Tulsa Family News, December-January 1995; Vol. 2, Issue 1


Tulsa Family News, December-January 1995; Vol. 2, Issue 1


Politics, education, and social conversations toward Tulsa's Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual communities.


Tulsa Family News was a monthly newspaper; No. 1 issued December 1993-January 1994. The final issue available was published in September of 2001 (Vol. 8, Issue 9).

The newspaper brings up important, evolving topics of marriage, military, law, charity, Pride, TORH, HIV/AIDs, events, advice, politics all at the local and national level.

This document is available in searchable PDF attached. It is also available to be seen at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center with permission.


Tulsa Family News


Tulsa Family News collection


Tom Neal


December 15, 1994-January 14, 1995


James Christjohn
Kharma Amos
Brannon Crain
Maureen Curtin
JD Jamett


Tom Neal/Tulsa Family News


Tulsa Family News, November 15-December 14, 1994; Volume 1, Issue 12


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United States Oklahoma Tulsa
United States of America (50 states)


Serving Tulsa’s Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Communities- Our Families of the Heart December 15, 1994 - January 14, 1995, Vol. 2, Issue 1
Tulsa Lesbian & Gay
Political Action
Committee Begun
Local activists have begun the
process of starting a political
action committee to help elect
candidates who support civil
fights protections for Lesbian,
Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered
citizens. The interim
steering committee is seeking
volunteers to compile data, staff
phone banks, put up yard signs
and to help financially.
Those interested can contact
LAG-PAC at POB 33076,
74153-1076 or call 832-1222.
Janice Nicklas
Tulsa’s Community Service
Council honored HIV/AIDS
activist Janice Nicklas with its
Dreamcatcher Award. Drawing
on Native American tradition, a
dreamcatcher is placed oyer an
infant’s cradle or in a.tfibal lodge
to capture dreams allowing only
good ones. Here the
dreamcatcher symbolizes
shaping the futureby holding on
to a dream.
"I am deeply honored; I had
not idea," Nicklas said, adding
that usually the award goes to
someone ontside the Council.
Nicklas, who is a Senior Planner
with the Council, co-ordinator
of the AIDS Coalition of Tulsa,
and recently, project director for
the Tulsa Community AIDS
Partnership, has been involved
with HIV issues for seven years.
Nicklas has horror stories about
the earlier days when AIDS
began to be visibleinTulsa. Then
there was "so little to offer" in
the way of services and she says
she was often very discouraged.
Awards, at
T 0 :H-R
Tulsa Oklahomans for Human
Rights held its annual Holiday
Banquet & BenefitAuction at
All Soul’s ChurchonFriday, Dec.
2. Food, festive music and
auctioneering were enjoyed by a
see TOHR, page 9
HRCF ChiefBirch
Elizabeth Birch
to Head HRCF
Birch, the head :of litigation and
human resources of Apple
Computer Inc., has been tapped
to head up the Human Rights
Campaign Ftmd in Washington,
D.C. She becomes the first
woman to hold the post of
executive directorat the nation’ s
largest gay rights group.
On the heals of the Republican
sweep of both houses of
Congress earlier in November,
Birch said her first job would be
countering ideas that the rights
movement is in retreat as a result
of the changes in the national
see Birch, page 9
MURDER In Mississippi
HIV Testing of
,Victims Ordered
LAUt~EL, Miss. -- haanunusaml
move thatmayindicate the nature
of the defense in the case, Circuit
Court Judge Billy Joe Landrum
approvedarequestby the defense
attorney for the 16-year-old
charged with killing 2 gay men
in the tense rural community.
Marvin McClendon was being
held in lieu of $100,000 bail
in connection with the executionstyle
killing ofJoseph Shoemake
and Robert Waiters in October.
A request by. McClendon’s
attorney, J. Ronald Parrish, to
have HIV tests conducted on
see Miss. page 9
T~lsa House Rep. Steve Largent argent Mtg.
As promised prior to his
election, Congressman Largent
is planning anopenmeeting with
the Lesbian/Gay communities in
Jan. or Feb. subject to__~the
le~slative schedule. Check with
TFN for more info. later.
Poll Positive
WASHINGTON - A national
exit-poll commissioned by the
Hmnan Rights Campaign Fund
the evening of the Nov. 8 election
indicates that voters weren’t
endorsing a right-wing, anti-gay
social agenda but in fact showed
"broad support" for equal -rights
for gays and lesbianS. Among
the poll’s findings: o 70% said
see Poll, page 9
Tulsa’s World AIDS Day March
Interfaith AIDS Ministry orgaafized a marchfromBartlett Square
through dowlitown to Holy Fmnily Cathedral inhere a ceremonv was
.held in memory of those lost to AIDS and to give recognlti’on to
caregivers helping people living with AIDS.
Photo credit: Tonia Schnarr see Cathedral, page 11
Military Update Military Update .Military Update
Court Backs Navy’s
Policy inSteffan Case
WASHINGTON - In a ~etback
to efforts to end the military’s
ban against gays and lesbians,
the U.S. Court of Appeals has
ruled in a 7-3 decision that the
U.S. Naval .Academy acted
properly in dismissing
MidshipmanJoseph Steffan after
he s aid he was’gay --alth0ughhe
did made no admission of
engaging in same-sex
relationships. Thecourt majority
ruled, that the admission of being
gay as tantamount to.admitting
homosexual behavior. Writing
for.the majority,Judge Laurence
Silberman said, "It is sufficient
to recognize that the
government’s presumption, as
embodied in the Academy
see Steffan, page 11
¯ .Meinhold Warned of
Possible Discharge
SEA2q’LE - Gay sailor Keith
Meinhold said. during a speech
before a civil rights group here
that a naval officer has warued
him that if he says pnblicly again
that he is gay, he may be
discharged from the military
under the Pentagon’s new "don~t
ask, don’t tell" policy. Meinhold
said Harry Harris, the 2rid in
commandofhis unit at the Naval
Air Station-Shidbey Island near
Seattle had given him the
warning. After publicly stating
in 1992 that he is gay, Meirthold
has successfully fought
discharge in federal court.
Meinhold said Harris had told
him "that a statement that I am
homosexual will require his
see Meinhold, page 11
Navy to Keep
Lesbian Officer
decision that surprised rights
activists, a3-memberN.avypant
unanimously recommended
.against discharging Lt. -Zoe
Dunning, agreeing that Draining
had not violated the Pentagon’s
new"’don’ t ask, don’t tell" policy
whe n~she publicly eame Out as a
lesbian-two years ago~ The
panel.’s decision marks the first
time a U.S. military board of
inquiry has rnled in favor of
retaining a service member who.
has publicly acknowledgedbeing
homosexual. The panel’s ruling
must sdll be reviewed by the
Naval Bureau of Persolmel and
fi nally approved by Secretary of
the Navy John Dalton. A similar
see Lesbian, page 11
National News
Bill Clinton to
No Wanking !
Clinton abruptly fired U.S.
S urgeon Gener,’d Joycelyn Elders
on Friday, Dec. 9; after she said
that school children should be
taught about masturbation in sex
education classes.
Thecomments that finally cost
Elders herjob were made in Paris
on WorldAIDS Day. ha response
to a question about whether
children should be taught about
masturbation as a way of
overcolmng social taboos in an
effort to teach about safer sex,
EIderss aid, "I think that that is
something thatis a part ofhmnan
sexuality and ts a part of
sometlfing that perhaps should
be taught." see Clinton, page 9
( iPne k r
Mixed Views
Gingrich, the speaker-apparent
of the House Of Representatives,
has compared homosexuals to
alcoholics in an interview
published Nov. 25 in the
Washington (D.C.) -Blade; but
said the Republican.Party should
be tolerant. The interview was
conducted in April, but just
published now following the
GOPlandslide that gave the party
coutrol of Congress. "’I don’t
want to see police in the men’s
room, which we had when I was
a clfild,’" Gingrich said, "mad I
see Gingrich, page 9
Israeli Court
Sanctions ,Gay
JERUSALEM - Israel’s
Supreme Court has ruled that the
nation’s E1 Alaidines has to
offer the same benefits to the
same-sex partners of its gay
workers that it offers to the
married partners of employees.
El AI officials have pursued
.appeals of the case for 6 years
since Jonathan Danilovitch, an
El AI steward, first sued for the
airline to provide his lover with
the same free flying pass that it
gives the spouses of married
workers. Both lower courts that
. heard the case had ruled against
The broad Supreme Court
ruling could affect2 similar cases
- one against TelAviv-University
and the other against the Israeli.
armed forces - currently before
lower courts in the country.
With this issue, we begin our s(cond year of
publishing Tulsa Family News. I’would like to
thank you, our readers, our contributors (writers
and photographers) and especially, our advertisers,
for supporting this newspaper, and our
communities. This year is proof that Lesbian, Gay
and Bi Tulsans need and appreciate serious news
coverage of our communities issues and events.
News from out of town can be .interesting but
Tulsans need to know what’s happening here.
We have been honored by the praise we’ve
rece,ved from you all, and from journalists and
activists in Dallas, DC and New York. Ann
Northrop, activist and ex-CBS journalist, said she
wished New York City had something to compare
to Tulsa Family News.
While we are gratified by this reCognitioh, we
recognize we have challenges yet ~to.face:, Last
spring an old friend asked,, in his(slightly acerbic
manner, whether we had a spdl-checker? We do
but typo~aphic errors still occur. Wehope someday
not to pull one all-nighter per issue. Perhaps when
we acheive that goal, the spelling will be perfect
too. Wehope to continue to grow in order to provide
you all with more ne~vs coverage and other features.
We welcome your feedback, positive and negative.
Please feel free to contact us by post: POB 4140,
74159, by phone: 832-0233, or now, by e-mail at:
TulsaNews@aol.com. Thank you and may God
(however you conceive of Her/Him/Them) grant
you wisdom: strength and courage.
- Tom Neal, publisher
PS,.During this last year, we received harassment and praisefor the use of "family" in our name. Our
essay in thefirst issue of Tulsa Family News explaining the choice is reprinted on page 13.
"What do you think are the prospects.of a more
explicit .discussion and promotion of
masturbation?" - Rob Clark of the Society for the
Psychological Study of Social Issues, asking about
