[2004] Ozarks Pride Magazine, March 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 3


[2004] Ozarks Pride Magazine, March 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 3


Politics, education, and social conversation over LGBTQ+ topics


Ozarks Pride's first issue began in January of 2004. Then follows Ozarks Pride (2004), The Star (2005), and The Metro Star (2008).

This magazine discusses topics of AIDs, education, politics, local and national civil rights of the LGBT community, and advice for relationships and places to visit.

This collection is PDF searchable. Physical copies are also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


Ozarks Pride




Ozarks Pride


March 1, 2004


C.D. Ward
T.J. Kelly
Greg Steele
Steve T. Urie
Ryan T. Raymond


Ozarks Pride Magazine, February 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 2

Ozarks Pride Magazine, April 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 4


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Southwest Missouri
Western Arkansas
Southeast Kansas
Eastern Oklahoma
The United States of America (50 sates)


V olume-1 Issue-3 "It's A Ilfe, Not A Lifestyle" March 2004
A Comm11nity Voice Magazine
Volume-1 Issue-3 "It's A Life, Not A Lifestyle" March 2004
Volume 11'81.le 3
Ozarks Pride
2401 E. 32nd St., Suite 10-243
Joplin, Missouri 64804-3128
Editor: C.D. Ward (edltor@ozarksprlde.com)
Mllmber: N1tional ~sblan G,y Jot1111l/tt AS$X/alk:irl
Contributing Writers:
T.J. Kelly
Greg Steele
Steve T. Urie
Ryan T. Raymond
Editor's Page .page 3
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orgnm:in in flls pubbb iJ not ID bl COllli1lld • -,ildlcllloa
dMXIIII Olilldon or~dlld poqon, i:.....OfOl'glliialo11.
Opirbls •.-cl by~. 11Mf11nor L"4ni>,. &aor-.n
notr-9ylbeq:,1J01dOnrbl'ltltW.Z-, 1111111.fls
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edw111erandbrdo'. Tbtf'ldllirrlOrmf'rtllMrrlmll
- 1hl dgltlD lllMt lldNrtlillfl ma.ill tr WTf-1 UIO -· OlltbF'ltlt flldll.._ ... dntoll~d Ozrir
Pli:e G~. M mtlnl O OQP)lfglil 2004 Ontb Prdf
Page2 March 200+
In the most recent primary in the State of
Missouri, the Jasper County Election Office
was practically begging for precinct workers,
especially Democrats. The sad thing is how
literally board to tears the workers where
because of the slow turnout. You should
have voted in my precinct. It was held at
Eastmoreland Elementary School and the
enthusiasm of the second graders were heartwarming
and if only they could vote. They
didn't understand what a ballot was and
asked if they could see one. Why couldn't
they vote? Did it mean that something was
going to happen? The questions, the inquisitive
minds, the expectation in the air and the
excitement about getting to vote. The precinct
workers arranged for the kids to get to
use practice ballots and taught them how it
all works. To the surprise of many, even
these second graders could use the ballots
without experiencing the "dangling chards."
I am always amazed at the number of people
who complain about something, anything
and then won't do anything about it Nag,
nag, and nag! Bitch, bitch, bitch! But oh me,
I don't have time to do anything about it. But
back to the point or is that the point? Where
is your excitement? Where is your enthusiasm?
Where is the expectation of change and
being a part of that change?
Yes! Yes! Yes! Your voice and your vote
counts ... every vote counts and it is your
responsibility to get out and vote. Maybe
even to help get others to the precincts to do
the same.
Continued Steve T. Urie page-5
Volume-1 Issue-3 Page 3
There Is No Middle.
Marriage or Nothing!!!
Joplin, MO
February certainly was a month of national
debate on the issue of Marriage
rights for American Gays and Lesbians. It
has been discussed by the national, local,
and foreign media, political parties, religious
organizations, your parents, your
neighbors, your friends, you name it. It is
one of the hottest social issue's in decades
and this country is very divided on the solution.
