[2004] The Ozark Star Magazine, September 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 9


[2004] The Ozark Star Magazine, September 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 9


Politics, education, and social conversation over LGBTQ+ topics


The Ozark Star’s first issue began in August of 2004. Before this Issue was Ozarks Pride (2004) then follows The Star (2005) and The Metro Star (2008)

This magazine discusses topics of AIDs, education, politics, local and national civil rights of the LGBT community, and advice for relationships and places to visit.

This collection is PDF searchable. Physical copies are also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


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September 1, 2004


C.D. Ward
T.J. Kelly
Greg Steele
Randy Vineyard
Steve T. Urie
Donald Pile
Ray Williams


The Ozarks Star Magazine, August 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 8

The Ozarks Star Magazine, October 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 10


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The Eyes ofTammy Faye Review page- 8
"Heterophobia ?"
Heterophobia popped into my mind the
other day after a conversation with
someone who had been offended by
actions of a heterosexual couple in a
predominantly gay estabUshment. I could
not recall hearing the word before and
decided to consult the old Random House
Webster's dictionary. Guess what, it's not
in the 1991 edition! I suppose I should
buy a newer release with all the new
strange words floating around these days.
The word Homophobia is listed, Homo,
Hetero, Phobia, and Phobic are all listed.
The defmition given for Phobia is: "A
persistent, irrational fear of a specific
object, activity or situation that leads to a
compelling desire to (JVoid it. "
Now, we all know what Homophobic
means. Most of us have experienced
some form of Homophobic attitude in our
lifetime. I think I would be safe in saying
that Jerry Falwell is homophobic, not that
I'm judging Jerry's personal convictions,
but he has been quoted many times
speaking out against the Gay/Lesbian
community. So, would this gay person I
had a conversation with, be considered
"Heterophobic"? He seemed to indicate
that he had a compelling desire to avoid
the activity. continued next page
The Ozarks Star Page3
editor-continuedfi-om page 2
I recall a situation on Interstate 44 east of ·
Oklahoma City. I was driving home from
Lake Eufaula with the crnise control set
on 70, in front of me was car swerving
across the yellow line, slowing down,
speeding up, just driving very danger- .
ously. I hesitated to pass, in fear of gettmg
hit, but finally took the chance. I was
dismayed at what was going on in that
automobile. A man was driving with the
seat back way back and a woman was
sitting on his lap, facing him, gyrating up
and down! Baby, I almost ran off the road
and I got the hell out of there. Sex on the
highway, whow! I should have called the
Hyway Patrol, but didn't. I had a compelling
desire to avoid the activity and the
situation. Did I have a Heterophobic
Many heterosexuals find gay bars
intri ouing and homosexuals frequent
strai;ht bars as well. The question is, if
gay people are expected not to be too
obvious in a straight club, should we
expect the same from straight people in
gay clubs?
More important is how we as humans
conduct ourselves in all public places. It
is possible to enjoy nightclubing, ha:e .
fun, meet new people without engagmg m
lewd acts. Beware, you may develope a
Can vou imagine a world with no
phobia's? A future world with no gay bars
and no straight bars? Just places for
everyone to enjoy and be yourself
without offending others. Perhaps we
should all begin now to prepare ourselves
for the future.
September 1, 2004
Georgia eb firm
optimizes gay
shopping Website
Southern Web Gro11p improves visibility of
Alabama-based HighQueen.com
ATLANTA (PRWEB) July 25, 2004 -
Atlanta-based Southern Web Group is
pleased to announce the relau:1ch of .
www.highqueen.com, a Website featunng
gifts for gay men and lesbians.
After its initial launch in April 2004, Terry
Woodard and his partner Rick decided to
revamp the marketing strategy t~ward
natural search engine growth. With ten years
of retail experience, the couple launched
Hioh Queen because of the unique and
un~et demand for gay gifts and gay
"Southern Web Group is pleased to relaunch
the High Queen Website. The_Website_will
surely become a leading provider of gifts for
gay weddings, gay designers and t~ose
seeking gifts for their gay and le~bian
friends." said Drew Bartot,i, president of the
Atlanta-based Web desiglffirm.
Founded in 1999, Southern Web Group is a
leader in Atlanta's Web design industry and
can be found on the Web at
www.southemwebgroup.com. With a
growing clientele across the country, the
Atlanta Web design firm is pleased to
welcome the High Queen to its list of clients
that already includes the Sout~e~ste_m .
Flower Show, the American Civil L1bertles
Union the Atlanta Lesbian Cancer Initiative
and th~ Atlanta Executive Network.
Volume l Issue 9 September 1, 2004
Dakota Daniels
Hunter Benefit
Shiff en decker Park
Press Release Aug. 23, 2004
Joplin, MO
A benefit for Dakota will be held at
Shiffendecker Park in Joplin on October 9,
2004 from 12:00 Noon to 6PM. All
proceeds to benefit her son Cota. Come
and enjoy the Live Entertainment. Everyone
is welcome.
For more information contact Jake Lee
Bravado Hunter or Pam at (417) 438-9746
The Ozarkd Star Page 5 September 1, 2004
August 12, 2004
This morning I waited to hear on CNN
about the California Supreme Court's
decision concerning same-sex marriages
performed in San Francisco. You could
see the cameras and media people edging
their way into the small crowd, Molly
McKay, Associate Executive Director of
Equality California, made her wav
through pages of legalese as we ;11 held
our breath.
Then ,,·e heard the words said aloud for
the first time: "These marriages are
invalidated." You can have a parking
ticket validated and that is simply a piece
of paper. They have decided that as
human beings, loving people, and people
of faith that we do not have the same
worth as a parking ticket.
Put your relationship, your life, your
friendships on the line and let someone
proclaim that you are invalidated.
Can you imagine the tears, disbelief, the
overwhelming disappointment and yes
even anger that must have been felt as
each person comprehended what was just
read to them. As those words were read
aloud and echoed through the air I felt
very much as if I had just been violated
and I wasn't even there.
But here's what I know and hope that
you know. Legislation is only words and
. until the people truly embrace it. .. even if it
had passed the legislature and had been
successfully brought before their State
Supreme Court it would have truly been just
that, "only words."
The issue here is one of rights and the State
Governments around the country, the
amendments being passed, and the scare
influence of the pious religious groups in this
country are setting a dangerous precedent.
They are legalizing discrimination.
But here's what I know and hope that you
know ... as stated by Metropolitan Community
Church pastor from San Francisco, "They can
take away our rights, they can try and make us
second class citizens-but no one can trulv
invalidate us. \X!e know that our loves, our,
lives, our stories, our bodies are not just valid,
but also good, beautiful, and sacred.
My heart goes out to every couple who was
married-. Knmv this: Your love vour .)
commitment and your relationship are validated by•
the God of manv names and bv the community
that surrounds y~u. · ·
No one can take away the joy we felt in those fair
days of February. So let us remember Alice
Walker's vmrds: "Resistance is the secret of joy."
