[2007] The Star Magazine, September 1, 2007; Volume 4, Issue 9


[2007] The Star Magazine, September 1, 2007; Volume 4, Issue 9


Politics, education, and social conversation over LGBTQ+ topics


The Star Magazine’s first issue began February of 2005. Before this issue was Ozarks Pride (2004) and The Ozark Star (2004). Follows is The Metro Star (2008).

This magazine discusses topics of AIDs, education, politics, local and national civil rights of the LGBT community, and advice for relationships and places to visit.

This collection is PDF searchable. Physical copies are also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


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Star Media, Ltd


September 01, 2007


Charles (Chaz) Ward
Victor Gorin
Greg Steele
Jeanne Flanigan
Paul Wortman
James Nimmo
Joey D.
Victor Gorin
Libby Post
Andrew Collins
Donald Pile
Ronald, Blake
Ray Williams
Jack Fetig
LIz Highleyman
Devre Jackson
Michael Leach


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2 the STAR www.ozarksstar.com
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 3
~ G~.~T $1URVII~Y
88.6% of combined Gays and Lesbians
voted in the 2004 Presidential Hection.
For the 2006 Mid-Term Hection 81.7%
combined Gay and Lesbian readers voted.
HRC and NGLTF comment on the history
making GLBT Forum August 9th on
Finley, a heterosexual woman and the
best known of the four, was renowned for
smearing chocolate on her naked body to
represent the degrad.ation ofwomen.
The Chardonnay grape variety is a classic
white wine grape grown all around the
world. The original fame of Chardonnay
comes from its success in the region of
Gay Travelers: USA Gay Landmarks
Out of Town: Russian River, CA
Dining In or OUT
GLBT Forum revue: I have to hand
it to Mike Gravel though. He referred
to "the gays" twice, but used the word
"gay" 10 times!
Introspection can lead you to better
understand yourself and ultimately to
achieve greater happiness.
ON THE COVER: GLBT Forum Participants
4 the STAR
Ne t E ecdon
could be decided by
Gays and Lesbians
San Francisco-based Community Marketing
Inc. conducted a nationwide survey earlier
this year that the STAR and you, our readers
took part. The study found an astounding
92% of gay male respondents (92.5%)
reported that they voted in the 2004 presidential
election with nearly 84% (83.8%)
reporting that they voted in the mid-term
election in 2006. Results for lesbians were
similar with nearly 91% (90.7%) of lesbian
respondents reporting that they voted in the
2004 presidentia! election and 78% reporting
that they voted in the mid-term election
in 2006. In comparison, media reports
estimate that 64% of the general population
voted in the 2004 presidential election and
just 40% of the general population voted in
the 2006 mid-term election.
Results of the STAR survey, readers were
slightly lower with 88.6% of combined
Gays and Lesbians voting in the 2004
Presidential Election. For the 2006 Mid-
Term Election 81.7% combined Gay and
Lesbian readers voted. In comparison to the
general population that is still an impressive
difference for GLBT Oklahomans and
the region. Among the results from the
STAR survey we found interesting was on
the question, "Importance of Gay Marriage"
only 30% of our readers thought it was the
most important issue. While 57.6% settled
for Domestic Partnership and/or_civil union
recognition. 12.3% felt there were more
important GLBT issues.
In the STAR "Commentary" this issue,
James Nimmo addresses the question of
" How We Should Address the Gay and
Lesbian Community" This is what our
survey found on the same question. 38.6%
said "Gay & Lesbian", 35% said "GLBT",
19.9% "LGBT", 17% "Gay Men or Worneft’
and 12.3% suggested "Alternative".
I thank our readers for the great response
we had for the STAR in this very important
survey of our community. We will be publishing
more results in coming issues.
Charles (Chaz) Ward
New National Survey
Shows Gays and Lesbians
Outpace U.S. Average
in Voting Participation
Respondents: Homosexuality I4/71l Still
Be a Divisive Issue in Ten Yeats
SAN FRANCISCO, CA A new national
survey reveals that gay and lesbian consumers
are far more likely to have voted in the
last presidential and midterm elections
than the population in general. Significant
numbers of both gay men and lesbians also
donated to a political party in the past year.
The survey also found that despite significant
social and political progress over the
past decade, majorities of both gays and
lesbians believe homosexuality will remain a
"divisive" issue in ten years.
The survey results are included in the Gay
Consumer IndexTM and Lesbian Consumer
IndexTM, precedent-setting national surveys
of more than 12,000 gay Americans and
10,000 lesbian Americans conducted by
Community Marketing Inc. in spring 2007
and set to be released later this month.
"The results of the Gay Consumer Index
and Lesbian Consumer Index demonstrate
that the political parties would be smart to
pay attention to the issues that mean the
most to gay and lesbian voters," declared
Tom Roth, president of Community Marketing
Inc. "We have far more at stake than
the average voter and we’re therefore far
more engaged in the political process."
Slighdy more than 31 percent of lesbian respondents
(31.1%) reported that they made
a financial contribution to a political party
in the past twelve months. Forty percent
(40.1%) of gay male respondents reported
that they made a financial contribution m a
politica! party in the past twelve months.
And finally, large majorities of gay male
and lesbian respondents agreed with the
statement that "homosexuality will still be a
divisive issue in the USA in 10 years."
A new national survey reveals that gay and
lesbian consumers are far more likely to have
voted in the last presidential and midterm
elections than the population in general.
Significant numbers of both gay
men and lesbians also donated to a political
party in the past year. The survey also found
that despite significant social and political
progress over the past decade, majorities of
both gays and lesbians believe homosexuality
will remain a "divisive" issue in ten years.
The survey results are included in the Gay
Consumer IndexTM and Lesbian Consumer
IndexTM, precedent-setting national surveys
of more than 12,000 gay Americans and
10,000 lesbian Americans conducted by
Community Marketing Inc. in spring 2007
and set to be released later this month.
"The results of the Gay Consumer Index
and Lesbian Consumer Index studies
demonstrate that the political parties would
be smart to pay attention to the issues that
mean the most to gay and lesbian voters,"
declared Tom Roth, president of Community
Marketing Inc. "We have far more
at stake than the average voter and we’re
therefore far more engaged in the political
More than 92% of gay male respondents
(92.5%) reported that they voted in the
2004 presidential election with nearly 84%
(83.8%) reporting that they voted in the
mid-term election in 2006. Results for lesbians
were similar with nearly 91% (90.7%)
of lesbian respondents reporting that they
voted in the 2004 presidential election and
78% reporting that they voted in the midterm
election in 2006. In comparison, media
reports estimate that 64% of the general
population voted in the 2004 presidential
election and just 40% of the general population
voted in the 2006 mid-term election.
Slightly more than 31 percent of lesbian respondents
(31.1%) reported that they made
a financial contribution to a political party
in the past twelve months. Forty percent
(40.1%) of gay male respondents reported
that they made a financial contribution to
a political party in the past twelve months.
And finally, large majorities of gay male
and lesbian respondents agreed with the
statement that "homosexuality will still be a
divisive issue in the USA in 10 years."
Community Marketing, Inc., founded in 1992, is
the global leader in gay and lesbian market research,
strategies and communications. More info: www.
Rivendell Media, Inc., America’s leading gay and
lesbian media placement firm, co produced the Gay
Consumer Index" and Lesbian Consumer Index
TM studies,
which were sponsored, in part, by Absolut. More
info: www.RivendellMedia.com
the STAR 5
I before E excep after C.
L be£ore G excep
Be£ore B? How
by Jim Nimmo
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK__ A few days ago
I was in an email exchange with some gay
guys and the thread was about the spelling
of our orientational moniker/acronym commonly
used as a short hand to describe us in
the media.
Is it LGBT or GLBT? And there’s even
LGBTQi which resembles a row on the
computer keyboard.
There was even the suggestion ofSOGI
(sexual orientation and gender identity) but
say it out loud and it sounds like an adjective
some of us could use to name the after
effects of sexual exertion rather than sexual
This year our 2007 Oklahoma City Parade
was prefixed with GLBTI, which again, said
out loud, sounds like a word for insincerity.
Why should any particular letter come
before the other? With my tongue, GLBT
comes out easier than LGBT with a more
defined rhythm, but I’m just referring to
ease of speech; being a musician I’m attuned
to that anyway. We often hear the phrase
"men and women" but we also hear "ladies
and gentlemen."
Why do we say "salt and pepper" and not
the other way round? Knife and fork, birds
and bees, paper and pencil?
Well, I think our equality movement IS
about exertion and
certainly NOT about
for their own gender-emotionally, romantically,
and erotically--are referred to as gay,
A~ I going to get hate mail from the women
because I would drop the "lesbian" term?
