, and a restaurant overlooking all
rhe action. Even if you don'r stav at Tabacon, consider spending a
day soaking in the hot springs.
Other good lodging options in the Arena! region include Hotel
La Mansio;1 Inn and Arena! Lodge. Be sure to spend one e.-ening
in the nearest large town, La Fortun2, ~\·hich is home to some fun
(straight) bars and enjoyable restaurants, including Vagabondo, an
excdlent pizzeria, and Restau~ante Luigi, an annospheric restauram
that serves delicious filer mignon flambecd tableside.
Arena! makes a great base for all ki:1ds of outdoorsy activities, from
guided hikes near the base of rhe voicano to ;:ip-line canopy tours
high abo\'C the ucc tops (on these votfre strapp,:d into a !1arne;s
that ·'zips" along a series ef lines connec:ing tree :o tree). You can
also visit the ncarbv ivionteverdc (:loud For~st Biological Ileserve.
[,Jiuncrous outfittc~s in the area offer just about every kind of excur,.
sion and. activirv.
I)ays 6, ---; . and 8: (-2_uepos and tv1anud 1\ntonio
l.P"PYP j\f[T1 '.fl iu::i,f:qg ,v,~st rl1r~ r:y~,-i rl"I•'>$" frin,--,-e-·
~.--•, •- ,~-; ••••- _,: azure Lake .A.renal and eventuaUy :.... . ~,,~ :- "-"-',1'',"-,,'c 0.... .1 .. ··,:•:;.f~/-, !.:., -h~::~-~-- <,d ,,._,. ..a ~,.~-.-.·,.,l,,,,1-L.:~.(-".-:-.
of'fiLaran. ]hen he1d south rcnvard 1hc coast to the funky village of
q 1!:rJ• :_: rh•- lv1anucl /1.ntonin l'Jational
Along the narrow, highland road that twists for a few miles between
Quepos and the national park, you'll find a slew of attractive inns
and restaurants, many of them with panoramic ocean views. One
short stretch contains severai gay-popular accommodations, the
most inviting of which is Big Ruby's La Plantacion (the owners also
have resorts in Key West, Paris, and southern France). Here at this
luxuriant, clothing-optional resort, you'll find stunningly furnished
rooms with tile floors and large bathrooms, cable TV with DVD
players, and breathtaking grounds laced with gardens and streams.
There's also a full three-bedroom house with its own pool and ocean
views. The other gay accommodations nearby, all of them highly
recommended, are Hotel Villa Roca (which underwent a major renovation
in early fali 2006), Hotel Casa Blanca, and Hotel Kekoldi,
but virtually e;ery properry in town is gay-friendly.
At Manuel Antonio National Park and the adjacent beach, there's
great nature-watching - you'il sometimes spy playful white-faced
monkeys cavorting in the trees just behind the sand. There's also a
secrion of beach that's particularly popular with gay sun-bunnies
- it's a little hard to find this section, which becomes inaccessible
for a couple of hours at high tide each day, but any local can give
you directions. You'li usualiy find plenty of gay folks along the main
beach, too.
There are a handful of excellent restaurants along the main road,
most wirhin walking distance of the gay hotels. These include Barba
Roja and Bambujam, which both serve creative and contemporary
seafood, and Aqua Azul, a casual, open-air bar and cafe with great
burgers and mahimahi sandwiches. After dining, plan to have drinks
and watch the sunser ar the rooftop Tutu bar, which draws a largely
gay crowd. Or for serious dancing, head down the road into the
town of Quepos, where the Arco Iris disco pulses into the wee hours
and attracts a mixed, although mostly hetero, bunch.
Days 9 and 10: Central Highlands
On your ninth day, drive back up the coast from Quepos and
ascend the winding but scenic highway into the Central Highlands
region, just west of San Jose. Here the air is crisper and cooler than
down along the coast, as the attractive hill towns west of San Jose
rise ro elevations of 3,000 to 4,000 feet. Amactions include Zoo
Ave (a ,.vonderful animal preserve where injured or abandoned animals
are rehabiiitated), La Guacima Bmterfly Farm, Irazu Voicano
crater lake, and Poas Volcano.
