[2004] The Ozark Star Magazine, November 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 11


[2004] The Ozark Star Magazine, November 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 11


Politics, education, and social conversation over LGBTQ+ topics


The Ozark Star’s first issue began in August of 2004. Before this Issue was Ozarks Pride (2004) then follows The Star (2005) and The Metro Star (2008)

This magazine discusses topics of AIDs, education, politics, local and national civil rights of the LGBT community, and advice for relationships and places to visit.

This collection is PDF searchable. Physical copies are also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


Star Media, Ltd.




Star Media, Ltd.


November 1, 2004


C.D. Ward
Greg Steele,
Randy Vineyard
Steve T. Urie
Donald Pile
Ray Williams


The Ozark Star Magazine, October 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 10

The Ozark Star Magazine, December 1, 2004; Volume 1, Issue 12










Southwest Missouri
Western Arkansas
Southeast Kansas
Eastern Oklahoma
The United States of America (50 states)


slie Jordan
Best Actor at the New York Film and
Video Festival for his portrayal of
"Brother Boy~ in the film Sordid Lives
and several Best Supporting Actor
Awards for his work as "Peanut" in
Southern Baptist Sissies, from the Los
Angeles Drama Critics' Circle, LA.
Weekly, a Backstage West Garland, a
Maddy, a Robby, and the Ovation
· A.t ih& tl~hant A&1lum 1beater,
for mort. information& vi&it
Meet Lallie In t:1111 monthl
OzarbSl:arWO:lltOn Yac:1111onir·
bJ DonllldP11e anc1
Page 2
Page 3
7204 East Pine, Tulsa, OK
(918) 836-8700
www .bambooloungetulsa.com
0-amboo Lounge Whtrt £vi11ont I& tlapp1 from Optn To c.lo&t
The Ozarks Star Is On The Move
The future looks bright for the Ozarks Star.
We have contracted with a new printing
company an:d will be increasing our distribution
to 5000 by January 2005. This increase
will not only allow us to ship more copies to
our distributors, but also allows us to
increase the number of distribution points. In
addition qualifies us to accept advertising
through a national advertising agency. This
increase in revenue from national advertisers
should help keep our ad rates at a very
. reasonable cost to you.
We are working on adding new content and
are open for suggestion from our readers.
You can write to us or send an email to the
addresses listed on this page. More content
and new advertiser's means aJarger magazine,
so stay tuned and watch us grow. The
Ozarlcs Star is on the move and is fast
becoming THE STAR of the four states
On October 15th I was the very honored
recipient of an award,presented by Metropolitan
Community Church of Joplin at their
· 7th anniversary dinner, for outstanding
. service to the GLBT Community and
· Church Family. The plaque read,
"In promoting diversity and cooperation
through the development and implementation
of the Ozarks Star. A MCC 2004
· Outstanding Citizen and Member".
I thank Spirit of Christ MCC Joplin Pastor
Steve T. Urie and members, for this recognition
and extend my appreciation for their
efforts in building a more united community.
Have a great Thanksgiving!
C.D. Ward
A call for better
health ...
Well, rhe summer is over, fall is inviting
us into winter so what's next? Several
opportunities to have fun, comribute to
our community and make every effort to
stay well.
For this edition let's visit the "staying
well" issue. Seems like we have been
outsourcing out both sides of our
wonderful face ... Bush that is. While
denying us the opportuniry to purchase
more cost effective medications under the
guise and arrogance chat only our FDA
can protect us while on the other side we
find that a full half of our flu vaccine is
brought into this country from overseas.
Bush supporters will claim he knows best
and the rest of us will reap the benefits or
lack thereof.
Not many of us were around for the
1918 Flu Epidemic that vriped out whole
military camps, not the children or aged
but strapping recruits, young healthy
men. Some of us wiil just say, "I never
take the flu shot anyway, it always made
me sick." And some of us Rill simply
fade inro biissful ( unless of course, we're
the ones who get sick ) who cares, "it's
not my worry."
\X,'eii the parenting in me doesn't do the
"the sky's falling in panic" but :t is
aiways good to use common sense and
take care of onese:f.
The information below is taken off the
Center for Disease Controls website
( :s rw ,cdc gp ) and is reproducible. It
is good basic hygiene ... that thing our
mothers' taught us and we seem to have
forgotten ... well it's time to refresh our
minds and get with the program. Stay
well this flu season and follow these
Good Health Habits
o A void close cont:act.
Avoid close contact with people who are
sick. When you are sick, keep your
distance from others to protect them
from getting sick too.
• St:ay home when you are sick.
If possible, stay home from work,
school, and errands when you are sick.
You will help prevent others from
catching your illness. ( Steve adds this ...
if your boss is more concerned about
you being out sick, how will he or she
like it if half of you are out sick ... stay
home and get well )
o Cover your mouth and nose.
Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue
when coughing or sneezing. It may
prevent those around you from getting
o Clean your hands.
Washing your hands often will help
protect you from germs. ( Steve adds ...
wash, wash, wash ... it's doesn't hurt and
will keep you healthy ... I still want big
flashing red lights at every public
bathroom exit that goes off when you
don't wash your hands )
0 Avoid touching your eyes, nose or
Germs are often spread when a person
touches something that is contaminated
with germs and then touches his or her
eyes, nose, or mouth.
Until next time, be blessed, be safe and be
Page 6
Gaytt,ire Release:
Log Cabin Republicans
File Suit to Overturn
Military's "Don't Ask,
Don't Tell Policy''
Turning Over Policy Vital to
National Security Interests Say
(Washington, Dq-Lawyers on behalf of
Log Cabin Republicans are filing suit
this morning against the United States
government seeking to overturn the
military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
policy, which requires the discharge of
gay and lesbian service members. Log
Cabin Republicans v: United States of
America will be filed in the United
States Federal E>istrict Court for the
Central District of California.
Log Cabin ig filing the suit on behalf of its·
gay and lesbian members· cutrently serving
in the United Stlltes Armed Forces. "Public
opinion, the experience of our allies, and the
national security interests of our nation all
lead to the inescapable conclusion that gays
and lesbians ghould be allowed to serve
openly and honestly in our milituy," said
Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director
Patrick Guerriero.
"A lawsuit should not he ne.cessary, when
public opinion overwhelmingly f-avon gays
and lesbians serving. openly and honestly. A
lawsuit should not he necessafy when the
aperience of our allie_i in·~~ war .on terror,
including Great Britain, Is~el arid Auatralia,
all allow gays and leshtaris to s¢ie openly
and.honestly. A lawsuit iMllkl .riot be
nece~,~ when outinili~ bas lost
The suit asserts that the ''Don't Ask, Don't
Tell" policy imposes a ·discriminatory set of
rules on gay and lesbian members of the
Armed Forces in violation of .their
constitutional rights of due· process, freedom
of speech, and equal protection. The
challenge requests a declru:ation that the
policy is uncomtitutional, and a preliminary
and permanent injunction enjoining the
government from enforcing the policy.
Global law firm White & Case LLP is
representing Log Cabin Republicans on a pro
bono basis. The White & Case team is being
led by Dan Woods and Marty Meekins from
the Firm's Los .Angeles office.
