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LGBT People of Oklahoma.pdf
An informational document about notable individuals within Oklahoma's queer history, 5 pages. The document discusses the lives of Phyllis Ann Lyon, Anita Bryant, Bruce Alonzo Goff, James Fugate, and Rollie Lynn Riggs.

Tulsa Gay Alliance - 1973 Posted by Ronnie Lowe on August 29, 2011 on The Tulsa Forum by TulsaNow.pdf
A posting on the TulsaNow's Tulsa Forum's site.

Series by Anne Hull, Washington Post Staff Writer

Episcopal church joins splinter group.jpg
Newspaper article covering the Church of the Holy Spirit and their defection to a splinter Episcopal group over the approval of an openly gay bishop.

On March 19, 1976, Mr. John Faires, of the Tulsa Gay Community Caucus, appeared before the city's Board of Commissioners to speak on the matter of gay civil rights. Mr. Faires said "on behalf of the gay population of Tulsa (we) respectfully ask that…

From Julie Tucker - Trainum, August 2019 - Jimmy Flowers was one of the very first members of the AIDS Coalition in Tulsa. he was a young man when he was part of Stonewall and in his interview he talks about Stonewall. jimmy died in the mid 2000s. …

Posted by Vernon Jones on Facebook November 4, 2019

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