[2004] Ozarks Pride Magazine, May 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 5


[2004] Ozarks Pride Magazine, May 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 5


Politics, education, and social conversation over LGBTQ+ topics


Ozarks Pride's first issue began in January of 2004. Then follows Ozarks Pride (2004), The Star (2005), and The Metro Star (2008).

This magazine discusses topics of AIDs, education, politics, local and national civil rights of the LGBT community, and advice for relationships and places to visit.

This collection is PDF searchable. Physical copies are also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


Ozarks Pride




Ozarks Pride


May 1, 2004


C.D. Ward
T,J. Kelly
Greg Steele
Steve T. Urie
Donald Pile
Ray Williams


Ozarks Pride Magazine, April 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 4

Ozarks Pride Magazine, June 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 6


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Southwest Missouri
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The United States of America (50 states)


Volume 1 Issue 5 "It's A Life, Not A Lifestyle" May 1, 2004
Daily Specials & Events - Shows Every Other Sunday - queer as folk Sun 9pm
Volume 1 Issue 5 Page 2 May 1, 2004
Ozarks Pride
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Editor: G.D. Ward (editor@ozarkspride.com)
Member: National Lesbian Gay Journalist Association
Contributing Writers:
T.J. Kelly
Greg Steele
Sieve T. Urie
Donald Pile
Ray Williams
Steve T. Urie - page 2
Editor's Page -page 3
Gabby Dearest- page 3
Identity Theft - Page 4
Book Review Oklahoman -page 5
Donald & Ray, Out on Vacation- ~age 7
Ozarks Pride Out Cruzin- page 1 O
Thank Your Legislators- page 15
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GO OUT ...
Due to a serious health problem resulting
in surgery, Steve was unable to submit
his column for this issue. We all wish him
a speedy recovery and anxiously await
his next contribution. Our prayers are
with you, Steve. --------
Apr i I 21, 2004
'With one ordinary committee vote,
California sent an extraordinary message
across the nation that only marriage provides
full rights, responsibilities and benefits for
same-sex couples and their families,' sai.d
HRC President Cheryl Jacques.
Jf7ASHINGTON - The Human Rights Campaign
praised a California state committee for passing the
first legislative ,-ote in the United States in favor of
marriage equality.
The California State Assembly Judiciary
Committee voted 8 to 3 on Tuesday, April 20, to
pass the Marriage License Non-Discrimination Act
(AB 1967). Sponsored by Equality California - the
statewide gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender
group - and introduced by Assemblyman Mark
Leno, D-San Francisco, the measure would allow
California to marry same-sex couples.
"With one ordinary committee Yote, California
sent an extraordinary message across the nation
that only marriage provides full rights,
responsibilities and benefits for same-sex couples
and their families," said HRC President Cheryl
Read Ehfuii story on wHw.hrc.01z
Ozarks Pride
Just in case some of you may have
, forgotten, June is national Gay Pride
• month. Gay America will decorate from
head to toe and celebrate the
privilege's we've gained in the last 48
years. Yes, almost 50 years the Gay
and Lesbian community has struggled,
fought, protested, screamed, lobbied,
gone to jail and died to bring us to this
point in history that is year 2004.
From what I recall, of course I was very
young, just a mere infant in 1956. The
Gay rebellion was just beginning.
Totally gay bars were popping up
across the country. Gay bathhouses,
cruising area's, drag shows where open
to the public. My Oh My in New
Orleans, The Jewel Box in Kansas City,
Pinocchio's in San Francisco, what a
scandalous site, drag queens performing
in front of straight people. Gay's and
Lesbian's were defying the old order of
society and bringing homosexuality to
the front of the class. We were congregating
in large numbers in public and
openly declaring our sexuality. Gay
Pride was born! Yes, gay people of the
50's and 60's were the pioneers of the
gay rights movement that has resulted
in the freedoms and rights we take for
granted today.
But, the long hard journey is not over.
The generations that followed have
accomplished the unthinkable, accomplishments
my generation thought
unattainable. We have come along way
baby! Now it is the younger
generation's turn to take us where we
belong. To that equal place in society
that even today eludes us. We will work
hard and celebrate our Gay Pride.
C.D. WardiEditor
Dear Gabby Dearest,
I have just recently gotten out of a short
relationship with someone I had a deep
connection with. When we broke up I felt
like my life was over and I didn't think I
could ever find someone as great or as
caring as him, and I still don't. Do you
have any advice for those of us who are
trying to get over someone we truly cared
about and can't seem to forget about?
From: Can't Move On
Dear Can't Move On:
I know how hard it is to get over someone
you truly care for, truth is, you can't make
someone love you or want you back by
smothering them with affection. Most
people like that want space, control, and
time to focus on their problems and feel