"Previous challenges to the policy failed
mainly because Bowers v. Hardwick allowed
governmental criminalization of homosexual
conduct, but recent Supreme Court decisions
demand an immediate reconsideration of the
policy under the U.S. Constitution, which is
why White & Case was so interested in being
invoh-ed,'' said Woods, head. of White &
Case's litigation practice in Los Angeles.
Woods said those key decisions include
Romer v. Evans, where in 1996 the Supreme
Court held that government-sponsored
discrimination against gay and lesbian
Americans could not be justified. solely by
animus or "morality." In 2003, the Court
overruled Bowers in Lawrence v. State of
Texas, and held the constitutional
fundamental right to .privacy; includes .the
right for gay and lesl>ian .Amcricang to enme
in private, intimate relationships without
State in,terference. Finally, the Supreme
Court most recently limited. the Defense
Departmtnt's discretion to. infringe upon
Conatitutional due process rights in Hamdi v.
Rumsfcld, which held. that enemy
combatants, even in wartime, must be
afford~d due process rights.
....................... ~ntmueefpage 25
thousands· 0£ needed m:iUtiITT ..--------persii~~
I under thla policy.
However, under these
circutnili:ancei, where we ate
a nation at ~ fighting a
global war against terrorism,
we can no longer sit by and
w~t fur our elected officials
to find the political counge
to do the right thing,'' aaid
For Men In The OZarks
"TM 4rgttf Min'., l.aa,tp,ground in ti» U~~
Full RV Hookup's, Tent Sites, Cabins, Lodge Rooms,
Hot Tub/sauna, Pool, Cafe, Theme Weekends,
Convenience Store, Clc:>thing Optional.
Call 417-683-9199 or visit our website
www .cactuscanyoncampground.com
Page 7 our ON VAl.ATION
"Trav4'Iiag in the gay friendly world"
by Donald Pile and Ray Williams
We have returned from our three week -------------------1 driving trip to the West Coast and what a
fun and exciting and interesting trip it was. First we drove to Santa Rosa, New
Mexico (but just to sleep). The next morning we drove in to Sedona, Arizona where
we stayed at the Iris Garden Inn, www.irisgardeninn.com. Brian Johnson & Richard
Hoffman recently purchased it and have made a lot of improvements. They are
originally from Ohio and decided to move to Arizona. Their Inn is wonderful and
they are doing lots of improvements on it. They are extremely hospitable hosts.
Brian's sister and brother in law, Llsa and Rick had come from Ohio and were
visiting also. They were delightful. As you know a LOT of straight people can be fun
and wonderful just like we can! We gave a "Sordid Lives" Movie Party the second
night there and everyone hooted and hollered throughout the entire mo,"ie. Brian
and Richard had special margaritas for everyone. After two days in beautiful Sedona
we drove to Las Vegas where we helped our dear friend, Ole Borresen celebrate his
birthday. Ole was the former chef for Liberace and owns a wonderful B & B there.
Check out his website at: members.aol.com/haven00069 /. . We always have a grand
time with Ole. He is such a great host.
Then on to West Hollywood where we always stay with our very dear friend,
Raymond Bilbool at his utterly fabulous SECRET GARDEN B & B which is located
in the Hollywood Hills. Such a grand estate!
He usually reserves the guest cottage for us. He gets
a very eclectic clientele staying there. Staying there
were Daniella Cesarei the noted photographer and
her partner, Lotte Jeffs, the noted freelance writer
and journalist from London. They write for DIV A·
magazine, the major Lesbian newspaper in Europe.
. They were charming, witty, intelligent and
wonderful. We had a wonderful time with them.
( right photo: "Ray, with Lotte Jeffs, the noted fee Lmce
writer with her life partmr, Daniella Cessari, the noted free
lance pbotogr11phe:r from Londcnj
Also staying at the Secret Garden was Rick McKay,
the New York producer and director. His latest
film, "BROADWAY - The Golden Years By The Legends Who Were There" has just
been released. We were lucky enough to see a screening of it and it is a MUST SEE
movie. It is the most important, ambitious and comprehensive film ever made about
America's most celebrated indigenous art form. For anyone into Broadway this is a
movie that you simply cannot miss. Through interviews it chronicles the Broadway
stage for long years past. This is truly a magnificent film. Rick not only wrote,
edited, produced and directed the film, he also produced the film. What an
outstanding talented man he is! Theatre historians and buffs for years to come will be
thankful that he produced this epic. Be sure and check out the web site:
www.bro.idwaythemovie.com/ dvd.htm .. .... continued page•26
Page 8
The local & national media Is
really getting to me today!
\Vhy doesn't the media put this "outraged"
father on the hot seat and ask Cheney how a
father can support a president,
administration and party that constantly
uses the "gay card" to get votes and denies
his own daughter equal rights? Why doesn't
he stand up and support his own daughter!
They use the gay issue to frighten
conservative voters all the time. The
daughter is out as a lesbian. He didn't reveal
anything. And it is NOT anything to be
ashamed of or hide. Kerry had every right to
answer the question as he did. And I'm glad
he brought it up. I just wish he would have
gone further and pointed out her father's
Eureka Springs, AR
Dear Editor,
We wanted to keep you updated on what
was happening with the Tulsa Rough
Riders, a new club in Tulsa.
We had our very first Club.Night at the
End Up Club this
past Sarurday and
it was a BLAST!
There were about
70 folks showed
up give-or-take a
few (with MOST
in leather) and
members of other
iocai clubs such as
T.U.L.S.A., the
Driller Bears, and
the Tulsa
Dungeon Society also dropped by to show
their suppon. Even some of the male
dancers got in on the act by wearing
leather G-strings and harnesses.
We had a table of bondage/leather items
that were for auction or given away to
lucky ticket hoiders, and we had a WILD
lea,her Post Office Game.
continued next column .......
We also wanted to thank you for all the
support you and the Ozarks Star have
shown us these past f~ months as we got
organized. You have no idea how much it
has been and is now appreciated.
Jerry S.
President, Tulsa Rough Riders
GtryWire Press Release_
North America's first 24 hour adult
movie network has been successfully
launched by two companies,
Targeting the burgeoning $450 billion a
year gay and lesbian market,the XXX
rated network is now available with a
24 hour a dav, seven day a week service.
Included in tbe network package are
three separate channels:
BACKROOM: Europe's Number 1,
100% GAY XXX channel,now
available to North America. FREEXTV:
movies featuring a variety of
alternative adult genres. XDREAM TV:
featuring straight and amateur
orientated movies.
Although VIACOM's MTV announced
its first channel (LOGO) catering to the
lifestyle, it won't be available u1;1til
sometime in 2005. In the meantime
XXXVISION.TV hopes to reach the
estimated 12-15 million household
market by early fall.
The fully digital satellite system which
retails for $449 US, $599 CDN includes
a full two (2) year subscription and. all
the necessary equipment for reception.
More information is available at the
website: <www.xxxvision.tv>
My boy friend found out I was screwing
around with another guy. He got so
mad he told my Lover!
