[2004] Ozarks Pride Magazine, February 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 2


[2004] Ozarks Pride Magazine, February 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 2


Politics, education, and social conversation over LGBTQ+ topics


Ozarks Pride's first issue began in January of 2004. Then follows Ozarks Pride (2004), The Star (2005), and The Metro Star (2008).

This magazine discusses topics of AIDs, education, politics, local and national civil rights of the LGBT community, and advice for relationships and places to visit.

This collection is PDF searchable. Physical copies are also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


Ozarks Pride




Ozarks Pride


February 1, 2004


C.D. Ward
Chaz Storm
Marion Wilson
Greg Steele


Ozarks Pride Magazine, January 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 1

Ozarks Pride Magazine, March 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 3


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Volume-1 Issue-2 "It's A Life, Not A Lifestyle" February 2004
Volume I Issue 2
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Editor: C.D. Ward (editor@ozarkspride.com)
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Advertising Director: Chaz Storm
Staff Reporters:
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Greg Steele
Ryan T. Raymond
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adv8'tllN' IOd /or IUlllor. Tl-e Publilhllrd Ozris PriJe Mrguhe
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PriJe Group. ~ malllllll C cop)liglt 200( Ozm ,,,..,
Page 2 February 2004
Gay /Lesbian Discrimination
Measure Approved !
Jefferson City, MO
Ozarks Pride Editorial:
An anti-gay marriage proposal has passed a
house committee. The Children and Families
Committee has approved a measure that will
go to the full Missouri House for consideration.
The proposal defines marriage as a
"union between a man and a woman" and if
passed by both entities of the State Legislature
and signed by the Governor, will be on
the November ballot for a vote of the people.
Continued page - 8
Guest Editorial:
By Steve T. Urie:
Holy State of Matrimony .. .
Holy Union ... Holy Smoke ... !
Wow! another month has passed and I am
reading through stacks of articles, legal advisories,
computer downloads and watching the
Democratic hopefuls playing at being politically
correct in dealing with one of the hottest
potatoes in generations. Just what is that
hot potato ... allowing same sex marriage!
The Boston Globe carried an article, "AT
Washington Post, "SAME-SEX UNIONS
MOVE CENTER STAGE, Key Black Leaders
such as Carol Moseley Braun, recent Democratic
Presidential candidate, The Hon.
Willie Brown, Mayor of San Francisco,
Whoopi Goldberg, Actor/Producer, Coretta
Scott King, Civil Rights Activi5,tat1d to many
to name here are supporting our dream. A
dream of equal rights and the end to the last
bastion of civil discrimination-'- the right to
have our committed relationship recognized,
legalized and the granting ofoenefits currently
given to only heterosexual marriages.
Conli11Ntd 011 Ptlfl 5 .. ... .
Volume-1 Issue-2 Page 3
8"''1<""""'~ """"=0"' = """' JJ=':0 'I'.-,;;,======-= ~ ~"" ""''"
p:~ ~tt&c ~ '#KJ 11/ll~tt: .
~ « J
~5fa:;;,_Y0!!0&="+@ «p '"00=.,,J:0%="'~~~ db;;;t,"'KP~~«,,;,~ ""$!, 'G"" ,s/t~ Y~
Angry Citizen Speaks Out!
"The Presid.ents American Values"
Bear Editor:
The Bush administration wants to have
a debate about values in America. Well,
let's give him one.
In George Bush's America, 35 million
people live in poverty while the wealthiest
Americans got a 1.5 trillion dollar tax cut.
Let me repeat that: 1.5 trillion dollars.
What kind of values does that represent,
Mr. Bush? Corporate profits are up 46%,
but 12 million children don't have any
health care. Are those the values Bush
wantsto defend? His policies value wealth
over work, special interests over our interests
and the rights of the privileged few
over the rights of the rest ofus. These are
not American values.