the effectofAIDS educationcampaigns inremoving
the taboos of talking about sexuality.
"As per your specific question in regard to
masturbation, I think that is a part
ofhuman sexuality and it’ s a part of
something that pehaps should be
taught.."- former Surgeon General
Dr. Joycelyn Elders.
America has been lucky in two
of its Surgeons General in this time
of AIDS. C. Everett Koop
flummoxed the Reagan
administration by choosing a sound
medical response to the emerging
AIDS crisis instead of using
medicine to reinfoi?ce prejudice. Dr.
Elders, while much, much less
diplomatic, brought a reality-based
approach to public health.
Very youngpeop~ehave sex. ~’l~s
is not new. It happened in the 50’s.
I can tell you personally that in the
late 60’ s, it happened in suburban
south Tulsa - certainly a location in which "60’s
values of, general permissiveness and casual
sexuality were hardly pervasive. Even in puritan
colo~ New England, many children were born
only a few months after marriage.
Sex is natural for human beings. Elders
recognized this. Certainly young people should be
encouraged to be responsible in their sexual
expression. There are times that it would be better
for them not to have sex. Promiscuity also increases
the possibility of negative consequences.
Although we may encourage them not to have
sex, it’ s better to teach them how to have safer sex
than to have them become infected with HIV or
other sexually transmitted diseases or to become
pregnant. Perhaps ifwe teach them thatmasturbation
is an acceptable sexual outlet, they
might not quite so readily engage
in riskier sexual acts. Mutual
masturbation is potentially one of
the safest ofsafer sex acts. Certainly
mutual masturbation is less likely
to result in accidental pregnancy.
So it is truly perverse that her
firing is allegedly over the issue of
masturbation. Can we get real?We
can safely assume that all the folks
wigging out about this, have done
it and may even do it regularly! I’m
sure Bob Dole, Newt Gingrich and
even, Don Nickles and Jim Inhofe,
all masturbate, not that I care to
picture it. Bill Clinton ~robably
mastmbates, orifhe doesn t,maybe
he should have, if allegations about
extramarital affairs are tree. Don’t
you think that Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell etc. have
wanked off too? They probably just felt guiltier
about it. It’ s likely that many of these men also had
sex before and outside wedlock. That is part of the
hypocrisy of our government that our leaders (like
the Congress doesn’t impose its own civil rights
la~vs on itself) say "do as we say, not as we do."
Joycelyn Elders’ approach is one that could save
see Elders, page 12
Many of you are probably sick and tired of
politics; especially since the results of these last
elections bode poorly for Lesbian and Gay
Oklahomans. After all, all of our Tulsa federal
representatives are men who’ve openly declared
their hostility to our existance in various ways.
Comments by then Rep. Jim Inhofe, now senator,
thathewould discriminateinhiring.againstLesbians
and Gay ~en,.~vere the impetus for the Human
Rights Campaign Fund to ask all members of
Congress for a non-discrimination pledge.
Sen. Nickles too has proved his bias. A friend,
who lives in a town about 45 minutes from Tulsa,
tells me that everytime the senator speaks there,
Nickles starts complaining about "homosexuals."
This last time, my friend asked the senator why
he’s so obsessed with "homosexuals?" After all,
it’ s not like small Oklahoma towns are just being
over-run by ravaging and pillaging "homosexuals."
Nickles replied, apparently in all seriousness, that
homosexuals (or homosexuality) are a threat to our
very culture. Say again?
Lest you think I’mjoking, note that Nickles was
one of th,,e featured speakers at the Christi.an
Coalition s Road to Victory ’94 Confe~e-ti~fknd
Strategy Briefing in Washington last September.
Sen. Nickles joined Pat Robertson, Senators Trent
Lott and Phil Gramm, former vice-president Dan
Quayle and California’ s noted anti-Gay bigot, US
Rep. Bob Dornan.
Our new US House Rep. Steve Largent seems to
be a man trying to hold fundamentally incompatible
notions. On one hand, he seems to embrace anti-
Gay prejudice that cloaks itself m pseudoconservatism
and "Christian" fundamentalism. On
the other, he seems to recognize that some of the
Gay folks he knows, are good, decent people -
perhaps more like him than not.
Hopefully he will resolve some Of that
contradiction when he meets with us this winter at
the Metropolitan Community Church of Greater
Tulsa. While you and I should continue to be
cautious with Largent, we should applaud his
willingness to meet with our communities. Neither
Sen. Nickles or Inhofe have met ever with
see Elections, page 12
POB 4140. Tulsa
’OK 74159
Tom Neal
Asst. Editor
James Christjohn
Kharma Amos
Brannon Crain
Maureen Curtin
Staff Photographer
JD Jamett
-Issued on or before the 15th of each month, the
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"Socially Correct"
The Most Fabulous Political Event of the Year
An open letter to gay and lesbian people
-of Tulsa-and surrounding areas from Tim social:‘-adj..- conducive to,
Gillean President ofTulsa Oklahomans for
Human Rights, Inc. (TOHR).
Fellow Gay Americans,
In my excitement about becoming
president ofTOHR, I have been doing a lot
oftalking~ Talking with friends, business
associates and new acquaintances. I must
admit my excitement has been met with
various responses, the most fre.quent are
excuses why these individuals are not
members, "Oh that organization is too social."
Being social is a good thing. It’s
purpose is for building community. Another
comment often attributed to TOHR
is "That organization is too political." We
use our connections in the. community to
build knowledge, trust and respect, and to
creatively lobby for change.
My point being that we can all make
excuses that are either valid or not,.but the
need remains the same. We must organize
our community to fight injustice, to shine
marked by, or passed in
pleasant companionship
with one’s friends or
political: adj. having
practical wisdom,
prudence, diplomatic;
artful, expedient, action.
the light where we see injustice and to be
heard as a unified voice. Tulsa, I’m asking
for your help. We need to come
together, our community is floundering
and we have allowed ourselves to become
complacent towards one of our most valuable
tools, Tulsa Oklahomans for Human
Rights. This organization can.and will lead
us into the future and we need every individual
that can possibly help to be socially
active and a political voice.
Our time to grow and be heard is now
and we must tap the resources from within.
You are our most valuable resource, you
know’and have the ability to do something
for your community. TOHR has in place
several programs that need volunteers; the
HelpLine, monthly meeting planning, encouraging
new membership. My fellow
officers and I plan to implement new programs
that will require more volunteers.
Let’s build a community, let’s do it together,
let’s build programs for every
member of our gay, lesbian, bisexual and
trahsgendered community. TOHR is our
foundation. With your involvement we
can create a presence in Tulsa to benefit
each and every one of us.
I’m asking youto give TOHR a chance
to win your involvement, come to a meeting,
talk to theofficers; let us know what’s
important to you.
Let’s start building bridges today and
tomorrow our community will thrive.
Looking forward to meeting you soon.
Tim E. Gillean
President, Tulsa Oklahomansfor
Human Rights, lnc.
By and for but not exclusive to the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Communities.
Daytime Testing
by Appointment
Tulsa Oklahomans For Human Rights
Finger Stick Method
Every Thursday Evening
7:00-8:30 p.m.
4154 S. Harvard
Suite H-1 ¯
Fun and Fund
December 2nd marked TOHR’s first
ever combination Holiday Banquet and
Auction. The event was a success for the
commun ity as well as a financial success
~n raising $2,500 of operating funds for
1995. Approximately 75 people attended
the event and entertainment was provided
by Mr. Z on thepiano and cabaret singer
Rendez Vu -minus her sisters Deja and
Parlez (played by Kathleen Golden).
TOHR greatly appreciates the support of
the community and particularly those who
donated to the event. Special thanks to
Kathleen and Aaron Martin whose’hard
work made the event possible.
January Meeting
Come Let Our New
Officers Meet You
To Share Ideas,
Goals and Visions.
Phone (optional)
State .zi~_
I-! Yes I want to be a contributing member of
Tulsa Oklahomans for Human Rights.
Please accept payment as described below:
t’-I $10 Limited Income/Student Membership
uI $20 Regular Membership
[] $35 Organizational/Household Membership
1-1 $100 Sustainm’g Membership
El IancummtlyreceivingTOHR mailings
and the Tulsa Family News
El I al~lnot on the mailing lisi
I-I I would like to volunteer help with:
[] Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual HelpLine
El HIV Counselor
[] Executive Board Member "
[] Event Planning and Party Preparations
[] Monthly Meeting Support
Make check payable to Tuba Oklahomans for
Human Rights. Donations contributed to TOHR
o~r set membership fees are Ttzr Deductible.
Tim Gillean President
Tim Henry 1 st Vice Pres.
Miriam Childers 2nd Vice Pres.
Aaron Martin Secretary
Kelly Kirby Treasurer
_ Lynn Smith Fundraising
Owen HelpLine Coord.
Michael Sheldon Reporter Editor
The regular monthly meeting ofTOHR
will be held Tuesday, January 3rd at the
Gathering Place, 4154 S. Harvard, SUite
H-1. A social time will begin at 6:30 p.m.
and. the meeting will begin promptly at
7:00 p.m.
M embars’ -Representatives
Tim Gillean ...................................... President
Tim Henry ......................... 1st Vice President
Miriam Childers ............... 2nd Vice President
Aaron Martin ............ :...................... Secretary
Kelly Kirby ........................ i ............. Treasurer.
Owen ............................ HelpLine.Coordinator
Ruben Garcia ......................... Reporter Editor
............................... . ..... Activities Coordinator
Lynn Smith ............ Fundraising Coordinator
News Briefs News Briefs News Briefs.News Briefs News Briefs News Briefs,News
..Austin Schools to Add
AUSTIN, Texas Austin; Texas,
schools are including antiharassment
language in its code
of condtict, officials have
announced. "What we’re trying
to do is let everyone know that
this district won’t tolerate any
behavior that will interfere with
education whether it be
intimidation, sexual harassment,