Yes, the People of these United
States of America are divided on, to give
or not to give, an estimated 16 million citizens
their constitutional right to legally
marry the one they love. Whoa!!!
We absolutely can not settle for a compromise
of legalizing only "Same Sex Unions".
We can not allow our constitution
to be changed to discriminate against us.
We are all aware of the San Francisco
Mayor's decision to challenge the California
State Constitution and issue marriage
licenses to same-sex couples. Over 4,000
couple's have been issued marriage
licenses and taken their vow's.
In addition here are other events and
headline briefs from around the world.
From New York Times
This paper fully supports the right of gay
men and lesbians to marry, and we believe
that in time they will have this right across
the nation.
Cambodian King Backs Same-Sex
King Norodom Sihandouk is an advocate of
Lesbian and Gay rights, and has expressed his
wishes for his country to accept and ''Legalize''
marriage for same-sex couples.
March 2004
Lesbian and Gay couples wed in
New Mexico.
On Feb. 20th Same-sex couples began
to marry in Sandoval County, N.M.
The Collllty Clerk had determined State
law did not prohibit it. Later that afternoon
New Mexico stopped granting
Canada: Gay marriage survives
Canadian government officials
drafted a same-sex marriage law that is
now under consideration by the country's
Supreme Court. In the meantime, the
provinces of Ontario and British Columbia
have begun issuing marriage licenses
for same-sex couples.
Massachusetts Court Stands
by Roling
On Feb. 4th the Massachusetts High
Court stuck to their guns and stated
" civil unions for same-sex couples are
not a viable alternative to full marriage
in the eyes of the State constitution".
Freedom to Marry Week (Feb 9-15)
Same-sex marriage activists across the
country held rallies and demanded marriage
licenses from county bureaus.
Is Chicago Next ?
In a news conference, Wed. Feb. 19
Chicago Mayor Richard Daley said he
would have "no problem" with the city
clerks office following the lead of San
Francisco and issuing marriage licenses
to same-sex couples.
Bush Declares War on
Gay's and Lesbian's
Feb. 24, 2004 Bush finall ts off the
fence and comes out e the constitution
to discriminate against Gay's
and Lesbian's by calling on congress to
enact the Federal Mamage Amendment
FMA defines Marriage as only
a man and a women.
Editor continued -Daf!.e 5
Volume l Issue 3 Page 4
Want a VOICE in your community?
We welcome your opinion, commentary, and
your input. Tius publication is about building
Community Unity, and you are a part of making
this happen.
We want you to speak Out/
Mailing address:
2401 E. 32nd St., Suite 10-243,
Joplin, MO 64804-3128
Email: editor@ozarkspride.com
NOTE: All letter's to the editor and articles
submitted must include your name and phone
number for verification purposes only.
Mission Statement: To provide a
GLBT community voice to SW ]\,fissouri, SE
Kansas, NE Oklahoma, NW Arkansas. Our
mission is to unite a fragmented community
reluctant to speak out for their rights and to
voice op.ion's. Tius region has a huge GLBT
population who is silent.
Fairfield Inn
By Marriott
3301 S Range Line,
Joplin, MO 64804
Reservation (417) 624-7800
Email: ffijpln@aol.com
Woody's Manhattan
Hai.t: & Nail Salon
Penny Smart
509 Main• Joplin, MO 64801
Appointments ( 417) 623-3500
March ?004
From ACLU Ozarks Chapter:
When you are stopped by the police or
arrested, you have certain rights under
the law. These rights are the same
whether or not you have done anything
wrong. Know these rights and use them
during your encounter with the police.
Above all, do not do or say anything that
would make your situation worse. What
you say to the police is always important.
What you say can be used against
you, and it can give the police a chance
to arrest you, especially if you badmouth
a police officer.
Remember that you have the right to
remain silent. Use that right!