I could just as easily expand my dream
world and drop the "gay" word altogether
and let people have their sexual expression
without hang-ups about words and the
straight-world permission or opprobrium
these red-flag words convey.
This is what ,ve had, etymologically, before
the prudo-pseudo-scientific "advances" of
the Victorian era, when the word "homosexual"
was invented. Before that time
sex between men was plain sodomy, sex
between women was just affection. Even
farther back in some societies, sex between
older and younger men was the transmission
of the spirit and continuation of the life
force which enabled young men to become
leaders and progenitors in their tribes.
The female will ALWAYS be superior
anyway. It’s possible for them to conceive
by parthenogenesis--no male required! But
of course, the gay orientation is not about
sexual reproduction as our enemies and two
State Supreme Court decisions from 2006
would have us believe.
Gayness is about having the right to privacy
to exercise our affectional and emotional
bonds as we like with consenting adults.
Gayness is about having the same rights as
any other man or woman who has chosen
opposite-gender marriage or co-habitation,
with or without progeny.
Unless we exert with growing force our
birth-right entitlement to equality, we’re going
to be seen by our enemies as insincere. I
would like to spell my orientation like this:
And why should we
develop these sensitivities
about spellings
and acronyms?
In my dream world
(not to be confused
with my fantasy
world) people with
a yen
6 the STAR www.ozarksstar.com
w~ev.ozarksstar.com the STAR 7
Recognized by Keller Williams
For outstanding achievement 2005 and 2006
Chuck Breckenridge
REALTOI~ Whether buying or selling I’ll work hardforyou.
"At Century 21 Gold Castle our BEST
properties are our PEOPLE’
4301 NW 63rd, Suite 100
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
8 the STAR
Stephanie DeBarse
Matthew Heath-Fitzgerald
Susan Leah
Let us promote your business in a
UNIQUE & DIVERSE market. Cal~
"Gay People Aren’t Broken, and They Don’t Need Fixing"
Photo: Bob Lemon wit/~ daughter Robyn Lemon Sellers
This year’s winner was Oklahoma’s own Bob Lemon, a longtime
friend of the GLBT community and overal! champion for progressive
causes. No stranger to honors, this year he also received the
Irene Tyson Award from the Oklahoma Gay and Lesbian Political
Caucus. He’s the proud dad of 5 grown children (Del, Jim, Robyn,
Chrys & Hi Moque). The contributions and support he has given
the GLBT community are truly too numerous to list here, but now
he shares some of his reflections about what it means to him as well
as us.
INTERVIEW By Victor Gorin
VICTOR: You are a longtime champion of equality for the GLBT
community. What got you started on that path?
BOB: My first real awareness of this issue happened when we were
at a convention of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in
Kansas City during 1977. Mary Lou and I learned of a minister
who was forced to resign from his church because his son was gay.
We were living in Perryton Texas then, and very loyal to our church
and our denomination. In 1979 at another convention in St. Louis,
Mary Lou and I attended a workshop on homosexuality. It was
headed by a medical doctor from Oklahoma University who maintained
that gayness was not a choice, that they were "naturally that
way." Throughout the years we read a great deal about gay history
and equality.
VICTOR: Later on it touched your own family.
BOB: Our interest really peaked when 1993 when Mary Lou and I
learned, to our complete surprise, that our son Chris was gay when
he came out to us at the age of 36. Today he is an attorney in
Washington D,C., and we have attended functions together of the
Stonewall Democrats, but at the time we had no idea. He’d had
an outstanding background. In high school he had been Student
Body President & an Eagle Scout, and later served in the air force
as a flight instructor before becoming an attorney. Although it was
a surprise, we told him it didn’t bother us. We also adopted a young
gay man, Eli Moque Grayson, who is now living in California and
is an interior designer. He’s worked on some distinguished homes
including the late Bob Hope.
VICTOR: The Mary Lou Lemon Humanitarian Award, given by
the Oklahoma Stonewall Democrats, is named after your late wife.
Obviously she was a great friend and inspiration. How long were
you married?
BOB’. 52 years and 2 days. We had met at a high school get together
on Lake Fryor near Perry ton. She was a beautiful, blonde blue eyed
woman, and I had lots of competitors. We got married when we
were both in college, I attended Oklahoma A&M ( now OSU) and
she was at Panhandle State University in Goodwell, Oklahoma..
We had a wonderful life, raised wonderful children, and she was a
champion for equality for everyone.
VICTOR: You later had gotten involved with P-Flag?
BOB: Yes, we had gotten involved and been to their national meetings.
When I was on the board of the Christian Church Disciples
of Christ in Perryton, which I thought was a liberal church, I had
made a motion to allow P-Flag to meet at our church, as did many
others groups. That motion got a few minutes of discussion before it
was voted down, 35-1, and I was the dissenting vote. Our efforts to
change their attitudes were unsuccessful. Soon after that we left that
VICTOR: You joined Mayflower UCC when you moved to Oklahoma
City in 2000.
BOB: We attended a few times and fell in love with it, beginning
when we read their" open and affirming" statement. Not all
churches then were so accepting.
VICTOR: What is hardest for older people to give up their prejudices?
........................Continued page-23
the STAR 9
Uo So Court o£Appeals
Upholds Decision
Striking Down Oklahoma’s
Adop, on InvM
dat on Law in Lawsuit
Brought by L bda
’The Adoption Invalidation Law was
reckless legislation that jeopardized the
safety and well being of children and
undermined parents’ rights.’
DENVER, CO__ August 3, 2007 -- In a
35-page decision, a panel of the U. S. Court
ofAppeals for the 10th Circuit rejected the
Oklahoma Department of Health’s challenge
to a lower court decision striking
down an Oklahoma law so.extreme that
it threatened to make children adopted
by same-sex couples in other states legal
orphans when the families are in Oklahoma.
The ruling is important not only in Oklahoma,
but also to families across the United
States, including in Seattle and Houston,
home to two of the families who joined in
the suit.
"Today’s decision supports the lower court’s
finding that same-sex couples who choose to
adopt are entitled under the U.S. Constitution
to have their relationships with their
children respected in every state," said Ken
Upton, Senior StaffAttorney in Lambda
Legal’s South Central Regional Office and
lead attorney on the case. "N~e Adoption
Invalidation Law was reckless legislation
that jeopardized the safety and well-being of
children and undermined parents’ rights."
Although the governor and attorney general
were content to abide by the lower court’s
finding, the Oklahoma Commissioner
of Health sought review of a part of the
judgment that required the Department of
Health to issue an amended birth certificate
to the adopted child of a same-sex couple
that accurately reflected both women as the
child’s legal parents. The Court rejected the
challenge and affirmed the judgment requiring
issuance of a proper birth certificate. In
doing so, the 10th Circuit panel also agreed
with Lambda Legal that the law violated
the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the U.S.
In the opinion released today, U. S. Senior
Circuit Judge David M. Ebel wrote, "final
adoption orders by a state court of competent
jurisdiction are judgments that must
be given full faith and credit under the
Constitution by every other state in the nation.
Because the Oklahoma statute at issue
categorically rejects a class of out-of-state
adoption decrees, it violates the Full Faith
and Credit Clause."
The Adoption Invalidation Law, hastily
passed at the end of the 2004 Oklahoma
legislative session, had said that Oklahoma
"shall not recognize an adoption by more
than one individual of the same sex from
any other state or foreign jurisdiction."
Lambda Legal argued that the law was
unconstitutional based on the United States
Constitution’s guarantees of equal protection
and due process, as ~vell as the mandates
of the Full Faith and Credit Clause.
Today’s decision leaves intact a decision by
the U.S. Court for the Western District of
Oklahoma that agreed with these challenges
and held that the statute indeed violates the
United States Constitution by singling out a
specific group. Neither the governor nor the
attorney general of Oklahoma challenged
the trial court’s decision that struck down
the antigay Adoption Invalidation Law. The
appellate court’s decision also requires the
Oklahoma Department of Health to issue a
birth certificate to the daughter of a samesex
couple in Oklahoma accurately listing
the names of both parents.
In addition to same-sex couples raising children
in Oklahoma, the ruling benefits samesex
couples and their families in other states,
including two of the couples who brought
suit, Heather Finstuen and Anne Magro,
now living in Houston, and Ed Swaya and
Greg Hampel of Seattle, by ensuring they
can travel in Oklahoma without fear their
children will be rendered legal orphans.
Ken Upton, Senior StaffAttorney in Lambda
Legal’s South Central Regional Office
in Dallas, is lead attorney on the case, with
assistance from Senior StaffAttorney Brian
Chase. Sandy Ingraham of Ingraham &
Associates, EL.L.C. in McLoud, Oklahoma,
served as cooperating attorney in Finstuen et
al v. Edmondson et al.