or [harassment] because of
sexual orientation," said school
board member Gee ff Rips.
School Board President Kathy
¯Rider saidthat the clausegranting
protection for gays-andlesbians
was always part of. their plan.
’¢fhis is just not an issue," Rider
said. "Regardless of their
beliefs..,wehave a responsibility
to provide a safe school fo r
everyone." The proposed antiharassment
code would apply to.
teachers, administration, staff
and students Mike.
Nat’l Guard Dumping
Lesbian Soldier
military review board has
recommend that New Mexico
Army National Guard 1st Sgt.
Jesse Holloway be discharged
because ofher sexual orientation
despite outstanding evaluations
by the armed forces. Holloway,
38, reve aled that she is a lesbian
during an interview in the
Albuquerque Tribune in 1993~
Holloway said she was "upset
that my record didn’t speak for
itself" and told the paper, "My
honesty and integrity didn’t
matter .... I’m Upset with the
unjustness of the law; it needs to
be changed. This is America."
Her attorney said Holloway
would take the discharge, when
it becomes official, to federal
court, joining a number of other
gays and lesbians around the
country who are challenging the
Pentagon’s anti-gay policies.
Paramount Studios Adds
Same-Sex Benefits
HOLLYWOOD - Paramount
Pictures, with some 1,500
employees, has announced that
like its parent firm Viacom, it
will extend health insurance
coverage to the same-sex
domestic partners of its workers.
Viacom, Universal, Warner
Bros., MCA and Sony, which
owns Tri-Star and Columbia
studios, all offer health insurance
benefits to same-sex partners of
their employees.
Anti-Gay E-Mail
~ATLANTA - A series of
electronic bate mail aimed at a
gay and lesbianemployee group
has prompted the Atlanta-based
Centers for Disease Control to
warn its 6,500 workers and
contractors of potential
disciplinary action for such
behavior. Dr.. David Satcher,
director of the agency, said in a
memo folio.wing revelations of
the hate messages to members of
the Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual
Employees (GLOBE)attheCDC
.that "the ns.e of e-mail to convey
Inappropriate comments .is
prohibited and will not be
tolerated." Satcher’s memo also
noted that such messages also
violate guidelines of the Dept. of
Health & Human Services, the
CDC’s parent agency.
Moslems Block Burial
of Gay Man in Senegal
DAKAR, Senegal - According
to news reports by Reuters,
young fundamentalist Moslems
in the coastal city of Thies just
north of the capital blocked a
funeratprocession for a gay man
who was to have been buried in
an Islamic cemetery. According
to new. reports, the youths,
supported with others from the
area near the cemetery, said the
dead man’s homosexuality was
a violation of Islamic law that
disqualified him from burial at
thesite. The deadman’ s relatives
were forced to take his body to
another burial site outside the
city, the 2nd largest in the
Western African nation.
Gay Wins Parental Rights
NEW YORK - The New York
Supreme Court’s appellate
division has ruled in a split 3-2
decision that Thomas Steel, a
gay man living in. San Francisco,
can be recognized as the father
of a 13-year-old girl he fathered
for a lesbian couple who now
live in New York City. The
appeals panel said that it was "so
innately discriminatory as to be
unworthy of comment" that
Robin Young’s partner Sandra
Russo "should enjoy a parental
relationship with.her" while Steel
should be denied parental rights.
Steel fathered the child through
artificial inseminationandvisited
him in San Francisco for several
years, but in 1990 Young and
Russo refused Steel’ s request for
his daughter to visit him without
the 2 women. Steel sued for
parental visitation rights.
GLAAD Denver Leaves
National GLAAD
DENVER-The’Denver chapter
of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance
Against Defamation (GLAAD)
has officially changed its name
to Colorado Media Advocates
and dropped its affiliation with
the national collection of
GLAAD groups. In a press
release, the newly renamed
organization said, "The
¯franchise agreement~ offered to
us as part of" a nation-wide
consolidation of independent
GLAAD chapters, was
considered orgalifzationally ’
restrictive and financiall’y
draining by the GLAAD/Denver
Board of Directors. It was
determined that continued
affiliation with a consolidated
GLAADorganization wouldnot
benefit us in Colorado." CMA
says it will continue to work for
"positive lesbian, bisexual and
gay visibility and inclusiveness"
in the state’s media.
First Book on
Homosexuality in China
BEIJING - The British
Broadcasting C,orp. reports that
the first book about
homosexuality in China is about
to be published. Without
identifying the publisher, the
BBC reported that the book will
be titled Homosexuality in China
and was written by Fang Gang, a
reporter with the .paper Tianjin
Worker, who has s.pent years
collecting informataon on gays
in the country. TheBBCreported
that Fang Gang’ s manuscripthad
already raised a good deal of
reaction among sociologists in
China who said that his research
had done what should have been
done years ago but had not
because "nobody dared to do it."
No publication date was given.
Gay Man Named to HI
Rights Commission
HONOLULU - Outgoing
Hawaii Gov. John Waihee has
named Jack Law, an openly gay
Waikiki businessman, to a post
on the state’s Civil Rights
Commission. Thepositiononthe
commission runs through 1996.
The commission oversees
enforcemem of Hawaii’s antidiscriminationlegislation,
is among the most sweeping in
the U.S. Law is the first openly
gay or lesbian person to hold a
post on the commission.
Judge Reviewed for Anti-
Transsexual Remarks
TACOMA, Wash. - Eatonvilie,
Wash., District CourtJudgeAlan
Hutchinson went before a state
judicial.review commission to
answer charges that he should be
suspended from the judiciary or
censured by the commission for
beradng 2 transsexuals id his
courtroom as "unnatural and
immoral." Hutchinson refused
to grant the 2 men, who had not
yet undergone the surgery, a
~hange of name until after they
had completed the surgical
procedures. The men,
¯ accompanied by.their attorney,
were given~a h~aring :by:
Hutchinson to reconsider his
decision, but the judge again
,refused. "I feel this whole
procedure is immoral,"
Hutchinson said according to a
transcript. "It evidences a
mentally ill and diseased mind."
,The judge admitted to the
commission that the transcript
was correct but defended his
actions. "It’s a mutilation," he
told the Commission on Judicial
Conduct. "I regard mutilation as
an unnatural act. That’s the way
I’ve been educated." A staff
attorney for the commission said,
’q~hejudge wasnot acting like a
judge. He was acting like a
preacher or politician," and
called for disciplinary action
against the jurist.
Gay Brothels in Nevada?
PAHRUMP, Nevada - Mild
Reese, who has been a longtime
opponent of legal prostitution in
Nevada, has positively
flummoxedfriends andfoes Mike
by applying to the Nye County
Commissionfor alicense to open
the state’s - and the nati on’s -
first gay bordello. George Flint,
with the Nevada Brothel Assn.,
a lobbying o(ganization,
suggested to reporters that Reese
is just "trying to keep things
stirred up so the legislature will
ban brothels" entirely in Nevada.
But Reese says he has backers
who want to open the gay brothel
in Pahrump, a communityof
about 400 about 60 miles west of
Las Vegas and that "I’m just
crusading against AIDS." Reese
said he is no longer connected
with Nevadans Against
Prostitution, which he headed
for 5 years. Aspokesperson for
the anti-prostitution group said
the organizationhadnoidea what
Reese was doing in applying for
the brothel license. Prostitution
is legal in 12 of Nevada’s 17
counties, but until the state
repealed its same-sex sodomy
laws last year, the prospect of a
gay brothel had never seriously
arisen in Nevada. Since then,
however, activists in the state
say there has been some
discussion of opening a samesex
bordello. But Reese, who
did not discuss his own sexual
orientation, has become the first
to apply for the license.
Unfortunately, Reese did not
properly complete thelicense
application and included a check
for only $2,500 with his
.appl.i.c.a~tion~,~ a!thqugh the
~plicaiion fee is d0uble that
amount. Thecounty commission
has ordered Reese’s application
to be reviewed like any other
application - once he properly
completes it and pays the full,
non-refundable fee.
Sodomy, Adultery Laws
Not Unconstitutional
Magistrate Ronald Boyce has
recommended to a federal court
in Utah that it not overturn the
state’s sodomy, fornication and
adultery laws. Police Sgt. Gary
Oliverson had asked the court to
declare the laws a violation of
his constitutional rightofprivacy
andfree speech. Boyce,however,
disagreed and said that sex
outside marriage isn’t included
in the privacy protections of the
Constitution and he outright
rejected any connection between
sexual behavior and speech. "It
appears it was simply to satisfy
his sexual appetites," Boyce
wrote in his recommendation.
"Therefore, no speech element
is involved." Boyce’ s
preliminary findings in
Oliverson’ s case now go to U.S.
District Judge David Sam.
Oliverson was briefly suspended
from his job with the police
department in 1986 for having
sex with other women while he
was married, and he has since
been trying to get the laws
Computer Company
Apologizes for Ad
the largest compmer software
manufacturer, has quickly
apologized for an ad in the Nov.
21 issue of People magazine that
2 Hawaii legislators charged
promotes violence against gay
men. Hawaii state Reps. Cynthia
Thielen andAtmelleAmaral said
in a letter to Microsoft chairman
Pager 621-5597
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News Briefs
Bill Gates, ’‘The ad certainly does not
convince us to run out and buy Microsoft
products. Instead, we would support a
boycott of a company that perpetuates the
idea that male violence is the solution to
differing ideas." The Microsoft. ad
promoting its multimediaproducts depicts
a mean-looking beardedman who has had
a disagreement a man with a "high girlie
voice" about the interpretation of
composer Franz Schubert’s music¯ The
ad’ s presumably humorous punchline has
the bearded man say, "And then I deck
him." The Hawaii lawmakers said the ad
might have been intended as humorous,
but wrote Gates that "male violence is not’
humorouL Gay basliing is n0(humorous.
In a statement issued by the Redmond,
Wash.-based software company,
Microsoft said, "We apologi~.e if the
advertisement has offended in any way.