like they are alone and aren't ready for any
kind of commitment These are the kind of
people that we, the Long Term
Relationship types, need to stay away
from. It isn't easy to get over them, but at
the same time, it isn't healthy for you to
keep hoping that they will change their
ways. If you feel like you want to call them,
don't, find something to keep you busy.
Don't do the things the two of you used to
do, find a new hobby, basically keep your
mind off of them and one day, you will find
that friendship with that person may be
possible, but don't rush it. Focus on what
is happening in your life and the goals you
have for yourself. You can't make
someone happy unless you are happy.
Gabby Dearest is not a professional therapist.
She is just a wise old lady that has been around
the block many times. Replies to submitted
request for advise should not be construed as
absolute resolutions, just friendly advise from
dear old sweet lady. You may contact Gabby
Dearest by email ....
or by addressing Gabby Dearest , Ozarks Pride,
2401 E. 32nd St., Suite 10-243,Joplin,MO 64804
Volume l Issue 5 Page4
Want a VOICE in your community?
We welcome your opinion , commentary, and
your input. This publication is about building
Community Unity, and you are a part of
making this happen.
We want you to speak out!
Mailing address:
2401 E. 32nd St., Suite 10-243,
Joplin, MO 64804-3128
Email: editor@ozarkspride.com
NOTE: All letter's to the editor and articles
submitted must include your name and phone
number for verification purposes only.
Mission Statement: To provide a GLBT
community voice to SW Missouri, SE Kansas,
NE Oklahoma, NW Arkansas. Our mission is
to unite a fragmented community reluctant to
speak out for their rights and to voice
concerns. This region has a huge GLBT
population without represenJation.
Fairfield Inn
By Marriott
3301 South Rangeline Road
Joplin, MO 64840
Reservation (417) 624-7800
Email: ffijpln@aol.com
Woody's Manhattan
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May 1, 2004
Identity Theft, Could
It Happen To You?
Compiled by: Greg Steel
OP Contributing writer. ....... .
We have all seen the commercials on
TV. Some are very humorous, but
contain a very serious message. Identity
Theft is fast becoming a very lucrative
international crime. Individuals and entire
families can be financially destroyed,
and it could be avoided by taking a few
precautions to safe guard your personal
The following is a memo sent out to
company employees by a Corporate
Attorney. Maybe we should all take some
of his advise.
1. The next time you order checks have
only your initials (instead of first name) and
last name put on them. If someone takes
your checkbook, they will not know if you
sign your checks with just your initials or
your first name, but your bank will know
how you sign your checks.
2. When you are writing checks to pay on
your credit card accounts, DO NOT put the
complete account number on the "For" line.
Instead, just put the ~1ast four numbers. The
credit card company knows the rest of the
number, and anyone who might be handling
your check as it passes through all the
check processing channels won't have
access to it.
3. Put your work phone # on your checks
instead of your home phone. If you have a
PO Box use that instead of your home
address. If you do not have a PO Box, use
your work address. Never have your SS#
printed on your checks. (DUH!) You can add
it if it is necessary. But if you have it printed,
anyone can get it
Contim,ed page-13 Idmtity
Ozarks Pride Page 5 May 1,2004
By Donald Pile and Ray Williams
The International acclaimed interior designer,
Charles Faudree has just published his new
Charles Faudree is a delightful chap from Tulsa,
Oklahoma. His new book features dozens of
beautiful color photos of different rooms that be
has so meticulously designed.
Charles is a very interesting and enjoyable
person to talk with. His world wide travels have
enabled him to self-educate himself on the finer things in life. He is very educated,
fun, funny, delightful and we could spend hours and hours with him.
Celebrated for creating French-style interiors, Charles's work has been featured
in leading home magazines, including Traditional Home, Renovation Style, House
Beautiful, Southern Accents and Veranda which happens to be one of our very
favorite magazines. Seven homes designed by Charles including his own, have
been featured on the Home & Garden television network. In 2003, be was chosen
one of the top 100 designers in America by Home Beautiful. Charles Faudree
Antiques and Interiors, established in 1980 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the base from
which he travels worldwide to an International clientele.
Charles's clients are found throughout America as well as in Spain, where he
continues his work on the historic Finca la Caprichosa in Pro de Savilla. He assisted
Oklahoma's former first lady, Kathy Keating in the 1995 restoration and
refurbishing of the Governor's Mansion. Five individual homes including his own
have been featured in Home & Garden TV. During his 25 year career as an Interior
designer, Charles's work has appeared in many design magazines and design and
decorating books. Six of his own homes have been featured in Traditional Home
magazine, where he was a Design Award Winner in 1995. He was a featured
