[2004] Ozarks Pride Magazine, January 1. 2004; Volume 1, Issue 1


[2004] Ozarks Pride Magazine, January 1. 2004; Volume 1, Issue 1


Politics, education, and social conversation over LGBTQ+ topics


Ozarks Pride's first issue began in January of 2004. Then follows Ozarks Pride (2004), The Star (2005), and The Metro Star (2008).

This magazine discusses topics of AIDs, education, politics, local and national civil rights of the LGBT community, and advice for relationships and places to visit.

This collection is PDF searchable. Physical copies are also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


Ozarks Pride




Ozarks Pride Magazine


January 1, 2004


C.D. Ward
T.J. Kelly
Chaz Storm
Marion Wilson
Greg Steele


Metro Star, January 1, 2011; Volume 8, Issue 1

Ozarks Pride Magazine, February 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 2


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Southwest Missouri
Western Arkansas
Southeast Kansas
Eastern Oklahoma
The United States of America (50 states)


SW l'vfissouri
SE Kansas
NE Oklahoma
NW Arkansas
Volume-1 Issue-1
"Community "
Juplin Missouri:
"Community?" ... Just what
can be said about it, for it, or
to support it? I believe that
we have to understand what
community is before we can
progress to developing that
which we have not had ..... .
See editorial !Xll/-2 ...... ... .
Ozarks Pride Magazine is published
monthly and distributed to area business
and other outlets free of charge the
first week of each month. Subscription
service will be available soon.
Community Unity
Letters To The Editor:---
A Diverse
Joplin, :rvfissouri
January 2004
Gay and sbian
'~ Gay Man Serving"
I am writing this column as a service
member, just as many in the GLBT community
are or have been. It is a perspective of
my views as a military member, having served
for over si.-..: years. It is a common misconception
among the general public that gay
service members are a fluke. People, especially
in tb.e sheltered straight world, assume
that the only gays in the military are lesbians.
I am very happy to burst these misconceptions
by saying that the gay community is
alive and well in the US military.
The military is almost a subculture of homosexuals.
Although, in the 'don't ask, don't tell'
era, enlistees are told to sign a contract stating
that he/ she will not pursue or engage in homosexual
sex or marry, attempt to marry anyone
of the same sex upon enlistment. This is
the major loop hole that commanders take
advantage of to conduct "witch hwits" within
their units. Even in light of this, I have come
to realize that many (I would almost say
most) of the personnel in the military are
accepting of gays.
Ontti1111td Gay l&!ikiry-/XI§ 3
Volume 1 Issue I
Ozarks Pride Magazine
2401 E. 32nd St. Suite 10
Box 10-243
Joplin, :M:issouri 64804-3128
Editor: C.D. Ward
Managing Editor: T.J. Kelly
Advertising Director: Chaz Stonn
Staff Reporters:
Marion Wilson
Gf'81J Steele
Ryan T. Raymond
Editorial- page 2
Letters to Editor- pagef
The Guide- page 7
Aunt Bea's Recipe's- page 7
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Card Size Ad- $6.00 par issue
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Ozm Pride Maga:d1111t publishi!d & cls-1bied roontly • a amnunllr
ww:e by Ozsb Pride Gn:q, rl. Jcpin, Muolli.
Pooliclllon rl. tile name, pboklgr,ph oc aar- rl. any p«QI, business
ocorganlzallon in this publem! la notio beCOIIA'Ulld as 1111y in<bllon
rl. sexual cninllllon a,- prelsences of IWI penoo, b~ oc organiz•
Opinions e,:presMd by collmllsls, 11M111Mn a,- L.«ti, to ths 5:ltor 1,e
not~ fl8 opinion rl. Ozrit Prldt MIQazhe. b mi!; fie
pui.h"' or l's 1CMl!llsin.
eoo•nt rl. lCMll1lemen11 Ind n:le5 n the so.It responlliblly of hi
idwl11ler and I« uhor. The Publsher rl. Ozm Prldt M!Qszitt
re-lhe right io reluee ~i l!lllillNj b' ,ny Rl8IOn ,rlllt so -· Oz,lb Prldl! and,. lbne-11-el'I rl. n sole propertesof Oz1rb
Prldt G,a;ip. All mnwlal C cop)'right 2004 Olllb Prldt
Deadline for all ads, articles and payment is
the 20th of each month at 4pm for the next
months issue.
Page 2 January 2004 j
Guest Editorial:
ByStevc Uric:
When I heard that people in the community
where wanting to publish a newspaper;
the news was received \11/lth quite expectation
then I was ask to write an article.
This brought to heart agonizing memories
of newsletters and newspapers of bygone
days but triggered the "Oh, I have a forum