In George Bush's America, our patriotism
is questioned when we disagree with
his war in Iraq. I question the patriotism of
a leader who sends his troops to fight and
die based on unproven assertions, sketchy
intelligence reports and an imminent
threat that never materialized.
February 2004
Faces Guesthouse
A Bed & Breakfast
327 N Jackson Ave.
Joplin, Missouri 64801
Reservations Required
(417) 621-9915
Take our virtual tour on the web:
No weapons of mass destruction have
been found and I do not believe Iraq is
responsible for 9-11.
I question the patriotism of a leader
who gives billions of dollars of no-bid
contracts in Iraq to politically connected
corporations, while drastically
cutting Veteran's benefits here at home.
I question the patriotism of a leader
who promises us security from terrorists,
yet police and fire fighters are still
desperately under funded. Of the millions
of containers entering our nations
ports every day, only 3% are screened
for dangerous materials.
I question the patriotism of a leader
who turns his back 011 the rest of the
world to pursue preemptive war, ruining
America's reputation among the
community of nations. Instead of
America standing as a shining light of
freedom for the world to see, America
is seen as an arrogant bully who will
bomb anyone who gets in our way. Are
these your values, Mr. Bush?
In George Bush's America, companies
are allowed to move their offices offshore to
avoid taxes. Americans are losing their jobs
because corporations are moving manufacturing
plants to foreign countries. all in the
name of increasing profits . .. See page 13
I Volume I Issue 2 Page4
Want a VOICE in your community?
We wdcome your opinion , commentary, and
your input. Tiiis publication is about building
Community Unity, and you are a part of making
this happen.
We w.mt you to speak OUf /
Mailing address: 2401 E. 32nd St.,
Suite 10-243,Joplin, MO 64804-3128
Email: editor@ozarkspride.com
NOTE: All letter's to the editor and articles
subniitted must include your name and phone
number for verification purposes only.
Mission Statement: To provide a
GLBT community voice to SW .Missouri, SE
Kansas, NE Oklahoma, NW .-\rkansas. Our
niission is to unite a fragmented community
reluctant to speak out for their rights and to
voice opion's. This region has a huge GLBT
population who is silent.
Located Inside
•REE'S l.ol<llf:II Fri-Sat 10p-1R
716 ,. main
-417-4837117 ilvyr(@yaboo.('Om
work for peace wia!lc with pride
February 2004
Lesbian daughter
promises to lobby.
Before Gephardt 4th place finish in
Iowa, Crissy Gephardt, the lesbian
daughter of Dick Gephardt, said that if
her father is elected, she would be able
to advocate for gay rights inside the
white house. Gephardt strongly opposes
a constitutional amendment to
ban gay marriages. He has also said
"We ought to lift the ban completely on
gay's in the military. Don't Ask, Don't
Tell doesn't work." Possible Dick will
consider the·democratic nomination for
VicePresid.entl ·.· ·
• . • ·;, ·.;f~
Good.News From
Joplin Regional
Press release Joplin, MO .....
Trans States Airlines announced a
third flight will be added at Joplin Re-
. gional Airport. Trans StaJes operates
the American Connection co.mmuter
carrier between Joplin and St Louis.
This new flight will.take effect March 2,
2004. Leaving Joplil) at 11: 14am, arriving
in St Louis 12:30. pm. The revised
weekday schedule leaving Joplin is
6:25 am, 11 :14am and 4:14pm. Leaving
St Louis for Joplin at 9:29 am, 2:02
pm and 6:39pm.
A big boost for Joplin Regional, this
additional flight will make connections
in ST Louis to other destinations much
more flexible for travelers.
Volume-1 Issue-2 Page 5
M.trimony ... .. ronlimted frwn page 2
Rev. Troy Perry of Metropolitan Community
Churches says, 'The reality is that
many nations of the world- including
Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Germany,
France and the Netherlands - have moved
far beyond the United States by providing
legal marriage benefits to same-sex couples.