/1.n excellent place ::o spend your final nigh1: (or even two nights)
is Vista del Valle, a luxurious small im, perched awesomely on the
edge of spectacular Rio Grande Canyon. Mainstream but gayfriendly,
"Vista del \lalle has econo1ny-111inded roorns in the n1ain
house as ,veil as a series of fitncier? self--contained cottages set along a
network of 1neandering - rnost have private decks overiooking
the canyon. In evening~ the inn serves a cotnmendable :::1;h:i:~;t;,tt~:1::~yon. dining room, which is cantiievered
l;~:0'~,~~~~~~~:~t i~~11i!!:horo~:;~ ;~t;~i~!,altern;::t~,~ of
a 1 0-n1inute drive ffon1 the airport. 'This rel~xing tOrmer
has St:'{er.1 furnished roo1ns and sits amid
fragrant gardens; several larger units have kitchens, fireplaces, and
patios. 1he owners are tremendously helpful and offer excellent
advice on touring nearby attractions.
Both of these are such loveiy properties that you may feel inspired
to postpone your return Bight home and hang around for a few
more days, soaking up the fresh air and endearing personality of this
charmed country.
Photo: White-faced (capuchin) monkeys frequently cavort in
the trees behind the beach in Costa Rica's Manuel Antonio
National Park. (Photo by Andrew Collins)
the STAR 21
!I Ii
to start a world relief agency based in the LGBT communir1-
It was a good thing he listened. In rhe p:m two years, the o::ganization
has raised ove!' $1 million for huma:1itarian aid and medical
£~fft' supplies in this country and abroad, from mostly $: 00 and $200
contribu.:ions. In 2005, R\Y/F raised $390,000 for Katrina re!ief and
sent $250,000 to the victims of che mmami that hit Indonesia.
When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans last September, my
partner Lynn and I were transfixed by the images on television - the
death and destruction, the despair and heartbreak. We knew we
wanted to send money, bur didn't want to use the uadirional relief
route of the American Red Cross - we still had questions abom how
they managed the massive amount of money they raised after 9/11.
Then I received an e-maii from the Human Rights Campaign
about helping. There was a link to a group called the Rainbow
World Fund (v-rww.rainbowfund.org). I clicked through and, to my
surprise, I found the website for the LGBT community's oniy world
relief agencv. We were all too happv m make our $250 comribution
th;ough RWE Right up from: they told us the money would
go to America's Second 'Harvest to provide food for the foiks in the
Crescent City who lost everything.
Luckiiy for us, we could go on with our lives. A few '.V:c:eks later, W,c
received a hand-written thank-you note from Jeff Cotter, the fellow
who thought up R';QF. I was impressed with roday's technology
and fast pace, hand-written thank-you notes from nor-for-profits
have gone by the 'Nayside, except when they1re to major donors. i\nd
one $250 gift does nor a major donor make. So, I dcc;ded to check
out the RWF and have a chat with Cottec
1\ social " 1orker f0r about ! 5 years, Cotter said he just v.rasn\ fulfilled
professionally. ''I wanted to do something I had never dor1t
before. I 1..vantcd to have a positive in1pact on the planet and
people/ the San Prancisco~based c:ortcr told me in a phone interview.
;;I put those ideas out to the universe and let then-1 go."' l\ f~;•.1v
rpont-hs iatff, C'o ... rpr S'11<1, 1,_j,: ,yrpn i""1f1Pf voitP f'r)i(i Pim
22 the STAR
Coner just returned from a relief trip to Gu:.ltemaia Viith 15 KWF
volunteers plus two American nuns who served as their guides. The
group broughr $250,000 worth of medical supplies HIV, hea•r,
and diabetes medications; antibiotics; antifungal cream; hypodermic
needles; and other goods - to villages throughout the coumry.