to visit with."
The topic being one of great interest for
me for a number of years \11/lth more questions
than there are answers for.
"Community?" ... Just what can be said
about it, for it, or to support it? I believe ·
that we have to understand what community
is before we can progress to developing
that which we have not had.
Community has multiple definitions. First,
it can be a noun, meaning simply a group
of people ( or for that fact gorillas who
seem to do a better job of it than people )
with like relationships, culture, socioeconomic
standards and even possibly
belief structures. Then more importantly,
it can be a verb. It is an art, an action, and
an opportunity for people with common
threads to bond together to support and
nurture each other in every way possible.
This of course brings;backmemories of
my return to Joplin in.1996:
0Jntin11ed on pa;ge 4
Ozarks Pritle Mission Statement:
To provide a GLBT community voice to SW Missouri,
SE Kansas, NE Oklahoma, NW Arkansas.
Our mission is to·unite a fragmented community
reluctant to speak out for thie:r rights and to;voicc
opioos. This region has ll. huge GLBT population
who is silent.
Volume-1 Issue-1 Page 3
Gay Military .. ···"'•li•11,dfrr,,,,fa1t! t
Especially with the military today training
and working with multinational task forces
and on international deployments. People
are seeing how easy it is to be accepting of
homosexuals as many of our closest allies
are. A couple of examples are that the
French military camp in Sarajevo has a gay
bar and the Scandinavians are very accustom
to having requests from gays to be
roommates so to carry on a relationship.
The US and British seem to be the only
militaries in the industrialized free world
that seem to think gays aren't worth serving.
Not all are as accepting, but not as
forbidding as we are either. Although, with
the bureaucracy of today's military, I feel
that commanders and supervisors are
happy when you show up, do your job and
stay out of trouble. The latter being the
most important. . ... ,.,,, .• ~-.;1 "'"""•
CommWlity Senice
MCC Joplin-Spirit of Christ
Metropolitan Community Church
Sunday Service 7PM
Steve T. Urie, Pastor
2902 E. 20th Street
Joplin, MO 64803
January 2004
Faces Guesthouse
A Bed & Breakfast
327 N Jackson Ave.
Joplin, Missouri 64801
Reservations Required
(417) 621-9915
Take our virtual tour on the web:
Gay Miliauy .....
I think that if the US went to a conscript
army, as most European armies
are, homosexuals would be expected to
serve. (Not that I nor most in the military
would endorse a military where one
is forced to serve.) Most people in my
unit knew I was gay, including my commander
and her commander. No one
ever gave me grief over it, although I was
expected to redesign the interior of our
headquarters building. I found that the
men in my unit became very protective
of me, especially when someone wanted
to tell a gay joke. None of them had a
problem living in close quarters with me
on deployments or Field exercises.
All of the talk of gays hurting morale and
esprit-de-corps had no leg to stand on in my
experience. But, there are times when homosexuals
need help. That is why we have the
Legal Defense Network, a group of pro bono
lawyers (many former military) that give le~
assistance to homosexuals in the military.
One day, I am sure, there will be no need for
the Legal Defense Network or for people
like me to say that serving your country is
okay even if you arc a homoscxwtl. But until
then it is up to the GLBT and PH .. AG communities
to open the eyes of the law makers
and the general public to the fact that we arc
here to stay and we arc willing to serve ...... .
ro11ti1111ed jn,,,, Pfll! 2
A local pride organization was publishing
a newsletter back then and a young man
having resigned from the organization
was published raking the community up
one side and down the other for it's lack
of accomplishment and support of itself.
Every word was a point of frustration,
pain and anguish. Tbrough lack of leadership
or community support the organization
diminished and died. Thus making
his very prophetic words truth.
Now what can we do about this, how can
we create what is or has been missing and
how can we allow for leadership to take
hold and carry a standard forward. Spirit
of Christ MCC is a church with a mission
and that is to carry the standard of Christ
to any and all that have been literally
