[1993] The Parachute of Oklahoma, November 1, 1993; Volume 1, Issue ?


[1993] The Parachute of Oklahoma, November 1, 1993; Volume 1, Issue ?


Politics, education, and social conversation toward Oklahoma's Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual communities.


The Parachute of Oklahoma is a monthly newspaper; the publications available begin August 1993 through December 1993.

The newspaper brings up important, evolving topics of marriage, Pride, TOHR, HIV/AIDs, events, advice, and politics all at the local and national level.

This document is available in searchable PDF attached. It is also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


The Parachute of Oklahoma




Chuck Breckenridge


November 1993


Wayne D.
Tom Neal
Cookie Arbuckle
Mary Arbuckle
Stephan Scott
Leslie Thomas
Catherine Boyle
Kevyn Jacobs
Michael Camfield
Scott Curry


The Parachute/Dennis R. Neill Equality Center


The Parachute


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United States Oklahoma Tulsa
United States of America (50 states)


By Tom Neal, Tulsa Para~hute reporter
~ US House of R~presentatives S .....
B~ey Frank in s
Oklahoma Congre
Bill Brewstet, ....
In an Octd~r 3 Story by 3im ~ye~s, ~ulsa world
tnhofe; Ist~k and B~ewster indica(~ tha~ th~
Lesbians for their staffs.
Glenn English)i
sexual orientation inhirin
related smries)i Only
would hire b~(d ~ly On abiilty ~ pe~fo~ th’e
the Oktaho~a Cdngressmen came td his attention througli i
weekt) n~w~pg~r s(rving Cdngr(s~:
On Oct. i9
Hou~fl~ta €ondemn theseOkl~oma~
. In response to McCurdy’s comment
aboutnot flaunting his heterosexuali![,
the ParaChute called MeCUrdy ~ an indiVidual s sexualorientation in any
Norman and WaShingt0n offices to 0~hisemployin,~nt capacities (private 0)
confirm that the Congressman keeps governmdn~): ,~ifa~rson appliedfor a
pictures of his wife and children in the ~sition ~ith ~ign ~nhis cl~st, sayin~
offices and regularly wears a wedding i m Gay,! IprobaN) would not hire him.
ring. ~ The i:’ar~chute ~ked the Senator if a
The Parachute asked the Congress- person were hiredwiih whom there was a
man if the photos of his children (the general concurranee on political views
product of a heterosexual liason) and and Who was a good worker; could that
the daily Wearing ofa ring (symbolizing person be open aboU[their sexual orientaa
ca~n~l~eiationship) did~tconStitute ~i0nigFore.:£~p e~coUidthatperso~brinz
a flaunting ot" h~s sexuahty. Mr. the~rlongumepartner roan office event?
see McCurdy on OK-2 see Nickles on OK-2
us. And I will
the next few
t Bray (formerly Media
3ers ofCongress and military leaders
~ther anti-Gay propaganda
is portraying
as possible, probably in
~ folks they’re going to
g together across the state.
ght on OK-4
in concert
November 1993, OK-1 THE PARACHUTE
Out of The Closet
and Onto The Phone
ComratmltySpirlt -
Long Distance
S~rvice Dcdkated to
the Lesbian & Gay
Call With Pride. Switch t~ C~mmunitySpirit
Telephone. Lorig Distance To&y,
When you switch to CommunitySpirit a portion of your 19ng distance
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Make The Switch Today
1"-800-546 0556
| occasionally politically Correct; and t0 bring you all the news that’s’ not always fit
| tO print but we know you wanted to know..
First and foremost, Miss Thang wants toknow whyshe didn’t see more of you
1. at the.fabulous TOHR auction on National Coming Out Day? There was lots & 10ts
1 Of incredible food, drinks, a view for miles and lovely, lovely people, and it all was
~ free except for the auction items that went.for a s~teal.
a . MissThang especially wants to mention the cute volunteer bar’boys from the
| TONR clinic, all the stylish Lesbians and-particularly, the stellar jazz & blues
| vocali.zations by .Pr~"tess Riley and Artie S.. You missed a good party and Miss
| Thang just_can’t believe you really hadsomething better to do on a Monday!
i Who was that Nasty Buckeroo?
| Miss Thang was so disappointed to hear this story (and
| you ,watch it., hear). Seems there was a fellow at one of our favorite.watering holes
| - may be he’d just had one too many but he gotjust a little too enthusiatic in saving
I a table. It’s said he was altogether too hatefulto several of our sisters.
Honey, we’ve got way too many folks attacking us from the outside to attack
1 each other, ok? So you just be nice to our sisters and you know what, they’ll be nice
I to you too. Next timejust sayplease and thank you, and leave the hatefulness ~o me!
Frank, Continuedfrom OK-1 " "
orientation. Mr. Frank noted specifically
that he would notrecommend affirmative
action as a remedy for discrimination
againstLesbians,Gay menandBisexuals,
nor was he calling for "special rights."
Mr. Frank slated; "People have said,
’After all, there is no problem. People are
not discriminated against in hiring in this
country based on their sexual orientation.
So why press for legislation?’....if that
(anti-Gay discrimination) happens here
in the House of Representatives, it is .obvious
that it happens elsewhere_in societyo"
On Oct. 21, Speaker of the House Of
Representatiq,,es, Tom Foley issued a
statement to clarify remarks made in a
press conferenceearlier that day. Mr. Foley
said,. "....I emphatically restate my opposition
to any employment bias based on
criteria such as race, color, creed, gender
or sexual orientation (emphasis added),
He added that he agreed with Barney
Frank that Congress should examine how
to apply such stan.dards to itself to the
"greatest degree_possible."
McCurdy, continuedfrom OK-1
McCurdy.responded, "I respectfully
disagree that the wearing Of a wedding
ring and the display of family
photos....constitute p.arading one,s
Nickles, continuedfrom OK-1
Mr. Niekles’responded, "It would depend
on how aggressive the individual was
about pushing that lifestyle."
The Parachute inquired further, "What
about putting a photo of a spouse on a
desk?" Sen. Nickles~ said, ’Tve already
answered the question." He refused any
- further comment.
Chuck Breckeridge
Assistant Publisher
Wayne D.
Oklahoma Editors
Chuck Breckenridge
Tom Neal
Chuck Breekenridge
Tom Neal
Cookie Arbuckle
Mary Arbuclde
Stephen Scott
Leslie Thomas
Catherine Boyle
Kevyn Jacobs
Michael Camfield
Scott C~y
Chuck Breckenridge
Leslie Thomas
Tom Neal
Fresh Bouquets
Blooming Plants
Green Plants
& More
3115 South Harvard, 742-1234
M-F 9-6, Sat. 9-7, Sun. 12-5
POB 4140, Tulsa 74159
P~,ac~t~ a~l m~y not I~ z~-Ix~,d ©ith~ in whol© ~ ~ p~
THE PARACHUTE November 1993, OK-2
People are like animals at .~..
See the boys take itoff and the
girls dress up every week-end
at Tuls.a’s original dance .club
4812 Eo
(918) 745-9~93
Open Wed.-Sun.
Male Dancers
Fe_Lmale Im~personators
Gay Operated
Trisexual Oriented
Never a Cover
Levi-° Leather ¯ Lace
November 1993, OK-3 THE PARACHUT~
Fight, continuedfrom OK-1
as a response to anti-Gay laws proposed
in the Oklahoma legislature last winter.
Those proposals werekept in committe~
then but it is rumored that they defmite!y
will emerge when the legislature meets
Parachute: is there anything else you’d
like to add?
RC:when we were discussing the recent
statements by US Congressmen from
Oklahoma who said that they would not
hire Lesbians & Gay men, Suzanne Pharr
suggested that we ought to respond by
flooding these guy’s offices with job ap:
plications from us!
Also because the conference was under-
attended, it didn’t break even. Any
donations would be welcome.