We keep lovingly resisting all that is unjust and
In this country there ha,;-e been manv cries heard
round the world, "Remember the Al~mo,"
"Remember Pearl Harbor," "Remember 9/11" and
remember "they can only do to us ,,;-hat we allow
them to."
If you think anything of yourself as a person, if
you think anything of your relationship, if you
think anything of the rights being stripped away
from you then stay in the struggle and remember
Because you count! Because you are validated'.
Remember that in the near future we can stand to
change this country ... there is more to it than what
we are den;ed but it is a great part of it to ali of us.
U ntt·1. .,,.-._i. ext t',1 o m· h...... . . . 0:c0d',]/W_ l.J{}
Volume 1 Issue 9
Ozarks Star Page 7
Photo by: Ray Williams
September I, 2004
"Traveling in the gay friendly world"
by Donald Pile and Ray Williams
If you have never been to Colorado NOW is the
time to go. The travel business is really off this
year in Colorado and bargains are everywhere.
In the past Colorado was rated the most homophobic State in the Union and they have
lost millions of dollars due to the stupidity of their resident's voting record on gay rights
in the past Convention business has dropped considerably as well as other business
activities. Between the general economic woes of the country and the fires that Colorado
had a couple of years ago, they are really handing out the bargains for travelers.
We first drove to Colorado Springs and the weather was beautiful. There are so many
sights to see in the Colorado Springs area and most all of them are free. The Garden of
the Gods, Manitou Springs, The Cliff Dwellings, Pike's Peak are but just a few of the
interesting sights to see there. One day we drove to Cripple Creek, the old mining town
which is now "Casino City" with an over abundance of casinos in the town. Luckily for
us the slot machines were paying off pretty well. On the way back down to Colorado
Springs we got to see a herd of mountain goats that had come down and was mixing with
the autos on the highway. A hail storm about 20 minutes before we got to that point had
left the area full of large hail everywhere. Colorado Springs is the most homophobic part
of Colorado Springs however you would never know it by the gay and lesbian community
there. On Sunday, July 18th they had their PRIDEFEST 2004 and it was extremely well
attended. It was held right downtown in the city park square. The Rev. Elder Troy Perry,
founder of the Metropolitan Community Church was the featured guest speaker. That
was followed by a parade and then a rally, live entertainment, local groups, bands and
singers. They had a "kid's fun zone" for gay and lesbian parents. Vendors included area
banks, lending institutions, political tents (wonder why the Republican's didn't have a
tent there?) as well as Internet companies, phone companies. etc. The businesses in
Colorado KNOW to cater to the gay and lesbian communities! It was one of the finest
Pridefests that we have ever attended.
From Colorado Springs we drove up to the Mountains and ended our day at Vail, the ski
capitol of Colorado. Normally rates for accommodations in Vail are extremely high
ranging from around$ l 50.00 and up. However due to "no business" most all of the
accommodations bad dropped their rates drasticaliy. We stayed at a Lodge for under
$50.00 per night and that included breakfast every morning. A huge swimming pool,
Jacuzzi and picnic tables made for a perfect stay. There were two supermarkets within a
continued page - 22
Page 8 September 1, 2004 The Ozarks Star
--:------:---:---:---:---:-!iii -_;:q-_,--iffii-ef;---------=-e-=n--=c-=-o--u=-n:;::-:te--r--w:-:-::-:;it:;:h-J:;-:i-:::m::--;:;B:-::a7k7k--=e-=r--=a:-:n:-:d;---::-,_...::...:_===-
Volume 1 Issue 9
by Fenton Bailey and Randy
Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper
stated that "You might be suprised
how much you like Tammy Faye
Baker!" I could not agree more.
She is the kindest person with a
heart of gold. Tammy embraced
the Gay Community when others
turned their backs. Buy this film
and you will love her! Laugh and
cry with her. "Witness the
incredible real-life story of the
spectacular rise, fall and
resurrection of the "Queen of the
Eyelashes." Many times halarious
and oftentimes tragic, it is an
amazing tale of one of the most
adored and reviled women of our
time.Narrated by RuPaul Charles,
this award-winning film chronicles
Tammy Fayes's personal journey
from the geniune love-at-first-sight
ma king of the most successful
television ministry to being
crucified in the court of public
opinion. Extensive, revealing
interviews by those on the
inside will both shock and
endear. Delve deep into the notso-
Christian scandals and
milliion dollar lies that
devastated the empire and
destroyed family. And be
enlightened with Tammy Faye's
unique personal philosophies
that helped her carry on ...
Because in spite of it all, Tammy
Faye never lost hope in two
things - extra thick mascary
and Jesus Christ."
Quotable Quotes
"[Contrary to George W Bush's
statement,] it is simply a fact that
marriage is 'an evolving paradigm.' For
the first millennium after Christ,
Christianity didn't even recognize
marriage as a sacrament. It was
regarded as a purely secular matter of
property ownership. Marriage also
once meant the ownership of women
by men. It was once permanent, and
no divorce was possible. It was once
restricted to couples of the same race.
The notion that it has never changed
is simply untrue. The only relevant
question is whether the current
change [opening marriage to same-sex
couples] is a good one. The president
doesn't answer that question. He
simply asserts it, based on nothing but
bad history and ignorance."
Gav writer Andrew Sullivan, a former
Bush supporter, wricing at
CBSNews.com,July 13.
September I, 2004
Volume 1 Issue 9 Page 10 September 1, 2004
Kerry /Edwards Event
in Joplin
Press Release Aug. 23, 2004
Joplin, MO
Jesse DeGonia will be hosting an event on
Friday September 10th at 6pm to build
support for the democratic candidates running for
office in Missouri. "We must win the state of
Missouri which is THE MOST IMPORTANT
SWING STATE!!!! in the November election. I
have rented the UCCFF building at 204 N.
Jackson, on the corner of N. Jackson and "C"
Street." Mr. DeGonia conveyed to The Ozarks
Jim Newberry, a US Congressional Candidate who
is challenging Roy Blunt, will be speaking along
with other candidate's to be announced. "The
official Democratic Campaign Video will be
shown, refreshments v,,-:ill be served and free
campaign material vvill be available. The public is
invited." said DeGonia.
Springfield's OZ bar
to Host APO Benefit.
Springfield, MO
by Star writer Greg Steele ..
"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" a
benefit fund-raiser for Aids Project of the
Ozarks will be hosted by the OZ bar in
Springfield on Friday, September 24th from
5pm to 8pm. The OZ is located at 504 East
All you can eat Spaghetti and Meatball
dinner will be served for $5.00. There will
be contests, games, silent auction, raffle,
live entertainment, male dancers and free
Oral HIV testing from 9PM to 1 :30PM.
Greg Hill, Co-Owner of the club, expects a
huge turnout and invites the entire GLBT
community to come out and support this
worthy event. Proceeds to benefit APO.