thrown away by every other church· or
discarded by society. The church is the
longest surviving organization in Joplin
that reaches out to a special community
and that is a community of ALL people
without restriction. For six years the
church has worked on developing community
and finally this year the fruits of
that effort started to be seen in the
greater community ... yes
Conti1111ed next robimn: ............... ..
Located Inside
•REES l.a1Dtgt Fri-Sat 10p-111
716 1. main
-417-48371 J7 i!vyrc@yahoo.com
worlc for pea.:e w.alk wi:b pride
January 2004
community ... we started to see it
coming together. People of different
backgrounds.joining together to create
a good for everyone by: sharing information,
developing interpersonal relationships
and business partnerships.
Businesses are exchanging flyers and
business cards, when someone chal:.
le:nges thelegitimacy of a business; the
,."oQier business leaders step up and
· support them. There is no king or
queen of the hill but businesses and
individuals with a common goal to
devdop a long standing community
that doesn't just benefit one person or
another but everyone. Now that is
Those businesses along with the
church are reaching out and helping
not just each other but people in the
area as well. Monies, equipment and
supplies are being distributed to help
others. Now that is community.
Can we have community in Joplin?
Yes! The example is being set and you
can be a part of it. Support the efforts
of this newspaper, the businesses and
organizations that stand together in
the belief that we can do it. It's not
competition; it's good sense!
Steve T. Urie
Spirit of Christ MCC
Tickle Your Brain: Take the
most accurate IQ test on the web.
http:/ /web.tickle.com/tests/uiq/
I Ozarks Pride Page 5
Fourth Annual
Christmas Open House
/y Jtajf rrpomr Grrg Skelt
Joplin, MO- Tim Baker and Tom Walton's 4th year
to host the Christmas open house charity for "Aids
Project of the Ozarks" APO, to provide non
perishable goods for members of APO. Tom and
Tim opened their home to all who could and those
who could not give to this worthy cause. APO
members who are drflendant on food stimps and
a small·social security disability income rely <?n .
APO and other organizations to get them:through
eac_h m?ntli. Since Food stamps will only'buy
food , C:?"eryclay items such as laundry soap,.
bleach, toilet paper, paper towds, pet food, furniture
polish, dish soap, as we 'all know are necessities
to fonction day to day, are out of pocket expenses
for.those on foqd stamps. We who think
nothing of buying a pack of bar soap do not realize
people who pay rent ¢d utilities 6n;$600.00
per month Social Security,:go without these non
luxury items. · · ·
Your Support co~tact APO (417) 881-1900 or
MCC Spirit of Christ,Joplin (417) 206-6179 to
make your contribution.---------
Cellular Mobile System
AT&T Authorized Dealer
January 2004
Call Travis (417) 825-0774
Free Ph~ne Car Charger , From $600.00 , no license,
L.::==========================1 I tag, insurance, or drivers
" Kwanzaa "
Kwanzaa comes from Swahili meaning "first
fruit". Based on ancient African traditions,
embraces seven principles: unity, selfdetermination,
collective work and responsibility,
cooperative economics, purpose, creativity,
and faith. Kwanzaa is a holiday created
by Maulana Karenga in 1966 an"d is
observed by more than 28 million people
from Dec 26 to Jan L. ............. ..
license required.
On Sale Nowl
716 S. Main, Joplin Mo
417-627-9035 or Contact
At cell phone 816-651-4425
V olume-1 Issue-1 Page 6
qt~hid.Pres~~~ Ri~h ~aeash
, . . . Ef :t '
BRAS~ Brazil (Reuters) - The heil.d of tho' .
W o · · · · on Suri.day qrgeit' ··
. · to:figllf .
devastating AfricJUl nations .. ,'
WHO.D.irector General Jong-Woo~
on Britain, ifapan and Scandinavian~ . .
parti§ular to donate more money to.~e bijafa;·
zation's.global push against the disease, csti~
mat~J,o be killing 8,0Gqtp~o;ple !\)fay. s.lc~
"The tr~nd is more mQQ.ey is b . .
able, WC have to put in more re
gestions and pressure to.the
Lee, in Brazil for a globlil h ·
He said "very urgent action and•:irilf1he .busi- .
ness-~-usual approach" was needed, · ·
Funding to battle HIV/ AIDS has increased
from $3.2 billion in 2002 to $4.7
still less than half the yearly total
Nations has called for to fight the epidemic .
and provide drugs to treat people infected by
The WHO earlier this month unveiled plans to