Its attempt was to communicate in a
humorous way the wealth of knowledge
and enjoyment on ourCD-ROM products
¯ It was absolutely notintended to condone
or promote any form of antisocial
behavior." The firm said the ad would
immediately be pulled and not run again.
Tennis Dyke on Bike
NEW YORK -, One of the gifts given to
Martina Navratilova during a tribute to
the retiring tennis ace at Madison Square
Garden was a chrome, black-leather
covered and studded motorcycle, La
Martina, clad in a Hawaiian-style shirt
and term is shorts, showed her pleasure
with the new toy by promptly mounting
the bike and riding it around on the stage
before thousands of her adoring fans.
Man Wanted as Serial Killer
Arrested in Flodda
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Police have
arrested Gary Ray Bowles, 32, a suspected
serial killer wanted for murdering gay
men in Maryland, Georgia and Florida.
Local radio and television news shows
reported that Bowles had been living under
an assumed name in Jacksonville Beach,
Fla., had confessed to 6 murders and is a
suspect in 3 other killings. Only days
before his arrest, Bowles had been added
to the FBI’ s "Ten Most Wanted List¯"
Jacksonville Sheriff Jim McMillan said
he was "relieved that he [Bowles] isoff
the street." Bowles is. a suspect in gayrelated
murders ]n metropolitan
Washington, D.C., Savannah, Ga.,
Daytona Beach and Hilliard, Fla.
Ironically, Bowles had slipped through
the fingers of local police at least 5 times
during the past few months because of his
false identity. He had been arrested for
public drunkenness as recently as Nov.
12. Police say Bowles usually picked up
his victims at gay bars, convinced them to
let him stay temporarily with them, then
murdered them. He is being held without
Highway Sign Disappears
AUBURN, A~a. ~The 2nd of2 road signs,
for the Auburn Gay & Lesbian
Association’ s highway clean-up project
has disappeared. After~’. t35ffaSi~tli delay
the signs weire finally installed in Janua~
in the state highway program that
acknowledges groups which keep a
mile stretch ofhighway litter free. The 1st
sign disappeared witl~tin hours of .being
put up~.The2nd road sign was repeatedly,
vandalized and ripped~down, but was
repaired and putup again each lime - until
now. The state transportation dept. has
9 that itno longer makes
News Briefs News Briefs
it.s clean~up.along the stretch of highway,
Slgn 01" no sign.
Poet Angelou Shies Away
After Phelps Protest
EMPORIA, Kan. - Poet Maya Angelou
was so disturbed by a protest by arch~
homophobe Fred Phelps, who frequently
leads followers in.demonstrations at the
funerals ofpeoplewhohave died.ofAIDS,
¯that she called off a sold-out speech she
wa s to give at Emporia State University.
Phelps who, with asmall bandoffollowers
from the Baptist church he runs, is noted
for savage anti-gay rhetoric and protests
had mount¢.,d a,protest against Angelou at/
~theT0pekaPerformingArts Center earlier.:
Sharon Lockheart and GingerAshmore,
friends who live,in Kansas City suburbs,
were so shocked by Phelps’ actions that
they wrote an "open letter" to Angelou,
who read a specially-written poem during
the inauguration of President Clinton. The
idea grew and has now been signed by
more than 3 dozen women’s,, minority
and civi 1 rights organizations in the area.
The letter reads: "We deeply regret that
your visit to our heartland was marred by
such a brutal and frightening attack. This
behavior is an outrage and an
embarrassment to our .community. The
actions in Topeka resulting in a lost
opportunity for students at Emporia Sta te
to hear your inspirational message are
inexcusable and will notbe ignored. "We
admire your spirit of compassion. You are
/an inspiration to those who have heard or
read your thoughtful words. This incident
should not deter you from returning to our
area. We embrace your message of peace
and love."
Missin_g Books Found
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Officials at
the University of New Mexico
Zimmerman Library say they have located
some 200 volumes - 8 library shelves - of
journals dealing with homosexuality and
womens’ issues that disappeared from
their place in the library basement in late
No vember.UNMofficials said the books,
valued at $23,000, had been replaced with
bookson Nazism in November, and had
been assumed tO be stolen. Instead they
. were found piled on top of one of the
library stacks, hidden behind other books.
Some of the books had, however, been
defaced with neo-Nazi symbols and
graffiti. The usually quite campus has
been shocked by several, neo-Nazi
incidents this school year. In. October,
campus police arrested3 youths with white
supremacist literature for possessing
explosives; and-earlier in November a
university mural was defaced wit h a large
swastika. Thejournals includedtheJournal
of Homosexuality, Gender and Society
and Lesbian Ethics.. University officials
said they still had no suspects in the
incident. In a joint statement, UNM
President Richard P_eck and Regents
¯ President Art Melendres said, ’That the
university is a diverse community is
evident :to these cowards who deface
property with their bigoted and hateful
- n~essages."
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Health Briefs Health Briefs Health Briefs
HIV Vaccine Ready for Trials
SAN FRANCISCO - Dr. James Kalm
and his colleagues at San Francisco
General Hospital began enrolling
volunteers for a clinical trial of the first
oral vaccine against HIV to undergo
human tests. Kahn said the vaccine not
only would be simpler and easier than
shots, but could also stimulate the body to
fight infection exactly where it’s initially
mostcrucial: in the body’s mucosal fluids.
The vaccine is an oral formulation of an
injection vacci ne by United Biomedical
Inc. of New York.
Earlier in November, Kahn reported
that a San Francisco General/University
of California at San Francisco study of 24
people found the injected version of the
vaccine to be safe and, in most of the
patients, to trigger the immune system to
fight the vir us. Antibodies from
approximately 80% of the patients in that
trial successfully fought off the virus in
test-tube studies, Kalm reported.
The San FranciscO General researchers
plan-to evaluate the safety of the oral
vaccine and measure whether it can cause
the body to produce infection-fighting
antibodies in the sperm, vaginal fluids
and saliva of the volunteers in the study.
The vaccine stimulates an immune
response in the body by mimicking part of
the envelope protein in the human
immunodeficiency virus. An oral versionwas
difficult to make because it had to
Stand up against the rigors of the body’s
digestive system. The study will compare
the vaccine pill to the same oral vaccine
followed by a booster shot, as well as to
the injected vaccine followed by an oral
Large-Scale HIV Vaccine Trials
NEW YORK - According to a report in
the New York Times, the World Health
Organization is planning the first largescale
clinical trials of the 2 most widely
tested experimental AIDS vaccines, both
of which are derived from the gpl20
protein. Plans for testing the "vaccines in
the U.S. were rejected in June. The
vaccines have already been through the
first 2 stages of a3-stage testing system
that evaluates their safety and
immunologic responses in the U.S.
Potentially involving thousands of
volunteers, the 3rd phase will test the
vaccines’ ability to protect against HIV.
Although afull-scale study ~couldnotbegin
until t996 at the earliest because.of the
amount of preparation involved, Dr. Peter
.Hot ofWHO saidthat iuitial indications
of te~t 16calious point tO Thailand as the
first site~ with Brazil andUgandaas distant
contenders. Before the trials begin, many
issues will be debated~ WHO is
encouraging the debate, said..Piot,
"because, with the urgent need for an
effective Vaccine, we cannOt afford a
failure due to scientific or-ethical
Flu Shots Dangers for PWAs
SAN FRANCISCO - Health researchers
with the University of California at. San
Francisco say that flu shots may cause at
least.temporary inereases’~nHIV levels
among people with AIDS: According to
Dr. BraceWalkerwithHarvard University
andDr. James KahnatUCSF, the scientists
,who conducted the study, most of the
participants in their study had 3 times the
usual amountofHIV in theirblood shortly
after receiving flu shots. They said the flu
vaccine activates the same immune cells
that contain the HIV, causing the Virus to
multiply along with the immune cells.
The researchers say their study could lead
to better ways of administering flu
vaccinations to people with AIDS,
including possibly give AIDS patients
anti-viral drugs when they’re being
vaccinated against flu.
AIDS Increasingly More Slowly
ATLANTA - According to the Centers
for Disease Control & Prevention, the
AIDS epidemic is growing more slowly
even though a revised definition of the
disease caused an apparent increase in the
number ofAIDS cases reported. The CDC
said the ac~t]aa/mumbergfnewly ~agnosed
cases in-19~.4 is expected td be 16wer tlian.
19-93 ~figures, which increhsed 3% o¢er
1992 ~e~ause of.the new. definition.
Native Leaders Warn of AIDS
OTTAWA - Canada’s native leaders say
that the country’s indigenous peoples are
testing positive for HIV at an alarming
rate and that AIDS threatens to wipe them
out~ The leaders .urged the Canadian
government to help stop the spread of the
disease. "AIDS poses areal threat to young
natives and possibly the future of native
people in this country," said Grand Chief
Ovide Mercredi, head of Canada’s largest
native peoples organization, the Assembly
of First Nations. While the number of
reported AIDS cases has increased by
35% this year, native leaders claimed that
the figures do not accurately reflect the
problem because they were based on
people with full-blown AIDS and not
people who are infected. Chief Mercredi
also said that indigenous peoples receive
less AIDS funding than .other Canadians
and askedthat the governmentallow native
communities to administer federal funds
themselves to stop the disease before it
reaches its full potential.
AIDS in Russia
MOSCOW-Russianofficials say tourism
has already been adversely affected by
legislation requiring HIV testing of
foreigners entering the country. "Wefaced
a flood of cancellations of trips" as soon
as legislators in the country begandebaling
it, according to AOIntourist, the leading
Russian tour operator. The agency says
business and tourism visits to the.count~ry
are expected to’decline as much as 40% by
1 995. At the same time, Russian health