In addition to 1,650 lbs. of supplies, RWF aiso brought benveen
500 and 600 stuffed animals to brighten the lives of children, and it
made direcr cash grants to an orphan«ge, a school, a medical clinic,
and OASIS, the coumry's only LGBT organizatio:1.
"We gave OASIS $5,000, and we also brought down 2,000 condoms,"
said Cotter. "This was our third humanitarian trip to Guatemaia
- it's differem from other Central Amer:can countries oecause
50 percem of the population is indigenous, and it encapsuiates the
developing world."
Through its work, R\X'F is also pre<enting ~he LGBT communi:v
to the world. "Our first priority is to heir those who need it, but
a by-product is changing how people se; rhe LGBT community,"
said Cotter. "]be Fund is a way of putting our highest vaiues - love,
kindness, and compassion - to wo:·k, and of providing a platform fo~
our concern and caring rn be seen and he.ud around :he world."
Cotter told me that when he approached /unerica's Second Harvest,
the group was thrilied to coliaborate. According ro Cotter, America's
Second Harvesr has quire a few gays :md lesbians working a, irs Chicago
headquarters. lbe same can't be ,aid for some of R\'VFs other
"s;;aight" philanthropic partners. Cotter said those other organizations
understand thar R\'VF helps them in more than one way.
''Making them more conscious, helpi1:g th<?m explo;·c LGBT issues,
:m area they haven', rhought abom before wciL rhat's also pan of
their mission in helping to heal the worid,'' said Corn:r. "And now,
the organizations \\re "\/Vork with are out about \Vorking ,vith the
L(~B1 .. comtnunity, v.rith us - rhey don 1: n1akc a secret about it in
any \V~1y.)1
(~otter is still \Vorking as a psychiatric social -..vorkcr thrct days
,veck - he docsn\ dra'\.v a salary frorn the llainbo,v \Xlcirld Fund. "\Xie
want to give LC BT dollars the
a iot nf people~ '-Vbilc at the san1e rirne
to the LC; lfr
(~.otter and
real differeno.: in the lives of
MCCJoplin &om page-IO
The church is active in all Metropolitan
Community Church's ministries taking a
Social Justice stand on issues that affect our
community including ethical and equal
medical care for all people, antidiscrimination,
AJDS awareness, prevention and
treatment, and equality in marriage. Sharing
a progressive Christianity by creating an
open and welcoming community of faith
where people from all faith walks can join
in praise and worship. Providing a witness
of God's love to all people and following the
scriptures in providing for the love of God,
the love of self and the love of neighbor as
the core of our being.
The pastor, Rev. Steve T. Urie was ordained
by Metropolitan Community Churches on
Juiy 20, 2005 after completing his MCC
Intensives in 2002 at the Pacific School of
Religion in Berkley , CA . He was one of
the founding members of the church and
has continued to be an acdve communiry
The church celebrared with a Pot-Luck
attended bv Rev. Carolvn Moblev currendv
serving in Tulsa, OK ,'members,ofUniry ~f
Joplin, members from MCC of the Living
Spring in Eureka Springs , AR. It received
numerous accoiades from throughout the
country and around the world from MCC
leadership and sister churches.
klahoma's ntigay
Invalidation Law
'It's dangerous and appa · thm: state of
ficials seek to jeopardize t safet;1 and well
being of children in Oklahoma. '
DENVER, CO October 17, 2006_ In
papers filed in court today, Lambda Legal
argued that the U. S. Con~t of Appeais
should affirm a lower court rniing that
Oklahoma's amigay Adopricm Invalidation
Law is unconstitutional.
