Tulsa Family News, September 15-October 14, 1994; Vol. 1, Issue 10


Tulsa Family News, September 15-October 14, 1994; Vol. 1, Issue 10


Politics, education, and social conversations toward Tulsa's Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual communities.


Tulsa Family News was a monthly newspaper; No. 1 issued December 1993-January 1994.

The newspaper brings a platform up important, evolving topics of marriage, military, law, charity, Pride, TOHR, HIV/AIDs, events, advice, and politics all at the local and national level.

This document is available in searchable PDF attached. It is also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


Tulsa Family News


Tom Neal


September 15-August 14, 1994


James Christjohn
Kharma Amos
Brannon Crain
Maureen Curtin
JD Jamett


Tom Neal/Tulsa Family News


Tulsa Family News, August 15-Issue 14, 1994; Volume 1, Issue 9


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United States Oklahoma Tulsa
United States of America (50 states)


Serving Tulsa’s Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Communities - Our Families of the Heart September 15 October !4, 1994, Volume 1, Issue 10
Operating trader a new federal
mandate seeking greater
comnmni~ y involvement in the
distribution of funds for HIV
MDS preven~on, theO~oma
~ta~e Dept. of H~th has begtm
dae commmnff phnnfing group
(CPG). "l]fis group will help to
determine where sm~c do!tars
wii~ be distributed, t’he group
ha~ 3 sub-groups: needs
assessmenu epidemiology and
nomination/membership. For
more h~kx call William at 742-
Gays Not
onTo erance
Dialogue with the
Other: Healing & Hope
Tulsa wilt hos~ the I4th
Nafiowal WorlcshoponCtmsfian-
.Jewish Relations on Nov. 6-9 at
the Adam’s MarkHotel. The!~
organizers of ~he confernece
which is associated with the
National Conference (formerly
the National Conference of
C~stim~s m~d Jews ~ trove noted
dmir parficuk~ efforts to m~e
fl~is conference broadly diverse.
including not on13 a v~me(y of
Christian and Jewish
organi7~itions m~d traditions but
Nso representatives of tstam
Native American {raNfions.
Convener Dr. William J.
Wiseman writes in ~he
promotional brochure.
"..,diversity ~s a given. Plurality
is our response. We are capable
of mutual suppo~ as we seek to
dialogue with ’the other’ in
healing m~d hope..."
Despite this public
co~mnitment to diversity, no part
C)n August 22. Tulsa’s Hmnan
Rights * 7ommission received the
revised report on discrimination
based o~ sexual orientation if( ,m
the Standing Committee on
Sexna~ Orientation Discfimnafion~
The revisedmlmareflects
cfitidsms and sugges~ons made
at sever~ public hegNngs held in
fl~e late spring. The committal
added Ioomotes and more of i~
source matefi~s m the ofi~nal
re~)rt as wet1 as a&hng a seared
re] ume eft all the materials that
were st~bmited hy me public to
the stantfing comnfiuee.
This second volume comains
a numt~r of documenls fl~at can
be chm’acterized as ~mti-Gay but
also contains letters or
memor~mda urging support of
pro~ecdons against discriminauox~
based on sexual
submitting such documents
vere: ~he I.eague of Women
Voters of Metropolitan TNsa.
the Session of John Knox
Presb~ te~am Church. the Dept.
of Ecumenical & Social
Concerns of Eastern OMahoma
PresbyteD’, All So~’s UNaNan
Another letter endorsing
protections was signed by some
of the mos~ distinguished
religious leaders in Tulsa. Fhe
Rev. Caldwetl, College Hil!
Presbyterian, P,abbi Fitzermim.
B’nai EmunNl Synagogue. ~e
Rev. Fox. St. John’s EpiscopN,
the Rev. Kennedy, Trinity
EpiscopM, Dr. Knippa, Grace
l.:utheraa~ Emeritus. t~he Revs.
Newman ~d WILLS, Boston
Ave. Me~xJist. Rabbi Shenn~m
Temple ~srae!. hrs. Wolf and
S~th and ~e hey. Caused,.
Soul’s (Jnitarian and the Roy
Me,mesh. Kendal W~i~tier
Ministries and
Center. TU. The gist of ~his letter
iBllows: "...ore’ {radifions are no{
uNfonn in our un, lerstanding
of...sexud orientation we agr~
that ~r~Nn basic h~mmn rights
...are due NI persons...discmm~
ina~ion violates ..ont._faith
tradition:~ wNch regains all_to
be of sacred worth...h a~ers
any of God’s children must be
identified ~md rem(,ved.._"
Fur&er action may be t~fl~en at
the next Humm~ Rights Commission
meeting on 9/19. The
of the brochure indicates any Church and the Green Conntry report if accepted will be
effo~ttoincludeI~sbianmqdG@ Monthly Meeting of the forwarde~ to the Mayor &
er y. ..................
US Congress catgdtaate L~r~em
Want Gays
Lynn I~vner
Lynn Lavner &
Sandra Gillis At
Benefit Show
Tulsa Oklahomans fol,Human
Rights (TOHR) and Parents,
Friends & Family of Lesbians &
Gays, Tulsa Chapter (PFLAG)
will present a gala appearance
by Ly~m Lavner and Sandra
Gillis at All Soul’s Church, 29th
& Peoria on Wednesday,
September 28.
Lavner, who bills herself as
"America’s most politically
incon’ect entertainer." combines
/:greedy and cabaret-style
musical performance. While the
co~ uent of her ac~ is primarily
(~3 myone with a ~ense of
}mfl~or will appreciate her l~r~ly
[ nvner dcscfi~>gs herself as "a
~;hor~ ~cf~..hm~&;d. New York
lewish ~ esbia~’ who~s bce~
1~ ~c }~e was seven. She’s
role:, dcd d~me albums and a ~ivciwconcer~
recording, "Butch
Fatale." Her perffmnauces have
taken her to ~) smms and five
coumries, playing venue~
rar~ging from
Hippodrome. P~is’ Lc Piano
see Lavner. pal
Court Judge S. Arthur Spiegel
has declared that a Cincinnati
city charter amendment
excluding gays and lesbians from
existing city civil rights
protections violates the
Constitution’s 1st Amendment
and is vague. A spokesperson
for the city solicitor’s office said
the ruling would probably be
Fed. Crime Bill Includes
Anti-Gay Hate Crimes
contentious federal crime bil!
approved by the Semite included
a little-noticed amendmen~ that
adds [~enalties for bias-based
crimes based "- sexna~
orientation the fir<~ time
Congress has penalized ;rod ~av
vi~tence in this coum>
amendment offered ~,
, aa~mc };eb~s~ci~ (D-Calif. and
color, religion. ~,~
;rod eflmicity, a~d ~,~,~
camgorms of disabiIity, g~:nder
smmmem. Daniel Zinga~c o~ ~h
see Ha~e Crimes. page ~0
Japanese American Citizens
League overcame enormous
odds m its national convention
in Salt Lake City Aug. 3-7 to
become the firstnon-gay national
civil rights organization in the
U.S. to endorse same-sex
thealready contlicting quesuons
about gays and lesbians in this
country, researchers this week
released timings in 2 separate
studies that sharply contradict
earlier studies. One review study
suggests the percentage of gays
and lesbians in America may in
Gay and lesbian fact be significanfly greater than
members of JACL, church other recent researchers have
leaders, and even a U.S. found; while another ’ study
see JACL. page 10 see Studies, page 10
Big Changes at NGLTF Task Force’s ’Crea~ng
National Gay & L~esbian Task
Force has announced the
resignations of 4 key staff
meln~rs at the lobbying group,
including ~he ~eparture of Pefi
Jude Radecic. NGLTF’s
execaave dirdctor who will ~
hying flint W~s~ m November
ffter h~s~ 1 ,’ear a~ the agency.
Radccic wiI~ sm~ on a~ the Task
PerLe ~5 ~s atrec~or of ,mbtic
~otic~. l~eavhv are: Deborah
Cos, director ff finance ~
~dministra~ion ~y Yoking,
Jirec~or ofCr~fing Chm~ge: and
Robin Kane. NGITFF’s acting
Nrecmr ~{" public in~2}rmafion
In its news release on ~he staff
~4hakeup. N(}t:I’b offered -~,
reasons for the departures The
vee NGL77;L pa~ ~’ /0
Change’ Conference to
Be in Dallas in Nov.
Nafiomfl Gay & i.esbi~m Task
Force has annonnced that its
annual CreaUug
conferm~ ~a~ wilt
13 in Datias. Some70 worksho~xs
havebeen stated
U~ da~e "TV
Activism ....L{ealth m Pet
Color Commmntms~
as Organim~g ~’~x>~
Qt,eer Culture." ~y)rg~q~~ng
Workplace. Ad~. anc~i I x)bb?
Techniques," "’Rural/Small
T6wu Orgm~zing, "SexuNi~
and Ne Right Wing,
Court Reinstates Sailor
(Term of Appeals here has rnlea
tl:,~/ me ])efcnse Deoartmcm
c;mno~ discharge lesbians m,
I can just hear you all now -
"Tom, you’ re just 0ver-reacting,
you’rejustbeing melodramatic."
However, Mr. Largent’s letter to
the editors of the Tulsa World
(reprinted with theirpermission),
is troubling. What does he mean
when he says that we (society?)
should not "tolerate"
homosexuality? He acknowledges
that much evil occurs in
the name..of religion .but then
Says that God commanded
~ttestm"~e"t"to~no" f "naU" ons" for their
"eviE’ practices and praises this
intolerance.. He characterizes
homosexuality as an "evil
practice." The association of
;destruction with intolerance of
’;Lesbians and Gay meil is dearly
The question is just what Mr.