Page 10
October 14, 2004
Gaywire Release:
Influx of.Same-sex
Couples will
provide Economic Boost
Toronto-Yesterday the New York
State and Local Retirement System
announced it will treat Canadian
marriages of same-sex couples the same
as any other marriage for purposes of
retirement benefits and obligations. The
decision was communicated in a letter
dated October 8 from the state
Comptroller to Mark Daigneault, a state
employee who wrote in September
asking how getting married in Canada
would affect retirement benefits for
him, his same-sex partner and their two
children. (see Daigneault's letter at
In state Comptroller Hevesi's letter, he
tells Daigneault, "Based on current law,
the Retirement System will recognize a
same- sex Canadian marriage in the same
manner as an opposite-sex New York
marriage, under the principle of comity.
That principle has been legal practice
pursuant to New York Court of
Appeals rulings for many; years."
"Everyone deserves to.have their
marriages recognized, both at home and
abroad," said Laurie ·Arton, of
Canadians for Equal Marriage. "This is
good news for the thousands of samesex
couples who have married in
Canada. The decision of New York
State to recognize Canadian marriages
of same-sex couples demonstrates the
increasing acceptance of our marriages.
The legal principle that jurisdictions
recognize each others' validly
performed marriages is well established,
and there's no reason the law should
applied differently to same-sex couples."
"Same-sex couples who reside in New
York now have a dear incentive to
marry in Canada," said Cicely
McWtlliam, of Caoadians·for Equal
Marriage. "The economic impact of all
those couples traveling to Canada and
having their weddings here will be
significant. Being a beacon of equality
pays economic dividends."
A survey released July 1 by the Centre
for Research and Information on Canada
and Environics found that the number of
Canadians agreeing that gays and lesbians
should be allowed to get married has
increased. Currently, 57% agree, the
highest level since CRIC first asked the
question two years ago. The number
disagreeing currently stands at 38%.
"When I came out and I went through
all I did, I did it undcrstlnding that it
essentially. would bc[comc] this kind of
cultural wave. . .. And my position was
just to be steady and try to have as
much elegance and grace as po.ssible,
while never shying away from the gay
question. I knew people would get used
to the &.ct that I'm gay and there'd be
no weirdness about it, and that
eventually the focus would be back on
the music."
Singer k.d. laog to the Miami gay
publication The Weekly
An Oklahoma
by Star writer Chaz
I've known Ginger, aka Grcgoooola
to some of his older friends, since we
were children in 1972. We both
worked at a salon in Oklahoma City called the "Beauty Bar". Our work stations were
side by side with no partitions. This made for no privacy at all, which lead to constant
hilariously fun times, with each of us trying to wreck the other during the
sometimes long busy days. Giggles and snickers would bring on painful laughter and
one of us would have to remove ourself from the area. It was by no definition, boring
working next to him.
I had just recently moved back to Oklahoma City from Las Vegas when we met and
Greg, who had at that time never seen the flash and glitter of show biz city, wanted
to go. We planned a short vacation and decided to make the trip. We didn't think his
car could make it so it had to be my El Camino. Now for those of you who know
what an El Camino is, you have to imagine Ginger's 5' legs in the cab with no
adjustable scats. Solution, hang those long mother's out the v.-"indowl You guessed it,
with shorts up to his crotch and a pair of wedge's on those size 15's. I-40 has never
been the same and the truckers were going into Cardiac Attest. We did make it to
Vegas without incident and the first place we had to go in glamor town was, you
guessed it again, the big girls shoe shop! We had a great time, an experience that I
personally cherish.
Ginger Lamar's career now spans some 35 years of entcltlining the gay community.
He has gained the respect of not only his LGBTS audience, but his peers as well.
Ginger's show's arc not to be considered "Drag Shows" He is a talented entcttliner
who is impersonating a women. A career that stllrtcd in 1969 when the Midwest
culture was very different from now. An atmosphere of police harassment, gay
bashing and general intolerance of the gay community. He has weathered the storm's
and remains an icon in the gay entertainment arena.
"At that particular time, there was a law in the state, that when you performed in
drag, you had to wear three articles of men's clothing, somewhere underneath your
gown. You had to do something underneath, to be legal, if not, you could be
arrested. They raided places a lot more often then, at that time it was not liquor by
the drink, it was bring your own bottle. Often there were police raids, and when
that happened- ............................. continNed page 22
Page 12
o i e.nent!
for PFLA®s/GLBTis
(p~r~t1ts,. fde:nds ,& f~lj.es/.of lesbians & gays)
Fall Diver•··, Weekend
N:ovem~t 5.~2004
~ureka' Springs~ Arkansas , . . .. ·ances1. . . re
. best western
· town · inn. of th · arks
rk hotel
l'RGUS 1ui;.. Ot •'
(to be announced)
E...A....C.....H... Winningteam!
male/female .
for more details
.-ww. 1-versity ride.com
Page 13
Office Licensed in Missouri,
Arhnsas, Illinois &
This Is Shelter Country.
Here in our community you will
find Shelter Agent Greg Tainter.
We're proud to serve this community
and our customers. Call today
and ask about our services.
Life-Worker's Comp. -Home-Auto-Farm-Business
Greg W. Tainter, LUTCF
Post Office Box 339
Eureka, Missouri 63025
Tel: (636) 938-5500
Fax: (636) 938-3539
Beeks In Review
How the Homosexuals
Saved Civilization
by Cathy Crimmins:
A shrewd and irreverent cultural history of the
customs, fashions, and figures of gay life in the
twentieth and the early twenty-first centuries-and
how they have changed all of us jor the better.
The "global queering" of America has been
gradually .shaping the way straight people talk,
think, dress, and eat. Over the past fifty years, the
line between what is "straight" and what is "gay"
has blurred to the point that most heterosexuals
are unaware of the vast contributions gay men
have made to American culture.
How the Homosexuals Saved Civilization
presents a broad yet incisive look at. how an
unusual "immigrant" group, homosexual men, have become so influential on
mainstream American culture.
The general public's tastes and consumer choices in food, fashion, humor,
literature, and body image are becoming decidedly more gay. And Ameri<;a has
shown a real interest in TV shows with gay content and themes, such as Queer Eye
for the Straight Guy; Will & Grace; and Six Feet Under. Overall, it's hip to be
gay, even if you're straight.
How the Homosexuals Saved Civilization tells us somethine: about ourselves as a
society. It celebrates the unique perspective of gay men and e{plains how essentiai
their vitality has been to our civilization.
Page 15 The Ozarks Star November 2004
Page 16 The Ozarks Star
1 NIOO$ft.,
November 2004
vp debate;,
that Miry
.A:iid it's the
c1~ua. ilie teal i
dy Bunny Takes
n ,,· a a ,,
·A Political Commentary:
· am trying to decipher the lunacy surrounding
;''Maryg:i.tc". No, I don't mean the attitudc-y
:queen who works the door at many large NYC
· · lubs, but rather the non-controversy
uncling Kerry's reference to Dick Cheney's
. off- spring, Mary. It all started with a
question at the last presidential debate "Do you
oclievc homosexuality is a choice?". Kind of a
w~d question, since THAT was an issue a
de~c or two ago. The issue at hand NOW is
· · so why not ask what the
bout that? Anyway Bush's simple
a,nswcr was "I don't know". (Unfortunately, "I
don't·know" would li.lso have to be Bush's
answer to "How do you spell Iraq?". and "What
ii2·+ 2?" and "Is Cheney human?')