Do not resist or try to run away. Keep
your hands where the police can see
them. Never touch a police officer. Stay
calm and speak politely.
Insist on knowing why you have been
stopped. Ask, "Officer, why did you stop
me?" (Note: Your race, ethnic background,
gender, sexual orientation, disability,
age or appearance alone are not
valid reasons for the officer to stop
If you are stopped while you are driving,
give the officer your driver's license,
registration and proqf of insurance if he
or she asks for them. If you're given a
ticket, you should sign it; otherwise you
can be arrested. You can always fight
the case later in court. If you're suspected
of drunk driving (DWI) and refuse
to take a blood, urine or breath test,
your driver's license may be suspended.
Continued page 14 ........ .
Volume-1 lssue-3 Page 5 March 2004
From }t1/,6 2-Steve T. Urie
Think about the issues, this isn't
just a time for gay marriage but a time
to think about jobs, the economy, justification
of war, and the direction of
where our com1try is headed.
Our president has said it is OK for companies
to send jobs out of the country if it is
cost effective but at whose cost? Our president
has told us that the war in Iraq was and
is justified because of weapons of mass
destruction but where are those weapons?
Our president has said the economy is rock
solid but it is so rock solid that people all
across our state and even the country have
gone years without raises and the cost of
living raises don't match the cost of living,
so ,vhere is our rock solid economy? Then
yes there is the issue of gay marriage and
everyone's right to be married. So far I
have been disappointed in the Democratic
leaderships lack of picking up this issue.
We have not taken a true stand on this issue
and we must. The candidates are tiptoeing
around the issue but there is a storm brewing
that could be the equivalent of the civil
rights movements of the 1960's. The headlines
this week have all been overshadowed
by the events in San Francisco and today a
county clerk in the state ofNew Mexico
followed suit in issuing marriage licenses to
same sex couples. Yes it is headed to the
courts but it is also very likely to be headed
toward a Constitutional Amendment against
it. An open act of discrimination against a
single group of people and this must not be
allowed. The issue is there for all to see and
yet. .. where will you be Election Day?
You have a chance to change our
country by removing Mr. Bush :from
the Presidency but maybe just as important
is the fact that you get out to vote
at all.
Take yourself, your responsibility seriously
and VOTE!
Have a great month ...
Steve ............... ..
Editors page fi·om page-3
A spokesman :from the Log Cabin Republicans,
a predominately gay and lesbian political
group, have abandoned the Bush for
re-election campaign and stated " President
Bush has declared war on Gay's and Lesbian's".
Although Democratic Presidential hopeful'
s Kerry and Edwards are against legalizing
marriage for Gay's and Lesbian's,
they both support civil union's and have
spoken out against the Bush proposed constitutional
amendment to ban same-sex
Civil Union's are not separate and equal,
but separate and unequal, but the Democratic
candidate's position on issue's critical
to our community are so much better than
those of President Bush. Our biggest battle
now is not the battle to legalize marriage
for same-sex couples, but to fight against a
constitutional amendment that would shut
down the right altogether.
Yes, February 2004 was very exciting, but
now we must face reality and go to work. I
urge all of you to contact your congressional
representatives and voice your opinion.
C. D. Ward
Editor, Oz.arks Pride
Joplin, MO KOAM TV Poll Results
Question: What do you think of Gay Marriage?
I approve of Gay Marriage.=68%
! do not approve of Gay Marriage=30%
I have no opinion on Gay Marriage= 2%
W11at is ''Gay Marriage"? We would point out to
KO.\.M, there is no such thing as" Gay Marriage".
The correct term is "Marriage for Gay's and Lesbian's".
Volume 1 Issue 3
About M-.lte Trnh
At R.E E'S Joplin
ril 1st, 7pm FREE
A hilar•~l'f funn1
c.ult ft\m!U
m +·'· .... rinq -..r
Miss Universe Allows
Transsexual Entry.
