[1994] Tulsa Family News, August 15-September 14, 1994; Volume 1, Issue 9


[1994] Tulsa Family News, August 15-September 14, 1994; Volume 1, Issue 9


Politics, education, and social conversation toward Tulsa's Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual communities.


Tulsa Family News was a monthly newspaper; No. 1 issued between December 1993-January 1994.

The newspaper brings up important, evolving topics of marriage, military, law, charity, Pride, TOHR, HIV/AIDs, events, advice and politics all at the local and national level.

This document is available in searchable PDF attached. It is also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


Tulsa Family News




Tom Neal


August-September 1994


James Christjohn
Kharma Amos
Brannon Crain
Maureen Curtin
JD Jamett


Tom Neal/Tulsa Family News


Tulsa Family News, July 15-August 14, 1994; Volume 1, Issue 8


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United States Oklahoma Tulsa
United States of America (50 states)


WASHINGTON - The Senate Labor & Human ¯
ResourcesCommitteebeganhearingsontheproposed Anti-Gay Bias is OK Employment Non-Discrimination Act that would
prohibit bias in the workplace because of sexual
orientation- thefirst time the upperhouse ofCongress
has considered such a job discrimination measure.
The bill was introduced in June by Sen. Edward
Kennedy (D-Mass.), who is also chairman of the
Senate committee. If enacted, the legislation would
add sexual orientation to the classes protected under
federal law from employment bias, along with race,
sex, religion, age, national origin and disability.
Among those slated to testify during the hearings
will be a fired Cracker Barrel restaurant worker, a
postal employee who was beaten unconscious at his
job by a co-worker, and an executive with Pacific
Bell. The hearings began on Friday, July 29.
Most Child Molesters Are
Heteros, Doctors Say
DENVER -Adults who sexually abuse children
aremore likely to be heterosexual than gay, according
to a study published in the current issue of the
prominent medical journal Pediatrics. The study,
which examined the medical records of 269 children
treated for sexual abuse at Denver’s Children’s
Hospital, was prompted by a 1992 anti-gay ballot
measure in Colorado that excluded gays and lesbians
from civil rights protections in the state. Researchers
with the University of Colorado, led by Dr. Carole
Jenny, wanted to see if there was any basis to the
claim. What they found was that only 2 of the
offenders involved in the 269 abuse cases seen at the
hospital - just 0.7% - were identified as homosexual.
Statisti,eally; the researchsugge:sts tha~ dafldren are
more than 100 times likely to be ~exu~ii~assi~tilf~
by.a relative or the sexual partner of a relative, nearly
always males.
Don’t Forget to Vote, Primary: August
23, General Electio: November 8
US Congressman Dave McCurdy has publically stated his
opposition to civil rights protections for Gay Oklahomans. In a
letter issued in response to repeated requests by Tulsa Family
News, McCurdy refused to support pending legislation, the
Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 1994 but stated that such
"legislation is not necessary." When asked ff he was aware of civil
rights abuses in Oklahoma, he answered, "no." To further
questioning, McCurdy said that he felt that discrimination based
on sexual orientation was not as bad as discrimination based on
religion or race. Also, as far as TFN has been able to determine
McCurdy had never met with any Oklahoma Lesbian & Gay
community organizations or leaders here in the state.
~ou~ o! ~pt~-nlatlue~
Tulaa, Oklahoma
Dear Mr. Neal:
Thank yo~ for your In~eras~ In my poai=~0n o= gay
~ will ~u ~ a co~neor of legislation ~=i~ed =o
photo: Maureen Curtin
Radecic &friend Helen, Reaves, Bray, Neal, Carter
First State-wide Gay
Conference Is Success
by Maureen Curtin
Norman, Oklahoma
Congressmen Inhofe,
Brewster, and Ishtook,"
exclaimed Mandy
Carter; keynote speaker
for the first annual
Oklahoma Pride
Summit. Member of the
Board of Governors of
the Black Gay and
Lesbian Leadership
Forum, Carter quickly
explained her gratitude.
Earlier this year, the
three Congressmen
openly admitted that
they would not hire gays
or lesbians to their
respective staffs. The
admission caused a stir
in Washington D.C. that
did not die, thanks to
members of the Human
Rights Campaign Fund
who circulated a pledge.
Each of the 244
members of the House
of Representatives and
79 Senators who signed
the pledge vowed that
he or she would not
discriminate on the
see Summit, page 9
National News- Military Update
Lesbian Officer to be Reinstated
SEATTLE- Col. Margarethe Cammermeyer, who was kicked
out of the Washington State National Guard in 1992 because she
is a lesbian, will go back to her post as chief nurse as a result of a
federal court ruling. On July 8, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
refused to accept the government’s request that Cammermeyer be
kept out of the military.
2 Gays Discharged by Navy Boards
NORFOLK,V~-ANavy BoardofInquiry hearing the discharge
proceedings against Lt. jr. grade R. Dirk Selland has unanimously
ruled that the 25-year-old gay naval officer should be honorably
discharged because of his sexual orientation. Selland told his
commanding officer he was gay the day after President Clinton,
who had promised in his campaign to end the anti-gay Pentagon
ban, took office. The naval board concluded that Selland had
violated the Defense Department’s "don’t ask, don’t tell" policy
when he informedhis commanding officer ofhis sexual orientation.
Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., another Navy Board of Inquiry
recommended that Lt. Tracy Thorne also be honorably discharged
because he told ABC-TV’s "Nightline" program in 1992 that he is
gay. Navy Secretary John Dalton still must approve the board’s
discharge ruling, which he is expected to do. Thorne’s attorneys
have said they will take Thome’s case to the federal courts if the
Navy lieutenant is in fact discharged. Michelle Benecke, codirector
of the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, said there
are more than 100 cases of gay military personnel pending before
inquiry boards and federal courts that could reach the Supreme
Court in the next few years.
Conn. Court Rules Pentagon Discriminates
HARTFORD, Conn.-Connecticut SuperiorCourtJudge Frances
Allen has ruled that the Defense Department’s newest "don’t ask,
see Military, page 9
OK Primary Round-Up
Who’s Good, Who’s Bad
Political analysis by Tom Neal
GOP Frank Keating for Gov: "1 thought
Gays were all rich and travel a lot"
In an interview at the Sapulpa Public Library,
Keating made the comment above and stated that he
thoughtcurrentcivil fights laws pmvidelegal recourse
to discrimination. He indicated that he felt that
protections might not be needed because of Gays’
alleged higher wealth&education. He did emphasize
his ’;openess" to discussion though he said he would
not issue an executive order banning discrimination
in state employment.