~ut ~cr:ry mad/~ example of Cheney's lesbian
, daughter Miry, 1
" • • he. felt sh.c'.s being who
·sh.c was born·. . . . ilic coiitroversy.began.
Jfaving lost all 3 a~oatcs iina sc¢hig the gap in
· tlic ·polls between ttie~ 2. candict#cs. cJosing, the
·i,:cpublicans began a desperate, s~ns~ess (though
· inexplicably effective) . spin. to·. dis~i:t voters
from Kerry's inorc solid viiiion:~fot Hie nation.
<:Lynne Cheney lashed out against Kerry with
".tbi,s is not a ~od man" · blicans cried
. :foul because Mary was a " , even
though she works for her fatlicrts .very public
· ! Kercy then issued a'b,pically mealymouthed
statement to patch · · • up. At least
. • some newscasters brought up. in the
John Edwards after the senator mentioned the fact
NOT be crca,~g.fircworks now. B,ut what
discussjoii. i~ thJit.]wif by c;i~ting, ~he
of the republican posittoh· 611 .. c.
would dcnv his own flesh arid
c of the · " ·· fos~ ag¥n; in the spin.
· · · ·. · ·.· tp;~) giidtioi!,s ·"'" . . .
. . :Airicricl!tl trqops t<:> their detths nc.ccllcss : t1stifie.d war?". Well, what
is :woi:s~ SUGGESTING that lie sent.tl:i~ <it .a.ctuallv SENDIN<; THEM??!!!
Hei:e;s an exaniple ih drag teims: RuPlilil tdl~ m~:''Bit~h! You stole my eyeliner!"
aajl answer; "I can't believe yo~ .th~ sj~ta~gtirl!" to shift the
gui}i.to lier for .. •ANSWERING HER
ACC:US:tVI10N have my own eyeliner-arid here it is as proof', "I don't
wear youi: ch:cap brand, hooker!", or "Arc you on crack again, bccyotch?", etc.
continued next page 19 .
Page 19
Lady Bunny from pg-18
And when it comes to gay marriage,
make no mistake that the real issue is
that Bush was so scared by the recent
inroads towards legalizing gay unions
in California, Massachusetts and New
Paltz, NY , that he has proposed a
constitutional amendment to ban it-a
measure which even many of his
fellow republicans denounced as
extreme and unnecessary.
And speaking of unnecessary, for a
giggle, please check out an cxcctpt of
Lynne Cheney's hilariously schmaltzy,
soft-porn novel SISTERS from 1981
www.whitehousc.org/ administration/
sisters.asp ,vith a bi-sexual heroine.
Here's a sample: "The young woman
was heavily powdered, but quite
attractive, a curvesome creature,
rounded at bosom and cheek. When
she smiled, even her teeth seemed
puffed and rounded, like tiny ivory
pillows." Yucch! Since when do dykes
( or anyone else, for that matter) get
turned on by puffy pillow-teeth?
Elizabeth Edwards said in a radio
address that Kerry's mention of Miry
shouldn't be causing such outrage, .
unless the Chcneys were ashamed of
their daughter's sexuality. This rotten
book by Mary's mom suggests that
perhaps they arc ashamed of it's
author's homosexual tendencies too.
As well as her bestiality, cuz that Dick
Cheney is a toad!
Press Release 10/22/04
Oklahoma City, OK
About 35 GLBT business-people and
professionals attended Thursday's
meeting to kick off a new GLBT business
association for OKC, which was at least
twice the number expected by
organizers, according to committee
member Monty Milburn.
This turnout certainly implies strong interest
in fonrung a grciup, which is long overdue in
OKC. Evidence of at least one potential
benefit of a "Gay and Lesbian chamber of
commerce" was provided by the number of
attendees taking advantage of the. opportunity
to do some networking ..
Other potential benefits mentioned by
Milburn, who presented an overview of the
organizing committee's suggestions for the
new gro:up, included networking with the
"str~t'~ business coriimwiity, promoting
Ok:Widfu':t City's GLBT C:oaimub.ity, and
"mentoring" new Giiy businesses.
Milburn, a realtor with the Town & Country
Crew - affiliated with Keller Williams Realty,
presented the committee's ideas by making a
very focused presentation that was obviously
the result of the hard work of a motivated
group of people, which included Milburn,
Rob Howard, Stacey Young, Chris Finney,
and Jason Campbell.
Jason Campbell mentioned their experience
at this year's Pride Festival, when the Town
and Country Crew rented a booth in
M~morial Park and ran it the. two days of the
Festival, prior to the annual Pride Parade. He
said that the contacts they made at that booth
during thoic two days subsequently brought
in $750,000 worth of business to · their real
estate office - certainly one indication of the
economic potential of Oklahoma City's
GLBT Community.
The group's next meeting will be Wednesday,
November 3rd at 6:30PM at Keller Williams
Realty, 2630 NW Expressway. For more
information, contact Monty at
Introducing A_!_k Uncle Mikey
Advice Column!
Hello Kittens. Uncle Mikey here. I have, as they say,
exploded onto the scene. I must say that I had a rather
unusual experience that I fee! compelled to share with
you. I am sure you are sitting on rhe edge of your seats
awaiting my fabulous words to enlighten and uplift
you. Well, forget about it! Who do I look like? Glinda
of the North?
Well, Kittens, here it goes. I hope you enjoy the
sheer amusement - which is mv life. I was at the doctors
office. (Oh no Kittens. Don't worry. It was a routine wash and wax. At my age one
must be persistent with maintenance and upkeep, you know.) Anyhow, I was
exiting the office when I had a rather uplifting experience. His name is Romance -
named by me of course - and he is the flavor of the week. Dish is but a mere
_expression of this Adonis. Therefore, I invited him home and now cannot get him
to leave. Heed my advice Kittens never feed them or they will never leave. He
insists he cannot live without me. I told him that he could stay until I am no longer
amused. So now it is official - my first houseboy. I have sem him to pick up my
laundry and now I am all yours - so let us get to it.
I hope· he remembered the bag, as I had him cake Mr. Tiddles with him. Mr.
Tiddles is my love child, of sorts. He is a Persian Cat. You know that cats were
revered as Gods throughout history. Well, he is mv widdle riddles and is mommvs
baby. He displays a royal disposition to be sure. We have been through many a ·
rough relationships. He was a gift by my first husband, or was it mv third? Hmm
who knows? I lost count after a while. Liz only thinks she is the div~ of marriage. I
have more skeletons in my closet than Liz, Madge, and Ricky all put together. It
took many men to keep me in the life of which I have grown accustomed.
Anyhow, you wonder who Uncle Mikey is? Well, I am going to tell you,
Kittens. I am the diva of life and love, sex and lust. Yes, I am here to spread my
fairy dust onto all of you lonely Kittens out there. So write and share with me
your glorious quandary and I shall give you the gift of my many years in Gaydom.
So whatever is on your mind, do tell - I love a good dish.
However, remember when writing, that you are addressing a queen, so do not
ask that which you do not want a truthful and insightful, while fabulously
delicious, response. Uncle Mikey is fair and kind (unless provoked by ignorance) to
all who seek the wisdom of which oniy a queen may possess.