Tulsa GLBT leader
addresses new AIDS/
Americorp volunteers
By Joey De
To most people, leaving town only a
week after starting a new job would be a
nightmare. To Oklahomans for Equality’s
new Interim Executive Director Justice
Waidner, it was an opportunity to give back
to a program that she feels changed her life
and began a life career in service.
Waidner, who assumed her new role at
OKEq on Aug. 1, addressed the latest teams
of National Aids Fund/Americorp members
just a few days later in Washington, DC
on Aug. 11. The teams, who traveled from
seven cities around the nation, including
Tulsa, were undergoing their annual "preservice"
training before beginning their year
of HIV/AIDS related service.
A two-term alumnus of the Americorp
program, Waidner took the opporttlnity to
share with the group the gravity of the realities
they will face, as well as the humanity of
service. "The opportunity to serve our communities
in this fashion through educating
people about this insidious disease and
supporting those living with it truly is an
awesome life changing gift," said Waidner.
Using her personal stories about engaging
drifter youths, befriending an HIV-positire
eight year old and having to give her
first positive test result, \Vgaidner spoke deeply
and personally to the group to prepare
them for the year ahead. "You will educate,
fight inequality, challenge stigma, support,
rise up, be present, and stand on the side of
social justice. You will be changed and make
change," she emphasized.
W’aidner was later asked to administer
the Americorp Oath of Service to the group,
officially marking the end of their training
and the beginning of their one year service
commitment. "You are my version of
gels in America,’" she remarked just shortly
For information about the National
AIDS fund or the Americorp program visit
10 the STAR www.ozarksstar.com
WASHINGTON, DC __ On August 9, 2007, the Democratic
presidential candidates took part in a national forum on issues
facing gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans, sponsored
jointly by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation and Logo. The
following is a statement by Human Rights Campaign President Joe
Solmonese on the event:
"This was an important night in the fight for equality for GLBT
Americans. We pulled the curtain back a bit and gave all Americans
a deeper look inside the candidates’ core beliefs about the issues
that affect our community. From repealing ’Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’
supporting equal employment rights, providing full funding for
the HIV/AIDS epidemic, to eliminating the Defense of Marriage
Act, these candidates went on record and committed to fighting for
equality in all sectors of our society. Unfortunately, we have more
work to do. The overwhelming majority of the candidates do not
support marriage equality. While we heard very strong commitments
to civil unions and equality in federa! rights and benefits,
their reasons for opposing equality in civil marriage tonight became
even less clear. Over the course of the presidential campaign, we
will continue to ask these questions and demand real answers from
the candidates who appeared -- and from those who didn’t show
up. The next president must be committed to not only doing what’s
achievable, but also what’s right."
The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organization
working to achieve gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender
equality. By inspiring and engaging all Americans, HRC strives to
end discrimination against GLBT citizens and realize a nation that
achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all.
Great, now say it on the stump.
"Slllgood andsome great, but now we need all the candidates
--particularly thef~ontrunners -- to take a standfor us on the
stump, inj~ont ofall audiwaces. "
Matt Foreman, Executive Director, National Gay and Lesbian Task
Force, Inc.
WASHINGTON, DC__ The 2008 Democratic presidential
candidates, except for Sens. Joe Biden and Christopher Dodd, addressed
lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues at a forum aired
Augkust 9th on the Logo cable channel.
Statement by Matt Foreman, Executive Director
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Inc.
"It’s great that tonight the 2008 Democratic candidates reiterated
their support for many issues critical to lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender Americans, like long-stalled protections from
discrimination and hate violence, repealing ’Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’
and rights for our families. In 2004, at a similar forum also organized
by our friends at the Human Rights Campaign, Democratic
presidential candidates said the same thing.
’Tkll good and some great, but now we need all the candidates,
particularly the frontrunners, to take a stand for us on the stump,
in front of all audiences. The Republican side hasn’t given up using
gay people for political gain and most of the Republican candidates
bash us everpvhere they go. But so far, the Democratic frontrunners
rarely talk about us except at our events, such as tonight, or when
asked a specific question, and even then, they tend to freeze up.
"That’s got to stop. We challenge the Democratic frontrunners to
step from behind the lavender curtain and consistently, unapologetically
speak for our fundamental humanity everywhere they go.
"On behalf of our national community, we want to thank Joe
Solmonese, Melissa Etheridge, Jonathan Capehart and Margaret
Carlson for pressing the candidates on key issues, including marriage
McPride Family Picnic in Chadick
Park, McAl[ester -Saturday, September
22nd, 11 a.m.- 5 p.m.
MCALESTER, OK(PR)__McPride is hosting the Third Annual
Family Picnic, Saturday, September 22nd at Chadick Park, McMester,
OK (6th and Delaware), from 11 a.m. until 5p.m. for gay, lesbian,
bisexual, transgender, allied (GLBTA) and interested people.
The picnic wil! feature speakers, singers, games, booths of information
and fun for all people - gay and straight alike.
Come out for an afternoon of fun and heart warming experiences.
(Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed in Chadick Park.)
Living up to our mission, we believe it is important to create an
opportunity for GLBTA people to be visible and to share our pride
in who we are, express the love and acceptance of our
families, create an opportunity to meet and get
to know us.
You have an opportunity to be involved on many levels in this great
event. Plan to attend, be a sponsoring organization/church, a
supporter, an entertainer, or a volunteer. Help make this picnic a
bigger success than last year’s!
Table space is available for pro-GLBTA groups who would like to
display and/or sell resources at the picnic. Space must be reserved in
advance. Contact Paul at 918-329-7820 or www.mcpride.org
more information.
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 11
An analysis of the candidates’ questionnaires on issues of concern to the GLBT community
Federal Recognition of State-Level
Same-Sex Unions 1
Supports recognition by the federal government
of a state’s legal recognition of same-sex
couples for purposes of fe.deral benefits and tax
Supports passage of a federal bill prohibiting
job discrimination based on sexual orientation
and gender identity
Hate Crimes
Supports passage of a federal bill that
gives authority to the federal government
to investigate and prosecute violent crimes
motivated by bias against the victim because of
their sexual orientation, gender, gender identity
or disability
Same-Sex IVlarriage
Supports allowing civil marriage rights for
same-sex couples
Civil Unions
Supports civil unions for same-sex couples
Federal Benefits for Same-Sex
Supports extending federal benefits, rights,
privileges and responsibilities to same-sex
couples and their children provided the
partnership meets certain federal standards of
commitment and mutuality of interest
Coverage Under the FIVILA
Supports expansion of the Family and Medical
Leave Act to cover domestic partners and their
Access to Survivor Benefits
Supports paying survivor benefits to the same-sex
partners of gay and lesbian people
2 the STAR
+ ÷ ÷ ÷
÷ ÷ + ÷
union b~¢~n c~-~e m~ a~qd eaa woma~ ~husb~.nd a~d ~e~ and the word !s~ase referson~to~a~~esex~,~ !s:a~sbar’,d ~a
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 13
August 1990 (17 years ago last month): The
National Endowment for the Arts rejects an
appeal from four artists who 10st funding due
to the controversial content of their work.
Who were the NEA Four?
he "NEA Four" - a gay
man, a bisexual man, a
lesbian, and a heterosexual
feminist - played a prominent
role in the culture
wars of the late 1980s and
early 1990s, when they challenged the withdrawal
of their funding from the National
Endowment for the Arts and a decency
clause imposed on grant recipients.
Founded in 1965, the NEA was mandated
to consider cultural diversity in its funding
decisions. But by the mid-1980s, public
support for the arts was threatened by an increasingly
conservative political climate. In
1989, Republican la~vmakers and religious
right groups launched a campaign against
what they deemed morally objectionable art.
Opponents ~vere particularly incensed that
NEA funds had indirectly supported the
work of Robert Mapplethorpe - renowned
for his homoerotic and sadomasochistic
images - and Andres Serrano, who photographed
a crucifix in a jar of urine. During
a time of moral panic about homosexuality
and AIDS, conservative columnist Patrick
Buchanan, among others, saw public funding
of controversial art as a key battleground
in a "culture war" against traditional values.
At the behest of Rep. Dick Armey (R-Texas),
more than 100 legislators signed a letter
to NEA chair John Frohnmayer threatening
to withhold federal support if the agency
continued to fund "morally reprehensible
trash." In the fall of 1989, Congress passed
an amendment - introduced by Republican
North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms - barring
the use of federal money to support
work that could be considered obscene,
induding "depictions of sadomasochism,
homoeroticism, the sexual exploitation of
children, or individuals engaged in sex acts."
Following a vociferous debate, Congress
reauthorized the NEA in 1990, but added a
provision that the agency must consider not
only artistic merit, but also "general standams
of decency and respect for the diverse
beliefs of the American public."