Vermont made headlines across the
country when it approved Civil Unions
for same sex couples and now the Massachusetts
Supreme Court has ruled in favor
of same-sex marriage in that state.
Yes it is now time! We have reached
the crossroads and.dared to cross over, we
have open one mote :closet ·door we cannot
and must not let it close again. The
dream that many ofus have is now wide
open to those around us and we must
make a decision.
That decision is to take a stand, let our
families know, our friends know, our coworkers
know and to let our government
leaders know we are here, we are not going
away and we expect them to listen to
us. We want our rights. We have too
long been silent and that has only lead to
bashing and the denial of those rights.
I have found that there are always risk
involved in speaking out but have found a
greater good in people when I have ex- .
pected that in them. I have ~iscussed this
topic with family, coworkers and others
the past three weeks and the majority
have been supportive of an end to this
discrimination. Oh yes, there were those
that said why do you have to bring it up,
parade it around us and make such a big
deal. I can only look at them and say,
"Because it is a big deal!" Equality in
marriage has been addressed since 1948,
the year before my birth ... isn't it time to
put it to rest?
.... ront-nex·t co/Jm,,;
Febru:iry 2004
We can look at marriage/civil unions
and wonder why that piece of paper
appears so important. It is because society
has made that piece of paper important:
l. It offers benefits that we have
been denied;
2. It shows a commitment of two
people who care and love each
3. It offers a change in our lives
and the way we are treated;
4. It calls for a maturity so often
lacking in our relationships; and
5. It takes us to a new level of responsibility.
Are you up to the challenge? It is the
right thing to expect and to do!
Steve T. Urie, Pastor
Spirit of Christ MCC
Joplin, Missouri
, An OP community service announcement
1 Will You Be My Valentine?
I UCCFF is hosting a Valentine's Dinner
& Dance 011 Saturday, February
14th starting at 7pm. Yes, that's actuallv
on Valentine's Day! The evening
in~ludes a buffet dinner, beverages,
and dancing. Come one. Come all. It
is free & open to the public. Let's
I support our community, bring our
I partners & friends, and maybe even
I : meet that someone special. How roi
I mantic! United Church of Christ
I Faniil}' F~llo:,v:rup,. 204 N. Jackson
1 Ave, Joplin. \j; eb s1te:
! (,vww.uccff.com)
Volume l Issue 2 Page 6 February 2004
Published Sunday, January 25, 2004
Same-Sex Couples Prepare for Registry
Associated Press Writer
Doug Braun and his partner of 14 years couldn't wait for Monday morning, the
first day they could go to City Hall to place their names in a registry recognizing them
as domestic partners.
They will walk away with a notarized piece of paper that legally means nothing, but
to Braun, 42, and his partner, Brian DeWitt, 48, it will be tlie most important day of
their lives.
"It's not a marriage, 11 Braun said. "For us, it's a show of our commitment to each .
other, it's sometlimg concrete that we can hold on to and show all of the thousands of
hours we put in to work on this."
The domestic registry for gay and straight unmarried partners was approved in November
by voters in Cleveland Hei an upscale Cfeveland suburb of 50,000 residents.
It passed with 55 percent of vote.
Domestic registries have been created by councils and state legislatures elsewhere -
the Vermont Legislature created the nation's first law recognizmg the relationships of
same-sex couples, and California created a statewide stry for same-sex coupfes
and gave them some of the legal standing of married ses - but this was the first
through a ballot issue, accordmg to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.
g of the Cleveland ·
fature passed one o
also comes less than a week after the
ost-far reaching bans on gay iparriage.
The registry is not marriage and it's not binding on courts, governments or coI_DPanies.
But hope it will make it easier for couples to eventually share employment
· perty or get hospital visiting nghts.
Opponents, including the Cleveland Heights Familv First Initiative, -say it's.wrong for
a city to legitimize a lifestyle many disagree with. A statement from tlie group said
the registry attempts to "redefine marriage" and that "will have very serious negative
effects on our society as a whole."