Dome. for Gov. Bernice Shedrick: Not a
Bigoted Bone in Her Body But Dodging
the Issue & In Trouble with NOW
Shedrick’s campaign staff claims she doesn’t have
a bigoted bone but they don’t seem to be able to get
a clear position out of her. She accepted a $1,000
donation from the National Organization ofWomen
which supports civil rights for Lesbians but this
issues seems not to have been considered. Oklahoma
NOW president, Karen Ray had promised to "hold
Shedrick’s feet to the fire."
see Politics, page 2
Noted Evangelist at
Family of Faith MCC
Family of Faith Metropolitan Community Church
welcomes Delores Berry who will conduct a "Praise
and -:Worship,..I .............. ~......_~_.......
on Sunday,
August 21st.
For more
information, reporter~page 3
call 622-1441.
Youth Speak Out: Older
Lesbians & Gays Should
Help Gay Young Adults
byBrannon Crain working to assist
The future of the Gay Lesbian & Gay youth.
Community lies in the One of the most
hands of its youth. It prevalent issues is that
seems obvious that as ofpeer acceptance. "It is
one generation follows difficult how to predict
another, the Lesbian/- hqw you will be
Gay communities mus~ p~rceived." said one
support and train the youth in the community.
next generation. "I was told by several
Lesbian&Gay youth people that I was
face more than their danmed." Lesbian and
share ofproblems, such Gay youth need
as lack of peer reassurance from the
acceptance, Gay- adult community that
bashing, suicide, fear of they are not alone.
coming out, and drug Along the same lines
abuse. However, with is the fear of bashing.
help from older Lesbian No one whether they be
and Gay groups and gay, straight, black, or
individuals, Gay youth white should be held
are surviving. In Tulsa, prisoner by their fear of
Tulsa Oklahomans for being beaten because of
I-Iuman Rights (TOI-IR) their practices,
and Gay and Lesbian convictions, or beliefs.
AssociationofStudents Bashing creates a
(GLAS) at Tulsa Junior legitimate fear of"being
College Southeast out" in the sense of
Campus and others are see Youth, page 8
Tulsa Family News, August- September 1994, page I
The National Gay and Lesbian
Task Force is calling on our
community to take aggressive
action in the month of August
before and during the summer
recess of Congress to advocate
for health care reform and
passage oftheEmploymentNon-
Discrimination Act of 1994
(ENDA). Constituents mustalso
communicate their outrage at the
recent deluge of anti,gay
amendments offered by Senator
Jesse Helms (R-NC).
:During late July and early
August Sen. Jesse Helms
unleashed a gay bashing agenda
on Capitol Hill by filling the
Congressional record with antigay
speeches and by attaching
amendments and making antigay
motions to several bills. So
far, he has attacked Agriculture
Appropriations, the National
Endowmentfor the Arts, Interior
Appropriations and the
Elementary and Secondary
Education Act.
Helms’ strategy has forced
NGLTF, and other .groups, to
spend its time battling against
anti-gay attacks, rather than
advancing our affirmative
agenda by lobbying for the
Employment Non-
DiscriminationAct (ENDA) and
preserving, anti-discrimination
provisions within health care
reform bills soon to be on both
the House and Senate floors.
Helms mustrealize thatENDA
enjoys unprecedented supporton
Capitol Hill. Helms knows that
the gay, lesbian, and bisexual
Community has been successful
in getting sexual orientation
includedincivil rights provisions
of a majority of health care
reform bills. Helms also
recognizes that the Clinton
Administrationhas advanced the
basic civil rights of federal gay,
lesbian, and bisexual employees
bY enacting non-discrimination
employment policies in most
federal agencies.
Helms is attacking because he
recognizes that we are winning
thewar onbigotry. Helms hopes
Politics cont’dfromp 1
Demo. Senate Hopeful
Cody Graves: the New
Duck & Cover Candidate
Although h~’s ~oldtwo
prominent Tulsa professionals
all the right things on Lesbian/
Gay civil rights issues and health
issues, this campaign like
Shedrick appears to be ducking
the issue. Many calls to his
campaign have resulted in no
position and it’s rumored that the
Graves campaign is "Gaybaiting"
the McCurdy campaign.
TFN would like to .interview
him as a sitting member of the
House of Representatives and as
a candidate for the Senate.
However, monthly or more calls
since Nov. ’93 have failed to get
that in creating a hostile
environment in the Senate on
gay issues, he will prevent future
votes to affirm gay, lesbian, and
bisexual rights. Helms’ agendais
to destroy any advance by the
gay, lesbian, and bisexual
community. We need you to
take action now and hold your
senators accountable for their
votes in supporting Helms’ gay
bashing. Act now!
You can advocate for healtk
care reform, support the
Employment Non-
Discrimination Act, and hold
your senators accountable for
their anti-gay votes in just a few
minutes of your time.
I. Contact your
Representatives and Senators!
Call the U.S. Capitol
Switchboard for the phone
numbers of your Members of
Congress at: 202-224-3121.
Don’t worry if you don’t know
their names; the operator can tell
you based on your zip code.
A recently introduced federal
bill prohibiting employment
discrimination on the basis of
sexual orientation is receiving
unprecedented bipartisan
support in both the House of
Representatives and Senate. The
Employment Non-
Discrimination Act (ENDA) of
1994 has 125 House and 30
Senate co-sponsors makingit the
most popular gay and lesbian
civil rights bill in Congressional
history. Senate hearings, held
July 29, clearly demonstratedthat
job discriminationis areal danger
for gay men, lesbians and
bisexuals. September is an
importantmonthforENDA with
a vote expected in the Senate and
hearings expected in the House.
The following are talking
points for ENDA:
Federal law currently protects
employees from discrimination
on the basis of race, religion,
gender, national origin, age, and
disability. ENDA extends fair
employment practices -- not
special rights -- to lesbians, gay
even 10 rain. time. Tulsa World
and Tulsa TV reporters suggest
that they probably would have to
wait only a week or so.
Prieo, dohnson, ate.
These campaigns would only
speak off the record or wouldnot
return calls.
Republicans who are simply
fair - who feel folks should be
judged on job performance not
sexual orientation or religious
affiliation, have said toTFN: my
actions speak for themselves but
I can’t openly call for fairness or
I’ll lose my race. Some
Democrats have said the same.