In June of that year, citing the new clause
and "certain political realities," Frohnmayer
rejected grants to four solo performance
artists - Karen Finley, Holly Hughes, John
Fleck, and Tim Miller - that had been
unanimously recommended by a peer review
Finley, a heterosexual woman and the best
known of the four, was renowned for smearing
chocolate on her naked body to represent
the degradation ofwomen. Hughes
(a lesbian and former anti-porn feminist),
Fleck (a gay man whose act included urinating
onstage - but not, as accused, on a
Bible), and Miller (a bisexual AIDS activist)
all included explicit homosexual themes in
their work.
In addition to the NEA Four, conservatives
also objected to federal funding for Marion
Riggs’ film about the black gay experience,
Tongues Untied (1989), the GLBT film
company Frameline, and the work of Ron
Athey, an HIV-positive artist who incorporated
ritual body raodification and bloodletting
into his performances.
Civil libertarians and queer activists reacted
with outrage to the encroachment on freedom
of expression, but little support came
from the straight left or the mainstream arts
establishment, because, as Hughes explained,
"anxieties about sexuality, the body,
and race are not just anxieties of the right,
they are anxieties also of downtown artists."
After the NEA rejected their request for an
appeal in August 1990, the four defunded
artists - with the support of the American
Civil Liberties Union and the Center for
Constitutional Rights - filed a lawsuit in
federal court demanding reinstatement of
their grants and rescinding of the NEA’s decency
provision, arguing that the guidelines
were vague and unconstitutional. In 1992,
federal district judge Wallace Tashima ruled
in their favor; the government, he said, does
not have "free rein to impose whatever content
restrictions it chooses," since "the right
of artists to challenge conventional wisdom
and values is a cornerstone of artistic and
academic freedom." Four years later, the
Ninth Circuit Court upheld Tashima’s ruling.
The NEA Four won a settlement reinstating
their original grants and awarding
legal costs, but the Clinton administration
appealed the lower court decision regarding
the decency clause. In June 1998, the
Supreme Court ruled by a vote of 8 to 1
that Congress has wide latitude to set spending
priorities. Wrote Justice Antonin Scalia,
"Avant-garde artistes...remain entirely free
to epater la bourgeoisie [shock the middle
class]; they are merely deprived of the additional
satisfaction of having the bourgeoisie
taxed to pay for it." However, the sole
dissenting justice, David Souter, said that
the law carried "a significant power to chill
artistic production and display."
Mthough the original NEA implementation
language stated that it was the government’s
proper role "to help create and sustain
not only a climate encouraging freedom
of thought, imagination, and inquiry, but
also the material conditions facilitating the
release of this creative talent," the NEA Four
case illustrated a shift in public support for
the arts. In 1996, Congress cut the agency’s
budget from a high of more than $170 million
to less then $100 million, and the NEA
ceased funding individual performance
artists; legislators increased the budget in
subsequent years, but never to its former
Perhaps an even more profound outcome
was the chilling effect it had on artists.
"There’s enormous commercial pressure to
be more mainstream," said Hughes. ’’A lot of
the counter-cultural edge has really disappeared."
For further reading:
Bolton, Richard (editor). 1992. Culture
W-ars: Documents from the Recent Controversies
in the Arts (Ne~v Press).
Brenson, Michael. 2001. Visionaries and
Outcasts: The NEA, Congress, and the
Place of the Visual Arts in America (New
Wallis, Brian, Marianne Weems, and Philip
Yenawine (editors). 1999. Art Matters: How
the Culture Wars Changed America (Ne~v
York University Press).
14 the STAR www.ozarksstar.com
EUREI’CA_ SPPdNGS, AR~55 antique
dealers from 14 different states will converge
on this Ozark town November 17 and 18
for the 19th Annual Eureka Springs Fall
Antique Show and Sale. A special Wine
& Cheese Preview will be held on Friday,
November 16, 5:30-7 p.m. The popular
yearly event will be held at the Inn of the
Ozarks Convention Center, Hwy. 62 West.
This is one of the ldckoffevents for the busy
Thanksgiving and Christmas season.
Attendees will pay $10 for this first chance
at the antiques brought by dealers from
around the country. This fee covers all days.
Regular show hours on Saturday are 10 am
to 6 pm and 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday.
Admission price for this event is $ 2.50,
good for both days.
This well-attended show not only draws
dealers from many states, it also brings
customers fi’om as many as 23 different
states. "By now, most antique lovers around
this part of the country know that the third
weekend in November and the third weekend
in March are devoted to antiques here
in Eureka Springs," according to Jane Baker.
She and her husband, Dave, are show
managers. "This is our 19th fall show and it
looks to be better than ever," she added.
For more information on the festival, contact
Dave or Jane Baker at 479-253-7551
or bakerdj@cox.net. For details on Eureka
Springs tourism, call 1-866-947-4387 or go
online at www.eurekasprings.org.
In Memoriam
Michael Shane White
1971 - 2007
TULSA, OK __ Michael Shane White
ofTulsa, born July 2, 1971 passed away
August !3th, 2007 after a long fight with
cancer. He is survived by his partner Jackie
Hickey, father Chester and wife Barbara
White of Sapulpa. His mother Roxanna
Porter of Otdahoma City and sister Stephanie
White of Choctaw, OK.
Shane enjoyed his friends, family, traveling
and tending the garden he and Jackie grew.
He especially loved early morning walks in
the garden when the roses and hibiscus were
in bloom.
Shane will be truly missed by his loving
family and friends.
8 parts lemon
(Absolute is good)
1 teaspoon Grand
1 teaspoon fresh lime
Lemon twist
Combine liquid ingredients
in a cocktail shaker with
cracked ice and shake well.
Strain into a chilled co£ktail
glass and garnish on
fwist. ~ ~
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 15

~ fresh
~pper, ring of raw
and head chef
over medium heat.
ice, pepper, paprika,
rice-bohemio-and a green
can in mexican
jalapeno pep-
, Puerto Vallarta see
Donald Pile and Ray Williams
you besides seein
hal ~ndmarks.
ay Landmarks? Below is a list ofsome of our favorites:
the Greenwich Village in New York
was located a 53 Christopher Street. On
from an overdose HARVEY M]
June she was buried and a wake
byher gay" fans at the Stonewall Inn in New York. In the
lr~ of2~ JMe the police decided to raid the StonewaJl. ~he
tl ri0ts were a series o£violent conflicts between the New
~ anc ps of gays rd mt began during the early
, : 28~ :l laste~t for ;evera~ da ~’s. AlsD called t~e
[I rStonewalt, the clash was a watershed
, as gay people had never
large numbers to forcibly resist police.
was vac.oait and closed for most of the
in the early
have set off mc
and D,
Ztub was formed.
¯ Out of the ashes,
Francisco. Be~bre
mid dancing dwarves,
br pushing [he envelope.
ht ~n gay pride ~vhen it
transparent windows on street side..
in the heart of the Castor district
St. in New
York City*.
%e world s
first gay
and lesbian
it has been
see of Oz with
; red velvet sears and
ueen ~travaganzas
e. in New York
is named after
San Francisco
but the seeds were in place much"
(founded by Phillis Lyon
)KSTO~, 15 Christopher
shop opene
COMMUNI~ CHURCH, 8714 Santa Mon- its ~oors fo
24 countries.
church in the world. Founded
¯ without undermining of a store that
Street, a block
chain bookstores,
is: www.oscarwiI-
429 Castro St, in San Francisco (photo ........................Continued n~t page
922, the Castro Theatre is San Francisco’s
prawns served with a mango whittle white dipping sauce, Cherty
Cola Caribbean BBQ Ribs, Chicken Satan; Cordon Bleu and a
grilled Cornish hen with a orange tequila mad brandy sauce. They
also serve t}esh steamed mussels euro style with whittle wine and
chicken broth to name a few. ~q~eir grilled red snapper with Spa~>
ish rice is to die for. N~ev even serve the best Itali~ meatloaf with
twice baked potato this side ofNew York Cib" and Cajun friend
chicken, baked ziti pasta and the best veggie burgers in the u,fiverse
made ~r0m scratch fbr you vegetarian lovers. Care Bohemio has been
written up i~ the New YorkTimes Sunday travel section. It is quite
the gay travelers ~nner stop when in Puerto Valtarta. Reservations
are re£0mmended on high ~eason Nov-April as they only have 17
You can email as well lbr reservations at ca_febohemio@hotmail,
corn or call when in town at 322-t34-2436. Chris and Sol hope to
open a Care Bohemio in the near future in fabulous Palm Springs
CA, Both are wonderful guys and good friends of ours. We wish
by Donald Pile & Ray Williams
Featuring Cuisine From Coast to Coast
HEMIO, Puerto Val~arta, Mexdco
127 Rodolfb Gomez is located in the roman-
?uerto Vallarta. Mexico, one block from the Dia de los
leach axed located next to the San Marino Hotel. It’s locagay
bars are located.