Uncle Mikey tells it like it is and does not hold back. So get those fingers
wrapped around my uh oh wait those are my houseboy instructions! Anyhow, get
those fingers tapping and write to me at Unclemikey4you@Ao[com, and I will be
sure to give you my utmost attention just as soon as Romance completes my
entertainment for the evening.
Until we meet again, may you find joys untoid and settle not - insist on cab fare
Smooches, Your humble (snickers) guide into Queerdom - Uncle Mikey
Uncle Mikey is • chanctcr from Freelance wdter Michael Hinzman. Michael has been writing for ten year~.
UtilDiog hi1 1tudic1, and life experience to help others in his community, through humor and !ouod 2dvicC':. Miducl
applied his study of psychology 2nd creative writing, ;as ~:ell hi~ c:xtcntivc b2.ckground in menta.l health Direct c:.1rc lo
bring a new styi~ t.od approach to hdping othen- tfich:1.d's oth«:":r works c;;.n be viewed at -·
Micliac! is in proce,~ now with 2 sm21l publishing hou?-e working on his first pubHshcd fiction:,i novel, "Dragomir,"
Which will be out eariy 2005.
Page 21
A Benefit to be held for The Healing Quilt
Project of the Ozarks
Springfield, MO
October 21, 2004
The Edge Club in Springfield, Missouri will
hdst a benefit for The Healing Quilt Project
of the Ozarks, a nonprofit organization of
Springfield on November 6, 2004 at 9pm.
Roxanne LaMoore and a cast of colorful
favorites will be performing in memory of
past performers Bette Davis, Ruby Flame
and Tigress, among others. There will be a
i3.00 cover charge.
Proceeds from the "Threads of TimeReflections
of the Past" fund-raiser event will
go toward bringing a large portion of the
Aids Memorial Quilt to Springfield for
World Aids Month in December and to
purchase much needed supplies for the Quilt
The Healing Quilt Project organization
serves people with terminal illness and
provides emotional support for those dealing
with the loss of a loved one, through out
the Ozarks by giving them a quilt for
warmth and creating a memory quilt in
remembrance. They also offer workshops
and presentations to the community.
The Quilt Project is located at, 823 W.
Walnut, Springfield, MO 65806. Contributions
should be directed to Founder/
Director Rick McCormack
(417) 865-4358 or
( 417) 864-8,99.
Website www .healingquilt.com
Than look lo Miry .Kew- \bll
ftnd th!- lawt (l!Miend-o,lcrs
OOOld!ldad furyuu.wtth emyto"...
t.Lt"-flif ;lltA.,& - .t..c.. v ~
QJR git 1he hdtmt latlb wihri
Mam:e ••• cr,da~bein
Independent BeaJty Cortdtrrt.
. 41N~73·1181
yov, SIR, MAy 1
Ginger Latr1Ar
in most clubs was a buzzer you
pushed to get itl; and if there was a
raid, they woulcl:push the·b~zer &
blink lights. Itfetyone woul<i le~ve the
dance floclr, beciitise it. was :illcgitl to
danse &. .clrlrik. _So, y~>n would· go sit, &
by .. the tim:'e#hey, came in, everyone
would be sitiiri.g & talking. When they
left ~cryonei w11.s back up & dancing
again". · ·
When ask'ed if he plans to retire anytime
soon, he replied ''Not as lopg as I can get
into these spike beds and walk. I refuse
to give in to flat's". Still performing in
Oklahoma City at Club Rox located in
the Hollywood Hotel Suites the first
Saturdav of each month and the Boom
Boom Room at 2807 NW 36th St every
Sunday. The show at the Boom Boom
will have an entire new look beginning
Sunday November 7th. Called the "G"
Spot the show will be featuring. live
interviews, guesf appearances along with
performances by Ginger and guest. 'The
new show is going to be hilariously fun
and very entertaining", Ginger said.
Knowing Ginger, you can count on a fun
,entertaining evening at any of his shows.
The Ozarks Star is proud to feature Ms
Ginger Lamar, an entertainment legend in
his own time. Another. example of multitalented
people of the Four States region
deserviJ:ig of community recognition. We
also CQ~tiilaie Ginger aoci:liis life
partncr'J:E. vrlio celtj:,~ted their 30th
a~~ive,rssuy: on Ailgtlst 31st, 2004.
To get an in-depth look into Ginger's life
present 'and past, view some very glamorous
plioto's and· ltcep up i:o date on his
performance schedule, visit the official
web sit at www.giogerlamar.com.
Page 23
Creator: Paula Martinac has
been writing for the gay and
lesbian press for more than 20
years. She served for three years as
the co-chair of the board of
directors of New York City's
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and
Transgeoder Community Center,
where she founded a
groundbreaking reading series
called "In Our Own Write."
Lesbian Notions
by Paula Ma.rtioac
November, 2004
And the
Winner Is ••.
As the presidential campaign enters its final
stage, more and· more lawn. signs are popping
up in my neighborhood, which is in a swing
county in. a .. swing st:lte. So far, the KerryEdwards
sigtis ·.outnumber. the Bush-Cheney
ones about 7:.toit ~ not. sutp · · · this
liberal coo~cssibnal district: the ·
election werf ar cleattut as the signs on i:ny
street! The truth is, it's going to be a down-tothe-
wire nail-biter; and because; of t;hat,it
would be wise for· us to think beyond Nov. 2
(maybe beyond December, given likely·votiog
irregularities). What.is in store .for the ~y
community if <leorge W. Bush \Vins? What
will happen if John Kerry beats liim? In. either
outcome, there will be. a lot of work . ahead •
albeit of distinct varieties - for our movement.
Outcome No. 1: Four More Years ... If Bush wins, will his gay~·.
continue? True, he will no longer need gay marriage as · a punching ~~· to· distract
voters from the war in Iraq or the continuing weak economy. For that .o:iatter, he
will no longer need the religious right, which made aotigay policies a condition of
its support. The best the gay community could hope for in this scenario is that we
simply fall off Bush's radar screen, entering a period of neglect much like the first
years of his administration, in which we kept doggedly working _under_ the White
House radar and pulled off major victories in .:..Lawrence v. Te:xas_ and ..:..Goodrich
v. Department of Public Health_.
Io the worst-case scenario (which I think is more likely), the antigay right would be
further emboldened by a Bush win, and he would pay them back for their loyalty
with more aotigay judicial appointments. Since federal judges sit for life, that could
turn back the clock on out rights for a generation. And because right-wing state and
local officials would also claim a mandate, the gay community would spend the
oe:xt four years fending off attacks at ~ levels of government, constantly on red
alert for attempts to roll back the few rights we've Il'WlAgCd to· secure. - C'Ven · ones as
benign as domestic partnership.
We've seen the tip of this iceberg already, and it's clear that there would have to be
a huge defensive effort against it. Many more of us would have to engage actively in
contacting our representatives about votes on legislation and judicial appointments,
and to convince our straight. family members and friends to do the same. (You can
register for gay-specific updates at www.hrc.org; for broader libc:tal updates, visit
www.pfaw.org.) Many more of us would have to work for moderate or progressive
candidates or run for office ourselves.