:Largent actually means. Does he
’~mean thatwe shoddbeshunned?
Does he.mean that we should be
;systematically removed from
positions ofresponsibility, or
:merelybannedfrom certaintypes
iofjobs?Are we to be tolerated as
long as we are politically silentthat
is, Subsidizing the hetero-
¯ sexual commtmities with our tax
dollars but asking nothing for
to owfi""pi}operty, to run
businesses? Would we be
allow&l tofuncti0n iwour society
if we. ,%onverted" to
heterosexuality? Does he mean
thaf~)~ ivohlffbe segregated into
re-education camps? Or does he
mean that-we would be stoned
for the "abomination of our
N~W~It~-’S’t~ve Largent were
just to continue as an ex-football
player :-and- "business consultant,"
his. opinions would be
offensive but not particularly
si~rdfieartt,--:Hpwever, as a US
congressman, he would be in a
pdgftion to make decisions that
c0iild"g~eatly, harm Tulsa’s
Legbiai~ ’alnd: Gay communities
andOur.friends, and ultimately,
the city...
Now if:he continues in the Jim
Inhofe.tradition of radical right
Last month, Tulsa Family
News endorsed-Jack Mildren for
Governor l~e~ause he had done
what had been unheard of in
Oklahoma politics: he said he
supported fairness and equa!
oppommity for all Oklahomans,
including those of us who are
Lesbian ’and Gay. This
commitment was made directly
to me and with seemingly real
Mildren’s actions were in
strong contrast to Bernice
Shedrick’s who ran away from
giving an honest answer faster
than the purse thief she allegedly
chased. Shedrick’s equivocation
was especially disturbing since
she was supposed to be
supportive ofLesbian civil rights
The buzzword ofthe ’90’s
is ~olerance. The hallmark
ofthis decade will be its call
to toleranc- the big ol’ tent
mentality. To be openminded
woud be synonymous,
but, are we to be so
open-minded that we allow
our brains tofall out?.!
Forexample, aprominent
university in California
(where else?), wants to
include in its policy and
procedures, literature that
it does not discriminate
against pedophiles - you
"know, those folks who get
their kick out of abusing
innocent children! Excuse
me, would you hand me my
brain - itjustfell out!
To besure, much evilgoes
on under the guise of:
we read in the Bible that .on
numerous occasions Israel,
¯ under direct command of
God, wasorderedto destroy
other nations. Why? Often
it wasfor the evil practices
andtheworshipoffalsegods .
by that nation. Intolerance?
Absolutely! "
I agree that, as anation,
we must be more compassionate
to one another
regardless of our differences.
However, theday we -
-"tolerate" the evilpractices
ofhomosexuality, abortion,
pornography .~nd ope.d,2-
Christian tenets our country
was founded .upgn,..~S the
.day we bd~b~ne~.~uT~b~’able
to God’s irRolera~d and
Editor’s note: Largent
: implies a connection between
homosexuality &
pedophilia. Reeetit medical
research suggests that
heterosexual men are"mt~ch
more likely to be- sexual;:~:
abusers of children-,.than
Lesbians & Gay men.
918-832-0233, FOB 41dO. Tuisa. OK 74159
Issued on orbefore the 15th of each month, the
entire contents of this publication are protected by
US copyright i994 by Tulsa Family News and
may not be reproduced either in whole or in part
without written permission from the publisher.
Publication of a name or photo does not indicate
that person’s sexual orientation. Correspondence
is assumed to be for publication unless otherwise
noted and becomes the sole property of Tulsa
Family News. All correspondencd should be sent
extremism, he may render
himself isolated and almost
useless in the House.
(Washington observers say that
even conservative business
political action committees have
begunto abandon Inhofebecause
of his extremism and his
Pu blishe r/Edito r
Tom Neal
Assistant Editor
James Christjohn
Staff Writers
Kharma Amos
Brannon Crain
Maureen Curtin to the address above. Each reader is entitled to one
Staff Photographer free copy of each edition at distribution locations.
’JD Jamett Additional copies are available at Tomfoolery!
I wish Tulsa Family News
couldtell youwhat Stevel_argent
reallymeans, but apparently part
of not tolerating Lesbians and
Gay men means not talking to
our press, or our community ~lubs & Restaurants
organizations. After repeated *The Alley,-3340 ~. Peoria 744-0896
calls, Terry Allen, Largent’s *Bad Boys Club, 1~229 S. Memorial 835-5083
campaign manager, did speak *Lola’s, 2630 E. 15th 749-1563
with us long enough to say that *Metropole, 1902 E. i11 587-8811
Largent would not support any *Silver Star Saloon~ 1565 Sheridan 834=4234
policies that.sought to reduce *Renegade, 1649 S~. Main 585~3405
discrimination based on sexual *Rex, 6101 E. Admiral 835:1055
orientation (that is prejudice *TNT’s, 2114 S. Memorial 660-0856
against homosexuals and *Time n’Time Agaia, 1515 S. Memorial 664-8299
bisexuals, but also against *Tool Box, 1338 E. 3rd 584-1308
heterosexuals whenthat occurs). *Whittier Cafe~ 416,& Lewis 582-2400
Mr. Allen spent most of the Businesses/Services conversation making hostile
remarks that showed the breadth Kent Baleh & Associates, Health & Life Insurance 747-9506
ofthatcampaign’sprejudiceand BellAire Cleaners, 4951 S. Peoria 743~5967
the depth of its ignorance. He Brookside Jewelry, 4649 So. Peoria 743-5272
clearly was not interested in Budget Window Treatments, 7116 So. Mingo, Ste. 102 254-2100
learning from us Of the reality of *CD Warehouse, 6080 S. Sheridan 491-9474
our lives. . *CD Warehouse in -Lincoln Plaza, 15th & Peoria 587-6030
~ Maybe I’m out of iouch for First Franklin Financial, Bob Hardy 628-8745
believing that ~ p01it~cian;"~r Floral Design Studio, 3404 S. Peoria, Ste. 100 744-9595
wanna:be tradingonapretty face *Java Dave’s, Lincoln Plaza 592-3317
and faded football g~ory, would *Indian Territory Coffee Company, 1613 E. 15 58%1633
wa~t t0~kn0~ ~fi~ fiieis~ues are International Tours 341-6866
¯ ’ 5
d Ken s Flowers, 1635 E. 1 599-8070
not only m southeast Tulsa an ...............th ~ " -- w *---" "- Tulsa’s " Major a[~mrs, zoz,~ ~ ~
t~roKen ~rro , out m °
.... ¯.... .-~.~--~--~-~ Mrdtown ~eater, 319 E. 3 584:3112
........’ ., - =~¢t~raw~s;c, t~t3/ ~ .-.ax. rt- 664-2951
~ts Gay ones Ma~.b..e tt
f~hi~.od ~€ me tg~hinl~ thTl~ , t~4mem~ lVl~rtgage corp.’ ¯ 592-7700
7.S~.o.m.eo.n.e.w.h.o.w.a.nt.s.tO.r.e.pi.:e.se.ii.~t.~=..~.i.i~.p.,y.,..~=aa.s.;e....l~.k.~.l.,,.tn.~.: :M" ingo
Vour’city/county in governm.eiitJS ~y~ ~r_a,ve~ou,z/. ~. t_...a~a~t,o~n,,. ,
w0~d~{v~t to meet with a cro~°~ bcnt~ner s boo~store, [~z utica bquare 749-630 !
section of its cilizeus, eventhose Sound Warehouse, 1338"E. 15th 583-1572
ft6~ whom he is different. God Southwest Viadcal, 4146 8~. Harvard, S re. F-5 747-3322
forbidthatacandidatemightfind *Tomfooleryr 1565 S. Sheridan 832-0233
that we-have more in common We~tcopa Salon, Lincoln Plaza~ 583-1500
that.he.thought.. Organizations
BUt,th~n maybe not i-~’~.t.~ ~1....... B/IJGAlliance, University of Tulsa. 583-9780
.if you re ~ust goirigt~-~eti{d of Interfaith AIDS Ministries 438-243% 800-284-2437-
theseftlks, why waste your time *HIV Resource Consortium, 4154 S: Harvard, Ste. H-1 749-4194
with tho~e not "ch0ge~n"?~ NAMES PROJ~ECT, 4154 S. Harvard. Ste. H- 1 748-3111
- Tom Neial .... P:F-.LAG, POB 52800 74152 749-4901
editor & publisher Prime-Timers, P.O. Box 52118 74128
’ Rainbow V:illage, POB 50403, 74150-0403 599-8423
-Shanti Hotline 749-7898
in order to get..theendorse.m_ent .
and the $1,000 donation of
NOW.;the Nafitiial Or~zafion.-
of Women. Perhaps she mislead
NOW, or perhaps, NOW was
willing to sell out Lesbians (and
Gay men) in order just to get a
womanelected. NOW’s dumped
Lesbians before. NOW was as
bad about returning phone calls
over many weeks as was
Shedrick, so we can’t tell you.
Unfortunately, Mildren seems
to have reneged on his
commitment. A few weeks ago,
his brother, Richard, told the
Tulsa World that Jack couldn’t
remember our conversauon.
Repeamd calls to his campaign
to get a status repor~ on his
memory have been ignored.
We.~.y.e ..:he.en ~¢ told. that
candidates in OklahOmh iniiSt
~pp~ to;l~%~-QWin order to.
~tdi~z{ed~We vebeentoldeven
by our own folks that we should
just "put up and shut up" so that
we can get these folks elected.