former owners of the
md B in San Francisco 3ened Care Bohemio 5
several years and have
San Francisco. Sol is
has created a fabulous inmrnational menu with a
a~ veiT aflbrdable prices. "Ihey have a popular
, hours daily from 5-7 and 11-midnight with
3ecials where drinks are 2 for 1 all
N. Schrader
Boulevard in Los _Angeles. ~Ihe first gay community center in the
country began in 197t, It is the largest gay C0mmunivy center in the
United States.
iuesoays are tini "thesdays where martinis
¯ long. Wednesdays are also popular with their 2
is served al fresco outdoor dining under a large mango
tables complete
house, One Pemberton Square in B0S{0n. ~& the debate over
marriage continues today, rhh Supreme Judici~ Court of Massachusetts
took a big Step by becoming the first State to legalize same-sex
marriage in May of 2004.
landmar~ and it is a marvelous
your bohemian experience is a memorable
$10. American dollars - yes you heard
Always remember to have fun when traveling, meet new people and
ght! and all meals include at no extra cost homemade chips talk to everyone!
salsa- a cup of their famous soup of the day and fresh bread.
not frozen and all desserts are made on the
no pre-mixes
85% of their clients are repeat customers. Some of their
dishes include Shrimp Coco Mango, jumbo coconut
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 19
I~orbel, one ofthe Russian River’s top wineries, offers tours oftheproperty and also has a superb
gourmet deli that’s perfectforpicking up picnic supplies and light lunches. (Photo by Andrew
chocolates. And Wayne Skata Jewelry &
Antiques carries some of the most intriguing
decorative items and household gifts
Nestled in the redwood-shaded western
reaches of Sonoma County, the Russian
River Valley is one of Northern California’s
most relaxing and gay-friendly weekend
getaways. Although the area is occasionally
ravaged by wintertime floods, it offers cool
and typically sunny weather much of the
year, especially in summer. The area comprises
the towns of Guerneville, Forestville,
Monte Rio, and - where the river empties
into the Pacific - Jenner. Gay folks have
been weekending here for more than three
decades, and the area has always been a
terrific spot for camping, canoeing, hiking,
and simply relaxing amid peaceful and picturesque
surroundings. More recently, the
eastern reaches of the area have blossomed
into a hub of superb wineries.
Although a steady influx of well-heeled San
Francisco professionals has given the Russian
River a slightly more polished sensibility
in recent years, Guerneville and its
neighboring communities still look and feel
unpretentious - even a bit raffish - compared
with such swanky Wine Country towns as
Healdsburg and Rutherford. This is a spot
where flannel shirts and jeans are
20 the STAR
as much in vogue as designer wear. Life here
moves at a snail’s pace, and that’s how most
locals prefer it.
The river defines not only the community’s
personality but also the region’s geography.
It’s a threat, to be sure, but it’s also the
reason devotees love the area. Perhaps the
leading activities in summer are floating for
several miles down the river on inner tubes
and embarking on one ofthe popular canoe
expeditions offered by Burke’s Canoes. For a
spectacular hike, drive a few miles north of
town to 800-acre Armstrong \Voods, home to
some of the tallest and oldest trees in northern
Ifyou’re hit with a rainy day, fear not:
Downtown Guerneville holds an increasingly
intriguing selection of shops. Possibilities
include the Five & Dime, with its old-fashioned
candy section and offbeat gifts; Stone’s
River Feed, a whimsically stocked pet-supplies
store; River Reader, a quirky bookshop
with a GLBT section; and Kings & Q~eens,
which stocks cool vintage threads. At Hemp
& Chocolat, you can pick up - you guessed it
- hemp clothing and accessories, along with
gorgeous handmade
Wine-tasting is a top pastime in these parts,
and a great way to begin your explorations is
by consulting with David DeVries and John
Haggard, two knowledgeable and friendly
experts on local wine who operate Sophie’s
Cellars, a wonderful little wine and cheese
shop in Monte Rio. These guys can recommend
and make introductions for you at
several high-quality, lesser-known vineyards,
some that aren’t otherwise open to the public.
If you’re out exploring on your own, the
best winery-hopping plan is to drive east of
Guerneville on River Road. Just outside of
town, stop at Korbel Champagne Cellars,
which is headquartered in a century-old,
creeper-covered brick building. The facility’s
Korbel Dell and Microbrewery is a delightful
spot to grab lunch - it serves superb
panini sandwiches (try the one with salami,
Brie, tapenade, roasted peppers, and greens),
prepared salads, and fresh-baked sweets, and
there’s seating on a !ovely tree-shaded deck.
Continue along River Road and make a left
onto Westside Road, following this toward
Healdsburg. Over the next several miles,
you’ll encounter one exceptional winery after
another - best bets include Gary Farrell,
Porter Creek (amazing pinot noirs), Davis
Bynum, Hop Kiln, and Roshambo.
Alternatively, explore the wine-growing region
south of the river. Fine vineyards in the
towns of Forestville, Graton, and Windsor
include Joseph Swan, La Crema, DeLoach,
Topolos, and Hanna. Many businesses and
accommodations in the area distribute free
"Russian River Wine Road" brochures and
maps, which can help you plot your oenophilic
journey - or log on to www.wineroad.
com to see the maps there.
Where there’s great wine, there’s great food,
and Guerneville has gradually improved
as a culinary destination in recent years.
Charizma Wine Lounge and Dell is a relatively
new spot for breakfast, lunch, dinner,
wine-tasting, and live jazz some nights. Sophisticated
but well-priced options include
a baked Petrole sole with mango-jasmine
rice, baby beans, and blue mussels, and the
smoked-ham and provolone sandwich with
.............Continued next page
peach-and-onion barbecue sauce. Cape Fear cafe is another very good
lunch source - it’s in a small complex ofhistoric buildings a scenic 15-
minute drive south of Guerneville.
When it’s a good old-fashioned burger you’re after, drop by gay-owned
Bob N’ Boy in downto~vn Guerneville. Chase down your burgers,
hot dogs, and fries with Red Hook beer. Grab breakfast, lunch, or an
afternoon espresso snack at the Coffee Bazaar, just offthe main drag
along Armstrong Woods Road. The sunny little cafe with free Wi-Fi
has wonderfully hearty soups and sand~viches, egg dishes, cakes, cookies,
and similarly enticing treats.
In Forestville, you’ll find a couple ofthe region’s best restaurants,
including Mosaic Restaurant and Wine Lounge, which serves first-rate
contemporary American fare, and the famed Farmhouse Inn, Restaurant,
and Spa, which has garnered all kinds ofawards and kudos for its
innovative cuisine. A typically delicious dish here is the plate ofseared
pork medallions with caramelized onions, black Mission figs, and
parmesan polenta.
With dinner out ofthe way, don’t overlook Guerneville’s gay nightlife.
Some ofthe restaurants in these parts have lounges or bars popular
with the GLBT crowd, and then there are a couple ofself-standing
bars. One spot that’s friendly with men and women, old and young, is
the Rainbow Cattle Company, a former gambling hall, which draws a
genial, outgoing bunch, many ofwhom tumble in after 11 for a nightcap...
or two...or seven.
Across the street is Club Yamagata, a space that’s gone through a few
incarnations over the years and was known until recently as Liquid
Sky. It opened in June 2007 as a hip, mixed gay/straight lounge serving
everything from fancy sake-infused cocktails to green teas, smoothies,
and appetizers. The Asian-themed spot offers a departure from
Guerneville’s somewhat predictable scene. Another good bet is the
Triple R Bar at the Russian River Resort, xvhich is home to a pool bar,
video lounge, and piano cabaret. The live entertainment and several
chatty bartenders are sure to keep everybody’s spirits up.
The Russian River has a number ofgay-popular accommodations, the
most romantic being the posh yet unpretentious Applewood Inn and
Restaurant, which is a few minutes’ drive south ofdowntown Guerneville.
Half of the elegant rooms are in the main 1922 Mission Revival
house; the others are in a newer building done in the same style. All
are loaded with antiques and have European down comforters, and
many have hot tubs and fireplaces. Applewood also contains the best
restaurant in the area, serving such stellar Mediterranean-influenced
victuals as braised rabbit with potato gnocchi, bacon, and English
Recently purchased by helpful and enthusiastic couple Dana Murphy
and Brian Siewert, the former Ridenhour Inn received a top-tobottom
makeover in 2006 and has emerged as the dapper Sonoma
Orchid. This sunny yellow farmhouse set high on a bluffalong River
Road (very near the Westside Road wineries) has a hot tub in back,
six guest rooms in the main house, and four more contemporary and
private units in a separate cottage (some of these have fireplaces).