designer to Signature Style, a book published by Traditional Home that spotlighted
eight of America's leading interior designers.
"Too much is NEVER enough", says Charles, who has achieved an international
reputation for creating settings that have all the elegant accoutrements of a French
Country estate. It is Charles's union of the rustic with the refined that creates his
distinctive style of casual, understated elegance. With creations that are always
artful, eclectic and inspiring, Charles is a master at one of the main tenets of French
Country design~ombining traditional prints, patterns, colors and textures with just
the right furnishings and collection.
Continued-see book on page-16
Ozarks Pride Page7 May 1, 2004
"Traveling in the gay friendly world"
by Donald Pile and Ray Williams
We just returned from a wonderful weekend
in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Oklahoma is fortunate
to have not just one major city, but tl-vo! We have in the past told our readers how
much fun Oklahoma City can be and now we can say the same thing about their
sister city, Tulsa. Being antiques dealers we have been to Tulsa many times doing
antiques shows in the past, however have not gotten back in about 10 years. Many
of the owners of the fine restaurants, antiques shops, interior design shops and
other upscale shops are gay owned. They have been around for many years and
have a wonderful reputation. Tulsa is such a beautiful city with lots of shopping,
museums, art galleries, antiques shops, etc. You won't get bored at all. Actually
we really believe that Tulsa is the cleanest and most beautiful city in the Midwest
and in the springtime when all the flowers and trees are coming out it is especially
The first day we toured the Philbrook Museum (www.philbrook.org). It is
grand! They are in the process of putting in more gardens. Their artwork is
fabulous. And their restaurant has delicious and exciting food. The next day we
went to the Gilcrease Museum (www.gilcrease.org), "where the American West
unfolds" This is one of the finest musuems for western art in the United States.
Their galleries are full of absolutely fabulous artwork. From oil paintings,
watercolors, sculptures, to the new American Indian artifact collection on the
lower level it could take hours to see everything. Their museum gift shop has
authentic American Indian handmade items for sale.
Other interesting area places to visit are: Greenwood Cultural Center, J.M.
Davis Arms and Historical Museum, Oklahoma Aquarium, Oklahoma Hall of Jazz,
Tulsa Air and Space Museum, Tulsa Garden Center and the Tulsa Zoo. The Will
Rogers Memorial and Museum is just a short drive from Tulsa.
The Gay Community Center recently moved into a new location with much
more room. This is a great place to find anything your looking for in Tulsa. They
are located at 5545 E. 41st Street and their phone number is: 743-4297. A.J. gave
us a guided tour of the Center and answered all of our questions. They offer all
kinds of support for the community. And if you have extra furniture or anything,
this is a great place to donate items. The MCC United of Tulsa is located at 1623
N. Maplewood. Their phone number is: 838-1715. There are all kinds of groups
and organizations in the Tulsa area and the Gay Community Center is more than
happy to direct you to any that you might be interested in.
A GREAT website for anyone going to Tulsa is: www.timscottonline.com/
tulsa.htm. All cities should have a website like this one.
Continued page- 14 Gay Traveiers ..... .
Volume 1 Issue 5 Page 8 May 1, 2004
April 23, 2004
Gaywire release
The Republican-controlled Michigan House of
Representatives passed a measure today that
would allow doctors to refuse to treat gay,
lesbian, bisexual and transgender patients. The
Conscientious Objector Policy Act pro\'ides that
health care workers can refuse service to anyone
for moral, ethical, or religious reasons, although
the measure would prohibit the refusal of
emergency care.
The bill was strongly supported by the Michigan
Catholic Conference, a conservative religious
organization that also hosted a legislative day for
Catholics at the state Capitol today. The bill now
goes to the Republican- controlled Senate.
according to 36Sgay.com.
In addition, three other bills that mav affect
health care for LGBT patients were ;pproved bv
the House today. ·
One would exempt a health insurer or health
facility from providing or covering a health care
procedure that violated ethical, moral or
religious principles reflected in their bylaws or
mission statement.
Vocal opponents of the measure included Rep.
Chris Kolb, the first openly gay legisbtor in
Michigan. ''.Are you telling me that a health care
provider can deny me"medical treatment
because of my sexual orientation? I hope not,"
he asked the House.
"This bill allows health care providers to deny
needed health care services to any individual
not currently protected from discrimination
under the state's Elliot-Larsen civil rights act.
Thus, a health provider could refuse health care
to an individual based upon a patient's actual or
perceived seimal orientation. I adamantlv
oppose this legislation and believe that ;his is a
very dangerous path for Michigan to travel
down" , said Rep Kolb.
Ozarks Pride