Parachute: information about the shoWing
ofThe Gay Agenda and other propaganda
videos will be available at Tomfoolery!
at the Silver" Star, 832-0233.
Donatio_nsmadp~ bemade toSimplyEqual,
and sent to Robert, clo TOHR, 4154 S.
Harvdrd, Ste. H,l ] Tulsa, 74105.
Queer. Pen "Pals
Ever wonder what Gay & Lesbian life
is like in the countries behind the old Iron
Curtain? Whatdo they talk.about? What
do they read? NOW that the-Wall is dow~
are the closets next?
The Pen Pal Project Of the International
Gayand,Lesbian HumanRightsCommission
can link you with soem great women
’& men from most countries in Eastern/
Central Europe and the former,Sovietl
Union. If you wanttocorrespond with a
Siberianpfinceora Bulgarian bulldagger,
Tulsa News
Tulsa Oklahomans for Human Rights
will hold its monthly general meeting at
7:30 on Tuesday, November 2 in the
Gathering Room of the HIV Resource
Center at 4154 So. Harvard, ’Ste. H-1.
Drive to the back of the office complex
and look for the lower level entrance on
the south building....,
The agenda, includes el’~’tion of new
officers, a report on the Fight the Right
conference and a feature presentation by
Alan Nitray ofOklahoma City on Lesbian
& Gay Mental Health issues.
.For .more i~formation, call TOHR’s
Helpline, 743-GAYS,
Prime Timers
’Prime TimetsiS~organization new to
Tulsa for Gay and Bisexual men over 40.
Prime Timers is primarily: a. soqial and
support organization, focusing on cultural
and reereationai activities, such as
pot-lU~k dinners, bikerides, theopera and
discossion groups. ~Member.s may bring
their partners who are under 40 if the
partner is at least 21 years old.
For more information, write:
Prime Timers
POB 521.18
Tulsa 74105
Tulsa AIDS Walk
’It was ’reported at October’s TOHR
meeting that Tulsa’s first AIDSiHIV
fundraisingwalkwas suocessful. Over 50
Feast for Friends
It was also reported at October’sTOHR
meeting that Feast for Friends, a series of
individual dinners to raise funds for THE
NAMES PROJECTraised about $6,000.
Tulsa World Watch
Several prominent Tulsa Lesbian/Gay ,
civil rights activists met with theEd~(orial.
staff0fTulsa’s only daily, theTulsa World.
Nancy McDonald, a board member of
Tulsa’s Parents, Families & Friends of
Lesbians & Gays, and the nadonal board.
of,P-FLAG, Kelly Kirby, president of
Ttflsa01dah0mans forHumanRights with
several others met with Alex Adwon, Ken
Neal, Judy Randle and other TulsaWorld
write~in a "g,et:acquain_ted"m~¢ting. "
Accrrding tO-Mrs. MeD0nald, the
Editoi’ial Board does not.grant such interviews
frequently butthe writers showed
an openess and willingness to begin a
dialogueabout.Lesbian&Gayequal rights"
issues. The hCtivists were told that if they
could just meet indiyidually with every
Oklahoman,Lesbians andGay m~n would
have no opposition related Mrs.
McDonald. The activists also lef~ information
with the writers.
Tulsa University
.Comes Out
In honor ofNational Coming Out Day,
October 11, the Bisexual/Lesbian/Gay
Alliance (formerly STIR) of the Univerthe
Bisexual/Lesbian/Gay Alliance."
About25 people attended and asked questionsabouttopicsranging
from self-hatred,
dealing with parents & friends, the status
of bisexuals, and being out on campus.
BLGA meetings are open to TU students
and students from other local campus,
es. The,meetings are.held at the Bisexual/
Lesbian/Gay- AllianceCanterbury
Ministry Center at 5th &Evanston on
Sundays at 6pro. For more info. call: 583-
Tulsa Man
Reports Assault
A Gay man leaving a Tulsa ’bar has
reported being assaulted nearby where he
had parked his car~ "Mr. Doe" related to
theParachute thatheleft theestablishment
just before 2 am and noticed 2 men in the
parking lot talking. When he got in his car,
they had managed to get in the back seat:
They beat him on the baCk and shoulders.
with a climb. "Mr. Doe". said he managed to
getthe club away from oneman andstrike
back. He reports that his assailants then
"Mr.Doe". wenttoHillcrest fortreatment
and also relates that he was questioned
eourteous.ly by a Tulsa police office~:.
For those interested in making a panel
for the AIDS Memorial Quilt, there will
bea sewingbee on Sat. Nov. 20 at 1:30pm
inthe Gathering Room Of the HIV Re:
senda stamped, self-addressed envelope" people Walked and:approximately $3,000
to: IGLHRC Pen Pal Project , .was~tO ._.be sh.ar_~ ~y.a!A..T_ulsa I-!!V
.. - - 5 that are
1565 South Sheridan, Tulsa
The Silver Star Saloon Proudly Presents
Dena Kaye
Saturday, November 28
8:30 pro, $3-
Free Two Step Lessons& $ 3 Beer Bust
Every Wednesday
Trash Disco & $ 3Beer Bust
Every Thursday
Free Line Dance Lessons & $ 3 Beer Bust
Every Sunday
Make Plans to join the Silver Star for our
New Year’s Eve Blowout! Watch. for Details!
THE PARACHUTE November 1993, OK-4
9933 East 16th, Suite 104
Tulsa 74128-
918-6630399, OKC 405-942-1062
Full time masseur available.
Please call for an appointment.
: Please bring this ad in for a 50% discount
¯¯ off one one-hour massage. (exp. 12/3/93)
4944 So. 83rd East Avenue, Ste.D, 918.665-1155
One block easton 51st from Memorial. Visa/MasterCard accepted.
Monday - Saturday, 9am- 8pro, Sunday, 1-6pm.
Certified PuNic Accountant
sity of Tulsa held a reading-of poetry by sburce Center,4154 S. Harvard, Ste..H- 1,
Queer poe~ on Sunday, October 10. On gr0und flooTrearentranc~.Eor moreinfo.
M..onda~, several niembers_~.held a public Cali~ 748-31i1:
Creating Change
DALLAS - The Coalition of Lesbian/
GayiBi Student Groups, Inc. announced
they will.be sponsoring a trip to "creating
Change", the 6th annual conference on
gay/lesbian/bisexual cohcerns and politi=
cal Organizing hosted by theNational Gay
and Lesbian Task~Force (NGLTF).
This year’s conference will be held in
Durham, North Carolina fromNovember
11. through 14. "Creating Change" is
considered thepreeminentnational forum
for lesbian/gay/bisexual activists and organizers
to share skills and dialog about
our politicaI .mo.veinent .arid discuss
strategies for the year ahead. Lastyear’s
conference in Los, Angeles .drew.o~,er
12.00 grassroots activist~and allies from
across the natiom
"The Coalition is, once
again, glad to,be able to
offer a 10w,cost alter.
native for-queer studems
and,youth :inl the
Southwestito: :pa fici,
pate directly in the natiOnal
6ivil rigtits .
movement,,, - -.
sponsored similar trips to this ~eur’s national
gay and lesbian civil rights march
in Washington D:C., as well as the"Creating
Change" conferences in 1991-and
"We know that-after attending these
events these future leaders become invigorated,
and,return some this. energy
and information toassist the in struggle at
the state, local and collegiate-level.Y~ Mr.
Dorsey and CLGBSG Congress Secretary
Jeff McCanley will also present at
this year’s conference on youth organiz2
ing and race/classjgender issues;.
The Coalition "Freedom Bus" will_de-
.part from Dallas at noon on Thursday;
November 11 andreturnback toDallas on
Moflday,Nov. 15 ~t threep.m. The f~of
$100includes rtund-trip transportation,
ahd hotel lodging .at the.arena .- R~leigh
Durham, thesiteoftheconference. O~ga-
#=ers suggest participants .should .also
Fighting for fair, accurate & Inclusive re,presentation of lesbian and gay lives!