Outcome No. 2: "Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out•
Seo. John Kerry's campaign has touted his 100 percent rating from the Human
Rights Campaign and has held him fonwrd as "a powerful voice in the ongoing
fight for civil rights." Although Kerry has a laudable progay tecord in the Senate on
everything from the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) to gays in the
military to HIV/ AIDS funding, ......... continued P-ge -25
Deep Inside
Magnolias_ and _First Wives Club_
screenwriter Robert Harling, will bring many
of the original characters up to the present
date, with oil Iring J.R. Ewing now rwining
the moat powerful. energy company on the
planet. Look for the aamc big cowboy hats,
wicked plot tuma, and vicious backstabbing
that made the original aeries 10 much fun.
Romeo, meanwhile, ia hoping for the return
of Charlene Tilton. .
by:Romeo San
November 2004
Nlxo.n. M-.ta Roosevelt
One. wu, tg,g1.0t.ed to, hav.e had an a£fiur with
a woman; tμe other juat recently. confirmed
having a leabian relationship. That used to
be the only common ground bctw:een
Eleanqr Roosevelt and Cynthia Nixon. But
now Nixon wil) play Franklin Roosevelt's
fl.rat lady in .thc. l@O movie _\Varm
Springa_. With .Kenneth •~agh u· FDR.
the film will tell di:e 11toiy o.f }.looacvdt'a life
before .he became prctidcnt, from hie time
in the New York Stllte .. ~tc tq hi.• polio
diagnoiia in 1921 atld. the y:arioua curca he
,ought afterward. Helmeci · by .veteran TV
movie ditector Jo1epl1,, Sirgent, production
ia acheduled to begin any minute with a
probable 2005 air date. nn t,hen, Nixon
faaatici can get their fix wit,h Roi>crt
Altma,n'a .... Tanner. on Tanner..:. now airing
on ShoW,time.
~ J.R. Lookalike South.fork
Randi, h@a a ~lift in ita fu~. Aa if bigscreen
temakes of cvciy 1V series ever
ci:eated, from ....Dukes of Hazzard_ to
_MiamfViiiC..::, weren't enough, Robert
Lukctic .CJ..c;gally Blonde~ ia in
negotjations to direct a feature-film version
of thc,Jong-ruoning hit TV aeriea ...Dallas_.
The movie, to be scripted by _Steel
Schumacher Enten _ Ci.'QWded Room_
_ Andrew Uoyd Webber's P~tom of the
Open.... Joel ~huniachcr'a latest film~ opens
this Christmas. Meanwhile, the hardworking
gay director ia already diving into his next
projei:t, _The Crowded Room_, a complete
abour.-face from a big romantic musical,
Bueq on Daniel Keyes' book. .. The Minda of
Billy Milligan_. _Room_ centers on a
mentally ill min, ch~d with kidnapping
and rape, who ia also discovered to have 2-4
aeparate peraonalitiea brought on by yeua of
childhood sexual abu,e. The project bu been
in and out of development for ycan, and at
different times hu had cveiy major director
from Steven Soderbci'gh to Gus Van Sant
elated to helm it, and actors from BJ:lld Pitt to
Scan Penh to Billy Crudup attached to atar.
Now that Schumacher ia on board, the
mystery of who'll run with all 24 lead,
ahould be aolved aoon.
_ Playing It Straight_: The Movie Once
upon a time - OK. it wu just cul.let .. thia year
- there wu a· doomed gay rcality aerie, called
_Playing It Straight... in which gay men acted
atraight to trick an unwitting bachclorette.
Apparc11dy, no one but Romeo tuned in, and
10 it wu quickly cancelled, the winner
forever unknown.· Now that show'• title ia
· getting a aecobd chance. In production, the
movie _Playing It Stralght.. hu nothing to do
with the cancelled aliow except the potential
for a little identity confuaion. The plot
revolve• around a man who relic, on
relationship advice from hi, gay identical
twin. Unfortunately, too much homo advice
botchea the hcteto' bliaa, and big laugha cnaue
• or 10 it's hoped, unlc11 keeping that title
turns out to be bad luck. Not that Romeo is
aupentitioua or anything. ·,
_Romeo San Vicente thinb having a gay
twin would only increase the competition.
He can be reached care of thia publication or
at DccpinaidcHollywood@qayndicate.com._
Page 25
Don't.Ask Don't Tdlfrompg-6
''These decisions require a
reexamination of the reasoning
employed in prior decisions upholding
the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy, and
they compel a finding and declaration
by the court that the policy violates the
Constitution,'' added Woods.
White & Case lawyers are well versed
in the constitutional issues involved
with the service of gays md lesbians in.
the United States Armed Forces. Last
year, White & Case helped draft m
amici brief submitted by the Log Cabin
Republicans in support of the
petitioners in the Supreme Court's case
of Lawrence v. State of Texas, arguing
successfully that m American's right to
liberty under the Due Process clause
includes the right to engage iti private
consensual conduct without
governmental intervention. In the early
1990s, the Firm also successfully
represented Keith Meinhold in the .
landmark decision in Mcinhold v. U.S.
Department of Defense, which
challenged the military's previous
prohibition of gays and lesbians in the
''This case is fundamentally about
correcting a misguided governmental
policy based on prejudice towards gay
and lesbian Americans. A decade of
experience with the policy
demonstrates that it actually weakens
our national defense/' said Meekins. "It
seems especially offensive to compd
members of the Armed Forces, who
fight to protect our liberty, to deny
them their constitutional right to
freedom of speech and to engage in
private, intimate relationships."
Guerriero said that he is confident that
this challenge will result in the end of
this discriminatory policy and
ultimately a stronger U.S. military
because highly trained, dedicated gay
and lesbian soldiers will no longer be
forced out simply because they disclose
their sexual orientation
Lesbian Notions from pg-23
the fact is he's spent the better part of
tliis campaign dodging us and our
issues, granting two brief, last-minute
interviews to the gay press. He has also
taken every opportunity (including in
those interviews) to stress that he and
John Edwards oppose gay marriage and
favor separate-but-equal civil unions - a
position that annoys and disappoints
many of us.
Still, in the interest of replacing a
dishonest, corrupt administration, the
gay movement has (rightfully, I think)
cut ~ .a lot of slack. And it's likely
that Pre.sidcnt Kerry would be generous
in his appointments of openly gay
officials to his administration,
reinstating a tone of inclusion md
fairness. That would be no small
achievement, given that the mood in
Washington under Bush has been one of
increasingly unchecked hostility toward
us. A fot of us might be satisfied with a
change in tone under Kerry - but, then,
that would simply . be returning to
where we left off at the st:ut of 2001.
If Ketty is elected, one danger is .that
most of us would breathe a sigh of relief
and sit back, waiting for change. But, in
fact, the lesbian and gay community as
a whole would still have an enormous
job ahead.of it - that of holding the new
president to his assertion of being a
civil;-:rights leader. After all, he's. made
no big promises to us, as Clinton did
with gays in the military, and it will be
up to us to push him for change.
For with a shift in tone in Washington
come opportunities • if not for marriage
rights, then possibly for the passage of
ENDA, a bill Kerry cosponsored, or
even for· an end to "don't ask, don't
tell," a policy he strongly opposed. A
good slogan for us under Kenys White
House would be, "Don't expect too
much, but don't accept too little."
_PIUJA Martinac is a umbda Literary
· · and
m«bed care of this p,1blkAtion or at
usbi4nNotions@qsyndicau.com .