Keli Zehnder, 3 7, and her partner, Deborah Smith, 44 a couple for seven years alrea!
fy have powers of attorney and wills spelling out their wishes regarding each other
and their two young daughters. •
But Zehnder said it was important that they register on the first day as a payoff for the
intense campaigning that led to the successful vote.
"This piece of
stuff is more va
she said.
feels more meaningful than the other stuff even though the other
in some ways. This is something that I worked on for l] months,"
Cleveland Heights, about 10 miles southeast of Cleveland, is home largely to middleand
upper-class professionals and has funky clothing shops, artsy cafes, familyowned
restaurants and historical homes. Conti11ued wme-sexpage-12
Volume-1 lssue-2
Page7 February 2004
"First Gay Couple in Kansas
gets Civil Union in Vermont"
Donald Pile and Ray Wi11iams of Shawnee
Mission, Kansas became the first gay couple in Kansas
history to get a legal Civil Union in America. . They
write the travel column OUT ON VACATION in several gay newspapers and magazines
including OZARK'S PRIDE . They have been Antiques dealers for over 25 years. They
were staying at the von Trapp Family Lodge/Resort in Stowe, Vermont during the holidays
and on the first day of Winter, Dec. 22nd Pete Hartt, Justice of the Peace and Editor of the
Stowe Register performed the ceremony outside under the Gazebo in the Town Square. at 5
PM. A blanket of36 inches of snow surrounded them. The couple have been together for
nearly 33 years and they just felt that it was time to "make it legal" at least in Vermont. Now
as other States recognizes same-sex unions their license and certificate will be good in those
States as well.
On their 25th Anniversary, Candice Gingrich of the Human Rights Campaign
\¥rote "Your enduring relationship is another shining example of what "family values" is and
should be about - trust, security, love, commitment." Elizabeth Taylor wrote a hand written
letter "You have certainly reached an important milestone in your lives together and I send
you my best wishes. May the next 25 years be every bit as special."
Here is the vows that Pete Hartt, Justice of the Peace and Editor of the Stowe, Vermont
newspaper read:
"Do you Donald, invite you Ray into this union with love and passion and respect.
Will you protect him as he needs protection, support him as he needs support and free him as
he needs freedom and love him every day? Do you Ray, invite you Donald into this union
with love and passion and respect. Will you protect him as he needs protection, support him
as he needs support, and free him as he needs freedom, and love him every day?
I Donald, take you Ray, to be my partner, to have and to hold, in sickness and in
health, for richer, for poorer from this day forward
I Ray, take you Donald, to be my partner, to have and to hold, in sickness and in
health, for richer, for poorer from this day forward.
"By the power vested in me by the State ofVennont, I now pronounce you partners
in Civil Union"
Pete Hartt, Justice of the Peace
Stowe, Vermont
Volume l Issue 2 Page 8
Discrimination from page-2
Rep. Kevin Engler, Republican-Farmington
is the sponsor of the measure and expects it
to pass the full House. If passed by the voters
in November, the State Constitution
would be amended preventing judicial intervention.
Ozarks Pride animatedly opposes this blatant
move to write discrimination against
the GLBT community into the state constitution.
This is just another attempt by state
Legislators who fear same-sex couples and
the general Gay/Lesbian community
threaten family values. With Missouri leading
the nation in Meth production, our
elected Legislators seem to think WE ARE
THE BIGGER THREAT! Will we soon be
expected to give up our right to vote or to be'
seen in public without a pink triangle sewn
on our clothing?
We as a community have the power to make
a difference, if we get off the bar stool and
defend those rights we've gained and fight
for what is our God given right to legally
choose a life partner recognized by the
world community as legitimate. We are not
second class citizens of these United States
of America.
In 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a
powerful speech in Memphis: He told his
audience" to give (themselves) to this
struggle (for equality) until the end. We go
up together or we go down together" This
applies to gay and lesbians today as it did to
African Americans during their civil rights
struggle of the 60's.