OutMagazine tells us thatTheReader’s
Catalog; a regular adver- tiser, in the
magazine, is receiving hate mail and has
lost 50 subscribers for: including lesbian
and gay titles in the book lists. Catalogs
like this are. an important source ofbooks,
particularly for gay menand lesbians who
cannot get tea welhstocked book- store;
or whosebookstores won.~t carry lesbiun~
andTgay material.
The Reader’s Catalog ShoUld be commended-
for standing their groun~UI~etters
of support should be addressed to:
Ms. Stephanie Smith "
Mr. Don Coo, President
Hiram Walker and Sons, Inc.
P.O. Box 33006
Naya Water, a longtime supporter of
the community (and ofGLAAD/NY).has
signed on as the first major sponsor of
Gay GameslV, in the largest sponsorship
deal everffor a single lesbian and gay
event. Stu Levitan from Naya has also
- gone out ofhis way personally to support
. corporate involvement in ourcommunity.
A very.warm thanks to:
Stu Levitan
The Reader’s Catalog ...VicePresident/General Manager
250 West 57th Street N0ra-Beverages USA
New York, NY 10019 , " . ~ . 6 High Ridge Park,’B!dg.
¯ Thecatalogeanbeorderedfreeofcharge . .... _ Stamford,.CT 06905
by calling 800-733.~BOOK.(say yousaw . : ¯ = " ..............
budget $60 for.food during~e m.’p. T~e_ abe ad:in Out Magazine), ~t’s .make,up .: --: GLAAD_/~_....
trip is 0peii_to°~all gay/l~sbian/bise~U~l.... for those50 lost Subscribers!- " i: ......u 15OWest 26th.St., Ste; 503
students and youth. Seam are limited. : . : New York,. NY10001
Participants fees must be received.by the SPONSORSHIP NEWS: 212-807-1700. ~
Coalition by Saturday, November6th: .HIRAM WALKER & NAYA- ’ , .....
TheCLGBSG is-Dallas, Texas based
non-profit (50i.c3)educationa~’organiza- "
tion-founded.in 1989 to serve gay/lesbian
and:bisexual-students and youth in the
SOuthwest.- O~eiprograms include a
regional conference, a three2day leadership
skills retreat, a scholarship program,
communications network and. quarterly
student meetings in.the service, area.
For more infoi~nation,on the Creating
or for information on hd-W.to Sponsor a
~ student’s participation, contact the Coalition
atPO Box 190712, Dallas, Texas,
75219 or. call (2!4)521~53~Z ~xt. 808:
The increased interestin the lesbianland
gay market in c6rporate America has led
to an increase notonly in. advertising in .
the lesbian and gay press, but in sponsorship
ofcommunity events as well. Two
companies in particular are to be commended
for their continuedsponsorship
Hiram Walker, whose brands include
Fris Vodka, Beefeater Gin, Courvoisier
Cognac,CuttySarkScotch~ MidoriMelon
Liqueur~ and 0there(has supported over a
dozen community :organizations,_including
the Nam~s.P~oject, Astraea(HRCF,
The Center, and LifeBoat. Write~to thank=
Concert byLegendary Lesbian
Singer/Songwriters to Benefit
Herland Legal Defense Fund
Cris. William.s0n and Trot Fure, both
well know for their roles in shaping the
m .the Ciqic Cehter Little Theatrdin
¯ Oklahoma Ciiy on ThurSday, No~,ember
18 at 8 pro.
TheHerland Legal DefenseFUnd~gi~ts
tO help defray the legal cost~ fOr"~bian
& Gay parents~ Seeking to protect the_’n~
pa~efiting fights in~ilie oklahoma ~OurtS..
Currently :support is~ ’l~i.ng given to-:~
l_~sbian~iitther ~ee~.ng to,retain custOdy
of her children.
News Briefs
by AI Kielwasser
Ga~ & Lesbian Alliance Against
Defamation/San FranciscoBay Area
Homophobla Illustrated
Recently, Sports Illustrated(SI) rejected
an advertisement from the Adidas,eomparty
that featured a photo of the all-male
Canadian soccer team, wearing nothing
but Adidas Shoes. The players were not
fully nude, though. Their .hands, soccer
balls andtrophies were strategically
placed. ,
Since when has SI tlad any qualms
about running photos of semi-nude indi,
viduals? .After all, this is the same magazine
that earns its keep through annual
sales of the "swimsuit issue," which features
semi-nude women in various
Obviously, Sis decision to reject the
Adidas ad was based on nothing but sexism,
homophobia’s constant companion.
SI has sent a message that it’s okay to
sprawl semi-nude photos_in their magazine
as long-as thephotos are of women
Forillustrating sexism, homophobiaand
hypocrisy, direct criticism to Mark
Mulvoy, Editor, Sports Illustrated, and
Roger Jackson, Public Relations Director,
Time,Inc.,Time and Life Building,
Rockefeller Ce~nter, New York, NY
Spin Examines Hate Music
In the August issue of the music magazine
Spin, :Farad Chideya examines the
use of homophobic lyrics in hip-hop, rap
and dance hall reggae music.
Chideya concludes that the blatantly
homoph0bic lyrics of Such performers as
Ice Cube, Big Daddy Kane, and Chubb
Rock are an attempt to deny the existence
of homosexuality within the/African
American community.
The author also takes.note of pro÷gay/
lesbian rappers, including female rapper
Yo Yo and the rap duo Disposable Heroes
ans, ga~.men and transgendered persons.
of African, Afro-American, Afro-Caribbean,
and Afro-Latin descent.
In an open letter to Vibe magazine,
numerous lesbian, gay and transgendered
activists of African descent roundly denounce
the conclusion "that. those who
shun music or musicians who espouse
homophobia do so out of racism or culof
Hiphoprisy, whose sing(e "Language : tural insensitivity" and furthermore, they
of Violence" railed.against gay bashing.
To effectively counteract musical hate
speech, Chideya argues that more performers
need to come back with theirown
response, using rap as the format.
Send compliments to Bob Guccione,
.Jr., Editor, Spin, 6. West 18th Street,
New York,NY 10011.
Bad Vibe
The October issue of Vibe magazine
includes a scurrilou~ bit of journalistic
phlegm. In "No Apologies~ No Regrets,"
author Joan Morgan profiles Jamaican
singer Buju Banton and seeks to legitimize
the reggae singer’s homophobia on
cultural grounds.. Benton’Ssong "Boom
Bye Bye" openly advocates murdering
gay men. Tobemorespecific, Baton calls
upon listeners to shoot gays thrrugh the
In herunbalanced discussion ofBanton
and hisgay-bashing hit, Morgan manages
to dredge up endless stereotypes about
Jamaican gay men--that they are child
molesters, rapists, classist leaches, and
even that their sexual activities lead to
incest, decapitation and death. Not one
gay Jamaican.was quoted in ,esponse to
such-hateful absurdities.
Thebasicpremise ofMorgan’s article is.
that homophobia is an essential and integral
part of Black culture.. Of course, her
definition ofBlack culture excludes lesbipoint
out, "the decision of Vibe’s Editor~
In-Chief Jonathan Van Meter to publish
so biased and defamatory a piece clearly
illustrates that not all powerful, gay white
men value or respect 0~r lives."
In defending Buju Banton, Joan Mor-"
gan joins in his hate-filled campaign and
has allied herself with those whopromote
hatred rather than understanding~ Criticism
should be directed toJonathan Van
Meter, Vibe, 205 Lexington Ave., 3rd
Floor, New York, NY 10016.
The Media Access Project:
Playing Fair
Legislation to reinstate the "Fairness
Doctrine" is now pending in Congress.