Dowerecommenda candidate
and undermine their race (if they
are right)? How can we share our
research and help our readers
makeaninformed decision? This
leaves us in a quandry. While we
Tulsa Family News~ August - September 1994, page 2
men, bisexuals and
A February 1994 Newsweek
opinion poll found that "74% of
all Americans favor protecting
gays from job discrimination."
ENDA is endorsed by civil
rights, labor and religious
leaders, and by the Leadership
Conference on Civil Rights, the
pre-eminent civil rights umbrella
Health Care i(eform
The House of Representatives
and the Senate plan to vote on
health care reform legislation
before the August 19 summer
recess. Both the Gephardt bill in
the House and the Mitchell bill
in the Senate .contain antidiscriminationlanguage
that bars
discrimination based on sexual
orientation. This is an historic
civil rights victory for lesbians,
gay men and bisexuals.
However, NGLTF expects that
some legislators may attempt to
delete sexual orientation before
a final vote. We must insist that
sexual orientation remains in the
anti-discrimination language of
whatever reform bill passes.
Talking points are:
Anti-gay bias and stigma
creates barriers to health care
that increase vulnerabilities and
risk for certain diseases and
health problems.
In a recent national survey
conducted hy the American
Association of Physicians for
Human Rights, 9 out of 10
physicians reported observing
anti-gay bias, including cases
where patients received
substandard care or were denied
care because of their sexual
The health insurance industry
admits that it may avoid high
risk groups when possible. Gay
menmake up the largest number
of cases of AIDS in this country
and are thereby perceived to be
at risk for costly HIV/AIDS
health care. Gay men are thus in
danger of discriminatory
cannot recommend the better
candidate, we can identify the
undeniably bad ones. And since
Tulsa in Dist. 1 has had a rep.
(inhofe) who’s obsessively anti-
Gay~ ~ulsa.F_ami!y ..News has~
decided to endorse Steve
Largent, anti-Gay bigot, as a
perfect choice to continue the
lnhofe."tradition of bias ?’
Largent’s campaign manager,
Terry Alien, confirmed that
Largent does not support civil
rights protections forLesbian and
Gay citizens.
Since Lesbian & Gay
endorsementis so feared, maybe
this will hurt Largent. Between
the two strongest Democratic
gov. candidates, Mildren and
Shedrick, there is a clear choice.
Mildren is openly supportive of
ourcommunities. Shedrickis not.
I’m going to vote for Jack.
Tom Neal
Assistant Editor
James Christjohn
Staff Writers
Kharma Amos
Brannon Crain
Maureen Curtin
Staff Photographer
JD Jamett
918-832-0233, POB 4140, Tulsa, OK 74159
Issued on or before the 15th of each month, the
entire contents of this publication are protected by
US copyright 1994 by Tulsa Family News and
may not be reproduced either in whole or in part
without written permission from the publisher.
Publication of a name or photo does not indicate
that person’s sexual orientation. Correspondance
is assumed to be for publication unless otherwise
noted and becomes the sole property of Tulsa
Family News. All correspondance should be sent
to the address above, Each reader is entitled to one
tYee copy of each edition at distribution locations.
Additional copies are available at Tomfoolery!
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August/September 1994 Volume 14 Number 9
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ofTOHRwill begin wilh social time at 6:30
.and themeetingstarts at 7p~m. on Tues-_
day, September 6, at the HtV/Resource
Center, 4154 S. Harvard, Suite H-I, lower
TOHR Seeks "New Blood" for the 1995 Lesbian/Gay Calendar Year
The nominating committee of Tulsa
Oklahomans for Human Rights has announced
it is seeking nominations for its
1995 board ofdirectors, according to com-
- mittee chair; KevinPortz.
Offices open are:
1st Vice-President
2nd Vice-President
Members-at-large are being sought for:
Reporter Editor
HelpLine Coordinator
Public Relations Coordinator
Fund-raising Coordinator and
Activities Coordinator
Applicants must be current in TOHR
membership dues before applying.
Nominations may be made to the committee
by mailing or faxing your resume, no
later than September 15th, to:
P.O. Box 14212
Tulsa, OK 74159-1212
Fax: 918-582-1124
September 28th
Comic... Songwriter...Singer...
Lynn Lavner
Executive Director of PFLAG Int’l.
Sandra Gillis
The slate of nominees will be presented
at the October membership meeting on
Tuesday, October 3. Voting will take place HelpLine Coordinator .
during the November membership meeting Oversee, coordinate, schedule and reon
Tuesday, November 1. Officers will be cruit volunteers for the HelpLine.
sworn-in at the.Annual Holiday Party in Reporter Editor
early December. . .... Produce monthly.newsletter and distrib-
Membership Application
City. stat~ Zip.
Descriptions of the offices to be filled
are as follows:
CEO ofTOHR and subject to Executive
General guidance and supervision
Preside at all meetings
Recommend measures to further
TOHR’s objectives
First Vice President
Plan and develop programs and
meetings for the general membership.
Second Vice President
Plan membership recruitment activities
Chairs Human Resources Committee
Maintain membership list
Keep minutes of meetings
Give notice ofgeneral meetings
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Maintain TOHR’s bank account
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Report financial status to members,
board, and executive committee.
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Phone (optional)
I1 Yes I want to be a contributing member of
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Clinic News Flash!
Welcome Claudette Peterson and
Derrick Davis, two new employees ofTOHR
selected to serve at the HIV Testing Clinic.
Next month’s issue of the Reporterwill
feature more clinic news and biographies
of our new staff.
Memorandum of Understanding
TOHR and the HIV Resource Center
have entered into an agreement ofcooperation,
an acknowlegement of mutual goals
and intentions.
4 2A9Y7s
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Tulsa Family News, August-September 1994, page 3
News Briefs News Briefs News Briefs News Briefs News Briefs News Briefs News
GOP Conservatives
Oppose Radical Right
U.S. Sen. Barry Goldwater,
dubbed "Mr. Conservative" by
friends and foes, and Oregon
Gov. Barbara Roberts have
become co-chairs of Americans
Against Discrimination, a group
launched by the Human Rights
Campaign Fund to battle farright
anti-gay ballot measures
around the country. -The 85-
year-old Goldwater said in a
press statement that "extremist
gr6ups" around the country were
trying to "institutionalize
discrimination" with the anti-gay
ballot initiatives of the past few
years. ’q’hese initiatives would
legalize discrimination against
people in the workplace," the
former Arizona senator said.