Quotable Quotes cactus Canyon Campground
And Resort
"Their struggle is a
human rights issue to
me. I have suffered
myself from racism and
se~ism all my life. I know
what it feels like to be an
outsider. I understand
what position gays have
been put in. Many of my
friends were and are gay.
Many people I tune into
turn out to be gay, so on
a spiritual level, I'm in
love with all my gay
friends." -
Yoko Ono to the L.A. gay
newspaper Fab!,July 16.
For Men In The Ozarks
The Lar9e1,t Men's C..amp9round in the U'51'
Full RV Hookup's, Tent Sites, Cabins, Lodge Rooms,
Hot Tub/ sauna, Pool, Cafe, Theme Weekends,
Convenience Store, Clothing Optional.
Call 417-683-9199 or visit our website
The Ozarks Star
Chris Greninge
An Inspiration To Our
by Star Writer Greg Steele
Joplin, .Missouri
Another example of talent and community
spirit gone unrecognized in the Four States
Chris Greninge, a Joplin business man and
native of Southwest Missouri, grew up in
Saginaw, Missouri and graduated from
Diamond High School, class of 1983. He
attended Crowder College, Pittsburg State
and graduated MSSU in 1990.
Chris and his partner of 14 years,Jeff Daws
reside in Joplin and have restored a beautiful
old Victorian. Chris loves antiques and has
an awesome collection. Old musical instruments
and tea pots are his favorites. Jeff is a
professional photographer and has worked
with Olan Mills Photography for the past 7
A talented musician, Chris began playing the
piano at age 3. Played 2nd violin with the
September 1, 2004
Southeast Kansas Symphony and was the
organist for First Christian Church of
Joplin. Other than his full-time job as a
managing partner of Spain Grinding
Service, Chris volunteers his talent as
pianist, organist, Yocalist and directs a small
orchestra at St Pauls UMC. Then on Sunday
evening he volunteers as pianist and
organist at Spirit of Christ I\ICC Joplin and
it doesn't stop here people!
Chris has long aspired to form a Gay Men's
Choral group and or a LGBT community
orchestra. He feels, as we at "The Ozarks
Star" do, there are many untapped talents
out there in our small section of this
"If we could draw them out of the closet,
get people excited, just in South\vest
Missouri alone, we could have a major
entertainment group. Getting folks together
with a common cause is very foreign to us
because of the negative impression some
have of our LGBT community. People
seem to think they are safer in the closet,
and go out of to\vn for social activities or
just move away. An all Gay /Lesbian
talented entertainment entity would
certainly blow their skirts up in Joplin, that's
for sure!" Chris said with his eye's spatk!ing.
"The Ozarks Star" recognizes and applauds
Chris Greninge for his talent, his giving
nature and most important, his sense of
community and volunteer spirit.
Anyone interested in working with Chris on
this project, may contact him at:
Volume 1 Issue 9 Page 12 September 1, 2004
Falwell Sue's.Fallwell
Internet Site.
Source: PlanetOut News
A11g11st 10, 2004
;\ federal judge ruled Tuesday that a gay activist
must change the name of a \'v'eb site criticizing the
Rev. Jerry Palwell, an anti-gay minister who at one
time blamed 9/11 on GLBT Americans.
.B. District Judge Claude Hilton ruled that the
Web site, fallwell.com, was too similar to Falwell's
own name, which the minister has trademarked.
Fallwell.com reads in part, "The Reverend
Jerry Palwell is completely wrong when he says
that gay and lesbian people are sinning and can
change." Lamparello also charges falwell of
breaking one of the Ten Commandments by
bearing false witness against gays and lesbians.
L:1st year, Falwell threatened to sue an ll!inois
man who set up Web sites called ierryfalweli.com
and jerryfallwell.com. That activist, Gary Cohn,
created his sites after Falwell stated that gays and
lesbians were part of 1be re;1sun the Sept. 11, 2001
terrorist :1ttacks occurred.
Homophobic fundamentalists should take
note of the words of the scripture, which
they claim to so carefully follow ...
"Who are you to judge another?"
(James 4:12b)
Cathe Letts is
alway• available
to help you with
your real e,itate
t rausactions!
V;,'hetht?r you are bu · 1g or
.setrn1g property l can }'Out!
Serving Joplin, \Vebb Ciry, Carl
.lunt:cion & (.'..!irth.age in MiS'ilmri.
Call Today For HELP!
41 'r-4iU-5:US or 649-7076
Ca the .Lett•• ARR, GR I
RE/MAX N-• Directio.n
The Ozarks Star Page 13 September I, 2004
Volume l Issue 9
2,000 Athletic Model Guild
"Session Videos"
from the 1980s Available
Athletic l'lodel Guild
Release: C-04-002
El Cerrito, California - Certainly the second
and third most common fantasies among viewers
of physique photography are how they would
direct the movements of the models and the
answer to the question: What really happens at a
physique photo shoot?
Athletic Model Guild has announced the
availability of nearly two thousand video tapes,
called "Session Videos" by AMG owner Dennis
Bell, which will answer that question. "These are
tapes made during photo sessions by Bob Mizer at
AMG between 1980 and 1992," Bell said, "and
they show exactly what happened in the studio
from the rime the model got there and began
taking off his clothes, until the session v.ras over
and he started getting dressed again. Bob would
set the video camera on a rripod, and follow the
model with it while he shot his photos. This
"behind-the-scenes" footage includes Mizer
himself directing the models, models bickering
with each other or talking back to Bob, and the
audio which captures the comments, noises,
porn video, dogs barking and phones ringing
offset. But of course" Bell adds, " they also
feature up to 3 hours of non-stop nude
wrestling, spanking, jacking off, and Anal
Erotica (A&E); an exclusive type of
photography th:it m:ide AMG's fortune in the
The first successful Video Cassette Recorder
(VCR) for the home was the 1/2 inch Betamax,
introduced by Sony in 1975. "Bob was really at
the forefront
said Bell. "He
was recording
his models less
than five years
after the first
versions of
recorders hit
the market.
Today, in 2004,
we're taking
those original
Betamax tapes,
just as they
came from his
camera, but
m:i.king high
quality copies on VHS (the format which be:i.t
out Betamax as the preferred home use
videotape format)." AMG "Session Videos "
will be available in one-, two- and three-hour
tapes, depending on what Mizer recorded
originally. "We're dubbing these original
Betamax tapes using professional quality fourhead
Betamax editing and duplication
equipment to standard VHS tapes in the
Standard Play (SP- highest quality) mode." Bell
said he hoped to be able to release the Session
Videos series on DVD within two or three
years. However, plans are presently underway to
release "Session Videos Compilations" on
DVD. More information on that is expected
within the next sixty days. "For now," Bell said,
"we are involved in making a complete
inventory of the tapes rmd checking their
quality. That's nearly 3,500 hours of tape." Even ·
working forty hours a week, every week, it would
take nearly 18 months to complete the task. "But
as I looked at these tapes, I thought the material
was so remarkable, so classic and erotic, it would
be great to make them av:iilable right now to
classic physique lovers :ind long time fans of
i\ AMC. That's why I decided to make copies
T available on a customized basis."
t Bell rhapsodized about the assets of many of the
models he's "discovered" on the tapes. There are
the "men's men," said Bell. "Hairy, muscular, very
macho. Tico Patterson, Joseph Hardee and Steve
Cougar epitomize :i cross between the 80s clone
and a convict." However, Mizer also photographed
wh:it might be called "t:winks" today. "There are
some remarkable session videos of Joseph Phile,
Willie Amstel and Mike Reuter, who also went on
to do a lot of work for the Old Reliable studio."
