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Jose Vega recounts his experience being forced to go through conversion therapy as a teenager. Stephen Black discusses the reasons why he supports conversion therapy.

MP4 video available to researchers for on-site viewing only due to copyright. …

As Part of its mission, the sexual Orientation Task Force's document, in 1976, detailed prejudicial behavior against gay persons. One of the missions of the current task force (1992-93) is to examine recent literature on attitudes and behavior…

Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice.pdf

Aging and Gay.pdf

Know Your Legal Rights.pdf

Summary of Discussion Points in Gay Rights-Special Rights.pdf

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Victory Celebration.pdf

Village Baptist Church June 23, 2002.pdf

Your Rights Are Being Threatened.pdf

June 15, 2010 letter to City Councilors on non-discrimination ordinance.docx
Letter written by Dennis Neill to Bill Christiansen, City Councilor, District 8.
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