Volume 1 Issue 5 May 1, 2004
MCC Joplin-Spirit of Christ
Cc Metropolitan Community Church
· • Sunday Service 7PM
Community Meal served Wednesday's at 6:00pm, cost $3.00.
No one is turned away. Our meal is always nutritionally
balanced. Dinners include d.esert, drink and good fellowship. Take out meals are also
available. Bring your friends and family.
Steve T. Urie, Pastor
2902 E. 20th Street
Joplin, MO 6480.3
'NW'II. mccjoplin .com
P'hone,; (-/1. "17} 623-'J007
~ {417) 023-'1 '1 l59
EKAa■; cm,xO&S,4 0,;x:,pymax.oom
PYints and Oopie3
au•in~• Cards
Ozarks Pride Page 13 May 1, 2004
Continued from page4 Identity..
4. Place the contents of your wallet on
a photocopy machine. Do both sides
of each license, credit card, etc. You
will know what you had in your wallet
and all of the account numbers and
phone numbers to call and cancel.
Keep the photocopy in a safe place. I
also carry a photocopy of my passport
when I travel either here or abroad.
We've all heard horror stories about
fraud that's committed on us in
stealing a name, address, Social
Security number, credit cards.
Unfortunately, I, an attorney, have
firsthand knowledge because my
wallet was stolen last month. Within a
week, the thieve(s) ordered an
expensive monthly cell phone
package, applied for a VISA credit
card, had a credit line approved to
buy a Gateway computer, received a
PIN number from OMV to change my
driving record information on-line, and
But here's some critical
information to limit the damage
in case this happens to you or
someone you know:
1. We have been told we should
cancel our credit cards immediately.
But the key is having the toll free
numbers and your card numbers
handy so you know whom to call.
Keep those where you can find them.
2. File a police report immediately in
the jurisdiction where your credit
cards, etc. were stolen. This proves to
credit providers you were diligent, and
this is a first step toward an
investigation (if there ever is one).
Here's what is perhaps most
importani of all: (Have you even
thought to do this.)
Continued next column:
3. Call the 3 national credit reporting
organizations immediately to place a
fraud alert on your name and Social
Security number. I had never heard of
doing that until advised by a bank that
called to tell me an application for credit
was made over the Internet in my name.
The alert means any company that
checks your credit knows your
information was stolen, and they have to
contact you by phone to authorize new
credit. By the time I was advised to do
this, almost two weeks after the theft, all
the damage had been done. There are
records of all the credit checks initiated
by the thieves' purchases, none of which
I knew about before placing the alert.
Since then, no additional damage has
been done, and the thieves threw my
wallet away. This weekend someone
turned it in. It seems to have stopped
them dead in their tracks.
Here are the numbers you need to
contact if your wallet, etc. has been
1. Equifax: 1-800-525-6285
2. Experian (formerly TRW): 1-888-
3. Trans Union: 1-800-680-7289
4. Social Security Administration
(fraud line): 1-800-269-0271
Austin Letts
For Appointments 417.659.9466
"Walk In's Welcome"
610 S. Main Street
Joplin, MO 6480 I
Volume 1 Issue 5 Page 14 May 1, 2004
Gay Travelers from page 7
By going to this one website you can find
listings for most all of the gay and lesbian
organizations, clubs, meetings as well as the
bars locations and hours and it will even
take you directly to their websites. This
website also directs you to area attractions,