Before it was disbande.d in the midst of
deregulation hysteria, the Fairness Doetrinerequiredbroadcasters
to providebalanced
coverage of "controversial" issues
of public importance. Conservative radio
talk show hosts’ and other media hate
mongers (i.e,; RushLimbaugh and clones)
are spearheading an effort to defeat this
The Media Acc.ess Project is encouraging
the lesbian, gay and bisexual communities
to support the Fairness Doctrine
bills in the House of Representatives and
Senate (H.R. 1985 and S. 333). TheMedia
Access Projectasks you to contact your
Senators and Representatives in support
of these bills (U.S. Senate, Wash-
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immm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmWnmmmmmmmmmm
THE PARACHUTE November 1993, OK-6
ingtOn, DC 20510, tel. 202-224-3121;
U.S. House ofRepresentatives, Washington,
DC 20515, tel. 202-225-3121).
For more information, call Gigi Sohn
at the Media Access Project, 202-232-
November’s In The Life
"School’s Outh Lesbian &GayYouth"-
-will examine the Challenges faced by
young queers. The program provides an
overview of emerging educational pro-
.grams, high school.homophobia, lesbian/
gay teachers, and more.
The November episode alsointroduces
a new "Fact File" feature. Among the
statistics that will be revealed: Half of all
lesbian and gay youth surveyed report
that theirparents rejectedthem because of
their sexual orientation. Fortyrfive percent
of gays and 20 percent of lesbians
~xpedence verbal harassment in high
school, and28 percentare routinely forced
to drop out because of homophobic harassment.
In The Life is not fundedby the Public
Broadcasting System. but is produced
through a national membership network.
For further information (and a copy of
the In The Life program guide) call
d-nt M~rk 14An-rick~mndelivereda
:*.~_=-*e~a~ ~ based on sexual orientation,- ~,. ~ " :~-:’. ,. -.. -;
~o-er~ emphasized t0ihe ~oun
, ~ ¯ cil ~.the bklahoma C. H~man, ~ ~f~::o~r:~’~~:~~ ., ’ Sup~. the
On Tuesday, October 5, the Rights Commission-~aff mere- order to challenge Oklaho~as
Oklahoma City Council, led by bers and volunt~ unanimously archaic sodomy laws. The con- ~i~tion
Mayor Ron Nodck, destroyed all suppoSedpassage of the pro- sensus of the coalition was .ah that
chances for local protection of -posedadd~ions to the Munici~l e~husia~ic~llingne~ to I~ig~e
basic human righ~ and civil liber. Code. . , -a~i~theS~yla~and s~vties~
In .a 6~3 vote, the Council The ~e~can Civil Li~ies ~ e[al~people Vblunteered to be- ~O~
~ruck from theiragenda therfinal Union o~ Oklahoma "expressed~-L pl~in~tiff~: ~l,~addition, it was.
h~fing ~proposed amendmen-- p~blic ~isappoin--e~:~ ina~ ~- ". ~greedth~.th~Okllh~ma Human
to A~icles II, III and IV of ChapMr tion onpa~ 0fme Six~Council~:: Righ~Project sh6u[d:;foeus on
25 ~ the Oklahoma CiW Mu~ici- m~~om~to~e:~ -~eg~st0pm~ent the~"age ~
pal c~e. Due to the p~sum~x.~ the. Oklahoma C.. H~ma~=Rig~. :..; -~~::i~[~£~:~
e~ed by Right Wing Religious’Sx-: Commis~on tO ~o~a~Deiyand ~ , of la~"~fi~, o~ina~ces s~h as
tremists, the Council refralne. ’~e~ivelyin com~ffigg~discdmi-, theone;Whichlh~Oklahoma"CiW -
from passing the ordinance be-~ ,na~o~ practices~bY~employers, -~.-,.CounCil ~uSed to~pa.:’~
cause s~xual o~enMtion was in-~ landi0rdsaadpubiiC.~cc6mm0da-~’ ~ ACLU ~’Oklahomwishesto
cluded as a prote~ed’ cat~go~: " tions In addi:UOn;ACLUIOKc~m*~ retain-tithe Oklahoma ~C~.com-
However, failure to"paSs ~he mended c0un~il me~bersMark’ " mhniw a~i~-pmsenMti0n of
amendments leaves no recourse " Schwa~,LWHla Joh~so~ and : THE:~OSPiCE."-Thisplay~ill ~
for individuals Who experience :, ~ Jackie Cam~ for~ei~€ou~geous pmsenied on ~O~tobe~23 and 29
discrimination on the ~basls of........s~nce in"s~n~:~ ~sic~h~m~n
at theWilI,Rogers Center~ 4322 N.
~; " - ; :~’n "....- ..... ~ ’~" ~ : ~t~rn~ : CUmin time Will. be at Amc~n
race, creea, color, national ong~ , ~ahts " . . . .... ~. ;;L~ ~ " .. ~.
= ¯ 8:00 RM~. on bothevenings~ The
ethnicity, gender or disability s~- On Thumday; Septem~r 30, productioo~addresses anti,gay Rcligi~.
tus. ¯ ~ ,-- ~ - ACLU of Oklahoma,in;solidad~- pmjudi~sa~d~expioresthe posi- Amc~n
Sdl" Rogers, the cu~nt. Chair" with more than an dbzen other~:~ ti~e:a~itudes,~o[~chara~ers living
of the Oklahoma ~ity Human OklahomaOroupr~, formed"the ~ with-AiDS~ Te~:pe~ofthe pro-
Righ~ Commission: presented a Oklahoma HumaO,.Righ~ P~oject. c~d~will go t0the ~IDS Suppo~.
broadband a~ay offac~ and m~. ¯ .Among~ theoth~ ~0maniz~ions. Program,, TiCkets ~ay ,be .purtistics
which dem0nstrated ~that ~- m res~hted at the meetin were . chased at Jungle Red,Lobo,-the
~n Suppo~ ~€ ACLU by Bccomin
similar ordinances, have. ~ee.0~:~ ~,~’the-National Organization of T~angle AssoCiation and the HIpassed
"m l"ocal .c.o.m.mu...m.. "~t~m’i ~s~- ~ Women,Simply Equal t the Okla-: Lo Club ~ot by calHng
across the nation. -He .alse cited homa Gay and Lesbian:Political ~
numerous co~o~te~amples of Caucus and
which include sexual qdentation) -. meetin
among Fortune 600 companies.
Also noted ~
of m
Oklahoma ,at (40S) 524-8511 and
number and a
There will also
iited ¯ number of.tickets
of performance.
ciVil Liberties Union
of Free Speech, Press
Civil. ~ibertics Unio.
.you Equality and Du~
to: ACLU,- 132 West 43rd
New York, NY 10036
10a, red & black on grey
lob, blue/green
10c~ gold on black
gay (g~) adj. ~k, joyous,free,
brilliant, merryili~htheart~
Want to stay that way...?
Fight back- COME OUT!
lOd, b]ackon pink
10e, blackon fuschia
"I €&~Think
t mgh.t,,
lOf, black on white
10g, black on grey
MAI)E -’
10x, white, pink& red on black
T-$14.95, Sweat-S19.95
Visa or MasteK?~rd# . "
¯ Name as on Card - "
Exp~ Date Daytime phone: ( ) " " - ’ "
Merchandise Total
Shipping & Handling
Grand Total
City, ST & ZIP
~hitmine .