Page 6
Chinese Transsexual Chen Lili received
the OK to enter the Miss Universe
Pageant to be held in Ecuador June
1, 2004. First she must win the contest in
her southeast Chinese Province of
" I hope to clinch the crown" said the
successful model Chen Lili. Chen Lili
was allowed to change her gender identity
by the Chinese government in January.
She will be the first Transsexual
allowed to compete for the coveted Miss
Universe crown.
March 2004 J
The Gay Travelers
Faces Guesthouse
A Bed & Breakfast
327 N Jackson Ave.
Joplin, Missouri 64801
Reservations Required
(417) 621-9915
Take our virtual tour on the web:
Aunt Bea's Infamous Recipes!
Sock it Too Me, Beef.G,mlmb !
4 tablespoons virgin olive oil
1 1 /2 pounds ground sirloin
1 large onion and 1 med bell pepper
2 cloves of garlic (minced)
1 teaspoon sweet basil
1(1Soz can stewed tomato's)
1 (8oz can tomato paste)
1 (15 oz cru1 mixed vegetables or your favorite)
3 cups cooked pasta
2 teaspoons Tony Chacherc's Creole Seasoning
1/2 cup red wine ( drink the remaining bottle)
Cook the Sirloin, onions apd beli pepper in large
skillet to medium well, add remaining ingredients
except pasta, simmer for 20 min, add pasta
and simmer for 10 min.
Volumt-1 lssuc-3 Page 7 March 2004
"Traveling in the gay friendly world"
By Donald Pile and Ray Williams
It has been a few years since we visited Joplin,
i Missouri and what a change just a few years can
'------------~ make. If you can't afford the time or money right
now to go to Florida, Arizona or California then why not try Joplin. Yes! Joplin,
Charles Ward, formerly of Oklahoma City has opened a wonderful new B&B in
Joplin. FACES GUEST HOUSE (www.facesguesthouse.com) is located at 327 No.
Jackson, just a few blocks north of downtown. It is a beautifully furnished Dutch
Colonial Cottage, circa 1898. Charles has completely refurbished all the rooms.
The large Garden Suite with private bath and adjoining sun room filled with tropical
plants overlooks a garden with fountains. They also have the Romeo Room and the
Burgundy Room. Each room is decorated beautifully. A continental breakfast buffet
is served in the formal dining room each morning. There is a large formal living
room with fireplace for meeting other guests. This is one of the loveliest B&B's that
we have found in the Midwest. As for the name, FACES? One of the former
owners many years ago began putting different faces in the cement on the outside of
the house itself and on the cement walls around the house. There are 19 total. This
is VERY interesting. Charles has done an absolutely outstanding job. It is worth
staying there JUST to have one of his very famous and delicious Faces Martinis!
They are the best that we have ever drank. Be sure and stay there when you visit
Joplin. Their toll free number for reservations is :l-866-238-6721.
Now, for the wonderful food part of this column. Larry Black recently opened
one of the most exciting, romantic and delicious restaurants in the four State area.
THE CONNER HOUSE is located downtown Joplin at 612 South Main St. It is an
extremely elegant restaurant with crystal chandeliers, beautiful oil paintings and of
~ course live dinner music at the piano. The ambiance, the service, the food, EVERYTHING
is done right here. Our server was Trinity who knows how to treat guests ....
overly attentive without being obtrusive. When making a reservation do ask for one
of his tables. They have a wide range menu including appetizers ... escargot, shrimp
cocktail, Italian Bake and Conner Crab Dip. We had the French onion soup and it
was marvelous. For entrees you have a wide range of choices from Fillet, New
York Strip, Rib Eye, Beef Tip Bourguignon to Chicken Parmesan, Chicken Piccata
and Chicken Alfredo. If Veal Oscar is your favorite they offer that too. We love
seafood and they have Norwegian Salmon, the BIGGEST golden fried shrimp we
have ever had, Shrimp Scampi and Conner Red Snapper. Be sure and save room for
dessert. Their Bananas Foster and Cherries Jubilee which is prepared tableside is to
die for! They have a full bar and wine selection. Besides all this wonderfulness the
real treat is that it is not expensive. It is extremely reasonably priced. You can't
dine at the chain restaurants for this price.