Some models are in one or two tapes, others
appear in many more. Dean .'\dams, for example,
appears in ninety-four videos. "He was nicknamed
'Kermit'," Bel! said, "because he was always
around the pool at the AMG studio. And
whenever Bob needed a second person to be in a
wrestling or spanking shot - there would be
Kermit, ready to jump into the action. Bob
actually received m:iil from customers asking him
to 'give Kermit a rest.' But that was rare. Most of
the guys \Vim appear in multiple videos were
outstanding in appearance: facial, muscular
development or endowment or all three.
Armando Gonzales, for instance, who will be the
cover for an upcoming AMC release on DVD of
'Best Size #35' was in forty four different
sessions. T. J. Swan was a favorite black model,
noted for his great endowment. Eddie Perez was
a popular model who appeared in scores of
videos and wrestled a lot."
Photographs of these models and many more can
be seen :it the AMG web site. (ht.tp;.LL
.llll<l'..l!I.LU1W.1;.UJ..1.l'..Ll.!J.J.J.J~w.1JL..1..1.1.U.L44LL) Ordering
information is there as well. Information is also
available from Bell or his staff at 1-800-AMGDIRECT
(1-800-264-3473), from 9am-5pm
(Pacific Time). Email
ales@Athletici Iodel ,ujld.com Bell pointed out
the current prices are less than half of what
Mizer charged for the tapes in the 1980s.
For interviews, features, etc contact:
~ or :
Arh!e:ic Model Guild, LLC
3020 E: Cerrito Plaza, S..:.:te 114
El Cerriro, CA 94530
Volume I Issue 9 Page 16 September 1, 2004
by Randy Vineyard
Introducing "T-Town Tidbits" by Star \vriter Randy
Vineyard, An Ozarks Star exclusive. Randy lives in Tulsa and
· will be covering the Star Scene in and around the T-Tuwn area.
Randy has lived in Tulsa since the age of two and wouldn't
consider living anywhere else and loves the Tulsa GLBT scene.
So stay tuned for some exciting Tidbits from T-Town. Randy is
also The Ozarks Star advertising contact for Tulsa.
@. has wonderful gay dubs and nightlife. Por this months column I'll give you a brief look at
each club. We'll begin in alphabetical order so as to not ruffle any feathers.
The BamBoo - A great place to meet friends and enjoy everyone, gay/ straight, and the don't knows,
it's a mixed crowd, for young to older. It has a fabulous enclosed outside patio divided into 3 separate
party areas, one covered spacious concrete expansion with an open sun deck, the other a huge sand
filled area, don't forget ,tanning is must on South Beach. The inside atmosphere is comfortable and
friendly, music is by personal selection. Pool, darts, and video games are a,·ailable, as well as a dance
floor. The club serves a wonderful lunch every Sunday to anyone who walks through the door, and
has dancers from time to time. It is Oklahoma's oldest gay bar dating from the late SO's.
Club Majestic - Tulsa's newest high energy dance club. Located in the Entertainment district of
Tulsa's Downtown Area. A split level building, with bars on both levels. A large dance floor and
seating area along with a lounge spot fill the lower floor. pstairs, the Dj is available for reguests and
a seating and game area are available. This club offers a great light show and wonderful high energy
dance music and video. The crowd fa younger and mixed but everyone plays well together.
Club Maverick Tulsa's only Country, Leather, Levi, Bear Bar. It is the home of Tulsa's Leather
Community. The club offers a large dance floor, the DJ is available for reguests, along with Karaoke
and great music from the past and present, with video. Pool, darts and video games and a friendly
atmosphere, this spacious club with plenty of seating, is sure to suit the country in all of us. For the
slightly more mature GLBT it is a great place to party. •
End Up Club -Tuh,a's Obl'tnale dance revue venue. The club is open daily with dancers and fun
all the time. A nice relaxing
atmosphere. A great center
stage for the guys to dance,
· with ample seating for your
personal enjoyment. The
dancers arc mostly young
men with good attitudes and
high energy.
Heads or Tails A
C?mfo:rtable club, catering to
the ladies who love to play
dll.rts and pool.
continued page-21
The Ozarks Star Page 17
Missouri Democrat
Running for US Senate in
Missouri, from Human Rights
A dedicated ally: Farmer became the first
woman Missouri state treasurer in 2000,
after having served eight years as a state
representative. Prior to holding elective
office, Farmer was executive director of a
neighborhood housing and neighborhood
nonprofit organization. Farmer supports
the Employment oo-Discrimination Act,
the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, and the
Early Treatment for HIV Act. She firmly
opposes efforts to write discrimination into
the .S. Constitution, such as the Federal
Marriage Amendment.
A word on her opponent: Christopher
"Kit" Bond (R) has held this seat since
1987. He scored a 1 7°,riaring on the last
HRC Congressional Scorecard. He opposes
both the Employment Ni-Discrimination
Act and the Hate Crimes Prevention Act
and has voted against both bi!ls in the past.
He supports the Federal Marriage
Amendment, an attempt to write
discrimination into the .B. Constitution.
The race: As a longtime incumbent, Bond
has the upper hand in the race, but polls
show that Farmer is closing the gap
between them. Farmer has mounted a
serious challenge and needs as much
support as she can get in order to pull out a
victory. Visir: www .hrc.org/ candidates
September 1, 2004
"A Night to Create Change"
on September 12th to help raise awareness and
funds for marriage equality. Margaret Cho and
Matt Foreman will join all the parties by phone to
give an update on the "State of the hlons."
Por more information about hosting or attending a
party in your area go to
ww-w. thetaskforce.org/ sept12.
We will be having an informational conference call
about this event on Tuesday, August 17th at
7:30pm ET (4:30pm PT) and again at 7:30pm PT
(10:30pm ET). If you have any questions or would
like to hear more about the event please join us.
Contact Alexes Anderson to get dial-in
instructions at aanderson@thetaskforce.org or
202-393-5177 ext 6310.

Then led< to~ Kay. Yc11ll
fincl the- lolMt-on-ttl!lnd color!