Up to $25.00, add.S3.50
$25~01 tO 50.00, add $4.50
_ OK Residents, please add
7.5% Sales Tax
Out of the ~l~t, Inc.
suite 199,16H So. utica
Tulsa, OK 74104
918-749-2033, FAX 749-5992
¯ - . ’ Novembei: 1993,OKL7 THE PARACHUTE.
like to THANK the
for your conti
THE PARACHU3"E November 1993, OK-8
.... .....~.s.sG.a..y...O...K...~..H...O...~..A...... Fo tu 1000 Survey pa.r.tlclpants, have........n. ondlscl.osu.re]....~ ,
~=~;~i ~4D~"~
pohcy that ~ncludes .... sexual Demands ~nd to
.... ~-~ ..... ~ orientation Three;additional ~ , , .. _
.N...~v..e.m...b.e..r..~..0.~. ~3’ w-~ ....~.h.o. ~ ...C..u.~rf...i..n....0,~ CA ....(.E..G. CM) T:h...e.... ~ ~ " ~ao not: ..... ~iscriminn~.r..i.o~n.-...i.n. ~~,.~~.
n~t ~o ~mem~r in ~u~u National Gay and ~sblan Task ~0n: ~
Oklahoma Ci~y~ OK (EGCM)lu the
. ~ake of ~’eports from three Oklahoma
of the U.S; House of
;that they would not
gay people f()r their staffs,
ind is
all members of
who o~poses
::panics :include issues :related :to: discrimifiatioi~ against lesbian and gay
F@~÷~ N~$ @a~ ~A~; €ha Oh~ ..... Sextlal Orientation their ?, ,,
[ralnmg, progams: : ;
he re. ~ ~r~a~~ par, : ,
a~ og go~rs~ $~ ~rr~t Ni~ effect a cg~?ra~e: ~pQrt. ticipations C6mpani~S Congress~an Jim Inhofe, Ernest
and, while ate a ....... tew ........... i ..... f ......... ’ ~ay . employee organ zed g oups O Istook and Bdl Brewster have brought
companies w~th high marks, the the~e 31% ~o [z~ " ’
~r. Th~s Yea~ ~gean~ N~C, w$ ’ ~ ~ ~";"
, .... gn" y / discrimination against lesbian and gay
~ th~
o~ the fortune ~uuu are lesbian [ ; bl~xpa! i employee people on Capitol Hill out of the
L~ ; ........ that iewer than . ,..... , .
¯e 98
~r ~mar og Oklahoma ~y. NGLTF closet; saysum~v~cree~ey, execut~ve
Along with th~ cr~wni th~ win’ rec director of the Human Rights
~rw$ pro~ess -
for Why
bisexual. Campaign Fun~d. "We are surveying
% Of every member of the Houge and
~sking them to inform
, their stars that discrimination on the
~, basis ~f ~al orientatiOn Will no/be
offices," .... .....
Oklahoma membe{S of CongreSs
in an
October :3.
communify o new
dance c/u/z) offernofive
T,P.4 S H L) / S
5 H O ~l/ N / G H T
S0mefhing Special ~very Sunday!
s3 BEE£ BUST FROM 9- ] 2
$1_50 ioofers and Weekly Drink Specials
Alley entrance to 3340
Doors open of C~
(t:o~rnerty STROKES)
2 1 ~o enter
91 8-F44-©89@
Damaging The Immune System -
Stress is one of thegreatest damagesof
your immune, system. ~.
Many research studies have now.....
clearly demonstrated that stress
induces-illness is a real phenomenon
and stress contributes to
may-diseases. However, it is not
stre~;~;"per"say that-causes the
problem;.: but:rather howea~ch ins
divi dual. reacts to the -.stress.
Stress.causes several changes ino
the b~dy~ the most important for.~
your.im~nune system being in-.
creased ~secretions of adrenal
gland hormones.~ The~e hormones
~inhibit white: blood cells
and cause the thymus gland to
shrink,. This leads, to a significant
reduction of immune funct.ions,
leaving you susceptible tp infections,.
cancer,~ and other illnesses..
The.level of immune suppression :
is usually proportional to the level
of stress
Sugar consumption also ssdthe
abi!ity.of neutrophiis to engulf ¯
and destroy b~cterla:~ .These ~.ef~
fects start’ within lessthan 30
minutes after ingestion and last for
overfive hours: Typically, there is
atleast a 50% reduction in neutroph,
s activity two hours alter ingestion.
Since neutrophils consti,
tute 60 - 70% of your total circula~ting
white blood cells, impairment
of their activity can sedouslysuppress
your immune system~ Ingsstion
of 75 grams of glucose has
also been shown to depress lymphocyte
activity. In contrast the
¯ingestion of 110 grams of complex
carbohydrates results in no suppressive
effect on immunefunc,._
SO, ho~i much sugar does the
average ~ American Consume? A
su.rpdsing t50 grams of .sucrose ,~
very day, notincluding other sim- :
ply sugarslikelhosein fruit÷juiceoandhoney.
~ It seems likely-~that.
mostAmericanshave chronically
depressedimmune systems. ~ ~.
Obesity isalso-associat~d ~ith
dectdas~d i~mu~e~fiihctior~~¥ C~o~.
leste#orand lipid levels ’are Usu-~
ally elevated in obese indi~i~ls~
Increased blood levels off:holes;
terol~free~fatty acidS, rtriglycerides, -
and bile acidsinhibit various iramune
functionsinduding theabi!~...
ity of lymphocytes .to proliferate
and p~)duce antibodies, and the_
ability. Ofneutrophils to migrate to
area,~ of infections andengulf.and
destroy infectious organisms,
Alcohol increases susceptibility to.
experimentalinfection inanimals.
ousiy inhibits immune function. .-.and alcoholics, are .known to be
The_ingestion of just-100 grams:.... mo~e...~usc~e~p,ti~!y to p_n~u...monia.
/three ouncest of nlucose fruc anu other inrecuons. ~tuoles 01
¯ ¯ ~,~ , " " " i ’ .’~- : ~- rose, Sucrose (table sugar), or.- human neutro. phds nutritiously
¯ - even honey significantly reduces normal people, . Next.time: Damaging
the¯ Immune System~.
The Splendor_Of Truth?. ¯ PostcardsfromParadise
By: Father Marry Martin Herland Sister’Resources will
~Holy Trinity E~C.C., OKC ~-~ . presentCds Williamson and Tret
Pope John Paul !! has released Fure in concert Nov. 18 at the Civic
his latest encyclical, "Veritatis Center Little-Theater in OKC. Tick-
Splendor,,. the ,Splendor-of. ets for the perferance which ben-
Truth." it re-enforces traditional efits the Herland Legal Defense
Roman Catholic"morality .with a Fund, are .$2.S, a.n.d $~6 in ~d.vance.
vengeance with no dissent permit- Any remammgtlcksts will be
t~d from any quarter ofthe Church. at the dOord. Advance tickets are
It teachesmasturbation iSa sin;
-birth control is ~asin, homosexuality
is intri,sically evil; no abortions
for any reason; and remarried:
heterosexuals must live as
brothel and ~is~er~amoiigsome if
it’s deClarations of "truth,’.
Haven,t you had enough .yet?
Why would any gay. or !esbia~,
Rom~n~Catholic COntinue to re~
main. in a homophobic church
where they are.so condemned and
unwelcomed? ¯ . : .
f~iLindinO ofth~e Ecumenical.Catholic
Church Wasbur opposition tO
.traditional Roman Catholic morblity,
espe(~!aily concerning lesbi:
ans, gay men,,and bisexuals. We
¯ are a churchfo£~oday,- ~ith realistic
moral.valuss ~cti~ thelove
of Christ for all people. We wel:
come you into the Ecumenical
Catholic Church! _
available .at Herland Resources,
2312 N.W. 39th, OKC,
Tick.~s ~have been in great demand
since going on sale on Sept.
18: The c6nert hal/seats 390 and
.we eXpecttosell all of the tickets
before the-night of the concert,
says organizer WandaChapman.
: Crisand .Tret have just released
their first~ddo album, ~ "Postcards
From Paradies", alter collaborat~
ing in .performance setting and on
each other’s: !~cordi~gs¯ for-the
past twelve y~irs.
The:Hedand ~Legal Defense
Fund provides assistance with-le~
gal fees for lesbians appealing
child custody~:cou~t decisions.’~
More information about the Legal
Defense Fund"ro the concert is
available by ~ailing Herland.at
General Gay & Lesbian, Discussion Groups .
.Mondays, 6:30 at Red Rock - New Group starting Thursdays,6:30 at Red Rock
Couples of Mixed HIV Status
Contact Jim Carter for details.