Our vote still counts! If you are not a registered
voter, you can not vote and voting
this election year is crucial. We encourage
you to get registered if your not, and vote in
every local, state and national election.
We can make a difference.
C.D. Ward, Editor
Ozarks Pride
February 2004
Fairfield Inn
By Marriott
3301 S Range Line,
Joplin, MO 64804
Reservation {417) 624-7800
1010 E. 20th St.
Joplin, MO 64804
Vicki Bronson
www.vickbronson.com 417--434-0077
Joe Bannan tn.d Rodney Burgamy
4301 NW' 63rd, Suite 100-Oklahom~ City, OK 73116
Woody's Manhattan
Hair & Nail Salon
'Penny Smart
509 Main* Joplin, MO 64801
Appointments ( 417) 623-3500
February 2004
Local Talent Charlie Smith
Releases First CD
By Greg Steele
Staff Reporter
Joplin, MO .... Iola Kansas native Charlie Smith, a
38 year old gifted artist released his first CD
"Always For You" in November 2003. Charlie
won his first talent contest at age seven. "The
honors and accolades since, have been a tremendous
blessing," Charlie said . Perhaps one of his
favorite honors came in 2000, when Sam
Butcher, the founder of Precious Moments created an 18-inch "Charlie" doll. The first
blackPrecious Moments figurine was created in Smith's honor.
Smith, a resident of SW Missouri for 5 years, now lives in Neosho and works in
Joplin. He attends Spirit of Christ MCC church in Joplin where he is the Music Director.
In addition to working and his church responsibilities, Charlie is a regular performer
with the Branson Gospel Music Association. With performances in Branson
and around the four states area. For bookings call Charlie at (417) 451-3924 or email
"Always For You" CD is available locally at Eccentrics, Bookbarn, Hastings, Great
Expectations, and For AU Bible in Northparlc Mall. The album will also soon be sold
on the internet site http://www.mccjoplin.com. The music style of the album range
from a little bit of Gospel, a little bit of Spiritual Jazz and I detect just a little bit of
Country. The song titles include pop and soul influence and the Jazz inspired title
"Always For You"
,,\n Ozarks Pride Community Service .Announcemmt
MCC Joplin-Spirit of Christ
Metropolitan Community Church
Sunday Service 7PM
Community Meal served Wednesday's at
6:00pm, cost $3.00. No one is turned away. Our
meal is always nutritionally balanced. Dinners include desert, drink and good fellowship.
Take out meals are also available. Bring your friends and family.
Steve T. Urie, Pastor
2902 E. 20th Street
Joplin, MO 64803
Volume-1 lssuL~ 2 Page 10
by Donald Pile & Ray Williams
We have found a most exciting and wonderful new gay
resort in this city where gay resorts are plentiful. TERRAZZO,
located at 1600 East Palm Canyon Dr. is conveniently
located close to downtown, shopping and the gay bars.
The owners/hosts are Tom and Doug, formerly from Denver.
The TERRAZZO is a wonderful 12 room resort surrounding
. a heated swimming pool, ( clothing optional), Jacuzzi, on-site
gym and luscious tropical gardens. The resort has both suites
.. · and rooms that includes the finest of linens, direct dial
phones, 27"1V, DVD, VCR & CD player, individual climate
~----------~ control, high speed Internet access, premium Judith Jackson
bath amenities and wonderful soft waffle piquet robes for their guests. All rooms come with a
microwave, refrigerator wet bar, hair dryer, iron and ironing board. They have four balcony
queen rooms upstairs, 5 queen rooms downstairs and 3 king suites including the Deluxe King
Suite. The King size suite has French doors opening to the pool and courtyard. All rooms and
suites have saltillo tile floors.
Complimentary breakfast is served each morning at poolside or if you wish, breakfast will be
brought directly to your room. A complimentary gourmet lunch is served daily poolside.
Complimentary beverages and. snacks are available throughout the day.