authorities Sai~l the nuinber Of official
cases ofAIDS in the;country has increased
to 831. The World Health Organization,
however~ believes the tea)~number ofcases.
in the country is perhaps 10 times that
Ni.gerians Protest AIDS ~
--~¢:::F~e~entioni:C~,~paign "
NIAMEY~ Niger.-:.-~:~Muslim fundam~
fitalists and clefics~e.protesting the
Ni"g¢~ri:hngov¢mment’§1~IP~feducatiOnand ’
pr~gention.campaign~cl~g thehealth
effort ~prOmotes" adnlt~i~: In a press
and religious lead-ers,~ q’he radio and the
televisiori"~10ng to file ~peopie of Niger~
and we:~€~ill not tolerate the Western
destruction of the moral and. religious
codes, of our society." The groups and
clerics are particularly distressed with the
year-.o!dcampaign’ spromotionofcondom
use to prevent spread of the virus, saying
it promotes promiscuity.
Patents to AZT Upheld
WASHINGTON - The U.S. Court of
Appeals has upheld most of a previous
lower court ruling awarding exclusive
patents for AZT to Burroughs Wellcome
Co. _The court ruled that Burroughs was
see Health Briefs, page 8
Jeffrey A. Beal, MD
Ted Campbell, LCSW
Ginny Butler, RN MS
Specialized in HIV Care
Providing Comprehensive Primary Care
Medicine and Psychotherapeutic Services
We have many insurance provider affiliations
- ifyou belong to an insurance program
that does not list us as providers,
call us and we will apply.
1560 East 21st Street, Suite 210
Monday - Friday, 9:30-4:30 pm, 743 1000
Clinical Trials* now Open
tbr Treatment of ....
HIVDisease. andRelated Infections:.
Nevirapine.,HIV Treatment
Oral vs. :IV Ganciclovir,..CMV RetinitisiTrea.tmem.,
*must meet inclusion & exclusion criteria.
For more information, call 9i8~743-i¯~e£t: ’HI~’
between¯ 10am - 4pm. TO receive more information
about new clinical trialsas theyare available,
send.your name& address.to: ¯
Jeffrey Beal, M.D.
1560 E. 21st St, Ste. 210
Tulsa, OK 74114
Health Briefs. Health
continuedfrom page 7
the sole inventor for 5 out of! 6 patents
because .it conceived of using the. drug
with AIDS patients before obtaining the
results of early tests. The court ruling said
that the same decision could not be made
for the 6th patent without a trial. The
patents were challenged by Barr
Laboratories Inc. and Novapharm Inc.,
who argued that tests by the National
Institutes of Health were instrumental in
AZT’s development and promised to
charge less for.the drugif theywon.
Man Bitten by Woman
¯ Becomes HIV-Positive
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. ~Amelderly
man, who said a woman waved him down
as he was driving, then bit him several
times~:including.one bite that cut to the
bone as She tried to take his wallet,.has
tested positive for HIV. The woman,
Naomi Morrison, has a history of
prostitution arrests and has been infected
with.the virus for 6 years, and has already
pleaded guilty to charges in connection
with the robbery and attack. Health
officials said the unidentifiedmanmay be
the first person to become infected with
HIV via a bite.
Sex-for-Drugs Spreading HIV
NEWYORK-Researchers studying drug
useinNewYork,Miami andSanFrancisco
say that crack cocaine is helping to spread
HIV among heterosexuals in poor, innercity
commmaities. Desperate t~or the drug,
crock addicts are selling sex in exchange
for drugs or money. As a result HIV is
spreading through the communities,
particularly among women. "Among the
participants in New York and Miami,
HIV infection was 2.3 times more
Briefs Health Briefs Health Briefs Health BriefsHealth
Manager Sues Philly Agency
manager with the Southeast Pennsylvania
TransportationAuthority (SEPTA)known
only as "John Doe" has sued SEPTA and
its former chief administrative officer
Judith Pierce for invasion of privacy.
Officials with the mass transit agency say
they accidentally found out Doe was
prevalent among crack smokers than
among non-smokers," concluded die
researchers, led by Brian R. Edlin of the
Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention in Atlanta. The study
determined that unless effective
interventions are made "crack use is likely
to result in continued heterosexual
transmission ofHIV.,.catalyzing the spread
of the epidemic from men who have sex
with men and injection-drug users to the
heterosexual population."
HIV Urine Test Ready
ST. LOUIS- Dr. Howard B. Umovitz of
Calypte Biomedical C,orp., has developed
a new urine test for HI~ which, he.says,
will detect infections in millions of people
who may unknowingly be infected and
unknowinglybeinfectingothers. Theurine
test is less expensive to process and easier
to perform than the blood tests currently
in use, according to Uruovitz, who also
said that the urine test diminates the risk
of accidental, infection of health care
workers because theurine sample s carry
HIV antibodies, but not the virus itself
and does not risk accidental needle sticks.
The Jap.anese government is very close to
approving the test, Urnovitz said, and
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. of Japan has
agreed to distribute test kits throughout
In Japanese trials, the test .was 100%
accurate in detecting HIV in 233 people,
confirm ed by standard blood tests. The
results of 13,000 urine tests conducted in
the U.S, have been submitted to the Food
and .Drug Administration for evaluation.
Umovitz says he expects the FDA to be
more stringent than the similar Japanese
agency in assessing his test.
Services Secretary Donna Shalala said,
"Mysiguaturecannot solve everyproblem.
We cannot get political agreement on
every point." Shalaia was prompdy
interrupted by a French activist who
shouted~ "Your siguature meansnothing."
Other activists called the language of the
jointly-signed declaration "vague and
imprecise" with "no commitment" to
infected while reviewing an audit of.. fulfill the pledges of fighting the epidelniC
prescription benefits that included the mad reducing discrimination. Radio and
names of SEPTA employees. Doe’s suit TV broadcasters around the world had
claims that his superiors ~aid that Pierce agreed to air "love messages" from
had created art"AIDS List"of employees " celebrities such as Whoopie Goldberg,
_Q.fthe agency. Doe still wo~rks f,~r SEPTA, Roman Polanski and others in an effort to
but his a,ttomey says Doe nosy ’lives,with raise funds to fighttheAIDS epidemic. In
a dark cloud overhis, hehd,. He .s:tili has to ~ Gr~, pri{,ate ~itiz~nsl]t Candles in their
go to SEPTA everyday worrying about windows in a show of support for people
who knows and wondering alfout why infected with the virus, while government-
................... to him."
SEPTA’s attorneys maintain that Doe has
not been harmed by the accidental
disclosure and claims that the agency
quickly destroyed the information and
has made sure that the benefitfirm does
lirt supply employee namesagain.
World AIDS Day.~
PARIS - Delegates from 42 nations
gathered in Paris for a political summit in
search of international cooperation in
batting the AIDS epidemic and lessening
bias against people infected with the virus.
Thousands ofAIDS activists marched on
theChamps Elysees beneath a giantlighted
red ribbon hanging from the Eiffel Tower,
staging die-ins as an expression ofconcern
that the international declaration signed
by delegates to the conference was largely
’.’window dressing." Speaking at a news
conference following the signing
ceremony, U.S. Health and Human
run. newspapers in China began rnnmng
qmzzes about HIVtAIDS to test readers’
understanding of prevention measures.
Activists in Germany and England used
condoms to draw attention to the epidemic.
In London, activists released 55 heliumfilled
condoms inside the the dome of
Westminster Cathedral, denouncing the
Catholic Church’s opposition’to the
contraceptives. While in. Potsdam,
Germany, activists hoisted a 50-foot pink
condom made of fiberglass in front of the
city’s Nikolai Church.
S.F. Water Dept. Considering
Parasite Warning
SAN FRANCISCO- The San Francisco
Water Dept. is reviewing a proposal to
warn people with compromised immune
systems ofapotentially dangerous parasite
in the city’s water supply, although the
presence of the organism is well within
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kcomes with 1 moonroof, 2 airbags,
6 stereo speakers, and a slewofaccolades.
"1 !0nda~ labor~ resulted in a nc\~" car t ha’t’s the strongest, satEst.
quietest, best pcrtbrlnin~ and most tirol-efficient Accord ever7
.llottm’li’end February 1994
"Few cars offer ~LS astute a blend ofsmooth rideand adroit road
handlimz. The most frequent remark from editors exiting the
..\ci_’ord alter their drives: "Now that is a ,,zrcat ride:’"
(.?wa)Ml)r~ve~: January. 1994
"While 1 l(mda zoos ~a nst t ac mainstream trends, the latest
A~:~.’ord is one of’tim best-engineered cars today-with a sense of
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l’opular,S?’icmz: X lay 1994
"l:cw vehicles have captured the hearts and mirtds ofAmerican
automobile buyers like the | |onda Accord?
,llototqh;tM. l:cbruar.v 1994
Accord EXSedan
don carlton
3900 S. Memorial ¯ Tulsa, OK 74145
(918} 622-3636
Sandra J. Hill, M.S.
Psychotherapy & Clinical Consultation
Sensitive to the Challenges of Gay, Lesbian,
Bisexual & Transgendered Ihdividuals,
Couples & Families,
2865 E. Skelly Drive, Ste. 215, 745-1111
Health Briefs fromp. 8 ,n lr,c. co.t’ frompagel
publ ic safety standards and poses little don’t want to see trying to educate
risktothegeneralpublic.Eggs-orooeysts kindergartners in understanding gay
- of the cryptosporidium are found in .couples." Gingrich said in the interview
nearlyall surface waterin minute amounts that the Republican position "should not
and the water department says they have be promotion, and it should not be
been found in the city’ s water supply at an condemnation." The paper also reported
average rate of 2 oocysts per 264 gallons mat Candace Gingrich, one of the younger
of water, about what an aver age person s~sters of the speaker-to-be, is a lesbian
drinks annually. Scientists say it probably and says her brother’ s response has been
takes an infection of between 10 to 20 .supportive. Gingrich said homosexuality
oocyststomakeapersonillwithsymptoms is "an orientation in the way that
of diarrhea or vomiting. But immune- alcoholism is an orientation" and told
compromised individuals, including freelance writer Chandler Burr that "it is
people infected with HIV,.cau possibly madness to pretend that families are
become seriously -perhaps even fatally - anything other than heterosexual couples"
111 from lesser ~nfectlons, some health which lie said is a very cent ral issue of