YGLA, Young Gay & Lesbian Alliance
Discussion Group, Tuesdays, 6:30 at Oasis
Activity Group, Sundays, 8pm at Oasis
Referral Assistance
Jim& Betsy will provide free referral assistance for individuals
seeking counseling or substance use treatment.
Some support groups will requirescreening ofpartic.ipants ’to insure group Compatibility.
Red Rock HIV Counseling Services
Individual Counseling for HIVpositivepersons: andtheir~!oved ones and HIV Prevention Education.
THE PARACHUTE November 1993, OK-10
HEALING -by: Cookie Arbuckle, Director of. Other ,Optoins. Inc.
Gays have madea substantial
impact on the personal lives and
social.communities it has touched
through the nation, throughout the
world,~th~roughout all history,
throughout time. The premier per-~
Day Without Art" when presented
in NewYork by Visual Artists’.Caucus
2 Years ago..(they also brought
you the "RedRibbon") It has.become
a symbol for many and i,S
now a continuous "celebrations"
formance of classical .movie was on AIDS. Day throughoutthe Wodd.~
viewed, by the public in November Wewere not able.to bringthat kind
of 1940 at Radio City Music Hall in 0f~thinking(o Oklahoma that year,
New York City.i.: I am: sure. it " .but perhaps this year. WichIta,
Changed the lives’of millions of Kansas, another~tate of seve#e
- ~ people. It did mine.. " " conservatism, weare working on
Reading overthe histo.r~ofthat
film amazed me..one third of all , .Did you all like peter Pan, Alice
the music was ~vdtten ~by a Gay in W0ndedandwhen yougrew up,
man. Of the hundreds of artists The writers were Gaff. The most
working forfouryearsonthefilm, famous artist~s of all was. Peter
we fi~,,m~l at least half were "de. -IlichTchaikovsky ,The Nut~racker
ferent! -or openly gay.. . Suite, Cinderella,._SWan Lake~
Their boss- a man who surrounded
himself with the m~’~t~l;
ented artists available- sex-pref~
~rence did not enter the picture,~
The children and adults came
away With: a mentor to live,with
daily, musicthat filled, them full of
pictures, a way to view the wodd
from a different place, HOPEI
These ch ildren hungered for-more
and become the first generation of
DISNEY venerates. How many
other pole are being impacted by
Gays in this way. Who can say,
who will admit.
Do you know what film name it
~was? ,;FANTASIA! ~,
Sleeping. Beauty. And then there
was Shakespeare (who was
degreed-tO hai~e bisexual tendencies.)
’1 know-we can not all be
Tchaikovsky, but we all have :been
influenced,:,impacted, inspired;
motivated, iml~iled, Persuaded
andempowered ~by Gays. itis not
|ust artist. I have worked with
people form all walks of .life. The
rainbow has affected all of us
whetherwe acknowledge it or not.
I did an inservice workshop for
infusion therapy group and a phy-
~ sician .was present I knew to be
what the Gay.problem was.
We finally .decided thatGays
had the same things to worry
about that everyone else had, fear
of Ionel|~eSs;~"~hd~nment, rejection
and of coUrse on top of.that
Equal Opportunity to Heterosexual
Students Through Teaching
and Counseling". Food for
thought. Healing takes place
though ownership and responsibility..
I will try that on a hetero-
One of the nurses told me to
take being. Gay and the answer
could easily involve us all. We
did and it read as follows: Empowerment
occurs when the frustration.
of a single individual creates
a breakthrough to a differentlevel
of involvement and that parson
takes ownership of and responsibility
for.whatever is the problem.
Leann~ onebf our educators
offered me a paged training handbook
for educators titled "Affording
Equal Opportunity to Gay and
Lesbian Students Through Teachin
collaboration; They have become
the ’~teachers" in :.this field. Whyl
Because early on. the gay.population
took responsibility, So
healing, has occurred. The culture
Gay is growing, is expanding
,-is healing - themselves, and
the rest of the world.
Support those:
who support you
Patronize those who
¯ ,advertis~
2800 N.W, 39th. OKC. 405-943-0843
9n,th:Anniverssary CelebratiOn
Friday-November 26th & Saturday N0vember-27th
~. Oklahoma Leather Fantasy
Friday 27th
Open House Meet & Greet Leather Dignitaries from across the-USA and Live Entertainment
Saturday, Nov. :
Saturday,28th -
Let’s g~tOthe races.
1st Race 12noon Remington ParkSth floor Suite
All you can,meat & drink $60 per person
includes valet parking and Tip Sheets
Reservations .Only. call
.....::~:: 405-943-0843
Annual Turnabout Show
thank you for
November 1993, OK-11 THE PARACHUTE
CALL 405-495-6732
,. 919 N. x.’ir~qi~it,, OKC ¯ (405) 272-985~
*SNEAKERS is making a’change-
YOU WIN!I~ We are turning it overto you!
Show Starts at10:45,No Cover
*Open 5 days aweek, Wed thru Sat. 4pm,
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’ - *Looking for* Male-Dancbrs and a bartender
*Dart seasonsign up
.~ ..-.~ i. -i~, ~.,~4:30--TILL WHENEVER
¯ 10AM TO 6PM
ITEM CALL 728-3222
~t the workl know, you are...
Meant To Be Fit
"The t:~jinnincj c~ chan~e is ~he commitment to doso-.
Logo is two-tone pink and black, with white or
black ~ype depend/nO on color T-sh#t or cap.
Printed on the highest quality 100%
heavy cotton Tees rind .Tanks.
Available in black, gray and white.
Baseball caps (with sLitch logo) also
available in black & white only.
Shirts: $15.00
Caps: $12.00
(addS3.00/~rs & h.)
Mai/ chec~or money order to:
Meant To Be Fit
1001 N.W. 18th St. -
Oklahoma City, OK 73106-641-6
(credit card orders calL"-1-800-546-8689--
Visa, MasterCard, Discover,. American
-Express accepted:) ..
THE PARACHUTE November 1993, OK-12
Your home away from Home!
]8..0... G- ..u...estReo~ms Poolside Rooms
two Pools ,Suites Cable T.V.
" Gushers:i.Restaurant
Current,classic and progressive dance ~music.
-.Beer-bust.&:Shows.,-~.Wednesday~ &,Sunday, West end; Habana Inn complex
Pool and :Darts
¯ " 2200 NW 39th EXPRESSWAY - -- 0~I~i(~MA :ClT’g, OK 73112
(405) 524:JRED (405) 524-5733
Grds, Magazines, Leather, ]~:shirt,Gi[-ts
November 5th=Miss Finishline Pageant at
....Gushers -
Nov. 7th- Temployees Turnabout show to
benefit Triangl.e Assoc.