Now maybe I’m a little slow but
it-doesn’t seem tome that if a
politician won’t say the right
thing when "it" wants your vote,
it’s less likely to do so after
Down in Texas, hardly a
Nogressive oasis (Dallas politics
can make Tulsa look like some
liberal New E~gland townI
Lesbians andGay menhave bee~
a key part of tJr~e coalition that
got Ann Richards etected. D~llas
has 3 .Gay city council persons
see Politics’, p. ~
Tulsa Family News, September - October 1994, page 2
Tulsa Oklahomans forHuman Rights, (TOHR) POB 52729 74152
TOHR Gay He!pLine (hff0.) 743-4297
*Chapma!3. St0dent Center, University of Tulsa
~’ Tulsh City/County Libraries (sometimes-depends on the censor)
*Tulsa City Hall, Cafeteria Vestibule, Ground Floor
*University Center at Tulsa
Associates in Medical & Mental Health, 1560 E. 2! 743-1000
Jeffery A. Beal, MD, Ginny Butler, RN, Theodore Campbell, MSW
Sandra J. Hill, MS, Psychotherapy, 2865 E. Skelly 745-1111
Tim Daniel, Attorney 352-9504, 800-742-9468
Learme M. Gross, Finandal Planning 744-0102
Kelly Kirby, CPA, POB 14011, 74159 747-5466
Jonathan & Dee Nicholas, Realtors 749-3000, 800-539-7767
John Kirk, Realtor 7~’7-5800, 745-2245
Richard Reeder, MS, Psychotherapy 5g L-0902, 743-4117
Fle~!gious Organizations
*Bless The Lord AtA~t Times Christian Ctr 2627B E. ,~. I 62g-0594
*Community of Hope 1347 N. Yale 838-7232
*Family of Faith MCC, 5451-E So. Mir~go 622-1441
*MCC of Greater TuI,a. 1623 N. Maplewood 838-1715
Dignity/integrity 298-4648
*Canterbury Ministry Center, . :z~versity ol ~fulsa 583-9780
tohr reporter Tulsa Oklahomans forHuman Rights. PO Box 52729 Tulsa OK 74152
September/October 1994 Volume !4 Number 10
The Crews expc~.~md elsewhent in Tu/se Family News are not necessarily the .views of TOHR.
Permission is. granted to reprint information contained within the TOHR Reporter page along
~~items, under lhe byline, "submitted by TOHR", contained elsewhere inTulse Family News.
Several candidates vying for
your votes in state and federal
elections this November have
been invited to the October meeting
of TOHR to hear members’
~ concerns regarding human rights.’
~ Candidates for U. S. Senate
O- and House o£Representatives,
~ ~: i i:: =s~a~te govern.or; a~dother~ublic!’
~- i~f~Ces!willibe inVi~d~ ati~nd or~
send representatives or even just
to send a policy statement to the
membership of Tulsa Oklahomans
for Human Rights.
The nominating committee
will present a slate to fill 1995
officer positions. Nominations
will also be taken from the floor
~l~°lduring this meeting and.then
closed. Elections will be held at
the November meeting:
Social time begins at 6:30 and
the meeting starts at 7 p:m: on
Tuesday, October 4, at the HIV/
Resource Center, 4154 S. Harvard,
Suite H-1, lower level.
New Hours,
New Staff
at Testing eli=tic
TOHR’.slHIV Testing Clinic is now open
with extended hours. Coutiseling and.test,.
case management for people with HIV/
AIDS. Derrick also works at Morton Health
Clinic, helping people get needed health
care and focuses outreach efforts to the
African-American community.
The new employees, and volunteers, are
committed to offering testing that is both- ¯
free and anonymous. The clinic is housed ’-
in the HIV Resource Center, 4154 S. Harvard,
Suite H-I. The center offersclients_.
"ink!~s::~fi~bi~!.l~ippointment-Monday., seiviee~ iinduding counseling, case. mare
fl~gh ~~day~om 9 a.m. until 5p.m: agement, Care teams;"support groups, and -
Same.day appointments am0ften po~.sible, .. a.food pantry. "
butbe sure tocal1749-4194 to make surea AuguSt. was a briny month at the clinic!
counselor will be available. -The-walk-in :. 93p~op!e’were tested and 79. came to get.
clinic is still openon Thursday.evenings at ~th~ir ~e~tilts. Clinic-staff and ~i01unteers-.
7 p.m. Please arrive by8:30 tobe tested, to
allow time. for the counseling and testing
process.’ Results are given between 7 and
9p.m: No appointments a~e needed ~9~r the
:evening clinic. : .
TOHR’s HIV Testing Clinic welcomes
new. employees ClaudettePeterson and
De~pkDav~s,:~21a~dette Was hir~
have.been:workingvery ha~’.tokeep up
With the d~mand. Claudette’ahd Derrick:
givespecifiithanl~s t0~Brian, Connie, Cheryl,
Dave~ Definna, Mary, Mercedes, Steve and
Tim for ali their efforts:
Fifleeri ~eople hhge recently offered to.
become~iinie volunteers, and.w~i be tak.....
ing the training offered by’ the Oklahoma
I_ynn La~ner.:/
director and has been working in the HIV/ . StateDepartment ofHealtli that will.result Comic...Songwriter.’ii:::~inger,.
AIDS arena since 1988. She and.herhus-, in theircertification Os ,testingc0unselors: , ...... ::~:-::~ ~,~;~,
band Tim moved to Tulsa ~from.-Mont~ ’. Mri~fraining is scheduled to Start in-_: &
" ; -- ~ .....
g0mery~Alabama three years ago: .... November, so anyone interestedin volun- Sandra Gilti
Assistant direet0r, Derrick, has, expe.ri- tearing for the clinieshould call Claudette
eneeinHIV eounse!ing and testing, and-in orDen’ickat 749-4194.
Membership Application
~ Yes I want to be a contributing member of
Tulsa Oklahomans .for Human Rights.
Please accept p~yment as described below:
I-I $10 Lirnited hacome/Stadent Membership
Iq $20 Regular Membevzhip
I:] $35 Organizational/Household Membership
I=1 $100 Sustaining Membership
would like to volunteer help with:
Iq Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual HelpLine
I-I H1V Counselor
I-I Executive Board Member
I-I Event Planning and Party Preparations
I:! Monthly Meeting Support
Members’ Representatives
Kelly Kirby .................................... President
Rie Kirby ........................... 1st Vi~e President
Kathleen Golden ............ :.. 2nd Vice President
Robert Crow .................................... Secretary
.......................................................... Treasurer
Owen ........................... HelpLine Coordinator
Phone (optional) I:! Iam~rer~nx~ivingTOHR mailings Make check payable to Tulsa Oklahomans for Ruben Garcia ........... :; Reporter Editor
and the TuisaFarnil)~News Human Rights. Donations contributedto TOHRover ..................................... Activities Coordinator
Signature I-I lamnotonthemailinglist set raernbersbip "fees are Tax Deductible. . ................................. FundraisingCoordinator
By and for but not exclusive to the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Communities.
Daytime Testing
by Appointment
Tulsa Oklahomans for Human Risihts
Finger Stick Method
Every Thursday Evening
7:00-8:3’0 p.m.
41 54 S. Harvard
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Tulsa Family News, September-October 1994, page 3
News Briefs News Briefs News Briefs News, Briefs News Briefs News Briefs News
Opposition to UN Cone
CAIRO, Egypt- Islamic
fundamentalists have allied
themselves with the Roman
Catholic Church in trying to
prevent the UN International
Conference on Population &
Development from adopting
policies that they say would
encourage homosexuality,
abortion and promiscuity. A
spokesman for the allied
religious groups, known as the
Ad Hoc Coalition for Cairo,
asked U.S. officials not to push
for proposals-that would "attack
religious beliefs onbirth control,
abortion and same-sex unions."
The So. Baptist Convention’s
Christian Life Commission also
joined in attacking the Clinton
administration. A1-Azhar, an
influential center for Islamic
studies, also denounced the UN
conference which it said
promotes the acceptance of
homosexuality, extramarital
relations, and abortion. Other
Islamic leaders have condenmed
the conference as "aZionistplot."
Death Penalty in TX
KERRVILLE, Texas - Donald
L. Aldrich, 29, has been found
guilty of the brutal murder of
Nicholus West, a23 -year-oldgay
man, in Tyler, Texas, last
November¯ "The death sentence
handed down by the jury
represents justice in this case,"
Smith County District Attorney
Jack Skeen told the Dallas
Morning News . It was a
coldblooded, heinous crime. The
defendant deserved nothing less
than the death sentence~.’’
According topolice, West had
been kidnapped in Tyler, taken
to a clay pit outside the town
where he was stripped, brutally
beaten, and shot at least 9 times
- including one shotinhis genitals
- before being finallykilled by a
shot in his head. Henry E. Dunn,
19, and DavidR. McMillan, 18,
have also been charged with
murdering Westand areawaitmg
separate trials.
Outrage Over UT Killing
SALT LAKE C1TY - Utah gays
and lesbians are outraged over
Di,s.t&c~,C,o,O1;t,.Judge David S.
Y0.’upg s-~nt’encing Of David
Nelson~Tl~gket to a mere 6 years
in ~,ri~9~ for,.~e killing of a gay
man, Douglas Koehler.
Protesters outside the state
capitol building the day after the
ruling demanded Young’s
removal from the court. "With
clowns on the bench, you get
murderers in the streets," Val
Mansfield, a gay rights a.ctivist
said. "Judge Young ts an
embarrassment to the state of
Uuda ...". Hate-motivated crimes
deserve stiffer sentences not
more lenient ones." Members of
Koehler’s family agreed. "It’ s a
mockery," Koehler’s sister
Susan Nelson told the Salt Lake
Tribune¯ "It’ s like his life wash’ t
worth anything. When you
murder someone, you should
argued in court that the shooting
was accidental.