This is truly a fabulous resort for the gay traveler. Whether coming to Palm Springs to take
advantage of the city or just to relax in this beautiful resort, we promise that you will enjoy it.
The owners/hosts Tom and Doug are extremely hospitable in addition to being an extremely
handsome couple. They have been together for over 8 years and enjoy being around people and
it certainly shows. They love to assist their guests in whatever they need to while visiting Palm
Springs. They are the PERFECT hosts. As we travel throughout the United States, we have
noticed that many owners hire managers and that in itself can be a major problem. Tom and
Doug are the owners AND managers and they control everything themselves to insure that each
guest gets full attention. And full attention to EVERY detail is what you get here. They have
won the prestigious Editor's Choice Award from Out and About magazine and is rated "Four
It is just a short drive to downtown. major shopping, museums and art galleries. Right across
the street is a grocery store, drug store, post office and other stores and restaurants. But once
inside, the TERRAZZO is a world of it's own. And THAT is what is important. So many times
we check into a resort and want to get out to have fun and relax. Here you stay IN, to have fun
and relax. While we were there last time we met a lot of interesting single guys and couples
who were enjoying TERRAZZO.
Their web site is: www.terrazzo-ps.com and their email address is: reservations@terrazzops.
com and their toll free phone number is: 1-866-837-7996. This is one of the finest gay resorts
that we have ever been to. We KNOW that you will enjoy it too!
We always meet so many new people everytime we go to Palm Springs. On our first trip there
we met Stefen Hemming who owns the estate of the late Liberace. He purchased it with all the
furniture, pianos and crystal candelabras. The "Casa de Liberace" is absolutely FABULOUS!
Continued page-
Page 11 February 2004
Gay Travelers- Palm Springs continued:
And while in Palm Springs be sure to
check out some of our other favorite places
including TOUCAN'S TIKI LOUNGE, 2100
N. Palm Canyon Drive. It is a wonderful bar
full of dancing, live shows and FUN! The
owners and staff are extremely friendly and
KNOW how to treat their customers. There
are about a dozen gay bars in Palm Springs .
. One fabulous performer that you MUST SEE
is Rudy de la Mor. He is the most fantastic
performer. He sings, he plays the piano, he
really knows how to keep his audience in the
palm of his hand. He plays weekly at the
Rainbow Cactus Bar in downtown Palm
Another must on your things to see and do in Palm Springs is the FABULOUS PALM
SPRINGS FOLLIES, located downtown at 128 So. Palm Canyon Drive. It is a Las Vegas
style show with feathers, headdresses, costumes and much better than what you see in Las
Vegas. Singing, dancing and plenty oflaughter is their entertainment. What makes this show
so fabulous is that all of the performers are between 60 and 85! Do not miss this show.
Our two favorite restaurants in Palm Springs are MELVYN'S in the Ingleside Inn located at
200 West Ramon Rd. just two blocks west of downtown. It is like stepping into "Old Hollywood".
Theiood, the service and the atmosphere is PERFECT! Mel Haber, the owner knows
how to keep his guests coming back year after year. According to Life Styles of the Rich and
Famous it is rated one of the 10 best, and we agree! The Left Bank restaurant and Lounge,
not too far from Toucan's is located at 150 E. Vista Chino Drive. The food, the atmosphere,
the service and the wonderful live piano music makes for a perfect evening.
Palm Springs is always a fun getaway for Midwesterners. Anytime of the year is a great
time to go. Other options of things to do while in Palm Springs includes, hiking, tennis, or
sightseeing in the Joshua National Park, the Living Desert or visiting the local Indian grounds.
There are a lot of Art Galleries and Museums to visit.
For a day trip, drive to Los Angeles, West Hollywood or San Diego. It is only about 120
miles to any of these cities. But the real reason to go to Palm Springs is to bask in the sun,
meet new people and enjoy yourself. The local gay population is extremely friendly. We
have met so many people there, many of who were originally from the Midwest and have
moved out there to live.