Nov. 6th & 7th- Paula Hand’s Dance-Workshop
Nov. 19th- Mr. OKC Leather Contest at
FRIDAY’s Beginning Nov.26th: The
Jacqulyn DeVaroe Show
Saturday Nov. 27th- OKC Classic Bowlers
Benefit Sh0.w Featuring Glitz & Glitter
from Dallas
2200.NW 39th Expy,.Okl.ahoma City, OK
¯ .Ca|Ifor Rates:.& Information
405-528-2221 :: " ns only eali! 1-800-988-~2221
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Wichita, Kansas (316)
Bars & Restaurants
Buddies Country, 4000 s. Broadway
Our Fantasy, 3201 So. Hillside 682-5494
SouthForty,3201 So. Hillside 682-5494
R &R’Brass Rail, 282~8 E. 31st 684-9009
T-Room, 1507 E. Pawnee 262-9327
Harbor Restaurant, 3201 S. Hiliside
Lessens Bar & Grill, 155 N. Market
The Upper Crust, 7038 E. Lincoln
Service & Retail-Businesses
Visions & Dreams, 3414 Maple
Watermark Books, 149 N. Broadway
Queen Anne’s Lace 733-4075
Dr. Laura Shook, D.C. 700N. Market
Roommates , 262-8444
Paradise Antiq. 430 E. Harry 269.4411
Land ofAwesInfo. Ser.POB 16782 67216
Adult Entree, 220 E. 21st 832-1816
Plato’s, 1306 E. Harry St. 269-9036
T.B.’s, 1516 S. Oliver. 688-5343
Camelot Cinema, 1516 S. Olive688-5343
Adult Entertainm’t Ctr 3721 S. Broadway
Adult Entertainm’tCtr 7805 W. Kellpgg
AdultEntertainm’t Ctr2809 N. Broadway
Adult Entree’ South, 8025 S. Broadway
Circle Cinema, 2570 S. Seneca
Wichita/Sedgwick Cty. Health DepL
1900 E. 9th 268-8441
Wichita Gay/Lesbian Alliance 1942-1786
The Lesbian Celebration 683-7561
P-FLAG,POB 686,67201-0686 687-4666
Gay Information Line 269-0913
Acceptance iC’roj. POB. 868, 67201
Religious Organ3ozatlons..,. -~-"-:~’:?~ :~.
wiCl~itaPraise ~ Worship Ctr.65i-6903:"
First Unitarian Chttt~h 684-3481
Mission of Faith Fellowship 539-0633
Junc~tlon City, Kansas (913)
After Dark Video, 1206 Grant
Revolutions, 902 W. 7th 238-6374
Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Support Grbup
Lawrence, Kansas (913)
DouglasCounty AIDS Project 843-0040
Lesbigay Services, 410 KS Union
Box 13, Kansas Univ. 66045
Freedom Coalition, POB 1991 66044
Manhattan, Kansas (913)
AIDS Project 843-0040
Flint Hills Alliance
Gay &Lesbian Info.Line 587-0016
MCC-Manhattan 271-8431
Bisexual & Gay & Lesbian Society
SAS Box 63, Kansas St.. Univ. 66506
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Bars & Clubs
Classics, 124 S.W 8th 357-1960
Expressions, 110 SE 8" 233-3622
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Adult Entertainment Ctr. 903 N. Kansas
Some Like It Hot 4732 S; Topeka Ave.
Topeka AIDS Project 232-3100
Ga’y/Les. Task Force, POB 3829, 66604
Mayors Task Force 234-6699
Gay Rap Line 223-6558
HIV Affected Group 234-8562
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aDreamland, 8807E. Admiral 834-1051
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¯Mohawk Music, 6157 E 51 P1 664-2951
¯Tulsa Central Library, 400 Civic Ctr.
¯.Chapman Student Cir. TU, 631-0000
ACT-UP, POB .532 74101
Names Proj..POB 3181, 74101 748-3111
P-FLAG,POB 52800,74152 749.4901
¯TOHR, 4154 S. Harvard, Ste. H-1
¯ GayLine Info. 743-4297
" -. ’ Shanti Hodine 749-7898
.*STIR, Tulsa U. student org. 583-9780
OldahomaAIDS Hotline 800-535-2437
Religious.Organizations "
¯Family ofFaith MCC, 500 W. ’A’ Jenks
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The Park, 2125 NW 39th 528-4690
ThePorthole,3630NW 39th 949-9837
Sneakers, 919 N.Virginia " - 272-9833
Tramps, 2201 NW 39th 528-9080
WreckRoom,2127NW 39th 525-7610
The Kitchen,2124 NW 39th 528-5133
La" Roca Mexican Restaurants
SW4th/Walker, 409 W. Reno &
.7550 N. May
Service & Retail Businesses
-Banana Products 341-8965
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Habana Inn, 2200NW39th 528-2221
Herland, 2312 NW 39th 521-9696
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Lobe’s, 2131 NW 39th 528-5!56
Deb Roberts, Entertainer 843-5624
Second Chance Credit 752-2209
.Stephen¯Scott, Masseur 525-8689
Shirley. Hunter, M;Ed/counsel0r
- 848-5429
Larry Prater,.MD, Psychiatry 232-5453
Religious Organizations
New Beginnings MCC 3136 N. Portland
Dignity/Integrity, POB 25473 360-0414
Friends Meeting. - 632:7574
Gay Christian Ecum. Council 52~;5635
Light House MCC, 2522. N. Shartel
*MCC-Tulsa, l~.23Map!eycood 838-1715.
*Canterbury Ministry Ctr.
Bars & Restaurarlts
Center Street, 10.renter St. 253-8071
The HOP, 19 1/2 Spring St, 253~8361
Ermilio’s, 26 White St~~ .~’ .. 253-8806
ChurcheS . "
MCC of the Living Springs 253-9337
Bed & Breakfast
ArborGlen,7LemaSt. 800-515-GLEN
Rock Cottage, 10EneniaSt. 253-8659
Dixie Cottage; 2 Prospect 253,7533
Southern Rose, 9 Benton St. 253-5800
Purple Iris Inn, RR 6 253-8748
Pond Mountain, RL 1 2.53-5877
MapleLeafInn, 6 Kingshgwy 253-6876
Service & Retail Businesses
Satori Arts, .81 Spring St 253-9820
Crazy Bone, 37 Spring St.~ 253-6600
Corcelli Studio, 159.Spring St.. 253-7399
Ft. Smith, Arkansas (501)
court Garden 305 Garrison 783-9822
B & B Lounge, 1004 Garrison 783-9347
Fayetteville, Arkansas (501)
Ron’s Place, 523 W. Poplar 442-3052
Wash. Cty. AIDS Task Force 443-AIDS
Gay/Lesbian Act’n Delegatiofis 521.4509
MCC of the Ozarks 443-4278
Parents-FLAG 756-8444
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Our House Lounge/Rest. 235 Broadway
Salina, Kansas (316)
~ternative Lifestyles, POB 2532, 67402
Pink Triangle Parents of Kansas
POB 153, Falun, KS 67442
Emporia, Kansas (316)
Gay & Lesbian Alliance forResources &
Education, Box 65, ESU 66801
unitarian Church, 600NW 13 232-9224..
H01y Trinity ECC, 2328 N.
Bars & Restaurants
Backstreet, 1021JessieRd.Q 666-6900
Micheal’s, 60i Center. 376-8301
Discovery III, 1021 JessieRd. : 66~.4784
Silver Dollar, 2710 AsherAve. 663-9886
HPWA, POB 4379, 72204; 666-6900
AIDS Support Group 374-’3605
RAIN-Arkansas 375-5908
The House 374-3758
PALS, People of Alter. Lifestls 374-3605
Womens Project 372-5113
Parents-FLAG 821-4865
Service & Retail Businesses
TwistedEntermmt, 7201 Asher 568-4262
Shields-Marley Studios; 117 S. Victory
Travel by Philip 227-7690
LitdeRock Conn.ections 227-7690
Springfield, Missouri (41.7
Club 1105, 1105 E. Commercial
Down Beat, 219 W. Olive 846-4572
Bolivar News, 4030 B~ilivar 833-3354 .
Joplin, Missouri (417)
Parmers Western Lounge, 720 S, Main
Partners Dance Lounge~ 722 S. Main
Oklahoma City. (405)
ACLU, 1411Classen, Ste318 524-8511
Herland Sis. Res. 2313 NW 39 521-9696
Names Project, POB 12185 625-6277
OASIS Resourcg Ctr. 2135 NW 39
OK GayPol. CaucusPOB 61186 73146
OK Gay Rodeo Assoc. 943-0843
OKC Metro Mens’ Chorus 424-1753
Pride Network 340-3575
RAIN 232-4372
ACT-UP/Queer Nation 447-4209
Womens’ Resource Ctr. 364-9424
AIDS Mastery 525-3636
A1-Anon (Gay) 947-3834
Alcoholics Anonymous 525-2437
OK AIDS Hotline 800-535-2437
Other Options 728-3222
Testing the Limits, 2136 NW 39~h
Norman, Oklahoma (405)
Simply Equal/Norman, POB 5684, 73030
OU Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance
303 Ellison Hall, 633 Elm, Norman 731319
Lawton, Oklahoma (405)
HIV/AIDS Support 248-5890/351-2820
SW AIDSNetw0rk, POB 3924, 73505
Great Plains MCC, :1416 W.-Gore
Enid, Oklahoma (405)
Phillips U. Gay/Lesbian Gm~p 242-0628
Stillwater, Oklahoma (405)
Comm. AIDS Action Network 624-2544_
OSU Gay/Lesbian/BiseX Comm. Assoc.