Continued page- IO new Joplin
Volume l Issue 3 I Ozarks Pride Page 9 March 2004
Destination New Orleans
" Gay Mecca " " Big Easy"
By OP rontribnti11g 1JJriter T. J. Kel/y
New Orleans is a city steeped in tradition,
history and mystery. From it's
past as a haven for voodoo practitioners
and French traders to the present day
city of culture and technology there is a
little something for everyone in the Big
} Easy. In this two-part story, I will cover
many tings to see and do in New Orleans.
New Orleans has been influenced by
many different cultures starting with the
Spanish who settled what was then
Lousianne; to the French, under whom
the city ofNew Orleans flourished. As
the provincial government seat of the
Louisiana territory and major gulf port,
New Orleans grew rapidly. These influences
can still be seen in the city, especially
in the old French Quarter (taken
from the French term for neighborhood
The French Quarter is probably the
most talked about and recognizable feature
of the city except for the Mississippi
river. The Quarter is full of old bars,
taverns, restaurants, shops, cafes ect.
Blocks from the shores of the Mississippi,
tourists and locals alike patronize
the many establishments there and take
) in the beautiful Jackson square (off
~ which the famous Cafe du Monde is
) located). Because the bars have no closing
time in New Orleans, the Quarter is a
great place to party whether it's 5pm or
5am. In the Quarter you can go shopping
for groceries at the Quartermaster
A&P and Nelly Deli in the Gay District
on Bourbon St., Central Grocery on Decatur
St. or any of the many tiny A&P's
located in the area. You can shop for
gay pride items, fine art, fresh fish and
seafood and everything in-between.
Probably the most well knovro facet
of the Quarter is Bourbon Street. Bourbon
St. is lined, mostly, with bars restaurants and
tourist shops. Old French colonial buildings
line the street with balconies overlooking the
street from the second stories. During the
peak tourist seasons (February-April and
July-September) Bourbon St. is packed full
of people bar hopping, dancing and
"working" for beads. One of the more famous
establishments on Bourbon St. is Pat
O'Brien's. Pat O's (as it is known) is the
"home of the Hurricane". Pat O's also has an
extensive Cajun and creative drink menu.
When you order a Hurricane at Pat O's, it
comes in a souvenir Hurricane glass. If you
don't want to keep the glass, it is returnable
at the bar for a $3 refund. Another great
place on Bourbon is Razzoo's. Razzoo's is a
live venue bar with a house blues band. The
house band plays every day during happy
hour. With 3 for I drink specials, no cover
and great music, Razzoo's is hard to beat.
When it comes to restaurants, New Orleans
is top of the list. Whether you are looking
for classic Cajun in a Mom-and-Pop, AllAmerican
in a chain restaurant, or coat and
tie in an elegant French restaurant; New Orleans
has it all. Some of the better places to
eat in the Quarter are along Decatur and
Chartres Streets and just outside the Quarter
on Frenchman Street. Some of the commercialized
restaurants in the Quarter are Bubba
Gump's, Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville,
Hard Rock Cafe and TGI Fridays. Gump's
and Margaritaville are great places to go for
drinks and appetizers. A couple of the established
restaurants in the Quarter are Dicky
Brennan's Steak house and K-Paul's
Kitchen. Both are casual during lunch and
coat and tie for dinner. One of the better low
cost, casual places to eat in the Quarter is
Angel Li's gourmet pizza. Toppings at Angel
Li's include the classics to artichokes,
tuna, crawfish, asparagus, feta cheese and
many other choice toppings.
