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The Parachute of Oklahoma was a monthly newspaper; there are only a few available at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center: August 1993-December…

Contributors: Chuck Breckenridge
Wayne D.
Cookie Arbuckle
Scott Curry
Michael Carnfield
Kevyn Jacobs
Catherine Boyle
Leslie Thomas
Stephan Scott
Mary Arbuckle
Rhonda Guy
David Stokes
Kelly Kirby
Raye Ann Tucker
Wreks Rivers
Kimberly Ridenour
Orin Shank
Donna Payne
J.T. Simpson
Ann Marie Lochner
Kim Watson
Danny Heinsohn
Paul Scott
Tom Neil
James Christjohn
Kris Khol
Mary Trounstine
Lori Livingston
Gerald Miller
Alan G. Nyitrag
David Brady
Dani Pati
Wynn Bensinger
Brannon Amos
Maureen Curtin
JD Jamett
Kharma Amos
Laurie Cooper
Shelly Roberts
Phyl Boler-Schmidt
Leanne Gross
Pat Morehead
Jeane Pierre
Leanne Gross

[Series] Newsletters & Publications > TOHR Torch Newsletter, 2003-2006

TOHR Newsletters - TOHR Reporter (1985-1993), Insert in Tulsa Family News (March 1994 - August 1995), TOHR Community News and Pride Center News…

Contributors: Tulsa Oklahomans for Human Rights

[Series] Newsletters & Publications > Ozarks Pride, Ozarks Star, Star, Metro Star Newspapers, 2004-2011


Ozarks Pride's first issue began in January of 2004. Then follows Ozarks Pride (2004), The Star (2005), and The Metro Star (2008).

This magazine…

Contributors: C.D. Ward
T.J. Kelly
Chaz Storm
Marion Wilson
Greg Steele
Randy Vineyard
Steve T. Urie
Lady Bunny
Romeo San Vincente
Steve T. Urie
Donald Pile
Ray Williams
Michael Hinzman
Jack Fertig

[Series] Newsletters & Publications > OHR Reporter, 1980-1985

Publication of Oklahomans for Human Rights - Tulsa Chapter, from its formation 1n 1980 until 1985 when the Tulsa Chapter separated from Oklahoma…

Contributors: Oklahomans for Human Rights

[Collection] Pride Celebrations

Contributors: Oklahomans for Equality, Tulsa Oklahomans for Human Rights, Oklahomans for Human Rights - Tulsa Chapter

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Documents and items relating to other LGBT organizations and events.

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