musuems, galleries and places of interest.
We visited several bars while we were
in Tulsa and among the ones we enjoyed
was the BAMBOO LOUNGE at 7204 E.
Pine. Brian, the bartender is fun, wonderful,
personable and very handsome. This bar
has been around a long, long time in Tulsa
ind has recently had some renovations. Be
sure to check them out. Another bar is the
CLUB MAJESTIC at 124 No. Boston
which is in the Brady Arts District just to
the North of downtown. They are open
Thursday thru Sunday from 9pm till 2am.
They have hot music, great lights and an
:1wesome sound. Their website is:
Sheridan has new DJ's, a new Sound
System, a new Light Show and opens at
!pm. Their website is:
.vww.silverstarclub.com. We attended the
3rand Opening Party for the new CLUB
\t1AVERICK at 822 So. Sheridan. Their
Nebsite is: wvvw.tulsamaverick.com They
1re open daily from 4pm to 2am. This is the
1ewest bar in Tulsa and the owners are
ioing it "the right way". We know that this
)ar is going to be packed every night. The
)wners, bartenders and staff are all
:xtremely friendly and hospitable.
There are no gay accommodations in
rulsa. Perhaps in the near future one or two
night open. Gay owned Bed and Breakfasts
Lre quickly becoming popular throughout
he United States. There are plenty of hotels
md motels in every price range.
,ext coiumn ............... .
For a weekend get a way, try Tulsa.
There is so much to see and do and
everyone at the bars are so friendly. You
won't be a stranger in Tulsa for long.
We want to give a big THANK YOU for
the hospitality of our dear friend, Mark
Wiedemnann while we were in Tulsa and to
Andrew Hicks for helping us with all the
preliminary work. He is a great writer.
Quotable Quotes
"Gay people are chasing after all the
things that straight people hate. We
want to get married, we want to be in
the military, we want to have children,
and these are all things that straight
people are running from in droves."
- Comedy writer and Hollywood
Square Bruce Vilanch to St.
Louis' Vital Voice, Feb. 27.
Joe Brennan and-Rodney Burgamy
4301 NW 63rd, Suite 100-Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Advertising with
Ozarks Pride
Magazine shows
you support our
community and we
support those who
support us.
Advertising as low as
$12.00 per issue.
See advertising rates
on page 2.
Ozarks Pride Page 15
Jejfmo11 City, MO
March 31, 2004
The Missouri House of Representatives
today voted to pass HJR 39 to amend the
state constitution to ban same-sex marriage.
The vote was 128-23 to amend our state
constitution to ban same-sex marriage. If
your legislator is on the following list,
please call and thank him/her for voting
against this horrible legislation and in favor
of equality!
John Burnett (43) 573-751-3310
Marsha Campbell (39) 573-751-4485
Russ Carnahan (59) 573-751-4567
Michael Corcoran (77) 573-751-0855
Melba Curls (41) 573-751-3158
Michael Daus (67) 573-751-6736
Margaret Donnelly (73) 573-751-0100
Curt Dougherty (53) 573-751-6535
Barbara Fraser (83) 573-751-4163
Chuck Graham (24) 573-751-2162
Jeff Harris (23) 573-751-9753
Bob Hilgemann (64) 573-751-1400
Ted Hoskins (80) 573-751-0169
Rodney Hubbard (58) 573-751-2383
Connie Johnson (61) 573-751-7605
Robin Wright Jones (63) 573-751-6800
Jenee Lowe (44) 573-751-2437
Mike Sager (48) 573-751-7335
Tom Villa (108) 573-751-0438
Michael Vogt (66) 573-751-9472
Vicki Walker (50) 573-751-7639
Vicky Riback Wilson (25) 573-751-1169
Yvonne Wilson (42) 573-751-9758
Quotable Quotes
"They [gays] kept me alive when I got
into trouble v:ith the
Johnson administration. As long as they