"People shouldnotlose theirjobs
because of factors unrelated to
their work performance." In an
article in the Washington Post,
Goldwater wrote, "It’s time
America realized that there was
no gay exemption in the right to
"llfe, liberty, and the pursuit of
happiness.’ Job discrimination
against gays - or anybody else -
is contrary to each of these
founding principles."
3 Anti-Gay Initiatives Fail
TUCSON, Ariz. - Arizona,
Missouri and Washington state
will not be facing anti-gay ballot
initiatives this year as backers of
measures in the three states failed
to turn in enough signatures to
qualify the initiatives for
statewide elections this year. The
measures, generally modeled on
Colorado’s Amendment 2,
would have barred state or local
governments from extending or
recognizing civil rights
protections for gay and lesbians.
In Springfield, Mo., the
Amendment Coalition,
announced that it had failed in
its effort to get an anti-gay
initiative measure on the
November general election
ballot in the state because it had
not collected the needed
Two anti-gay initiatives in
Washington state did not qualify
for the ballot when backers of
the initiatives failed to turn in
the nearly 182,000 valid
signatures at the state capitol in
Olympia. The measures would
have barred the state or any
governmental agency m
Washington from recognizing
the legal rights of gays, lesbians
or bisexuals as a protected class.
Protest Vigil in Colorado
In Colorado Springs, an
estimated 5,000 people gathered
at a rally in support of a weeklong
fast and vigil by Mel White
at the headquarters of Focus on
the Family in Colorado Springs,
Colo., which backed that state’s
voter-approved anti-gay
Amendment2. White is the dean
of the Cathedral of Hope in
Dallas. In Denver, more than
2,000 people gathered for a
peaceful march in the Colorado
capital in support of White’s
"Fast For Understanding." After
concluding his vigil, White said
he was sure he would "be
misunderstood and condeumed"
by James Dobson, head of Focus
on the Family. "But I am
convinced that what he and his
friends are saying and doing to
endtherights ofgays andlesbians
in this country is morally and
spiritually wrong. I can’t be
Rugby Players in
"Drag" Attack Gay Bar
BOCA RATON, Fla. - In one
of the strangest reports of an
attack on a gay bar, Mark
McHugh, an assistant state
prosecuting attorney, and 3 of
his rugby teammates have been
arrested on charges they went
into the Paradise Club, a gay bar
in Boca Raton, Fla., in. drag,
screaming insults at bar patrons
and trashing the bar itself. Bargoers
and employees said the 4
were part of a group of 10 men
dressed as womenwho screamed
insults such as "Faggots!" and
"Dykes !" at patrons, scaring half
the people in the bar away, and
tearing up plants and ripping
pictures off the wall. Police said
a few of the men in drag started
to strip during the episode and
I demanded free drinks.
McHugh’s attorney said it was a
case of mistaken identity, but a
police officer found the 4 men in
a parking lot wearing women’s
clothes. The arrestedmen are all
members of a rugby team that
had played golf all day dressed
as women in a tournament
lampoomng the Ladies’ PGA
Gays Slam Propaganda
rights activists are denouncing a
"debate manual" produced by
the Idaho Citizens Alliange that
labels homosexuals as "spawn
of the devil." The manual states,
"Promiscuous sodomite activists
are the most violentandirmtional
group of people on earth." It also
says that gays and lesbians
"aggressively demand: the
closing of all churches that
oppose them; the total
destruction of the family; exile
and actual murder of those who
oppose them in any .way; the
’conversion’ by forced sodomy
of all young men to
homosexuality; the official
condemnation of normal love
between men and women, and
the raising of private armies of
thugs to enforce their agenda."
Mary Rohlfing of Idaho for
Human Dignity said, "The
similarity between the type of
deceitful rhetoric the ICA is
selling in this manual and what
Germans heard about the Jews
from the Nazis is uncanny."
VA City Adds Protections
The Charlottesville, Va., City
Council has unanimously voted
to add sexual orientation to the
classes of citizens protected from
discrimination under municipal
law. The change was largely
symbolic since the c~ty attorney’ s
office had already given a legal
opinion that discrimination based
on sexual orientation was not
legal. The addition of sexual
orientation to city anti-bias
protections was supported by
both the Republican and
Democratic parties.
Oscar Wilde Honors
LONDON - Flamboyant poet
and playwright Oscar Wilde will
be honored this coming Feb. 14
on the 100th anniversary of the
opening of his best known play,
"The Importance of Being
Earnest" - in the company of
fellow literary figures at
Westminster Abbey. He will be
honored with a plaque at the
abbey’s new memorial window
which stands above the tomb of
Geoffrey Chaucer. Wilde spent
2 years in a British prison after
the public exposure of his sexual
relationship with Lord Alfred
Limbaugh Squeezed Out
MIAMI - Rush Limbaugh has
gone the way of Anita Bryant to
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Couples Groups
Tulsa Family News, August - September 1994, page 4
News Briefs News Briefs News Briefs News Briefs News Briefs News Briefs News
become a celebrity ex-promoter rights activists applauded the reauthorizati on of the approved an amendment offered Jeffrey Friedman ("Common
for Florida orange juice. The Atlanta Committee for the Elementary and Secondary by Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.) Threads: StoriesfromtheQuilt").
areh-conservativetalkshowhost Olympic Games (ACOG) for its School Act offered by Sen. prohibiting school districts that According to HBO, the major
won’ t be pitching Florida orange decision to move the 1996 Robert Smith (R-N.H.) and Sen. offer gay-positivematerialsor Hollywood studios are all
juice after mid-August, the Olympic volleyball competition Jesse Helms (R-N.C.) - is amuch counseling from receiving cooperating in the production of
FloridaDepartmentofCitrushas from suburban Cobb County, more strident version of a federal education funds, aschool the documentary by providing
announced, following months of Ga., because of a resolution companion amendment board in his own back yard clips from the more than 100
protestsbygays, women,African adopted by county sponsoredbyCongressmanMel defiantly adopted a policy doing films represented in "The
Americans and other groups. A commissioners there last year Hancock (R-MO.) and approved exactly that. The Chapel Hill Celluloid Closet."