Officialsfe~. ’ ~ ~ " ~heneki~20:y~ars*’ ~"~"~ " ’ ’ "
As a result, city,water officials say they
are considering aproposal toinform water TOHR _cont’dfrom page 1
department, customers,that if they are crowd of about75. TOHR gave its annual
immune suppressed tha(they should boil awards. HIV educator Brian Jackson was
waterbeforedrinkingitorusingittowash honored as volunteer of the year. Alan
vegetables, or that th~y may wa~ttoinstali Nyitray of the Oklahoma State Dept. of
a home-filtration system. Health received the Extra-Mile Award for
his regular ~ 10ng distmace p~rticipation Clinton cont’dfrom page I .inTOHR. Kelly Kirby; gave the President’s
When Clinton, attending a Latin Award to Lisa Pottorf for her work with
American conference in Miami, learned Lesbian and Gay young adults.
about Elders’ remarks he called her and Kirby reviewed the performance of
demahded her resignation. Elders, noted TOHR in a statement pnnted in the event
for her outspoken, views on drug use and brochure. In it, he noted that the TOHR
sex, had served as Clinton’s Arkansas HIV anti-body testing clinic is now 8
health director when he was governor and years old and has served over 1,000 clients
" has been the object .of criticism by this year. The TOHR Helplineanswered
conservatives almost since she was nearly 3,000 calls this year. TOHR has
appointed Surgeon General. provided leadership for the communities
Leon Panetta, White House chief of staff with city government and the news media.
said the Elders’ comment was "one too Kirby thanked the audience for their
many...the President feels that’ s wrong, support, Saying that we’ve made great
That’ s not what the schools are for and it’ s - strides and he looks forward to-more to
not what the Surgeon General should say." come.
Parents, Friends and Family of
Lesbians and Gays
Tulsa, Oklahoma Area Chapter
POB 52800, 74152-0800
Helplh~e 918-749-4901
Airline/Hotel-Reservations, Ticket Pick-Up
Cruise/Tour Packages, Group & Incentive Programs
OK’s Only IGTA Affiliate(Internat’l Gay Travel Assoc,)
"No" Service Charge 918-341-6866
~ :!:::?:!:i:!:i:::::::__
Happy Holidays from our staff!
Thanks for your support - look for upcoming
cruise info, in January!
Bi rch cont’dfrom page 1
political l~ndscape. Birch cited defeats in
¯ Oregon and Idaho of proposed anti-gay
state ballot meastires and the re-election
of all 13 Senate sponsors of the
Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a
proposed bill that would bar employment
bias based on sexual orientation. She said
that in spite of the party changes in
Congress "Americans support ending
discrimination in the employment of gays
and lesbianS." Birch will succeed Tim
McFeeley, who has headed HRCF for
more than 5 years. The orgmfization - the
largesVcivil rights organization for gays
and lesbi,’ms in the country - has more than
~80,000meinrer’s. :
homosexuals should not be discriminated
against in employment;
o 57% said they supported a federal
anti-discrimination bill that wouldinclude
gays andlesbians; o ?8% supported more
AIDS research, preventi0n,and care;
o 40% said they were more concerned
about the religious right than they were
with a"gay agenda";
o 54% said they oppose excluding gays
and lesbians from teaching in schools and
¯ oppose eliminating school or library
materiais dealing With sexual orientation
The poll was conducted by Mellman
Lazarus Lake Inc., and was based on
random exit intervie~vs with 800 people
around the country.
"These findings show broad support for
equality for lesbianand gay Americans in
the midst of the Republican sweep," said
Tim McFeeley, executive director of the
HRCF,"Voters ofall political stripes value
fairness and inclusion...."
Miss. cont’dfrom,page l
frozen blood samples of the 2 dead men
was granted by Judge Laudruln. But
rights ac~,v,ists saythe HIV testing may,b~,
part of a homosexual panic defense.’ J.
Ronald Parris, the attorney defeuding
Marvin McClendon, says h’c will arguc
for self-defense in die trial, iusisting that
McClendon was fearful of being sexually
assaulted and infected with HIV. Parrish
said that if the men were infected and
were out looking for sex "it would be no
differeut than if they!~ad 0 loaded weapon
ai~d pointed it at an in~lividual.’" Tlictrial
itself is slated to begin atethe end of
Nicklas :. CO,!t’t:tfi~om page 1
NOW Janice Nicldas can point with pride
and some hope at the improved resources
Tulsa has for AIDS care .and education.
Nicklas is quick to note others who were
instrumental in this effort. She singles out
the support of Tulsa~s United. Way and
community voluuteer, Joan Flint,{who
deserves] "a front row seat in Heaveu" tbr
her work. Nicklas says that Flint once
characterized working oll AIDS in
Oklahoma to be like pushing an elephant
up a mountain.
Nicklas is particularly proud of Tulsa’s
inclusion as one of nine-cities m the
National Community AIDS Partnership.
This; she says, ha~ brought so many new
-resources that will be needed to meet the
further challenges, ..especially what she
calls the "silent" epidemic in women.
When asked how does she feel about her
seven .yearsof activ~ism - she says that
there were times she .couldn’t see the end
but you just have-.to move forward and
celebrate the small successes.
Timothy W. Daniel
Attorney at Law
Estate Planning, Adoptions, Personal Injury
criminal Law, Bankruptcy, Workers Compensation
1 -.800-742-9468 or 918-352-9504
128 East Broadway, Drumright, Oklahoma
Weekend and evening appointments are available.
Know Your Rights!
The Bible & Homosexuality
(Second in a series)
by Beverly Haney of the Metropolitan
Community Church of Greater Tulsa
There are two scriptures in the Old
Testament book of Leviticus that are used
by some Christians to condemn
Homosexuals. The I st is found in Leviticus
18:22 mad states "You shall not be with a
male as with a woman; it is an
abomination." In Leviticus 20:13
completes this statement by adding the
punishment that "If a man lies with a male
as with a. woman, both of them have
committed an abomination; they shall be
put to death, their blood is upon them."
Although this iS not an exact translation of
the Hebrew text, there is no doubt that it
refers to male homosexual acts. The
offense is Galled "aft’ abomination and the
prescribed p~rialty is death. It all sounds
pretty bad until you look at the historical
content of the text!
This condemnation of Homosexuality
occursoin the-part of Leviticus known as
the "Holiness Code". According to Jewish
beliefs, the Israelites were God’ s "Chosen
People", and were bound to God by a
covenant-or "’v-,o~~,,*, ". "~~’m-: scovenantrequired
that the Israelites set themselves apart
from the Gentiles and especially from the
Canaanites whose land they had just
conquered. The "chosen people" were to
be different, consecrated, God-like, and
especially were not to take part in
Canaanite religious practices. Chapter 18
of Leviticus starts out by saying "you
shall not do as they do in the land of Egypt,
where you lived, and you shall not do as
they do in the land of Canaan, to which I
am bringing you."
The word "abomination" in standard
E_ug!ish is somethj.’ng really disgusting;
but to the ancient Hebrews, the word did
not have such a strong meaning. Leviticus
20:25-26 suggests that "abominable"
meant 2’unclean". So ari"abomination"
was a ~iolation of Jewish purity laws. For
example, it was thought "unclean" to eat
certain animals like pigs, lobster, and
shrimp, but other animals were "clean". It
was thought unclean to sow a field, with 2
kinds of.seeds Menstruation, .attending to
a burial, giving birth- all were considered
unclean and made that person unclean for
a time.
The word "abomination" in Leviticus is
the translation of the word "toevah". This
word can also be translated as
uncleanliness, dirtiness, or impurity. This
~s" significant here, because the word
"zemah" has a much stronger meaning in
that it is injustice or a sin. Sometime
between 300 and 150 B.C., a Greek
translation of the Hebrew treatment
became available because there were so
many Jews that didn’t speak Hebrew. In
the early Greek translation, the word
"toevah" was translated into the Greek
word "bdelygrna". This word also means
ritual impurity or uncleanliness. Once
again, a stronger word could have been
used but was not.
Many of the purity laws cannot be
understood today because we weren’t
there. Some suggest that these Jewish
purity rules were brought about for
sanitation purp0~es, but that d0esn’ t make
sense because it would give them more
medical knowledge than they had, and it
cannot make senseoof .all the laws. One of
.the-laws ~makes itillegal .to mix tw0 fabrics
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Because everyone has a right to.be blessed by God!
628-0594, message phone. Eddie Cook, pastor
such as cotton and linen. No stretch of the
imagination can make this nnhealthy.
Male to male sex was considered
unclean because of its association with
Gentile religious practices. The old
Hebrew testament describes the Canaanite
fertility rites as involving sex with ritual,
mad male to male sex was,a part of thiS. It
became unclean for men to have sex with
one another, but for purely religious
reasons, not for ethical or moral reasons.
Even today, if a man & wife are involved
in certain sexual pmctiQes:~ith ~aeh other~.,~
the Christian church ~tdItt~:objeCt-z not
because of ethical or moral’~reasons, but
because of religmus reasons.
The death punishment fo; not keeping
these laws merely stresses the importance
ofbexn,, set apart to the early Israelites.
Idolatry was the most serious crime & any
act that imitated these "pagan" rituals was
very serious and carried the~highest
pm~i:shriient. ~ ’ .... " ..........
Today, w have our own "purity codes".
For instance, we..c__oo_n.sider it unclean to
pick one’s nose or pass gas in public.
People who do these things are considered
dirty and are often shunned. When you
really think about it, there is nothing.
particularly unclean about it; and everyone
does it in private. " " :":~ ~. : ’ "
Every ~ociei~,, e~,~fy fel]glon has its
own rules. The early Israelites thought
male Homosexuality was dirty. It made a
man like a Canaanite, and to the Israelites,
"God’s chosen people", this was
unacceptable. (Editor’s note: .There has
been the suggestion that some of these
laws were based not only upon the above
premises, but also on the basis ofprejudice
and bigotry of the conquering people
toward the €0nqueredpeoples. It happens
in any war’like situation. And,
unfortunately, prejudice and bigotry are
taught to children, thus continuing the