J>age Z§ G11 Tr4wlmfrom -page 7 . .
This is a DVD that you must have for
your library. The producer and agent,
Joe Spotts witb his life partner, Michael
WU mo/staying-at the B & B
We have kriown them for years. Joe is
the agent for several cntcrt2incrs
including J.J. BuUock, Tammy Faye
Baker and Leslie )ordan (Brother Boy in
Sotdid Lives). He also is the· agent for
Ruby Ann Boxcar! Joe is currently
producing Leslie Jordan in. his one man
show in Los -Angclcis , "Lac A Dog On
Linoleum" We were there opening night
and it wa's _tremendous! Not sin~c WC
saw Elaine Stritch. - "At_Libcrty'' have
we had such a d~tfiil evening at the
thca~. Leslie pours his heart out to the
audience. IJ; is a biographical sketch of
his life.You ~ la~ (riotously), cry,
ponder and delve into your own sense
of being. This is. high dnma at is beat!
From di_e land of hat-wearing southern
belles addictcci to high driuna and
painkillers comci. the unbelievably true
talcs of a boy who fell o-iit of the womb
and w,idca:~ hls Mama's high hells,
hopped a_ G~yhound bus for "Hollywcird,"
and has never looked back!
Leslie is one of those rare entertainers
who is not afraid to show himself to his
audicnc_e. It is gut wrenching! Even thou
WC saw it weeks ago WC still think about
it every day. If' you loved him in the
movie Sordid Lives, then you will love
his new play even more. ·
Seeing Leslie.Jordan perform on stage
was absolutely a delight. After seeing
him on numerous television shows and
in movies we just knew tiiAt seeing him
in his new stage production worild be
else .. AND IT WAS! If you
_ LIVES, then vou will
like this stage production just· u much.
It was a biographic sketch of his entire
life ~th no holds batted. From his days
of~-4rugs and_ sex, Leslie goes
tbiu the entire production tcllirig it just
how it wu. _ From his early years in
school thtu Sotdid I:ivc8 he tells 81S
story. It was fun, funny, sad and really
made qne think about their- own life. He
bad die entire audience in the Dahn of his
hand the entire show. •
At the end he received a standing ovation
which he so richly deserved.
After the show we got to talk with Leslie
about his life and other matters. He is a
gem of a guy and so sincere. He grew up
in Tennessee and knew at an early age
that he HAD to get out. As we all
know, even today people in Tennessee
arc not ill that tolerant. And thank
goodness he got out of Tennessee to give
laughter to millions of us. Leslie lives in
the greater Los Angeles area and we just
hope sometime in the near future that he
can find that perfect someone to spend
the rest of his life with. He devotes
much of his time and talents to charity
events throughout the country. We are
just hoping that he takes his current
production on the road and throughout
We arc hoping that a DVD is soon to be
released and a USA tour should be
coming sometime soon. Leslie has
thousands of fans throughout the ·
Our special thanks to his producer and
agent, Joe Spotts who lives in Palm
Our dear friend, Raymond, owner. of the
Secret Garden· had great dinner parties
for us. He is one "of the nicest, sweetest
and caring people that we have ever met.
We also went to the Getty Art Museum
while we were there and went to several
of the new bars that opened in L. A. But
the real enjoyment is visiting with the
different guests staying at the Secret
After a hectic, exciting, interesting and
fun-filled week in Los Angles we drove
to Palm Springs and we will have to tell
you all about that in our next column.
For more infomation on
Do,wld 11ndR.ay
or visit their web
Seo es
by Jack Fcrt1g
November 2004
"Don't waste money, Gemini!"
Ma.rs square Saturn is never pretty. Worse
yet, Mars is not at his best in Libra, nor is
Saturn very happy in Cancer, Look out for
turf battles and rigid attitudes.
ARIES (Ma.rch 21 to April 20): Domestic
squabbles are nea.rly inevitable now,
Lingering issues should be handled in a
mature, serious fashion. Some rough play
could help relieve stress, but if you're not
experienced with kink, agree on a safeword
and make limits very clear,
TAURUS (April 21 to May 20):
Misunderstandings at work feed resentments
and make for harder work as well as a
rougher workplace, Communication is the
key to cooperation. If you can read and
follow memos while your nose is pressed to
the grindstone, you'll get through.
GEMINI (May 21 to June 21): Resist
impulses to invest right now, don't waste
money on lottery tickets, and budget
carefully if you must indulge in "retail
therapy." Dancing, telllll sports, or anything
else that gets you sweating while in good
company will prove valuable,
CANCER Qune 22 to July 22): Even the
slightest problem at home cw have a huge
emotional impact. Too sensitive? That's part
of it, but just part. Cooperative housework
can help - but it's the coopention that's
more important than the actual housework.
LEO Quly 23 to August 22): You're a
natural ch=er, but now you have an odd
need to cha.rm above and beyond the usual,
revealing inner stresses deep beneath your
surface. A massage and introspective chats
will help to release those stresses.
VIRGO (August 23 to September 22): Are
your friends carrying their weight, or do
you get s~k too often with the tab? Social
responsibilities can bum a hole in your
wallet. Chlltitable donations may need
prioritizing and review. Let moochy friends
go dutch!
LIBRA (September 23 to October 21):
l?e professional and assertive, but
cooperative - and for heaven's sake,
don't take yourself too seriously. If you
maintain a careful balanc'e, you can be
monarch of all you survey. If you slip,
you may win a title, but you'll surely
lose respect,
SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21):
Comfort may be found in ancient spiritual
teachings. The _Malus Maleficarum_ does
not count! Confront religious conflicts from
your own childhood, or get some
perspective on the rites and teachings of
something very different,
SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to
December 20): The stars recommend
dungeon pllrties now, but if B & D is not
your cup of tea, you may find yourself in a
political confrontation of medieval
proportions. Then you'll wish you had the
manacles and ball gag!
CAPRICORN (December 21 to January
19): Who's the boss? Telllllwork is very
important now, but be very Cllteful about
hierarchical structure. If you respect
everybody's positions wd finesse your way
through the minefield of office policies,
you'll go very fa.r in the long run.
AQUARIUS 0anua.ry 20 to Februa.ry 18):
Resist all temptation to argue - and
temptlltion will be fierce. You can't win
a.rguments right now, and you Cll1l lea.rn lots
if you just shush and listen. Questions a.re
good. You can even ask some very pointed
questions - just don't a.rgue.
PISCES (Febru.uy 19 to Ma.rch 19): It's an
ideal· time to explore some of the kinkier md
rougher sides of sex play. Tell. your pa.rtner
or a well-chosen friend what you really want
to try out. Yes, it's good to be ca.reful, but
don't be shy!
Jade Fertig has been fllorking a.s a professional
astrologer since 1977 and 4 a founding member
of tlJe .Association for .A.stro/c,gical Net'fllorleing.