"It's dangerous and appalling that state of.
ficials seek to jeopardize the safety and well
being of children in (Jklahoma," said Ken
Upton~ Senior Sraff ..A .ttorney in Latnbda
Legal1s South (:entrai Regional ()ffice and
lead attorney on the case. qiht Adoption
Invalidation Law threatens the welfare of
children and their parents because it forbids
agents of the State such as police, heaith
officials, and child welfare officials from recognizing
these families, and it doesn't even
consider who would protect these children if
the State severs the ties between parent and
U.S. Districr Judge Robin Cauthron wrote
in her decision released in May that, "The
very fact that the adoptions h~ve occurred
is evidence that a court of law has found the
adoptions to be in the best interests of the
children ... To now attempt to strip a child of
one of his or her parents seems far removed
from the statute's purpose and therefore
from Defendants'asserted important government
The Adoption Invalidation Law, hastily
passed at the end of the 2004 Oklahoma
legislative session, said that Oklahoma "shall
not recognize an adoption by more than one
individual of the same sex from any other
srate or foreign jurisdiction." Lambda Legal
argued rhat the law was unconstitutional
based on the United States Constitution's
guarantees of equal protection, due process
and righr to travel, as well as rhe mandates
of the Full Faith and Credit Clause.
The lower court found that the statute indeed
violated che United States Constitution
by singling out a specific group for discrimination
and upheld all of Lambda Legal's
ocher claims, except the right to travel. T11e
Court dismissed the ciaims of Lambda Legal
clients Ed Swaya and Greg Hampel, because
the Court found that the statute did not
harm them since the State of Oklahoma
granted the couple a birth certificate for
their adopted daughter listing the two men
as her parents prior ro the passage of the law
;,nd they did nor face immediate harm.
Orai argumrnts in rhe case v,ill be heard
in rhe Unired States Court of Appeals for
the 10th Circuit in Denver on Jvfonday,
:--fovember U.
Ken Upton, Senio:· Sratf At~orney in Lambda
Legai's South Central Regionai Office in
f?allas is Lambda Le?al's lead at~orney ~;:
the case. He is JOtned by Lambda Legal Sta.ff
Attorney, Brian Chase. and cooperating
attorney Sandy lngrahan1 of Ingraham &
Associates. PL.L.(:. in l\1cLoud. Oklaho1na.
-rhe c:asc is Finstuen et al V. Edmondson et
(1 TSP) C
(1/2 OZ) CHILL
1 . Chi!! a martini glasses with ice and
2. Add all ingredients (except Champagne)
with ice in shaker and iet
stand a fuli minute.
3. Shake for a fuli minute.
4. Strain into the chilled martini
5. Top the glasses with Champagne.
TheSTAR 23

Salutations and welcome to a blustery November addition of Uncle
Mikey, man of meat! Uncle prepares for a winter feast. Break out
the minks. and let's be on our way. This month uncle received the
most intriguing of letters, a straight man confused, while a gay man
cant seem to stop obsessing over his stylist. Mmmm it sound like a
full moon kittens.
Dear Uncle Mikey,
I have one for you. ~"1}' friend came to my job-site as a referral,
looking for a new job. I felt good about getting him a job, and being
able to help. Now, I am in shock as to the realization who this
man really is. He was flirting with the trainer, who is a screaming
queen. I thought well ok play your cards, I feel ya so far. However,
this £lining became a past time, as I watched this man allow himself
to be seduced, and basically had an affair with the trainer to ensure
he not only was hired, but goc a promotion into a new program.
I am telling you I was flabbergasted, and shocked. This man is
straight, what is worse he has a girlfriend at home. Am I the only
man lefr who believes morals count for something? Needless to say,
he dumped this man iike a bad habit, and is in my opinion trying
to convince himself that it never happened? Should I call him on his
iack of character, or is this the new trend, sex for hire?
Dazed by his blaze
Dearest Daze,
After reading your letter, my faithful houseboy had to help me off
the floor, as I attempted to restrain myself from the sheer force of
humor. I found here. Kitten, men have been seducing secretaries
since :he first piece of wpod s;;t at a desk. It is almost refreshing that
now, a)Jparendy, the straight world is even shifting to those Queens
in power. I guess he found our that vou really do have to kneel
before a queen, eh1 You think that is rough kitten, you should have
seen my interviewing process, my boys cara their positions while
learning a few new ones.
I)ear Uncle,
I am so over size queens. Just because I don't have a 12 inch monster
in my pants docs nnt make me a b;;d !over, why arc men so
crazed about size?