Search for AIDS Czar
WASHINGTON - Faced with
difficulties in finding a new
AIDS policy coordinator, the
Clinton administration brought
gay tights and AIDS activists to
the White House to meet with
domestic policy adviser Carol
Rasco and acting AIDS policy
director Patricia Fleming¯
Activists said that as a result of
the meeting, the White House
has started its search for a
replacement for thepost all over
again. According to Daniel
Zingale, public policy director
with the Human Rights
Campaign Fund who attended
the White House meeting, the
Clinton administration agreed to
set up a new working group on
AIDS that will include the Justice
Dept. in fighting bias.
"Discrimination has hampered
the battle against AIDS from the
very beginning, and continues
to hamper education, prevention
and research efforts todoy;"
Zingale said. "!fwe hope to end
the epidemic,’we must also end
discrimination ag_ains~ those;
most vulnerable to the disease.
Discrimination in health care,
education, employment-and
"...~o$.h€! area~---i.s -~ a..-s¢~ou,s,
)"i~.l~.,!diment t~ s~bppiffg ,~IDS."
.~i (~ a ti~’ff~li ng ..... ~v~i~e
representauves of the National
Black Gay & Lesbian
the political .content of the
program ends.
British Soldiers May Go
to European Court
LONDON - Since 1990 the
British Defense Ministry has
discharged some 260 military
men and women for being
homosexual according to
informationreleaseby LaborMP
Barbara Roche, who got the
information from the Defense
Ministry, told The Guardian
newspaper, "They are treated
appallingly, with investigators
asking intimate questions and
searching their personal
belongings¯" Some of the
discharged military personnel
have said they may take their
discrimination complaints to the
European Court of Human
Anti-Gay Bias Suit
ATLANTA - Ronald Kirkland
has filed alawsuit against C~a~rtel
Restaurants Inc., charging that
he was fired as a chef at the
restaurant chain because he is
gay and the firm’s management
believed-he was infected with
HIV or had AIDS and would
cost .the chain money .through
increased insurance prelmums.
Kirkland was fired the day before
]_,.he ~a,s slatedto be enrolled iw
-?.~’plan. Ex~employees ,with-the<.,
chain submitted sworn
statements as part of Kirkland’s
Leadership ]:orum, National sm" t s~¯.a.,.~3:].ni.g,.. ..t..h..at ,re,stauran, t
Lanno Lesman a.no,~~. a&,".a~. : ,4~,=m~:~a,.~n,,ag;,e~.r=s..:~m,~:sc..u-:s:,s-.e.-o.. me_ma_n . s
g ¯ ,. " ....... ~ conce s a t. KIV smms Lesb~ Task Force~~~~=.~~.
Amenc~ Assn¯ OI rnys~:.~~>~-ne,~0¢~-0..~~, -l~~S_~_C,~e_
Gay Bar Ratd
M~BOU~E,Am~Mia-~e -~_~A~traua~t° uount
Melbo~e poa~ dep~ent’ s ~~~Uouples
head of civilian complaints has SYDNEY%~iThe’~ustrahan
said he may investigate an Aug.
7 raid on the Commerce Club, a
popular gay nightclub, during
which 463 patrons were publicly
strip-searched for possible drug
possession. Only 8 people were
charged during the drug raid, on
various charges ranging from
possession Of illegal drugs to
being drunkin public. The police
.=,brzg~_n its ,,~v~,
- ~hves~_gafion-into ~9~ inc~delji~Q
already filer ~omplaia~ .o.j9’~
connection with tile3-1ib~ i~ai~t.
Falwell Gets Offensive
JACKSONV~I-L.LE, Fla......
Telev~slon stal~a XU3I’L,~:Tg
Jacksonville ll’a~ tl~e~It&ie~I ~o
pull Jerry Fal,,well &A)34T "me,
Gospel Hour off~di~r~for
month for focusing~mo~¢~or~
politics thanonreligl;hNi Wdgf
picketed the TV st~.
Falwell spent a good Oe~ of
ume on the show
broadcast in what.protesters
called criticism of°~f~gi~eht
Clinton ~at i~...p~%ed,)~g~y
explicit language b3~ the
televangelist. A spokesperson
government has given the
{hum~proposdl,.from the
Australiaii"SWakistics Bureau to
enumerate sam&sex coup~~s~
families during it~
of the nation. The plan got the
approval of the Australian
cabinet after lobbying efforts by
both gay rights groups and the
s.upport of the Anglican Synod.
:., ~Attendar~t Sues Airline: .:-
~ DALLAS~7:Ame.fiean;Mrl:mes
7,fl~ight ~t,~qfi,.~t, Jay..Ma,uk_has
" sued hls employer and theDall~s
football team’ s chartered flights
to and from games exclude male
attend~m,ts.. M~auk’.s ,lawsuit,
Cowboys. ~s~eriraination and~is aski~fot
and, that: what .he ~.h.~ges is~
Ame~ncan A~rl~nes ,~ policy be"
Cowlloy~ wpt!ld comment~
~fiean-q~ickty d~eified"thatTii’
°has sue~ a~ poti~y.
"~t!o3,,work,on the Dallas,Cowboys’-
charter b~cause
The suit also claims that when an
spend y~.u(, life paying for that I fox~the,stationsaidWTLVmould. American Airlines employee~
murder7 ~" ~liacker.s attorney --air re-runs of the.p~o’grAm tmt~l 2 ~ w~ ]~an~tlgs the charter flights~. -
Tul~[~’aTm~[y News, September - O~t~’bdr~1994,--page"4 ~....................................... 7_ ~.7.L
was asked about gay flight
attendants working on the
charters, he was told the
Cowboys’ "wouldn’t like that at
Gov’t to Intervene in
~ Anti-Sodomy Laws
CANBERRA, Australia - The
Australian government has
agreed to accept a proposal to
legalize sodomy in the nation in
an effort to override state antisodomy
laws in Tasmania that
were declared a violation of
international human rights by a
U.N. commission earlier this
year. The move by the federal
government to negate the
Tasmanian sodomy statutes is
likely to be challenged in court.
If federal legislation is adopted,
it will not, however, remove
Tasmania’s anti-sodomy laws
directly since that island-state
has refused to repeal its statutes.
City Outlaws Kisses
ANKARA, Turkey - The
Reuters news service has
reported that the southern
Turkish city of Adana has
outlawed, public-kissing by men
as-unsanitary, The city has not,
however, banned men kissing
women or women kissing other
women, and Eker offered no
explanation of how these other
kis~s:-would be h~genic while
onl~= .iiiale,mate ’kisses were
considered unsanitary.
Episcopal Bishops
Give Mixed Signals
INDIANAPOLIS - The bishops
of the nation’ s Episcopal Church
tried - with~ mixed-results - to
dealwith homosexuali~ during
its national convention. A
document issued by the bishops
says that "lifelong,
monogamous, heterosexual
unions between husbands and
wives" is the standard of the
church’s teachings. But the
document/which has been in the
works since 1991, also urges the
church to "respond pastorally to
those persons whose sexual
behavior does not conform" to
its standards. Confusing the issue
further, the bishops voted to
change the proposal from a
’~pa~torkl:t~hdhih~?~ to simply~a
. study documen Under
pressure-fro~m"a group"
~ ~6~seNativelbishops, h0wewr(
~ the conference wenteven further
"aifd ffd6lStEd ~ companion
document that says
homosexuality "cannot be
~¢On~oned by the church" and
~E~’. s~-~X relationships "a
denial of God’ s plan."
.3:~t~late Retracts "Joke"
¯;, BUENOS AIRES - Cardinal
: Ant onto Quarracino,
7 ~gentina’s leading Catholic
74Jrelate, said his suggestion
’.2{Furing a television interview that
homosexuals were "an ignoble
¯stain [on] the face of society"
and shoutdbe put in their own
giae~{o,-~ayshis remarks were "a
joke, something thatjust crossed
my mind¯" Quarracino told
reporters later th~it he was sorry..
if he "offended anyone, ff I hurt
someone’s sensitivities." During
an TV interview earlier,
Quarracinosaidgays andlesbians
should be have "alarge area.., to
live in, with theirownlaws, their
own media and even their own
constitution."Gaytights activists
in the country have threatened to
suetheCardinal overhis remarks.
Quarracino said he thought
people "had a better sense of
Oregon Ballot Measure
to Go Before Voters
SALEM, Ore. - The Oregon
state Court of Appeals has
unanimously overturned a lower
ruling against a proposed
statewide anti-gay ballot
measure, clearing theway for the
initiative to go on the November
ballot. Earlier this year a lower
court had ruled the proposed
measure- violated state
constitutional restrictions against
restricting voterinitiatives to only
1 issuein eachproposedmeasure.
Proposition 13, a revised version
ofa statewidemeasure than failed
to get voter approval in 1992,
would repeal exisdng gay rights
measures throughout Oregon,
would bar any such legislation or
ordinances in the furore, and
would restrict access to
educational and library
to adults only. Opponents of the
anti-gay initiative say they will
not appeal the ruling to the state
Supreme Court.
Cobb Cty. GA Rally
MARIETTA, Ga. - Commemorating
the first anniversary _
of the Cobb County (Ga.)
Commission’s adoption of a
resolution condemning "the gay
lifestyle," hundreds of gays,
lesbians and supporters rallied in
the town square to mark the date
with a protest¯ Estimates of the
number of people attending
ranged from 1,000 to 5,000
people. Some 200 police officers
were on duty during the protest
and rally. Law enforcement
officials called it the most
peaceful protest in more than a
Seattle Dom..Partners
SEATTLE- On Tuesday, Sept¯
6¢ Seattle formally .began
allowing unmarried same-sex
and opposite-sex COul~les to
register as domestic partners.