Welcoming ofkids as well as pets, the Sonoma Orchid is nonetheless a
peaceful, romantic hideaway- a terrific addition to the Russian River’s
gay-friendly lodging landscape.
Other gay-popular accommodations ofnote include the long-running
Russian River Resort (aka the Triple R), a highly social spot with clean
and comfy motel-style rooms that received a top-notch makeover in
2006. A rustic but neatly maintained compound of 1920s cottages,
the pet-friendy Fern Grove is another highly recommended establishment
- many of the knotty-pine units have fireplaces.
You don’t often find a predominantly gay resort owned by a straight
couple, bui the reasonably priced, beautifully situated Highlands
Resort is just that. Friendly innkeepers Ken and Lynette, who know all
there is to know about the region, operate this rambling 3-acre spread
tucked beneath the boughs ofto~vering redwood trees. Accommodations
are set in a series ofsecluded, nicely appointed cabins, many of
them with fireplaces, refrigerators, and coffeemakers. It’s a peacefu!
spot (no TVs or phones in the rooms), and nudity is permitted around
the pool and hot tub. When you’re truly looking to get away from it
all, this compound, just a five-minute walk up the hill from downtown
Guerneville, makes the perfect escape.
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 21
Campaign Memo
Lesbian Notions, at the HRC/Logo Democratic candidates’fot~m.
After watching the Human Rights Campaign/
Logo presidential forum, I decided a
memo to the LGBT handlers, counselors,
and advisers to the candidates was in order.
Memo to LGBT Candidate Advisers:
Thanks for making sure your candidate was
at the forum, but I think some of them
needed a bit more prep time. I took the liberty
of perusing the forum transcripts, and,
honestly, each of the candidates needs help
with his or her language.
In the approximately 15 minutes each
candidate had on screen, the actual use of
the words lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender
was at a minimum. Barack Obama
said "LGBT" five times, "gays and lesbians"
three, added "transgender" once, and said
"gay" twice in the same sentence - "they’ve
got gay friends, they’ve got gay family members."
John Edwards said "lesbian and gay
couples" three times, Dennis Kucinich said
"gay" once, Bill Richardson said "gay and
lesbian" four times, and Hi!lary Clinton said
"gay" and "LGBT" one time each.
I have to hand it to Mike Gravel though.
He referred to "the gays" twice, but used the
word "gay" 10 times!
It might be old-fashioned of me, but I gauge
a candidate’s comfort with our community
with her or his ability to actually say the
words. It’s one of my litmus tests.
You need to prep your candidates better
- when they’re addressing an audience filled
with lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender
people, they need to say the words.
In essence, they need to speak directly to
us - not use euphemisms, with which the
evening’s forum was rife.
A few specific, well-placed references to us
would have worked wonders for Obama
when he spoke somewhat aw~vardly about
civil unions. He said, "I am a strong supporter
of not a weak version of civil unions,
but of a strong version, in which the rights
that are conferred at the federal level to
persons of- you know, who are part of the
same-sex union are compatible."
22 the STAR
Now wouldn’t it have been better if the
"Rock Star" candidate - as he was referred
to at the forum - said the following? "I am
a strong supporter of civil unions where all
the federal rights, privileges, and responsibilities
are conveyed to lesbian and gay
couples." Short, sweet, and to the point.
Edwards needs to know that it’s OK to say
"lesbian and gay youth" or "LGBT youth."
It doesn’t mean you’re recruiting for our
side. He was eloquent when speaking about
the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community
Center and the work it does for our
homeless youth, but a few references to the
specific population he was talking about
would have served him well. He pondered
"All she needs to
do is say "LGBT" or
"le.sbian and gay"
a tew more times,
and more of us will
be eating out of her
hand, thanking her for
the crumbs while she
consumes the cake."
that "without that place [the LA Center],
where would these - where would these
young people go?" How much stronger,
how much more emotional would it have
been if he said, "Where would our LGBT
youth go?"
Edwards also needs a little help saying
"transgender" and "transition." In answering
a question regarding Susan Stanton, the
transgender city manager of Largo, Fla.,
who lost her job after transitioning, Edwards
couldn’t say "transgender." He talked
about "going through what they’re going
through." When referring back to the question
during his closing remarks, he spoke of
Stanton’s firing as a case of discrimination
based on sexual orientation - wrong! She
was fired because of gender identity.
All I can say about Kucinich is that if he
really wants to be taken seriously, he’s got to
tone down the love! Sure, he’s great on our
issues, supports same-sex marriage and everything
else we want. He may be "evolved,"
as the forum’s emcee, Margaret Carlson,
suggested, but honestly he sounded like a
flake - not someone who is presidential.
Didn’t anyone prep Richardson at all? We
appreciate his record - his calling a special
session just to get a domestic-partner bill
passed (which didn’t happen). But to not
understand a simple question on whether
or not being gay is a choice is just politically
His take on "don’t ask, don’t tell," however,
was good. "When you have an America that
is asking men and women to fight and die,
the last thing you need to do is give them
a lecture on sexual orientation." Right you
And then there was Clinton - as slick and
smooth as ever. Her answer about opposing
same-sex marriage was brilliant: "Well,
I prefer to think of it as being very positive
about civil unions." She’s taken a cue from
Bill - triangulate, triangulate, triangulate.
She’s put her own spin on the issue of civil
unions, leaving anyone who disagrees with
her on it looking like the odd person out.
All she needs to do is say "LGBT" or "lesbian
and gay" a fe,v more times, and more
of us will be eating out of her hand, thanking
her for the crumbs while she consumes
the cake.
Then there’s Gravel. Too bad he’s not electable.
He had the LGBT rhetoric down, but
it was a little strange when he kept referring
to "the gays" who support him - the gays in
New York, the gays in San Francisco, the
gays in Alaska.
I found his honesty about the political scene
refreshing and wish he hadn’t left elected office
some 25 years ago. We need him in the
Senate now more than ever.
So there you have it. There may not be another
national forum on LGBT issues in the
2008 election, but there will be plenty of
opportunities to get your candidates talking
the talk so that one of them can walk the
walk to the Capitol on January 20, 2009.
BOB: I think it’s just that they were brought
up that way, and I think that young people
today are much less anti-gay than people
of my generation. Much of the hate was
fueled by tactics such as those used by Karl
Rove and the Bush administration, and by
anti-gay state questions on ballots during
the 2004 elections that were designed to
elect conservatives. People like me, straight
but not narrow, need to support organizations
such as Cimarron Alliance, P-Flag and
other groups. This are more straight people
involved now. That’s a good trend and I love
it. I say this to straight people who believe
in democracy, equality and ful! rights for the
gay community, come out of your closets!
They need to proudly and publicly show
themselves as supporters. Someday we will
see a mass shift of public opinion.
VICTOR: What about the upcoming
Oklahoma County Commissioner Race for
District One?
BOB: I think we need to support Willa
Johnson September 11, I believe she would
fulfill that office in the Roth tradition.
When he held that office, Jim Roth did
many wonderful things for Oklahoma
County and the GLBT community. He’s a
fine public servant, and I’ll be disappointed
ifI don’t see him be a governor or president
VICTOR: I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
Overall are you optimistic about
BOB: Very optimistic. If our opponents attempt
to put wedge issues on the ballot such
as gay marriage or other gay rights issues
to further their causes I don’t think it will
work, or at least not as well, because people
are becoming more reasonable and
fair minded. My hat is off to the Jim Roths
and Al McAffreys out there, because they
are paving the way for a better future. Fair
minded people, along with the gay community
need to keep up their efforts helping
good candidates and encouraging good
VICTOR: Well, thanks for sharing with us,
and we can’t thank you enough for all you’ve
done and all that we know you’ll do. It will
always inspire our community to do better.
LAGUNA BEACH, CA In less than three
weeks, venerable Laguna Beach, Calif., gay
club the Boom Boom Room will shut its
doors forever unless a buyer comes to its
The property’s ownm; Steven Udvar-Hazy,
and the operators of the Boom Boom Room
and the adjoining Coast Inn were apparently
unable to reach an agreement to keep
the bar, restaurant and hotel open beyond
the coming Labor Day weekend, according
to an open letter from preservation group
Save the Boom!
Udvar-Hazy wants to demolish the property
to make way for a larger hotel.
Save the Boom! is campaigning to find a
buyer who will keep the 60-year-old establishment
The group began its campaign in 2006,
gathering 6,000 signatures in three months
to preserve the gay
A nearby Laguna
gay landmark, the
Woody’s on the Beach
restaurant, closed in
February. (The Advocate)
Jim Roth receives Hero
ofHope _Award
from the Cathedral of
Hope UCC
By Victor Gorin
Corperation Commisioner Jim Roth received
the 2007 Hero of Hope Award from
Oklahoma City’s Cathedral of Hope UCC
Church, an award given for commitment,
hardwork and dedication towards a better
future for the GLBT community.