I assure: "!,T;u not all of us arc size queens, as 1 have $aid before.
S()n1er.in1cs s1zc can be a roadblock in the tunnel of kn"c.
26 the STAR
allowing ali to score here. Length, girth, endurance, originality,
determination and of course-presemation. I assure you, I am an
equal opportunfry lover. I ha~·e e,·en acted as a reference if it was a
performance to remember, Oh believe me we talk, and ,..-e talk a lot.
Do not gee down about your tool; u~e it to create a masterpiece.
Dear Uncle,
I have been friends with my best friend for ten years. He and I have
enjoyed many pursuits together while chasing men. Now, he has
been secretly chasing a female, and what is ,vorse he is pulling away
from me. He told me just the other day that he thinks he is tired of
the whole gay scene? Squeeze me? Now. we are a scene, and not a
lifestyle, and God gi,·en birthright to chase the cock? I don't know
what is going on with him, but I am not about to let him go wondering
off into the straight world, just because it would be easier.
\'•/hat should I do?
Dearest chasing,
Kitten, first of aii you ha,·e to realize that your friend is a mature
adult and can make his own choice. If he wams to leave behind his
life, (as you so delicately put i,) cock chasing, than my darling this
is his and his alone to make. I mean, seriously is there a full moon
or something. Now we ha,·e a gay man coming out of the closet as
straight. I a;k you what will be next, straight men giving us fashion
advicd (Oh look -Delicious I made a funnv!. Darling, it sounds
like you ~eed to find some C of your own {c; take your mind of
vou; friends' confusion, and allo~v him time to fi!!d himself. I understand
going from flannel to silk, but the reverse, ooh my nervd
Dear Uncle Mikey,
Can you really get an STD iust by giving someone head?
Can you realiy ask that question with a head?
*Warning- This 1\vink does not come with accessories. j\[ay be
hazardous to vour healtn. If you hear the sound of Congo upoc
the unzipping of said T\vink- Run Bitch Run 1
\X .. ow, I need a cirink after that'
I sa,\: }-our Ficturc in last month's issue Gn yoci; y<u are .~ handsome
guy, and funny'. ;\re you ever going to be out our \Vay? I '\VOuld
krvc to n1ccr you in pcrson-
Srnooches- \Xlw.r\, a Gur1 to do'. I~ rhat an official inYite? You are
not rciarion of s-v:irn-fan arc snicker ~njckcr
that is about a1J the rjrnt 1 ha;,-e. Re1ncn1bcr this, it i:not
the s1zc of the tO\VtT~ nor the circun1ferenc<: r,f the panunereri
. . ,
H J~ not ClTn n1c of the . " . . .-
H 1s about styic, pertorn1ancc,
* \.'VWw.ozarksstar.com
use it, to help us
However, most o
this non-frothy
such drinks as t
of these other
azing, and
to wash
, clean
citv, and co
lease shouid
t enough oi
instead choose
and beer. Ali
great as iong as
f the water. TI1e
1t 8 glasses of wave
shown as many
ans are at least mildly
n reasons of fatigue during the
that expb:ns some of why we
gh time a, work. 'That and a little
~v1ondays. Only a 2% drop in
r can create hazy shore-term meme
with simple math, and difficuicy
on the comourer screen or a
That makes ~ense considering
man brain is 95% water, biood
er, the iu:1gs arc 90% ·water, and
muscles are 75~{:i water.
\X,'ater is a great mineral which helps
prevent many conditions. What condition
might that oe Fitness Guy Ron? Well I'm
glad you asked! \"later can help prevent
kidney stones and it can also help lesson the
chance for devdopbg bladder, kidney, and
u~inarv :race infections. ·rhere has also been
a six year study of 20,000 hea!thy men and
women ages 38-100 from the May l, 2002
American Journal of Epider::iology. This
study found that women who drank more
than five giasses _of .., vatcr \Vere 41 '}0 iess
likeiy to die frorn a heart attack during the
study than these who drank k:ss than nvo
glasses. The prorcctivc effects of drinking
water ,vere even rnorc profi)und and n1uch
better in rnen. ,;Xlhat does this tel1 you?