cycle of the "chosen people’.’ syndrome.)
Children are taught not to play in the toilet
because it is "dirty": If people are
.uncomfortable about Homosexuality, this
is a learned response that needs to be dealt
with; but to say that Homosexuality is a
sin, is abusing God’s ~0rd as an excuse
for one’ s own fears and bigotry.
Church. Miscellany
Family of Faith Metropolitan
Community Church
Family of Faith MCC will performa
Cantata, The Heavens Declare Th~ Glory,
to be performed on Sunday, December 18,
at 1 lam. 5441-E South Mingo.
All are welcome. For more information,
call 622-1441.
Metropolitan Community :
Church of Greater Tulsa
MCC of Greater Tulsa will host a
Christmas Dinner & Party with a visit
from Santa) onSunday, December 18 at
12;30pm. ,Services ~e at 10:45am. . ,.~
’on Christmas Eve, MCC of Greater
Tulsa will celebrate with Familyof Faith
MCC a Candlelight Service at 1 lpm.
Christmas Day, there will be a
Colmnunion Celebration at 10:45am.
On New Year’s Day, MCC of Greater
Tulsa will hold an ecumenical service to
begin at 10:45am.
All are welcome. For moreinformation,
call 838-1715.
The Feminine Side of Jesus
MINNEAPOLIS - A three, day regional
conference of the Evangelical Lutheran
Church in America (ELCA) considered
whether Jesus Christ has a feminine aspect
according to the Bible.
The debate hinges on biblical references
using the Greek. word "Sophia" which
means "wisdom,~’ and is either interpreted
as "goddess worship" or the personification
of a feminine aspect of Jesus.
Diane Jacobson, professor at the Luther
Seminary (St. Paul), said the Ol.d
Testament .speaks of Woman Wisdom or
Sophia as aprophet, teacher, mother, lover
and goddess who was at God’s side during
the creation.
Finding confirmation in the NeW
Testament, Jacobson cites Matthew 11:
’The Son ofManc~tme eating and drinking
and they say "behold a gluttonous man
and. a drunkard, a friend of tax gatherers
and sinners.’ Yet wisdom is vindicated.by
her deeds." Jacobson said, "Unabashed,
with no change of gender~ Jesus is referred
to as Sophia. q,,’he connections get stronger
and Stronger.
Eltbtn o’
t623 .fl lapleWoob
Canadian Jewish
Groups Back Hate".
Crimes Measure
TORONTO - According to a report in
the Canadian Jewish News, Canada’s
largest Jewish groups are actively
supporting adding sexual orientation to
federal hate-crimes legislation now being
considered in Parliament. ha aletter to the
Standing Committee on Justice and Legal
Affairs holding hearings on the bill, the
head of the B’ nai B’ rith Canada’ s League
for Human Rights said "it is essential that
sexual orientation be included with other
groups." -
The Canadian Jewish Congress also
am~ounced late in November that it too
suppofls including sexual orientation-as a
basis for defining a hate crime, A
spokesperson said the Congress
"recognizes that people have been singled
out as victims of crimes of hatred. The bill
has nothing to do with extending rights to
anybody. It has to do with protecting
people under the law," The bill’ s sexual
orientation has come under fire from some
members of Parliament who have said the
measure would protect "pedophiles" or
would extend "special rights?’ to
Steffan cont’dfrom page ]
regulation, is certainly rational ~ven that
the human sexual drive is enormously
powerful and that an open declaration that
one is a homosexual is a rather reliable
indication as to the direction of one’s
drive."The appeals court ruling overturns
a 3-judge appeals panel, Three of the
judges, however, dissented from the
majority ruling, saying they do not agree
that "a member of the armed forces may
be discharged on the sole basis of an
admission" of being gay. The Lambda
Legal Defense Fund said they had,not
decided yet on whether to appeal the
Lesbian con,’d~om page.]
review panel last year recommended that
Dmmi.ng, 31, be discharged. That decision
was given a reconsideration, however,
under thenew "don’ t ask, don’ t tell" policy,
which conservatives in Congress had
codified into law to overrule President C
linton’s somewhat more liberal policy,
ironically in an effort to keepmostlesbians
aud gay men out of the nation’s armed.
forces. Both Dumfing and her attorney
Greg Boufiglio said later that they were
mnazed by the positive ruling. Bblffiglio
said he saw "no reasou to be optimistic.
Every other service member who has been
brought before a board has lost." Meinhold"
processiug me for disclmrge." Na y
officials have declined to comment on
Meinhold’ s statement.
U.S. Solicitor General Drew Days has
said the government will not ask the
Supreme Court to overturn a lower court
decision o~ering openly gay sailor Keith
Meinhold reinstated. Days offered no
-explanation for the decision. But
Meinhold’ S attorney, John McGuire, said
he believes the decision reflects a decision
by the government to cut its losses. "I
don’t think this ends it," McGuire said
following the announcement. "I think it
reflects a new tactic, Which is that they
[the government] will abandon the cases
they are losing under the old policy, redischarge
him [Meinhold] under the new
policy and.try to start it all over again."
In spite of the government’ s decision
not to pursue Meinhold’ s case under the
old policy, Joe Krovisky of the Defense
Dept. said no decision has been made on
10 similar cases now before various federal
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Tommy Chesbro, Ric Kirby & BrianJackson help Tulsa’s AIDS Walkgive donations to
Tulsa HIWAIDS servtce organizations after the World AIDS Day Memorial;
After.the ceremony, a reception was held where the funds raised at this year’s AIDS
Walk were given to HIV/AIDS service orga~fizations (see photo page 11). Tulsa art~
organizations participated iu "A Day withont Art" in me~nory of persons who’vedied of
AIDS complications. Selected works at Gilcrease and Philbrook were draped and Livin_o
Arts of Okla. showed Silverlake L~fe, a documentary of two men living with AIDS.
SALON Happy Holidays &
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Lawn Butch, video & photo by Nicci Farrell
Elders !,ompage 2-
lives. According to William Raspberry of
the Washington Post Writers Group, she
said she’ d put a crown of condoms on her
head and never take it off if it would get "
yotmg people to use condoms. Amen to
that! If I thought it would work, I’ d do the
same and ask youand Bill Clinton to do it
Ms.;Elders was a rarity in Washington,
someone who cared more for doing the
job that ueeded to be done than for coveting
her .backside. She cared about saving lives.
She cared about doing somethiug about
AIDS She had the courage of her
convictions. Tlfis ~s more than we can say
about Bill Clinton.
Tulsa Video In
Majo.r Film Fests
Lawn Butch is a satirical short video
look at yard care advertising from a
Lesbian pefspe,ctive. Lawn Butch was
¯paired at the Tulsa Lesbian & Gay Film
Festival with ~vhat was then a ~vork-inpro~
ess, Land Beyond, a dremn-iuspired
video using Native Americ,’uaimagery.
Lawn Butch also has been vie~ved at at
the San Francisco Lesbian mad Gay Film
Festival and at Mix’ 94 Film Festival in
New York City.. In November, it played at
a festival in Sao Paolo, Brazil and will
show in London in March 1995.
Tulsa Lesbian videographer, Nicci
Farrell, uses comedy and video as her
means of communicating and relating to
people in her life. In 1991, the artist began
to use video to record comedy skits using
herself as an actor. Shortly later, unable to
work full time due to serious illness, she
supported herself by filming pageants
and benefit shows. Farrell lives and works
in Tulsa.
Elections i,o,.~age 2
Oklahoma’s Lesbian and Gay
communities. While partisan, anti-Gay
rhetoric is too common in the campaigns,
once elected, those politicians have a
constitutional duty torepresentall citizens.
At a minimmn, this includes meeting with
us, even if we have to agree to disagree
about many things.
Tulsa’ s City Council has lost recently
two members. James Hogue is resigning
to become ajudge and Robert Nelson died
of a heart attack. Both men demonstrated
si~fificant ,’u’~ti-Gay bias. Their dep,’Lrture
is. an opportunity gor our connnunities to
help to bring fairness back to our coamcil.
CtLrrently.there is ouly one city councillor
.who has the courage to.say discrimination
in Tulsa is wrong. There are two who
might say that discrimination is wrong if
the wind is blowiug the right way. And
there are four who are firmly wedded to
their prejudice m~d no anaount of reason
can overcome their rationalizations or
cowardice, it seems. But with these two
empty seats and a fair wind, there might
just be five votes for fairness.
Unfortunately, the level of prejudice in
Tulsa is such that we cannot endorse
candidates for fear of hurting them.
However, we can encourage you to get
involved with the Tulsa Lesbian & Gay
Political Action Committee (LAG-PAC).
Volunteers are needed. A LAG-PAC
representative will g~ve an update during
the community annoucements portion of
the next Tulsa Oklahomans for Human
Rights meeting (TOHR is a non-profit,
non-political organization that permits
other groups to share information with
our communities).
You have to live in District 5 &6 to vote
b t you don t have to hve there to make a
Deneuve, Out, Advocate " ¯
Toys & T-shirts
10% Discount evith~ad,
Elite Books & Videos
821 S. Sheridan,
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Why Tulsa Family News?
Hey, girl, that one’s cute, is shefamily’~
Said with irony, sometimes, said by men,
or said by women (though maybe not
quite in those exact words), the meaning
of family for Lesbians, Gay men and
Bisexuals is fluid.
Familyi~, yes, ourbirth/adoptive parents
and siblings butfamily is also that tribe of
women and men, sisters and brothers (or
perhaps just sisters), who welcomed us
~fter we realized our differences from the
heterosexual world.
More than many tribes, we are a diverse
group. We are separated by issues of gender,
of race, religion and ethnicity, by
class and by age, and by physical beauty.
Sometimes, like biological families, we
are cruel and abusive to one another.
But at our best, despised though we
may be by HeteroAmerica, we strive for
that much of the rest of this country long
seem to have forgotten.
For example, I was involved in several
of the national planning meetings for this
last March on Washington.- For all the
frustration and hard work of the process,
it was characterized by an effort to
empower and include persons of all
statuses: race, gender, transgender, age,
Sub-communities: students, leather,
religious, etc. No one else in America is