For more information write to Donald ~d Ray at: gaytravelers@aol.com
or visit their web pageat:http://www.hometown.aol.com/gaytravelers
An O:atrks ~ community Sffrvice 11nnouncef11"nt.
AIDS Project of the Ozarks presents:
In recognition of: National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness day on February 6, 2004, 7-9pm at Washington
Avenue Baptist Church, 1722 N. National, Springfield, Missouri.
Featuring: Nedra Culp, Branson's Femail Vocalist of the Year and Lost in the 50's.
Branson's Betty Lewis, Diane Ellioit and Master of Ceremonies Washington Ave. Baptist Youth Dancers.
Volumt-1 Issue- 2 Page 12 Ftbruru:y 2004
Sa--sex couples from page-6
According to the Census, only 970 people,
or 1.9 percent ofresidents, reported
living with an unmarried partner.
Mayor Edward Kelley said even though
the registry issue was fought passionately
on both sides it hasn't divided the
city, which weathered a similar controversy
two years ago when it adopted
Ohio's first ordinance giving health
benefits to same-sex partners of city
"In Cleveland Heights not only do we
have racial diversity, we have religious
diversity, we have this diversity. I'm
very proud of that," Kelley said.
The registration costs $50 for residents
and $65 for nonresidents. Kelley said
he's gotten calls from both gay and
straight couples from other states who
are interested in registering-. Eventually,
the city will offer the registration online
and by mail, he said.
Community services director Susanna
Niermann O'Neil said the process
would take about 10 minutes for each
couple, many of whom planned to take
photos or have family attend.
"We just want it to be nice," O'Neil
The city even arranged rooms in City
Hall where couples can wait.
"We're not going to make people stand
in line like they're in a post office waiting
to buy stamps," the mayor said.
"We want to make sure that they be
treated in a fair and just manner."
New Joplin Gay
Discussion Group
Prw reftast Jvplitt, Mo
\Vant to know when the next drag show
is? What time the gay church service is? \Vant
to know when the gay student group meets at
Now, you can find all that information and
more at a single site: the Joplin Gays group
on yahoo. This group is a clearing house for
gay & lesbian. events in the Joplin, MO metro
area. It is open to everyone but focuses on
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Angry continued: ... ....
Bush values lining the pockets of his
CEO friends above helping ordinary Americans
earn a basic living. These are not
American values.
In George Bush's America, there are two
school systems, one for the affluent, one for
the poor. That is not American values.
Clean air, clean water, wildlife and wetlands
have taken a back seat to oil and gas
companies. These are not American values.
While George Bush is defending the
"sanctity of marriage" from the dreaded
homosexual menace, millions of people
worldwide are dying of AIDS. Mr. Bush
does not represent the values of ordinary
people, rather he values the elite and the
powerful, leaving the rest ofus to fend for
Americans are angry, and justifiably so,
but we know that anger alone will not
change America: our actions will. Together,
we can take our anger and frustration
to the voting booth in November. Together,
we can vote to remove George Bush
from office. Together, we can elect a leader
who upholds the values of ordinary, working
people. Together, with one vote, we can
put an end to George Bush's America.
Greg Stacy
Joplin, Missouri
Surfing On-Line:
Access New Age: All things esoteric
and spiritual
Tickle Your Brain: Tike the most accurate
IQ test on the web.
http:/ /web.tic.kle.com/tests/uiq/
February 2004
From $600.00 , no license,
tag, insurance, or drivers
license required.
On Sale Now!
716 S. Main, Joplin Mo
417-627-9035 or Contact
David At cell phone
February 21, 2004
2902 E 20th Street, Joplin Missouri
6pm to 7Pm Non-Alcoholic Mixer
7,Pm to 8pm Dinner
8pm to 11pm Dance
Silent Auction will be Held!