-n1ere are nu1nerous fiictors that affect your
,vater needs. You 1.vi!! need to n1odify )tour
fluid intake based on the f(.,li<)v1ing fi1ctors:
exercise, environn1ent, illnesses; and health
-Exercise: jf you exercise or engage in an:1/
physical then you \viH need
During exe.
such as ever
not Ief rhirst
alreadv be deh
thirsty~ If your
sweating then:
spores drink to
drink more water.
you doing reading
drinking your
that time to ask
glass of water.
just zaps your
Oftentimes, we
water we lose th
summer. Do
heat'. Higher
incrcasc;d uri
loss ✓
-Illness and Hea!ch Conditions: Certain
signs and symptoms of illnesses such as
vomiting, fever, and diarrhea can cause
your body to lose extra fluids. Even that
pesky miid dehydration can make you more
susceptible ro viruses. Water can be quite a
powerful weapon in the battle against colds
a1:d other maladies.
\Xiarer can also act as a natural appetite suopressanc
so developing good wate~· drinki~g
habits c:.m pay tremendous dividends in
yom healthy weight main~enance. Water can
help the body digest and absorb vitamins
and :rnrrients in addition to aiding the kidneys
and liver by carrying av1ay \Vaste frorn
tb.~"v, h<c, o,\,f. v/ a Wat"\..,-~: r- an ."_V' ."_f ~ help. Jre,.n vou ~ .... "-'r ✓
regulac Oh God! Novv I'm going to sound
like the conversation at my grandmmher's
pinochle tab]c. But water does trulv help
prevent constipation by adding bulk to,
swo!s ,,nd more fluid to the colon. Tne
"end" result is sofrer and easier bowel mon:ments.
1\.nd \vho doesn\ vvant that?
ore thing before I give you some
s. You don't need to drink bottled
an drink the tap water. If you
cold me 20 years ago that water
? .00 per glass I would have
'mon peopie, it's water! There
erous studies that have
water is every bit as good
er. It's these corporations and
Avenue marketing schemes
ded our thinking on this.
era! years ago, I drank
m Budapest bathrooms and
g fine (despite what my friends
Line: Drink water and it's okay
ater. Just drink water!
he first thing in the morning.
f slumber equals dehydration.
ntainer on hand throughur
desk, in the car, at
e. Bring out the fine crystal
erously pour che water.
ing is a iot more fun to drink with
· cy glassware.
-Grab some fruits and veggies. Most of these
are aimost all water content. 'lliis can give
you some variety.
-And as always- HAVE FUN!
Let me know your questions, comments,
and ideas ac blake.fitness@yahoo.com.
FACT: In the 2004 presidential
eiection 71 million eligible voters
did not vote. Shame on us.
the STAR 27
"Use your charm wisely, Aries!"
The Sun is aligned with Venus in Scorpio, turning up
everyone's seductive charm and susceptibility. Both planets
are trine to Uranus, opening amazing possibilities. Cleverly
used, this magnetism can lead to opportunities and insights
that could change your life.
ARIES (March 20 -April 19): Your seductive charm is
working far better than you expect. Use it sparingly and
wisely; it could land you into situations you hadn't gambled
on. Secrets that come to light may include long-hidden
TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Getting out into a new and
different milieu - preferably someplace with a spiritual and/
or political focus - and making new friends offers a chance
to meet a wonderful new partner, or to revitalize an existing
GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): If looking sexy is part of your
work, you're bound to succeed. If it's not, you may have to
work extra hard to behave yourself and stay focused on the
task at hand. Of course, this, too, is a sure route to success.
CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Playful efforts to tease out
ideas can lead to profound discussions, perhaps even arguments.
Keep it friendly and principled and you can learn
- and teach - a lot more than you expected to. You'll need a
very open mind to take it all in!