Student Union 040, Box 601, 74078
744-5252 ’
~. . 7". ; :-&~,~;~2.:~;@.2
(;all ar~yvchere in the worl,
from your home-just like you I
calling card to use away if’err
now. Customer servic~ and
are available 24 hours a
:. We ~rovide a
likc~ou have
hav’e now.
THEPARACHUTE November 1993, OK-14
Catholic, Church !
Hel~ Wanted _. . PERSONALS-CONT.
- Wichita
GWF- I travel KS. and"N~
send dcmo.tape to: Ele~’l~ic, Oklahoma Onbusiness. ~,Looking
Our _Third Year! Get the areas
longest running -contacts
publication for gays, lesbians, & "
bisexuals. No charge to"pla~ an
ad a~d:no forwarding fce to play by ear. -Pay little, but
respond. For -frec m"~ fO. sen’ d age reward great.. 316-651-0603.
’statement to - Personally
Speaking; P.O.-", box. 16782;
316-2694208 -Fa~ .
Free personal ads, Worldwid~
ncwslett~,chenp or free to.
HIV+, AIDSindividuals, Diccct
or discreet ads. SASE-to:
OWO]~,, #110, 116 Tustin,
Anaheimi~CA~ 92807
Circus, A~tn: David Bridg,eman~,
311 E. 7nth, Tulsa, OK. 74120
partner-0f?ightyears~Box .136 -
-Set.your own,hours! IfY0U live ~ ..- ~ .........
i in: Topeka,, or Mis:s0uri~ you ~_~t Bend,Ks.
can sell advertisement:in the . GWF mid 30’s. Professional
Parachute Call today: - seeks same .for stable
316-651"05001!~800"536"6519_ .relationship, .no drugs, social
d~nker only. I enjoy-sports,
PIANIST. WANTED: C&W music, sharing quiet times N.W. Ark-Married GWM, 40
Charismatic-:church looking for. .and hh~g:~,.Box:l23 yo, good-looking, healthy,
piano player, must:be able to " ’ seeking Married BiWM for
GWF, 30,s(~0fession~ See.ks monogamous intimate
same. for starbleii~latiOnship. NO: .friendship., You. must be 35-45,
..... s, soci~ ’~-;~~:’~ ~i :~:~ttractive’-:~ healthy; intelligent,
Amazingly ac~wate,
computerized compility _.report 25-47. Let’s get together. ,Box
for friends & Lovers only 127.
$25.00 or 6 mo.’s pcrson~!
Horoscope $29.95 43, ..5~!0, 185 ,nearly’ deaf but
Call today 1-800-460-STAR . .~..SCcking.G~ or Bi Male
FOR SALE for :~- fri’endship, possibly " s e xs, Wom ’s bar, in irelaaonshipi sb ,
OKC, 2024 N.W.- l.lth, speak to
Jauice or Michcle at
For Sale in Eureka springs,
Martha & ~Joyccs arc ..selling The
Purple Iris Inn, with an
excellent .aready built in
"Family" clientelle. Country
wooded setting, turn-key
operation, contact: _ Dinny
GWM, .mid 20’s seeks same or
.younger.- for safe fun. Bottoms
a.plu.s, but-versatile, send :photo
for Gay-.-. female friends.: :for and phone. Box:142
dinn~’ ~or-:movies. :i .have a ~...... " .......
Bi WM, 44~ handsome, healthy,
&. inteHegent, Seeks a smooth
feminine sissy GM/TV~FS in
NW.. Ark. for fun, friendship,
monogamy. I smoke. Box 142
FOR RENT " en’o : rts, ~ sh ": ~- " uiet ~sitive, and disereet Box 144 : . .. ~J y spo . ~,.:.:~q . -
Roommates servmg Wichita ..-timcS, and ha~gfun:~.:P~se../..i_
for : 5 years, Landlords _can ,.sendpietore:Box 143:i’:i. : i.~:. :: - . ~--~.., ’Anywhere USA
register without, any advmw,e .’- ~ . ~:~:: ’ " .-:¥oU*~ maSculine and
fee~ Tenants.my register:as- N.E;Kan~-: /:;:’" stndght-aeting, but. canYt find
little as-$15.00~ 1529 W.... GM-4~,-seeking.GWM f~ mate.: guys iike yourself?. Same with
Douglas 262-8~.~.~., .46-68; ,,slim¯ . buil~-~:ii,~;....~y -m~! i/good loo~ing,, good build,
:..... ¯ a-plu , bottom .: e|ocate .t0:late. 30’s,’ in ^us n. Xx.
Wanted: Locations.where gays warmer,,state, star.t. : RV..park,.. Box i41.¯
my sbare housing in Wichita, -. apple.~c~ E~t;s~dphot0; " " / "
aren~ -~:.C..all or stop :iby- p:iione Box146 i. " ~ - " :" "
" ~ . . OHah~m City,OK.... : .::! Address.
PERSON~S Have.lhome~ need mate, c0untr~ _
~: living, greater eke, GWMs0, City State Zip
GVv-M looking, for mate 47, s/p hair, smoker, trim ori~nal
look and act younger, honest, equipment, top, levi’s~camping Typeor print y~-ur ad, 25 words
romantic, non.~moker, loyal, canning, gardening. Seeks long or less.. Send with this coupon
Slim build looking for same t~m partner. Box 117 and $6.00 to: The Parachute,
Classifieds P.O. Box 11347
discreet, ¢~g.-Box 145
Bi W~M..:.::,:.33,..5’ 10, 1951bs,
Brown::~,: blue eyes, very
straight acting- and di~:
Wants friends i"~th-: same
lifestyle. Box 147
. Wichita
GWM, 25 HIV+ seeks GWM
Bnllard of Double "D"Realty, 21-35 for_ friendship and
BctryviHe, Ar. at possible relationship. Serious
1-800-748-9772 replies only~ Send photo,phong..~
Penpals welcome. Box 122
Gay male .seeking, male couples Wichita, Ks. 67202.
for fun, mid20’s. Send Photo’s Your responses will be mailed
Box 109. . " to you when they are received.
GWM - 44 Professional very TO.RESPOND TO A
.ha.h-y, li~ smooth man~ 18-30 to PERSONAL
travel and be my sugar boy, this 1 ~ Write your response, please il
summer and beyond. Please in an envelope, and seal the
send photo :,and phone, OKC envelope. Be sure to .include a
. area please. Box 125 way for the advertiser to .get in
¯ - . contact,with you.
GWM 26, travel U.S. would like 2. :.,On the scaled envelope, write
to meet ’GWM 20-30 for fun the advertisers box number in
when in your area; 5’8 1201bs, lower corner and affix postage.
looking for similar. Box 150 3. Place the sealed envelope an~
$2.00 insids a 2nd envelope:
seal and address to - The
DEADLINE FOR Parachute P.O. Box
11347,Wichita, KS. 67202
Ad will Run only for the numi~r of
ISSUE insertions paid for, unless renewed. You
must b~ ¯18 years of agg or older to use t~s
November 1993, OK-15 THE PARACHUTE

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The Parachute of Oklahoma, “[1993] The Parachute of Oklahoma, November 1, 1993; Volume 1, Issue ?,” OKEQ History Project, accessed July 18, 2024, https://history.okeq.org/items/show/454.