$12.50 Per Person
$20.00 Per Couple
Dinner & Dance Must Pre-pay by February 10th
Dance Only $7.00 (Pay at Door)
Purchase your ticket ahead by sending check or money order made out
To: Spirit of Christ MCC
PO Box 4711
Joplin, MO 64804
Recipe From Chef Greg!
'Texas Caviar"
(Black Eye Pea Salsa)
P e 15
f 2 cans black eye peas, rinsed and drained.
1 1 small diced onion
J 1 can Rote! tomato and peppers
j 1 cup chopped ja1apenos
j• 1/4 cup cilantro chopped
I 1 teaspoon garlic powder
i 1-1/2 cup Zesty Italian Dressing
Iv[i.,;; all ingredients, chill and serve with
Tortilla Chips.
Chef Greg of Oklahoma City, OK is a graduate
of The New York Culinary Academy. He
manages a Catering service in Oklahoma City
that specializes in corporate banquets and
luncheons. He is also a consultant for several
restaurants in the area and is very good looking!
He has promised to share more of his
creations with us.
1010 E. 20th St.
Joplin, MO 64804
Vicki Bronson
www.vickbronson.com 417-434-0077
Febru 2004
Four States Community Directory
-Bars- NightclubsRon's----
Fayetteville, AR--(479)442-3052
Wtld-On---Fayetteville, AR---( 479)521-9453
Studio 716--Fayetteville, AR--(479)571-1300
Ree's,-----Joplin, MO--(417)627-9035
Edgtc-----Springfield, MO-(417)831-4700
Martha's Vineyard-Springfield, MO-(417)831-6144
Oz:------Springfield, MO-(417)831-9001
Ronisuz Place--Springfield, M0-(417)864-0036
Bamboo Lounge--Tulsa, OK--(918)836-8700
TI1e End Up---Tulsa, OK--(918)282-6503
Heads & Tails--Tulsa, OK--(918)6607878
Club Majestic---Tulsa, OK--(918)584-9494
Renegsde:s----Tulsa, OK--(918)585-3405
Play-Mor-Clu~Tulsa, OK---(918)838-9792
Silver Star Saloon--Tulsa, OK---(918)838-4234
TNT's-----Tulsa, OK---(918)660-0856
Tool Box----Tulsa, OK--(918)584-1308
Faces Guesthom,e B&B Joplin, MO(417)621-9915
Fairfield Inn by Marriott-Joplin, MO(417)624-7800
MCC Spirit ofChrist--2902 E 20th, Joplin, M0-7PM
UCCFF--204 N. Jackson Ave, Joplin, MO-10:30AM
MCC United Tulsa-1623 N. Mapk:wood-918-838-1715
L':::============================'-j MCC Living Spring-Eureka Springs, AR-870-253-9337
Rainbow Christian Church-Springfield, MO--
Aids Project of the Ozarks-
513 Kenrucky,Joplin, Mv-------417-624-5788
1901 E. Bennett, suite D, Springfield, MO 417-881-1900
-Business ServicesKolo1-
z----Joplin, MO--(417) 483-7117
Carberry Development Group-Joplin, MO (417)623-3788
Penny Smart, Hair Salon-Joplin, MO-(417)623-3500
Massage By R'l.chael-:Joplin, MO---(417)438-3664
Charles Burt Realtors-Vicki Broll!lon-(417)434-0077
Mystic Crcations--Pittsburg, KA--(620)231-6790
Kelly Kirby, CPA, PC-Tulsa, OK--(918)747-5466
Carberry Development Group, LLc -- - 512 E. 32nd Street, Suite 107
Joplin, MO 64804
At Missouri Place
M I I ■
Lee McDaniel, Principal
Julie Lowe, Production Assistant
Monuaue C1nsun1nu
Credh counsellnu
Credh Repair
Every King and Queen
needs a home. Let us
(417) 623-3788 voice
(800) 531-4145 toll-free
(417) 624-1974fax
Email: .ind a loan for you. -ft
Lee McD@alumni.brown.edu

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