Some 70 couples showed up
when the city clerk’s office
opened Tuesday morning to pay
$25 each to register the
relationship¯ The partners
registration extends no legal
benefits to couples.
IdahoAnti-Gay Measure
BOISE, Idaho- Several hundred
people joined Idaho Gov. Cecil
Andrus in officially launching a
campaign against Prop. 1, an andgay
initiative that will go before
the voters this November¯ "We
reject hatred whenever and
wherever it appears, and it
appears," Gov. Andrus said at
the rally at the state capitol.
Saturday, 1994.
Check-in, .9 am. ~Walk begins at.lO am. ~..~.
Veteran’s Park
18th-& Boulder Avenue
Benefiting non-profit (501(c)3) HIVIAIDS care-giving agencies:Indian Health Care Resource Center Clinic, Parents and Friends
ofLesbians and Gays (PFLAG)~ Tulsa Oklahomans for Human Rights (TOHR), Visiting Nurse Association ofTulsa, Regional AIDS
Interfaith Network (RAIN), Multicultural AIDS Coalition, Interfaith AIDS Ministriesl NAMES Project Tulsa Area, Hospice of
Green Country, HIV Resource Consortium, Saint Joseph Residence, and SHANTI-Tulsa.
~DS~walk Tulsa Benefits
Bad Bbyz - S.eptember 18; 10 pm
Lola’s -.September 24, 10:30 pm
Renegades ~ October 1, 11 pm
Silver Star - October 7, 11 pm
Metropole-October 12, 10 pm
Alley- October 16, 9 pmAfter Walk Party
For more information, call Walk 94 at 9-18 587 7222.
Tulsa Family News, September - October 1994, page 5
A viatical company
now open right
here in Tulsa.
y:u are considering selling your~life insurance
are in busineSs~t0 helpy0u: receiVe the
highest amount in the best, quickest, most ~Confidential
manner possible.
A Quality ofLife Alternative
2919 Welborn
Dallas, Texas 7521,9
E. 41 st St.
Suite F-5
Tulsa Office
4146 So. Harvard, Suite F,5
Tulsa, OK 74135-2610
Tulsa Farm~l~d~#, September -Octobek I994, page 6
Health Briefs Health Briefs Health Briefs Health Briefs Health Briefs Health Briefs
A Profile of HIV
in OK’s Gay
by Alan G. Nyitray~ MS
"It’s important that we look at
the Oklahoma Gay community
as a collection of many smaller
communities like African
American Gay men, Hispamc!
Latino Gay men, Lesbian and
G~y youth, rural Gay peop!e,
etc. Each of these smaller
communities have their own
issue that must be specifically
addressed; There is no one
monolithic Gay community,"
concludes Nyitmy in a summary
of findings done by the
Oklahoma State Dept. of Health.
These materials were compiled
for the use of the HIV
Community Planning Group
(CPG). The CPG is a new,
federally mandated body that is
hoped .will provide more
community input into state HIV
prevention efforts.
These f’mdings indicate that in
Oklahoma, African-American
Gay and Bisexual men have’an
estimated rate of AIDS that is
twice as high as thatofCaucasian
Gay and Bisexual men~, The
following rates a~e fofGay and
Bisexual males with AIDS:
African-Americans, 39 per 1000
population, Hispanics/Latinos,
29-:per 1000 pop., Caucasians,
221i per 1000 pop., Native
American~, 18 per 1000 pop.,
and Asians/Pacific Islanders, 3
per 1000 pop. This AIDS rate is
estimated assuming 6% of each
race/ethnieity is Gay or Bisexual.
Nyitray, whois Gay &Lesbian
Outreach .Co-ordinator of the
HIV/STD Service for the State
Dept. of Health, concludes that
the higher rates of AIDS in Gay
and Bisexual men of color show
that HIV prevention efforts must
be improved in communities of
color. "Just as Gay people riced
their own specific.~iHIV..
prevention message apart..from
heterosexuals, smaller .Gay
communities with in the Iarger
Gay community need.their ow.n
messages and projects. OneHIV
preventionmessageforthe whole
Oklahoma Gay community does
not even come close to meeting
our needs."
Otherissues identified in these
f’mdings are:
public health researchers have
never determined the true rate of
:.HIV infectionforanyOklahomabasedGay,
Lesbian or Bisexual
€~mmunity~nor hav~ there bee~
any random-based study to
measure the HIV-related
knowledge, attitudes, behaviors
or;beliefs ofGay men~Bisex_uals
or Lesbians inOklahoma, though
these sorts of studies have been
-successful elsewhere;~ .., ~ .~ ~
Other observations ar~...........
there are at least 114,000 Gay,
Oklahomans between the ages
of 18 to 65basedon6% ofgeneral
population, with an assumption
of a higher percentage in urban
areas and a lower one in rural
ones; if 8% of Tulsa and
Oklahoma City metro area
population are Gay or Bisexual
males, then about 20% are likely
infected with HIV.
Men of color with AIDS are
more often Gay and Bisexual
rather thanheteros.exualinjeetion
’drUg users as ts commonly
believed. Gay men of color are
lesslikely to have had an HIV
antibody testthanCaucasianGay
¯ men.
Gay/Bi men under age 25 are
significantly more likely to say
that they did not use a condom in
anal sex with a casual partner
than men older than 25. In larger
urban areas outside Oklahoma,
Gay/Bi young men have HIV
infection rates estimated at 10~
While Oklahoma’s Gay and
Bisexual male populations have
rarely been ~tudied,. Lesbians
iiife¢fion occurs in this .group
and no prevention projects have
directly addressed Lesbians..,
Nyitray at405-2714636 or write
.,HIV/STD Service, OK Sta.te
~ fOO6NE 16di’s~ oKC, ~731 i~/-
The LIFEGUARD project is
coming to Tulsa. This project
was originally developed in Los
Angeles, California, and had
been adapted to fit the needs of
LIFEGUARD is a series of
four meetings, dealing .with
differentaspect~ of HIV disease~
The meetings are free and are
de~ignddes~allyfor Gay and.
~i~fial?. high-’of all: age~ :find
color. The meetings will be held
in voluntc~s~l~_m.cs through~0u.t
Tulsa on wednesday evedings
and will provide an excellent
environmentfor meeting. Places
and times are availableby calling
Brian Jackson at 584-4983,
The four meetings are:
October 5, HEAT: HIV.
Education And Treatmefit, a
medical overview focusing on
living healthily with HIV for
those who are seropositive and
negative, ~fe issues such_as.
~rdl~tidn~liiiis a~discuss~by
October 12, SAND: Sex And
Nineties Dating, a fun._.and=
:e~pel-i~nfiid~m~efiiag desigixbl.
examine our personal .goals and
objectives in dating. Exploring -
-! s0me:;.0fith~issues of da~t~ing
the age of AIDS.
October 19, SEA: Self Esteem
Les.b~an and Bisexual
designed to acknowledge and
celebrate yourself. We will~
explore Gay identity and develop
strategies to confront anti-Gay
hostilities, both internal and
October 26, SWIM: Sex With
Intimacy for Men, this meeting,
held in an auditorium rather than
a home, brings together 30 to 50
men to discuss and celebrate the
many safer and sexy options
available to Gay men today and’
help develop skills in increasing
you own~sexual satisfaction.
~. For more information, call
Being Aware
Support Group
Support Services announces
the return of the Being Aware
rap group for the fall &-winter
seasons. The group will meet.
every week at 7 pm at 2440 East
51st, Suite BS. The next meeting
will,be Monday, September19.
_ Being Aware is degigned to
meet the needs,of pedple living
withHIV/AIDS and thosepcople
dealing-, with.the AIDS crisis.
This.is,~ a drop,in groupi:open to
allpcople regardless of race, age
of sexual expression.
:Being’Aware is facilitated by
~William Brnder, certified HIV/
AIDS test.counselor/educator/
activist, and JeffMartin, Masters
Level Counselor/Activist. For
and Attitudos,.-.this meeti,n.~g is moreinformation, cal1742-3520. ~’~ ~
Jeffery A. Beal,-MD
Ted Campbell,.LCSW
Ginny Buffer; RN MS
Specialized in HIV Care
Clinical Trials* now Open
for Treatment of
HIV Disease and Related Infections
_Nevirapipe...HIV Treatment
Oral Vs. IV Ganciclovir...CMV Retinitis Treatment
Zithromax-Biaxin-Ethambutol...MAC Treatment
Providing Comprehesive Primary Care
Medicine and Psychotherapeutic ~ervices
We have many insurance provider affiliations
- ifyou be~long to an insurance program
that does not list us as providers,
call us and we will apply.
1560 East 21st Street, Suite 210
Monday. Friday, 9:30-4:30 pm, 743-1000
*must meet inclusion & exclusion criteria.
For mo~e information, call 918-743-1000, ext. ’HIV’
between 10am - 4pm. To receive more information
about new clinical trials as they are available,
send your name & address to:
Jeffrey Beal, M.D.
1560 E. 21st St, Ste. 210
Tulsa, OK 74114
Tulsa Family N.ews~ September - October 1994, page 7
’.:HIV Education
\~// _
(of 14). I’m not convinced that
the culture mad prejudice is that
different here. The difference is
that in Texas, Lesbians & Gay
men have been involved in
politics and have demanded
better treatment. Here we’re too
busy being grateful for getting
only one kick in the pants instead
of two.
As long as we don’t demand
more of our politicians, we’re
not going to get more. In many
cases, we still may not get what
we wantbut at least wecanmake
an informed decision. Most
social change in this country,
this state, and this city did not
come from well connected
minority folks working their
inside connections. It was the
ones with inside connections, the
AdamClaytonPowells whowere
telling Dr. King, "son, you’re
going too fast..."