kept looking for my
records and imitating me, then of course
my name was always
alive, so I'm very grateful to them."
Eartha Kitt to the rvliami gay
newspaper The Weekly News, Feb. 12.
May 1, 2004
Disparities in Wide Range
of Areas Including Income
Tax, Survivor Benefits, and
Estate Taxes
POR]L-41\JD, OR April 14, 2004 -
As millions of married couples are signing
and sending off their tax returns prior to the
April 15 tax day deadline, a groundbreaking
report released today by the National Gay
and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute
reveals that same-sex couples face
widespread economic disparities and
hardships because they are denied equal
marriage rights. The report takes real-life
situations commonly faced by Oregon
couples and compares the economic benefits
afforded to married couples to those given to
same sex couples. A same-sex couple
residing in Oregon is profiled to illustrate
the real-life cost to them of not being able to
The report, entitled "'Economic Benefits of
Marriage under Federal and Oregon Law," is the
second in a series that documents the disparities
gay couples face under federal and state income
tax, Social Security benefits, gift tax, estate tax,
worker's compensation, and line of duty death
benefits. It was authored by Terence R.
Dougherty, an attorney with Patterson, Belknap,
Webb & Tyler LLP.
"'Same-sex couples pay more in taxes and get
fewer protections and benefits in return," said
Matt Foreman, the Task Force's executive
director. "These injustices arcn 't hypothetical
instead, they arc being inflicted right now on
hard-working, tax paying Oregon couples, often
at times of family tragedy and loss. This report
quantifies the cost to one gay Oregon family."
The report was authored by Terence R.
Dougherty, an attorney with Patterson, Belknap,
Webb & Tyler LLP, a prestigious 168-lawyer firm
based in New York City. The firm was ranked #I
in the nation for the pro bono comributions of
lawyers in 2002.
Source: ~
Volume I Issue 5
Press Release
"Oklahoma legislators are trying to use
the state constitution to discriminate
against thousands of its families," said
HRC President Cheryl Jacques.
WASHINGTON - The Oklahoma House
passed an amendment today to the state
constitution that would deny marriage,
civil unions and domestic partnerships to
same-sex couples, sending it to the ballot
this November. Nine similar anti-marriage
measures - including six constitutional
amendments died in the Legislature
earlier this month. However, this
amendment was added to another bill,
dodging the regular legislative process.
"Oklahoma legislators are trying to use
the state constitution as a weapon against
thousands of its citizens," said HRC
President Cheryl Jacques. "According to
the Census, more than 5,700 same-sex
couples and their families live in
Oklahoma. The Constitution should
protect them just as it protects their
fhe amendment was offered by Sen.
fames Williamson, R-Tulsa. The Senate
:iassed it April 15 by a 38 to 7 vote. It
Jassed today in the House by a 94 to 4
'It is a sad day for Oklahoma when our
Legislature votes to mandate
:liscrimination in our state constitution,"
,aid Kevin Smith, lobbyist for the
i\merican Civil Liberties Union of
fhe Human Rights Campaign is the
argest national lesbian, gay, bisexual and
.ransgender political organization with
nembers throughout the country. It
:ffectively lobbies Congress, provides
:ampaign support and educates the public
.o ensure that LGBT Americans can be
)pen, honest and safe at home, at work
md in the community.