New Orleans continued page-] I
Volume-1 Issue- 3 Page 10 Mru:ch2004
New Jop/il}-jrom page 7
They are open for lunch Tuesday thru
Saturday 11 to 2:30 and for dinner 5 to
9:30. Their phone number is ( 417) 623-
Now it is "party time" and off to
REE'S Nightclub at 716 South Main just
a couple blocks south of the Conner
House Restaurant. They are open Monday
thru Saturday from 4 pm to 1 :30 am
with Happy Hour everyday from 4 to 7.
They are closed on Sundays. Terry,
who is "hot and VERY available" is a
great bartender. Richard, the owner and
all of the staff are extremely friendly
and so are all the people in the bar! Everyone
makes you feel right at home here.
Something is always happening at Ree's
nightclub. They have a great disco
dance floor, D.J, Combo nights, stage
shows, and their Saturday dance parties.
Their phone number is (417) 627-9035.
We promise you that you will have lots
of fun at this nightclub. One note for
out of Towner's coming to Joplin is
about parking at both the restaurant and
the bar. Both face Main Street however
their entrances are in the back and they
have huge lighted parking lots.
Steve T. Urie is the Pastor of the
MCC Joplin-Spirit Christ Metropolitan
Community Church, located at 2902 E.
20th Street. Services are 7 PM on Sundays.
Joplin has a lot of tourist attractions
including the Grand Falls, which is the
only continuously running waterfall in
the State, The Joplin Museum Complex
and The Spiva Center for the Arts One
of the most overlooked things to see in
Joplin is their wonderful Architecture.
They have one of the most interesting
and complex array of architectural
styles in the Midwest, ranging from Victorian,
Queen Anne, Italianate, Gothic
Revival, Romanesque, Neoclassic,
Next column ,,
Greek Revival, Dutch Colonial, Arts &
Craft Movement including Bungalow
and Prairie and Chicago Style. Stop by
the Joplin Convention & Visitors Bureau
at 222 West 3rd and pick up some of the
If FACES Guesthouse is booked up when
you plan to go to Joplin, then we suggest the
gay friendly Fairfield Inn at 3301 South
Range Line Road. Their toll free number is:
Always remember, "live, love and laugh"
and enjoy your traveling. For questions
about traveling contact Donald and Ray at
or visit their web page at:
Joe Brennan and Rodney Burgomy
4301 NW 63rd, Suite 100-Oldahoma City, OK 73116
Advertising with Ozarks
Pride Magazine shows
you support our community
and we support
those who support us.
Advertising llS low llS
$12.00 per issue.
See advertising rates on
page 2.
I Q72rks Pride Page 11
Turnabout Fundraiser
A Success!
Joplin, MO by T.J. Kelly
On Friday February 6th 2004, Ree's of
Joplin held it's annual turnabout fundraiser
show for the Joplin Community
The free clinic allows the customers of
Ree's to use their parking lot free of
charge without risk of being towed. Beyond
that, many patrons utilize the
clinic's free services. The clinic relies
on contributions to stay open, not accepting
government contributions which
would stipulate how it is run to include
who uses the parking lot. It is known
that the clinic turned down a large contribution
contingent on the fencing off of
the parking lot so as not to be used by
the gay establishment
The grant was turned down in support of
the gay community as a matter of principle.
In appreciation, the owner of the
club wanted to give back, with a turnabout
fundraiser show.
This year, Karaoke Jockey Robbie and
bartender Terry were the guest performers,
along with a special appearance by
Miss Dolly. The show also included a
rare appearance by the Grand Dame of
Joplin, Miss Lilly. To finish out the line
up were regulars from the Robbie
Walker Friday Night Showcase including
Robbie Walker, Latina Carlisle, Justice
Janelle Moore and a farewell appearance
by Alexis De Ville.
All proceeds from the show went to the
Joplin Community Clinic which included
all performer tips and a portion of
the cover charge. The show raised over
$560 for the clinic . . ., .. , ........
Mar"h 2004
New Orleans cont.from page -9
If you're looking for culture, the Quarter
is a great starting place. For those who
have never been to the Big Easy, I would
recommend a guided tour, perhaps by
horse drawn carriage that you can find
parked at Jackson square. These tours will
take you by the major sites including St.