Social change has come from
those who were pushy, who said,
"sorry we’re not going to accep,t,
what you’re trying to do to us.
Ada Louise Sipuel Fisher,
Thurgood Marshall and the
NAACP pushed OU towards
desegregation. Joe Williams and
others with the NAACP forced
Tulsa out of its racist city
commission form of
government. They may have
been polite but~y weren’tjust
ahoma politicians are
going to try to avoid talking with
us, about us mad our issues as
long as we allow them to get
away with doing so. Tulsa Family
News will do all we can to shame,
cajole or persuade Oklalaoma
politicians into upholding basic
American values of fairness,
honesty and respect for all
Accordingly, Tulsa Family
News ~s withdrawing its
endorsement of Jack Mildren.
We cannot recommend either
Mildren or Shedfick. We find
them to be both cowardly and
less than honest. Repeatedly,
we’ve been told that Shedrick
"does not have a bigoted bone in
herbody."Webeen told Mildren
believes in fairness. Well, this
Gay man says start proving to
our comnmnity that you stand
for something other than only
getting yourselfelected or taking
our money.
The winner ofthe Detnocratic
runoff election (September 20)
will face Frank Keating,
Republican nominee on
November 8..
Meanwhile, media observers
may wonder where the
"mainstream" media has been in
covering minority issues,
including Lesbian~:and Gay
issues, in this campaign. The
Tulsa Woddhardl~,.~ms to
make any connection between
local issues concerning Lesbian
and Gay Tulsans and the
We do honor Chuck Ervin
(State Capitol) and Jim Myers
(DC burean) for asking a hard
question or two but wonder when
the rest of them will get it?
Then there’s television. The
same stations that cover local
Lesbian and Gay issues fairly
well are as bad as theTulsaWorld
on state and federal issues. Could
it be that the tv stations did not
ask aboutLesbian andGayissues
in the tv debates because of well
documented anti-Gay bias of
some news people? Maybe they
believe that if they don’t talk
about us, we’lljust go away. I’m
not. Youknow you can call these
folks up and tell them you’ re not
happy with their coverage. We
do. We hope you will too.
Conf, cont’dfrom p.l
and Gays from other faith
traditions. Nancy Day, executive
director of the Tulsa chapter of
the National Conference
indicated that the office had not
tried to involve local Lesbian/
Gay congregations or
organizations. Other organizers
apologized for the lack of
inclusion and promised to
investigate making last minute
changes to the programming.
Also atpress time, organizers
could not ’verify whether
workshop presenters would
address tbe anti-Gay aspects of
the Holocaust. For more
information, call 5846116.
L IIII I II__L I I li~ I I Illl
OKs Only IGTA Affifiate(ln~1 Gay Travel Assoc.)
"No" Service Charge 91~.~41-6866
New York Film Festival, NYC 9/23-10/9 " ." ’"
Lone Star Women,s Music Festival, Texas
Sonora Bay Women’s Week, Mexico 10/1‘8~ ’"~ ~
Gay & Lesbian Scuba Jamboree, Cozumel 10/1-8
~bian Cruise, G~n¢lslands 10/2-8
Lost in Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada 10/7-9
W~,s ¢ek, ProvincetownlO/12-17
K¢y Wea Fantasy Fest 10/31
New Orleans Halloween 10/31
Puerto Vallarta RSVP Vacation 11/5-12
Food & Wine Weekend, Provincetown H/11-14,
man more Family orient vacat,on$.
Friends seeking Friends
College grad, 23, 6’ 1751bs. new to Tulsa, seeks friends with humor
and self-esteem. Clean-cut, straight-acting, Christian wishes to
meet Christian or moral, straight-acting, non-smokers, no. 44600,
To respond to this ad, call 900-230-0027 $1.59/min. aver. 3 rain.
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their interests. That’s where we come in.
Y6U n~ay place an ad of 30 words or less for a
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~tha, OK 74105-980~
Because everyone has a right to be blessed by God!
~-0~J~l, message phone. Eddie Coo.k, past~r
Blinds 70% off"
Tulsa Family News, September = Oc~!~¢r J~894, page 9
cont’dfrom p. 1
Congressman appealed to the
groups to approve the resolution
endorsing equal marriage rights
for gays and lesbians, which
passed by a 50-38 vote with 11
abstentions. The proposal
caused serious dissensions in the
65-year:old, 24,000-member
JACL. Allen Kato, JACL’s legal
counsel, resigned m protest over
the proposal which he .called
"morally wrong." Bill
Hosokawa, a former _Denver
Post_ editorial page editor wrote
a column in JACL’s weekly
publication saying that "JACL
established ~i proud record that
includes adv~acy for all. But
now it has gone .beyond that,
choosing;, arole,on..the cutting
edge of t~e~litanthUmanrights
moveme~(," ~, ~Former JACL
chap te rlf ~i~ie~.s,i.d~n t s Tak
Yamam6(6 i~.fid.~fi~ Yaniamoto
rand formei; JACL staffer Lia
Shigemura,~e,,0ut during the
months:l.0ni~i~d~fiate, over the
resolufioi~ arid: all~ addressed the
conventi~ox~.tf.-app~al for its
leaders,~"Ec~’li’ a~" the Rev. Joan
Ishibashi’ ~iUnited Church
of Chris-ili~ :~olidu and the
Rev. M~?~agawa of
same-sex nim-ri~ag~;~gesblu_fi0n -
as did ~/~’ cau.c.~s,
the National Asian Pacific
American Legal Consortium.
U.S. Rep. Norman Mineta wrote
in a letter to JACL: "Where
would we be today if the
NAACP,or the National Council
~of La Raza, or the Anti-
Defamation League of B’nai
Brith, or the National Gay &
Lesbian Task Force, had taken
the position that redress was a
Japanese American issue - and
had nothing to do with African
Americans, HispanicAmericans,
Jews or gay and lesbian
Americans? These organizations,
and their members;joined
us because they unders~c~i
believed in;our argument-that a
threat: t~ the civil fights 6f
AmeriCanis a threat ito the civil
rights Of all Americans.;’-
Hate .crimes
cont’dfrdOip; 1
Human Rights Campaign Fundsaid~
"This is the;first ~tim~
Congress has acted to ~punisli
violeiac¢ against lesbians andgay
men tlLrough stiffer periiiltie~ f0f
hate crim~s, The inclusion of
disability aiid gender, aloi~g with
sexual brientation; sendS a
message to loc;al law
enforcement agencies’ that the
federal gfvemment is
about g@~bashing:..""The full
hate~esbill passed the Senateon
a 61=38 vote. President
Chnton is-expected to s~gfithe
bill into law.
cont’dfrom p. 1
indicates that gay men and
lesbians, contrary to other
findings and popular myth, earn
considerably less than their
heterosexual co-workers. One
study, presented at the annual
meeting of. the American
Statistical Association in
Toronto, indicated that 10% of
American men and 6.4% of U.S,
women have had sex with a
member of the same’sex at least
once during their lifetimes. The
study also:found that more than
18% Of males and over 17% of
females said they.had ~ither had
sex with or had felt sexually,
attracted.to:someone Of the Sam~’
sex - or both,- duriiigtheir lives.
In additi0fi, the Study~also foimd
tha~4:l% of’m~n arid 2:3% Of"
women in this Cfuntry said they
had’ dulyiiad same:s:ek relatio~~.
during their fives.~ AnOtherStud~;
by ~/~ unive"r~itybf:Mafyland
are l~sing money just for being
gay.’ Earliermarketing reseaich
surveys have suggested that gay
couples earn $56,000 to$63,006
annually, ~ompared with the
national average ofjust $36,500.
According to the study’s
findings, gaymen aremorelikely
to hold professional jobs, but
they areless likely to bepromoted
into managerial ranks, thereby
eontributing to their overall
lower income levels. While
1’7.9% of heterosexual men
surveyed were managers, only
12.8% .of the gay men were.
Navy. cont’dfrom p. 1
rational reason for its anti-gay
policies. The appellate court
ruling upheld the reinstatement
order, but did not deal.with the
issi~of the military ban’s
constitutionality: .There was
speculation that because the
appeals .court only applies to
Meinhold’S reinstatement and
does not challenge the
researcher, found that gay men’", c0nstitutiooality of the ban itself
make 11% :t6 27% less than the government may not appeal
hete-rosexu’al males in thedecisiontotheU.S.Supreme
comparablejob~. Lesbians, the .. Court.’The Jnsdce Dept. would
researchers found2earn ~% to- " onJysay that the decision was
14%lessthatl -heterosexual
femaleS. "Lesbians’
men are experiengi.ng.’discrimiuation
fliat ’ actually hurts
them -ec0nomically," said Lee-
Badg.ett; a:’Univ~rsity. of
Maryl~d e~01iomi’c~’ pro~essor, -
and ao:tli6r of!the’smdy;:’*They
being reviewed.
cont’dfrom p. 1
organization will launch a
nari.on’al~search,, for ~ a new
cont’dfrom p. 1
Zinc and New York’s Eighty-
Eights to colleges and
community centers to MCC’s in
Wichita and Sarasota, the 25th
anniversary of the National
Organization ofWomen and the
International Mr. Leather
contest. Ms. Lavner typically
performs in black leather.
Sandra Gillis is the executive
director of PFLAG’s national.
organization. According to !ocal
co-organizer, Nancy McDonald,
Ms. Gillis will not be performing
in leather, black or otherwise but:
will be giving an update on the
substantial efforts of PFLAG to
fight discrimination basedon
sexual orientation.