COOlldtnaed for you Y..itn eo&)>to~
hi)$. Mme how~
con get 1he hoft951 loob -of Iha
lll!!Ota'I .-. ord a~,; bl!! in $fyfe'
Joan 5%ymanski
lndepettdMt Be(iuty Cott~I
Volume I Issue 9
Phone; (417>623-1'007
Fax: <•17) 623-"1~59
Emalll: emx0554 Ooop,rmax.,c,orn
September 1, 2004
Prl,nts and CopH!<tJ
Busin.,.n.s C.a,.-.;:t,s
,1J The Ozarks Star Page 19 September 1, 2004
l l Creator: Paula Martinac has
been writing for the gay and lesbian
press for more than 20 years. She
served for three years as the cochair
of the board of directors of
New York City's Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual, and Transgender
Community Center, where she
founded a groundbreaking reading
series called "In Our Own Write."
Lesbian Notions
by Paula Martinac
September, 2004
Causes Grief!
New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey's self-outing may ease
the emotional burden of living in the closet, which he has
endured for years. But in the current climate of antigay
baiting, McGreevey's "personal" revelation politically
impacts a community he has never been - and may never
be - part of.
McGreevey was annoyingly vague about why he was
resigning, although the reasons will undoubtedly be
revealed soon; speculation runs high that he is
stepping down because an imbroglio much bigger
than a sex scandal will be unfolding. In a way, it's a
bizarre kind of progress when being gay is viewed as
the good news preceding some unspecified bad
news to c01ne.
Unfortunately for gay people, though, McGreevey
chose to lump his departure from office together with a tortured assertion of being "a gay
American." And worse, he used the word "shamefully" to describe his affair with a man,
although my guess is that it's the extramarital nature of it that he is ashamed of.
Given McGreevey's choice of timing and words, straight and gay people alike were justifiably
confused about why be was resigning. After all, New Jersey is not Mississippi. Indeed,Jersey
commuters interviewed on their way home from work in Manhattan made remarks to _New
York Newsday_ like, "He resigned because he is gay, but why?" and "There's a lot of people
in politics who are homosexuals, so what the heck." The National Stonewall Democrats' onesentence
statement also seemed to assume McGreevey had resigned out of deep shame:· t,he
group's executive director wrote that he looked forward to a time when being gay "is simply
an honest component of daily life and no longer a consideration in public service."
As a consequence of McGreevey's obfuscation, the mainstream press has been rife with
misleading headlines like "N.J. Governor Resigns Over Homosexual Affair" and "Gay Affair
Ends Career." It's no wonder that most gay leaders have chosen to steer a broad course
around the controversy, being careful not to embrace the governor and only issuing brief,
cautious statements of concern. The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force said, for
example, that "our hearts go out" to him, while the Human Rights Campaign hoped that he
and his family "will come to a place of understanding."
Other gay groups have been forced to try to clean up the mess McGreevey's "personal"
statement makes for our movement. The National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association
hurriedly issued an advisory to the mainstream media requesting "caution in fram:ng the
reasons for McGreevey's resignation," as it is "an oversimplification to say McGreevey
resigned solely because he is gay." -continued page 25
Volume 1 Issue 9 Page 20 September 1, 2004
Deep Inside
by:Romeo San Vicente
September 2004
Johnny Depp Is So 400 Years Ago
The way Johnny Depp has bucked conventional
career ,visdom should be an inspiration (or rebuke)
to every actor who ever took a role in a big, dumb
Holly,vood movie just to get a paycheck. This man
has beaten his own ,veird path every step of the
way and succeeded, and that Pith is currently
taking him back to the 1600s in _ The Libertine_.
The debut film by director Laurence Dunmore
and playwright Stephen Jeffreys features Depp as
17th-century bisexual poet John Wilmot, Earl of
Rochester, a pleasure-seeker whose death from
syphilis at age 33 led to posthumous fame for his
work. At the moment, the movie is only rumored
to contain some same-sex liplocks, but is
guaranteed to feature costars like Samantha
Morton, John Malkovich, and snaggle-toothed,
Irish punk-rock legend Shane MacGowan. And as
cool as that casting is, Romeo is happy to report
that Depp will most likely be kissing newcomer
Rupert T'riend rather than MacG.
HBO Cruises Rosie
Rosie's getting cozy with HBO avin. Her latest
project with the Emmy-laden cable channel is a
documentary about a gay family cruise. Executiveproduced
by HBO's Sheila Nevins v,"ith Rosie and
wife Kelli O'Donnell, the as-yet-untitled doc will
showcase a weeklong cruise to Key West and the
Bahamas on O'Donnell's R Family Vacations,
which took place in July. Rosie's previous HBO
stand-up special, as well as the _Rosie O'Donneli's
Kids Arc Punny_ family special, led to this renewed
partnership, one that will give a needed public face to
gay parents and their kids. That's a side of VY life
that most media outlets don't find "sexy" enough to
point their cameras at, so HBO is to be applauded.
The special will hit the water sometime in 2005.
Kushner and Spielberg Try Terrorism
The 1972 Munich Olympics became a permanent
scar in the memories of millions of people when
Palestinian terrorists took Israeli athletes hostage,
resulting in a hotched rescue effort and death. A
documentary feature ahout the incident, _One Day
In September_, was released in 2000, and now Steven
Spielberg is ,vorking on a feature film about the
traumatic event's mournful aftermath. Spielberg has
enlisted the help of Tony 1\ward- and Pulitzer Prizewinning
gay playwright Tony Kushner, who is
currently working on a new draft of the screenplay.
With the visionary _Angels in America_ scribe on
board. the finished product will in all likelihood not
only search the past but explore the fear of terrorism
that afflicts the world today. Still without a title, the
mrwic is slated to star Eric Bana, with a shooting
date of June 2005.
When the Feminist Met the Porn Star
In a fantasy dictionary, next to the word
"heterosexual," there's a picture of Italian porn star
Rocco Siffrcdi. The star of countless straight adult
films, he's internationally famous to a very specific
audience. And in the same dictionary, the phrase
"provocative feminist filmmaker" is accompanied by
the image of French director Catherine Brcillat.
Sound like oil and watcr?-Then you didn't sec
Breillat's shocking art-house hit, _Romance_, an
explicit study of female sexuality that featured
Siffredi. Now the dynamic duo arc at it again, in
Breillat's soon-to-be-released dissection of sexual
mores, _Anatomy of Hell_, based on her own novel,
_Pornocratie_. This time Siffredi plays a VY man, the
unwilling object of a straight woman's affections,
who somehow develops a relationship with her
anyv;-ay. If Brcillat's track record is any indication,
expect unconventional insights, very few laughs, and
plenty of full frontal.
_Romeo San Vicente thinks that Rocco Siffrcdi's •tar
mrn in "New \Vave Hookers 3" made it the best in
the trilogy. He can be reached care of thi~
p,;blica:ion or at
The Ozarks Star Page21 September l, 2004
T-Town from page -16
The staff is great, they offer pool and dart tournaments from time to time as well as weekend Male
and Female impersonator shows on Saturdays with Miss Gay Oklahoma USA Ivana B, Real. Music
during the weekend by personal choice and DJ on the weekends. It hosts Tulsa's only all Male
Impersonator Show the first Sat of each month.