Citrus Dept. spokesperson condemning the "gay lifestyle." by the House of Representatives school trustees unanimously Seattle Adds Domestic
downplayed the change, saying, Followingmonthsofclosed-door earlier this year. The two- gave the thumbs up to a policy "We’re doing what’s right for negotiations between Olympic paragraph Smith-Helms thatwould create "safe schools" Partners Measure
Florida citrus growers." Games officials and Cobb amendment would cut federal where everyone is respected SEATFLE- The Seattle City
NO Gov.Condemns Bias County commissioners, along funds for school districts in the regardlessofrace, gender, sexual Council has unanimously
TRENTON,N.J. -NewJersey with intense pressure by gay and U.S. with programs "that have orientation, political persuasion approved a domestic partners
Gov. Christine Todd Whitman civil fightS groups to move the either the.purpose or effect of or religious affiliation. Chapel registration ordinance. The
hassentanangryletterprotesfing games if the county did not encouraging or supporting Hill trustee Mary Bushnell said measure will take effect a month:
the manufacture and sale of an rescind its 1993 anti-gay homosexual_ity as a positive life of the new policy, "This plan afteritis signed by MayorNorm
anti-gay t-shirt that parodies the resolution, ACOG announced stylealtemative"orusematerials grew out of a need to have Rice, who is expected to approve
Trixbreakfast cereal slogan with Friday, July 29 that it would for gay-affirming organizations, students be more respectful and the measure.
one that reads, "Silly Faggot, relocate the volleyball Anattempt to weaken the impact
have a greater understanding of Far Flight Long Distance
Dix are for Chix." In a press competition to a stadium at the ofthe Smith-Helms amendment, each other regardless of their PHILADELPHIA - Some
statement, Gov. Whitman, a UniversityofGeorgiainAthens, offeredbySen.EdwardKennedy diversity. Here we have to~do 1,200religiousrightgroupshave
recently elected Republican, said about 60 miles east of Atlanta. (D-MA), was approved by a 99- what is right and hope the joined to promote LifeLine, the
the t-shirts were "so deeply Helms Targets Schools’ 0 vote, but the Kennedy Congress of the United States country’s first long distance
offensive and so potentially Anti-Bias Programs amendment would cut federal will do the same." service "built on biblical values
harmful that I felt compelled to funds to school districts that Hollywood’s ’Closet’ and centered around the lord WASHINGTON - After an directly encouraged sexual HOLLYWOOD - HBO has Jesus Christ." LifeLine will speak out publicly" about them exhibitionofwhatbackers called activity of any kind started work on "The Celluloid donate 10% of its billings to far- "Themessage is an insult to the "disgusting" materials, the U.S. heterosexual or homosexual. Closet," a feature-I ength fight groups battling abortion gay community,"Gov.Whitman Senate late on Aug. 1 Local school districts in the U.S. television documentary of Vito rights, gay rights, and said, "and is offensive to anyone overwhelmingly approved by a get about 10 to 15 percent of Russo’ s book on Hollywood’ s pornography. By the way, under who sees it. It is demeaning to 62-36 vote an amendment to cut their total budgets from federal portrayal of gays and lesbians, strict biblical principles, people individualsandislitdemorethan off all federal funds to school educational funds, who don’t their bills an appeal to personal bias and districts in the country that teach The documentary is expected to pay
bigotry,.’" acceptance ofhomosexuality "as School Bd. Defies Helms premiere late next year and will (including presumably their
Olympic Out of Cobb Cty a positive life style alternative." CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - Only I be produced and directed by phone bills) can be stoned to
ATLANTA - Gay and civil The move - an amendment to the days after the U.S. Senate Oscar-winning Rob Epstein and death.
Puppy Pause II
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Tulsa Family News, August- September 1994,-page 5
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A Quality ofLife Alte natgve
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Dallas, Texas 75219
Tulsa Office Opening
Mid-September in the
Quadrangle Office Center
Tulsa Family News, August - September 1994, page 6
Health Briefs Health Briefs Health
Women & AIDS Trials
attorney has charged that
government regulators allow
scientists and researchers to
discriminate against women in
trials of promising AIDS drugs,
even demanding that they be
sterilized if they want to
~ru’gCAipadtem. iTnhisetrUa.tSio.nFonoeditahnedr
requires scientists to test drugs
for safety in women nor stops
them from denying women’s
access to experimental drugs
because of liability fears, said
attorney Theresa McGovem of
theHIV Law Projectintestimony
before the National Task Force
on AIDS Drug Development. In
one Irial, the FDA - fearing the
possibility, of birth defects -
demanded that women get
sterilized in order to participate,
she told the task force. Another
drug trial said women could
enroll oulyifthey gotintmuterine
devices to prevent pregnancy -
effectively blockingwomenwith
advanced cervical cancer, who
coulduse other contraceptionbut
physically could notuse an IUD.
An estimated 80,000 U.S.
women of child-bearing age are
infected with HIV, according to
federal statistics. Scientists fear
experimental AIDS drugs could
cause birth defects if the women
become pregnant, so those that
do allow research on women
insist they use contraception.
Immune System Booster
TOKYO - Japanese scientists
have announced that their joint
HIV research with an Australian
team may support a diseasefighting
strategy calling for
injecting patients with their own
lymphocytes. The method is
based on the premise that
lymphocytes attack foreign
invaders in the body - but that the
.quantity of these all-important
immune-system agents drop
significantly in people infected
with HIV. An Australian team,
headed by- John Dwyer,
conducted the experiment, and
theJapanese team,ledbyTakashi
Kurimura, did the research.
Dwyer’s group extracted highly
active and healthy lymphocytes,
matching them to those of an
HIV-positive young man; and
then transferred the lymphocytes
to him. After the procedure, the
Virus decreased dramati6ally.
The young man regained his
body’s basic immtmity, and the
treatment still proved to be
effective six months later.
AIDS Research Needs
Better Sex/Drug Use Data
committee of the Institute of
Medicine, part of the National
Academyof Sciences, has issued
a report concluding that a lack of
reliable studies of sexual
behavior and drug abuse have
hampered progress in fighting
the AIDS epidem~ in the U.S.
Basic research on behavior
modification has not yet been
conductedonthe necessarylevel,
the report says. Panel members
wrote that despite extensive
efforts to develop effective
treatments or a vaccine against
AIDS, research has been
"inhibited by a political climate
during the first decade of the
epidemic that made it difficult,
and on some occasions
impossible to conduct research
onthe verybehaviors inquestion:
drug use and sex." The report
recommended a comprehensive
national survey ofthetwofactors,
which are the primary modes of
-HIV transmission.