Louis Cemetery 1, where the voodoo
priestess Marie Louveau and stop frequently
to let you visit the sites before
moving on. Just outside the Quarter off
Camp and N. St. Peter's Streets is the DDay
museum for military buffs. It is a
beautiful building with a wonderful tribute
to those who fought in the invasion of Normandy
on D-day during WWII. Another
fun tour would be one of many "Haunted
New Orleans" tours which you can sign up
for at many tourist shops and information
centers. Many of the tours start at a designated
place (like the statue in Jackson
square, for example) at dusk. These are all
walking tours, covering a very large area
including Mansions, cemeteries and buildings
... so wear your tennis. In the same
line as the Haunted tours is the Anne Rice
tour, for fans of the author ( or her gorgeom
son who happens to be a gay author and
poet). This tour hits places mentioned in
her novels mostly from the Vampire
Chronicles and Witching hour series and
takes you by her mansion in the Garden
district. Along Decatur Street is a little bit
of culture and shopping in the French Market
where fanners market meets flea market.
Everything from fresh grown fruits
and veggies to tourist trinkets and homemade
fudge and candy stores line the
French Market.
In the next issue, I will cover things to
see and do in the New Orleans Metro area
outside the Quarter including the Garden
District, Plantation Tours and the New
Orleans Gay scene.
To be continued in OP April issue.
Volwnt-1 Issue- 3 Page 12 March2004
Local Talent Paula-Jo David
Releaaes First CD
Jesus: My Faith Addiction
11irouqh It All
The flrat recording by Southern· Contemporary Christian Singer Paule-Jo David, a native of Wichita,
Kansas, released her first CD in December of 2003. Paula-Jo and her husband George were
:ommi98ionecl as evangelist "Ambassadors Of Christ" by I Love The Lord Christian FellOWllhip Church o
Mchita, Kansas and aent forth to the greater Southemt Kansas region to start a new spiritual work there.
The Husband-Wife team aettled here in Joplin, and currently established the River Of Life Church in
Pittsburg Kansas.
Paula-Jo is a Pride Christian Music Artist and sound bites of her music may be heard by logging onto
h :/ And selecting the woodstockcd link.
You also may purchase her new CD at Great Expectations 920 E. 15111 St. Joplin or online @
w-ww .woodstockcd.com.
The Fourteen song selection featured in Paula-Jo's debut album are a road map ofher journey
thru her life's trials and tribulations with physical abuse; divorce; and drug addiction. In this
album Paula-Jo's life transformation is reflected and poured out into her music, to the Lord.
1 1ver
Piasburg. KS. 66762
Pastor: George David
Phone (316)461-2668
Services Saaday'11 atl 1 :00am
Timmons Chapel PSU
Full GO ,PEL all affinning fellowship
I Love The Lord Christian
George & Paula-Jo David
,l111bi1,sadors of Cirri st
1509 Missouri
Jopiin Mo.648fU
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LOzarks Pride Page 13
March 2004
Selah Ministries International, Inc.
Hosted By:
Terry Lee
Terry Lee Ousley bases his ministry in Farmington,
Michigan. But really he and his partner, Rev. Jim
Lynch, travel full-time as Selah Ministries
International to bring God's Word to the glbt
community. Terry Lee sings and writes most of his
own music. He also manages an omnibus website
for glbt Christian artists, called "Pride Christian
on the web
, 2004
11 :00 a.m. @ Timmons Chapel (PSU Campus) Hosted by: River Of Life Church
Pittsburg, KS./ Contact Pastor George David for details@ 316-461-2668 or Email:
Volume I Issue 3 Page 14 March 2004
Know your rights continued:
If you are not driving (for example, if
you are walking), you are not required
to carry any type of identification. If
you are asked for identification, you
may give it to the officer if you want
to, but you do not have to do this. You
can't be arrested merely for refusing to
identify yourself on the street.