New Age Renegades Also located downtown, Renegades offers a two section club, one side is
mostly games and seating while the other is the entertainment area for drag shows and karaoke. Pool,
video games and darts along with a wonderful covered and enclosed patio are available. The club
offers shows each Tuesday with Caria Lee Love, every Priday & Saturday with Tabitha Taylor, along
with Karaoke on l\fondays and Thursdays. The club also has special Production shows, and hosts
'The Red Ribbon Revue' - a local charity fundraiser, the first Saturday of the month. The music is
high energy but not overpowering with video's.
The PlayMor - A large spacious club with great seating for the shows and special events. A long
comfortable padded bar, game room, large dance floor and friendly staff. The club offers pool, darts,
a and video games. Music is mixed from country to dance to oldies it's by personal selection or a
request to the DJ on the weekends. The PlayMor offers Karaoke on Mondays and \'Vednesdays.
Entertainment, stemming from Male, Female Impersonators, Live Vocalists, are available on Sundays,
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Pridays. Each Friday has a different show host, Peaches Lennox, Helga, Johhnie
Cronin, Domonique Daniels, all share spots. Helga's Heart 2 Heart a local charity fundraiser, is
always the first Saturday of the month. The PlayMor also has Production shows by Helga's Horrible's
throughout the year for charities.
The Star Known to many as the Silver Star, Tulsa's largest GAY club. It offers some of the best
music, and lights and sound found in a GAY bar in the city. Pool, huge dance floor, and a very
comfortable lounge area are all great. A friendly staff and fun atmosphere, the Star is home to the
Miss Gay Oklahoma USA and Miss Gay Oklahoma USA at Large Pageants. The Star is also home to
Courtney Farrell with Drag shows are on Sundays and Wednesdays. High energy music and
wonderful light show make it a must see.
TNT's For the Ladies this is a great place to party dance and beat your buddy in pool. It has a very
nice bar and dance area and with a DJ. Personal music selection is also available. A very cozy spot to
enjoy your evenings, and have fantastic time with your friends.
The ToolBox - Located near downtown, it has a patio area and dance floor. Offering Drag shows
with Bobbie Page and Dominque LaRue Sundays and Pridays. Pool, darts and video games with
personal music selection are available.
Yellow Brick Road This cozy club is a great sports and party place. If you love darts, pool, and
are competitive this is your place to be. No shows, just fun, the staff is great, and caters to everyone.
The crowd is mixed and plays very well together. The mt1sic is by personal selection. A big screen TV
insure's you won't miss a game ever at the 'Brick'.
I hope this little bit of information helps when you go out in Tulsa to pl:1y. As you can see Tulsa has a
lot to offer. Almost all the Clubs have web sites and keep their scheduled events and pictures
available for you to see. I'll be covering special events around town and keeping you informed from
month to month.
It you have a special interest in a subject please email the magazine and I'il do my best to find
;oformation for you. Have a great month of September in T-Town.
Volu~ I Issue 9 Page 22 September 1, 2004
Gay Travelers from page 7
mile and their deli shops were full of carry
out food. Everything there was certainly a
bargain. On the second day of our stay
there we drove to Leadville, the old mining
town. We toured the old Tabor Opera
House which was built years ago and in
their hay day had some of the finest
entertainers. Most of the restaurants and
cafes in Leadville offered special lunches
for under $5.00! We enjoyed visiting the
small towns on our drive back to Vail.
From Vail we drove into Denver. Several
motel prices were under $40.00 in many
parts of the city. As we mentioned
previously, Colorado is really hurting for
travel business! Most of the gay bars in
Denver have lowered their prices drastically
all day and night. We had screwdrivers and
our cost on them ranged from SI. 00 to
$1.50! What a deal! Almost all of the bars
had extra special events g6ing on each and
every night to draw a crowd. Our favorite
bar in Denver is J. R. 's on 17th Street. They
also have an outside patio on the street side
that is great for people watching.
A lot of restaurants had specials on their
front signs and lots of cheap food can be
found there. By looking in the local
newspapers you can find several two for one
specials at both restaurants and at area
attractions. Denver has it's fair share of
art, history and cultural museums and
galleries. We have always found shopping
in Denver to be terrific. In the Cherry Creek
Shopping Center they have a great Neiman
Marcus store. They have tons of flea
markets, antique shops, thrift shops and
other places on the lower end of the scale to
find special buys. We always bring back a
carload of goodies from our travels. This
trip we even brought back a Ponderosa Pine
tree for our backyard. - next column
When driving to Colorado BE SURE and
stop at the Welcoming Center close to
the State line and pick up a lot of their
free brochures and coupon booklets.
They will save you hundreds of dollars.
Just always remember to have fun when
traveling , meet new people, enjoy
different foods and talk to everyone.
You may just make some new friends
and possibly meet that new someone
special in your life.
For more information on traveling,
contact Donald and Ray at:
gaytravelers@aol.com or visit their web
page at http://www.hometown.aol.com/
HIV lh~ilNG, NON
211 E. 201 St.. PO Bo,: :fl, Joplin, J\lo
In conjunction with AIDS Project of the (harks.
MCC Joplin offers free HIV testing the last
Sunday of each month between FM and ii'J\I.
For your convenience you can also call 2m9
for an appointment. We use the Ora-sure method
which does not reguire the use of needles and '"•"
offer complete confidentiality. You may also
request Booklets on AIDS for People of Faith
through the PO Box listed above.
The Ozarks Star Page 23
A Star community
"Make-A-Difference Day" is a
national day of helping orhers;a
celebration of people reaching out to their
community. This is an annual event that
takes place the fourth Saturday of every
October. This year's event is October 23,
AIDS Project of the Ozarks (\.PO)took
part in the annual event last year with
students, church groups and caring,
concerned individuals just like you coming
together in a community effort to help
families living with HIV/ AIDS. In 2003,
over $,000 worth of items were donated
to benefit APO.
For the second year, Spirit of Christ MCC
is partnering with APO to collect items to
fill the APO client pantry. Our focus will
be collecting bleach and laundry detergent
(!quid gallon size) Last year Spirit of
Christ MCC, Unity of Joplin and South
Joplin Christian Church donated over 150
gallons of bleach and an additional 100
gallons of liquid laundry
Spirit of Christ MCC is
collecting liquid laundry
detergent and bleach now
through October 23. To
donate or for more
information, please contact
the church at 417-20€&79.