Jocks Fight AIDS
.Francisco Giants shot down the
Colorado Rockies 9-4 in their
match-up Sunday, July 31, but
the real winner at Candiestick
Park here was the fight against
the AIDS epidemic when the
Giants became the first
professional sports team to
mount a benefit game to battle
the epidemic. Some 50,007 fans
turned out to watch the game and
to witness history as pro sports
moved from official silence
about the disease that has killed
more than 220,000 people during
the past 13 years into centerfield~
In the process, the benefit game
may have raised $100,000 or
more in whathas become known
Health" Briefs Health Briefs Health Briefs
as the "Until There’s a Cure
Day." During a moving
ceremony, 700 AIDS volunteers
deckedinred t-shirts andbaseball
caps moved to center field to
form a giant red ribbon, the
symbol ofthefight againstAIDS.
From a podium, Giant’s pitcher
Rod Beck, shortstop Royce
Clayton, actor Danny Glover,
and singer Bobby McFerrin read
out the names of scores ofpeople
who have died of AIDS, while
volunteers gracefully unfolded
sections of the massive Names
Quilt. The Giants are donating
$1 from each ticket sold for the
game to the Until There’s a Cure
Foundation. The BASS ticket
agency also donated 50 cents
from all ticket sales for the game
to the foundation. With
additional funds from sales of
AIDS memorial bracelets and
other mementos, the total
proceeds from the benefit were
expected to surpass $100,000 for
the day. Half the money raised
will go to vaocineresearch, while
the other half will be given to
local agencies.
Vaccinations Urged
government has kicked off a
nationwide effort to urge HIV/
AIDS patients, senior citizens,
diabetics, and heart or lung
disease patients to receive a
pneumoma vaccination. The
need for immunization is
especially urgent given the new
drug-resistant strains of the
bacteria. Pneumonia sickens
more than 200,000 people and
causes 40,000 deaths annually.
Interim AIDS Leader
WASHINGTON - President
Clinton has named Patricia
Fleming, an AIDS policy
specialist and assistant to Health
and Human Services Secretary
Donna Shalala, to take the post
as the administration’s AIDS
policy coordinator temporarily.
Theappointment ofFleming fills
a troublesome post in the
administration that became
vacant when Kristine Gebbie,
informally known as Clinton’s
"AIDS czar," resigned after
months of widespread criticism
for failing to make the epidemic
a high-priority issue in the
administration or the country.
Fleming said she would hold the
post for just two months while
the White House searches for a
permanent replacement for
Gebbie. "I took the job because
I really care deeply aboutAIDS,"
she said at a news conference.
"If called upon, it’s my
responsibility to do what I can to
fight this epidemic."
"Female" Condoms
JACKSON, Wisc. -
Wisconsin Pharmacal has finally
begun commercially distributing
the country’s first approved
female condom. The Reality
condom, which will be sold at
drug stores and supermarkets.
Jeffery A. Beal, MD
Ted Campbell, LCSW
Ginny Buffer, RN MS
Specialized in HIV Care
Providing Comprehesive Primary Care
Medicine and.Psychotherapeutic Se~ices
Clinical Trials* now Open
for Treatment of
HIV Disease and Related. Infections
We have. many insurance provider affiliations
--ifyou belong to an insurance program
that does not list us as providers,
call us and wewill apply.
1560 East 21st Street, Suite 210
~Monday - Friday, 9:30-4:30 pm, 743-1000
Nevirapine...HlV Treatment
Oral vs. IV Ganciclovir...CMV Retinitis Treatment
Zithromax-Biaxin-Ethambutol...MAC Treatment
*must meet inclusion & exclusion criteria.
: ~F~r~ more:information, call 9i8~743.-1000, ext. ,HIV’
between 10am -:4pm. To recei~ve more information
about new clinical trials as.they are available,
send your name & address to:
Jeffrey Beal, M.D.
1560 E. 21st St, Ste. 210
Tulsa, OK 74114
Tulsa Family News, August- September 1994, page 7
Summit continuedfrom page I
grounds of sexual orientation when hiring
More importantly, in Carter’s opinion,
the turmoil won co-sponsors for new
legislation prohibiting employment
discriminationbasedonsexual orientation.
But none of it would have been possible,
Carter maintained, if not for Oklahoma’s
brazen Congressmen. Their views made
painfully obvious that the protection gays
seek is not a special right but rather a need
in the face of institutionalized prejudice.
Meanwhile, Carter noted that it was
Coretta Scott King, wife of Dr. Martin
Luther King Jr., who introduced the
legislation onJune 23,1994. Herreference
to King was not a casual one. Sounding
one of the summit’s themes, Carter
explicitly linked advocacy of gay rights to
advocacy of civil rights in general.
"Because the Radical Right has targeted
anyone who does not fit
their rigid conception of "family," Carter
explained, "we have allies among single
parents, unwed couples, and people of
color." Accordingly, she called for the
gay community to "bridge the gap"
between gays and straights and, more
specifically, to reach out to the NAACP
and the Urban League.
In calling for these coalitions, Carter
did notfail tomakeanothercrucial request.
She imploredpeople within themovement
to do two things: 1) appreciate their own
diversity; and 2) agree to disagree.
In fact, the summit’s agenda seemed
designed to address both tasks. The
opening panel, entitled "Living in
Oklahoma," provided a glimpse of the
varied experiences and profiles of OK
gays. An "out" and vibrant employee of
Catholic Charities, Tina Steeves served as
panel moderator. She introduced Rudy, a
soft-spoken, long-time Ada resident;
Kharma, music director for one of Tulsa’s
MCC churches; Jessica, an 18 year old
activist, student, and actress from Enid;
and Tom Neal, a Tulsan, who takes pride
in both his Oklahoma roots and his
"Cherokee/Korean/European family."
After the four spoke, those in attendance
were asked to break into Small groups and
discuss, first, a plus and, then, a negative
about living in Oklahoma. Meeting as
strangers, the groups quickly established
anintimacy thatwould grow to camraderie
with each of the weekend’s events and
Among the summi t’s other events were
panels including, ’~fhe Law and How It
Affects Us," "Affirming Our Spirituality,"
"Historical Perspectives on G/L/B/T
Living in Oklahoma," and "G/L/B/T
Health Issues." While local attorney Tim
Daniel painted a grim picture of the ways
Tulsa’s law enforcement has violated
citizens’ rights, Alan Nitray encouraged
individualSto explorehealthissues beyond
the stark shadows HIV has cast.