Patrons may attend a private
dinner with Lavner & Gillis, a
special reception and the
gerformance with a donation of
100 for two persons. A sponsor
ticket for the reception and
performance is $50-for two,
Tickets for the performanceare
$10 in advance and $15 at the
door. Tickets and information is
available at Tomfoolery! or by
calling 747-4125 or 742-8565.
Change .
cont’dfrom p. !
’Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’" and
"Legislating Against Violence.,"
For further information, contact
Sue Hyde at (61"7) 492-639~/....
MITSUBISHI The New Thinking in Automobile~"
Had credit )roblems in the )ast?
810 S.~incinnati Suite 100
.~.’~u!~a; Okla 74119
Sandra.J. Hill, M.S.
Psychotherapy & Clinical Consultation
Sensitive to the Challenges of Gay, Lesbian,
Bisexual & Transgen~lered Individuals, ¯
r :~: Couples & Families, 1 11
2865 E.-Skelly .Drive, Ste. 215; 745-. 1
"~" "~" "~" "~" "~" "~" "~" "~" "~" "~"
Tulsa Family News, September- October 1994, page 10
Planner Leanne Gross.
Mapping Your
Financial Road
to Retirement
by Leaane M. Gross
Most people look upon
retirement as a happy exchange
of activities: playing golf,
visiting friends and family, siting
by the pool, traveling the world,
or simply lazing the days away
in some pleasant climate.
And yet, a growing record of.
dashed hopes casts a shadow
across the expectation of
untroubled days. Stories abound
of retirees adrift without a chart
of daily obligations to direct
them: They haven’t posed these
questions about retirement that
they’ve routinely answered
"G A Y
Where do I want to be?
How do I want to live?
More serious, as a survey by
financial services giant Merrill
Lynch shows, is the substantial
gap between what people expect
to afford in their retirement and
what their retirementincome will
actually enable them to afford.
They haven’t answered the most
important question. What will
my retirement income be?
To answer that question,
experts in the field agree the
place to start is the income every
employed person will have:
Social Security retirement
Until August 1988, the odds
of your getting a satisfactory
answer were about as good as
beating a sidewalk gambler at
three-card Monte.
Since then, under a Social
Security Administration
program calledPEBES (Personal
Earnings and Benefit Estimate
Statemen0, you can have an
answer in a couple of weeks.
Call 8001937-2000, request form
SSA-7004, complete itandreturn
it. The information you receive
will include your-estimated
monthly retirement, benefits
basedon your projected earnings
and the age at which you expect
to reure.
Be prepared for a shock., your
during their working years:. .. PEBES will most likely show
.What do I want tq do wi~,m~i:: :( fliatS~al Seeurity-~even ffyou
time and my life? ~ :" " " "..~ mad y~employer(s) contribute
L ..... I F E S T Y L E
to it for 40 years and you work don’t buy until you’re satisfied
past 65-- will hardly meet basic this is what you need.
living expenses. First Rule: Start your planning
Uncle Sam has not deceived early. It takes from 20 to 25
you. Social Security is not a years to implement a successful
pension, and was never intended retirement plan. Unless you have
to be a pension, although that is major amounts to contribute to
a. common assumption. Its the fund; however, some
objective, zs to replace part of retirement savings m better-than
the income that individuals and none in any case.
their families lose, when they During those years, you’ll be
. retire, become severely disabled, building assets that will provide
or die. You should consider your retirement income, even under
Social Security and company severeinflationarypressures, and
pension benefits a "retirement ensure your security and that of
paycheck", using this to your survivors, m the event of
determine the incomeyou’ll need health or other emergencies.
to finance the retirement you You’ll set the process in
want. motion by giving the planner a
What is your next move? meticulous account of your
The same action you take to.. present income and expenses,
prepare for a home purchase, or. your total assets and liabilities,
a vacation, or a child’s college, plus incomeyou expect toearn
education. You must plan. ...... after retirement-along with the
The only difference is that this year you intend to retire and the
is long:range.Pl~ng that.will annU~il retirement income you
pay a co~mm~anding role i~a your want to have.
life for. many.y.e~s~. .. : ........ ..~ Afte_r analyzing, this
But.a retirement .p!an, like a informa’d0~’. ~he pl~e!~...w~ll
tailored suit, should fit. you propose ~a:ys¯ you can manage
perfectly. Few ~people other than your current earnings andassets
fiscal, e~per~s have the time or so they Will"yield the r~xiui~ed
saw;y to €onstruEi. such a piah, . incrm~ when you retire, q’his]s,
and you’ll ..probable need essentially,, a long-range
professional help. ¯ " in~;~stmeiat program bUii~,iin
There’ s plenty available. Most mo~t eXtses,.onsi~me form0f ~xlarge
banks, insurance free.annuity or other h~dged
companies, investment houses investment that will make the
and accounting firms offer most of the resources you can
retirement planning. Pick a dedicate to it.
quality instituti.on, ask questions, ’ T.he :p~an, :wpically, will_ also
sketch the impact of different
econon~ic scenarios high/low
stable interest rates, high/low
stable inflation, recession
growth/depression- on vour
rettrement~ncome. The complete
plan will be a road map to your
retirement security.
However you dev~lop your
plan, on your own or with
experienced help, you can count
on it requiring investment of time
and personal resources. But
never doubt that it’s worth every
hour, every dollar you devote to
As I always say: "People don’t
plan to fail, they fail to plan."
Leanne M. Gross is a member
of the Rainbow Business Guild,
a Tulsa non-profit organization.
Boy George Paternity ?
LONDON - To the SUrlY,rise of
virtually no one,iaB.fitish court
has tossed out a ~i~fl claim by a
woman in the. U.S°.iWho had
charged that,.openly gay pop
singer Boy Ge01ge.h~igl ~athered
her 7-year-old~oiX:Th~~ed
woman filedttie"aUit i~t~-t: year,
but the court dis~ssed:the case
when it was told tile ~vbman had
not been heard:i~rO~ ~i:~ then.
Boy George s~d Of:th~ w~oman’ s
claims that he haffnever had sex
with a woman~ M8 !ifeand that
therefore the birthmust have
been "a miracle."
496-2410, 800-336-3524
Homes change with the times..:
munic~ting withith’eir corn:
parties via fax"modems.
.Homes With two offices~will
~o~ ~ unusuat.
Hou~ho[d size is shrinking
and the number of
-householders will increase
nearly 20e~ this d~ade. At
[he same [im~ mallv households
are expanding to
dude grandparents, .~dult
children, or both. That calls
for flexible floor plans, and
more accessory units ~ selfcontained
within homes.
Dining rooms mav be
going the way of sculleries and ~pus
rooms¯ ~me builders are.eliminating
them in favor of more spacious eating
areas open to family rooms.
The National Association of Home
Builders recenflv surveved industry
watchers, futurist~,..and feading-edg~
builders to find out how new technology
and changing demographics will be
changing our homes. Here’s what they
There will be more media rooms and
larger family rooms because ot increasing
sales ofbig-screen TVs. Many Upscale,
homes are being built with
complete home theaters.
For buyers and sellers
If you’re a buver remember that all the
lates( improven~ents don’t mean a thing
unless vou really like what you buy. The
home should fit’your requirements.°
If you’re a seller, keep tn mind that
- Many hgflae~ already have office op- there are buvers who will "decide ~that
tions -- dens or extra bedrooms that can your home i~ exactly what they want.
be used as home offices. But the trend is Putting buyers a~d sellers t~geth~er is
ac6elerating. Bv theyear 2001, 70% of all. our job. Call us to learn how w~.can
homes are expected to have computers guide you to success. Thei-e’s
as more ,peopte-.work at home, com~.......obligation for a meeting. - ...... ¯
.................................................................................................~;-,~4--.-~.~- ......’:~.~.,,,Tulsa Family~ews, September - 6CtOb’~’~’:"179~),~i pcige 11 ).
AiDS Info-Line
Interfaith AIDS Ministries has
added a 918 area code 800
number (800-284-2437) to
provide greater access to HIV/
AIDS information throughout
eastern Oklahoma. As the State
of Oklahoma AIDS information
line is still inoperative, this is the
only 24 hour, 7 day a week
information source.
Interfaith ¯AIDS Ministries
also is seeking volunteers for the
information line. Volunteers
work from their homes as calls
are forwarded from the Interfaith
AIDS Ministries number. This
phone line is the only 24 hour a
day source of HIV/AIDS
information and referrals in the
918 area code. Volunteers are
asked to consider donating a 3-4
hour block of time at least one
evening a week. Night owls
would be especially welcome for
late shifts. Training on HIV
issues will be provided and
typically requires about 4 hours
and is conducted one on one.
Another 2 hours on phone line
protocals and crisis training is
also provided.
For more information or to
volunteer, call Interfaith AIDS
Ministries at 438-2437 or 800-
Family of Faith-,~iOij g ~!~;ii~it’ ~y
Family of Faith MCC,
formerly of Jenks, celebrated a 5
year birthday on Septembe:~;9;
The church, now located at 5,L51-
E South Mingo, had a dat~ee
party on Saturday the 10th to
commemorate the e~,ent. The
celebration confiiiu’ed:wthS~ an
inspimfi6nal praiseland"~Vorsliip
celbrafion.on the 1 lth. Church
members were pleased to h~ve
former Pastors Crocker and Fink
back in Tulsa for the celebration.
Five years ago, Pastors Pam
Crocker and Marian Fink started"
Family of Faith from a renta!:~
location in Broken Arrow. From
the location in Broken Arrow,
the church moved to a more
permanent location in Jenks, and
more recently to its present
especially welcome. of Prayer fo r For more information, write
TBE, POB 3502, Tulsa, OK Persons t-,v,nu 74101 or call 446-7883 or 587-
with HIV/AIDS 1658. location in Tulsa proper.