Charitable Tax Donation
Receipts avaiiable on request.
our generosity will make a
September 1, 2004
Martha's Vine1ard
19 W. Olive, Springfield, MO
Southwest Missouri's Hottest
ntertainment Complex. Nv
Celebrating 10 oors of (~.lity
Voit.me 1 Issue 9 Page 24
y Jack Fertig September 2004
'Soak up compliments, Cancer!" ---•··· Martha Stewart would love this, if she weren't
otherwise occupied: Venus in Cancer is sextile to
Jupiter in Virgo, a domestic-goddess kind of
lineup. Mercury in Leo is semi-sextile to both,
bringing emphatic expression to those homey
skills and issues.
ARIES (tvfarch 21 to April 20): Housekeeping's
not your usual forte, but ,vhat's usual about you
anyway? The stars are now helping you roll up your
sleeves, and even make housework fun! Take a
creative approach, and put that jailbird Martha to
TAURUS (April 21 to May 20): You've always
taken pride in your home; now you get some
great new ideas to make it e,0en more comfy and
showy. Take a new look at your family and ethnic
traditions. Draw inspiration from your sister. .. or
any ''sister."
GEMINI (May 21 to June 21): This is a good time
to reorganize domestic finances. Examine the
problems, but don't take real action until Sept. 2.
Then take foll advantage of Labor Day sales.
CANCER 0une 22 to July 22): You are looking
especially gorgeous these days. Keep the sweet,
modest smile, but soak up the compliments that are
coming your way. We know those dark moods, too,
so now's the time to take stock of yourself and
affirm your strengths.
LEO 0uly 23 to August 22): Your outspokenness
has been causing some consternation, but you can
clean that up after Sept. 2. In the meantime, show
everyone how modest and understanding you can
VIRGO (August 23 to September 22): Your
recent run of good luck gets yet another boost in
community politics. At !east you get an opportunity
to share your ideals. You may prefer to work behind
the scenes, but be involved and trust your instincts.
September 1, 2004
LIBRA (September 23 to October 21):
Blessings come in disguise these days, but
now's the time to see through the ugly
,vrappers. Being emotionally supportive at
work or adding a homey touch to your
,;rnrk space ,viii open up networking
SCORPIO (October 23 to No,·ember 21):
Come out of your shell and sing out, Louise!
You have some great ideas and brilliant
foresight. Let people see ,,;hat you h:;rve to
offer and you're sure to get ahead!
SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to
December 20): The stars are making you
saucier and sexier - as if you need the help!
Imagine yourself as a foreign sports star and
play that up. \'vhether you ha,·e a swimmer's
build or a sumo ,vrestler's, you're sure to find
a match.
CAPRICORN (December 21 to January
19): The zodiac's best-kept secret is out of
the bag: You're the sexiest sign of all! Be
homey and domestic to get the one you
,vant, or brilliantly erudite to get _everyone_
you want. And one doesn't rule out the
other, oh ambitious one!
AQUARIUS Qanuary 20 to February 18):
Relationship issues? They're largely about
housekeeping and sex. Pnt on the French
maid's apron and kill two birds ,,-ith one
proverbial stone. Communication usually
helps, too. No relationship? Well, put on the
French maid's apron and go find one. _Zut
PISCES (Febrm1.ry 19 to March 19): find a
crearive partner to at least bounce some ideas
off 0£ Crirical feedback is especially helpful
now. Fun and games - preferably at home -
with your partner will help you articulate
problems and find very satisfying answers ..
Jack Fertig has been working i1S a
professional astrologer since 1977 and is a
founding member of the Association for
Astrological Ne.tworking. He can be reached
for consultations at 415-864-8302, through
his welJsite at http:/ IW1.l(!O.Sta ·ack.com
Volume l Issue 9 Page 25
Lesbian Notions from page-19
The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, whose.
mission is to help elect openly gay people
to public office, also undertook damage
control. The Victory Fund bemoaned the
governor's lack of honesty with his family
and issued a reminder that "over 275
openly gay and lesbian officials serve in
public office across the United States, from
city councils, to county commissions, to
state senates, to the U.S. House of
Representatives. The vast majority ... ran for
office and serve openly with little criticism
or extra attention from the public."
Right now I feel more sympathy for the
Victory Fund and all the wonderful lesbian
and gay candidates it supports than for
New Jersey's misguided governor. In the
minds of many Americans with limited
knowledge of gay people, McGreevey will
now be conflated with "Gay Politician,"
the kind of guy who hides his "shameful"
secret, gets the underqualified object of his
desire a lucrative, taxpayer-funded job, and
then is forced out of office by threat of
exposure, causing his family great
emotional pain. (Never mind how many
politicians are guilty of a heterosexual
version of the same thing.) At the same
time, hundreds of lesbians and gay men
are McGreevey's polar opposites: they've
chosen to be honest and out as they pursue
public office, forthrightly making their way
up the political ladder one rung at a time.
Consider, for example, a very different
"Gay Politician." Rep. Tammy Baldwin (DWis.)
didn't catapult into the U.S. Congress.
She started her political career on the
Madison City Council, then went on to the
County Board of Supervisors and the
Wisconsin State Assembly before making a
run for Congress as an out lesbian. There
are many similar stories of gay politicos
who chose a slower path to higher office,
taking small, incremental steps that many
heterosexual politicians don't have to
because they aren't contending with
society's homophobia. George W. Bush, for
example, went from unsuccessful
September 1,2004
businessman to governor of Texas to
president in the blink of an eye.
I am confident that eventually one of the
Tammy Baldwins of our community will make it
all the way to the governor's mansion of some
state. And that election - unlike the strange
coming out of Jim McGreevey will be a
triumph for the gay community.
Reality at the Gas Pump
Think a gallon of gas is expensive?
This makes one think, and also puts things in
Diet Snapple 16 oz S1.29 ... S10.32 per gallon
Lipton Ice Tea 16 oz $1.19 .$9 .52 per gal.
Gatorade 20 oz $1.59 . $10.17 per gallon
Ocean Spray 16 oz Sl.25 ..... $10.00 per gallon
Brake Fluid 12 oz $3.15 ...... $33.60 per gallon
Vick's Nyquil 6 oz SS.35 .... $178.13 per gallon
Pepto Bismol 4 oz $3.85 ..... $123.20 per gal,
Whiteout 7 oz $1.39 .......... $25.42 per gallon
Scope 1.5 oz $0.99 ...... $84.48 per gallon
And this is the REAL KICKER ...
Evian water 9 oz $1.49 ........ $21.19 per gallon?!
$21.19 for WATER and the buyers don't
even know the source. (Evian spelled
backwards is Naive.)
So, the next time you're at the pump, be glad
your car doesn't run on water, Scope, or
Whiteout, or God forbid Pepto Bismal or
Just a little humor to help ease the pain of
your next trip to the pump ...
From]. R.,
Oklahoma Cit1~ OK
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$6.00 for the first 15 words, and only 25
cents for each additional word ........ .
gi:reyou μeasure, like
Call Hector@
In & Out Calls
The Ozarks Star On-Line. Check out
our website for Daily breaking GLBT
news. www.ozarksstar.com
Need A House Mate: Advertise here
for only $6.00 first 15 words, 25 cents for
each additional word.