He 1:1in be reached for consMltations at 415-864-
8302, tbroNgh bis website at
http:/ /fllfllflJ.st4rjllck..com
Page 28 Four States Community Directory
-Bars- NightclubsArkansas,
Fayetteville (479)
Ron's Place- - 523 \".'. P:;plar- - - - - 479-442-3052
Studio 716- -716 W. Sycamore- - - -479-571-1300
Wild-On - - - - - -3570 W. 6th- - - - - - 479-521-9453
Arkansas, Fort Smith (479)
Kinkeads- 1004 1/2 Garrison Ave- - -479-783-9988
Club 1022 - -1022 Dodson Ave. - - - -479-782-1845
Arkansas, Little Rock (SCH)
Back Street - - - -1021 Jessie Rd- --501-664-2744
Discovery- - 1021 JenieRd- -· - - - - 501-666-6900
The Factory - -412 Louisiana St.- - - - -501-372-3070
Ml111ouri, JopHa (417)
Ree's• - • - 716 S. Main - - - - - - -417-627-9035
Mi&so-.irl, Kansas City (816)
Buddies - - - - - - - 3715 ~ St- - - - 816-561-2600
DB Warehouse- -1915 Main;St- - - -816-471-1575
Missie B's- - - -805 W. 39th St- - - - -- - 816-561-0625
Sidestrcet Bar - - - -413 B. 3rd- - - - 816-531-1775
Sidekicks Saloon - - 3707 Main St- - 816- 931-1430
Mlssoari, Springfield (417)
The Edge- -424 Boonville Ave- - - - --417-831<-4700
Martha's Vineyard- 219 W Olive - -417-864-4572
Oz Bar• 504 E. Commercial - - - - • -417-831-9001
Ronisuz Place- - --821 College- - - - - - -417-864-0036
Rumors• -1109 E. Commercial- - 417-873-2225
Oklahoma, Oklalaoma City (465)
Hi-Lo Club - - 1221 NW SOth- - - -405-843-1722
Finish Line - -2200 NW 39th &pwy- - 405-525-0730
Club Rox- - - -3535 NW 39th Bxpwy - 405-947-2351
Topanga Grill & Bar- 3535 NW 39th--405-947-2351
Boom Room- 2807 NW 36th St- - - - - -405-601-7200
Oklahoma, Tulsa (918)
Bamboo Lounge- 720-4 E. Pine - - --918-836-8700
Club Maverick• - 822 S. Sheridan - 918-835-3301
Heads & Tails- - 7944 E. 21st - - - - - - 918-660-7878
Chm Majestic- - 124 N. Boston - - - - -918-584-9494
New Age Renegades- -1649 S. Main - -918-585-3405
Play-Mor-Club- - 1737 S. Memorial - -918-838-9792
Silver Star- -1565 S. Sheridan - - - - - -918-834-4234
T«x>l Box- 1338 E. 3rd- - - - - - - - - 918-584-1308
Yellow Brick: Road- - 2630 E. 15th - - -918-293-0304
Milsouri, Jeplia (417)
Faces Gucsthouse B&B --- -- -417-621-9915
Fairfield Inn by Marriott- - - - - 417-624-7800
Catus Canyon Campground - - - - - 417-683-9199
Mlasouri, Lampe
KOKOMOCampground-- - 41"P79-5084
Oklahoma, Oklahoma City (405)
HollywoodHotel- 3535 NW 39th Ex-405-947-2351
Habana Inn - 2200 NW 39th Exp- -405-528-2221
Arkansas, Eureka Springs
MCC Living Spring- - - - - - -870-253-9337
Arkansas, Avoca
Natural State Naturists- - - - - -- - - -479-451-8066
Kansas, Pittsburg (620)
River of Life Church - 1709 N Walnut -11!\M
PSU-QSA. . 1701 S. Broadway- - 620-231-0938
Missouri, Joplin (417)
MCC Spirit of Christ-2902 E 20th, - - - - 6PM
UCCFF--204 N. Jackson Ave, - - - -10:30AM
Aids Project Ozarks- 513 Kentucky- 417-624-5788
Missouri, Springfield (417)
Rainbow Christian Ch-837 W. Madison- 866-6206
Unitarian Universalist Church - 417-833-2723
APO- - - 1901 E. Bennett, suite D- - 4 i 7-881-1900
Show}.fe MO Pride --417-864-4459
GLO Comm. Ctr- -518 E. Commerical- -869-3978
PPL.AG-Springfield- - - - - - - - - -417-889-i059
PROMO SW MO- promoswmo@hotmail.com
Oklahoma, Oklahoma City (405)
Cathedral of Hope- - 600 NW 13th St- 232-HOPE
Oklahoma, McAlester
McPride- - - -POBo~ 1515, McAlester, OK 74502
Oklahoma, Tulsa (918)
MCC United- -1623 N. Maplewood- -918-838-1715
-Business Services-Missouri,
Shelter Insurance- --Greg Tainter- - 636-938-5500
Mis1011ri, Joplin (417)
Body Swim Massage Therapy- -417-825-5800
Charles Burt Realtors-Vicki Bronson-- -434-0077
RE/MAX - - - -Cathe Letts- - - - 417-483-5313
Office Max- -440 Rangel.inc Rd- 417-623-1007
Joan Szymanski- Beauty Consult,- 417-673-1181
NightThings Boutique-719 MainSt- 417-659-9913
Missouri, Spriagflcld (417)
Pri5cilla's - - • • 1918 S. Glenstone - -417-881-8444
Oldahem•, Oklahoma City
Ccntury21 - -4301 NW 63rd #100 -· 405- 840-2106
Priscilla's- 615 E. Memorial - - - - - - 405-755-8600
Oklahoma, Tulsa
Kelly Kirby,CPA-4815 S Harvard - - 918-747-5466
Underguy.com - - -825 E. 3rd - - - 877-7-BOXERS
Priscilla's - - - - 7925 E. 41st - - - - - -918-627-4884
Priscilla's - - - - 5634 W. Skelly - - - --918-446-633(;
Priscilla's - - - -11344 E. 11th - - - - •· 918-438-4224
Priscilla's - - • • 2333 E. 71st - - - - - - 918--t99-1661
Page 29 The Ozarks Star November 2004
(41 7) 6_2.7-9035
Page 30
. . . . . . .· ... _only
$6.00 {or t:l:ie. rd,, arid only 25
c~ti for ~h:additional word;:}., ......
4bd, 4bth, forqi:μ clitining, large
kitchen. libracy/ offi~e, full
basement, iotted heat/ air., 3200 Sq.
Ft., beautifully restored, quiet
residential· Roanoke adjacent. Priced
under $140,000.
$$Price Reduced$$
Call Vicki at Charles Burt
417:.434-,0077 o~ 800-782-7~22.
· ·e . . . Star 0n-Line. Check out
our website for Daily hr~~king GLBl'
news. w:ww.ozarksstir:com · .• .
Need A Howe ~~: A,4verclse hctc
for only $6.00 £int JS '11J'ords,,25 cents
for each additionaf ~rd.
Advertising Representative's
Part Time: For Kansas City, Springfield,
Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Arkansas, Kansas
and Joplin. Commission based
compensation. Work in the LGBTS
business community.
Mail qualifications to:
Ozarks Star
24-01 E. 32nd St., Suite 10-243
Joplin, MO 64804.
Bed & Breakfast: Own your own
B&B? Bdaμtiful 4 bed 4 bath 3200sqft
fully. fi.u"J~j~hcd in Joplin, MO For Sale.
Call Vicki Bronson at Charles Burt
Realtors 417-434-0077
1010 E. 20th
Joplin MO64804
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