even seriously trying democracy of this
sort....certainly, not our government.
And perhaps this is part of our special
gift to America: in some Native American
traditions, Men who lovedMen&Women
who loved Women were known as Two-
Spirits. They had special roles as shamans
- those who showed the way. Perhaps, we
can show the way to a country that often
has failed to live the ideals it claims.
Wemust reclaimfamily from those who
would take .it for their use only ~- who
would pervert it for their p0iiti~al ~d
monetary gain. The family historically
has been large and messy, sometimes
biological but just as often tied together
by need an~ somelirnes, 10ve. Ithas always
included us, Lesbians, Gay men and Bisexuals,
though not always by thos¢ names
(spinster aunts and bachelor uncles, and
as we know, being married doesn’t nlake
you straight).
The family in America has rarely been
what the Christo-Fascists have claimed.
We know it and .they know it too. But
demonizing us serves their political
purpose. This country has a long and
shameful history of slandering various
minorities, creating an enemy within to
play off folks’ fears so that a few could
gmn wealth and political power.
Wehave demonized Native Americans,
Blacks, Jews, Catholics, Asians and otherS.
These days, Lesbians, Gay men and
Bisextmls are the enemy of choice, and the
coffers of the Religious Right, the Chfisto-
Fascists are full.
So this is Tulsa Family News, news for
our families of the heart, and for our
families that are biological, our brothers,
sisters and parents, cousins, uncles, and
This is the first of whatI hope will be
many issues. Tulsa deserves to have its
own event and entertainment paper. News
from Oklahoma City is of interest but is
not enough.
This paper follows several other
attempts by folks whom I honor for their
hard work. Tulsa FamilyNews can and will
be there for Tulsa if you help us. Let us
know what you .like. Let us know what
you don’t like (gently, please). Patronize
the businesses that support us and tell
them that you saw their ad - there ts a
connection between your actions and this
paper being here. Andif you are a Lesbian
or Gay business owner, reach out to’your
community via advertising. Lesbian and
Gay bar owners have long carried much of
the weight of helping the community -
it’s time for some of the rest of us to share
the job. Thanks.
Tom Neal, publisher
Kent Balch
& Associates
Free Affordable
Health & Life
Insurance O_uo tes
FAX 747-4154
YYou were born re win, 4308 South Peoria
there’s no doubt about it!" Tulsa 74105-9804
All ,Breeds Dog Grooming
llth & Mingo, 838.7626:~.-:, ¯
Open Tuesday - Saturday at 8am.
Call for Appointments
Walk-ins Also Welcome.
Eating Disorders Co-Depe~
Same Sex Relationships _ Trau
Chemical Dependency/Relapse Prevention
Leah Hunt, MSW
Della Blackburn, CADC
J. Seymour,~r~ CADC
Richa~ii~deL MS
1515 South Lewis
Tulsa, OK
Serving a Diverse Community
Open UVednesday through
Sunday 7pm - 2am
FII.I~2. Pool Night.... $4.00. Beer Bust
FREE Two-StepLessons 8pm - 10pm
I)~~ $4.00 Beer Bust
Dance Music All Night
Couo_try and Dance Mix
$4.00 Beer Bust
The Best Night Out in Tulsa
FI~: ~: Line,Dances4.00 BeerLess°nSBust 8pm - 10pm~
Christmas Benefit,Show, Dec:: 18
New Year’s Eve
$6 person, $I0 couple
(918} 8344234 / 1565 S. Sheridan - ~alSa,OK
Wed - Sun 7 pm - 2 am / Man- Tues C56~d
UBU staff, with owner, Nate Matttngly, photo assistance: Laurie Nidiffer
Business Focus: UBUattitude amongTulsa clubs, replacing
Nate Mattmgly doesn’t mind"straight"
people but wants them to know that his
club, UBU, is a Gay space first. Located
on Brookside, near clubs that cater
primarily to heterosexuals, he’s put up a
sign on his door, saying, "this is a Gay
club, if you can groove to it, groove to
it...if you can’t, don’t come in." He adds,
"everyone is welcome but on our terms."
UBU, which was known as the Alley, had
begun to .attract some heterosexuals who
treated theclub as a "freak show."
Mattingly notes that Lesbians & Gay men
have to live in a heterosexlml world but at
least for afew hours, in a place like UBU,
they can be comfortable.
Mattingl_y also hopes to foster a new
hostility that sometimes characterized the
past, with a desire to work together for the
benefit of the community. He looks
forward to doing as many fundraisers and
benefits for the community that they can.
"The only way we are going to survive as
a community is for us to start working
together,".he said.
Mattingly has great ambitions for the
club. He hopes to add features like a
cabaret space for.li~’e performance and
film or videos ofinterest to the community.
He finished saying that he had no grand
illusions about getting rich from a club
but hejust wants to make aliving and have
some fun doing it. So far, he says he’s
working hard but he’s having a great time.
Open 2-2, .Seven Days a Week
New Year’s Eve Party
$3 cover, snacks, champagne & favors
New Year’s Day
Open at Noon. Watch the Bowl Games. Menu: Ham, Peas, Cornbread & Cabbage
Rocky Horror Party
. Friday, January 13, 10pm Prizes for Character Look-alikes! Featuring the
Kissinger Brigade- Rocky Horror cast members performing live! No cover.
1229 South Memorial Drive,.-Tulsa 918-835-5083
Oklahoma City EVERY
TUESDAY: 36, 6’1,175, 33w,
like to meet 18-25
int Iv a message, in Oklahoma
City every Tuesday- ~19287
Stillwater BRAD GWM 26, 5’9
175 bm/blu, wide var of int,
looking for guys in my area-
Tulsa DINNER DATE: Nick, 26,
int. are swimming, horseback
riding,shopping dinner and
movies, int in meeting nice people
178 bm/blu Iv a message-
1 ) To respond to these
ads & browse others
Call: 1-900-786-4865
2) To record your FREE
Tulsa Family Personal ad
Call: 1-800-546-MENN
(We’ll print it here)
3) To pick-up messages
from yourexisting ad
Call: the 900 number &
Press the star key (*)
Questions Calt: 1-415-281-3183
25, 6’2, 250, hzl, brn, looking for
men, 20-30 masc gdlkg, for
friendship fun and poss .
relationship if this sounds good Iv
a message- ~18048
Tulsa FIT AND FURRY: Jerry
,GWM mid 40s, phys fit, 5’5,
160, hairy, iso GWM for g,reat
times, Iv a message and we II get
together- 918764 ~
Jonathan, 19 6’5, tall and
slender, long bind hair, greyish
green eyes, iso someone, 18-25
to dance, have fun poss rel with-
Tom, 25, 6’2 250, brn/hzl, iso
fun friendship and poss more in
the area, Iv a message- 919290
Tulsa DISCREET FUN: Cute bi
cd, 35 5’3 135 iso aggr stocky
male for discreet fun 919566
UNIVERSITY Adam, 22, go to
OU 6’2 200 34 w brn/brn iso
someone 21-45, if ur int give me
a call- 915608
6’2, 213, bodybuilder, like music
prof’l iso male- 20-40, like
staying at home, like non
smokers- healthy- 916439
Rodney 18 6’2 215, sandy
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sports, like music-lille to swim-
OK CLEAN FUN: James, latin
male, iso GWM 18-21 for clean
-fun give me a call- 916423
OK PAT 22 145, blu/blnde, iso
the same around the Same
not really exp, if u like, Iv aage’
message- 917403
Oklahoma City BEAR SEEKS
SAME: Bill, ~/M bear 33 6’2
230, brn/~qrn, into western
leather anc] boots seeking same
from 28-40 for poss tel- 915624
Oklahoma City LOVING AND
LASTING: Wayne, 47, heo~/
built, Ikg for younger who will
care as much for me as for them,
movies, having a qd time, like
have alot of fun, like to meet
Tulsa COUNTRY BOY: John,
out in the country iso someone
nice perhaps int, 36 6’3 160, just
enjoy having fun, 915589
CHEF: GWM ,y.oung,
red hair, brn5 7 165,
~CD likes to cook and
please-Ikg for Mr. Right
CD 18-26 916052
EASY: Alan, just
Ja~’ing back and
takin it
easy,looking for
someone to get
together with
passsive, like dom
guys, give me a call
916188 ~
Tulsa LONG ~
Jim, GWM 29, 5’11 ~_
185 long
bind/green silent type, into
partying, secure quys- Iv me some
info on yourself,like computers,
camping, music and video-
Tulsa LET’S TALK: George,,6,’,
185, 27, private person prof I iso
18-29, re/nice looking, ~vg, int
in talking, with people and seeing
what happens- 916882
Tulsa SPORTS FAN: Josh, masc
prof’l, 29’6’ bin/hazel, 160 iso
want a loving long’lasting .rel- int other men 18-25 in the area
give me a call 915635 ’~ " "
Oklahoma City STEVEN 33,
brn/grn, enjoy, hearifig from
anyone- 915744
Oklahoma City PARTY WITH A
BEAR: Sam, 44, hairy chest and
back iso someone to go to gay
parties with me, Iookififl for 25-
i5 smooth chested, a~c] enjoy
this- 916011
Stillwater COUPLE OF HOT
GUYS-GWMC 23 & 24, 5’10,
170, 135, both brn/brn semi
students @ OSU Ikg 4.SWM 21-
27 couples 2 4 entertainment in
the area dancing, dinners,
Recording your ad:
Figure out what you want to say
before calling in. Write down what
you want to say~ Keep it short and
simple. Just describe yourself and
what you’re looking for. Our
computerized system wil walk you
through the rest. Have a pen ready to
write down your box number.
discreet and masc, sports, my
pc~rsche, football games, tennis,
waterski, iso sincere friendship or
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OK T-BIRD, Tom, 21, attr, 6’2,
bm/brn natural curly, looking for
Someone to talk to, be friends
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9I 3894
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someone 20-27 gdlkgl and
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movies, compat, cook, quiet eves
@ home, massages, int give me a
call, 913532
Oklahoma City
Chad, 28 GWM
give me a call- 91~220
Oklahoma City FURR YOU:,
5’9, 160, brn/hzl, must athl built
hairy chest give me a call-
Oklahoma City GM 36, gdklg 6’
175, 32w in the city, prefermy
age or younger for good times-
Oklahoma City BI TV, Hi baby
Caro!y_n bi " iso GBM for
some fun- 915186
Oklahoma C!ty LIKE,S, ’EM
BUTCH-, Felik 22, 6 1, 189, iso
someone of same standards a
liltle taller, fun, likes to go outi
enjoys life, 18-25, and with sim
int prefa guy on the butchside,
love to stay home and watch TV,
love romance- 915240
STUDENTS, currently a student
here at OK State, 5’9 155, Ikg for
someone interested in having a
good time, 18-30-913094
GWM 24: blndTblu, .140,
gdlkg 912888
Tulsa NEW TO AREA, int in
meeting prof goal oriented men
28-43 for friendship GM 40,
5’10 170, bind/green 913021
! -900-976-LESB
Lovln~, personal care each
visit, stress’~ envlroment,
.dro~in’s welcome or call for
an appolntment, no tranquilizers,
& sen~or d~scounts.
Owner Rie Banks.-Riemar
Free flea dip with this ad
thro’ .|anuar~. la, 1905.
15~1 South Sheridan
A Full Service Salon
Hair, Nails, Tanning
2134 South Memodal
622-PERM (7376)
M.on,- Sat. 8- 6pm
Evenings by appt.
Ric Banks- RICMAR, Owner

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