In addition to these planned panels, the
summit’s organizers provided
unstructured time for caucuses so that all
attending-could meet those of similar
interests and voice their concerns. Mandy
Carter, for example, called a caucus for
people of color.
At midday, everyone gathered for a
panel entifled,"Creating aJustice-Seeking
Society." The panelists, Carter, Robert
Bray, Tom Neal, and Vivien Ng, packed a
punch as they combined practical
suggestions with refreshing
thoughtfulness. For example, National
Gay and Lesbian Task Force member
Robert Bray proclaimed the closet "the
biggest obstacle to organization" and
appealed: "I compel you.., come out of
the closet." He went on to observe, "The
true test of democracy is not its extension
of protection to those who are the same,
but its extension of protection to those
who are different."
"Energized and enervated" by Bray’s
talk, Vivien Ng spoke of herself as an
individual comprised ofmany dimensions.
Bless The Lord At All Times
2627-B East 11th Street
Because everyone has a right to be blessed by God!
Sunday School
Choir Rehersal
Mon. 7:30
Minister Class
Tues. 7:30
Bible Study
Wed. 7:30
HW Testing
Clinic, Thurs.
628,0594i message phone. Eddie Cook, pastor ~- i .
Wembley Center
7116 S. Mingo #102
254,21 OO
75% off Pleat
Blinds *O, Select Colors
She explained that, as an Asian woman
who is both academic and activist, her
struggle for liberation must include all
parts of her reality. "Otherwise," she
warned, "those who need me have only
my divided support." As Carter had earlier
in the day, Ng highlighted the need to rink
"divergent threads of community." The
panel was, by all accounts, a breathtaking
Of course, not all was business at the
summit. Simply Equal of Norman hosted
a marvellous barbeque at a public park
nearby the OU campus. Afterward,
everyone was invited to watch movies,
featuring Salmonberries, starringk.d, lang,
and No Skin off My Ass. Pat Reaves,
director of Herland Sister Resources,
remarked on the willingness of Norman
locals to stay in the dorms and enjoy
"play" time with the out-of-towners.
The second full day of summit activities
was focused on developing skills. Steve
Lazarus led a pant that discussed the
"continuum ofcoming out andliving out."
Later in the morning, conference attendees
chose from among three workshops:
"Media Advocacy," "Influencing Public
Policy," and "Organizing in your
Community." Individuals from different
regions across Oklahoma had time to
brainstorm and network with an eye to thg
The summit closed with a luncheon that
culminatedin an enthusiastic address from
the National Gay and Lesbian Task Forcedirector,
Peri Jude Radecic. She
congratulated the conference organizers
and attendees for mobilizing across the
state in a way many.have not yet in other
states. Echoing a sentimentTom Neal has
articulated, Radecic predicted that the
struggle for rights will be waged and won
in ’the heart of the country.
Financial donations, pledged by Tulsan
Laurie Cooper and Norman resident Steve
Lazarus, together with exchanged phone
numbers promise that Oklahomans will
struggle together in 1994 and1995. And
that they will gather for the 2nd annual
Oklahoma Pride Summit to share their
successes, their failures, and themselves.
M!lit,,ary, continuedfrompage l
don t tell pohcy excluding gays and
lesbians ¯from the military violates state
civil rights laws. Judge Allen’s decision,
a permanent extension of a temporary
1992 ruling, means Pentagon officials may
notrecruitatthe University ofConnecticut.
Alien wrote, "The court is asked to
determine whether, under the new federal
act and Department of Defense directives,
the military continues to discriminate
based on sexual orientation. The court
finds it does."
Lifeguard Project
The LIFEGUARD project is coming to
Tulsa. LIFEGUARD is a series of four
meetings dealing with different aspects of
HIV disease. The meetings are free and
are designed especially for Gay and
Bisexual men of all ages and color. The
meetings will be held in volunteer’s homes
throughoutTulsaonWed. evenings. Dates
to be announced in Tulsa Family News.
The four meetings are:
HEAT: HIV EducationAndTreatment,
SAND: Sex And Nineties Dating,
SEA: Sdf Esteem and Attitudes,
SWIM: Sex With Intimacy for Men.
Need a good
argument against
working weekends?
¯ - TheHondaPassport
.:It happens dfi_ring the 48 hourswhen you’re on your 6\~ The roads look a tittle
¯ more inviting, and you find yourself heading out to places you\’e never been
before. And there is plentyofroom for all your toys, Plus. the DX won’t cost
you an arm and a leg. There~ argument settled. The Passport DX 1~[][]1~[11~
don carlton
I1~.11| € 4[e]|Od| ,]ff;~l
3900 S. Memorial ¯ Tulsa, OK. 74145
(918) 622-3636
Tulsa Family News, August- September 1994,page 9 o
Younger Gays cont!dfrom p. 2
persona~ safety, i
A grim issue is that of suiciBe. Over 30.
percent of all youth suicides ate related to
sexual orientation. "I felt committing
suicide wouldn’t matter because I was
going to Hell anyway." said one ga~ youth.
Statements like this are all too 0fteffechoed
by other Lesbian and Gay youths.
Coming out to parents can be one of the
most~difficult experiences in a youth’s
life..They live in constant fear of being
disowned or abandoned. This can often be
worse if parents are anti-gay. "My mother
perceived homosexuality as a lifestyle
that would ultimately destroy lives, and it
had no redeeming qualifies. She felt the
ordy thing Gay men were thiilking about
was sex, and that’s how she raised me."
said one Gay youth. Mostparents feel that
they caused this "problem" and perceive
it as a failure.
While there is a large amount of drug
abuse in youth, it is especially prevalent
among Gay youth. "Drugs provided an
escape from all the hassle of living. You
can just take a pill .or smoke something
and everything is better." said one teen.
An easier method for some is runmng
away. It’s sad that Gay youth seek asylum
on the streetsrather than from those that
love them most: Older Gays and Lesbians
must teach younger Gays and Lesbians
that this is not the solution and try to help
them find other alternatives.
However, there are preventative
measures being taken..Several groups such
as GLAS aremaking their presence
known. This group, along with others, is
designed to benefit youth. Other groups,
such TOHR and the Black & White
Charities take special interest in youth.
There is also an existing group for 16-21
year olds. With all this support, the future
of the community should be well
Editor’s note: Brannon Crain is a 17
year-old writer who’s active in a Tulsa
Lesbian/Gay youth group..He recently
was graduatedfrom high schoolandplans
to attend Tulsa Junior College and the
University ofTulsa.