16 1, 2004
With a look at old and new collections,
blue and white Chinese
painted furniture, Napoleonic figures,
antique furnishings, unusual fabrics,
accessories and architectural adornments,
SIGNATURE is an inviting and exhilarating
look into Charles's innate sense of balance
in the way he juxtaposes fabrics,
furnishings, color and accessories to create
a cohesive portrait.
Charles also has a beautiful Cavalier
King Charles Spaniel, Nicholas who has
appeared on the cover of Traditional Home
and 15 times within it's pages and he has
"starred" in two Home and Garden
television presentations.
Charles Faudree's FRENCH COUNTRY
SIGNATURE is published by Gibbs Smith
Publishers and can be purchased on line or
from your favorite book store.
Martha's Vine~ard
219 W. Olive, Springfield, MO
Southwest Missouri's Hottest
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Volumn 1 Issue 5 Page 17
PrideRide Inc . .
hosts annual
PrideRide 2004
bicycle ride
KansasCity April 6,2004
Plans are now underway for the fourthannual
PrideRide 2004 to be held on
Saturday, June 12, 2004. Registration
begins at 8 a.m. and the ride begins at 9
a.m. Proceeds from PrideRide, Inc. go
toward organizations that benefit and
serve the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and
Transgendered (LGBT) communities in
greater Kansas City. Beneficiaries of
PrideRide 2004 are SAVE, Inc. and The
Lesbian and Gay Community Center of
Kansas City. SAVE, Inc. provides
housing and housing assistance for HIV/
AIDS challenged individuals and families.
The Lesbian and Gay Community Center
of Kansas City creates, supports and
provides vital and timely resources and
services for the lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender and straight-allied (LGBTS)
communities of Greater Kansas City.
PrideRide, Inc. has raised a net total of
over $10,000 in the first three years of
the bicycle rides and has goals of
increasing ridership and pledges for
PrideRide 2004. Early Bird
registration for PrideRide 2004 is a
discounted $15 before May 21, 2004
and $25 after that date. A minimum
pledge of $50 is required to ride. All
riders receive a PrideRide T-Shirt,
and there will be awards and gifts for
levels above the minimum pledge.
Pledge forms will soon be available at
many local establishments and bicycle
stores. Riders can register online and a
pledge form can also be downloaded at
the PrideRide web site. Details on times
and ride routes are available on the
pledge forms, posters and at the web
site, ~-
May I, 2004
An OP Cotmmmity Service
2902 E. 20th St., PO Box 4711
Joplin, Mo 64803
In conjunction with AIDS Project of the
Ozarks, MCC Joplin offers free HIV testing
the last Sunday of each month between 5PM
and 6PM. For your convenience you can also
call 206-6179 for an appointment. We use the
Ora-sure method which does not require the
use of needles and we offer complete
confidentiality. You may also request
Booklets on AIDS for People of Faith
through the PO Box listed above.
Spirit of Christ MCC]oplin
"Serving A Healthier Community"
Quotable Quotes
"I believe in domestic
partnership. If the people
their minds and they want to
overrule that [in favor of
same-sex marriage], that's fine
with me. But right now,
that's the law, and I think every
mayor and everyone should
abide by the law .... We have a
state law, and I think those
issues should be left to the
state, so I have no use for a
constitutional amendment or
change in that at all, no."
- California Gov. Arnold
Schwarzenegger on NBC's The
Tonight Show With Jay Leno, March 1.
River Of Life Church