Never give false information to a police
Police may "pat down" your clothing if
they suspect a concealed weapon.
Don't physically resist, but make it
dear that you don't consent to any
further search.
Ask the officer, "Am I free to leave?" If
the officer says "No," assume that you
are under arrest. If the officer says
'Yes," you can leave.
Remember that you have the right to
remain silent. In most situations, do
not say anything except to identify
yourself or ask the officer why you
have been stopped. Don't bad-mouth a
police officer, even if you believe that
what is happening is unreasonable.
That could lead to your arrest.
Police may ask to search you, your car,
or your home. Do not agree to such a
search. Be polite, but make it clear
that you are not consenting to a
search. IMPORTANT: The police may
have a right to search you anyhow, and
they can do it without your consent.
BUT if you give them consent, you may
not be able to challenge an illegal
search later in court.
It is not lawful for police to arrest you
simply for refusing to consent to a
search. If the police say they have a
search warrant, ask to see it.
NOTE: More to come, Know Your Rights
from the ACLU Ozarks Chapter will be
continued in the April issue of Ozarks
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March 2004
Four States Community Directory
-Bars- NightclubsRon's-----
Fayetteville, AR--( 479)442-3052
Studio 716---Fayetteville, AR--(479)571-1300
Rce•s----Joplin, MO--(417)627-9035,
Edge------Springfidd, M0--(417)831-4700
Martha's Vintyard-Springfidd, MO-(417)831-6144
Oz------Springfield, MO-(417)831-9001
Ronisuz Place---Springfidd, M0--(417)864-0036
Bamboo Lo1.1!1ge--Tulsa, OK-{918)836-8700
The End Up----Tulsa, OK-{918)282-6503
Heads & Tails------Tulsa, OK-{918)6607878
Club Majestic-Tulsa, OK--(918)584-9494
Renegades--- Tulsa, OK--(918)585-3405
Play-Mor-Club---Tulsa, OK---(918)838-9792
Silver Star Saloon-Tulsa, OK---(918)838-4234
TNT's-----Tulsa, OK---(918)660-0856
Tool Box.----Tulsa, OK-{918)584-1308
~------::..-::..-::..-::..-::..-:.-:.-::..-::..-::..-:.-::..-::..-::..-:::--::_.-<, -Lodging-
1010 E. 20th St
Joplin, MO 64804
Vicki Bronson
www.vickbronson.com <417-434-0077
Faccs Guesthousc B&B Joplin, MO(417)621-9915
Fairfield Inn by Marriott-Joplin, MO(417J624-7800
MCC Spirit of Cbrist--2902 E 20th, Joplin, MO-7PM
UCCFF-204 N.Jackson Me, Joplin, MO-10:30AM
River ofLifo Church-Timmons Chapel PSU-Pittsburg. KS
MCC United Tulsa-1623 N. Mapl=ood-918-838-1715
MCC Living Spring-Eureka Springs, :\R-870-253-9337
L'::==========================-1 lwnbow Christian Church-Springfidd, MO-417-866-6206
-Aids Project of the Ozarks-
513 Kentucky,Joplin,Mu-----17-624-5788
1901 E. Bennett, suite D, Springfield, MO 417-881-1900
-Business Services-
Penny Smart, Hair Salon-Joplin, M0-(417)623-3500
Manage By Rachael-Joplin, M0-----(417)438-3664
Chlll'b Bun Rcaltot11-Vicld Bronaon-(417)434-0077
My.tic Creatio118--•Pittsburg, KA..--(-620)231-6790
Kelly Kirby, CPA, PC-TuJga, OK--{918)747-5466
Ccntury21--0klahoma City, OK---(405) 840-2106
JOPLIN, MO 64804
JOPLIN, MO 64803
Phone: 417-206-6179
Fax: 417-206-6179
Contact: Steve Urie
Q cop)'l'9t 2004 Ozlrir Prido

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