Joplin, 10 blocks North of
Downtown: 4bd, 4bth, formal
dinning, hugh kitchen. Zoned heat/ air.
Beautifully restored, guiet residencial.
Call Vicki at Charles Burt Realtors
417-434-0077 or 800-782-7822.
Advertising Representative's
Part Time: For Kansas City,
Springfield, Tulsa, Oklahoma City,
Arkansas, Kansas and Joplin.
Commission based compensation. Work
in the LGBTS business community.
Mail qualifications to: Ozarks Star
2401 E. 32nd St., Suite 10-243
Joplin, MO 64804.
Business Opportunity: Ever
dreamed of owning your own B&B?
Beautiful 4 bed 4 bath 3200sqft fully
furnished in Joplin, MO For Sale. Call
Vicki Bronson at Charles Burt Realtors
417 -4 34-0077
1010 E. 20th
Joplin MO64804
The Ozarks Star Page27 September I, 2004
Four St.ates Comm.unity Directory
-Bars- Nightclubs- · -Organizations-
Arkansas, Fayetteville (479)
Ron's Place- - - 523 W. Poplar- - - - - 479-442-3052
Studio 716- -716 W. Sycamore- -479-571-1300
Arkansas, Fort Smith (479)
Burnzee's- -2301 Towson Ave #C- --479-494-7300
Kinkeads- -10041/2 Garrison Ave- - - - -479-783-9988
Club 1022 - -1022 Dodson Ave. - - - - - -479-782-1845
Missouri, Joplin (417)
Ree's- - • • 716 S. Main - - - - --417-627-9035
Missouri, Kansas City (816)
Bell Star's - - - 1321 Grand Ave- - - -816-421-1288
Missie B's- - - -805 \V. 39th St- - - -816-561-0625
Sidestreet Bar- - - -413 E. 3rd- - - - - 816-531-1775
Sidekicks Saloon - - 3707 Main St- - 816- 931-1430
Missoari, Spriagfield (417)
The Edge- -424 Boonville Ave- --417-831-4700
M:utha's Viocyard-219 W Olive -417-864-4572
Oz Bar- 504 E. Commercial- - - - - -417-831-9001
Ronisuz Place- - --821 College- - - - - - -417-864-0036
Oklahoma, Oklahoma City (405)
Hi-Lo Club - - 1221 NW 50th- - - - -405-843-1722
Finish Line - -2200 NW 39th fa-pwy- - 405-525-0730
Club Rox- - - -3535 N\V 39th Expwy- -405-947-2351
TopangaGrill &: Bar-3535 NW 39th- -405-947-2351
Oklahoma, Tulsa (918)
Bamboo Lounge- 7204 E. Pine - - --918-836-8700
Club Maverick- - 822 S. Sheridan· 918-835-3301
Heads & Tails- - 7944 E. 21st - - - - - - 918-660-7878
Club Majestic- - 124 N. Boston - - - - -918-584-9494
New Age Renegades- -1649 S. Main -918-585-3405
Play-Mor-Club- 1737 S. Memorial - -918-838-9792
Silver Star Saloon- -1565 S. Sheridan -918-834-4234
TNT's- - 2114 S. Memorial- - - -- - - - -918-660-0856
Tool Box- - - 1338 E. 3rd- - - - - - 918-584-1308
Yellow Brick Road- - 2630 E. 15th - - -918-293-0304
Joplia (417)
Faces Guest.house B&B - -417-621-9915
Fairfield Inn by Marriott- - -417-624-7800
Mi!l!Jouri, Ava
Catus Canyon Campground - - 417-683-9199
Mill!IO■ ri, Lampe
KOKOMO Campground- -417-779-5084
Arkaasas, Eureka Springs
MCC Living Spring- - - - - - - - - - - - -870-253-9337
Arkansas, Avoca
Natural State Naturists- - - - - -- - - - -479-451-8066
Kansas, Pittsburg {620)
River of Life - 1709 N Walnut - - - - 11AM
PSU-QSA .... 1701 S. Broadway ... 620-231-0938
Missouri, Joplin {417)
MCC Spirit of Christ-2902 E 20th. - - - - -7PM
UCCFF--204 N. Jackson Ave, - - - - 10:30Alvl
Aids Project Ozarks- 513 Kentucl,"}'- - 417-624-5788
Missouri, Springfield (417)
Rainbow Christian Ch-837 \V. Maclison-417-866-6206
Unitarian Universalist Church - - - - 417-833-2723
APO- -1901 E. Bennett, suite D- 417-881-1900
ShowMe MO Pride - - - - - - - - 417-864-4459
GLO Community Ctr- 518 E. Commerical-869-3978
PFLAG-Springfield- - - - - - - - - - - - -417-889-1059
Oklahoma, Tulsa (918)
MCC United- -1623 N. Maplewood- -918-838-1715
-Business Services-
Missouri, Joplin (417)
Penny Smart.Hair Salon -509 Main- 417-623-3500
Massage By Rachael- - 417-438-3664
Body Swim Massage Therapy- 417-825-5800
Charles Burt Realtors-Vicki Bronson-417-434-0077
RE/MAX- - - - - -Cathe Letts- - - - - - 417-483-5313
Office Max- -44-0 Rangeline Rd- - - - -417-623-1007
The Llom Den - -Austin Letts - 417-623-876_7
Joan Szymanski- Beauty Consultant- - 417-673-1181
Night Things Boutique-719 MainSt- 417-659-9913
Missouri, Springfield (417)
Priscilla's - • - • 1918 S. Glenstone • • 417-881-8444
Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
Century21 - -4301 NW 63rd #100 405- 840-2106
Hollywood Hotel- 3535 NW 39th Ex-405-947-2351
Priscilla's- 615 E. Memorial- - - - - - - 405-755-8600
Oklahoma, Tulsa
Kelly Kirby,CPA-4815 S Harv11.rd- - -918-747-5466
Underguy.com - - -825 E. 3rd- - - -877-7-BOXERS
Priscilla's - - - - - 7925 E. 41st - - - - 918-627-4884
Priscilla's - - - - 5634 W. S!.:elly - - - - - 918-446-6336
Priscilla's - - - -11344 E. 11th - - - - - -918-438-4224
Priscilla's - - - - 2333 E. 71st - - - - - - -918-499-1661
Volume 1 Issue 9 Page 28 September 1, 2004
alternative nightclub
716 W. Sycamore St., Fayetteville, AR. (479) 571-1300 www.studio7l6.net
Arkansas LeatherSIR/boy 2005
Sunday September 12, 2004
Doors open 8pm
Guests $5.00 Members $3.00
The Norma Kristie Inc.
Miss Gay Arkansas 2005 "Best
Preliminary"' Award goes to.; ..
Promoter: Kelly Crisman
Daily Specials & Evenu - Drag Shows Every Suncby-Memhen Free- Guest $5

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