PO Box 1578,
Pittsburg, KS. 66762
astor: George David
Phone: (316) 461-2668
Services: Sunday's 11am
Email: geo592k@sbcglobal.net
Timmons Chapel PSU
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Weekend Get-A-Way: Want to escape
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Try Faces Guesthouse, Joplin, MO. Private
bath w / queen bed start at $75.00 night,
breakfast included. Resv. required. (417)
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Business Opportunity: Ever
dreamed of owning your own B&B?
Beautiful 4 bed 4 bath 3200sqft fully
furnished in Joplin, MO For Sale. Call
Vicki Bronson at Charles Burt Realtors
417 -4 34-0077
Joplin MO64804
Vicki Bronson 417-434-0077
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Mail to:: Ozarks Pride Magazine,
2401 E. 32nd St, Suite 10-243,
Joplin, MO 64804
Studio 716- -716 \1v. Sycamore- 479-571-1300
Arkansas, Fort Smith
Burnzee's- -2301 Towson Ave #C- --479-494-7300
Kincade- - -Downtown
Missouri, Joplin
Ree's- - - - 716 S. Main - - - - --417-627-9035
Missouri, Kansas City
Missie B's- - - 805 \1{f. 39th St- - -561-0625
Sidekicks Saloon 3707 Main St- - - - 931-1430
Buddies - - - - - - - 3715 Main St - - -561-2600
Missouri, Springfield
MCC Living Spring-
Kansas, Pittsburg
River of Life Church-Timmons Chapel PSU 11AM
Missouri, Joplin
MCC Spirit of Christ-2902 E 20th, - - - -7PM
UCCFF--204 N. Jackson Ave, - - - - 10:30AM
Aids Project Ozarks- 513 Kentucky- - 417-624-5788
Missouri, Springfield
Rainbow Christian Ch-837 \'v. Madison-417-866-6206
APO- 1901 E. Bennett, suite D- 417-881-1900
The Edge- -424 Boonville Ave- - - --417-831-4700 Oklahoma, Tulsa
Martha's Vineyard- 219 W Olive -417-864-4572 MCC United- -1623 N. Maplewood- -918-838-1715
Oz Bar - 504 E. Commercial - - - - - -417-831-9001
Ronisuz Place- - --821 College- - - - -417-864-0036
Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
Hi-Lo Club 1221 NW SOth- -405-843-1722
Finish Line - -2200 NW 39th Expwy- - - 405-525-0730
Club Rox- - - -3535 NW 39th Expwy- - 405-947-2351
Oklahoma, Tulsa
Bamboo Lounge- -7204 E. Pine - - --918-836-8700
Club Maverick- 822 S. Sheridan - - 918-835-3301
Heads & Tails- - 7944 E. 21st - - 918-660-7878
Club Majestic- 124 N. Boston - - - - - -918-584-9494
-Business ServicesKansas,
Mystic Creations- - (620)231-6790
Missouri, Joplin
Penny Smart,Hair Salon -509 Main- 417-623-3500
Massage By Rachael- - - - - - - 417-438-3664
Charles Burt Realtors-Vicki Bronson-417-434-0077
Main 1\ttractions Salon, Austin-610 Main- 659-9466
Office Max- -440 Rangeline Rd- - - -417-623-1007
Renegades- -1649 S. Main - - - - - 918-585-3405 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
Play-Mor-Cluh- 1737 S. Memorial - - 918-838-9792 Century21- -4301 NW 63rd #100 - 405- 840-2106
Silver Star Saloon, - 1565 S. Sheridan -918-834-4234
TNT's- 2114 S. i\lemorial- - -
Tool Box- - 1338 E. 3rd- - - -
Yellow Brick Road- 2630 E. 15th
-918-660-0856 Oklahoma, Tulsa
918-584-1308 Kelly Kirby,CPA-4815 S Harvard- -918-747-5466
- -918-293-0304 Underguy.com - - -825 E. 3rd - - -877-7-BOXERS
Faces Guesthouse B&B - 417-621-9915
Fairfield Inn by Marriott- 417-624-7800
Volume 1 Issue 5 Page 20
7 1 6 S. MAIN ST • .JOPLIN, MD
(41 7) 627~9 □ 35

May 1, 2004
MON: Will & Grace TV with Austin and Dance Party
TUES: queer as folks 4th Season - Tuesday w /Terry @9pm
WED: Dancing with DJ Lil'Ken
THUR: Brandon Bravado & The Justice Janelle Moore Show.
Karaoke with DJ Robbie
FRI: The Robbie Walker Showcase and DJ Lil'Ken
SAT: Dance Party with DJ Lil'Ken

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