As the Reverend Scott Jones put it, "Jim received
the award because in his very person
he embodies the breaking of barriers and
creating new possibilities for the future."
He was elected in 2002 as an openl~ gay
,nan to the office of Oklahoma County
Commissioner District 1, and then reelected
in 2006, recognized for outstanding
performance in that position. He left that
seat this year, appointed by Governor Brad
Henry to fill a vacated position on the Oklahoma
Corporation Commission.
Oommuni y
Peop ÷ iving
Our House, Too offers a variety of
activities for people who are HIV+ and
or living with A!DS to help combat the
social isolation that many of our
people live through each and everyday.
We provide a Toiletry and Household
Pantry for those who are HtV+
and or living with AIDS who cannot
afford to purchase these items for
themselves, We invite anyone:who
would like to volunteer or provide financial
assistance to please contact
us by phone 918-585-9552 or e-mail
The STAR 23

ntrospection is
defined as an examination
of one’s own feelings
and thoughts according
to the Merriam Webster
Dictionary. Introspection
can lead you to better
understand yourself and
ultimately to achieve
greater happiness. This greater happiness can help you follow the
yellow brick road to better health. I will present dozens of questions
for you to contemplate. Get ready to challenge yourself to a smorgasbord
of self-discovery. For best results, I recommend you answer
honestly Pinocchio.
What is the angriest moment you have ever experienced?
Are you more of a voyeur or an exhibitionist?
What person do you trust the most?
When do you feel most relaxed?
Whit whom have you had the best sex?
What has been your proudest moment?
What is your greatest fear?
What have you always wanted to do but haven’t?
Where did you experience your greatest happiness?
When did you last lie?
What are your pet peeves?
Who are you most intimidated by?
Have you ever considered suicide?
What part of your body would you like to replace?
When did you first feel sexual?
Whom have you most wanted to hurt?
Have you ever driven your car naked?
Who would you want as your guardian angel?
Whom do you secretly admire?
What was the happiest year of your life?
What bad habit do you enjoy the most?
What is the largest amount of money you have found?
When was the last time you dreamed you were falling?
What is the most expensive car you have driven?
What movie character do you most resemble?
Would you like to live in the future or the past?
Have you ever watched someone die in person?
What photograph of you is most revealing?
Who is most jealous of you?
What secret will you take to your grave?
What is the longest span you’ve gone without sex?
How do you want to die?
Who has influenced you the most?
What is your earliest childhood memory?
\re’hen did you last cry during a movie?
These questions should be .just the beginning. Sit down and
make a bigger list if you’d like. Knowledge is power. The more you
know about yourself, the better equipped you’ll be to go out and
face the world. Introspection is just like a massage or a relaxing spell
in the hot tub. You’ll feel like a million bucks after this exercise. It is
free and you have not a dime to lose. Question #1 is waiting for you
in the lobby. Good luck!
This column is brought to you by that guy Ron Blake who has been
known to urinate on his shirt and then wrap it around his head to
stay coo! when he is out of water and stranded in the desert. Learn
more about the little bugger at www.goblakefitness.com.
26 the STAR www.ozarksstar.com
MIDWEST CITY, OK __ Kelly and
Jacqueline Carter Scott exchanged vows
at their Holy Union held on August 11,
2007 at a friend’s home in Midwest City.
"l-here were 82 people in attendance with
their friends and family. The wedding was
conducted by the Reverend Toby Jenkins
with Ekklesia Church ofTulsa, followed by
feasting, fellowship and fun dancing under
the stars with DJ Victorola. Xhey will reside
in Oklahoma City. Jacqueline is an RN
working with Integris Hospital, and Kelly
is the Director ofAdministration for the
Center for Positive Change, an OKC mental
health facility.
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK P/R__ The executive
committee of Oklahoma Stonewall
Democrats voted unanimously on Friday
August 17th, to endorie Willa Johnson, the
Democratic Party nominee for Oklahoma
County Commissioner, District 1.
With the endorsement, Stonewall also
appropriated $500 for a donation to her
campaign fund.
"Willa has been a steadfast supporter of human
rights and ofLGBT issues throughout
her years on the Oklahoma City Council,
and has pledged to continue that support
if elected to the county level," said Steve
VanHook, male co-chair of Oklahoma
Stonewall. "We urge the entire LGBT community
of Oklahoma County to support
Willa with donations and volunteer work
during this very short campaign, regardless
of party affiliation. She will be facing
a Republican opponent who already has
an established record of homophobia and
bigotry toward the LGBT community. We
owe it to ourselves to help Willa’s campaign
as much as possible," VanHook said.
Oklahoma Stonewall is one of over 90
chapters and affiliated dubs of National
Stonewall Democrats, and is a recognized
federation within the Oklahoma Democratic
Quotable Quotes
A study by South African sdentists said
Wednesday there was no evidence that foods
such as garlic and beetroot were a substitute
for AIDS medicine, disputing claims by the
country’s health minister.
An Idaho inmate who castrated herselfwith
a disposable razor blade after prison officials
refused to treat her for gender identity disorder
should have female hormone therapy
paid for by the state, a federal judge said.
Dr. Robert G. Crummie, a volunteer "Doctor
of the Day" in Raleigh, is in trouble for
more than urging electric shock therapy for
gay people.
Cimarron A!liance
Foundation Awarded
Capacity Building
P/R August 22, 2007
OKI.__AHOMA CITY, OK __ The Oklahoma
City Community Foundation (OCCF)
has awarded a grant to the Cimarron
Alliance Foundation (CAF) to support the
hiring of a consultant to create a fundraising
and financial development plan. The
grant presentation is scheduled 10:00 am
this Saturday August 25th, 2007 prior to a
financial development board retreat funded
by this generous grant. Gayle Farley, OCCF
Program Coordinator will present the grant
to CAF chair, Richard Ogden, and the CAF
Board of Directors.
The Oklahoma City Community Foundation,
the metropolitan area’s non-profit
public charity, was founded in 1969 to
work with individuals to meet the charitable
needs of the community through development
and administration of permanent
endowment funds for non-profit organizations
and other charities. Through its Community
Program Grants, the OCCF funds,
initiates and leads programs that benefit the
community in the area of arts, education,
health and human services, beautification
and community development.
The Cimarron Alliance Foundation, an
Oklahoma non-profit educational foundation,
was created in 1997 to support equality
toward "A Fair and Just Oklahoma’.
Cimarron has heightened its fundraising
efforts to support a series of educational and
charitable programs aimed at promoting
fairness and impartiality to all people. The
CAF Mission : "To support educational efforts
that increase personal self-esteem, promote
public enlightenment and advanced
equality for LGBT Oklahomans".
For further information about these
organizations visit: http://www.occf.org or
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 27
Mars in Gemini is loosening lips, and, squaring Uranus,
he will have us all blurting out things we’ll wish
we hadn’t! Keep your ears open and your mouth shut
- or otherwise occupied. Venus is in Leo, so taking
pride in taste and discretion can save you lots of
ARIES (March 20 -April 19): To avoid blurting out secrets
and betraying trust, let it all be about you! Hold the spotlight
and dazzle your friends with your charm and playfulness. If
you do get time alone, some creative writing and journaling
can offer surprising insights.
TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Resisting the impulse to
spend can be hard, but stay within a budget. Friends will
egg you on to some fabulous purchase that you’ll regret.
What would Mother say? In this case, she’d probably be
GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Your mouth is even more dangerous
than usual. Whether you want it or not, you have
the ear of bosses and authorities. Running your ideas by a
sister first will help you make them more presentable.
SAG~TTARIUS (November 22 - December 20): Arguments,
especially at home, are likely to go badly for you.
Artistic and literary diversions will help keep you out of
trouble. Those from the lands of your family background
can provide surprising insights.
CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 19): Showing off
and learning new sexual techniques can prove very educational
for all involved. But are you communicating anything
in your love-making besides physical prowess? Take time
out to talk about real intimacy, not just erotic gymnastics.
AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18): What you value
in your relationships cannot be sufficiently expressed with
money and gifts. Efforts to do so now will just prove awkward
and expensive. A gesture of affection - a hug, a kiss,
or a kind word - is still best.
PISCES (February 19 - March 19): You’re full of surprises
even you don’t know about. Conversations with your family
can expose talents that will prove helpful at work. Be sure
to discuss family medical history. What you learn now could
save you lots of grief.
CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Occupy your mind to keep
your mouth out of trouble. Visit museums and art-house
films, and keep the discussion impersonal, discussing aesthetics
instead of mutual acquaintances. Whatever you say
will be heard far and wide!