Kent Balch
& Associates
Free Affordable Health &
Life Insurance Quotes
"You were born to win.
there ~ no doubt about it.t"
Kent Baich
(918) 747-9506
Fax (918) 747-4154
4308 South Peoria
Tulsa, OK 74105-9804
Sandra J. Hill, M.S.
Psychotherapy & Clinical Consu.ltation
Sensitive to the Challenges of Gay, Lesbian,
Bisexual& Transgendered lndividuals,
Couples. & Families. "
2865 E. Skelly Drive, Ste. 215, 745~1111
Airline/Hotel Reservations Ticket Pick.~p~..
Cruise/Tour Packages ~.Group & IncentiVe~:~¯
Programs "No" Service Charge
(918) 341-6866
::, I~SVP’s 10thAniversary Cruise on
board Carnival s mega-fun S p : ::,
¯ Jubilee, March: 19-26, i.995, d. ~ ,.Mexican Riviera, Space going fast:.- ~Oklahoma’s Only LG.ZA. Affiliate
(International Gay Travel Association)
Open: Wed.-Sun. 7-2-Closed Mon. & Tues.
1565 South Sheridan, 834-4234
Tulsa Family News, August - September 1994, page 8
Tulsa City/County Library Events/News
Film Series on Prejudice Excludes Gays
Tulsa City/County Library System film series on prejudice does not include films on
anti-Gay bias (two of the film series have been shownand two are listed above). A
spokesperson for the Central Library’s Media Center indicated that the exclusion was
due to a lack of films on the subject in the system’s collection rather than bias by the
programmers. Next year’s budget includes .funds for the purchase of film and video of
Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual issues, and library staff is finding sources for materials.
Tulsa Prime Timers
Celebrate 1st Year
Tulsa area Prime Timers will celebrate
their first anniversary August 27, 1994.
An evening of fun, entertainment, and
fellowship will be enjoyed in the true
TAPT tradition. A recognition reception,
entertainment, and some surprises are
planned for the evening.
TAPT is a social organization forolder
Gay and Bisexual men over forty. TAPT
was chartered in August of 1993. Starting
out with 15 members, TAPT is now 59
members strong. A monthly newsletter
and activity calender is published,
updating members as to social activities
and events planned for that month.
TulsaPrimeTimers is oneof33 chapters
in Europe, Canada, Australia and the
USA. Prime Timers was begun in Boston,
Massachusetts in 1987 by Woody
For more infOrmation, write Tulsa Area
Prime Timers, P.O. Box 52117, Tulsa,
Oklahoma, 74104.
J.D. Jamett
Gay-Friendly Radio
Station Seeks Help
by Brannon Crain
EOI (the Edge of Insanity), Tulsa’s
only Lesbian/Gay friendly station could
go off the air for lack of advertising
support. Station founders, President
"Mother Theresa" DeVeto and vicepresident
Deja Thoris have annouced a
fund-raising drive to raise funds to keep
the "alternative" programming on the air.
DeVeto & Thoris are appealing to the
Lesbian&Gay communities in particular.
"EOI is probably one of the onlyGay
friendly stations in the country." Says Deja
Thoris, who has 25 years’ experience in
the entertainment business. EOI promotes
"being yourself," and, "believing in who
you are". Also, they attempt to "provide a
catalyst for Gay youth" by establishing a
sense of self-worth. EOI is probably the
only radio station that acknowledges
Lesbian & Gay issues and Lesbian/Gay
youth in a non-hostile manner.
If you are interested in helping this late
night ally, donations can be sent to: EOI
Network c/o KCMA, 2021 S. Lewis,
Tulsa, OK, 74104-5758. For more info.
call the station at 747-9999 between the
hours of 12am and 6am. Another option is
the EOI club card. Fill out an application
(whichmaybepickedup at Zat’ s,Mohawk
Music, or Closter’s Skate Shop), return it
along with $5, and receive discounts at
places like the above mentioned shops.
Also, there is a weekly Alley party every
Thursday. The cost is $3 and all proceeds
benefit EOI airtime.
The only thing tired about your trip
should be you.., when you get back!.
Travel-with DAMRON
the freshest
lesbian & gay travel guides!
For a FREE catalog and/or credit card orders call
._ (800) 462-6654
-PO Box 422458 San Francisco, CA
9am-5pm Pacific Standard Time
Open: Mon-Sat, 10am - 2am, Sun, Noon - 2am
.......... ¯YOU’LL NEVER
1229 S. MEMORIAL DR;I:~::~’ULSA:,I~: 918,835-5083
Tulsa Fgtmily News, August - September 1994, page 10
(2 A B A R E T 9 4
It’s Cabaret ’94. Follies Revue, Inc’s. annual fund-raising eventto benefit Tulsa area organizations
that provide services ~nd care to persons with AIDS or who are HIV-positive. In the past
four years we have contributdd nearly $64,000 to these groups.
Cabaret ’94 is three full evenings of friendship, excellent food, beverages and fabulous musical
talent, all in an intimate cabaret format. This year’s show features an outstanding cast of
Cabaret performers, along with Ernastine Dillard, who recently opened for Della Reese in Las
Vegas and at the Kennedy C(nter. So get ready for 90 minutes of pure entertainment in a
~.~ August 25, 26 & 27, 1994. ,
~ Patrons Night, August 25,$40 per ticket, $300itable of 8.
~ August 26 & 27, $25 per ticket, $180 table of 8.
~ Pre-show music & dinner 7:30 pm, cash bar available.
i~:,~a~’~’ Escargot (formerly Harringtons) 8th & Main
redesigned seating arrangement that gives new meaning
to the promise, "there’s not a bad seat in the Muse."
Ticket prices include preshow music, dinner and
cabaret performance. For reservations call Carson
Attractions now at 584-2000.
Produced by Follies Revue, Inc.
Sponsored by TCI Cablevision of Tulsa &
Bravo-Broadway Cares.
Tulsa Family News, August- Se?tember 1994, page 11
Coming Soon: One of Tulsa’s Favorite MC’s, Raghenna!
Elegance Tour ’94 (drag comedy) Saturday, August 27, llpm
After Metropole, they play Dallas’ Village Station
Miss Tulsa USA, Sunday, September 4th, 10pm, $3
No Cover - 1902 East llth - 587-8811 - Must Be 21 To Enter- Open Daily 4-2 am
Tulsa Family News, August - September 1994, page 12

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