rush life-saving antiretroviral (ARV) AIDS >
drugs to 3 million of the world'spoortiy 2Q05:
and train 10,000 health workers. · ·• .\~~~.
Lee said HIV had now infected.'riearly 40 per~.•·.
cent of people in Botswana and half the population
would die of AIDS unless urgent action
was taken. Life expectancy inMozambique is
expected to fall to 27 years due to the disease.
In 2002 around $1 billion was spent on fighting
HIV and AIDS in Africa, which is thought
to have nearly 30 million of the 40 million
people infected by the disease. The United
States has promised $15 billion over five years
to combat AIDS, especially in Africa It has
come under fire for only earmarking $2 billion
for the program next year.
Earlier this year, Britain said. it would give a
global AIDS fund $280 million through to
2008 after initially pledging $200 million for
five years in 2001. ---------------
January 2004
Join Chaz andJasonNewYears
Eve After Hours Party!
205 Highland,Joplin Call 623-3412 For Details.
Want a VOICE in your community?
We welcome. your opinion , commentary, and your
input. This publication is about building Community
Unity, and you are a part of making this happen.
We want you to speak out!
Mailing address: 2401E 32nd St., Suite 10-243,
Joplin, MO 64804-3128
Emaii: editor@ozarkspride.com
I Ozarks Pride Page 7
Aunt Bea's Infamous Recipes!
Sock it Too Me, Whitt Btan and S altSdf,t S o,p:
4 tablespoons virgin olive oil
1 1/2 pounds of Italian sausage in casing
2 medium carrots
2 medium onions
2 doves of garlic (minced)
2 stalks of celery
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1 teaspoon thyme leaves
3 (15oz cans white beans)
1 quart chicken broth
2 teaspoons Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning
1 cup white wine ( I drank the rest of the
Heat oil in large, deep pan. Brown whole
sausages; remove to cool for about five
minutes. Cut celery, onions, and carrots into
small dice. Brown vegetables in same pan .
with garlic for about 10 minutes. Puree one
can of white beans; add to vegetables. Cut
sausage into small slices and add to vegetables,
along with broth, wine and remaining
beans. Simmer 30 minutes. Then let it cool
for 10 minutes girls or it will bum your business.
Kau,1 a1y, MO/,_ MM ... 11 r;,.,,
On Saturday, March 13, 2004 Kansas Citv
will have the opp~rtunity to hear on of the
most exciting Broadway performers of the
last two decades. Sam Harris, in concert at
Folly Theater. In a .benefit for I !ARC
(Heartland AIDS Resource Council), Sam
Harris will make his debut in Kansas City.
Tickets fro this benefit concert are $30 and
$40 and can be purchased through the Folly
Box office on January 5, 2004. For more
information you can email :
Midwest Times is the proud media sponsor
for this event.
January 2004
~our States Community Directory
Ron's:----Fayetteville, AR--( 479)442-3052
Wtld-On---Fayettcville, AR--( 479)521-9453
Ree's----Joplin, MO--(417)627-9035
Edge>------Springfield, M0-(417)831-4700
Martha's Vineyard-Springfield, MO-(417)831-6144
Oz:------Springfield, MO-(417)866-3876
Rov.isuz Place---Springfield, M0-(417)864-0036
Bamboo Lounge--Tulsa, OK--(918)836-8700
The End Up-----Tulsa, OK--(918)282-6503
Heads & Tails---Tulsa, OK--(918)6607878
Club Majestic---Tulsa, OK--(918)584-9494
Renegade:s----Tulsa, OK--(918)585-3405
Play-Mor-Club---Tulsa, OK---(918)838-9792
Si!Yer Star Saloon--Tulsa, OK---(918)838-4234
1NT's-----Tulsa, OK---(918)660-0856
Tool Box----Tulsa, OK--(918)584-1308
Faces Guesthouse B&B Joplin, MO(417)621-9915
MCC Spirit of Christ--2902 E 20th, Joplin, MO-7PM
MCC United Tulsa-1623 N. Maplewood-918-838-1715
MCC Living Spring-Eureka Springs, AR-870-253-9337
Rrunbow Christian Church-Springfield, MO----
Aids Project of the Ozarks-
513 Kentuclq,, Joplin, Ml J----417-624-5788
-Business ScrviccsKolon-----
Joplin, MO--(417)483-7117
Cellular Mobil Sya--Joplin, MO-(417)825-0774
Penny Smart, Hair Salon-Joplin, M0-(417)623-3500
Massage By Rachacl-:loplin, MO--(417)438-3664
Mystic Cn::1.rions--Pinsburg, KA--{620)231-6790
Kelly Kirby, CPA, PC-Tulsa, OK---(918)747-5466
dVoi:alie !J(nJyhi
Miss Merry Christmas 2004
Ree's of Joplin
716 S, MAIN ST.
(417) 627·9 □ :35
MOMDAY Ntelff roontAll Wini
mar, DJ lR' UN
TY nlltDAY Wffll TlnY
DANf!INe Wffll DJ LR.' UN
mMIO Ntelff-ffACI ftlOW AND
uuon wrn1 DJ ltOftll
Tiil lOftll WAlDR ftlOWOft
Wffll DJ U' ftlftl

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