LEO (July 23 -August 22): Fix an aphrodisiac supper for
the one you desire. The setting counts more than menu, although
some classic stand-bys like oysters will signai your
intentions. Make sure your boudoir is as eiegantly prepared
as the table!
VIRGO (August 23 - September 22): Risque limericks,
weli-honed epigrams, or other outre witticisms will shock
others into taking notice of you. Your partnei - or your favorite
candidate for thatposition - will be properly impressed,
and you wiil be happily. "improperly·· rewarded.
LIBRA (September 23 - October 22): Take care '?f finances
now - next week wouid be disastrous! You·re more
resourcefu! than usual now, making this the time not only
to evaluate material assets. but to develop useful skills for
doing so.
SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21): Your sexy charm
is now at its height, opening doors for a!I kinds of fun and
games. You're irresistible, and not just sexually. Engage
people at other levels. Be creatively flirtatious, and see
what opportunities that generates for you.
28 the STAR
SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 20): Carve out
a special place in your home for meditation. It would seem
that the point is to get grounded - but not quite. The space
will open energy for you in a way that will be centering -
freeing you from roots, not attaching you to them.
CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 19): Any time
spent with friends will unlock secrets, either yours or theirs,
and that will be necessary for social or political success.
Have some secrets that you can reveal safely to protect
those you want to keep hidden.
AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18): When tempted
to confront an authority figure, try instead to engage that
person diplomatically and find ways to co-operate. More
than you would imagine, your charm wil! get you ahead and
open doors to resources.
PISCES (February 19 - March 19): Explore any new, exotic
art or beauty. The more you can identify with it and fee!
it as a part of you, the more it - or he or she? - can show
you parts of yourself you never knew existed. ·
2902 20th
PO Box 4711
Joplin. i\[o 648!)3
S~KftTRI)1\Y Scr\--ice 9:3()/\.\'l
..Y. TcJus ln:vited to our C:on11nur1it\' l)inner
61)rr1 1ust S4.00. T'~<J ()rH: ls turned

30 the STAR
HE:'S 91::E:N L-iVIN1
INC!': 'THE: 195015.
t'L-L- SE:1' HE:
1./00 81./CKS
1st Annual Gala Celebration
"Linking Together as One"
Friday, December 15th, 2006 7:00
P.M. Clarion Inn - Fayetteville
1255 So. Shiloh, Fayetteville, AR
For more information:
Luxury Townhouses
FOR RENT, Pine & E.72nd St
2 bed/1.5 baths/washerdryer/
hookup/prvt patio/2 car
garage, no pets.
$525/month + Deposit
Call: Patty (918)724-6475 or
Mark (918)724-1960
-',, '
. www.diversifypride~com
and · .
* Full Body, Sports, Hot Stone
* Hand and Foot Scrubs
* In-House Clinic
* Days, Evenings and Weekends
Call for an appointment and rates.
Mike Lewis AKA "Morgan"
A iongtime Bartender at the
Finishline in Oklahoma City
passed away on the morning
of October 6, 2006. Morgan
was very well know and loved
by the GLBT community.
the STJ\R 31
Sunday Champaqne Brunch
All you can eat soup and salad bar 11 am-2pm
Monday & Tuesday
Well Martinis $2.50 4pm-7pm
Best Prime Rib in Town:
Friday & Saturday Nights
Bar favorites. restaurant favorites and man:,
new items for your enjoyment pleasure
* Plus tax, excludes suites
r .... -
p 'S
Sun 7pm - 2am.
Tues-Thur:. 7pm-9prn wear your h::Hhcr
and get your wd! drink:- fc,r :<?.50
Sun Thur. 7pm-2am
Fri and Sat. 4pm-2am
Rudy ·s Place is a non-smukin!_:'.
Early for cocktails. latc- t'or a night cap
With Whitney Paige
Saturday i--;ighh
\\ ith Silan1ci \landala) at I Op1n
Sunday Nowrnher 12. 20!)h
I si Prize: .'i, 1.000.00 PLLiS 5500.flO crcdn
tcn\·ard" haync Original Gown
J' P1.

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