Family of Faitli has grown~ ,-:~" Saint Afdan’s Episcopal
from an hfitial membership of 3 Church will host Tulsa’s
to 4 to a membership of over 50.
Programming at the church
includes a support .group for
codependency, a ch0ii’; a w~kly
Bible .study, and many other
acdvities. _
Puppy-.Pause II-
&. :~Body,~., Electric
I n t e g r i t YannoTuhneTcuelssaBaodwyoErlkecsthroicpgroaunpd
-°~.C~aP°_Ga,~, &~"_~.~.s:bi~a!~:~~-~.~.etreat;.’!Celebrating the Body
-:,LT~nistry ~t the Ro~an!!Ggtholi¢., :Eleclfic’~ to be held October 22
;(::~Epi~s_~,.pa~C~h~i?.~-" :: :’.i: :& 23. Tl~is will be the only
D/I WilI celebrate an Episcopal ...... ~’Midw~st site for a Body Electric
mass at its Saturday, October 8th workshop in 1994.
~ i~mee~..ng, ~-at2.~Pm:2’ a~.~ Sai~..t ....... !~n". t_.h.e: !~ork~hop, each
.;Z(~:u.ns,~a~. s)~9~l qhurch,~.... ~.~(tic~p.ant -ie~;-/(o give and
SamtDunstan s ~sl0cated on the:÷-; ~r~cfii~( fi (6rnplet~ : Taoist
north side of 71st Street between massage. Because of the healing
Yale & Sheridan. All are natures of Eastern approaches to
welcome, including non- erotic energy, men living with
denominatibnal believers, HIV and in recovery from
-N:aii0nai- :o "-
s.U,tan o aUuse, mooa aoa
.~. y.~
behavior addictions are
All Breeds Dog Grooming
llth & Mingo, 838-7626
Open Tuesday - Saturday at &am.
Call for Appointments
Walk-ins Also Welcome.
mm.m m m m m | i m | | mm | m | m ¯ m.mn mm m mmml mmm
Prime limers
Prime Timers, a social nonprofit
organization for Gay men
over 40, will hold its monthly
meeting on Saturday, September
17 with social and business
segment at 2 pm and with a
presentatmn at 3 pro. John
Denny, past president of the
Tulsa Geneological S ociety will
speak about tracing your
ancestry at the Gathering Room
at 4154 So. Harvard, Ste. H-l,
Basement Level Room.
In October, the organization
will return to its regular s_chedule
with a meeting on October 1st.
Tom Neal, publisher of Tulsa
Family News will speak about
the newspaper and the
observance of a national day of
prayer for persons living with
HIV and. AIDS on. Sunday,
October3at3 pm. The Presiding
Bishop of Episcopal Church
USAhas called all Episcopalians
to this observance though all are
welcome. Saint Aidan’s is located
at 4045 North Cincinnati. The
vicar is the Reverend Gall Keeny
Tulsa city-county Library
9/20 " Tulsa City-County Library Commission, noon, Owasso
Library, 103 W. Broadway.
9/21 An English Country Garden: a Potpourri of English Songs,
noon, Aaronson Auditorium, Central Lib: 4th &
9/28 Liebeslieder Waltzes, noon, Aaronson Auditorium, Central
Lib. 4th & ~Denver.
10/18 Tuls¯ City-County Library Commission, noon, Central
Lib. 4th & Denver.
10/27 Parent Connection, AIDS Awareness for Parents, 7pm,
Owasso Library, 103 W. Broadway.
Bob Hardy
Pager: 628-8745
Brady Heights
2 & 3 Bedroom
.... Apartments
Small Complex
Great Gay Area
Close to UCT
-TJC, Downtown
Water paid
Dart Tournament, Tues. 8pro
- Pool Tournament, Fri. 7:30
2630 East 15th Every Friday at 11, SHOW[
749-1563, 4-2 m, M-Sun. Mr. Tulsa Leather 9/1% lOpm
Parking at Massad~s Miss Ul~r Cherry St. Pageant 10/8
Fine Jewelry
Watch & Jewelry Repair
4649 South Peoria, 743-5272
Comer of 48th & Peoria
9:30 - 5:00 Monday-Friday
Shop Where You AreAppreciated!
Kelly Kirby
Certified Public Accountant
Lesbians & Gays face many special
tax situations, whether single or as couples.
We are proud to serve our communities
" with sensitive &timely information.
747-5466, POB 14011, Tulsa 74159
’Ross Folsom
Color Technician
1310 E. 15th St.
Tulsa Family News, September - October 1994, page 12
Benefitting TOHR & PFLAG~
Tulsa Family News Survey
In order to find out more about the needs of Gay,
Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Tulsans, Tulsa
Family News has constructed the following survey We
would appreciate your cooperation in this effort.
Please complete the survey and return it to P.O. Box
4140, Tulsa, OK74159 or drop your completed survey by
Tomfoolery! at 1565 South Sheridan (in the Silver Star
Saloon) Thursday thru Sunday from 9:30 p.m. until 12:00
am on Thurs. & Sun. and till 2 am on Fri. & Sat. As this
is the first such survey we’ ve done for the Tulsa area, we
would appreciate any comments or suggestions you might
have. Please circle or fill in the appropriate response. The
voluntee~ information at the end may be sent separatdy
in order to protect the privacy of your answers.
Age: Gender:
How do you identify yourself?
Gay. ~sbian Bisexual;,;+
Whi~K!~.~.i~the following Tulsa organizations are you
affiliaied!,~ithi? ~
Prime Timers.
How often do you go to a "cultural!’ event,opera, conEert,
- etc:
Every six months Every three months
More Frequently Less Frequently
How many books have you read in the last three
How often do you read Tulsa Family News?
Every Month Occasionally
Every Other Month First Time Reader
What other Gay papers/publications do you read?
The GaylyiOklahoman The Advocate
Tulsa.N~s Out Genre Denueve
Other R~gional Publication (Specify):
Pleage"rank each of the :following interest segments
" . :: according to importance (5 is~ the highest ranking)
Faith Community (MCC, Dignity, etc.)
Women’ s Alternative
PFLAG Other (specify):
Are you a r~gistered voter?
If so, what is your party affiliation?
Republican Independent
Democrat Other (specify):
High School Some College
Political News 1234,5
Income level:
Social News
Medical/HIV/AIDS News
Religions News
Tulsa Community News
Oklahoma News
National News
Letters to the FAitor
12345 .....
TOHR Reporter
Other (specify) 12 3 4 5
How can Tulsa Family News better meet your needs
for news/issues of interest? "
Less than 15,000 15-20,000 20-30,000
30-50,000 50,000 +
How often do you eat out other than fast food?
Twice a month Every week 2,3 times a week
How often do you go to see a moTie?
Once a month Twice a month More often
What type of organization would best suit your needs/
interests ?
AIDS Care Educational
Social Religions
Political SupportGroup (specify):
What types of organizational activities are important to
Political Activities
Pride Activities
Other (specify):.
Scheduled Meetings
Social Gatherings
News Updates
Do current Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgendered
organizations in Tulsa adequately suit your needs?
If not, what suggestions do you have?
Do you think Tulsa needs a community center?
What would you be willing to do to support such a
Ir’ Y 7 V- ’U77OT 7 FI 7---- Please indicate in which of the following areas you I
would be willing to volunteer. I
Phone Banking Yes No
" I
Mailing + ; Yes No l
l PolitiCal Research ¯ Yes No
" Hosting Parties Yes No |
........... Hosdng Benefits Yes No
I ’; -Hosfng Meetings " Yes + Nd-!~!~,. I
Public Speaking "
Yes. No[
~Media Work Yes No |
¯ ~ I
Writing Letters to the Editor Yes No +
Writing Politicians Yes No I
Serving as a group officer Yes No
Financial Contributions Yes No I
Other (specify) Yes No I
In order to contact you for volunteer work, please give I
us the following information: I
Name:_ -- -- ~ I
City:_ ~
Phone: I
Thoughts of Desire . poetry by Collette
This book is meant as a gifi to la friend, a lover,
or even for yourself. B’s O sexy, sensual way to
say this is how you make me feel. It’s available at
Totnfoolery! or by mail for $9.95 plus $1.50 p&h.
Send check or money order with your address to:
768 West 13th, Suite A, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127
Tuba Family News, September - October 1994, pag~e 14
Care Hours:
Tuesdau - Saturdau
4:00 pm - Midnight
Bar Hours: Cafe: -
Monday.-Saturday Serv~g Dinner 4:00pm to
I1:00 :am - 2:00 am Midn~t, Tuesday through
253-6723 BBQ, ]~asta, Vegetarian, Cajun,
Chicken, Reubens, Steak & i -
Seafo(~d specials:, Eureka’s Best
Burgeks, Finest Salads &
Hous~made Dressings.
Dine: ~,pstairs in our Care,
Dowr~stairsin the Bar or
Outside on our spacious
Patio.I Free Delivery Downtaura.
Chelsea’s Corner Cafe
10 Mountain, at Center Street
Open Year Round!
Movies 8, 250-4513
68th & Memorial, Village Shopping~Center
(!;oen: Wed.- Sun. 7-2 Closed Mon. & Tues.
1565 South Sheridan, 834-4234
Tulsa Family News, September .October 1994. pv:o,e15,
Wednesday Nights.
Jockey Shorts Contest -, $50 Prize, Beer Bust $4, 8-11
" Thursday Nights.
Amateur Night- $25 to Winner Judged by Audience Applause September ~ec~a! " ~
Charle’ Wies Sour- $2.50
No Cover - 1902 East llth - 587-8811 - Must Be 21 To. Enter- Open Daily 4-2 am
Tulsa Family News, September - October 1994, page 16

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