LEO (July 23 - August 22): Talking about sex could actually
keep you out of trouble, as then you won’t be gossiping
about friends. Even better than discussing sex, continue
your research on different techniques and styles~ You’ll
have plenty of opportunity!
VIRGO (August 23 - September 22): Your partner will
quickly tire of your complaints about work, and your workplace
is no place to kvetch about your love life! Hiding out
could be your best bet, even with your partner exploring
nonverbal communication.
LIBRA (September 23 - October 22): You can enjoy
great popularity now, either for your savage wit or for your
valuable community service. The latter will also offer you
surprising inspirations.
SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21): OK, you’re hot;
we all know you’re hot; and worst of all, you know you’re
hot. Now relax and try to have fun without needing to prove
anything. You can’t play anyone else’s instrument while
you’re tooting your own horn.
28 the STAR
Rev Steve 3". Uric
Spirit of Christ MCC
2902 E 20th Street
Joplin, MO 64804
Worship Saturdays at 10:00 AM
Community Meal Wednesdays at 6:00 PM
MCC of the Living Spring
17 Elk Street
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
Worship Sundays at 6:00 PM
Have a God filled and BleSSed Day!
Arkansas, Bentonville/Rogers (479)
NWA GLBT Ctr .... www.nwaglbtcc.org.........888-391-9222
Barnes & Noble Bks - - 261 N. 46th St., Rogers- - - -479-636-2002
Arkansas, Eureka Springs (479)
Diversity Pride Events www.diversitypride.com
A Byrd’s Eye View..... 36 N. Main - - 479-253-0200
Caribe Restaurante.... 309 W VanBuren....... 479-253-8102
Henri’s ....... 19 1/2 Spring St-- -479-253-5795
Lumberyard Bar&Grill--- 105 E VanBuren....... 479-253-0400
MCC Living Spring - 17 Elk Street- Service 6PM- - -479-253-9337
Swiss Holiday Resort- Hwy 62 at Hwy 23 So.- .... 888-582-8464
Tiki Torch- 75 S. Main Street. - -479-253-2305
Tradewinds Lodge - 141 W. VanBuren 800-242-1615
Arkansas, Fayetteville (479)
Condom Sense 418 W. Dickson...... -479-444-6228
Curry’s Video - - - 612 N. College Ave.......... -479-521-0009
Flames Bar - - - 40 E. Center- - - - 479-251-1922
Passages ......930 N. College Ave- -479-442-5845
Tangerine Club - -21 N. Block Ave............. 479-587-9512
Arkansas, Fort Smith (479)
Kinkeads.......1004 1/2 Garrison Ave.- ...... 479-782-6969
Klub XLR8 ......1022 Dodson Ave...........479-782-9578
Arkansas, Hot Springs (501)
Jesters Lounge .... 1010 E. Grand Ave ........501-624-5455
Arkansas, Little Rock (501)
Back Street ....1021 Jessie Rd- -501-6642744
Diamond State Rodeo Assoc.- - www.dsra.org
Discovery..... 1021 Jessie Rd- -501-666-6900
Sidetracks--- 415 Main St--North L.R.- ........ 501-244-0444
The Factory ...... 412 Louisiana St. 501-372-3070
Club U.B.U. - ..... 824 W Capitol Ave 501-375-8580
Kansas, Junction City (785)
Xcalibur Club...... 384 GrantAve. 785-762-2050
Kansas, Pittsburg (620)
PSU-QSA.- - 1701 S. Broadway- ..............620-231-0938
River of Life Church.- - 1709 N. Walnut, Service 11AM
Kansas, Wichita (316)
Our Fantasy/South40..... 3201 S. Hillside......316-682-5494
Club Glacier- ........ 2828 E. 31st South......316-612-9331
Missouri, Ava (417)
Catus Canyon Campground ................. 417-683-9199
Missouri, Joplin (417)
Fantasy- 2331 E 7th St- ....... -417-626-7275
MCC Spirit of Christ- - -2902 E 20th, - .......Sat Service-9:30AM
Joplin Gay/Lesbian Cntr- PO Box 4383, zip 64803- -417-622-7821
Missouri, Kansas City (816)
40th Street Inn....www.40thstreetinn.com.......816-561-7575
Concourse Park B&B - - 300 Benton BIvd 816-231-1196
Hydes KC Gym & Guest Hs - www.hydeskc.com - - 816-56t-t010
Missie B’s....805 W. 39th St. -816-561-0625
Missouri, Springfield (417)
The Edge..... 424 Boonville Ave............. 417-831-4700
GLO Comm. Ctr-- -518 E. Commericat. 417-869-3978
JR’s Nightclub.... 504 E. Commerical......... 417-831-9001
Martha’s Vineyard- - - 219 W Olive -4!7-864-4572
Ronisuz Place....821 College- 417-864-0036
Oklahoma, Enid (580)
Hastings Books....104 Sunset - - 580-242-6838
Oklahoma, Lawton (580)
Ingrids Bookstore..... 1124 NW Cache Rd......580-353-1488
Oklahoma, I~,~cAlester (918)
McPride.... POBox 1515, - .... McAlester, OK 74502
Oklahoma, Oklahoma City (405)
American Crossroads B&B - POBox 270642...... 405-495-1111
Blue Dog Liquor- ......4015 N. Penn -405-606-7000
Boom Room........ 2807 NW 36th St- -405-601-7200
Border’s Books...... 3209 NW Expressway..... 405-848-2667
CD Warehouse...... 4001 N. Penn 405-525-7766
Christie’s Toy Box.....3126 N. May Ave ....... 405-946-4438
Church of Open Arms......3131 N. Penn...... 405-525-9555
Copa -2200 NW 39th Exp........405-525-0730
Eastern Ave Video- - -1105 S Eastern Ave....... -405-6726459
Finishline ....... 2200 NW 39th Expwy....... -405-525-9200
First Amendment Tatoo Shop- - - 2135 NW 39th - - -405-604-391!
Gushers Restaurant.....2200 NW 39Exp ...... 405-525-0730
Habana Inn ........2200 NW 39th Exp 405-528-2221
Herland Sisters Resources.... 2312 NW 39th St--405-521-9696
Hi-Lo Club 1221 NW 50th 405-843-1722
Jungle Reds .......2200 NW Expwy- 405-524-5733
Ledo.............2200 NW Expw~j- 405-525-0730
Naughty But Nice .... 3121 SW 29th St ........405-681-5044
Partners......... 2805 NW 36th St ..........405-942-2199
Red Rock North- - - 2240 NW39th St. 405-525-5165
Phoenix Rising .... 2120 NW 39th St...........405-601-3711
The Park- 2125 NW 39th St -405-528-4690
The Patio........ 3201 N. May Ave 405-917-1663
Tramps............2201 NW 39th -405-521-9888
Ziggy’s 4005 N. Penn 405-521-9999
Oklahoma, Tulsa (918)
Bamboo Lounge....7204 E. Pine.....918-836-8700
Border’s Book Store- - - 2740 E. 21st 918-712-9955
Border’s Book Store - - - 8015 S. Yale - - 918-494-2665
Circle Cinema...... 10 S. Lewis............. 918-592-3456
Club 209 ....... 209 N. Boulder .... 918-584-9944
Club Majestic....... 124 N. Boston 918-584-9494
Club Maverick..... 822 S. Sheridan -918-835-3301
Cosmo Deli & Bar- - 6746 S. Memorial 918-459-0497
Dreamland Bks .... 8807 E. Admiral PI -918-834-1051
Equality Center ..... 621 E. 4th Street. .918-743-4297
Hideaway Cocktail Lounge- - - 11730 E. 11th......918-437-0449
HOPE Clinic....... 3540 E. 31st- 918-749-8378
Midtown- 319 E. 3rd- - - 918-584-3112
Openarms Youth Projt - - - 2015 S. Lakewood.....918-838-7104
Our House, Too ....203 N Nogales Ave .918-585-9552
Renegades. 1649 S. Main 918-585-3405
Sappho’s 816 S. Sheridan Rd........ 918-836-8992
Tulsa CARES.... 3507 E. Admiral P!- 918-834-4194
Tulsa Central Library ...... 400 Civic Center---- 918-596-7977
Tulsa Eagle.....1338 E. 3rd....918-592-1188
TNT’s 2114 S. Memorial- 918-660-0856
Yellow-Brick-Rd....... 2630 E. 15th.......... 918-293-0304
Keller Will~ams Realty
Ch~ck Breckenridge
Whether buying or selling
I’ll work hard for you.
~Arkansas GLBT
Community Center
"Li"nki"ng Togethe~"as One"
For more information:
3O the STAR www.ozarksstar.com
www.ozarksstar.com the STAR 31

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